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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Clomid

Good old Clomid. Many is the BFP story that references Clomid at least somewhere along the way. And here you'll find a whole mess of them in one place. If you're taking Clomid and looking for some inspiration, look no further. This page is for you.

And when you get your BFP while taking Clomid, we want to hear from you! Send me your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP after one year of trying! :)

TTC baby #2, 5th cycle of Clomiphene on 150mg days 2-6 because of PCOS, used OPK and got LH surge CD 17, estrogen day 12 was 672 pg/ml and progesterone day 22 was 57.3 ng/ml

1-3 DPO No symptoms

4 DPO nausea and really heightened sense of smell (keep smelling cat pee that no one else can smell!), odd twangs in uterus, creamy CM, funny taste in mouth, CD 22 Progesterone level today was high but I had a little bit of spotting in evening (hopefully implantation spotting and not early AF?)
5 DPO odd twangs in uterus, thirsty and need to pee more, vivid dreams, creamy CM, funny taste in mouth
6 DPO lower back pain, thirsty and need to pee more, vivid dreams, creamy CM, high cervix, acne
7 DPO still high cervix, acne, lower back pain and thirsty (dry mouth) and peeing a lot - but no nausea since day 4, BFN first thing using Oracle Fertility Tests (say detect from 10mIU/ml hCG level so from 7 DPO). No sore bbs but hoping maybe with 2nd child you don't get the same sore bbs like I had with first?! Aerolas may be a bit darker - wish had taken pre-photos so can compare as can't remember what they looked like now....
8 DPO BFN first thing in morning. Just thirsty today and a little bit sore around my pelvic area. In evening got the faintest of faint second line on pregnancy test.... evaporation line or actual line?
9 DPO faint second line again.... Sore pelvic region - feel like I'm being stretched down there (tmi!?), headaches, sleepy, very emotional.
10 DPO faint second line but looking darker. Been hungry and tired with sore pelvic region again but not much else.
11 DPO Went in for bloods first thing - Hcg level 81! BFP!! :)

What we did different - used OPK TWICE daily and did LOTS of BD'ing around LH surge and for 48 hours after. Then I have been taking it pretty easy since O day - no overly vigorous exercise etc. Nothing else different.

I know what a hard journey it can be and I'm so grateful to be pregnant again. Some months I had symptoms that were pretty similar to these - but never as many at once. Baby dust to you all!


I finally got my bfp!

I have pcos and this was my third four of clomid. Ovulation days 1-9 I had no symptoms.  I didn't even know I ovulated. I had done opks everyday none came out positive and I didn't see on my chart that ovulation was detected! The. Day of our anniversary I saw on my fertility friend chart ovulation was detected on day 20. I was for sure I missed my chance until I saw that. My temps remained high. Then on day 34 of my cycle I had ewcm and my temp was higher. I thought oh no, my chart was wrong I didn't ovulate. Either way I wasn't testing till day 38. I started getting sore nipples around the same time, I just figured it was from ovulation. Then the sides started to hurt, not bad but almost like I was punched. I figured it was in my head and just cause I couldn't bare another negative I held out till day 28. Yesterday morning I took the test bfp!  I couldn't believe it.

So to everyone reading this don't five up hope! Baby dust!!!!!!

BPI after 1st IUI w/ Clomid

Hi Everyone! I've been reading posts on this website since December 2010. I'm 36 and DH is 37. We conceived DS 5 years ago doing self-insemination "turkey baster method" (due to DH's ejaculatory dysfunction) on the first try. After trying for more than 6 months to conceive again, we decided to consult a fertility specialist. He decided to start us on clomid 50 mg day 7-11 (supposed to be day 5 but went there later) and IUI with HCG trigger the day before. It worked the 1st try! I didn't have many symptoms except for increased body temp. (warm feeling) from 8dpiui till now. Also had an intense orgasm (tmi) and uterine cramping with hypersensitivity of genital area afterwards around 11-12 dpiui. Since I did the HCG trigger shot, I started POAS 6dpuiu to see when trigger will disappear. It didn't completely disappear but became really light around 9-10 dpiui then got darker afterwards. Had blood test today 15dpiui and it's a confirmed BFP with beta of 200+. DH also has low semen volume (1-2 cc) in addition to ED so IUI really helped. Also my cycle varies form 30-40 day cycle so the MD said Clomid helped to narrow that range, plus trigger shot made sure that I ovulate in time for IUI.

Two week wait symptoms!

Yaaay I'm so excited to be able to be posting  my BFP on here! After 6 years of fertility treatments in 2009 we had our beautiful twin daughters, then had a heartbreaking m/c earlier this year, and a failed attempt with our last frozen embies in April.  I knew it was a long shot but figured I'd go back to the beginning and try clomid again for 3 mos to see if it could at least get me to ovulate, as I don't on my own.  And now, on my second cycle of clomid I got my BFP!!
3 DPO only thing going on was sore nips, typical for me after I O.  I got SO SICK, brutal cold, cough, thought there's no way I'm getting pregnant this cycle!
4 DPO still sore nips, barely got out of bed and was coughing constantly. Body aches, chills, all of it!
5 DPO sore nips, creamy cm, still sick, but was able to function.
6 DPO BBT temp dropped a bit, cramps, nips sore and creamy cm, ovary cramps and twinges same as last cycle that I got a BFN; feeling pretty sick again today.
7 DPO, saw a temp drop even more, still have ov pain, cramps; nips not sore anymore, starting to feel this is not a good cycle.  STILL sick!
8 DPO Ov pain, cramps, nips perhaps a bit sensitive still?  Or my imagination perhaps. Still feeling rough.
9 DPO Hey hey, feeling better today; I was sick for almost a full WEEK!  Skin breakout, gotta love that!  And NOTHING else.  Not a thing.
10 DPO A wee few niggles and twinges in my ovaries, but last cycle it seemed to be worse at this stage....?
11 DPO Wow can't believe I held out this long! Cramps again, ov pain, backache big time this morning, and tender nips again make me think AF is on her way.
12 DPO have myself convinced that this cycle is a bust, ready to move on so took an HPT.  Is that a phantom line? Took another one.  NO IDEA but I think there's a line there...??  Went out to buy another test, an early response one, and WHAM within a minute there was the most beautiful 2nd pink line staring at me!  BFP!!! Went for my bloodwork and confirmed pregnant! Though she said it was low, unless it was less than 14 dpo, which it was, just waiting for her to call back to tell me what the # was!
So here's a few words to perhaps ease your mind, as things like this eased mine when I was obsessing over stories during my 2ww's:
I was SICK AS A DOG for a week, starting 3 days after ovulation, so YES you can get pregnant if you are sick, and even coughing constantly for days! You DON'T need really sore boobs, or blue veins popping out, or nausea or stinky pee or sensitive smell, or ANYTHING out of the ordinary to tell you you are pregnant, so if you don't have anything going on, you could still be pregnant :)
Baby dust to everyone ttc and praying for sticky babies for those of us who have, and will in the future!

BFP with clomid, trigger shot and spotting

Hi there, this is my story

This is my 4th round of clomid with a trigger shot.  For the past 3 tries I had used the standard pregnal trigger shot but with this cycle i decided to pay a bit more money and go with the Ovidril shot - not sure if this helped?

So here were my symptoms:
1 dpo - 8 dpo Nothing!
7 dpo Had a progesterone level test and it came back at 61!
9 dpo Spotting in the morning, it was pink and only when i wiped. nothing there in the afternoon
10dpo - 11 dpo gassey, needing to go toilet often
12 dpo slight cramps.  I caved and did a pregnancy test in the evening and came back with a faint line!!
13dpo went for a blood test and HCG came back at 66.  Will go back for another blood test tomorrow!

Finally! BFP first round of clomid

My husband and I finally got our BFP  this morning after using clomid 50mg CD 3-7 round 1!  In December, it will officially be a year of TTC.  I have been pregnant twice this past year (once in January mc at 5 weeks and once the very next month mc at almost 6 weeks).  We also had just received DH's SA results, which indicated he had low morphology and we were getting ready to go next week to a fertility clinic to get set up for IUI or IVF, as we were told we would not be conceive naturally.  I hope this gives hope to other women who have been through mc and/or male infertility factor.  What I did differently this month was 1) take clomid days 3-7 50mg 2) Used pre-seed 3) BD a LOT more! 4) prayed a LOT!  I believe that my cycle was out of whack from the mc's, as I never have received a positive OPK until this cycle.  I tried not to think about my symptoms too much, but here is what I remember:
CD 12 BD
CD13/Ovualtion day: Positive OPK, BD twice, Painful Ovulation cramps all day
1DPO Positive OPK, ovulation pain dissipated
2 DPO urine smelled really strong
3DPO nothing
4DPO Thirsty, exhausted, HUNGRY, peeing a lot more
5DPO light AF cramps
6DPO more cramps, more peeing, hungry, high energy
7DPO food aversion with meat, sore back, fatique, bloated, constipation, lots of peeing, light cramps.
8DPO hot flashes, dreams, peeing, urine is neon colored despite being well hydrated, feel stressed, backache, high energy, irritability, gassy, bloated, constipation (lovely), thirsty, light cramps
9DPO same as above, feel like I'm coming down with sore throat
10DPO same as above with nausea that goes away when i eat, and dizziness
11 DPO same as above with more nausea
12DPO POAS in am and BFP!!!  Came up immediately.  I'm elated and hoping and praying for a sticky baby.

I hope this helps other women in their TTC journey, and I wish you all healthy pregnancies!  Baby dust!

BFP After a year of trying 2nd round of clomid!!!

So I struggled with PCOS and gained about 30lbs and was struggling to get pregnant.  I started with Metformin for three months and nothing happend! Then I went to my OBGYN and he put me on Clomid 50mg and I didnt ovulate. Then he put me on 100mg of Clomid for the second month and ovulated!!  I had 3 follicles in my ultrasound two days ago which means that I dropped maybe 1,2 or 3 eggs!  We will find out in 3 weeks how many!  This is my 2nd child and had no problems getting pregnant with the 1st!

Here were my symptoms by day!
1dpo- 6dpo EXTREMELY CRAMPY!  Had a hard time sleeping probably from anticipation of knowing whether I got pregnant this cycle.
7DPO-  Still having trouble sleeping had a dream that I was peeing on a stick and it was positive.  Took a test and was BFN obviously way too soon!  I am still crampy, but I was super sleepy and exhausted.
8DPO- Cramps stopped had another dream about a positive test, so I tested in the morning BFN too early.  Exhausted, veins are really pronouced.  This day I felt hope after hearing I had 3 follicles!
9DPO- Still BFN!!  Still very crampy, and feeling quite nausous!!  Tried to drink a Red Bull and felt extremely gross after doing so and i have one everyday.  So this was crazy.  Very tired today.
10DPO-FAINT POS in the morning.  Crampy and not wanting sweets at all. Feeling gross still cant have my normal red bull.  Couldn't even finish it today.  Feeling anxious!  So I take another test late in the evening and low and behold A BFP no faint about it!!  Then I took a digital and it said PREGNANT!

BFP After a year of Tring and First Round of Clomid

I have been tring for a year off and on with no luck. I decided to step it up with Clomid. I don't have any real fertility problems except I tend to get cyst bigger than average that sometimes delays ovulation or cause other issues. The main thing I did was track everything: BBT, feelings, moods, energy, mucus, and twitches.

For my normal cycle I'd get a burst of energy about a week before ovulation. My sense of smell would also imporve. After ovulation I wasn't my social self like before ovulation. I would get cramps a few days before and the day of. Then my boobs would be sore for a couple of days. I would be tired until AF came. A week before AF I'd get some cramps for a couple days than a two or three day break. I'd cramp some more two to three days before my period. I am always moody a week before AF so I'd have to put myself on emotional check to prevent from looking like a ragging queen. LOL!

This Cycle was different:
DPO 1-5 - same as before
DPO 6 Boobs started to hurt, mostly my nipples and the sides of my boobs
DPO 7-12 Cramps off and on. Simular to AF but not even close as bad.
DPO 10-12 Tired and extermely moody. I even had to pull over in rush hour traffic and cried because I wanted to go home and no one was moving fast enough.
DPO 13 Tired, boobs just a little sore, emotional, but not too bad
BFP's on 11,12,13
Still in shock.

Best recommendation is to know your body: recognize the difference in different cramps, emotions, energy levels, and track your BBT to verify Ov. Also find that point that can be used to help relax and unstress yourself.

BFP after two years.

My husband and I have been TTC for about two years now. Last month I finally decided to go to my GYN and ask for help. I was put on a round of progesterone therapy to force me to have a period, since I hadn't had a normal one in about a year. After that I was put on a round of Clomid. After Two years of the up's and downs of TTC we finally got a BFP, and these were my symptoms.

2DPO- very tender breasts, and I mean VERY tender.
3DPO- I came down with a terrible bladder infection, that has been bionic and has taken antibiotics to get rid of. I have never had one I wasn't able to get rid of myself.
5DPO- I notice that when eating some of my favorite foods, they upset my stomach, which is unusual.
6DPO- I am exhausted but find myself unable to sleep, which is odd for me, I'm an awesome sleeper. I am not falling asleep before 3:30 a.m. and am unable to sleep past 6:30 a.m. This has been the case since, no change yet.
9DPO- I start "feeling pregnant" with twinges in my womb and a sort of full feeling. I also notice my skin is breaking out badly.
10DPO- I can't wait anymore and do a POAS. It was a heartbreaking BFN. I'm certain if I ever have to see another BFN I'm going to go crazy, so I resolve to wait until at least 16 DPO to take another to ensure that it will show up if I am pregnant.
11PDO- I had a hard time sleeping again, and am up by 6 a.m. and decided just for the heck of it to try another POAS. It's FINALLY a BFP! It's very faint, but it's a sight that I have never seen, and was starting to feel like I never would!

After two years, our dream is finally coming true!

TTC #1 {15 months, HSG + First Month Clomid after miscarriage}

We give God all the glory for the miracle of life and are so thankful for the little blessing growing inside me! These boards kept me occupied and hopeful for the past 8 months since I found and I just wanted to add to the encouragement here.

I am 26 and DH is 29. We began TTC #1 in May 2010 and hoped it would happen quickly for us. I have always wanted to be a mom, and was anxious to get this show on the road! Month after month went by and we were not pregnant. I was ovulating regularly (charting using the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" which I highly recommend!) but late: CD 20-26 with nearly 40 day cycles. I visited my OBGYN after 7 months TTC and she sort of blew me off with the statistic that "9 out of 10 couples get pregnant in a year" and told me to come back if a year had passed. Well, almost a year had passed and I decided it was time to make an appointment with a fertility specialist and scheduled it for the end of March. DH and I woke up in the morning for our appointment and I realized it was the day of my missed period...took a test...and BFP!! We couldn't believe it....we were beside ourselves with JOY :) However, only 4 days later, I miscarried (my HSG dropped from 45 to 13 in two days - a chemical pregnancy) and we were devastated. God remained faithful, even though we began to doubt His love for us...wondering why he wouldn't answer our prayer. We healed from the pain of losing our first baby by pressing into the Lord and reading His reminded us of the promises He has for all who trust him...a plan for a hope and a future! (Jeremiah 29:11) In particular, Psalm 66 came to mean so much to us...if you get a chance to read it, please do! In any case, we ended up feeling a peace about visiting the specialist we had originally made an  appointment with and met with him in June. In July, I had an HSG (not as bad as everyone said...don't worry!) and then began  50 mg clomid CD 4-8 this month (August 2011). We BD'd every other day + ovulation day ...and then the ever-anticipated 2WW began... {if you have actually read to here, I applaud you! ;-) }

Here are my symptoms (I didn't temp every day, FYI):

{CD 16} 97.45, +opk, BD

{CD 18} 97.45, Ovulated, BD

{1DPO} 97.86

{2DPO} Uneventful

{3DPO} Pulling and Cramping near uterus

{4DPO} Minor cramping, yellow/goopy cm first wipe in AM

{5DPO} Diarrhea and sour stomach off and on; this was my "hmmm" moment because I had diarrhea with my first pregnancy, although it only happened the day BEFORE my missed period, at 13dpo. (hopefully that means my HCG levels are higher this time!)

{6DPO} Sour stomach, smelly/strong urine, soft stool, fatigue: spend 7 hours on the couch watching randomness...SO unlike me!! I was thinking I either was pregnant...or had mono! Had to pee a lot....but almost felt too tired to get off the couch to go! pathetic. Minor pains near uterus and bbs began to get tender.

{7DPO} 97.8, Progesterone blood test comes back at 24.3...great news! Sour stomach again (pre-diarrhea feeling, sorry tmi), bbs ache, very tired and went to by by 10pm. Pulling/aching/cramping in uterus...more localized than menstrual cramps, notice cm is non-existent...weird for me, it's usually  creamy/lotiony by now...

{8DPO} 97.8, strong smelling pee again, crampy/heaviness on and off, nipples are sore, bbs heavy and sore to touch all over...not just by armpits like usual PMS stuff, lower back ache, irritable and impatient, achey hips and pelvis.

{9DPO} 98.2!! That's high for me...last time it was this high...I was pregnant. Woke up with sour/gassy stomach, achey bbs and sore nips, diarrhea, still dry cm but FEEL wet...bizarre. One wipe of yellow tinted cm in afternoon, craving salty and carbs, crampy in pm, hubby thinks I sound stuffy on the phone.

{10dpo} 98.34!! woot!! Cramping and tightening of uterus, very mild nausea in pm, feel great and SUPER HAPPY today. Lower back pressure and achiness, hot flashes and warm face. Smelly urine at 11 pm. Found out my best friend is pregnant! (due within 4 days of each other...too good to be true!)

{11 DPO} 98.17, Sore bbs and nips (ouch!), When I get hungry...I get nauseous and cranky, So tired during breakfast with family I could hardly converse...came home and was all I could do to get in bed; slept for hour and a half!! (I am NOT a napper.) Strong cramps in afternoon, more diarrhea around 5pm. Scant yellow cm again, feel bloated and when I bend over while sitting, it feels uncomfortable.