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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Endometriosis

I tell you what: nothing soothes the soul like a whole web page dedicated to the stories of ladies just like yourself who have successfully gotten pregnant with endometriosis.

That's what you'll find here: real life BFP stories from ladies with real life cases of endometriosis. These kind ladies have provided their stories to let you know you're not alone, and that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Because you're not alone. And there is a light. Really.

So check out these stories, and be sure to send us your story when it happens for you. I also highly recommend that you check out FertilAid for Women success stories for women with endometriosis. It's quite inspirational.


Hi Everyone! Can't believe I am posting this and on the one month I didn't think I would be pregnant at all! We were only trying for 5 months but I have a very regular 28-29 day cycle and Usually ovulate on day 13-15 and I used OPKs from the very beginning so it definitely made me think something was wrong and I got pregnant the first month trying with my other 2 kids!

I've had endo for a couple years now and my periods were getting horrendous.
We also found out hubby had a low sperm count of around 11-19 million. Motility was normal though. I tried everything to TTC the first 4 months from opks, pre-seed, mucinex, softcups, evening primrose, supplements/vitamins, you name it!

This was the first month I STOPPED ALL of that! And BAM BFP!

I was scheduled for an HSG test to check my tubes in a couple months and kind of gave up on hope until then so I was more relaxed and accepting that it probably would not to happen until I found out what was wrong.

Symptoms were EXACTLY the same as my regular PMS symptoms. There was nothing special about this month and now I know that symptom checking was a big waste of my time all these months! If anything there were a few less pms sympoms I usually get every month like no spotting the 1-2 days before AF or night sweats, no regular pre-af migraine either. Also I am rarely late for af except one time by 3 days that really tricked me and had me upset so I said I would never test before that time frame!


DPO: 9 SORE/TENDER BOOBS STARTED (Like they always do at this time. I for sure thought I was out when this happened since it was such a normal pms thing for me)

DPO: 10-12 STILL SORE BOOBS AND terrible cramps/shooting ovary pains begin. I also get a little of this a few days before I start af but these were so much more intense and I couldn't even sleep. I thought I was gearing up for the worst period of my life. I still don't know if this was worse for me because of my endo or not.


DPO 14: AF DUE....WOKE UP WITH BREAST SORENESS BACK FULL FORCE! WEIRD....MAYBE I AM PREGNANT CAUSE IT'S NEVER GONE AWAY AND THEN CAME BACK A DAY LATER. STILL BAD CRAMP/OVARY PAIN. Don't want to test in fear of a negative and decide to wait until I'm at least 3 days late cause I've never been that late before.


DPO: SAME SYMPTOMS AND DECIDE TO TEST BEFORE I DOWN SOME PAIN KILLERS FOR THE DISCOMFORT IN MY TUMMY. BAM! BFP!!! LINE CAME UP RIGHT AWAY AND WAS DARKER THAN THE TEST LINE ON MY FRER! Couldn't believe how dark it was and thinking I probably would have found out sooner but didn't wanna be disappointed with a negative. Then took a Clear blue digital that said I'm 2-3 weeks along. Soooo excited and shocked that I couldn't stop looking at the tests!

Never thought it was gonna happen cause I lost so much hope after the other months trying.
I almost think me relaxing more this month and not expecting it to really happen helped as dumb as that sounds!

I did notice more ewcm 3-5 days before I was supposed to ovulate because I barely get any of that. We did use a little coconut oil every time we BDed because I like the feel of it and heard it doesn't harm sperm. I think pre-seed is a waste of money because that never got me pregnant but if you like it (which we thought it was messy and hated the feeling) than use it. Also Mucinex made my cm too watery and didn't do much at all. I did continue taking (1) Evening primrose oil pill everyday, even during 2WW because it helps my PMS a little.

I honestly didn't think I ovulated this month because my Clear Blue Digital Advanced Ovulation tests kept giving me "flashing Smileys" for 10 straight days, indicating "high estrogen" but I NEVER got the solid smiley for detecting my LH surge and I knew If I would have ovulated it would have been with my 2nd back up cheapy line tests that I also used that were positive and matched with my charting. Also I always get O pains and that tells me I am and strangely I didn't have those for 2 months and was worried.

Don't waste your money on the expansive OPKS because they are confusing and not very accurate. I like Answer Brand test strips.

I never did tempting because I kinda knew when my ovulation was based on my Answer brand OPKs and my normal cycles. I think tempting would have stressed me out way more than anything and would have been more of a negative obsessive thing for me.

Any Questions, feel free to ask!

Finally BFP after trying everything and I mean everything apart from ivf

I can't believe I am getting the chance to write on this board after months and months of stalking it for any ideas to help us conceive.

This is my third child, I am now 5 weeks pregnant but this is the only one that I have struggled conceiving with.

I came off the pill over a year and a half ago, two months later I wasn't pregnant and was in a lot of pain. Numerous trips backwards and forwards to the doctors resulted in a referral for a laparoscopy, this lead to the discovery of mild endometriosis. Even after the surgery the pain didn't stop and I then went on to develop sciatica and ibs. Think the doctors gave up with me and didn't know what to do except throw co codomal my way.

In the meantime, we tried everything. We changed our diets and stopped drinking. We tried pre seed and fertilaid for men as my partner feared he had a low sperm count. Two months ago my partner went to get his sperm checked and everything came back fine. The doctors told me they couldn't understand why we weren't conceiving unless they had missed some of my endometriosis. I felt like giving up.

I then looked into a tablet called Maca... It's used to balance hormones and can help with fertility issues in women. I thought it was worth a go and thought it might help with the pain I was in from the endometriosis.

While taking Maca I decided that I would give it a month to kick into my system so that month we used nothing, my partner didn't take his tablets, we didn't use pre seed and I didn't do any ovulation tests. I also didn't stress over when to have intercourse. The Maca started working straight away, I had energy and was pain free, it was fantastic. That month we only had intercourse once.

Imagine my surprise when a test came back positive :-) I have now had it confirmed, my symptoms are bloating and really sore breasts but that's it for now.

I honestly think the Maca tablets worked and would highly recommend them, but I also think it helped that for the first month we weren't stressing over it and I wasn't symptom spotting at all.

Hope this helps ladies


I promised I could get on here and tell my story when it finally happened...
We have been trying for 1 1/2, but married and wishing for babies for 4!

I have 2 diseases I've been struggling with, Vulvodynia and Endometriosis

I had surgery for a gigantic ovarian cyst back in December. I have cried and prayed and waited for this pregnancy! My doctor, one of the best in the world in her field, sadly told me we probably would never get pregnant on our own.

It had become far too painful for me to purchase expensive sensitive tests again and again and so I pretty much decided to not take one before my period was due anymore...until I had my dream 2 nights ago

Clear as day I tell you! I had a dream that it was urgent I check a sensitive test because I was pregnant and I needed to know, my husband needed to know!

I woke up wondering why God would place such a false hope in my dreams only to see the typical 1 line. I tried to forget about it but it was a torn on my side, constantly bugging me throughout the day "should I just check already?!?" So I stopped off at Target, bought the darn test and came home...yup I got my faint line! I went to the urgent care who INCORRECTLY told me I wasnt pregnant...uh no buddy FRER tests are much better than your dollar store cheapies, I asked for a Beta Blood Test and I felt the Lord's peace on me, that the DR was wrong. I went home and tested 2 more times last night, both positive. This morning I tested 3 other brands and all positive!!!

Here are my symptoms which made me feel this COULD be the month:
- At about 8-10 DPO I had pain that literally brought me to my knees. I remember calling my husband and telling him I wasnt happy bc it was either implantation or another cyst, and knowing my luck I knew which it would be..
- I'm 28. With that said, the last time I got an ear infection was probably 20-25+ years ago! But on Good Friday, I noticed my ear was quite painful. Went in on Monday morning and found out I had 2 different types of infections in one ear. As usual, just to be sure during my 2WW I asked for only meds that would be pregnancy safe. The reason I think my ear infection was definitely a symptom is because I know your immune system gets weaker during pregnancy and what better way than for me to get an infection I havent had for 20-25 years? haha
- Yesterday before I tested, I felt nauseous and cranky, but I attributed that to eating fish and maybe it didnt sit well
- For the last 5 days I've been exhausted, but I thought it was because of Easter planning and prep, and bc my body was trying to fight off the ear infection..not making a beautiful little baby!
- and here's the kicker for my symptoms: Minimal breast pain and tenderness! EVERY SIngLE CYCLE since we started trying has made my breasts feel like a ton of bricks 1 week before my period. It hurts even wearing a bra or kneeling down! But this time I was 3-4 days from my period and they were just "sore" Again not conventional, but it was something my body was trying to tell me.

Put your faith in God PLEASE! We have had our friends, our family, and our entire church praying for us for this baby. God delivers.

3.5 years trying with Endometriosis and 3 failed IVFs.... a natural conception!

Where to start.... My husband and I began trying for our first baby in September 2010, I had a gut feeling something wasn't right due to not conceiving and getting increasingly painful periods. I eventually had a laparoscopy in August 2012 where I was diagnosed with moderate to severe endo. We were then told to try again for another 6 months - nothing. We were then referred for IVF and started the process in March 2013.

1st IVF - poor response (1 low grade 2 day embryo transferred = negative test)
2nd IVF- poor response (devastatingly we has no embryo to put back in)
3rd IVF - much better response (1 top grade 5 day blastocyst transferred = negative test) 1 top grade embryo frozen.

Following this process my husband and I were in bits and I couldn't see a way forward and didn't know how much more I could take. It just felt like it was never going to happen for us and I reached some very dark days.

Our last failed IVF was in Feb 2014, the following cycle I fell pregnant naturally!! To say it was a shock is an understatement. Im almost 6 weeks along now and still sometimes have to pinch myself. I had all the usual PMS symptoms I always get, so only became suspicious when I was nearly a week late and decided to test.

In my case my testosterone level was very very low (only recommended this was tested by my acupuncturist) not health professionals and she recommended I took ionised DHEA which is believed to improve egg quality (I took this for a few months prior to our last IVF , which definitely made a huge difference). Furthermore a nurse recommended I followed a strict gluten free diet to help with inflammation - well the month I did that I got a BFP. Oh and I started taking Zita Wests pre conception supplements and Vit D spray.

To all of you out there who are desperately hoping for your BFP, I wish you all the best and I think Im proof that miracles do happen. Infertility is the toughest thing I have ever been through and it affects so many aspects of your life, but you will get through this xxx

Finally BFP!! First month trying vitex :)

So first off ..... OMG I'm pregnant!! Been reading sites like this for 6 years with no luck . For years I used everything from the cbfm to the Internet , nothing, finally after months if heartbreak I decided to try vitex before using medical assistance , and I'm freaking pregnant!!

Here's how I took it, went to gnc and bought a bottle of the pills , took two pills twice a day from cycle day one to cycle day 15 (have a 30 day cycle so half of my cycle) I od on the 18, lots of ewcm

My first symptom, boobs sore from day of o till now

Also I had very dramatic PMS for this whole time, ccrampy , moody , headaches, , sore full boobs, exhausted, completely totally exhausted. These were between 10 dpo till now

A week around when af was due I was all of the above plus starving and a little nasaous if I didn't eat, definitely always hungry and the weird one a lot of my hair is coming out, I knew I was preg as I had this when I was preg with dd 12 yrs ago

So if you've thought about trying vitex I say do it!! Def worked for me!! Still can't believe I'm pregnant!! Took 4 boxes of tests to be sure LoL. Good luck an hope I helped someone I know this site has helped me.

We are so excited were having a baby !!

BFP at 13DPO! Two Faint Positives & Positive Blood Test!!!!!!!

Hello Ladies!

I am 22 years old and this is a very unplanned pregnancy but I am so excited! My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex all 4 days leading up to my expected ovulation. It was the one month I was not checking my chart to see when the absolute no no days were and I am not on birth control or anything so it was just one of those things. I'm young and I wasn't thinking with my head, we're all guilty of that at least once in our lives.
I began to get really heavy and sore boobs and my nipples were so sensitive. I also got REALLY bad acid reflux all day and night (I know that's not a usual symptom but it made something inside me know something wasn't right). I never get PMS symptoms other than sore boobs the day before AF is due so I checked my chart and put two and two together and that amazing two week wait set in. I was so curious about it because at 10DPO I had what I suspected to be implantation bleeding that stained my underwear. I never spot before AF. My periods are normally 3 days in length and I only get sore boobs and cramps the day before it's expected.
I finally decided to confide in my twin sister and I told her I was suspecting a bun in the oven. She happened to have one of the dollar store brand HPT in her drawer so I tested right away. I took the dollar store brands before and I would always catch myself "trying to make a line appear". When I took it I slowly saw a faint pink line growing next to the dark pink one. I just couldn't believe it. I called her into the bathroom and she said she couldn't see it. It is SUPER faint but it's there. I just pushed it to the back of my head and decided to just go to bed and not think about it.
Like all of us ladies suspecting a bun in the oven I just couldn't help myself. I bought another test (the blue dye) and got another SUPER faint line that morning. I decided to save myself the time and money and just go get a blood test. After waiting TWO long hours the doctor called me and told me I am pregnant! I was so happy!!!!! I got a fucking BFP!!!!!!!!

I do have endometriosis. I've had two surgeries already for it and I know I'm at high risk when it comes to pregnancy. With that being said I would love some prayers for a healthy journey through being pregnant. This is my first time and I'm nervous but I'm super optimistic about it. I am surrounded by a very supportive family and I have amazing friends.


Success with IVF #2 with mild endometriosis/unexplained infertility

I hope this helps someone out there, I read through every single story on this website twice during each IVF cycle!
I have stage 1 (minimal) endometriosis and DH has no problems at all. They actually put us in the unexplained category. After a year of TTC and no luck, I had a laparascopy (where a few spots of endo were found) and we did about 7 cycles of letrazole and timed intercourse after that in which my RE told me I would definitely get pregnant since there was nothing really in the way and I was young (31 when we started). Well, I still didn't get pregnant. We didn't want to waste any more time so we moved on to IVF. We ended up with 8 blastocysts but we had to freeze all of them because they found a polyp in my uterus halfway through the IVF cycle. Moving on to the next cycle, we only transferred one of our 8 blasts because they said I was high risk of having twins due to my age (32 yrs). That cycle ended in a BFN. At that point, I thought there was something more going on here, like an implantation disorder or immune issues (too much google led to these thoughts). We moved on to frozen cycle #2. This time we transferred 2 blastocysts (one grade B and one grade C-which I was upset about). Lo and behold I finally got my BFP at 8dp5dt and am now 14 weeks pregnant with one baby!!
As far as symptoms, I had more with my failed cycle than my successful cycle. I had more cramping with the failed cycle and barely any cramping with my successful cycle.
I did however, start waking up at 5:30am every morning starting about 3 days before I got my BFP. That continued up until I was about 8 weeks pregnant. At the time, I didn't think anything of it but now I know that was a major pregnancy symptom for me.
I also had super faint and brief spotting 3 days after my transfer. You would have needed a magnifying glass to see it, but it was definitely there. That must have been very very light implantation spotting. If I wasn't a crazy person, I wouldn't have noticed it.
Good luck to everyone out there, it's a hard, hard road but everything will work out in the end!

Still in Shock

I had read stories on this website for almost a year, and told myself if I ever got a BFP I would share. Reading of others successes gave me a lot of hope!

After almost a year of not trying/not, not trying I decided to start tracking ovulation. After 3 months we got pregnant, but that ended in a chemical pregnancy. My doctor reassured me that "this happens" and nothing to worry about going forward. After 9 more months of no success, and hours of my own research I was convinced I had endometriosis. My doctor essentially said I was simply just too stressed and needed to "just relax". At this point I decided to start accupuncture and see a fertility specialist ( who also didn't think I had endo). We tried Clomid with IUI with no success, so at this point I really pushed for the laparoscopy to check for endo. After essentially begging, he agreed for the surgery. Well, it turned out I had Stage 2 endometriosis with an endometrioma in my left ovary. It was removed on October 9, and then on November 29, the next month, we got our BFP!! That November, I continued with Clomid and IUI, accupuncture and ate pinneapple the 5 days after IUI. We are now 22 weeks pregnant with a little girl on the way!

Moral of the story, always follow your instincts, do your research and never give up hope!

The Wicked Witch Coming For You? Maybe not. It could be BFP

First off, I am OVER THE MOON about this BFP!!! Holy guacamole!!! I had such WEIRD symptoms, and felt like even if just a few people see this, and feel better. Then I have paid it forward. I have read countless BFP stories, and I really hope this one makes your TWW a little less excruciating.

I didn't know when I ovulated this month. I wasn't using OPKs. I had just had my Mirena IUD out maybe 3 weeks previously! Either way, I used an ovulation calculator. As luck would have it when the day came around I felt like I wasn't ovulating AT ALL!!! I still BD anyway. About a week later I had every single sign of ovulation. So, just in case.... we BD away for a few days.

The weirdest thing happened. After that ovulation day... I just knew. It was as if I was doubting myself, but really. I knew!! My first symptom was that I had this tingling sensation where my right ovary would be! It was like I could feel the blood moving. That went on for a few days. Then I was SOOOOO hungry right when I woke up, which never happens. Right after that my sense of smell started getting better. Then a turn for the worse.... I broke out. I really felt uneasy about this, except it was a HORRIBLE break out. Which I also never get. By the next day I started having cramps, and I was SURE af was coming!!! I wrote an entire post about how I knew I was out. I kept going to the bathroom. I just was waiting and waiting for it! After a few more days I got these pains in my back, and I went to the bathroom thinking "this is it! AF is here". When I got there. It was a glob of creamy white lotion type of CM. This was when I started to get excited!! Then I was one day late for my period. Got a BFN. Thought I was out AGAIN. 2 days late, and started to realize if I ovulated late then my period would be late. That night I took two blue dye tests, and they were faintttt. Sense they were blue I figured I was tricking myself. I went to get some $tree tests. Took one, and a big BFN. I threw it on the table and called it good. The next morning with FMU I took another $tree after about 30 secs it looked as if it was a BFN. I was discouraged, and heartbroken. I left the test, and pee out. After awhile I remembered I left my pee out. I went back in, and there was a BLAZING positive!!! I started screaming and jumping. I got another test, and with the same FMU did it. Right away another BLAZING BFP. I ran to get a frer and another BLAZING bfp! That day it was confirmed by a blood test, and has only been getting darker!! Later I realized that BFN $tree test was actually positive! I just didn't see it! I wouldn't say check them after the time limit, but let the test sit for a bit! Don't be impatient like me!

You're not out until that witch shows up!!! Sometimes pregnancy symptoms are just like AF but worse!! Keep positive. Try to remember this will come right when it's meant to, and try to focus on the things you DO have! I hope this helps ladies!!

One other thing.... I only have ONE FALLOPIAN TUBE!!!! Have hope!!!

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BFP: The hardest journey

Married for 8yrs, always hoping for a surprise, but after 3yrs of traveling and living life, we needed to focus on starting our own family. Downloaded tons of apps, OPK's, bbt,read books, and of course the worst of them all, Google! Nothing! Making the call to the RE was hard, but nothing could have prepared me for what was going to happen next. 6 rounds of clomid, negative... Onto IVF, because we're candidates... My AMH was 1.4(2011).
Transferred (2) 3day embryos, at 7wks ended up in the ER with an ectopic. 5 days later, miscarried my second angel. Had a lap salpingectomy and after a 6month break, onto to round 2.
Retrieved 9 eggs, 9 fertilized! 8 made it to 5day blasts! 1 transferred, 7 frozen! Onto the good stuff!
1-3dp5dt no symptoms
4dp5dt, some mild cramping, felt like period was coming. This was by far the strongest of them all, but it wasn't like the pains I had during my ectopic...Very nervous, but no spotting. No trouble falling asleep, but waking up way to early...
6dp5dt more cramping, but it's more gas than anything! Progesterone?
7dp5dt feeling foggy start getting a headache- I never get headaches??? Drinking my coconut and electrolyte water- so strange???
8dp5dt, more cramping, but it comes and goes...
9dp5dt, headaches again?! Some cramping... Craving pizza... Yeah I like pizza, but I never crave it!
10dp5dt, BFP!!!! Beta is 523!!!!
I did 1year of Accupuncture... Prenatals, iron, and recently getting treatment from a chiropractor. Tilted uterus, and had endometriosis which was confirmed after 1st retrieval...