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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Endometriosis

I tell you what: nothing soothes the soul like a whole web page dedicated to the stories of ladies just like yourself who have successfully gotten pregnant with endometriosis.

That's what you'll find here: real life BFP stories from ladies with real life cases of endometriosis. These kind ladies have provided their stories to let you know you're not alone, and that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Because you're not alone. And there is a light. Really.

So check out these stories, and be sure to send us your story when it happens for you. I also highly recommend that you check out FertilAid for Women success stories for women with endometriosis. It's quite inspirational.

I can't believe it!!!!

Like many other women on here, I promised myself that I would post my story once I got my BFP. I just can't believe that it's actually time for me to post!! My husband and I have been TTC since September 2014. I was starting to get nervous in December after 4 unsuccessful cycles. I also have endometriosis which has always worried me in regards to infertility. Before I jump into my symptoms by DPO, let me tell you that I was always a terrible symptom spotter and always thought each cycle would end in pregnancy (high hopes!). Not until this month did I realize the difference between AF symptoms and pregnancy symptoms.. and let me tell you, it was definitely different in my case! I temped almost every single day, and had a coverline temp of 97.5. Usually after O my temps are in 97.7-97.9 range. This month they have definitely been higher! 1 dpo: 97.98 no symptoms 2 dpo: no symptoms 3 dpo: no symptoms 4 dpo: extremely achey and stuffy. Thought for sure I was getting a cold or a flu. My muscles were sore and exhausted. Sharp pain in low R side. 5dpo: 98.26 low back ache, headache 6 dpo: 97.89 sore nipple, low back ache, frequent peeing at night (like 5 times!), insomnia 7 dpo: 97.71 nausea, shooting breasts pains, stuffy, frequent peeing at night again, insomnia, dull aches in low L side. 8 dpo: 98.15 BFN abundant creamy/watery CF lots of dully aches/cramps in L&R side. Predominantly L side. Hot flashes, bloating, gassy, nauseaus, tired, frequent peeing at night again, insomnia. Let me tell you again, BLOATING, GASSY, NAUSEAUS, INSOMNIA!! I was so uncomfortable that I only got 3 hours of sleep into 9 dpo. 9 dpo: Woke up for the 2nd time at 3 AM with the urge to pee (again). Decided to POAS. Faint BFP!!!! Took another test after a 4 hour hold and got an even darker BFP! Still lots of bloating, gas, cramping and nausea. Definite heavy pressure and "stretching". Almost like someone is trying to blow a balloon up in me. I hope this helps those of you that were a crazy symptom spotter like I was! There was definitely a difference for me!

HCG on the fritz

Hi ladies, I'm being spontaneous here, but I wanted to know if anyone is going through similar situation. I had my BFP on 22nd Dec, 2days before missed period and had be testing every few days since as my doctor said I was too early to be booked in possibly just 4weeks, well I retested on 1st Jan and my test was faint, more so then the one on 22nd. I started having bad pains in left groin area on 2nd and went to A&E, they did a HCG level check and it can out at 102miu/ml which was very low for supposedly being 6 weeks, though bearing un mind I have PCOS and ADENOMYOSIS, and my cycles are irregular I averaged my pregnancy to possibly be 5weeks 4days but still, is my HCG too low? I had more blood work done and expect results today, but I'm nervous as the midwife nurses are not ruling out a m/c or ectopic pregnancy. Hcg needs to double. The internal ultrasound showed no gestational sac or embryo which should have been seen if I am infact 6weeks. Has anyone had low hcg and been re-dated in their pregnancy due to bean Making a late appearance,without being ectopic or m/c? I'm praying as I'm feeling empty right now.

Missing Embryo, but still Preggers

I posted previously about having PCOS, adenomyosis and suspected endometriosis. I got my BFP on CD32, which was estimated 13dpo. I'm not 100%, but I took opk because I wanted to know when I ovulate, but fell pregnant either on 9or 11dec. Which my app predicted as my ov window. Problem is I was having bad pains in my left groin area and went to A&E on 2 Jan. Which I thought I was borderline 6weeks or just under by a few days (again, irregular cycle) My Av cycle is now 33/34 says. But used to be 28/29 and even 51.....but bleeds themselves these says have ranged from 2-4days rather then my usual 5days. I had bloodwork and my hcg came back as 102...which the gynae said was too low for 6weeks and I was probably less then 5weeks which made no sense. Anyway long story short I'm so anxious. Had more bloods today and get results tomorrow and the hope is my HCG has doubled and I find out my progesterone level. But in my scan the gynae could not see a sac or an embryo but I am definitely pregnant. So my outcomes were possibly non. Grownth, miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. Ofcourse the actual diagnosis cannot be given until this blood result comes so stressed. I'm not bleeding or spotting.....but my bbs still hurt and I still feel nauseous. But aside from that I don't know what to think, if a gestational sac appears then maybe I ovulated later, but I been logging. When my partner and I have dtd, and I can see how sperm would have lived past the 72 hours as we had a gap after. Anyone else had anything similar?? Feeling like I'm the only one right now and I really want this bean.


Finally, after over two years of trying to conceive, I can happily post my very own BFP story! I want to give hope to other couples out there who are going through the same struggles I went through. My husband and I tried for years, saw numerous doctors, and barely got any answers in the beginning. I was so niave. I always had normal menstrual cycles, so I never thought I would be one to have infertility problems. Boy, was I wrong! After months of not having any luck conceiving on our own, my husband and I started seeing a doctor for our problems. My husband's sperm tested great. I had blood tests done, an HSG performed, ultra sounds, etc. All my tests kept coming back normal, which was good, but still wasn't giving us any answers... After trying months on Clomid, months on Femara, and even a few IUI procedures, we began to get frustrated. I even lost 136 pounds because I had been overweight. Nothing was working. After doing a bit of my own research, I asked my doctor to perform a laparoscopy to check if I had endometriosis. Turns out, I did! I had small spots on both ovaries, which were removed. I understood that there was no cure, and the disease would eventually return, but was advised to try to conceive in the following months, before it came back. Months later? Still wasn't working. Finally, I was told about a "mini IVF" procedure. It was a cheaper/less medicated version of the regular IVF. We did three cycles of this, and while being monitored during these few months, it was discovered that my ovaries were not responding at all to the fertility meds. I needed the "strong stuff!" So, the husband and I saved and saved, until we had enough money for a full, regular IVF cycle. (It's not cheap, especially with insurance not covering anything!) During this IVF cycle, I had 17 eggs retrieved, but only 2 survived the whole process, which is uncommon for someone my age, I'm only 28. My doctor says the endometriosis I have probably plays a huge role in my egg quality, unfortunately, so thank God we opted for IVF, finally, because the chances of us conceiving on our own were slim to none. I just completed that cycle of IVF, and went in for a blood test three days ago. To my surprise, it was positive! I'm still in disbelief! It just doesn't seem real, after trying for so long! I thought for sure that it was going to be negative, I had even taken a couple pee tests leading up to my blood test, but they were barely positive. I could only see them if I held them in a certain light, so I assumed the tests were junk, or that I was seeing things. For the first time, I am glad to be wrong! Also, the only symptoms I have are huge/sore boobs (in fact, I have to wear a bigger bra at the moment), and I'm exhausted all the time and need daily naps. That's it! But, I'm also on progesterone suppositories, so I assume that it could also be from that. I'm currently 4 and a half weeks, and I go in for my first ultra sound in a couple of weeks. So ecstatic!
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2 month post laparoscopy

I have struggled with endometriosis for 2 years since I found out I had it via laparoscopy.. About 3 months after I was married (with lots of negative pregnancy tests) I had a cyst of my ovary that was growing very quickly and I had a laparoscopy to remove it and all of the endo that had grown back. The endo wasn't too bad but I was down to one working fallopean tube and the ovary needed to get me pregnant was stuck to the side of my a abdominal wall. Basically, it was a blessing disguise I had the surgery and would have had a really hard time getting pregnant without it. About a month after the surgery, we had sex once at the end end of my fertile days. I was still recovering from pain after the surgery and convinced myself I was pregnant, I had every symptom imaginable. I spent hours on websites like these, taking tests daily and counting down the minutes. When I got my period, I was so upset and had a come to Jesus moment. Not only have I gone mad, my body is unhealthy and very confused with the endo and the surgery. I need to get healthy so my body can carry a baby. I started reading books about endo diet and fertility. I started to take a ton of vitamins daily like probiotic, magnesium, evening primrose, fruit and veggie supplements, Endovan, chinese herbs from acupuncture, etc. I cut out red meat, dairy, sugar, WHEAT, and junk food from my diet. I was done obsessing and wanting to solely focus on my health. This month, my husband (who owns his own company) had an employee who quit and needed me to help until he hired someone new. It happened with perfect timing for me because I was just starting to feel normal from my new healthy focus and was no longer in pain from the surgery. I worked 11 hours a day at my job and helped my husbands in the evening and on weekends. I had no time to obsess over blogs and to self diagnose any little symptom that came up. And I didn't need to, I felt great. We had sex twice in my fertile period, at the very beginning and the very end. Since I only have one tube, I can't get pregnant every month anyways. I had little symptoms when finally I decided to take a test after I was 3 days late and sure enough, a solid BFP on 4 different tests Symptoms: Heartburn right when I missed my period. It felt different then the normal heartburn I usually get I gained a few pounds and was very confused bc I was eating so healthy I felt amazing, no endo pain. I felt like a normal person Takeaways: I was pregnant 2 months after my laparoscopy. My first one 2 years ago almost killed me. I had internal bleeding and was in the hospital for a week. I kept faith, stayed with my Christian Dr., and had a second surgery when I really needed it. Laparoscopies are great if you are ready to get preg right after Have you ever heard the saying, it will happen when you stop trying?? This is so true. Don't obsess over blogs and website like this. don't take tests early. Take care of yourself and your marriage and have sex on the fertile days. Keep in constant communication with God and ask for direction. Endometriosis needs the right diet. Your doctor is probably not going to tell you this. It's so important. Don't obsess over symptoms. I really didn't have any and didn't think I was pregnant. Good luck and baby dust to all!

pcos adenomyosis and endometriosis

Ladies, miracles do happen...i have PCOS, Adenomyosis and doctors suspect endometriosis also, but surgically want to check in the new year. (they can't now) I did a cb plus pregnancy test yesterday got a faint positive, which I was triggered to test because my opk came up positive which I found strange 2 days before AF. Then this morning cd32, I did cb digital and it came up pregnant 1-2weeks which based on chart is 3-4wks. And in accordance with my 33day cycle, which has been 33days for 3month 4wks 4days. I'm in shock. Happy but scared. My symptoms started very early, 5dpo apparently, sore bb on right side, and 2dpo groin cramps. I've kept notes but I wasn't sure when my ovulation day was which is why I was tracking with opk. I guess it shows, everyone is different. Congrats to all you other successful bfps and merry Christmas.


After five long years of trying and a MC 9/1, we are finally pregnant! This time around I wasn't really feeling any different. I just thought, ok, I'll grab a test and we'll see... The FRER popped up a positive, super dark line in like 10 seconds! The fluid wasn't even finished passing through the window yet! I was so surprised!!! So, my LMP was 11/13 pitting me at five weeks but it was a weird period. For all I know I could be closer to eight or nine weeks. I find out tomorrow as I have an appt for blood work and an ultrasound then. I cannot wait! Of course, I find it comical that one day, you feel slightly pregnant but as soon as that test comes back positive, the next day you feel it! I couldn't button my jeans the next day! Too funny! Plus, if I am in fact only five weeks, I am HUGE! Yes, it is my second. My DD is 11. I look almost six months! I'm praying it's not twins, lol! Between Clomid (100mg cd3-7: our third round) and having twins on my side I'm a little apprehensive! Good luck to all you ladies and I'm praying this one sticks around!

SO excited!!!!

After five long years of secondary infertility, and an early miscarriage this past Labor Day (ironic, huh?), I took a test yesterday and it was immediately positive! I've been taking 100mg of Clomid on CD 3-7 and this was our third round. I Called the Dr but I can't get in for bloodwork and an ultrasound til Monday afternoon. This waiting is driving me nuts! The positive line is stronger than the test line, lol! I know I'm at least five weeks but I could be as many as nine or ten as my period was strange last month. This pregnancy feels so different from the one that ended in mc. With the first one, I had a constant churning feeling in my uterus the whole time, almost like it was just unsettled. This time however, it feels like a solid weight in there. Please cross your fingers that my body can hang on to this one!!! Thank you Jesus for hearing my cries and answering this long awaited prayer!


Hello :) After being diagnosed with moderate endometriosis, and my husband being diagnosed with male factor infertility in 2006, we have finally conceived naturally! Doctors in the past told us there was a slim to none chance that we could do this! We have been trying for 9 years! I'm only 5 weeks along and am praying everything goes okay. My husband did start the Fertilaid supplements back in October but slacked up a little in November because we were busy preparing to move overseas. I honestly think those supplements did what an IVF cycle and multiple IUI cycles didn't!

Almost a year mark got my BFP after lap

So here is my story, like everyone else I promise I will write my story when it happen. I'm 3 months pregnant but I wanted to make sure everyhting was good before I wrote or told anyone. I'm 34 and DH is 35 ,so our age really put more pressure on me, and I know everyone says it would happen when you least expected which is true but is something that is hard to do when you are trying and you seeing everyone around getting pregnant and they are worst physical shape than you or didn't even want to get pregnant. Well I got my BFP in September, I tried softcups, prime rose, mucinex, every other day sex, every day sex, ovulation kits , preeseed and Maca. I'm very regular in my period so I thought getting pregnant is no biggie, boy was wrong!, we started in October of 2013 and by December nothing so I figure since I was turning 34 I should get myself check by the gyno, which I'm glad I did . I started to get postive ovulation sticks twice a month which was odd since I'm so regular, the doctor did a sonogram and I found out that I had fibroids and the lining of the wall was thick, so he stated to come back in three months, went back still the same but try green tea for the fibroids and they got smaller but he was worried about the lining because he though it might be cancer. Of course I freaked out , so he did a laparoscopy and DMC and something else I can recall. Thank God was not cancer but found out my cervix was closed because I have endometrosis, so he said to keep trying after a month and here go again trying. Try Maca since heard it was good for hormones, it got my period shorter but great energy I think if you have really missed period it would work, so stop by August I was done and told my husband that September would be whatever, no nothing the only thing that I did different was try juicing for ferility that found in some website which I figure is healthy for you anyway and workout normal I think worst cause I really pushed myself. The fertile period we did the deed once which it was the 10 , I usually ovulate 11,12,or 13 this is only because I'm so regular because I did'nt do the ovulation kit that month and didn't do deed anymore because I got really sick for two weeks. Since I though was out did an appointment for October to force my doctor to put in clomid since he is old fashion, I drank and did everything normal. I don't count on symptons since I get every pregnant sympton when I get my period the only way I found cause I usually spot three day or 4 days before and I didn't but thought that maybe my period was getting back to normal since I stop the Maca and I had cramps . I waited 2 days after took a dollar test that I had since trying and was two lines, I was like no way! we did it once in the whole month there is no way. I guess they are right about when you least expected, also not that I want to go in details but the other thing different was that DH and I came at the same time I don't know if that what it help. I thank God for this blessing , and I understand your frustration and sadness but there is light at the end of the tunnel . Wish you alot blessinggs and baby dust!