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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Are you employing "Assisted Reproductive Technology" to achieve your BFP? If so, this is where you'll find the success stories of women in your same situation.

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bfp first ivf try

first of all, congrats to everyone who got bfp!

just got my result, wanted to share:
1st ever ivf cycle (never tried iui or anything else)
im 34, hubby 42, unexplained infertility for at least 5 years, but we never tried rigorously to conceive either
had to do a polypectomy prior to starting the cycle
ivf shots: menopur, gonal-f, then added ganerelix every morning
retrieved 20+ eggs, ended up with two AA blastcyst, another two lesser graded frozen (considering the number of eggs retrieved, i thought my egg survival rate was pretty sad)
after retrieval immediately gained 5 lbs water weight, needed to pee ALL the time for several days, bloated
5 day egg transfer of two blastcysts, it was a little difficult for the doctor to navigate to the right place (sharp turns in the "tunnel"), but he was patient and succeeded
after the transfer, i immediately felt like completely normal. no discomfort besides very minor sore breasts, so i thought it might have failed. starting 5 days after ET, only new sensation was very small amount of pressure on my ovaries, just like how i felt when i was taking the stimulating shots. thats about it in terms of symptoms.
got bfp today, yeah!

btw, i need to say, ive never encountered a better doctor (any field) than the one I have for this ivf cycle. he explained everything in detail, extremely caring and such a soothing presence, we had absolute confidence in him, and the procedures he performed on me all resulted in no pain whatsoever. he was the hero who made this usually stressful experience a total breeze, not to mention successful. so, if anyone is in long island ny and need a reference, let me know and i would highly recommend him to you.

lucky and grateful

My first ever faint Positive tests today after more than 3 years of trying, tests and doctors. We were "unexplained" until finally a detailed second semen analysis showed male factor morphology and motility to be the issues. I want to encourage all women reading this to be sure to pursue the male testing thoroughly if you are having difficulty, as we could have saved a year by having the more detailed testing (that was never mentioned to us until we enrolled in ivf) done. Male factor accounts for 40% of infertility issues and yet we seem to assume it is the female partner for some reason. I tried everything you can name, but science was what worked for us- iVF with ICSI, which is when the sperm are injected into the eggs to ensure they have a chance! We were able to freeze 5 extra embryos because they were so good. No one can understand the pain and silence of infertility until you have experienced it, but please be sensitive to the fact that one in six couples will face it, and that many around you are suffering greatly and silently.
As for symptoms, I have come to understand that most of what we think are symptoms are really just progesterone and pms. The only unusual symptom I had was a small amount of dizziness and weakness for a couple of minutes on the two mornings after the embryo transfer. But that could just as easily have been due to the many medications coming and going in my system. Everything else was exactly like every other cycle I have ever had, same cm changes same breast feelings, same twinges and pains and cramps, same increase in sense of smell, same moodiness. SAME. So my advice is to spend your time investigating ways you can become a parent, not just reading these symptoms, during your 2ww. Make a plan for if it doesn't work this time, so you can feel more in control and find your resolution, be it adoption, trying ivf, or choosing to live child free and finding freedom to be happy to nurture the children in your family or "village". I still have back-up plans in case this little bean doesn't stick.
My heart goes out to you if you are waiting and losing hope, but I have been there and I may be again, and I can say that your struggle will make you more patient and compassionate and grateful for life, and you will one day find peace and an answer. Try to access that part of you that always has peace, and get off the internet and live for today as much as possible.

Finally BFP!

Finally I get to post my story... It's been rough 3 years of trying and trying to conceive. It took us three IUIs, one fresh IVF, three FETs, and a second fresh IVF to finally be gifted with two amazing miracles, a boy and a girl!
After being diagnosed with unexplained infertility, me and my husband didn't know what else we can do to have a complete family.
I just want to encourage every single woman who is about to give up and let you know that IT IS absolutely possible. Never quit, never stop believing, never lose hope and you will get what you want and will be blessed with a child!

My symptoms after I got my BFP:
- sore breasts
- bloating
- gas

I didn't have much symptoms except the ones listed above. As a matter of fact, I didn't have lots of symptoms until I hit week 8 of my pregnancy.
Good luck to everyone and never ever stop believing!

pregnant after 16yrs of trying

Ahhhhhh cant believe i get to post and share with you guys. Never thought id see the day :) x

BFP with IVF!!!

Finally I get to post! So here's my story (its a long one)...
Im 28 and DH 34, we got married on Feb '12 and we Started trying for our first on Sep '12 using ovulation sticks and preseed but nothing happened. My cycles started getting super long so I went to my ob in March and was diagnosed with PCOS, so I got started on metformin and in April did a medicated cycle (follistim and trigger) with timed intercourse. By October I had done 4 of those and nothing had happened. Thats when my doc said we had to get all the fertility tests, my DH was perfect but on my HSG one of my tubes was blocked so doc recommended we do IUI. We then did 2 of those and still nothing.
Thats when they found 2 chocolate cysts which they told me were from endo and had to get a lap surgery, so I had the lap and was diagnosed with stage IV endo and had tubal damage. Thats when docs told me IVF was my only option and the fastest way to get pregnant before my endo came back. So I went on bcp for a month and then started my IVF cycle. I had my egg retrieval in May, they retrieved 29 follicles and 19 were fertilized normally. I had two day 5 blastocysts transfered and everything went great and on day 6 they froze 4 embrios which turned out to be better quality than the ones they transfered. After 9 days I got my BFP, I did have cramping and pulling which I thought was implantation but all those symptoms I imagined were the progesterone I was taking. I took a month off with bcp and then as soon as I got AF I started my FET cycle which was easier except for the progesterone shots which I still have to take. They also transfered 2 grade 4AB embrios on July 10th and today after such a long wait got my first BFP, I took a hpt and a faint line appeared!! I also went to get my beta and it was 44 and it was increasing but wasn't doubling, it was 43 14dpo, 66 16dpo, 125 18dpo then 310 20dpo and 3868 26dpo when I went for an ultrasound and saw a sac at 5 weeks 5 days!
The only symptoms I had were cramping and pulling but Ive had that before, not even my bbs hurt.
What I did for both IVF and FET, I took FertilAid up until transfer then I switched to Prenatals, took Omega 3, baby aspirin, vitamin C and folic acid. Ate pineapple core for 5 days starting on the day of transfer, good fats like avocado and brazil nuts, coconut water and hot water with lemon everyday (supposed to help make the body alkaline.) I dont know if any of this worked but its what I did.
I go back at 7.3 weeks to see the heartbeat so wish me luck!!
Good luck to everyone!!!

BFP on IVF #1 :)

I promised myself I would submit my story when and if I ever got a BFP. This site, and others like it have given me hope and really helped me during my (VERY numerous) two week waits.

My husband (45) and I (35) have been TTC for exactly a year. Very early on, we were diagnosed with severe MFI, mostly based on low morphology. My husband had a vericocele reversal in 1986, and our doc thinks that might be why his numbers were so low. We tried monitored and timed cycles, and 3 IUIs with trigger to no avail. Every cycle, I mistook PMS symptoms for early pregnancy symptoms and was always so disappointed, though in my heart I knew IVF would probably be the only route for us.

We began Lupron at a dose of 10 on cycle day 21, and that was lowered when we added stims on CD 2 (Gonal F 150 and Menopur - 1 powder- along with the Lupron at 5). I was on stims for nine days, and triggered on CD 12.
My retrieval was on CD 14, and they got 16 eggs out of there, 11 of which were fertilized. By day 3, we still had 10 which were growing healthily enough for them to push my transfer back to Day 5. On Day 5, we transferred one 5AA Blast and now have 7 blasts on ice.

My beta was this morning, and came up 250! Today is 14 "dpo" so to speak. We are anxiously awaiting the next two betas, scheduled for Monday and Weds.

If I have any advice to give it would be to make sure you have a fertility clinic with a great staff that is good at maintaining contact and giving you information in a timely manner. Although I wasn't thrilled with my fertility doctor herself (who I never really saw anyway), I WAS thrilled with the nursing staff. They explained everything so well, and always answered my questions. The nurses and support staff are just as important as the doctor, in my opinion!

Good luck to all!

Only had one embryo and it took!

My DH and I just did our first round of IVF. Our issue was male factor. I'm 33 and he's 41. I didn't respond well to the meds so I only had 2 eggs to retrieve and 1 that was mature. It fertilized and we did a 3 day transfer.
Well, that baby was a fighter and it took!
My bb's and nipples were soooo sore about 6dp3dt, so I took a test. It came back positive about an hour after. Did three more tests, that day and day 7 all of them popped up positive AFTER the allotted time. Finally 8dp3dt my pink line popped right up! Had beta day 10 and I'm definitely pregnant!

Other symptoms, I bruised in four places from acupuncture at 7dp, bb's veins were much darker and I had "odd" cramping not consistent with my normal AF cramps. They were twingy and inconsistent. But above all my bb's/nipples were so sore I couldn't sleep on my stomach anymore!

That's it! Good luck to everyone. Still doesn't feel real!

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I can't believe I get to post my story!!!!

After 3 years of trying, we are pregnant. I have been through so much in the last 3 years I just can't believe this is real.

I'm 39 and have 4 children ages 20,18 and 13yo twins. I had a tubal ligation after the twins.

I got married again and had tubal reversal. I wasn't getting pregnant, checked my tubes,,,,, all good,,,,tried and tried,,,,, more testing found out that my husband had MFI and so we put him on vitamins and started doing IUI 3 rounds all BFN. Then found an IVF study a year and a half later ( all along still trying)and we could afford it so did that and BFN. We were waiting for my period to start so we could do 1 last round of IVF and My period was late I didn't think much of it because of all the drugs I've been on and thought I was just messed up from IVF. Anyhow my period is never late so at 5 days late I peed on a stick and surprise !!!!! I drove right to the Dr and made sure it was true. My beta was 240!!!!! I am 5w1d today. I never thought this would happen. And we didn't do anything.

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37 and 1st BFP by IVF, ICSI and PGS

I like most of you have been suffering from Infertility for years. When I started trying at 26, I thought I would get pregnant easily. It didn't happen so I continued to enjoy my life and put it on hold. At 34, I started trying again for 2 years and nothing happened. I made an appointment with an RE and they discovered I had a fibroid on my uterus. I had surgery to remove the fibroid, some polyps and some adhesions. According to my doctor, my fallopian tubes were damaged from endo and they found scar tissue. On to IVF. The only problem was, my relationship at the time wasn't working so I decided to use a sperm donor. I started my 1st IVF in April 2013 and after $20,000, I ended up with 21 eggs retrieved and 3 surviving to blastocyst stage. Transferred all 3 and none of them took. On to my 2nd round! I started again Mar 2014 and had my egg retrieval Apr 2014. They retrieved 29 eggs, 21 mature and 15 ICSI'd. After 5 days, I was down to 8 embryos and got PGS testing done. 4 came back abnormal and 4 normal. They tested chromosomes so I knew I had 3 males and 1 female. On May 30, we transferred 1 grade 4AA male and 1 grade 3CC female embryo and I finally got my faint positive Jun 7. Here are my symptoms.
2 (days past) 5 (day transfer) - Felt sharp pain in my uterus
3dp5dt - Coughing and night sweats. Tingling in my breast and a pinching pain on the left side of my uterus. Also starting to feel cramps on the right side.
4dp5dt - Negative HPT - Same pinching pains mostly on the left and light menstrual cramps.
5dp5dt - Negative HPT - temp 98.1 - started to lose hope but then I felt light headed while standing in the kitchen.
6dp5dt - Negative HPT - uneventful day and wanted to stop torturing myself with the progesterone shots. But I decided to stay on the meds throughout the weekend.
7dp5dt - Negative HPT - temp 98.2 - pinching pains and throbbing feeling in my uterus.
8dp5dt - Negative HPT - temp 98.2 - pinching pains again
9dp5dt - Positive HPT - temp 98.2 - very very very faint positive, still feeling that pinching pain. I got this sharp pain that stated on the right side and then went in a circle around my whole uterus. It was weird.
10dp5dt - Positive BPT - temp 98.2 - Beta 35.9 - same pinching pains
11dp5dt - Positive HPT - temp 98.1 - same pinching pains and breast pain now
12dp5dt - Positive BPT - temp 98.3 - Beta 89.6 - same pains
13dp5dt - Positive HPT - temp 98.1 - same pinching pains and breast pain
14dp5dt - Positive BPT - temp 98.1 - Beta 235 - same pinching pains, light headed and strange bubble feeling in my uterus.
My 7 week ultrasound is on Jun 30 and that's when it will finally hit me that I am pregnant. I didn't get nauseous or implantation bleeding. On some days I do feel like my period is about to start but I'm not spotting. I take an HPT every day and the line has gotten darker and darker. I will come back and post the results from my 7 week appointment.

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BFP on Fathersday, trying 4-5yrs, 1st IVF

Sorry for the Long Story, but it has a Happy Ending:)

Hi All, I am 26yrs old my husband 28yrs old, we’ve been together since we were teens about 12years back, but only been married just over six months.
We never worried about pregnancies in our teen years obviously because we were still very young.
I never had regular periods from the time I started getting periods at around 13, which was very nice as a teenager.
Years later when I was around 21 (year 2009) I started having this feeling of wanting a kid I don’t know where it came from, so I started asking questions about the chances of falling pregnant with irregular periods and almost all the normal GP Dr told me to take birth control in order to regulate my cycle and me being naïve I did as they said… fast forward 2years later and I’m 23 (2011)with no pregnancy, so I decided to visit a gynaecologist at age 24 (early 2012), that’s when I was made aware that I have what is called PCOS I was abit saddened with me being so young, how I could have problems conceiving, but was thankful I found out early enough, Dr told me with ovulation medication like Clomid it shouldn’t be a problem for me to fall pregnant… So he prescribed me about 3months’ worth of Clomid, 3 months passed and no pregnancy, I was devastated that there could possibly be a bigger problem than what Dr initially diagnosed…
So he referred me to a fertility specialist who also prescribed clomid for about 2months with trigger shots, and this time they tested my Husband’s sperm, and results came back with no problems, So DEFINITELY I WAS THE PROBLEM. Next step (July 2013) was for me to have Laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and ovarian drilling, ud think I was scared of the sound of all these things but I enthusiastically said YES, let’s go for it, I was in hospital for half a day for the procedure and was told I should have no trouble conceiving after all this… 3months later after procedure still no pregnancy, then back to my Fertility Dr, and he wanted to at least do 3 IUIs after the procedure before we move to IVF The Big Daddy of them All, so even though I was tired and just wanted something more aggressive I agreed and 3 IUIs later still no pregnancy…
(May2014) I am currently 26yrs old, I started with my IVF cycle, I Honestly didn’t have any after effects while on the meds, I actually felt quite normal and sometimes thought maybe I was not taking them correctly, They managed to Retrieve 14 eggs, 13 got fertilized, 6made it to day 5 Blastocysts stage, they Transferred 2 Good looking embryos, I was told to have bed rest for about 2days, but take it overall easy until blood test which was 10days later, so I did exactly that, I took home pregnancy test 9dpt and I got a BFP the first time ever in my life, I waited about an hour and took another one and it was also Positive, I cried and went down on my knees with disbelieve and just Thanked My God, I am still in disbelieve writing this, I got a call Sunday on Father’s Day while in Church from my Dr confirming that my blood test was indeed positive and I was pregnant…
Good is Great Ladies, if you keep believing in his miracles anything and everything is possible, I know sometimes it is hard to keep faith, but worry not because there is no other perfect time than Gods time, he knows when he will Bless you with that baby NEVER LOOSE HOPE… Like most ladies say “If IT Happened to me it will most definitely happen to you”
Baby Dust to all still trying to conceive and I will keep praying for everyone and myself to go through a healthy pregnancies and delivery. God Bless You All

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