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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Clomid

Good old Clomid. Many is the BFP story that references Clomid at least somewhere along the way. And here you'll find a whole mess of them in one place. If you're taking Clomid and looking for some inspiration, look no further. This page is for you.

And when you get your BFP while taking Clomid, we want to hear from you! Send me your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP After 5 Months of Clomid!

Hello!! I can not believe I actually get to post MY BFP on here. I hope it helps all of you waiters, I know I have been on this site EVERY month and I am so thankful for it.

My DH and I have been TTC for just about 2 years, 5 months of that I was taking clomid. At first, the clomid did not induce ovulation, so the doc increased my dose every month until finally O'd with 150mg. I had an HSG test this month. I felt a little different and was keeping track of my symptoms, so I hope it helps!!

1DPO- No symptoms to note
2DPO- Tired, took a two hour nap today!! Definitely not typical for me.
3-7DPO- No symptoms to note, just a little more tired than usual
8DPO- Cramps in middle of night and increased CM in the morning
9DPO- Light cramps off and on, starting to get worried that AF is on the way.
10DPO- Cramps in early morning, pink CM when went to the restroom...(sorry if TMI, implantation?)
11DPO-tired and hungry!
12DPO- cramping off and on
13DPO- Cramps off and on, hunger pains in the night, tired, eyes heavy when watching TV in evening.
14DPO- Gassy, fatigue, thirsty, hot.
15DPO- Tested FMU and BFP right away!! I am so praying that a healthy little one will be here right around the holidays!!

Baby Dust to all of you and I hope you get your BFP soon!!

BFP After First Round Of Clomid And PCOS

Hi everyone, I am so excited to be able to post of here. Like most of you, I have been stalking this site for the past few months. I am 25 and my dp is 30.  I came off bcp about 2 years ago, and haven't had any pregnancies or scares in that time.  When we wanted to ttc, I went to a specialist who put my on clomid as i was diagnosed with slight pcos.  This was our first round of clomid.  I was temping, but never noticed any real big change so wasn’t sure what day I o’d, except that the dr gave me an estimate it was the 11th of March.  So here are my symptoms: btw, we bd every other day, and stayed laying down for at least 10 mins every time after.

CD1 – 25 Feb
CD5-9 – Clomid
As mentioned I am not sure what day I o’d but prediction was 11/3 so cd 16
1dpo – very tired. Felt like i had a constant stitch under my right rib. A bit of cm
2dpo – feel mild af like cramps, thought milk for brekkie tasted funny. Woke up with an ulcer just inside my lip.  Strange as i never get ulcers. Light cm
3dpo- left bb slight tender, still have af like cramps, not as much cm.
4dpo- sore throat, pelvic area started feeling fuller/heavy. Getting thirsty a lot more. Sharp pain lasting a few seconds in right side.
5dpo- bit of a stuffy nose, thought I must be getting a cold from the kids. Weird note, when leaning my stomach against a bench at work, it was tender. Odd much!!.  Bbs really itchy the last 2 days. Af like cramps again. Thinking i must be out this month.
6dpo- new too early, but again not sure of o’d date, so did hpt, was bfp.
7dpo – meant to do blood test today to see if clomid worked to increase my progesterone, but didn’t get a chance to.  Going away midweek with dp, will go then.  Very tired in afternoon and had a 2 hour nap.
8dpo- no real symptoms, no cm at all, felt a little nausea in the morning like the feeling when you haven’t eaten in ages.  So had something to eat, but still felt nausea. Still thought I must be coming down with something.
9dpo- bbs getting tender but af should arrive in 4 days. Slight stuffy nose still and nausea again today. Still no increases cm and feel like af like cramps, definitely think we are out. Started feeling like I have been more out of breath the last couple of days.
10dpo- dp and I go on holidays for 3 days.  Did another hpt just in case to see if I could have a few drinks while we are away.  Bfn.
11-14dpo – didn’t really take not of anything because thought we were out and just relaxed while on holidays.  Still took temp though just so I could show my dr on my return.  Only thing i noticed was af like cramp feeling still.    Am convinced I am out.
15dpo – cm today.  Felt like napping all day, but thought was because been on holidays and lazy. Lol. looked at test from 10dpo and the bfn turned to a positive. But because you are not meant to read after the time limit i thought i would test the next day just in case.
16dpo – didn’t get a chance to test fmu, so waited until I got to work and did frer. Got a BFP straight away.

I cannot believe that this is happening to me after waiting so long to have a baby.  I haven't told my dp as yet because have a dr appointment tomorrow and want to confirm definitely.  Am praying that this is a sticky bean.  Baby dust to you all..!!! and just remember, even if you don’t get too many signs, it can still happen.

BFP After TTC With Clomid

Hi!  I am happy to say I have been stalking this site and made a few posts in the clomid forums and stuff like that and I just got my BFP!!!!  How wonderful!!  Dr. said my hubby would have to do an IUI because of his super low sperm count and he was on fertility med for awhile and did not help at all. I have PCOS and not regular periods. I have to take the progesterone pill to have a period. LOL

My last actual period was Jan. 24th. I took clomid on days 5-9.  I went and have my progesterone blood draw on Feb. 15th. It was level .5. So it showed I didn't ovulate. Well Feb 25th, I had bad cramping and headaches for 3 days like I was gonna start. Nothing!!!

 Well The dr put me on the progesterone pill to start my period.  AGAIN NOTHING!!!!   I was over two weeks of taking the progesterone pill so I thought I better call my dr and say, "now what do we do"  But instead I get to call and say I have had positive tests!!!!  It's crazy how it works out!!! LOL

I was just about to give up!! ...and bam!!

I figured I had a late ovulation in Feb. and conceived then. But I don't know if the clomid helped or not. What do you all think?? 

Baby dust to all !!!!

2WW Symptoms

After two years of trying, we finally got a BFP. I promised myself that I would come here and share my 2ww symptoms as coming here in all my 2ww passed time for me and also gave me hope. The thing i found with pregnancy symptoms is that they can be just like your period or almost anything else (Gas, bloat etc)

25 March- CD 1- Period
CD 2- CD 7 Clomid 150
CD 9- 11 Gonal f 75 iu
CD 12-14- Gonal F 150
CD 16- Ovitrelle Trigger 250
CD 17 - Supposed Ovulation
CD 19- Horrible LO pain, assumed it was OHSS couldn't move, very bloated, feeling gassy but not passing anything
CD 20- Extreme bloating, sore breasts, Nausea, threw up once, pain in lower abdomen.
CD 24- Creamy CM, sore breasts, enlarged breasts, bloated, slight heaviness in abs, slight period cramps
CD 29- Positive urine test and positive blood test at 23 miu
CD 31- Increase in HCG to 78.4 with second blood test

I wish every single one of you a BFP soon, a healthy pregnancy and an end to this anxiety, I also hope this baby sticks for me!

Baby dust to all x


BFP My First Month Of Clomid! Been Trying Over A Year!

I am cautiously excited! Got my BFP this morning! I've been ttc for 13 (long) months. I have low progesterone and a short luteal phase. This was my first month on Clomid, 50 mg, day 3-7, and it seems to have done the trick!

I have a 28 day cycle and usually I ovulate on cd 18, but with Clomid I ovulated on cd 14. Here are my symptoms:

1-3 dpo: Nothing
4 dpo: Some twinges in pelvis, nipples slightly tender.
5 dpo: Mild pulling feeling, not like period cramps. Breasts a little tender (not abnormal for me). Poor sleep the night before.
6 dpo: Really tired (went home from work to take a nap), sneezing, slightly stuffy, mild headache, nipples tender.
7 dpo: A little tired, tender nipples.
8 dpo: A tiny brown spot when I wiped in the morning, nipples tender, sides of breasts tender (again, normal for me). Took 21 day progesterone test.
9 dpo: Light brown and red spotting throughout the day, ache along left side of torso. Test results for progesterone were bad: 7, when RE said 10 should be minimum and 15+ ideal. Thought I was out this month for sure, but started taking progesterone supplements just in case.
10 dpo: A tiny bit of spotting early in the day, then nothing. Nipples tender, headache. Evap line? or faint positive? on a dollar tree test in the afternoon--don't know why I even tested. It looked negative, then I came back hours later and there was a line. Going to test first thing in the am tomorrow!
11 dpo: Clear BFP with FMU using a dollar store test! Came up within 2 minutes! Not super dark, but not that light either!

For those of you with low progesterone, hang in there! I started taking the progesterone supplements at 9 dpo, but if I could do it over, I would have started immediately after ovulation. I found this website very helpful in giving me hope about conceiving with low progesterone:

Good luck to everyone, especially those who have been trying for a while! I feel your pain and am posting this to give hope to you! I know that reading others' stories did that for me.


Like so many of you women, I have impatiently waited to be able to post my story to you all so you can have hope of getting a BFP as well! Here is my story. I already have 3 children (ages 16, 15, & 11) but my husband does not have any of his own so I really wanted to be able to give him a child. My husband & I have been ttc for 3+ years, after multiple tests on both of us, we were told that nothing was wrong. After so much frustration we decided to go to the fertility clinic in hopes of getting some help.

I took 2 rounds of clomid 100mg for 2 months in a row with no success. We then decided to try clomid 100mg along with IUI. I started my period on Feb. 17, took clomid on days 3-7 (Feb. 19-23), started the OPK tests on Feb. 27, got a positive on March 3, & IUI was March 4. Here are my symptoms:

1dpiui - No symptoms
2 dpiui - Mild cramps (I had cramps everyday during my tww)
3dpiui - Vivid dreams
4dpiui - Tender bbs (everyday from today), extreme fatigue
5dpiui - Watery CM
6dpiui - Tingly bbs, more watery CM, gassy, & got carsick on an 8 hr. road trip (that never happens)
7dpiui - Watery CM, gassy, & random itch in lower abdomen (had this with my other pregnancies, thinking I must be!!!)
8dpiui - Dizzy when turn head quickly, nauseous, loose stool, twinges of heartburn, sensitive nips, couldn't finish my usual breakfast (didn't like the taste), heightened sense of smell, vomited once in the morning, no CM. Today was a bad day!
9dpiui - I feel really good today compared to yesterday! Very mild cramps, nips & bbs are now SORE, increased heartburn, sense of smell is more intense. That night I didn't get much sleep due to my bbs hurting so bad & increased heartburn.
10dpiui - Got a faint positive on HPT! Decided to go have a blood test done, while waiting for the results my symptoms were bbs still very sore, heartburn, feeling nauseous more frequently, & still cramping but it's not terrible. Blood test results were BFP!!

We never thought this would happen but all the doctor visits, money spent,& waiting have been well worth it! My husband is extremely happy & now can't wait for the 9 months to go by quickly! I wish you ladies all the luck in the world!

BFP With Spotting

I loved scouring this site while I was trying to are my symptoms...
1 dpo to 10dpo spotting, dark brown
7 dpo implantation dip, sore bb, nausea, tired
8 dpo sore bb, tired, nausea assumed AF was on the way
9 dpo really sore bb, tired, nausea- did not affect appetite. Tested, faint pos?
10 dpo really sore bb, tired, nausea BFP!

I was ignoring a number of my symptoms as we had a death in the family. I just thought they were part of my grief. The only reason I tested was because I desperately needed good news.
I spotted until 12 dpo then it sort if went away. This was my third clomid cycle, 100mg, day 4-8.

BFP @ 12 DPO, Clomid cycle 2

My Husband (26) and I (28) have been TTCing for the past 4 months. After finding out back in December that I was not ovulating (which was a problem with TTC #1) and also have PCOS and insulin resistance. I was referred to a local GYN, whom suggested Clomid. As I have not had a period I was told to just start the 50mg for 5 days. I ended up having a weak ovulation and once again no period so after once again not having a period I was told to start the second 50mg x5days approx 17 days after my first failed ovulation. Luck was with me this time and I ovulated on the 21st Feb on what could be classed as CD12.

Currently on Metformin 500mg a day and will be for first trimester only.

The following are my symptoms:
CD10 : + OPK , watery CM BD twice.
CD11: Watery CM, BD twice, ovulation Cramps
CD12: Ovulation day, Temp dip, EWCM, BD Twice. Cervix High, soft, open.
1DPO: Temp rise, EWCM, BD twice. Ovulation pains/cramps, Cervix High, soft, open.
2-3DPO: Cervix High, soft, closed. Ovulation Pain, TMI Diarrhea. Sensitive nipples. Feeling very positive about this cycle.
4DPO: Cervix Medium, soft, closed. Slight temp dip, estrogen surge? Tender nipples, bloated, gassy.
4-10DPO: Creamy CM
5DPO: Temp up again, symptoms as above.
6-8DPO: Cervix becomes High, firm and closed and remains this way. Symptoms increase in intensity. Pinching begins on both sides mostly the left which I believed I ovulated from.
8DPO: Negative HPT, too early I know.
9-11DPO: Fatigue going to bed very early and having naps during the day. Out of normal. TMI Diarrhea.
9DPO: Peak in BBT, Beginning of heartburn which I still have. Very sore BB, mostly under the armpits but radiates out, hurts to touch. Cramping, headache in the afternoon.
10DPO: BFN HPT, positive OPK 2ndMU? BD just in case. Heartburn, very intense cramping, nausea most of the day.
11DPO: EWCM in the morning and very watery the rest of the day, totally out of normal. Very bad cramping. Temp dip to just above cover line. Thought I was out. Intense Heartburn and nausea most of the day.
12DPO: Very very faint BFP!!!! Woke up with nausea and felt like I was going to be sick. EW/watery cm, another positive OPK. Hubby couldn't see the line at first then saw it a little later after the 10 mins.

Will be testing tomorrow morning again in the hope of a darker BFP!

BFP w/ Clomid, PCOS, Spotting!

My partner and I have been trying to conceive for 17 Months! It has been a really long road and there have been many, many, many tears.
My partner was an adamant believer that it would just happen when it is suppose to happen... thus the reason I held out for a whole year before heading to the Doctors!

So after the longest year of my life had passed, in September 2011 we headed to the doctors for some initial investigations. Only too discover I have PCOS.

I was then referred to a gyn who then ordered further tests AMH level (Ovarian reserve was 13.5 which is below average for my age) and Hy-Co-Sy which showed a perfect uterus and tubes! phewww! Partner's SA was all within normal ranges.
I was prescribed Clomid as the first course of action.I was advised to take it days 2-6 and did so. Although I didn't go in to get the ultrasound to confirm ovulation (naughty I know!) But here I am first round of clomid with our beautiful BFP with FMU on 12DPO- on the 29th of feb! We are blessed!!!

BFP 19 DPO, PCOS, 1st Round of Clomid, 1st Month Trying

Let me start off by saying that the word INFERTILE is literally written on my file and I am just shocked to see my BFP so early. I have PCOS and do not ovulate on my own. My husband and I assumed it would take years to get pregnant, so we decided to start trying as soon as I got diagnosed. Doctor put me on 50 mg of Clomid because she said I would just be wasting my time if I tried naturally. Boy did that work!

Also, let's talk about how long after my missed period that it took me to get my BFP! (I have no idea how long my cycle is, I just know via my doctor that I ovulated on Day 14 or so). Don't lose hope if you haven't seen that positive yet. Especially if you drink a lot of water and have a small bladder like me. It ain't over until your period comes.

Ovulation: Only indication that I ovulated was a positive OPK 2 days before. No symptoms.
4-14 DPO: A myriad of normal PMS symptoms...most notably very sore bbs. We were on our honeymoon during this time, and I was complaining about hot flashes and swollen feet but we chalked it up as the altitude change. A couple of moments of car sickness, but this is nothing new with me. I am always car-sick. All BFN up to this point.
15-16 DPO: No period. Maybe I didn't ovulate. Cramping down there, maybe period is on her way. Still BFN.
17 DPO: All hope lost. Went to doctor for my new round of Provera and Clomid RXs and tested negative for pregnancy (urine test). I think the doc knew something I didn't. She said no Provera for a MONTH and take a preg test once a week, just in case.
18 DPO: Light-headed, nausea, a bbs are now really veiny.
19 DPO: I floss and gums are bleeding really bad. This never happens. I haven't peed yet today so I took a cheapie preg test. Is that a faint line? Research faint line and see on that it MIGHT be positive. Run to Rite Aid, get a digital to put all false hopes to bed and HOLY CRAP it says Pregnant! I sob in the bathroom. Put test on kitchen table to surprise husband, he comes home and lays a pizza on top of it and doesn't even see it.
20 DPO: Take a cheapie, line is a darker BFP.

After having 27 years of assuming I will never have a baby (because I never had periods) here I am, all knocked up. I can't believe the luck we had.