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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Clomid

Good old Clomid. Many is the BFP story that references Clomid at least somewhere along the way. And here you'll find a whole mess of them in one place. If you're taking Clomid and looking for some inspiration, look no further. This page is for you.

And when you get your BFP while taking Clomid, we want to hear from you! Send me your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP with Clomid, Preseed & Meditation

Its been a very long road but I finally have my BFP! My husband and I have been TTC for 2 years and 4 months. Your website has been a source of sound advice and inspiration! I have previously tried clomid and accupunture without success. I read the Harvard Med School Book "Six Steps to Increased Fertility" and was very impressed by the rates of pregnancy achieved through meditation classes. Starting in April, I took an 8 wk mindfulness meditation class which helped significantly with my stress level. We decided to take a 3 month hiatus from my job as a physician and try Clomid again before moving on to see REI in October. If I had not been reading TWW I would not have tested as early as I did, which allowed me to start eating the best possible diet as soon as I knew I was pregnant!

This is what I did differently:

--Meditated and Prayed Daily
--Temped (first time ever)
--Clomid 100mg Days 3-7
--Drank Iced Green Tea D1 -D15
--No caffeine except green tea since D4
--Preseed (first cycle trying this!)
--No robitussin, just drank water until urine was clear
--BD daily from day 9 through positive OPK (D15) and for 3 days after
--Reflexology and massage D17 and D25

Early Pregnancy Symptoms:
--- D14 EWCM and Cramping
--D15 positive OPK, severe cramping
--D18 mild gassy abdominal cramping
--D19 gassy cramping, vomited x 1
--D26 (10 DPO) Spotting (light brown mucus), vomited x 1, lower abdomen hurst with laughing/stretching
--D27 Spotting (very light). +HPT (answer)
--D28 Blood BHCG 132
D29 on, increasing bloating, gas, constipation, vomiting in afternoon on some days.


BFP at 9dpo wtih Digital HPT! (Clomid Cycle)

This is dh and my third round of clomid. I was SO shocked to see a DARK BFP at 9dpo and then 'pregnant' with clearblue digital. God is so good! After our first m/c in October this had been a hard, emotional journey but we made it! Keep up the faith no matter how tough it seems.

1-8 DPO: Very sore, swollen bbs. They hurt deep in the muscle and tissue.

6-8 DPO: Small amounts of cm that was like ewcm.

8 DPO: Sensitive to normal smells that usually don't bother me like hand wipes and tuna fish. When I gagged at the hand wipes, my dh looked at me and said, 'you're pregnant aren't you'

9 DPO: Dark BFP on frer (fmu) with another BFP with clearblue digital with second morning urine.

Hope this help. I love reading early pg symptoms. They have kept me for occupied for hours! ;-)

BFP, 4th month, 200mg Clomid cd 3-7

We have been TTC #1 for about 10 months and I just got my BFP tonight!!! I was taking Clomid, 4th 'month' 200mg cd 3-7. I was placed on clomid because of my horrendously long cycles - 120+ days - and had mixed results. I ovulated the first time (100mg), did not ovulate the second (100mg), finally ovulated the 3rd time(150mg) but a month late. My OB-GYN hiked the dose up to 200 mg this past month and I ovulated - but about a week later than expected.

Here are the symptoms that I noticed:

0DPO-now - nips hurt/extra sensitive (normal after ovulating - usually stops right before AF)
5DPO - felt a sharp pain in the middle of my lower abdomen (implantation maybe???)
7DPO-now - the sides and underneaths of my bb's HURT...this is much earlier than normal
10DPO-now - random 'stretchy' feelings in my stomach, different feeling from cramps
15DPO - today - BFP!!!! Took 2 HPTs - got 2 pink lines and "PREGNANT" reading

What really started to make me think I might be preg. is the hurting bb's...since going off BCP, they rarely hurt at all and usually just a day before AF arrives. Thank God! This been a total miracle, as my cycles were completely messed up and my hubby has a lower count. Still SOOOOOOO excited - good luck to all who are trying - it felt like SUCH a LONG road...even though it was only 10 months.

God Bless!

BFP - 3rd round Clomid 50mg cd3-7

I am so excited to be posting my symptoms! I just got my BFP today at 11DPO. We have been TTC for 9 months. After we started trying I began charting and using OPK's and I dicovered that I do not Ovulate. I have long cycles 60+ days. It took me 3 rounds of 50mg clomid to get my BFP. This cycle I took it 3-7 and Ovulated on CD20.

This is what I did to convieve this month.
Baby Danced Every Other Day. (2 previouse months we BD every day)
Used instead cups after we Baby Danced
Used pre~seed on O Day (we used this the previouse 2 months also)

My symptoms
Tender Boobs started at 6 DPO (which I have had every cycle month on clomid, but this time it was worse)
9-11 DPO Head ache
11 DPO Temp shot up to 99.2! It hasn't ever been this high
11 DPO Almost puked when I ate lunch and supper
11 DPO My mouth has been watery all afternoon like I might :puke:
11 DPO Have had some sharp shooting pains around my uterus
11 DPO 3 + HPT's (FRER, Accu-Clear, and Walgreens DIgital)

Good luck to all of you Ladies TTC! Hope this helps.

BFP Symptoms (on Clomid)

Well, this was my first round on Clomid, and I guess that did the trick. My DH and I have been TTC for 9 months now. I kind of had a feeling it would work because my Grams passed away this past month. With death brings new life. Grams and I were VERY close. As my Aunt told me today, the BFP must be a gift from Grams. :D *THANK YOU GRAMMA!* So here's the different signs I had.


5dpo-Upset stomach on and off all day. Feeling like I was going to pass out. And I had tiny little white heads popping up all over my face.

6dpo-Crabby, extremely tired(took 3 hour nap). Mild cramps on and off all day, and more little white heads popping out of know where.

7dpo-Woke up feeling icky. Lots of creamy CM. A little bit of a stuffy nose, and real bad tightening cramps by mid afternoon. When it was time for bed, I kept tossing and turning not being able to get comfortable.

8dpo-Tender nipples. Woke up with a stuffy nose again. *allergies?*. Cramps continued from the day before and now I had little white heads all over my face, back and chest.

9dpo-Stuffy nose, lower back hurt a bit. Sense of smell has increased. I could smell DH's garlic breathe from many feet away. Gassy, and started getting a strong feeling it didn't work this month. Couldn't get comfortable in bed again.

10dpo-BFN. Very Vivid dreams about my temp falling. BBS and nipples REALLY sore. Still thought it didn't work.

11dpo-My temp fell .4 degrees. Started freaking out a bit. Took an HPT-faint BFP! Didn't believe it so took another one! Faint BFP!!!

12dpo(Today)-BFP on 3 more tests. Still a bit faint, but darker than yesterday.

BFP on Clomid (with PCOS)

I just got my BFP and am very excited and surprised! This is baby #3 for us, and it was a planned pregnancy with Clomid. I have PCOS and have had difficulty conceiving with all three pregnancies. It took us a total of 5 ovulatory cycles to conceive this time, and I am 37 (three cycles naturally, and two with Clomid). I went on Clomid because I had only had 4 cycles in the previous 12 months due to my PCOS and wasn't ovulating regularly enough to try effectively. My age made us more aggressive to turn to Clomid pretty early in our process.

I was on the following medications to conceive:
Glucophage, 1000 mg / day for entire cycle
Clomid, 50 mg, days 3-7 (second month on Clomid)
estriadiol, 2 mg/day, days 8-14
*ovulated on day 14
Prometrium suppositories, 1 daily/200 mg, days 15- 26

I also took prenatal vitamins, 1 extra vitamin B6 (50 mg) daily, and used Pre-Seed around ovulation with BDing. I think adding the estradiol really helped, as I noticed much more EWCM around ovulation, even while on Clomid. Also, using the Glucophage along with the Clomid really worked well for me, since I hadn't responded to the low 50 mg dose of Clomid in the past.

3 DPO - I had really bad ovarian cramping for several hours. I wondered if this might be mild OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) as I was confident ovulation had occurred already, and I had taken Clomid.

4-5 DPO - nothing

6 DPO - felt sad and "blue" all day for no reason, very unlike me

7 DPO - very sad, burst into tears and sobbed heavily after listening to a sad song on the radio. I NEVER do this!

8 DPO - very irritable but couldn't seem to help it; got into a huge fight with DH over nothing. I felt completely out of control of my emotions

9 DPO - while in the shower, I looked down and noticed prominent blue veins on the tops of my arms and lower stomach. I have fair skin, so veins show up early, I took note of this and started getting excited for the first time. This was a huge clue, as many of my other symtoms could have just been the progesterone suppositories I was taking.

10 DPO - Veins still prominent, nipples began to darken and get tender when my bra was off, breasts started feeling heavy

12 DPO - felt very bloated and some of my pants felt tight in the waist

13 DPO - Took a home pregnancy test with FMU, and it was BFN. I was convinced that it was true and that my symptoms were just due to the extra progesterone.I was so disappointed.

14-15 DPO - Same symptoms with breasts, veins, and bloating continue. No period yet, but I had read that supplemental progesterone could delay it starting. Slight cramping and lower backache start, so I am convinced AF is coming and go buy tampons

16 DPO - wiped and saw very light brown after using the restroom. I was confident that my period was starting, especially since I had a BFN on a test a few days earlier. Backache and cramping continues.

17 DPO - My period still hadn't started. After that one brown smudge, there had been no more spotting. I decided to retest, but I still thought the progesterone was causing my symptoms (but I had been off it for 5 days at this point). The test was a light positive -- BFP!! I took three more tests, and they were all postive with a definite second line that was a bit lighter than the test line.

My OBGYN put me back on Prometrium (200 mg daily) when I called her about my BFP since I have a history of low progesterone levels. I will take it daily at least through my first trimester.

Baby dust to all of you! It CAN happen. I am a example of someone whose odds were against her with my age and infertility history, and it still worked. Don't give up!

BFP at age 40 - 2nd month Clomid

I got my BFP in my 7th month of ttc.
This is my second month of Clomid.
I am 40, had a dd on 02/07/2006 when I was 39.
I had had one miscarriage in 1999...twins died at 10 weeks, and miscarried at 12 weeks..probably due to malnutrition since I was excercising to excess and eating 0 fat at the time, but I will never know for sure.

I have been hypothyroid for the past year, maybe postpartum hypo, and have been taking synthroid. Last month during my first cycle of clomid, I found out that my meds were actually causing me to go HYPER thyroid, so they lowered the dosage immediately.

I charted BBT, took opk's almost every day. Checking cervical mucus was hard for me. I couldn't "read" the texture correctly. One thing for sure, Clomid dried me out. I took mucinex (guaifenesin) the day I got a +opk.

I also did some other things differently...due to rumors I had heard about on the net, I stopped drinking milk completely, and cut my morning cup of coffee in half.

I constantly overlayed my charts with those on, and this month "looked" different: I went from spiky up and down pre-o temps to a slow, gradually rising post-o temps that only had a couple small fallbacks.

Here are my early symptoms:

1-8dpo: O pain and lots of AF cramps. A backache not only in my lower back, but also in the middle of my back, radiating out to my hips, where I had felt my epidural during dd's birth.
1-8dpo: I was up 2-3x per night to pee, and I had a sore throat.

4 dpo: Took a progesterone blood test...P4 level was 14. I ovulated on day 18 of my cycle.

5dpo: fatigue on this day...otherwise energy has been fine.
5dpo onward: DROOLING in my sleep, that progressed to watery mouth during the day. Would wake up every morning with a soaked pillow. This was my first hint that I was probably pregnant, because it was one of my big symptoms with dd.

8dpo onward: Big appetite..woke up hungry, went to bed hungry...couldn't wait for normally scheduled meals...had to eat things in between or I felt like I'd starve. I crave BEEF in any form, raw carrots, and grape juice (the purple kind only).

9dpo onward: Same watery mouth during the day, but short jolts of nausea and dizziness that made me feel like my eyes were crossing or bulging. I always had this 2pm nausea with dd too. I started sneezing, and had a runny nose, and more nasal stuffiness too. I thought maybe this was all just a sinus infection.

10dpo: Thought I would use up my leftover opks to check pregnancy. negatives, obviously.

11dpo: Used my last dollar tree hpt this morning, and figured I would waste it, but got a faint BFP. Very happy, but I really knew deep down that I was pregnant at about 5dpo.

Another clue that I was pregnant? NO MOOD ALL this month. My anger really got out of control the last couple months, and this month I was just very content.

NO SORE BBs. I had extremely sore bbs with dd, but not this time.

I hope this helps you with your 2ww. Don't feel bad about obsessing about your symptoms. I can guarantee you that there are always surprises in the 2ww.


BFP after Tubal Ligation Reversal

Hi! I just got my BFP two days ago and wanted to submit my story. Lord KNOWS this site helped me through MANY a TWW! I'm 31 and we have been TTC for 16 months after a tubal ligation reversal in March of '06. Here's what happened during my BFP cycle...

CD 1-5 100 mg of clomid
CD 8 HSG and my FIRST EVER EWCM!!!! We're SOO excited!
CD 10 Ultrasound monitoring because of clomid. 3, possibly 4 mature follies. HCG trigger shot. Ovulation should occur in 36-48 hours. EWCM! RE warned we are EXTREMELY high risk of multiples.
CD 11 Ovulation day!!!!!! More EWCM!
1 DPO Watery CM. Nothing special.
2-3 DPO Dry CM. Nada.
4 DPO More EWCM. I've never had EWCM so this is something totally new for me. Wonder why it came AFTER O?
5-9 DPO VERY irritable. Snapped on DH almost everyday. I can't seem to help it, can't seem to keep my emotions in check! Slight nausea in the evenings and nipples feel like they are trying to pop off my chest!
10 DPO Took a IC, BFN of course.
11 DPO Temp spike made me wonder if this could be my month! IC test in the AM was neg., BFP on Fact Plus in the afternoon! Went today to get a beta and it was 17.5!!!!!
12 DPO Had to go get another beta that my RE ordered and it was 29!! Less than 24 hours after the first!
13 DPO Still Pregnant! Wonder how many I'll have......

BFP on 1st Round Clomid after "Unexplained Infertility"

After 1.5 years of reading this site, I finally get to post! Sorry this is long, but I know how we all like to obsess!

After many Dr's visits and tests (blood tests, HSG, SA, etc.) the Dr's said there was no medical reason DH and I couldn't conceive, but month after month af came. I ovulated on my own each month ( got positive OPKS on day 13 like clockwork and o pains on day 14) and had clear tubes, etc, DH's count was great, but motility slightly low. Nothing major. We are both in our early 30s. Finally, my dr. said we could try the lowest dose of clomid for a few months b/c for reasons unknown it seems to help people with unexplained infertility.

So, I took it this month after much thought and discussion with DH. I must admit I was scared of the side effects, multiple births, ovary problems, etc. Well, I took 50 mgs days 5-9 per my Drs instruction and had no symptoms except a mild headache the first day. I got a positive opk on day 14. Felt o pains on day 15. We BD days 11-15, but couldn't BD on day 16, 17, 18 b/c of DHs work and visiting family. DH was convinced this wasn't our month.

After the o pains on day 15, I was emotional on days 19-20, very angry and impatient. Not like myself at all. Thought it was the clomid? I didn't feel much until day 23. Please understand that other cycles, I had every pregnancy symptom in the book! Not this cycle. Some pains near ovaries similar to ovulation pain on day 23, but I'd had that other months.

The only odd things were being very emotional and very THIRSTY. I was so thirsty, but then I'd drink and feel uncomfortably full almost immediately. Cycle Days 24 & 25 I felt uncomfortably full all day, bloated, etc. Thought af was on her way. Some intense cramps that day too, different than af, more like gas pains but deep. Day 26 after BD I had some mucus with blood in it, thought for sure af was here.

Then day 27 (approx.13dpo)-today- af was due, but no af. When I woke up the first thing I noticed was sore, heavy bbs. Out of the blue! After lunch I was soooo hungry for cake, I just HAD to have some and went to the grocery store to get some! Then I ate it and was so sleepy I just had to nap. When I woke up, out of curiosity, I tested and the line came up right away on FRER. This was mid-afternoon, not FMU! Not real dark, but there. Then I took a CBE digital and "Pregnant" came up. Wow!

DH is away on business, so he doesn't know yet. Can't wait to surprise him when he gets home!

There is hope ladies! I used to have sore bbs after o, but haven't for months. When they showed up suddenly on day 27, that was my hmmm moment. Honestly, though, I was prepared for af. I hope this baby sticks! I'm so excited. Scheduling a dr. appt tomorrow. Sticky baby dust to all of you brave TWWaiters!

BFP with Clomid (50mg, cd5-9) 38yrs old

Hi All!

I just wanted to share my story because this site has really helped me. To know that there are other women who go through the waiting, the TTC and the obsessive POS checking made me feel like I wasn't going crazy. Okay, here goes...

I'm 38 years old and have been TTC with my husband for almost a year. My initial tests came back optimistic (no tubal blocking, I ovulate regularly, etc..) but of course my age gave me some concern. My husband's SA came back with mixed results. At first he was diagnosed with a 3% morphology. A second test with a Urologist came back with at 36% morphology. Confusing. Because of my age, my OB-GYN gave me 50mg of Clomid during my 5-9 days and told me to make an appt with a fertility expert for the next month.

The clomid really seemed to have helped us because I have very strong PG signs and although I won't have my blood PG test until another week, 3 over-the-counter tests came back positive!!! I actually keep looking at those sticks in awe because we've been trying for a while.

1-4 DPO: No symptoms at all
5 DPO: VERY strong sensation in my ovaries. I know this sounds silly, but it was as if I could feel the egg traveling through my FT. That lasted only for a 1/2 hour. The rest of the day, nothing
6 DPO: I'm usually pretty hyper during the day, but I was dragging the entire afternoon. Since it was Sunday, I layed down for a quick nap and ended up sleeping for 3 hours. That's very unusual for me as I'm not a nap person at all.
7-8 DPO: No symptoms really. I had my usual "I'm getting my period" feeling and was pretty bummed
9 DPO: My breasts were slightly tender, so I got antsy and did a PPT. Negative. Feeling more bummed
10 DPO: Because my breasts were still sore (something I never get with my period), I tested again. I saw the faintest line ever. I was like it was there and wasn't. I chalked it up as a negative because I thought maybe I was "trying" to see a line that wasn't there.
11 DPO: Today is the day I felt different. I had fluttering in my stomach, was very bloated, and again —the sore breasts. Tested again (yes, I'm obsessive) and the line was definitely there and although it didn't match the darkness of the test line, it was pretty strong, not like the day before.
12 DPO: Bloating, super-hungry, but my energy level has been quite high (actually after the initial tiredness on the 6 DPO, I've been more energetic than usual). Third and last PT. The line was there! Strong! Yea!

I will let you know how my blood test goes next week. There are VERY early days, so I'm keeping things very quiet and am just taking one day at a time. I pray that I will have a normal, healthy pregnancy.

I hope my story helps other women on this site who are feeling like PG will never happen to them. They should keep trying, keep asking their Dr's questions about their options and most importantly keep a positive attitude! Best of luck ladies!