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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Endometriosis

I tell you what: nothing soothes the soul like a whole web page dedicated to the stories of ladies just like yourself who have successfully gotten pregnant with endometriosis.

That's what you'll find here: real life BFP stories from ladies with real life cases of endometriosis. These kind ladies have provided their stories to let you know you're not alone, and that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Because you're not alone. And there is a light. Really.

So check out these stories, and be sure to send us your story when it happens for you. I also highly recommend that you check out FertilAid for Women success stories for women with endometriosis. It's quite inspirational.

It Really is When You Least Expect it!

My partner Jen and I have been trying for over 2 years to conceive. After 8 iuis and 8 at homes, we finally got our BFP. I took a test and was expecting a negative so I didn't wait the full two minutes. Just assumed a negative and threw it away. Even went to a winery and enjoyed my first alcohol in ages. Then a few days later, the long awaited double lines were there. My partner dug the other test out of the trash and there was a faint line on that one! I was so sure I was about to start my period that I used a heating pad the night before. It was when we least expected it. And we actually relaxed this cycle and had some fun. Positive vibes to all that are trying. Hang in there!

2nd Pregnancy with PCOS, Endometriosis and Diabetes

I have been using this site for the last 4 months and I credit you ladies for my continued faith in my body and my sanity!!!

I have PCOS, Endometriosis and Diabetes. The PCOS was diagnosed 8 years ago. I never had cycles so I never knew I had endo until we started TTC my DS nearly two years ago. I had a lap and dye, my ovaries drilled, my womb checked for polyps and after they discovered the endo I also had diathermy all in April 2011. We concieved my DS 3 weeks post op and he was born in February 2012.

I knew from the surgeons that I couldn't leave any subsequent babies too long as I would just fill up with cysts and endo deposits while we waited. We originally said we would wait till Christmas to start TTC #2 but my periods returned in August and I got the fear about missing what may be my only chance. So we threw caution the the wind and DH was delighted. Anyway, I used CBFM and got peaks for the last 3 cycles, I check my CM and CP and got still got BFNs. It was heartbreaking to begin with but I fell easily into the 'every peroid is a new chance to get pregnant'.

This cycle went as follows -
Cd18 Peak on CBFM,
CD19 Peak again, we BD every other day before peak and then every day during high fertility.
1dpo felt a twinge that woke me up in the early hours of the morning. I'm assuming this was me actually ovulating.
2dpo - 6dpo hardly any symptoms
7dpo - 10dpo not much, a couple of twinges, general feelings of anger towards people, fatigue, very dry mouth and very thirsty but no sore boobs! Boobs didn't start tingling till 12dpo. With my DS I was exhausted and asleep whenever I could be but not this time.
9dpo bfn very uspet, had a few too many and sobbed for most of the evening (my poor DH). Woke up with my DS at 7am with a headache. Self induced misery so no sympathy for me.
DH banned me from testing till 14dpo but I took a sneaky ic and got a very feint double line.
12dpo ic and CBD and both positive.

Very excited, I will be due the end of July 2014. Good luck ladies, keep heart.

BFP After First Round IVF!! Endometriosis & Male Factor Infertility

Hi all,

My husband (35) and I (35) have been TTC off and on for a year and a half. I have aggressive endometriosis and have had to have two laproscopic surgeries, and we found out that my husband had really high semen morphology (99%). Did three rounds of Clomid with IUI, then since the fertility odds were against us, decided to skip ahead to IVF with ICSI. Just found out today (16dpo11dpt) that I am pregnant! Because all the Crinone gel I'm using can mimic a lot of pregnancy symptoms, I tried not to get my hopes up every time my boobs felt sore or I got sleepy or burst into tears randomly like a nutjob. Plus, these symptoms were so fleeting and short-lived that I wasn't sure if they were anything at all. I took a pregnancy test at 9dpo and was BFN. Decided not to check again and let the bloodwork tell the story.

Yesterday (15dpo10dpt) I was convinced AF was coming. Had cramps all day, felt heavy and achy down there, but no flow. Cramps usually happen after AF has begun, so this was my only shred of hope that something was up. Got blood drawn this AM and beta came back at 596! Still many obstacles to overcome, but I wanted to send reassurance to everyone TTC that you can have many physical challenges and still get there! Don't feel down if you don't have symptoms or the symptoms are few and far between. Don't give up hope if your pregnancy tests come back negative. It ain't over till it's over!!

Best of luck to all of you. I can't wait to read your BFP stories.

BFP!!! Over One Year of Trying With Endometriosis

After over a year of reading all your wonderful posts and keeping faith I finally can tell my story!!
At about 10 months of trying i knew something was up. Me and DH are very healthy and seem to have no problems. Got DH checked, he was perfect. I got referred to an Infertility Dr. It started with blood work. Everything clear. Then I had a HSG scan done, VERY painful but all tubes clear!! I thought "what is wrong with me!!?" Well the next step was my dr. thought I had endometriosis. With symptoms of pain during intercourse and an exam he did, he thought I had it. So about three weeks ago I had the surgery...and I def. had endo. I had a stage 2 of 4. Dr said he basically guaranteed that's what was causing my infertility. One week after surgery was ovulating time. I knew it was early but I wasn't passing it up!!! Well, two weeks later I'm looking at a BFP!!!!! I was in such disbelief, I got blood work done, and PREGNANT!!!!! I found out on Halloween! So on Halloween I was 4 weeks...... Here's to 9 more moths of happiness and bliss!!!!
1-6dpo- really nothing, a little gassy
7-12dpo- crampy twinges, different than I've felt before.
10dpo- bfn
12dpo- bfn I knew I was out since I thought a lot of women got their bfp by this time.
13dpo- late afternoon.... super super faint line!
14dpo- had blood work done and took another pee test, pee test darker but still faint!

I sill don't have many symptoms. The only thing is I'm a little tired and peeing just a little more. Boobs don't hurt. Not cramping, or anything like that with my body.
GOOD LUCK LADIES!!!! DREAM REALLY DO COME TRUE!!! Have faith and keep praying!

Had Given Up.....then BFP!!!!!

I am 39, and have been trying to conceive for over a year. 2 months ago I was referred to a fertility specialist. After preliminary tests, I was told that my chances of ever conceiving naturally were between 1-2% because of endometriosis and decreased ovarian function. I'm scheduled for a laparoscopy on Friday, which I will be more than happy to cancel.

I have had no symptoms whatsoever, took a test this morning, 11 dpo, 1 day before the expected AF. Just knowing I would see a big fat negative.

To my wonderful surprise, BFP!!!!!!!! 4 tests later, and it's still there!!!!!

Only thing I did different, I prayed about it and then I didn't think about it at all.

Don't give up ladies, no matter what they tell you.


Ladies, I got my BFP (actually I got 6 because I tested 6 times because I didn't believe it) after trying for pretty much 1 year to the day!

I had a laporoscopy, ovarian drilling, cyst removal, D&C, endo removal from uterus and hysteroscopy done on the 14th August (PCOS) and this was our last month trying before we had to move on from trying naturally (I have a low egg count for my age 30). Anyway we had sex 4-5 days before I ovulated and that's it! I had to go away for work the week I actually ovulated. I got my positive OPK at the airport in transit and was devastated I couldn't take advantage of it... another month down the drain. I was expecting my period yesterday (ish) and for some reason I pee'd on stick last night (it's addictive) just before DH got home and it was flaming positive!! I actually didn't believe it. DH came into the bathroom and I was trying to tell him that I'm pregnant but I couldn't talk. He looked at the test and told me to get in the car. We went and bought 2 different tests and they both came up positive straight away. I tested again this morning with all 3 test and still BFP!!

I have a Dr appointment this afternoon and I'm so nervous he's going to tell me it isn't real and that I'm actually not pregnant. Anyway I'm enjoying this for what it is today and hopefully it sticks. I'm so excited I can't even eat!! nervous. I don't feel pregnant at all except for sore boobies but I normally get that before AF anyway!! Every other 12 months we've tried I have felt some kind of silly symptom.


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Pregnant After Husband Vasectomy Reversal and Me, Endometriosis!

I am elated to be able to write this, finally have a BFP after my husbands vasectomy reversal. I was beginning to think I was the hold up with my moderate to severe endo. Had Lupron shots to try and treat the endo starting last August 2011, last one was last November 2011. My cycle didn't return until May 2012.
This cycle I had relatively no endo pain (odd, I'm usually hurting at least a week before period is due very badly).
I didn't have any symptoms that I noticed until closer to 8dpo.
After that I felt tender and full breasts and more cm.
Tested positive at 10dpo with a faint line.
11dpo digital said pregnant!!!!!!
I am feeling fuller in abdomen, cramps off and on.....which have rattled me at times and scared me. But, thinking positive and so grateful!!!!!!


I wanted to share my experience in getting a BFP. I am 37 and have endometriosis, so you can imagine that I was very concerned as to whether I would manage to get pregnant. After 6 months of trying and religiously following this site, I got my BFP today, the day before I was booked to have a laparoscopy done to check if my tubes were ok!
For all the previous attempts I had been using OPKs but nothing was working. Then I read that sometimes you can be too late if you rely on OPKs, so this month we BD for the week leading up to my usual ovulation time rather than waiting for the OPK to show that it was time to BD. This time it worked! So beware, if relying on OPKs you might be too late. The day before the line goes blue on the test is probably the best chance. But how can you know when this is with traditional OPKs
Ok symptoms: this is where I have nothing out of the ordinary to report. I was convinced that AF was on her way, the week before AF was due, I had PMT symptoms and nothing else, I was that convinced I had failed that I booked the laparoscopy. So the key thing here is that you can be pregnant without having any unusual symptoms. Not what you want to hear during 2 week wait, but at least my post can give you some hope if you have no unusual symptoms and feel just the same as when AF is due. So, today I took the test, I was 2 days late and I needed to check because I couldn't have the op tomorrow if my period hadn't started and there we go the rest is history. So older mum's out there with complications don't give up hope. A history of endo, polycystic ovaries and the removal of a cyst, not to mention my age and I finally succeeded. Good luck and baby dust to all :-)

Early Preg Symptoms

So excited to be posting on this site after obsessing over 'preg' symptoms I was having every month that were actually pms symptoms lol! Big difference this month is that my boobs do not hurt, which always happens before af. We had been trying since March after I had a laparoscopy to investigate mid cycle pain and heavy periods. Turned out I had minor endo that was behind my womb so fertility was not affected but was told to start trying for our 2nd child or go back on the pill. As it only took 1 cycle to conceive daughter was not concerned. Here we are 7 months later ttc and have finally done it. I am currently 11 dpo and my symptoms are below

1 dpo-7dpo- headaches which is unusual for me, sort throat on and off like cold was coming which never did.
8dpo- started having bad cramps and thought af was coming early :( Tested anyway and got a bfn
9dpo- big temp dip from 36.6 to 36.1 and cramps became very severe. Temp went right back up again. Tested and thought I could see a very very faint line but not much color so assumed it must be an evap line. Boooo :(
10 dpo- slightly darker line on cheapie test but still not convinced it is a bfp.
11 dpo- tested with frer with fmu and clear pink line appeared in minutes. Cue shock!!!! Confirmed with digital this afternoon that says I am 1-2 weeks. Still having bad cramps so fingers crossed this is all normal, although didn't have with my daughter! Also sore throat has returned and I am feeling very thirsty!

Hoping this is a sticky bean. Baby dust to all :) xx

BFP at 14 DPO

Hi, I just received my BFP a few hours ago and I am so happy. I am 22 and have been on birth control since I was 15 (due to a history of endometriosis) back in January my husband and I decided we were ready for a baby. I immediately got pregnant in February but we sadly lost our baby April 13th at 9 weeks. We waited 3 months as recommended by my doctor before we started trying again, since July I have been religiously following this site and reading all the BFP stories. So happy to be posting my own and I hope it gives encouragement to other women.

1-8 DPO: No signs and symptoms at all
9 DPO: Throat and ears hurt like I’m getting a cold
10 DPO: Def have a cold, started antibiotics
11 DPO: White Creamy CM, and loads of drainage and chest congestion, also period like cramps before I got out of bed.
12 DPO: White Creamy CM, Feels like I have the flu (chest congestion, cough, chills, and fever)
13 DPO: More white Creamy CM and I usually start spotting today but nothing so far, Upper respiratory symptoms slack off but still have runny nose and chest congestion
14 DPO: Throat still sore, more creamy white CM, expecting AF today she hasn't arrived, took a test at 6pm when my hubby got home from work and was scared to look at it, walked off for 20 minutes, came back and it was a BFP! Took another to make sure and got another BFP!

The only thing I did different this month was tried not to be so stressed and did some nice things for myself. I bought a new car, had a few drinks and I haven’t drank since January! We also took an overnight trip the week I ovulated and BD'd like crazy that week. I followed the every other day until OPK+ and then do it two more days method. I also prayed frequently after ovulation. Today when we found out we were pregnant we prayed together for a healthy baby and I have faith that we will have our healthy baby next June.