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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Endometriosis

I tell you what: nothing soothes the soul like a whole web page dedicated to the stories of ladies just like yourself who have successfully gotten pregnant with endometriosis.

That's what you'll find here: real life BFP stories from ladies with real life cases of endometriosis. These kind ladies have provided their stories to let you know you're not alone, and that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Because you're not alone. And there is a light. Really.

So check out these stories, and be sure to send us your story when it happens for you. I also highly recommend that you check out FertilAid for Women success stories for women with endometriosis. It's quite inspirational.


Me 35 Husband 36 TTC +2 years Stage 3 endo diagnosed/laparoscopy earlier this year (I had no endo symptoms so it was a big surprise) Decided to do IVF after advice from consultant. First cycle we got a BFP. Cycle went 26 follicles, 18 eggs, 9 fertilized, 4 made it to blast, 1 ok to transfer the rest failed. Had acupuncture throughout including on the day of transfer. Took pregnancy vitamin supplements, ate healthy (minimized sugars) and no caffeine. Also did an ivf meditation cd for each of the 3 stages which helped keep me relaxed and sane. Drank masses of water and still am. Did not read any forums or websites throughout the cycle. Also cuddled my cat.. a lot!! Am now 7 weeks pregnant. Had 6 week scan and now waiting for one around 9 weeks. Had no obvious symptoms except for some cramping for 3 days which may have been due to implantation. Still don't have any symptoms except I am sleeping a lot more. Never thought this was going to happen for us, but have read this website many times and it always gave me hope. I hope our story gives you strength during difficult times and I wish you all the best with your journey.

BFP Finally!!!

I've never posted online in my life, but I wanted share my story!! I'm 34 and DH is 32, we've been trying to conceive for 2 years... at that time I also found out that I have cysts, they think were caused by endometriosis. It's been many long months and tears. I finally got to the point that I completely gave it over to GOD and realized that it was not in my hands at all!! This month my doctor was sending me to a specialist to have the surgery to remove the cyst and see what the problem was. I had made the appointment and the very next day I got my very first BFP ever! Praying for it to last!!! To be honest I had more symptoms in previous months. The only few things were that my boobs started hurting a little later this month. I was also soooo thirsty and when I ate steak (which I love) it tasted horrible and that was really it. I had already cried this month thinking that it didn't happen. It's true what they say when you really let it go that's when it happens!! My prayers go out to all of you trying to conceive, I know it's heartbreaking. Try to get to a positive place with it all!! xoxo

BFP DPO 14 :)

Hi I've read this site loads, so wanted to put my own BFP story in. Every month I've really thought that I was pregnant, and it was a complete shock when I actually saw the two pink lines! This is our first and we've been trying for 10 months. I have endometriosis, and was due to have a second laparoscopy early next year, so fingers crossed this will all work out, and I won't need any further ops etc to help me along. I drank this month because of xmas do's but used Pre-Seed and used a clearblue fertility monitor my friend lent me. I find it helps because we work long hours and sometimes it's a struggle to dd even twice a week. My tww: DPO 1-6 All normal, with just a bit of tiredness DPO 7 Cramping, which I hoped would be a good sign, but to be honest had it every month around the same time! DPO 8-10 Nothing, watery/creamy CM but nothing else notable DPO 11 Bbs hurt, feeling very tired and emotional (the same as every other month) DPO 12 Tiny amount of faint brown CM, thought it was my period DPO 13 Period due today, v tired, feeling scatty, can't concentrate, no period DPO 14 Feeling grouchy and v tired, bought a test on the way into work, so happy to get a BFP Still feeling so tired and work is a real effort. Thank goodness it's nearly Xmas. Again, very early days, and my husband and I will keep the news a secret for another 6-7 weeks but so happy! xx

BFP 1ST Cycle After Laparoscopy With Severe Endometriosis

My story is of great chance but I believe it will bring hope to someone... I have been with my husband for 9 yrs. Trying for a baby for 6, miscarried 3 before 3 months of pregnancy. It took 2 yrs to diagnose endometriosis, I get crippling pains around o and af, endo blanketed one ovary, stuck the other twisted onto my womb and I have a mass filling up my 'pouch of douglas'. I was ovulating but the egg was lucky to get anywhere and when it did my womb could not grow with the pregnancy because it was restricted in a web of endo. I had a laparoscopy to remove the endo around my womb and ovaries and a blue dye test to check my tubes (they were clear). After I was on antibiotics for 2 weeks and told to take it easy. We didn't plan on trying for 6 weeks or so. I was due af 1 day after my op. We bd a few times without the pressure of 'trying' and i thought nothing of it... Symptoms were metal mouth, very tired and peeing lots (thought it was the antibiotics) when af never came.... BFP 2 weeks later! I had no sickness and feared loosing baby all the way through the pregnancy. That was last year, I now have a beautiful 1yr old whose a treasure to us. My endo disappeared in pregnancy but has since returned with a vengance...but the pain is worth it. I've been told I may need surgery if I want to try for another but I'm happy with what I have. The staff at the hospital that did my operations also delivered my baby. I took pregnancy vitamins all the way through and my church prayed for us every week and she was 2 weeks overdue... 9lb 6oz! I had an emergency c section as I had pre eclampsia. We both survived! It happens when you least expect...

7 Cycles Trying! 1st BFP, 1st-time parents

This is my 7th cycle that we have been trying. I went off birth control in the beginning of June. My cycles returned after one month and seemed normal, but my OB/GYN thought I didn't ovulate until September because I didn't get a positive OPK until then. My temps did follow the ovulatory pattern the whole time, though. I am 37 and my husband is 46, so we felt like we didn't have a lot of time. I also have a history of endometriosis and had been on the pill continuously for ten years following a laproscopy when I was 27. So I was pretty anxious. When we didn't conceive after about 5 months of trying, both of us had tests done, which all came back normal. My doctor wanted us to keep trying on our own for a few more months. This cycle, I didn't have many different feelings than usual. I had strong OPK tests, just like the last couple months. I have gotten a lot of symptoms around ovulation and my period since going off the pill, so I usually know when I ovulate and am about to have my period. I also have been temping and charting but since my wake up time really varies, that has shown a pattern but hasn't been precise. So, onto my BFP this cycle! We are so excited! Pre-O and pretty much every day since: sore nipples and tender breasts. This is a usual symptom for me. I also had horrible zits around O, but again, this is not unusual for me (although they seemed even worse than normal). 6 DPO: major implantation dip & very light pink spotting, once, when I wiped after going to the bathroom. Plus a momentary twinge "down there" but I probably wouldn't have noticed it if I wasn't so aware of my cycle. 9 DPO: sooooo hot in the evenings. Even my husband comments on how warm I feel. 10 DPO: lots of hot flashes in the night and in the a.m. Decide to take a pregnancy test because I'm so hot. Very, very faint pink line on internet cheapie. I'm hopeful because in the past, they have always been lily white. In the evening, take another, FRER, and faint BFP. 11 DPO: in the morning, two more faint BFPs, internet cheapie and FRER. Super hot off and on all day. Call my doctor to schedule first visit (not until 8 weeks, ugh). In the evening, "pregnant" on digital test. 12 DPO: Still light BFP FRER but definitely getting darker. Lots of creamy CM. 13 DPO: Darker BFP, FRER. Temp rising. So that's it for me! Not many symptoms besides sore breasts and major, major hot flashes. I did have a real implantation dip and spotting, so that was a clue. Usually, I start getting cramps and light spotting a few days before my period and I haven't had those at all. We BDed the day I got a positive OPK, the next day (still positive OPK), and the following day. This site really helped me while TTC. Like I said, I have been really anxious about it happening for us. I know we have a long way to go and am trying to temper my excitement a little, but I'm also really happy.

Pregnant After Severe Endo and Lap

I meant to write this much sooner as I'm 20w this weekend, but the important part is that I'm sharing it now! This site gave me hope when I had none, and I sincerely hope that my story offers the same to whoever reads it. It's slightly long but I hope it helps! I have always known, since I was a teenager, that something was wrong and suspected I couldn't get pregnant. I have always had horribly painful and heavy periods and had heard of endometriosis but didn't realize how serious a condition it can be. I never looked into it and my DH and I started trying in June of 2011. After only three cycles of not getting pregnant I started panicking and just KNEW something was up. I went to an OB who ran bloodwork on me but didn't go much further and encouraged me to 'just keep trying'. I started charting and realized I was spotting for up to 7-10 days before AF each month and had a short luteal phase. I started seeing a specialist in March and had my dye test done. Tubes and bloods came back clear, so the next step was a transvaginal ultrasound. Long story short, I found out I had enormous cysts in my ovaries that were swelling them both to the size of my uterus. They were touching they were so swollen. I was devastated and my doc told me she suspected severe endo and that even with a lap I would probably not even be successful with IVF. She expected to find frozen pelvis and a lot of damage when she went in for the lap. I decided to get the surgery quickly since doctors mention that there *might* be a chance that cysts like might could be cancer and not endometriosis. I was terrified about going under but got the surgery done. When I woke up after my four hour surgery my doctor told me that it had been much worse than she thought, stage IV, but that I didn't have frozen pelvis and she was able to remove every bit of endo including all cysts from inside my ovaries (and as a result I lost half an ovary). VERY fortunately my tubes were totally clear. I also had a D&C and had a small polyp removed. We were told we had six months to try naturally before IVF would be our only option. I was advised not to have sex for two weeks, but got the all clear after only a week. I knew I had probably missed ovulation at this point but did an OPK just for fun. To my shock it was positive and my DH and I BDed that night. We didn't have sex any more that month as my body was very tender and painful still from surgery. I figured that I wouldn't know what my new TWW 'normal' was after having so much work done on my body, so I didn't pay a lot of attention to signs and there didn't seem to be any. I did throw up three days in a row but was completely in denial that it could be a pregnancy symptom. I did a few early tests and they were all BFNs. I went to bed on 9dpo devastated and feeling like we'd have to wait forever and save for adoption or IVF and that I'd never be a mother. That night I had an amazing dream about a little girl. It was so sweet that in the morning I decided to do one more FRER and to my utter SHOCK a very, very faint BFP appeared. I had a good ugly cry and shake on the toilet and ran out to buy 15 more tests and a card for DH. I did another test at work later that morning and the line was darker. I am now 20w pregnant and still cannot believe that I MIRACULOUSLY got pregnant on one round of BD-ing and without even having a period after surgery. We tried everything in the book for 14 or 15 months to no avail. The lap is really what allowed me to become a mother. For those symptom stalkers--I really didn't notice anything until 7-9dpo when I threw up once each day. I completely thought nothing of it! The nausea got much worse after that for my entire 1st trimester. Don't lose hope ladies! I pray that each and every one of you gets your miracle baby.


I finally got my BFP! DH and I started trying April this year. We never imagined it wouldn't be immediate. In August I had to have a surgery to remove fibroids. The doctors found some endometriosis during the surgery. I was to take medication for 6 months for the endometriosis but I asked the doctor to let us try for a baby instead. We were to wait three months before trying but we started trying early October. I was beginning to get very discouraged and emotional. I read a post here about the story of the persistent widow in Luke 18 and how God will never ignore his children who cry out to him day and night. Funny enough I heard the same scripture in church on Sunday and when I saw my period towards the end of October my sister quoted the same scripture to me, I knew God was speaking to me through His word and reminding me of his faithfulness. I kept on praying and studying the bible on God's miracle working power and faithfulness. This cycle I didn't feel any different than I have felt in the past. In fact I felt almost nothing except for the occasional tingly breasts. I was even convinced my period was about to start and went to check several times in the bathroom. I started itching all over about 2 days before my period and I took a test the morning after it was due, in order to be sure before i started medications. At 3am I saw the word pregnant on clearblue digital and I was in shock! My DH was going in for sperm analysis the next day because I had been crying the day before, convinced my period was on its way. I took another test around 8am and it was also positive, rushed out to get a blood test and also positive. Do not be discouraged, God is able and faithful. He is dependable and He will not fail you.

Got BFP After 3 Years of TTC and One Miscarriage in April 2012

Never give up on your dream. My doctor told me I had 2 more months of trying before she was going to pull the plug. She increased my clomid from 50mg to 100mg after being on 50mg for 5 months. She was hoping it would give me a chance that at least one egg will make it though my swollen tubes. I'm only 26 years old but my endometriosis was so bad that even after laparoscopy it still didn't look good for us to get pregnant. I got pregnant in Feb 2012 and I had every symptom in the book. My doctor called it our miracle baby. Everything looked great until around 9 weeks. I woke up with the worst cramps. They would go away then a couple minutes later they would be back. No bleeding but I decided to call the doctor. They asked me to come in asap. Did a ultrasound and there was no heart beat. I'm not trying to scare anyone but I was always told if no bleeding you are fine. Well lets get to the good stuff. I got my BFP after a 2 negatives we are so excited. Here were my symptoms- CD 14 - 18 Got a positive O test, ran out of tests but we bd 12-19, had never gotten more than one positive test even before my first pregnancy. Decided it was the increased clomid. CD 19 - 24 No discharge, felt bloated, so much that I couldn't eat at Thanksgiving CD 26 Took a test came up negative, discharge came back CD 27 Had a bloody nose for first time in life, could have been due to weather it was very cold CD 28 No symptoms but cramps telling me that flow was coming, toke a test any way it was negative CD 29 Flow late but I thought due to Clomid because I have never taken 100mg before still have cramps CD 30 Keep thinking flow was coming but didn't CD 31 Took a test after 4 days being late I got my BFP!!! Nothing stood out but feeling bloated. I get a little bloated before flow but never like that. I can't believe I didn't have many symptoms. I'm now 5 weeks pregnant and only have a little nausea, cramps and still bloated. I didn't feel like this at all with first pregnancy. Praying it is sticky bean! Good luck to everyone and baby dust to all!

BFP After Nearly Two Years

I hardly can believe I am sharing this, but here I am. I had my last lapraoscopy for Endometriosis in January of 2011 and have been trying ever since then. In April of 2011 I started seeing an infertility specialist where I went on to do 5 rounds of Clomid, 1 round of Femara and 6 rounds of follistim injections and a total of 8 IUI's I believe which resulted in three soul crushing early miscarriages. (The furthest I ever got was 5 weeks I believe.) My fertility specialist told me that my next step is naturally IVF, we couldn't afford it at the time so we took a break from August until now. We literally have not been trying or anything, and my sex life isn't much of a sex life. Originally my problem was that I was not ovulating on my own, but I noticed ever since the follistim injections that mid-cycle I get ewcm for several days. The only difference this month is I jumped my husband as soon as it showed up. I haven't been feeling any symptoms besides I felt so crampy since Monday that I was prepared for AF to show, to the point I was even wearing pads in prep for it to rear it's head. I was surprised when it didn't come. The cramps continued, but nothing. I had a spare FRER laying around from when I was doing my infertility cycles. I took it just for laughs and could you imagine my face when the test line showed up before the sample line? The line was just as dark. Needless to say I woke up my husband screaming "I'M PREGNANT". I took another FRER and a digital with the same result. So far symptoms are just cramping, chest pain, some heart burn, keep waking up hungry/thirsty and it's almost like I have restless leg syndrome now. I'm so scared but excited at the same time. Hopefully I get good news from the high risk OB tomorrow. Miracles do happen!

Pregnant w/ Twins! :)

I found this fantastic site at the start of my two week wait and actually read every single passage listed on here during my own TWW. I am thrilled to share my story, in hopes it will help some of you... History/Background: My husband and I got married in our 30's in 2008, so we decided to try for a family right away as we both were ready. My journey has been long and difficult over the past 4 years of TTC. Through it all, several months were cancelled due to cysts on my ovaries... -- 2009 Clomid for 5 Cycles -- 2009 HSG Test -- 2010 IUIs - 3 Failed Cycles -- 2010 Surgery: Laparoscopy to Confirm & Remove Endometriosis -- 2011 Surgery: Hysteroscopy to Remove Uterine Polyps -- 2011 Several Genetic Tests Completed -- 2012 HSG Test -- 2012 Cysts - 4 Cancelled Cycles, then put on BCP -- 2012 Surgery: Hysteroscopy to Remove Uterine Polyps Details for Month/Cycle: My last cycle started on 10/22 and we began our injections a few days later. [Follistim & Menopur] On 10/31 I was ready for my IUI and had 4 follicles at full size. My hubby had a count of over 75M w/ a 90% Mobility after the "washing". TWW: I was keeping a log of my injections and meds, so I tracked my symptoms during my two weeks. 1dpIUI: Cramps, laid down all day w/ my legs elevated, my abdomen felt "very full" 2dpIUI: Cramps, laid down most of the day, very gassy and bloated, still had the "full feeling" 3dpIUI: Back to normal routine, still bloated and full, started Crinone 8% Gel Daily 4dpIUI: Still bloated, a few cramps off and on, very teary/emotional, also constipated [literally little turd-lets for the rest of the week] 5dpIUI: Still bloated, a few more cramps off and on, constipated, had a more to eat today - very hungry, tender breasts/nipples 6dpIUI: Same as day 5 7dpIUI: More Bloated, cramps, and seriously constipated 8dpIUI: Vivid dream - got a BFP, started urinating in the middle of the night, tender breasts/nipples, sensitive to smells today 9dpIUI: Up to urinate at night, a few cramps, very gassy and bloated [like 4mths pregnant], also a few spots on pantie liner that were light red [implantation] 10dpIUI: Up to urinate at night, painfully bloated and gassy [tried prune juice and suppository for relief], tender nipples only 11dpIUI: Very vivid dream - pregnant w/ belly!, areolas look larger today, slight relief to constipation and bloating 12dpIUI: Up to urinate at night, a few cramps, and tired in the afternoon at work 13dpIUI: Up to urinate at night, a few cramps, some slight brown spotting today [Took a $Tree Test, Very Faint Positive] 14dpIUI: Up to urinate at night, a few cramps, some slight brown spotting - BETA TEST DAY Results: 1st Beta on 11/14 - 291.9 & Progesterone >40 2nd Beta on 11/16 - 656.3 & Progesterone >40 3rd Beta on 11/21 - 7248.0 & Progesterone >40 Ultrasound at 5wks - Confirms TWINS! Things I did differently this time than in past cycles: 1. Acupuncture for Fertility - I highly recommend, worth the money! [Weekly] 2. Also took some Yoga classes and listened to the Spa Station on Pandora to stay relaxed. 3. Gave up coffee ENTIRELY - this is a biggie for me as I am a VIP Starbucks card holder. :) 4. Joined the Fertile Friends at my clinic, it matched me with someone at the same stage of treatment - THIS WAS HUGE. Very helpful to have someone to talk to and text after apts, freak outs over my injections etc! 5. Asked the hubby to come with me to all Apts/Tests. This was a great support and we both felt apart of each step. 6. Took Fish Oil and Baby Aspirin with my PreNatal Vitamin - - Daily. 7. Made sure I had 62oz of Water Daily 8. Tried to get 8-10 hours of sleep Daily 9. Requested the same nurse for each visit - this was a comfort and she knew every detail. If it's possible, it is worth the extra wait. 10. Rubbed my belly and spoke to it as if I was pregnant - keeping a positive outlook and mindset can be so hard but really critical! Ladies - I really never thought this day would come, and while I must admit I am still a little anxious to get to that 12wk mark....we are just over the moon EXCITED!! I am beginning to feel like we received an "extra" gift after waiting so long. I welcome the big belly and morning sickness with open arms!!! Your day will come, just believe it in your heart...