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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Clomid

Good old Clomid. Many is the BFP story that references Clomid at least somewhere along the way. And here you'll find a whole mess of them in one place. If you're taking Clomid and looking for some inspiration, look no further. This page is for you.

And when you get your BFP while taking Clomid, we want to hear from you! Send me your symptoms through this contact form.

Bfp 100mg clomid

I'm 38 and we have been ttc naturally with multi vitamin, preseed and sometimes mucinex after mc in jan 15. Will be first baby for my husband super excited. We first picked up Clomid in Mexico over the counter. I used 50mg for 2 cycles cd 3-7 with no luck. Went to my obgyn who then prescribed Clomid at 50mg and nexa plus vitamins. My 21 day progesterone was 3.3 cd 2-8 (yes 6 days) not enough to ovulate so next cycle went to 100 mg Clomid and bfp. I was using wondfo pink tests which have a very faint line on day 23 of my cycle I usually have 24 to 26 day cycles. I continued to have very faint lines for 5 days then they became darker. I questioned it every day but before this cycle they were always stark white. We are now 5 wks pregnant and hoping it's a sticky, healthy growing bean.

BFP after ovarian drilling with PCOS

I went off birth control in October of 2014 hoping to start trying after the new year. Unfortunately, I never got my period! By March, my doctor had me try Provera. That induced a period, but I went another 90 days without a period- so I obviously wasn't ovulating. We tried another round of Provera and added Clomid 50 mg. the Clomid didn't make me ovulate either! ugh... But it did make me crazy hormonal. During ultrasound scans, my doctor found a dermoid cyst and scheduled a surgery for July 30th. The day before surgery I got my period! During surgery, she removed the cyst, did ovarian drilling, and also found endometriosis. One of my Fallopian tubes is also blocked! My doctor told us that it might be time to see a specialist. Well... Surprise!!! Exactly 4 weeks after surgery I was feeling exhausted and had uncharacteristic diarrhea and decided to test. BFP!!!!! The odds were against us but it happened!!! It took a lot longer than my plan (10 months!) but I'm so grateful!!!
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BFP 9dpo following 2 miscarriages and with pcos

I know this is a cliche but I cannot believe it is our turn again. I promised myself I would post here if I ever was blessed with another bfp to inspire others as this site has been such a comfort during our ttc journey. I have 'skinny' pcos with long, irregular cycles. I have a four year old daughter who was conceived in the run up to our wedding. We have been trying for baby number 2 since April 2013. I had what they described as a 'chemical' pregnancy in July 2013. To say we were devastated was an understatement. I then went to fertility consultant and was started on clomid 50mg in March 2014. I was lucky to conceive 2nd cycle of clomid in April 2014. Roll on 8 weeks and we were devastated to learn of a missed miscarriage at approx 5-6 weeks. We were completely unprepared for this and I chose the medical management. Roll on 13 months later and I have done 3 rounds of tamoxifen with ovulation but no pregnancy, then finished the final 4 rounds of clomid. On to 6th and final cycle of clomid and went to our first ivf appointment on cycle day 49. Consultant tested amh level which to our relief was high at 54, however due to this and my pcos he was reluctant to start ivf due to high risk of hyper stimulation. He suggested ovarian diathermy which I was not keen on followed by iui. He also scanned me and noticed follicle on right ovary about to rupture and uterine lining thin. We used this last chance saloon and bd as often as we could. Cannot believe I'm posting my bfp story 9dpo. Praying for a sticky bean this time. What I did: ovulation tracking, acupuncture, bd o-5, o-3, o-2, o-1, pineapple core post ovulation, wore socks post ovulation and used hot water bottle around uterus to keep womb 'warm' 1-2dpo, nothing, took daughter to theme park and went on all the rides 3dpo tender beasts (normal for me) 4dpo- backache, bloated, tender breasts, lots of walking 5dpo- backache, bloated, tender breasts, lots of walking 6dpo - bloated, tender breasts 7dpo - bloated, increased appetite, tender breasts 8dpo - gassy, fatigue, diarrhoea, tender breasts. Bloated 9dpo - tender breasts not so tender, fatigue, tested pm urine and got BFP on clear blue digital 1-2 weeks. Pray for us that this little bean will stick and our journey through infertility and loss will have a happy ending.x

5IUI's later and now i'm an ecstatic mummy to be!

Ladies, I am very excited to share my BFP story and hope it helps others waiting. Our journey began long before I met hubby and he decided to have a vasectomy shortly after having his ds from a prev relationship. From the very beginning he knew I wanted children and he was open to having a reversal. A few months before our wedding dh had the reversal but shortly after we were married we got the results of his SA and it came back 0. We were devastated as we were told it was a 98% chance it would be successful. His surgeon referred us to the fertility clinic so we could learn our options. After speaking with the Dr there we decided financially our best option was IUI with donor sperm. All my tests came back good so once we picked our donor we could start right away. The Dr said as I have never tried to get pregnant before it would be best to do 3cycles unmedicated as we don't know how fertile I am. Then from there we would add meds. So we did our 3 cycles each time I was so excited and optimistic but unfortunately each time af arrived even before my blood tests and I was devastated. Finally we were moving on to medicated cycles. My first cycle I only showed 1 follicle even with the clomid. We triggered and iui and I just knew that this was the kick I needed and this was our such luck. We were only able to do a max of 6 tries financially so I was so scared that this was number four and still bfn. DH and I decided we needed to take a break to unwind and relax. We took 6 months off and in June we went on a relaxing vacation. The day our vacation ended was day 1 and my plan was to call the clinic and start right away but I came home with a stomach bug so we held off one more month. Which brings us to this cycle. July 25 I called the clinic and reported my day one. We did 100mg clomid from cd 3-7. Ultrasound monitoring first showed 2 follicles and a good lining. By my 3rd and final ultrasound I have 3 follies and a great lining. Cd 12 trigger and 14 was iui day. 36 hours after trigger. My goal this month was to try to spend as little time thinking about it as possible so I do not have day by day symptoms but I will list what I noticed. The evening of iui I have pain like I had not had after any other iuis. My uterus felt full and my left ovary (where I had the 2 follies) was sore. I think we timed it absolutely perfect. The next day or so I had some cramping then things went back to normal. 6 dpiui we were on a big family camping trip and my sister made a comment that is so her but I almost cried. I thought this was weird but was to early to think to much of it. After returning from our camping trip I noticed cramping, I threw up on two separate days and was having hot flashes but the thing I have noticed the most is how tired I am. Hubby and I decided no early testing and just kept ourselves busy. The clomid had pushed back my ovulation so I was not sure when af was due but my Lt phase is normally 11-13 days so once i passed that I considered myself late. Our clinic tests at 17dpiui to make sure no chemical pregnancy is picked up but at 15dpiui dh and I tested together and I got a pregnant 2-3 weeks on the digital. At 17dpiui I had my blood and the clinic said my numbers look great and booked me for an ultrasound on Sept 14 to find out if more than one of those follies succeeded in implanting. When people are trying one of the comments everyone makes is once you stop trying it will happen...we do not have that option but I decided this cycle I was going to try to get as close to that as possible. I went to my appointments and took my meds as I was supposed to but other than that I lived my life normal. Normally I stop drinking over think what I am eating and stress if I miss my vit. This month I went out for dinner with friends had a few drinks and relaxed about symptom spotting. Even my mum noticed how different I was. I really think this helped. I am not 4w5d and could not be happier. I wish each and everyone of you luck in this journey and hope you all find peace in the hard times and ride the highs as long as possible!

Support New to this

Hi Girls, I am 29yr old and never been pregnant, my husband and I have been trying for the past yr. So we finial decided to go see my OBGYN and he started me with Provera for 10 days to induce my cycle, cause it was about 2mths cycle my last one. On the first day of my cycle I went back and was placed in Clomid 50mgs for 5 days on day 3-7 as well as Metformin 850mg 3xs a day but the side effect where strong and we went down to 2 a day with still brings me down. But, at this point I am willing to do anything to be able to conceive. Any advice from you all. Its my very first time with this medications and need the support of you all and understand this process.

BFP after 8 Months, 4 cycles of Clomid

I have been waiting to finally post here. I am 36 years old, will be turning 37 next month. I have a 13 year old from a previous marriage. My fiancé has no children, so he is pretty ecstatic! He is very happy! My fiancé and I have been trying since December 2014. I went to my OB/GYN in December 2014 and she prescribed me Clomid for 3 months and of course nothing, BFNs. Then I took a break off of Clomid from April through June and resumed Clomid in July. MY OB had also referred me to a reproductive endocrinologist as well. I saw him in August and we had a plan of our next steps to take once my cycle started for the month. Well, 2 weeks later, I get my BFP! My period is pretty regular and this month it was 2 days late, just thought it was coming soon. I had been disappointed so many months prior that I did not take multiple test, hard to not to do. But I did not have hardly any symptoms: 1DPO-6DPO: watery CM 7DPO: sensitive nipples(not sure if it's side effect of Clomid) 8DPO-12DPO: Bloating/Gassy, sensitive nipples, a little nausea, going to the bathroom more frequent 13DPO: Bloating/Gassy 14DPO: AF is due, no sign 15DPO: AF is 1 day late, no sign 16 DPO: BFP! with FRER, in the evening! 17DPO: BFP! with ClearBlue Easy Digi, FMU SO ladies keep trying because we thought time was definitely not on our side. I almost gave up hope of having a second baby because of my age and my fiancé's age. I, too, am not going to say it will happen when it is your time because I did not like that when everyone said that to me. Don't give and keep the faith!!

BFP on 3rd Round of Clomid

I feel comfortable posting my story now that I've had 3 days of positive pregnancy tests, including a Clear Blue Digital this morning. Needless to say, DH and I are over the moon excited and so, so shocked Clomid finally worked for us! My story is kind of long and I'm including background info for those interested, but you can skip to the end for symptoms. :) DH (25) and I (24) have been married for three years and trying for just over a year, not counting time he's been away for trainings and deployments. After NTNP for almost a year, I went to an OBGYN because I noticed my periods were irregular. By irregular, I mean 28 to 100+ days with an average somewhere in the 50s. From the research I had been doing online, I knew that would be a problem for us while TTC. To make a long story short, my OBGYN did tests and determined I was healthy, I didn't have PCOS, all my hormone levels were normal, but that I was not ovulating. I was put on Provera for 10 days to induce a withdrawal bleed and then Clomid for 5 days. I was given 4 rounds. Round 1, I took Clomid CD 5-9 and ovulated (for maybe the first time ever, as I had never felt it before, and boy did I that month!) on CD 14. Unfortunately, that cycle resulted in a chemical pregnancy. I had 3 very, very faintly positive tests on DPO 11, 12, 13 and then ended up having an incredibly painful period 3 days later than expected. I was crushed, but I tried to be positive taking it as proof that I could get pregnant! Round 2 was about 4 months later, and I decided to take Clomid CD 3-7 instead. That was a terrible idea for me! I felt symptoms of OHSS, like extreme bloating and abdominal pain around O, which was CD 18. The symptoms were not bad enough for me to see a doctor, I just drank a lot of water and waited it out. When it came time to test, there was not even a hint of a line. AF came right on schedule. About 2 months later, my DH returned from a training and we decided to try again. I took the Provera to induce bleeding and had a really light period, which made me think I was out before I even started. Here is my cycle in detail: July 16 was CD 1. CD 1-5 I had a very light period, and thought I was out because of this! CD 5-9 Clomid. On Clomid, I tend to be very emotional! I cry like a baby about the stupidest things! I was thinking, "I'm not doing this again after this!" We BDed on CD 6, 9, 12, 14, 16, 17, and 19. We used Preseed internally with the applicator, which we had never done before, and I think was crucial to our success this month. I had decided this month that I was NOT doing OPKS because it was either going to happen or it wasn't, and I needed to just relax and leave it up to God. So, I didn't really test, although I did sneak a couple of OPKs in around expected ovulation, and NEVER got a positive result. This was probably because I ended up going to the ER on CD 15 with a UTI. I remember thinking "I don't care if I get pregnant this cycle as long as this pain goes away!" I think that I ovulated between CD 14 and 17. After ovulation, my hopes were not high because although we had "tried" quite a bit, I was more focused on getting well, and it turned out my infection was resistant to the antibiotic they gave me, so it was a long process. I was expecting that if I got pregnant, I would "just know." I thought I would have metal mouth, feel super hot, and have boob pain from hell. None of that happened. In fact, I took a test on my lunch break at approximately 12 DPO and threw it away without really looking at it because I "just knew" I couldn't be pregnant! The next morning when I stuck around and watched the test for 5 minutes, I was totally dumbfounded when it came up obviously positive! I stared at it like it was a foreign language I couldn't read. It didn't make any sense. I just thought, "How could this be?" Then, I checked the test in the trash can from the day before and it was positive, too! The ONLY symptoms I had were in the second week of the TWW. I was extremely hungry all the time and I was getting up about three times in the night to go pee. My boobs were a little sore, but nothing like other people have written. Also, I had AF like cramps for 3 days about 3 days before my first positive test. I distinctly rember one shocking pain that lasted for a couple minutes. That got me wondering. The other thing that got me wondering (which is pretty crazy) is that about 7 days after my expected O, DH woke up from a dream that a coworker had told him I was pregnant. He's never had a dream like that before. When I told DH, he said he knew it but didn't want to say anything because every time before he had said "maybe you're pregnant," I ended up not. His reaction was pure shock, just like me, but by the next day he was so excited! I think we'd been trying for so long that we just thought it might not ever happen. We have been praying and thanking God for this blessing. We truly believe He waited for the best time for us to get pregnant.

Bfp after mc and luteal phase defect on

Totally overjoyed but still very cautious. Finally a bfp after 7 months since mc and obsessing over ever little symptom. Ds is 17 months- also conceived on clomid after 14 months ttc Things I did differently- took b6 vitamins and used progesterone cream. Bought a cbfm which was expensive and didn't give me a peak- this may be because of clomid. We bd every day around middle of month and I put legs over my headboard after- this technique worked for baby one too. 8dpo- woke to strange uterus sensation. Felt heavy 9dpo- heavy feeling again in uterus 10dpo- was surprised I didn't start spotting yet as I usually do 4-5 days before af 11dpo- started spotting. Was upset took at pg test anyhow- negative! 12dpo- more thick pink spotting. Took cb gp test- very very faint line. Hopes up again 13dpo- negative cbdm preg test with fmu. So annoyed with myself for getting excited. Really heavy af feeling and cramps 14dpo- positive test! Spotting stopped. Had confirmed preg test at doc. So relieved!

God's timing is perfect.

I don't even know where to start. My Dh & I have been ttc for 2 years now. 2 months ago I was told I have pcos and was given clomid. First months taking it, I got very discouraged when AF showed up. Second month, I was still discouraged thinking that I would start any day, now 6 pregnancy tests later I can finally say I'm pregnant! I prayed everyday that God would bless us with a baby when the time was right. Two days before my positive, I prayed and cried harder than ever and here I am now. I continue to pray that this baby sticks! I had very few symptoms, I normally have more on my other cycles. What I did experience at about 8 dpo was a yeast infection, which I've never had before. I was told it could be from the clomid or pregnancy. I also had sore breasts from about 8 dpo to now, they are normally sore every cycle at that same time, so I never considered this a symptom for me. Something else unusual was extreme hunger pains in the middle of the night. Those are the only 3 symptoms I had, so don't count yourself out if you don't have many symptoms! The one thing I did different this month was I actually used preseed with the applicator, every other month we just used it externally. I know how frustrating it is to hear, it will happen when it suppose to happen, but that can't be more true. I'm so thankful for the struggle of infertility cause the timing of this pregnancy couldn't be better. I wish everyone the best of luck, don't give up and put God first, the rest will fall into place.

BFP Clomid + IUI Cycle #3

I am so glad I came across this discussion board and all of your stories just 3 days ago. My husband and I have been TTC for two years, since we got married in July of 2013. I am 33 and he is 32 (both going on 34 and 33 in a couple of weeks) and the only thing that was a concern was my hypothyroidism. In 2012, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and had the radioactive iodine treatment, which eventually made me hypothyroid and placed on thyroid medication. We TTC on our own for a year at the recommendation of my doctor but were not successful. My doctor then asked if I wanted to be referred to infertility and I said yes. TTC on our own put such a strain on our marriage - using OPK to determine my fertility window, I became obsessive about BD during those days no matter what, even if we were dead tired and had to get up early for work the next day. I really felt the urgency because I felt like I was past my baby-making prime being that I was already in my 30s. Some of those nights, my husband was just not up for BD because he commutes an hour to and from work and has to get up really early. On top of that, he did not feel the urgency I did because he felt I was still young and there are many women who get pregnant at my age and older. It got to a point where one night, when he wasn't up for it, I got so upset and we ended up staying up late discussing everything. I came to the realization that we may never get on the same page in terms of the urgency to get pregnant and he even suggested that perhaps we needed to seek counseling to get us on the same page. I was so disheartened at this - I wanted to have a baby so bad but at the same time I was really concerned that after only one year of marriage, we were already talking about seeking counseling. We eventually agreed that the referral to infertility may be helpful in more ways than one. We had our consultation in September 2014 and diagnosed with unexplained infertility. The plan was to start with Clomid and IUI for a few cycles before moving on. We did our first cycle in October 2014 and second in November 2014, both ending in BFN. Because the process is so time consuming and required us to take time off work, we decided to take a break and wait until my Spring Break (I am a teacher) in March. When I went back in March to start a new cycle, the ultrasound showed that I had a cyst on my right ovary and I had to skip that cycle. After that, we just decided to wait until summer as I would be on break and my husband took the entire month of July off for vacation. I had been going through a lot of stress because of work so it was best to wait until I was stress free and was able to go in anytime. We did our IUI on July 1st and I was told to go in for a blood test two weeks later, which would be July 15. A few days after our IUI, we went down to Disneyland for a couple of days. I figured maybe a couple of days at the Happiest Place on Earth would do us some good. When we got back, I was extremely exhausted...unusual from the I normally am after some time away. I was taking at 1-2 naps every day and sleeping 8-10 hours and on top of that, I was getting up to pee every hour. So I started searching the internet about IUI success stories, early symptoms, etc. and I came across this board. I read that several of you tested early around 10-12 DPIUI so after that on Sat night (7/11) I decided to take a HPT just for fun...I expected to get a BFN since that's what I usually got when I tested early but l got a BFP instead! I was still cautious about it because I didn't want to get my hopes up only to be disappointed later so I decided that I would test again the next day but with a couple of different brands - again I got a BFP on both tests I took. Still cautious after that but more hopeful since I can't possibly have that many false positives, right? Well, I tested yesterday and today and again both were positive. My blood test is scheduled for tomorrow so we're hoping it is confirmed! I don't wish infertility on anyone. It's such a difficult experience to go through, especially when it is unexplained. It's so easy to get discouraged because you pretty much have no control over making it (pregnancy) happen and you see it happening to so many people around you so easily. I really think finding boards like this or finding people you can talk to for support is really helpful. I've been on several forums for people who are struggling with infertility and doing treatments like IUI and I found it comforting. I also know a former high school classmate of mine who was open about her struggle with infertility on FaceBook so I reached out to her when we got our referral and she really gave me some great advice and encouragement. Don't give up hope! Find the right people that you can go to and read/listen to experiences of people who are going through or have gone through the same thing.
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