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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Endometriosis

I tell you what: nothing soothes the soul like a whole web page dedicated to the stories of ladies just like yourself who have successfully gotten pregnant with endometriosis.

That's what you'll find here: real life BFP stories from ladies with real life cases of endometriosis. These kind ladies have provided their stories to let you know you're not alone, and that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Because you're not alone. And there is a light. Really.

So check out these stories, and be sure to send us your story when it happens for you. I also highly recommend that you check out FertilAid for Women success stories for women with endometriosis. It's quite inspirational.

Pregnant Again After MMC Last Year With Endometriosis

I am pregnant again at exactly the same time as I feel pregnant last year (O day was only 2 days later this time!) but last year I had a mmc in March. One of the reasons I'm posting here again is to reassure those women out there who were wondering (like I was) if the same woman can experience different symptoms in different pregnancies - yes, because I did! I didn't think I was going to get pregnant this month (even though I was hoping, of course, but trying very hard to leave it all in God's hands and trust in His timing!), so I don't have the exact days of each symptom because I wasn't recording, but I'll list the ones below that were the same as last time and those that were different, and I'll put in any days that I can remember. I have endometriosis and I'm 33. Finally, since my mmc, my pre-AF symptoms have been different than they used to be. So for a while I wasn't sure what was normal anymore. It took me 9 cycles to get pregnant first time and either 8 or 9 this time. (I don't think I O'd for the first couple of months after mmc so then began using OPKs in July to make sure I was - I was then but not certain if I did in June or not, and I O'd twice in Jan just because of the length of my cycle. Just in case anyone is counting! ;)). Last time I had massive boobs and they were REALLY sore. This time I have massive boobs, but although they are fairly sore, it's nothing like as bad as last time. I'm not particularly tired or hungry, which I seem to recall I was from last time, but perhaps that was later on in the pregnancy (lost baby at 8wks but didn't find out til 10.5wk scan). Last time I noticed that my skin was much better in the TTW, usually I would get spots before AF. Same this time, and also my nails are stronger, like last time. Also I didn't go off coffee this time the way I did before; the taste is not very pleasant to me this time but last time it was almost immediate and one of the biggest indicators (along with the boobs!) Things that were different: Dizziness - 3 spells of which one was a couple of days after O and was so bad I had to lie down for a couple of hours (I was at a dance event where I'd been doing a lot of spinning around so I'm sure that didn't help ;) ), headaches, bloating, constipation (last time I had no problem in this respect at all, if anything I was more regular!!), mouth ulcers, thrush (twice - I haven't had it for years and years), dreaming that I had a baby two nights in a row, and I was generally not anxious (typically I feel anxious for no good reason in the days leading up to AF). I didn't get my BFP this time until 2 days after I missed my period, I had a super faint one the day after I missed it, but I think the reason for not getting a BFP sooner was 1. using expired tests (they only expired in Jan so I didn't think it would matter, but obviously it did..) and 2. not testing with morning pee, I was using my late afternoon (very diluted) pee.

BFP After 9 Months

I am still in shock!! A little background info: I am 29 and DH is 32. I had been on the pill since I was 17. I went off of it right before we got married 2010 and then had extremely painful and heavy periods. I made a big deal about it with my OBGYN and she sent me for testing. It turned out I had an abnormal cyst on my left ovary which she wanted to remove. So, after surgery and successful removal of the cyst I was diagnosed with endometreosis. During the surgery the doc said he "cleaned it up" as best he could. After this the doctor advised me to either try to get pregnant or go back on the pill. Since we had just gotten married, we wanted to wait so I went back on the pill for another year. Then, I stopped taking the pill in June of 2012. I waited and waited and my period never came. Two months later I called the OBGYN. She sent me to a fertility specialist because of my history and they did the whole work up. All the tests came back good and hubby has "super sperm". So, they induced my period (had to do this 2x) and we started clomid in December. The doc monitored my cycles with blood work 2x a month and ultra sound. And finally, after the second round of clomid I have a BFP!!! We are so excited!! So since I was obsessed with reading everyone else's day by day symptoms, here are mine: I believe I ovulated on cycle day 19 (doc and fertility friend agree). Positive OPK on CD 18, 19, and 20. BD on cycle day 18, 19, 20. I have had creamy/watery cm since ovulation. 1-2 DPO - Sore nips and cramps (normal for me) 3-4 DPO - Slightly sore nipples (usually don't last this long) and I noted I had tons of energy and just felt really good. 5-7 DPO - nothing to speak of. 8-9 DPO - CRAMPS and bloated! I thought AF was on her way. DPO 9 I woke up at about 4 am with cramps. 10 DPO - Outer breasts became sore and felt briefly nauseous in the evening. Also, I didn't keep track of the specific day (but around day 10) because I didn't think it was related but now I do, I started waking up in the middle of the night with dry mouth. I drink water and I am still thristy. This is still going on! Also, my hair is so dry! I use all the good stuff in my hair and lately it is cracking and splitting and nothing I do seems to help - this is not normal! It is driving me crazy and I am hoping this ends soon. I have read that other people have also experienced this. Oh, and my skin is extremely dry also. I am drinking a lot more water. 11 DPO - Cramps, sore boobs (not usual for me before AF) My luteal phase was 10 days last month so I was convinced AF was going to show up any minute. 12-13 DPO - Nothing, all symptoms gone, boobs a bit sore but I thought it was in my head. 14 DPO - Cramps, bloated, and emotional! Convinced my period was coming, I flipped out during a tv show when one the characters had her baby. Started crying and went to bed at 7:30. DH thought I was losing it! 15 DPO - Slight cramps, but more like pressure. 16 DPO - Couldn't wait anymore and tested. Very clear BFP! I go to the doctor Monday morning to confirm. I didn't want to test early because I was so sick of being let down and wasting money on pregnancy tests. I have to say that I prayed every morning for God to help me except his timing and for him to help me cope and stay strong! He works miracles and I am very blessed! I will pray for all of you waiting for your BFP. Thanks for reading my book and baby dust to you :-)
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BFP with Chronic Endo!

This year I got the best Valentine's present I could ask for. A BFP! I wrote a "am I pregnant story" titled "Holding on to Hope". I was diagnosed with chronic endometriosis after the birth of my DD two years ago and within two years I had two laparoscopic surgeries and was told if I wanted to have more childrwn to start now, and I am happy to say we have been TTC since Oct and have finally recieved a BFP! Still in shock! I really did not have many "symptoms" I did have somewhat sore bbs, but my 2 big give aways were that about 5 days before AF I started urinating VERY frequent about every 30-50min. I had that same symptom with my DD. Also about 3 days prior to AF I always start spotting brown discharge. This time I had NO spotting at all! I am go to the Dr on Mon to confirm! Lots of luck and baby dust to all of you!

Didn't Think I Had Even Ovulated But Got My BFP This Morning!

So I'm 28 and DH is 30. We had been ttc for 8 mo. Along the way, I found out I had Endometrioma and we were directed to start working with the REI. We had just gone to the lab to do the SA several days before. I was waiting for my period to come so I could get labs drawn and schedule the HSG. I didn't even consider that my period wouldn't come this month because I didn't think I ovulated and because we only BD'd once during what must have been my fertile window. So. I'm not sure what dpo I am but my period is supposed to be here tomorrow or the day after. The only reason I tested was because I had periodic pulling in my lower abdomen the day before. And last night I had a dream that I had a BFP. So this morning, still in a dream like state, I pos and only a min or so later there was a strong line. I shook my head to wake up more and it was still def there. I must have looked as shocked as I felt cuz DH asked me what was wrong and I mumbled something I can't even remember now. He saw the two dark lines and was beaming. We plan on taking another test later tonight after church. All I can say is...thank you lord. Blessed be your name blessed be your name. You giveth and you taketh away. Praying that this baby sticks! Don't lose hope!!!

Still in Disbelief!

I promised myself I would announce my bfp on this website and here it is! On December 7th, I finally got my dream. 3 sticks all positive :) My husband and I had been trying for over a year to get pregnant, even taking Clomid, unsuccessfully in the Spring for 3 months. I have an endometrioma cyst on each ovary and on November 6th, had an HSG. Ouch! Turns out that HSG did the trick! I became pregnant that cycle :D I am due August 13th and so far, everything looks great with the baby. The only negative would be my Hyperemesis... Feels like it will never end. In the end though, it's all worth it. I used to go on this website all the time while we were ttc and it really gave me hope and some peace of mind. I hope my post does the same for you. Best wishes for everyone! Husband: 29 (super sperm) Myself: 25

A Baby at Last!

After trying to conceive for two years, my husband and I finally consulted an endocrinologist. It was the best decision we ever made. After multiple diagnostic tests, it was determined that I had severe endometriosis and PCOS. My reproductive organs were riddled with adhesions and cysts (thankfully by some miracle my tubes were still intact though). My husband on the other hand had “super sperm” which was amazing, but at the same time it also made me feel as if this were all my fault. The doctor did not give up hope on me and we began our first round of menopur (150 -- 2 viles per day for 12 days). On day 13 we did our HCG trigger shot, our fist IUI followed 12 hours post trigger, and a 2nd IUI 36 hours post trigger. The two week wait was awful! I read blogs analyzed everything. My ovaries were severely enlarged from the menopur and they ached. I was put on bed rest, as the doctor did not want my ovaries to twist. I felt like I was pregnant with sore boobs, constant urination, and heartburn, but I was convinced that it was a side effect from all of the hormones that had entered my body over the past few weeks. I did not believe for one minute that I was actually pregnant. The day came for me to go to the doctor to get my blood drawn to be tested for pregnancy. I was so nervous and sad because I knew it would be negative. I was expecting to have my blood drawn and to have an ultrasound to check on my ovaries, then head to work for the grueling few hours I would have to wait until the blood tests came back from the lab....but as I waited for ultrasound the nurse came in with a little stick that said I was pregnant. I was so stunned that I could not speak, then the tears began to fall. The weeks that followed were surreal. I had ultrasounds once a week to insure that the size of my ovaries was going down. It was so amazing to see that little baby grow week by week for the first 10 weeks. I am now 16 weeks along with a healthy baby that has a strong heartbeat at 170 BPM, and it dances around and flips like crazy on the monitor each time we have an ultrasound. We find out the gender on February 14th. My husband and I could not be happier. The best part of our lives is just about to begin. I wish the best of luck to you all!

BFP for Baby #2!

Hi ladies, I finally got my BFP yesterday night after trying 3 months. Here's a little background info: I'm 26, married 7 years, and we have a 4-year-old (we were not ttc with her). In March 2012, I had an laparoscopy to remove a 6cm cyst on my ovary, which turned out to be an endometrioma (cyst caused by endometriosis)...but I never had any pain from the endometriosis, and didn't have issues following the procedure. We decided TTC after we both finished up our bachelor's degrees, so I had my Paragard IUD removed in September 2012. I have longer cycles (30-31 days) and used the WomanLog App to track periods and estimate ovulation TELLS you your most fertile days, and I highly recommend it. Oddly enough, during the past few months I was a POAS-fiend, but this month I waited until the day it was due (it will save your sanity), and it showed up right away. I am STILL in shock! We didn't chart, use Pre-Seed, OPK's, or anything else...just plenty of BD-ing and keeping track with the WomanLog App. ;) Here are my "symptoms" until the BFP: Days 1-6 DPO: Nothing Day 7: Twinge in my uterus (implantation?) Days 8-9: Unusually sleepy (9 hours a night and still exhausted) Days 10-14: Sore, tingly boobs (the same sensation as milk dropping, although I know that's impossible), still very tired Day 14: BFP at night! First one was faint (but definitely there), 2nd one an hour later was darker. Yay! Day 15: VERY clear BFP with FMU! (I used First Response tests, a pack of 3) I am still very tired, and my boobs are still very sore...but I don't "feel" pregnant. I called the doctor and my due date is September 15th, 2013, and I have an ultrasound scheduled on January 31st to confirm. It's still unreal...hoping it sticks! I sincerely wish all of you the best of luck, the two week wait is unbearable! Hang in there!

BFP After 1.5 Yrs With Endometriosis and Male Factor

Dh and I started TTC our first last Aug, 2011. Both of us were 32 y/o. After a couple of months, DH decided to have himself tested and he was diagnosed with bilateral varicocele. I got myself tested too and they found an endometriotic cyst inside my right ovary. DH was advised by his uro to take clomid for 3 months after which we went ahead with clomid and trigger shot, which didn't work the first couple of times. The dr then suggested we do 2 rounds of IUI (with clomid) which also didn't work. Last October, DH made the decision to undergo varicocelectomy. His uro advised him to take a semen analysis end of January to check if his count and morphology have improved. Apparently there wasn't any need for that anymore! I got my bfp last night, after a lot of spotting wherein I thought I was really about to get my period. Confirmed the bfp today with blood work. So ladies, don't lose hope. And, if varicocele is a factor, the surgery really does work:) we're so happy for our answered prayer:) God is really good! Hope this one sticks! Baby dust to all! Symptoms: exactly the same as when I'm about to get my period... Even the spotting was there!

BFP 12 Days After Laparoscopy and Dye Test

Hi all, I got a BFP on New Year’s Eve!!!! But I am worried as I had a Laparoscopy and dye test only a few weeks ago (19th Dec 12). All tubes are clear but found PCOS in both and two tiny endo spots. Has this happened to anyone??? I'm 5 weeks and 4 days. Looks like I conceived about a week before the opp.

BFP After 3 1/2 Years With Clomid

I can't believe I am finally posting here. I know these stories helped me through my 2 week wait so I thought I would share mine. I was not really keeping track of my dpo symptoms but I can guesstimate. This was my first round of 100 mg clomid. My DH and I have been ttc for 3 1/2 years and finally got our BFP on New Year's Eve morning. Funny thing my DH and I usually bd every other day during my fertile time. This month due to several family and friends having holiday parties we only bd'd 2 days before O. That's all it took! I did get a cold around 8 dpo not sure if that had anything to do with it. 10 dpo Woke up with a stiff neck and headache (I never get headaches). 11 dpo Again woke up with a stiff neck and headache. 12 dpo BFN no symptoms 13 dpo Faint BFP on an Internet cheapie, so faint you could hardly see. 14 dpo AF due no sign and BFP on FRER I am having mild twinges and cramps in uterus area. 15 dpo Blazing BFP cramps and twinges still going on. I seriously had more symptoms other months than my BFP month. No m/s, no sore boobs, I feel fine! Hoping this is our sticky bean. Please do not give up! I can't tell you how many tears I have cried during the past 3 1/2 years. How many times I wanted to punch someone that told me "Relax it will happen". Don't give up it will happen! ****Lots of baby dust****