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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Endometriosis

I tell you what: nothing soothes the soul like a whole web page dedicated to the stories of ladies just like yourself who have successfully gotten pregnant with endometriosis.

That's what you'll find here: real life BFP stories from ladies with real life cases of endometriosis. These kind ladies have provided their stories to let you know you're not alone, and that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Because you're not alone. And there is a light. Really.

So check out these stories, and be sure to send us your story when it happens for you. I also highly recommend that you check out FertilAid for Women success stories for women with endometriosis. It's quite inspirational.

BFP Finally... it's Been a Long Journey.

I have read the BFP stories on a daily basis. They give me hope. So, I hope this gives someone some hope as well. A little history. I am 32 and DH is 34 turning 35 in three weeks. We have been married over 5 years and have been actively trying for 4 years now for our first child. We did get pregnant a little over a year ago but miscarried around 7 weeks. I was devastated to say the least. After the miscarriage, we took a little time off and then started trying again. I decided to finally go to an OB and seek medication. I have PCOS and endometriosis. She started me on Clomid in November of 2012 and I did that for 5 cycles. Then last month (April) I was put on Femara 5mg daily. Guess it did the trick because I got my BFP on May 4 (14DPO). Now, I really believe some other factors came into play as well.

I just quit my job about 5 weeks ago because it was extremely stressful and a really bad situation. I truly believe that my body was finally able to relax this past month because I was no longer working there. During this past month I also worked out every day (just 30-40 mins. of walking) but I could feel the difference. We have tried a lot of things, and if I had the magic formula then hey we'd all be pregnant. But, I have learned that everyone is different and it comes down to timing as well.

I know some of you out there want to know about symptoms so here you go: I was extremely tired starting 8DPO and it continues! I can hardly stay awake. I also have been experiencing mild cramps since 12DPO. I also had severe headaches last week but they have subsided and I'm starting to feel just kind of yucky with my tummy. That's it.

I guess I just want to say that I know it's hard and I understand the struggle. My heart is burdened for all of us who struggle so hard to just be moms! My journey isn't over, but I'm going forward with a positive outlook and huge faith in God. None of this is possible without God. We have been praying as well as our families and friends for this little one for many years. Keep the hope and faith alive.

BFP Post Laparoscopy/Hysteroscopy with Clomid

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year. I had a laparoscopy and a hysteroscopy in February to remove endometriosis and a uterine septum. This is our 2nd cycle trying post-surgery. Before surgery I had done 2 cycles of Clomid, that were successful in achieving ovulation but not pregnancy. This is our first cycle of Clomid after the surgery. We are beyond thrilled!! I quit drinking caffeine in February. I exercise with yoga and on the elliptical. We also had an HSG in March, and some people say that there is an increase in pregnancy rates for about 3 months post-HSG.

CD 2: Appointment with RE. Ultrasound to check for cysts. Very large cyst on left ovary. RE says to come back in a week.
CD 8: Ultrasound with RE to check on cyst. Cyst still there, but getting smaller.
CD 13: Ultrasound with RE to check on cyst. Cyst gone! Start Clomid today!
CD 13-17: Clomid 50 mg (later start of Clomid than I even knew was possible, but my RE is the expert!)
CD 21: BD
CD 22: Ultrasound with RE to check on follicle growth. 4 follicles present, 3 at 25mm and 1 at 15mm. All in right ovary. Positive OPK in the afternoon right after RE appointment.
CD 23: Ovulation, BD - laid with a pillow under my hips for about 30 minutes post-BD. Used Conceive Plus (which is like Preseed).
1 DPO: nothing
2 DPO: nothing
3 DPO: twingy/crampy feeling in ovaries
4 DPO: twingy/ crampy feeling in ovaries, sensitive nipples
5 DPO: twingy/ crampy feeling in ovaries, sensitive nipples
6 DPO: sensitive nipples, vivid dream
7 DPO: sensitive nipples, breast tenderness, cramping feeling in pelvic area, constipated, vivid dreams, gums bled a little when flossing
8 DPO: sensitive nipples, breast tenderness, twingy/crampy feeling in left ovary, mild breakout on forehead, constipated, vivid dreams, thick-white-creamy CM
9 DPO: nipple sensitivity, breast tenderness, creamy-white-lotiony CM, cramps on left and ride sides throughout the day
10 DPO: nipple sensitivity, breast tenderness, creamy-white CM, vivid dream, pulling feeling on pubic bone
11 DPO: nipple sensitivity, breast tenderness, constipated, heavy/pulling feeling in uterus, pain/cramps in ovaries when stretching/transitioning from sitting to standing. Vivid dream. Bloated in the afternoon – it feels like I’m really full.
12 DPO: nipple sensitivity, breast tenderness, cramps in abdomen, bloated feeling, pulling feeling on pubic bone, lower back pain on right side. Broke down and took a pregnancy test (First Response) – BFP!!!! 2nd pink line came up within about 10 seconds and it was dark.
13 DPO: Took a digital First Response Early Result test this morning. YES +! :) Just love looking at that thing! Nipples and breasts are still tender. Still have the bloated feeling. Creamy CM.

Things that were different for me this cycle: twinges and cramps in my ovaries and uterus constantly. I have never felt that before. I can never feel my ovaries, even when they have huge cysts on them. Also, lotion-like CM on 9DPO, bloated feeling, and the vivid dreams. Breast tenderness and nipple sensitivity are normal for me so I didn't pay too much attention to that until it didn't stop. Usually it gets less intense the day before I start. I pretty much always have an 11 day LP. So when it was day 12 and my breasts still hurt I got suspicious.

Good luck to everyone with their BFPs!!!!

BFP!!!!!!!!!!! NO Symptoms

Ok so I've been stalking this page the past 2wks and to say I'm excited is an understatement. I had Zero symptoms, I mean zero I was sure it was another month of disappointment. We are ttc #2, it took over 2 years to get preg with ds and I had been diagnosed with a rare form of endometrosis, anyway after surgery and hormone treatment, my obgyn told me I would not conceive naturally, 4mths later I was pregant after 2 years, ds is 2 now and we decided to ttc in Jan after getting coil removed, we are cycle 3 and this was my first month using opk, vitex, vit b complex and Pre-Seed. I got my 1st +opk ever as I never tracked before. We dtd around that time, I felt we had done it this month but lack of symptoms had me down, then again last time I got a bfp I hadn't a clue. I tested 12dpo and got bfn and wasn't goin to test till Friday 14dpo and af due, but I had a dream last night I got a bfp and did the test and to my shock it was a bfp. I'm breastfeeding my 2yr old ds and didn't want to wean.

My symptoms were minimal
1dpo-10dpo ZERO
11dpo- wet cm, night sweats, very irritable
12dpo- exhausted, bloated, gassy, have had bright yellow pee past 2 wks but ignored this as read vit b can make it like that, gassy and very hungry but that's not unusual for me, vibid dream of bfp
13dpo- wet cm, exhausted BFP!!!!!!!!!
I'm afraid to get too excited as it's eary but I'm so happy. So for all you ladies who have no symptoms, this could be your month x

BFP With Stage 4 Endometriosis and Lean PCOS

I have prayed for this day for over 2 years, and I have finally felt the overwhelming joy that comes with knowing that new life has been created! A positive on a Clear Blue Digital today (11 or 12 dpo) has me over the moon with happiness and relief!

Long story short, my husband and I (both 26, fit and healthy) have been trying for our first child for over 2 years. 1 1/2 years into the process I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis and lean PCOS. After a laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, tubal perfusion, and D&C, several ovarian cyst ruptures, being prescribed Metformin, failed Clomid cycle, I started Follistim injections with an hCG trigger shot in April.

I responded favorably to this treatment and had one mature follicle to trigger on CD 14. We were active CD 13, 15, 16,17, and 19. I believe I ovulated on CD 16 but am not 100% sure. In addition to the Follistim, Metformin, and trigger shot, I also used progesterone suppositories, Preseed, and remained laying down for 20 minutes after each time we were active.

The only symptoms out of the ordinary are from CD 8-11: I have had hot flashes that wake me up out of a dead sleep and strong smelling urine.

This was going to be our last month with our fertility specialist. I needed a break from all of the blood work, internal ultra-sounds, doctors visits, and scheduled intercourse. We were coming to terms with our infertility and had begun looking into foster-care and adoption options.

Over the past 2 years I have prayed for God to "remember me" in the way He remembered Hannah (in the book of Samuel). The Lord is faithful, and has remembered me. My husband and I are praying that this miraculous gift will stick, grow, and be healthy and strong!

Good luck to all who are struggling. It can be a long and painful journey, and I pray that each of you will be given the same gift that I received today!

BFF With Endometriosis (5th Cycle)

I have read so many posts on this website whilst trying to conceive... I can hardly believe that I'm writing this! :-)

I have been trying to conceive with 4 cycles not being pregnant. This was to be my 5th, and found out yesterday that I seem to be pregnant! (Can't quite believe it yet)

I have endometriosis (stage 1), and had laparoscopy surgery & treatment with helica therma coagulator 8 months ago. After my surgery - I had more pain than ever & the most painful cycles I've ever had in my life. I felt that the treatment had failed and was distraught - thinking I was becoming infertile. I was extremely despondent and anxious.

I changed my diet completely about 3 months ago...I restricted my caffeine, wheat & dairy intake. I also started taking Seven Seas 'trying to conceive' vitamins along with an omega 3 capsule. My energy levels were better & I felt more hopeful but with every cycle it made me feel like I'd never conceive.

Last month, something hit home and changed my whole attitude to conception...helping me to relax about the whole thing... It's difficult to explain, but I'll try to explain, just in case somebody reading this, experiencing the anxiety I experienced is helped.... I realised that our bodies aren't made to always fall pregnant at every cycle. It's a difficult journey for the sperm - and for good reason. So that we can enjoy sex and not always fall pregnant. God made it a little difficult and for good reason.

I realised then that it would be far better to just let nature take its course the way God designed reproduction. To see sex as something we do to enhance our marriage, not be scared or fearful of infertility when not falling pregnant. It just might not be 'meant to be' that month...and it's perfectly normal biologically. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't...that's just the way it is. (I'm talking about healthy couples...not people with known medical conditions who need treatment).

This way of thinking was extremely 'freeing' for me.

I also determined to appreciate all that I DO have, because longing for a baby can make you feel very discontented, which really isn't good for your well-being.

So, I relaxed, and prayed that Gods will be done and accepted that it might not be his will for me to fall pregnant right now.

We have made love every second day through the month apart from once or twice. I didn't check the calendar at any point to see when I was ovulating, I noted nothing, I put it to the back of my head and told myself it might be another year yet, so not to fuss about it. The less I focused on it - the more I could relax, and the less pressured the sex was.

I have a 31-34 day cycle which is due around about now - and I've had some pain which seems like my usual endometriosis pain in the run up to it, so I thought, 'ok, this is sad, another month, but it is what it is' ..... I had a spare pregnancy test in the bathroom and decided to take it to confirm no pregnancy.

I used it, watched it for a I left it.

Forgot about it.

10 Mins later I walked past it and picked it up....I see a faint faint faint line....I couldn't believe it!!!!! I was hesitant to jump to conclusions but knew that no other tests had shown any line at all.

My husband purchased a first response test pack last night and I took one this morning. What do you know...a clearer line!

(I've attached a photo of both)

So I guess I'm pregnant! :-)

I'm very happy, but too scared to accept it fully yet - just in case...early days!

Weird thing is - I do not feel pregnant. I feel no different. Apart from feeling extremely emotional 5 days ago - nothing out of the ordinary. No tiredness, no sore breasts, nothing! I guess that's all to come...still very early days.

My advice to anybody in my position is to do all you can to mentally relax...tell yourself that it might still be a year, keep telling yourself that...and try to have 'pressure-less' intercourse every second day for your cycle. Try not to note your ovulation (it only makes you worry if you should have done it this day or that day/time). Just relax and try to accept that whatever will be will be. Also, try to appreciate all that you do have!

Hoping this pregnancy continues & wishing you all the same positive experience.

God bless you all :)

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Hello Ladies,
I came here nearly everyday for so long and was so grateful for the women who shared. We recieved our BFP on April 28th, but I waited until it was confirmed with a blood test before posting here. When I saw the lines, I didn't believe it and tested again to be sure, then I cried and thanked God. Oh, and told the hubby!
Our story: Hubby is fine, he started out with lower morphology but we were able to turn that around with the fertility life vitamin, no alcohol, and he stopped training for his triathlon. I, have PCOS, Endometriosis, recently had 5 polyps removed, and was anovulatory. Also have a tilted cervix. Before this round I lost 20 lbs. We did two separate 5day clomid doses (stair stepping) followed by a trigger shot and IUI. (two beautiful follies)
1-5 dpo: Nothing special and what symptoms I did have were clomid and trigger shot related. (swollen ovaries)
6-8 dpo: Slight breast tenderness, mild/occasional cramps, and tmi mild diarrhea
9-12 dpo: Extreme fatigue (going to sleep at 7 after having fallen aslepp in the middle of the afternoon), breast tenderness more severe, and mild cramping
13 dpo: Thick creamy cm with a pick tint, breasts, fatigue, and cramping still
14 dpo: Woke Up dizzy, other symptoms continued.
Sticky dust to all of you.
I hope you get your BFP soon!

Just Got My BFP For Baby #2 After IF Issues For 9yrs!!!

You read that right!

Took us 4yrs and 8months to conceive DS naturally after surgeries (laparoscopy), clomid and IUI's failed and I just got my BFP this morning for baby number 2!!! I'm cd32 and 4 days late. I had a suspicion I was pg when I felt NO AF SYMPTOMS this month!

Look at this beauty!!!

Symptoms for those who are stalkers like me :)

O around Cd 14-15
11dpo - started to notice my CM drying up considerably unlike the normal watery/EWCM I get when AF is on her way
14dpo - notice a heavy feeling in my cervix but figure its just AF about to make its way
16dpo - nausea has hit and reflux; cervix check it is LOW and hard (feels like tip of my nose)
17dpo - BFP with morning test and now the BOOBIES HURT!

My LACK of symptoms is the giveaway just like when I fell pg with our son. I didn't have the normal back pains or twinges, my CM was gone. What I DIDN'T have this time was implantation spotting. I had one TINY light brown speck when I was cd26 w/ my son but not this time around. Also I had no nausea with him..this one may be different.

OMG..I still cannot believe I am writing this!!! This is proof ladies that miracles can and do happen. I am 38yrs old and we have been TTC #2 for 1 wow. God is SO GOOD. Now I have to figure out a way to spring the news on DH tonight !!!

** Update *** I'm now 6wks and I have heartburn and lots of creamy CM that started around 5wks.

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Wow! Am I Really Posting Here Finally?

Didn't think dh and I could concieve, we have an almost six year old and I have had endo and my left ovary and tube removed. We have used the pull out method for a couple years, never had an issue. Then this last month we thought, ahhhh what the heck? If we are meant to have one we will. Then bam! Here we are! I go to the doctor Monday. The power of prayer!!

1 - 4 dpo... Sore boobies (progest.)
5 dpo.... Little tinges around my pelvic area.
6 and 7 dpo... Watery white cm. Started feeling a little sicky and VERY bloated and gas pains.
8 dpo.... Same as above.
9 dpo.... Yellow tinged cm in panties, but super thick.
10 dpo... Boobies still sore, little tinges still, still feeling sickly... tested... faint positive! (Rexall test from dollar store).
11 dpo.... Tested again with First Response with first morning pee, darker positive!
12 dpo.... Tested with clear blue digital.... pregnant!
I keep testing like I am afraid it is going to go away. Praying God blesses us that want our babies healthy and wants to be pregnant so badly.

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BFP With Endometriosis and Blocked Tube

My DH and I have been TTC for over 2 years with no luck. So we booked an appt with a fertility specialist to seek some help. Turns out I have endometriosis on both sides of my ovaries, and one blocked fallopian tube (right side). I was pretty depressed after the HSG that diagnosed the blocked tube, and we made the decision to schedule an IUI and start taking Clomid after my next period...

HSG Feb 22
Ovulation Feb 28
Baby Dance Feb 28 and Mar 2
Cramping Mar 10 left side
Mar 12 - now, breast tender
Mar 14, I noticed I was warm (usually I'm cold All the Time)

Well, the "next period" never came! I tested this morning and it was a BFP! I hope it sticks!!!
I don't have the words to explain how happy I am!!! :)
Baby dust to all of you going through your TWW.

1st IUI, Stage 4 Endo, So Thankful!

Hi all! I have been finding hope and inspiration here for 7 months now and finally got a BFP this morning. Background: I'm 35 and husband is 34, Stage 4 endometriosis with surgery 5 years ago, horribly painful & debilitating cycles since going off the pill 8 months ago. Very sad for the past few months. 3 cycles with Clomid, and now this first cycle with Injectibles and IUI worked! I'm still in shock. I was pretty stressed and terribly sick at the beginning of the cycle!

CD 1-5: stomach bug from recent trip to Guatemala (the "last hurrah" before IUI), literally can't eat for 4 days, terrible nausea/diarrhea. I was honestly panicking, thinking, how am I going to start this IUI cycle so sick! I actually ended up taking Cipro days 4-6 because I was so desperate. My RE okay'ed it.

CD 3-6: 150 Gonal-F pen

CD 7: ultrasound: 3 follicles, trigger shot at midnight tonight. I was shocked! I thought I had another week before the trigger/IUI. Hubby: 17 million washed (which was way more than his SA, which was 5 million!)

CD 9: IUI - went fine. I took the day off and just lay down, relaxed.

AFter IUI: some creamy CM, VERY painful bosoms the whole TWW. On dpIUI 11, I had significant brown spotting at night and was convinced AF was coming. VERY sad, cried to husband, couldn't sleep, numb all next day because I really thought this was it. Prayed all night. A bit of spotting for next 2 days, but nothing else. Then I started getting excited and today (day 13) I got a BFP with Clearblue digital!

What I did: prenatal, cod liver oil, ate pineapple (?), drank lots of water, whey protein shakes, joined the Y and swam to relax. I really tried to distract myself with good books!

My husband started taking Zinc (just a lozenge daily) in addition to his vitamin and I REALLY think it helped due to the crazy jump in his levels.

Take heart - stay strong, take care of yourselves - try meditating and relaxation breathing which really helped me - check out Alice Domar's books. It's funny - my best friend called me the evening of the IUI and was like "I just got this strong feeling that you are pregnant" which was crazy because I hadn't told her about the timing of anything! It will happen, I promise.