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BFP with Endometriosis

I tell you what: nothing soothes the soul like a whole web page dedicated to the stories of ladies just like yourself who have successfully gotten pregnant with endometriosis.

That's what you'll find here: real life BFP stories from ladies with real life cases of endometriosis. These kind ladies have provided their stories to let you know you're not alone, and that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Because you're not alone. And there is a light. Really.

So check out these stories, and be sure to send us your story when it happens for you. I also highly recommend that you check out FertilAid for Women success stories for women with endometriosis. It's quite inspirational.

BFP with endometriosis tried for 18 months

Hi all, I wanted to share my story as I have read the tww stories over and over wishing it was me. We have been trying for 18 months. I have children and my youngest is 7 with the kids I fell straight away with my other children, this time was different we have been trying for 18 months so i gathered something was wrong so I went to a specialist only two weeks ago on the 19th august and I was booked in for a laproscopy, the dye test and the camera that goes through your cervix to look at the uterus and tubes on the 17th September. The doctor had found via ultrasound that my uterus wasn't quite right and I had cysts on my ovaries and the weird thing was he was joking around and said you'll proberly be pregnant next week and today the 29th august I did a pregnancy test as the last 3-4 days I've felt exhausted like I haven't slept at night my boobs were a little sore and I've been getting slight hot flushes I actually thought I may be coming down with the flu but something inside me thought I should buy a test as I haven't brought one in months because it was so disappointing getting the BFN and I would think I'd have pregnancy symptoms and then I would get my period it's a roller coaster of emotions. So this month I was focused on preparing myself for surgery and just gathered I would not get pregnant till I had the surgery. It is so bizarre how it works sometimes I really can't believe it. So I wanted to share my Story to give hope to those that have tried month after month it will happen eventually I think when you least expect it. All the best to you all
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stage four endo and just got my bfp naturally

I'm so excited because after six months of trying to conceive with stage four endo, a chocolate cyst and one of my fallopian tubes blocked with scar tissue and fluid, I just got my bfp naturally! I was told ten years ago when I was 23 and diagnosed with severe endo I probably would never get pregnant. Well I just started trying six months ago and god has blessed me with a pregnancy. Never give up. Anything is possible when u believe

BFP With endo- right before 2nd IUI cycle

Don't give up! It can happen! Trying to get pregnant with #2 since December 2011. Diagnosed with mild endo last august after 6 months of clomid. Started seeing RE November of last year and did 3 cycles of famera with no success. Tried our first IUI in April of this year and it failed. Switched jobs (I'm a night shift nurse in an ER) to work in an office setting with daytime hours in June. Literally, I was supposed to order my follistim TODAY for my second IUI cycle. As a precaution I Took a hpt last night before I ordered $1000 worth of medicine- and it immediately came up positive. At 12dpo! I have zero symptoms! I feel like af is coming but I saw my RE today and my serum hcg was 98!!! It can happen when you least expect it to! Promise!!! I'm still in shock!
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Severe Endometriosis and PCOS - 5 weeks pregnant

Hi all! I am writing this because I want to give a positive news for all the women that like me felt desperation and were convinced that they will never get pregnant! I am 34, and I have diagnosed with PCOS when I was 19. I was on the pill for 7 years but then I stopped as it was giving me migraine.I have been in pain for 3 years, during sex, ovulation and my period. But my gp wouldn't listen to me. In October I got a private appointment and they discovered 4 cysts of 5 cm each on my ovaries. I got laparoscopy in Feb to get rid of them. They were indeed chocolate cysts due to my endo. I have been referred for IVF...and I was waiting for my period, that never came! I got a BFP! I am 5 weeks pregnant, naturally!! I am very scared it could be ectopic...very difficult with endo understanding if the pain and cramps are normal! But hey ladies if they tell you you can't get pregnant don't believe them!!our body is not as perfect as others women but we still work!! I am crossing my fingers for myself now... and baby dust to all of you!

BFP with severe endometriosis

I still can't wrap my head around it because we've tried for 5 years and I've pretty much given up. I'm 40 yrs old and will 41 in Dec. I just started a new job in June so this was so unexpected. When I first was ttc 5 years ago, I did all the charts, opks and nothing was working. I had some severe pain with my cycles that ended up being a cyst on my uterus. I had surgery and that's when they found my endo. They had us try to conceive for 6 months after to see if it would work but nothing. I than did 6 months of lupron and it than took a long time for my cycles to start back up. When they did I try Fermara. After that didn't work I was told to seek help with a Fertility Clinic. My insurance doesn't cover it so I haven't tried. So years later I ironically work for a Fertility clinic. I've only been they for a little over a month and now pregnant. Not the best timing but I'm thrilled. This is my first so I couldn't be happier. I haven't been tracking anything but I know I was going to ovulate when we bd'd because of my cm. We bd'd 3 times around my ovulation. I guess it was enough. My only clue that something was up was my bbs were killing me at cd27. I normally start by than and my bbs normally don't hurt when I start. It's now cd29. No af. I average 25-26 days. I'm really tired and a fees cramps but otherwise feeling good. I needed to just know what's up so I stopped at the dollar store to get a hpt. And.....two pink lines. Please don't give up. Anything can happen

BFP with IVF!!!

Finally I get to post! So here's my story (its a long one)... Im 28 and DH 34, we got married on Feb '12 and we Started trying for our first on Sep '12 using ovulation sticks and preseed but nothing happened. My cycles started getting super long so I went to my ob in March and was diagnosed with PCOS, so I got started on metformin and in April did a medicated cycle (follistim and trigger) with timed intercourse. By October I had done 4 of those and nothing had happened. Thats when my doc said we had to get all the fertility tests, my DH was perfect but on my HSG one of my tubes was blocked so doc recommended we do IUI. We then did 2 of those and still nothing. Thats when they found 2 chocolate cysts which they told me were from endo and had to get a lap surgery, so I had the lap and was diagnosed with stage IV endo and had tubal damage. Thats when docs told me IVF was my only option and the fastest way to get pregnant before my endo came back. So I went on bcp for a month and then started my IVF cycle. I had my egg retrieval in May, they retrieved 29 follicles and 19 were fertilized normally. I had two day 5 blastocysts transfered and everything went great and on day 6 they froze 4 embrios which turned out to be better quality than the ones they transfered. After 9 days I got my BFP, I did have cramping and pulling which I thought was implantation but all those symptoms I imagined were the progesterone I was taking. I took a month off with bcp and then as soon as I got AF I started my FET cycle which was easier except for the progesterone shots which I still have to take. They also transfered 2 grade 4AB embrios on July 10th and today after such a long wait got my first BFP, I took a hpt and a faint line appeared!! I also went to get my beta and it was 44 and it was increasing but wasn't doubling, it was 43 14dpo, 66 16dpo, 125 18dpo then 310 20dpo and 3868 26dpo when I went for an ultrasound and saw a sac at 5 weeks 5 days! The only symptoms I had were cramping and pulling but Ive had that before, not even my bbs hurt. What I did for both IVF and FET, I took FertilAid up until transfer then I switched to Prenatals, took Omega 3, baby aspirin, vitamin C and folic acid. Ate pineapple core for 5 days starting on the day of transfer, good fats like avocado and brazil nuts, coconut water and hot water with lemon everyday (supposed to help make the body alkaline.) I dont know if any of this worked but its what I did. I go back at 7.3 weeks to see the heartbeat so wish me luck!! Good luck to everyone!!!

Exactly like PMT

I'm 38 and I think I got pregnant the very first time we tried so it CAN happen. I also have mild endo and had a lap at the end of April. I had a few symptoms but I genuinely didn't think this would happen so quickly. 8dpo - I woke up to an orgasm dream. 9dpo - I fely that warm heavy feeling in my uterus like AF was doing her thing. Did POAS, BFN 10dpo - Feel very emotional, bit a few peoples heads off, vivid dreams 11dpo - Feeling exactly like AF is coming, warm when I wake up. POAS - BFN 12dpo - Woke up again with AF warm uterus feeling, POAS - BFN (think I'm mental for even peeing on these sticks) 13dpo - Think I'm imagining a metallic taste. 14dpo - Wee waves of very mild nausea all day, feel jittery, really bloody/metallic taste - starting to think I'm going mental. Tested with FRER, BFP. 15dpo - (didn't sleep last night) Woke up and did a digital test - 1-2 weeks pregnant! Still in shock. Oh, forgot to mention constipation, I've been constipated for about a week.
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BFP @ 12dpo!! dark first signal hpt

I finally get to post a bfp story, WAY sooner than expected! This is not an ideal situation in the least, it's going to be hard and DH and I will be extremely tested along the way, but as I've been waiting to ttc again for close to 2 years, I feel blessed(: I was preparing a hardcore boy sway (which ended up being very weak bc I only got 1 cycle into it) while waiting for DH to be ready to ttc our 2nd, and I got a surprise bfp at 12dpo! We had sex on o day and DH used po method, he said he did NOT have an accident in the least. What I did for my boy sway: changed my diet from acidic to alkaline, 1 full cycle of fertilitea, 1-3 servings of Bolthouse Farms "Green Goodness" or "Daily Greens" juices daily, and 1-3 teaspoons of cinnamon daily (on toast with honey, in a spoonful of honey, on mashed banana with honey), & I ate plenty of bananas for potassium. I hope this all helped me sway blue, but I won't know for about 5 months lol I definitely think te fertilitea & cinnamon aided in my conception, considering we were not trying atm, and I had not known cinnamon could help reduce insulin resistance and aid conception I was simply taking it for its alkalizing properties! I think fertilitea and/or cinnamon are both worth a try if you've been ttc for awhile and are trying to stick to the natural approach!! I'm pretty sure I have endometriosis but have not been diagnosed, I get severe pain(keeled over for 10+ min from DTD close to af and sometimes even close to o, and I suffer a very short light af and agonizing cramps that persist even after af has left. I think the fertilitea helped correct this, I started taking it 1.5 weeks before af last cycle and drank 1 serving (about 12floz) of triple strength(3tsp) tea a day leading to o, and 1 serving (10floz) of double strength(2tsp) tea every other day post o. Symptoms by dpo(: 1-6dpo - a LOT of chunky,white, & wet cm, but only when checking for cm. 6dpo - backache, af type cramps (EARLY in cycle compared to "normal"), gas! 7dpo - .7 spike in bbt. Af cramps, Backache, irritable, tender bbs, watery cm (this time it is slightly leaking onto panties, this is the ONLY time in tww I had more cm than normal!) gas!! Very irritating sore throat 8dpo - bloated. Horrible headache in pm (not an af sign for me, I rarely get them) Irritable!, af cramps, still sore throat 9dpo - backache, heartburn (later in tww than "normal"), watery cm(only when checking), napped (never happens), throat no longer sore even though no meds not even cough drops taken..odd. Also, no more bloating. Usually when af bloating starts, it stays until af. 6-9dpo - woke each morning feeling like my tummy turned into a bottomless pit, sooo hungry. Constant painful stretching stitches from ribcage down to lower abdomen. light af gurgles. alternating sharp cramps in lower left and right abdomen. Quick burning waves over lower left abdomen. Wave of nausea in evening. Constant Backache and af cramps afternoon temps 99.1-99.5 10dpo - sporadic shooting sensations through right bb. Bbs less sore but still a tad. Feels like pressure on rectum, feels like I need to have a bm but there's nothing in there(sry lol). Temp 99.3 by 9am. While laying down, suddenly entire body had a warm buzzing feeling, like a ghost was pulling a really cozy blanket over my whole body lol, weird. SLEEP! DH off work today, napped during the day from 2-6pm, then in bed by 11pmand slept til 7am(waking once at 3am of course!)! I NEVER do this anymore! Not since I was pregnant with dd! 11dpo - still af cramps but wayyy less intense than previous days. Bbs don't seem sore at all. Flatline temps. Temp 99.5 at 11am. Nauseas, hot flashes. Bloated but in a weird way, not uncomfortably but very tight/round feeling? Bbs ACHE horribly at night. Not really tender, but my Whole chest, soo achey! & Never thought frequent pee breaks was a real tww symptom until today! 12dpo - 5th flatline temp. Noticed it felt like a lack of symptoms which is unusual with af approaching, esp when it has felt like af was working up a store on me in previous dpos. Bbs not tender but random aches. Feeling good this am surprisingly, normally by now af cramps would be getting intense! Pit in stomach, cramps, like muscles won't stop stretching. Slightest Nausea. Backache. No af gurgles (usually am gurgling almost constantly by now). Random stabs in nips. Also note, no increased cm from 9-12dpo. It is exactly like af cm! No ib either, which I DID have my last pregnancy. Very quick sharp pains, very annoying dull af cramps. Abdomen is taught & tight. Headache. BFP NO HOLD!! WHAT?! 13dpo - so far this morning, nothing. Aside from again waking at 3am, then 7am(I have woken up at these two times consecutively since about 8dpo) and being up for the morning.. I feel nothing. Bbs don't hurt this morning, no nausea. I feel great!

BFP after 2 months with thin pcos and mild endometriosis

After going off of birth control pills for 10 years, I only had 3 periods in the following 9 months, one of which lasting 60 days. I went to my obgyn even though we were ttc yet, and tested positive for PCOS. He told me it would get difficult to get pregnant on my own and so we decided to start ttc asap with the help of clomid. I started clomid 50 mg without having a period first, did not ovulate at all. In addition I had just started acupuncture and herbal medicine at this time. I also started a low carb diet, a prenatal vitamin, and daily inisotol. The second month I had been doing these things for a few weeks and we decided to try clomid 50 mg again, again without a period first. I ovulated and got my BFP 2 weeks later. Symptoms were extreme cramping which intensified the week before my BFP and sore breasts a few days post ovulation. I really do believe the acupuncture and herbal medicine were huge contributing factors and would recommend them to everyone.

BFP After 4 Years of TTC with Clomid & Trigger Shot

First off, this site has helped me so much and I have stalked it now for a long time dreaming of the day we could add our BFP story!!!! DH and I are still in total shock & it doesn't feel real after trying for 4 years. Well, long story short... I have PCOS and I had mild endometriosis. Here's our story! February 2014- First consolation with my fertility specialist. March 2014 I had LAP surgery to remove the mild endometriosis, check for cyst, and to make sure my tubes were open. Surgery was a piece of cake. April 2014 I had a U/S done to see if I had any cyst on my ovaries, so I could start Clomid.... Well... I had cyst on my right ovary. I had to take birth control for one month. May 2014- I had another U/S done and the cyst were gone!!!! I started taking my first round of Clomid 50mg CD3-7 with trigger shot and timed intercourse. On June 7th I took a hpt & got my BFP! On June 10 I had blood work done at my fertility specialist office to confirm the BFP!!! The only symptoms I noticed were my nipples, boobs were sore, and felt very full. I had cramping like AF was about to show. Towards the end of my TWW I wanted to eat everything in sight. I just want to give hope to those who have PCOS or endometriosis, it can be done!!! Now I just hope and pray our bean sticks and it's happy and healthy no matter what. Ashley