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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Endometriosis

I tell you what: nothing soothes the soul like a whole web page dedicated to the stories of ladies just like yourself who have successfully gotten pregnant with endometriosis.

That's what you'll find here: real life BFP stories from ladies with real life cases of endometriosis. These kind ladies have provided their stories to let you know you're not alone, and that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Because you're not alone. And there is a light. Really.

So check out these stories, and be sure to send us your story when it happens for you. I also highly recommend that you check out FertilAid for Women success stories for women with endometriosis. It's quite inspirational.

3 yrs TTC, 1 Miscarriage, Stage 4 Endo

I have spent 3 years on this forum, reading of hope each day. I am excited to finally have the chance to give hope to someone out there reading this now...about to throw the towel in. I wanted to pinch anyone who would offer advise saying, "stop trying honey...that's when it will happen." I watched each one of my friends who had fertility troubles get a BFP one by one...I was left feeling alone. Had endo surgery in October last year, stage 4. So this New Years resolution was to not get pregnant. No charting, no checking, no temperatures, just work, and focusing on a new job opportunity with DH. I got my BFP on Thursday. Because I wasn't tracking anything here is what I can share:

Spotting like the end of AF 7 DPO
No symptoms except major tender BB's (this is normal with AF)
DH said my PMS was mild (meaning I wasn't being a bear) clue
Lower abdomen cramping
No AF signs at all
Took test within 30 seconds was super dark pink line.
Went to Dr. to confirm. BFP

I think it finally hit me today when I realized I am still waiting for AF but I won't see her for a while. All of you are truly in my prayers. Infertility isn't talked about as much as it should be. Sometimes advise may be coming from a good place but I just didn't want to hear it. I pray there will be more simple nods of understanding, and a hug offered to those of us who struggle. Baby dust and a big hug from someone who has been there ((((((hugs)))))).

BFP on 11 DPO w/ Endometriosis

We have been TTC since last June but looking back, I think the two things that hindered us were that I was in a really stressful job and also I was getting my O dates slightly wrong! Anyway I've been in a new job the past few months and am much less stressed, and this month, we BD'd around my actual O so it worked! So excited to finally be posting on this site!!

I've had the following symptoms all the time since O (13 days ago) - nauseous on and off, really tired, my bbs have been EXTREMELY sore & big (they are usually bigger & sorer before AF comes, but not this big or sore). Also I'm a coffee drinker and although I don't drink a lot, I always look forward to my morning mug. Since O, it hasn't tasted the same - not the metallic taste sometimes described, but not right and I haven't really enjoyed it (until I got my BFP I was drinking it anyway but I've stopped now!!). Finally, I continued to have CM post-O, which I don't usually.

1 DPO - 8/9 DPO - got a cold, especially heavy on days 3-5 DPO. I very very rarely get colds, so this was unusual for me & I've read on this site that lots of women get colds once they fall pregnant.
9 DPO - 11 DPO (in particular) - very gassy
O - 6DPO - lightheaded on and off, especially if I stood up or moved my head quickly. This seems to have stopped now thankfully!
11DPO - BFaintP with internet cheapies which are the same ones they use in the doctor's. DH could see it too but as I tested as night, decided to do it again in the morning with first urine.
12 DPO - BFP with Early Response test & internet cheapie :D

This will be our first. So excited! Good luck and Baby Dust to you all!

BFP after 9 years of infertility from endometriosis

I'm very excited to finally post here because I have been reading symptoms for years! I have never had a BFP before now so I'm really excited to post! DH and I have been TTC for 9 years, after 4 years of no success on our own, I finally went to seek help from a Endocrinologist.  She put me on Clomid and IUIs, which all failed.  Next she said I should do IVF.  IVF is so expensive, so I flew to Europe to do it. The whole experience was fantastic, but unfortunately the IVF didn't take.  That was a year ago this month.  Coming home with no baby was devastating, especially after that expense.  I quit going to the gym, and bought a clear blue easy fertility monitor and tried on my own again for a few months.  I have been suffering from endo pain since my teens, but never was treated for it because I was scared of surgery.  Finally I gave up and had the surgery done last month.  The dr found that my ovary had an endometrioma, but my ovary was also fused to my pelvic wall.  She did not unfuse it in fear that it would damage my ovary.  My other organs were fused together too, because I had stage 2/3 endometriosis!!  I had no idea it was that bad.  It was so bad that my gallbladder was fused to my Liver. Anyhow, I recovered quickly, and my next cycle I went in for an IUI.  IT WORKED.

3DP IUI - I felt nauseous, so badly that I felt like I was having AF! I know this was too early for implantation, but it was to be noted
6DP IUI - Thanksgiving day. I had a small glass of wine, but Nausea and jabbing pains on my left and then right side near my ovaries made me stop. Strange sensation!
7DP IUI - Felt nausea while preparing for a housewarming party at my home. It almost knocked me down, it was that strong.
8DP IUI - Soreness in breasts, jabbing pains in my uterus, not so much a pain, but more of a poke, as if someone just put their finger on my belly and poked me.  I got these pokes and stretching pains til I tested BFP, and they still continue
9DP IUI - My pee smelled weird. Breasts sore in the armpits, and they itched!! right near the nip on only my right breast
10DP IUI - Got a metallic taste in my mouth. so strange! Breasts continue to hurt on and off, but it doesnt always hurt when I touch them. Just when I'm lying still they start to ache on their own.
11DP IUI - I started to get a cough, which turned into a sore throat that night.
12 DP IUI - I woke up with a full blown fever and flu like symptoms. I knew I had to call the dr to get treatment because I had to fly for work the next Monday.  Told the dr I might be pregnant, and she gave me a ZPACK which is safe to take when pregnant.  When picking up my prescription, got a Clearblue Digital test.

When I took the test, I came out to wait with DH.  When the timer was up, I couldn't bear to read another negative test after 9 years. I made him go look.... his reaction was: "oh my god"  and I broke down in tears.

13 DP IUI - Brown spotting with wiping only, and never again!!

It's possible! I'm proof!  DH was borderline with his quality of swimmers, and I had moderate Endometriosis.  We conceived!

BFP with endo, first month ttc, with a prayer at 11 dpo after BFN that morning!

First month ttc baby #2. With Endometriosis, my Dr. Saying it may not be possible to get pregnant without surgery, and a prayer! 12 dpo right now. BFP with FRER the last few minutes of 11 dpo! :)
2dpo-very soft, low cervix with creamy cm. Bloating
3dpo-low cervix, white creamy cm bloating, diarrhea, acne?! Some stinging pain, but not unusual with Endo. Frequent urination
5dpo-lots of creamy cm, bloating, backache, right breast pain, not when touched though. Cramping near right and left ovary area. the pain was pretty severe for about 10 minutes.
6dpo-lots of creamy cm in am with cramps, thought af was here really early! I checked and nothing! Very bad  leg cramp overnight! Back pain, right breast pain, hungry! I'm never hungry in am! Back pain, nausea, cramps and  bloating.
cp high soft and closed.
7dpo-bloating, hpt neg
9dpo-bad af type cramps, cp low hard, long, and slightly open like with af. feeling out this month. Watery cm.
10dpo-Got sick with brushing teeth in am, wet cm, medium/hard closed cp.
11dpo neg hpt in am with fmu, got sick again in am while brushing teeth, cramps in both sides, feeling full, cp medium, medium/soft, closed with wet/creamy cm, very tired, feeling sick while cutting chicken (the same with ds) decided to use my last FRER right around midnight and feel dumb but a soft pink line!
I told DH and he said, I see the extra line, but it's light, I'm not sure it's supposed to look like that. I won't believe it until a DR tells me it's positive! So, here I am at 12 dpo very early in the morning feeling sick, crampy, and can't sleep even thoug exhausted! :) praying this one sticks!

BFP after ttc for one year!

Hi just wanted to share my experience with everyone!
I am 34 and have never fallen pregnant before (even though I haven't been careful over the years) I was totally convinced that I able  wasn't able to conceive naturally, I've had Endometriosis and Laparoscopy and have been ttc for a year after coming off the pill.  Every month for the last year I've been waiting and watching, some months I was totally convinced I was pregnant, that I was feeling implantation pains/fluttering/sore boobs etc.. but every month a negative result, ironically this month I didn't have any symptoms, it just goes to show, and believe me I was looking for them.  I presumed because I didn't feel anything around implantation time this month I wasn't pregnant!
1-9 PO days post ovulation no symptoms whatsover
10-11 PO slight matallic taste in mouth, itchy skin, brests
12-13 PO Nothing but itchy stomach, breasts, neck and arms
14-19 PO Slight cramps for couple of mins every day and then goes away (period due day 14), itchy skin (driving me mad!) sore nipples but nothing I haven't had before, don't take test as on holiday
21 PO return from holiday, breast feel slightly sore, decide to take a test, for first time in my life BFP I am still in SHOCK!!!! : - )

BFP + endo + celiac + miscarriage

It's very hard to believe but I'm pregnant. It's taken 2.5 years, 2 laparoscopies and a very recent diagnosis of celiac disease but I'm there. I also had a miscarriage 12 months ago.

Pregnancy 1: Pregnant one month after 1st laparoscopy and miscarried at 7 weeks. Miscarriage may have been due to Celiac disease which I was diagnosed for just one week ago.

Have tried, clomid, IUIs and was about to start a cycle of IVF when i found out I was pregnant.

I credit my naturopath, acupuncturist, and my commitment to the endo diet and exercise for getting me pregnant.

My symptoms:
9 DPO: Sore boobs, creamy discharge, vivid dreams
10 DPO: Sore boobs, creamy discharge, vivid dreams
11 DPO:  Very sore boobs, creamy discharge, insomnia  - decide to test BFP - very faint
12 DPO: Same symptoms.  4 more faint positive home tests. Attend pre-IVF meeting and have blood test.
13 DPO: Doctor confirms pregnancy. Same symptoms plus a touch of nausea.
14 DPO: Cheeks feel warm, slight instances of nausea, boobs still sore and creamy CM. Slight twinges in tummy.

So now the count down to 12 weeks begins. I'm on a strict gluten free diet to stop my auto immune disease from attacking the embryo.

Fingers crossed, I'll be welcoming a baby next June.

FINALLY BFP after a year and a half!!

Finally a BFP after a year and a half and a surgery to remove uterine septum, endometriosis and a cyst.  Got my BFP today (day after AF should have arrived).  Funny thing is I barely had symptoms this month! No sore bbs, they don't look bigger, I am not nauseus, overly hungry or tired.  I did notice a burning sensation in my stomach kind of like heart burn and I got really drunk from a glass and a half of wine last night.  Things I did different: Did not check two week wait site once, tried for at least three days after I thought I ovulated.  I always get that pain when I ovulate but who knows, maybe the extra few days is what I needed.  Things I did the past three months since surgery:  Musinex before ovulation, lots of fresh fruit and veggies, all natural lotion, shampoo, etc, fish oil.

I was set to have another surgery next month and now I won't have to!!!!  For all of you out there ttc for a long time, it will happen.  It is frustrating watching everyone get pregnant but you but it does eventually happen!  It is funny this is the only month I refused to allow myself to focus on "symptoms" and I have a BFP!  Today I feel a little crampy and very bloated-oh that was another symptom.  About a week ago I noticed all my clothes were very tight and uncomfortable to wear and my wedding ring was so uncomfortable.  GOOD LUCK!!!  And if you think something may be wrong go see  a reproductive endo.  I had complained to my gyn for years about bleeding between periods and heavy periods and they always said I was fine.  If I hadn't gone to the reproductive endo who knows what would have happened!

pregnant after 2 years with endo

 I promised when I got pregnant I would return the favor to all those who gave me hope that posted on here.  I had a hunch I was pregnant thanks to all the tww symptoms.  I hope I can offer hope to those with endometriosis.  I am stage I and was diagnosed with endo over 10 years ago.  We started trying 2 years ago, I am 34 now.  I got my positive pregnancy on our 4th IUI with clomid and HCG trigger.
My symptoms were as follows
DPO 1-6 nothing except feeling more tired while running
Day 7: had implantation dip clear as day on the temp chart.
Day 10:  Boobs began to hurt and stayed that way
Day 11: temp up again, cramping very obvious but much too soon for normal period cramps
Day 12: temp down, more cramping
Day 13: still some more cramping
Day 15: doctor called and confirmed positive blood test

What I did this cycle. Acupuncture, systemic enzymes, evening primrose, green tea, continued to run, a ton of supplements, no gluten, no alcohol, no caffeine except tea.

BFP with Endo/TTC for 22 months

Just got my BFP today after quite a long TTC road. 22 months of TTC, endo stage 2 removed in April, 4 IUIs, 6 months Clomid, and we got pg on a break cycle!!!!

Here's the story of this BFP cycle:
Ovulated on day 8 (usually day 16 on Clomid and 20 w/o meds).
Didn't find out until CD 9 that I had already ovulated... luckily we had well-timed BD on CD 7... had NO idea that we were TRYING at that point.
No meds-- just exhausted my 6 months of Clomid, had 4 IUIs (2 since the laparoscopy) and didn't feel a peace about moving to injectibles just yet.
No Caffeine-- very important-- I just quit caffeine 2 months ago and on month 1, I had a chem pg and this month a BFP! We also tried Preseed this month!!
After chem pg at 5 weeks last month
Mid-cycle bleeding-- it freaked me out-- 4dpo had some heavy spotting-- old blood... very scary!
Spotting last night (13 dpo) and very moody-- was VERY sure AF was on her way!
Progesterone supplements-- took it once the blood test verified that I o'd early. Progesterone level on 4 dpo was 9.2, so kinda low.

So far only symptoms are fatigue, cramping/pulling, and sore bbs. Bring on the symptoms... I'm thrilled!

Just wanted to share-- I always looked for symptoms like mine during the TWW, so hopefully this will provide some encouragement to someone. Above all else, I believe that God is in control and is the creator and giver of life. Although it has been a huge struggle to TTC, sometimes the harder the struggle, the sweeter the prize!

BFP Naturally after IF Treatments!

Hello! I have found your website very helpful and amazingly enough, I can finally contribute this crazy story!

I am 28, DH is 28. We started ttc #1 in December 2005. No luck after 12 months of trying. All fertility testing (HSG, sperm count, ovulation) came back normal, we were diagnosed with "unexplained infertility". We got pregnant in February 2007 on our first IUI (natural, no meds), but miscarried at 7 weeks. This year we have been through 3 more natural IUI's, 3 Clomid/trigger shot IUI's (all "textbook perfect") with no success (plus surgery - I had very mild endo removed).

After a 3 month break of no charting or keeping track of anything, we were ready to begin In Vitro this month - I was just waiting for my period to start to begin my meds. Well, that period never came!!! I am 5 weeks today! Talk about shock! So, apparently, during the 2 day window when my husband was home from his business trip, we somehow conceived (well, I know how, /technically/, but you know what I mean!).

The doctor gave us a 1% chance of EVER conceiving naturally, so this has been absolutely amazing! Our family is shocked, everyone was getting prepared for us to go through IVF. We were so close to starting the IVF we are having to get our IVF loan cancelled.

Anyways, even though I had no idea (thought it was impossible) that I could be pregnant, here are some symptoms I have noticed (estimated OV date 09/27/08):

3 DPO: fever blister
6-10 DPO: incredibly thirsty, very unusual
from 11 DPO on: occasional tiredness, going to bed earlier than usual on some days
from 11 DPO on: occasional cramping. The first few days (11-14 DPO) I was expecting AF, and cramps seemed exactly the same. Now they are more varied (poking,
AF cramping, tingles, etc.)
from 14 DPO on: very very gassy!
19 DPO: very very gassy and bloated, heartburn in the evening (I never get heartburn), pretty uncomfortable.

*I had no spotting whatsoever, that I noticed (I had no visible implantation bleeding with my previous pregnancy either, I watched that one very closely).

FYI, my numbers:
4 weeks 4 days = 551 HCG / 23.7 PRO
4 weeks 6 days = 1508 HCG
We are nervous, but hopeful!

That's the story. I hope it gives hope to all those "Unexplained" couples out there!

Thank you!