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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Are you employing "Assisted Reproductive Technology" to achieve your BFP? If so, this is where you'll find the success stories of women in your same situation.

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BFP After 1st IVF/ICSI Fresh Transfer!

Hello ladies! I discovered this forum only in my two week wait (this past one). I was so grateful to find this support network that I promised myself I would share when it would one day be my turn! So, a bit of back story: Me and DH are 33. I had an ovarian cyst removed a few years ago and stage 2 endometriosis. My RE this past month told me that it often returns and could be hindering our chances considerably. Also, the surgery affected my AMH which showed I had 14 follicles. My husband has a morphology of 2% and his motility is 75%, BUT they're SLOW. So we discovered this after 10 months of trying. I got us in for tests early basically because of my history and wanted as much knowledge as possible. We tried a total of 11 months including 2 months of Letrozole and then went right into IVF. Didn't bother with IUI because according to my RE, it would only increase our chances from 4% to 8% because of our factors. SO. Retrieval we got 7 eggs, 5 mature and all 5 fertilized. On transfer day (day 5) they informed us we had one good embryo to transfer and the others didn't look so hot. They were going to give them until day 6. On day 6, one embryo fought through and they froze it! So here are my symptoms: Transfer day: cramping and tired, but figured it was from the procedure and all the drugs since I did retrieval just 5 days previously. Migraine in the evening. 2 dpt: nauseous and sore boobs, but figured it was still from drugs. 3 dpt: one, strong pinch. Face starting to get oily. Sore boobs, but must be the drugs. 4 dpt: a constant poking feeling ALL day on my left side. Didn't hurt, just annoying. Oh, and I started to get acne like mad! 5 dpt: acne is in full force. I'm a born again teenager. Bbs hurt. Felt pretty good overall. 6 dpt: same as above and hurts my boobs to hug people. Felt pretty good overall. 7 dpt: same as above and chilly/tired. Just felt off. 8 dpt: boobs not as sore, so of course, begin googling "disappearing symptoms before BFP" and had cramps in lower abdomen and back for a couple of hours. Thought it may not have worked. 9 dpt: boobs a bit sorer, no cramps. Acne is raging. 10 dpt: boobs the same as is my teenage face. BETA test day! 11 dpt: boob pain decreased considerably. Have STRONG cramps that feel just like AF for 2 hours and then begin spotting. I sob hysterically over the toilet and think all these signs point to negative. I was waiting to read the results because DH was away, but I called him and told him what just happened. He said, "okay, why don't you just read the email over the phone and we can get it over with". I hadn't even considered it because I thought I was 100% getting my period. I opened the email and it was like a scene from a movie "OH MY GOD, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!" through hysteric tears. It's positive!!!!!!!! He then Facetimed with me on the bathroom floor in a crumpled mess. We're both crying. Feeling confused and overwhelmed after that unnecessary rollercoaster. Beta HCG was 40. 12 dpt: boobs sore again, acne still here (thanks hormones, but now it makes sense!), little indigestion. Second Beta HCG is 83!! Doubled! This day was the first time I did a FRER. I didn't want to POAS before beta. 2 very clear lines :D What I didn't do: Royal Jelly. Took one bite of pineapple core and was like "nope!". It's so tough to eat, don't know how you guys do it lol. What I did: Acupuncture once a week the month before. Acupuncture right before and right after the transfer. Day of the transfer we walked to lunch and then I came home and napped. Went to a play that evening. Stayed warm and kept my feet warm. We went away the day after transfer (anniversary!) and spent the weekend in the woods, in peace. Went for walks and enjoyed one another. Back to work after a few days. Celebrate the little wins. I did today and I'm hoping for you. I'm with you. I see you. xoxo

IVF/FET with 2 embryos-Twins BFP!!!

I’ve lurked this site all three years my DH and I have been trying to conceive so I knew when our time came I would share my story. My husband and I were diagnosed with unexplained infertility a year ago. We did two unsuccessful IUIs, changes clinics, and moved onto IVF. My husband had to undergo TESA, but long story short we ended up with 10 5 day embryos. We transferred one fresh and froze the rest. Unfortunately it resulted in a miscarriage at 5 weeks. The second transfer was a FET with only one frostie. This resulted in a BFN. We decided that the next time we were going to transfer two because we wanted to increase our chances even just a little bit. Well, it worked-both of them! We found out at 6weeks 4 days that we are pregnant with fraternal twins!! Both heartbeats were good (121 and 123). I go in Tuesday for our last ultrasound with the fertility clinic until I am released to my OB. It’s been a journey and I didn’t think our prayers would ever be answered. Just hope everything progresses well. Here are my symptoms: 1dp5dt- slight cramping 2dp5dt-cramping low, fatigue, thirsty, back pain 3dp5dt-woke up thirsty, back pain, cramps, took a pregnancy test (too early) and it was negative 4dp5dt-faint BFP!!!light cramping, backpain 5dp5dt-positive digital pregnancy test!!! (Shock!) 6dp5dt-thirsty, vivid dreams -I had a blood test at 9dp5dt and it was 678! Second blood test was 2238! I started getting nausea at exactly 6 weeks and it’s been rough, but I am thankful for every minute of it.

BFP 1st FET after Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

To all the ladies who are reading this hoping for a BFP, I’m praying for you to get it :) to start, here were my tww symptoms: headache, mild cramping, full extremely heavy boobs, light creamy discharge, mood swings, food aversions, increased sense of smell, light mild nausea. If you want to read the full story, here ya go: Today is 8dp5dt and I took a test around noon and got a strong positive! I’m so through the roof happy right now, I can hardly believe this is happening. I’m 28 DH is 42 and we are completely healthy. In 2016 we conceived our perfectly healthy daughter naturally and almost by accident. I thought getting pregnant was so easy... then when we were trying for #2 in the beginning 2018 we got pregnant first try again. I unfortunately had a devastating and physically traumatic miscarriage at 10 weeks. We decided to keep trying and had 2 more miscarriages in 3 months. By that point our midwife recommended we see a specialist. We went to fertility clinic, had all the tests done and we are both in great health. I had to have a few polyps removed and then we were good to go. 2 more miscarriages after that. Devestated and depressed and absolutely desperate, I said we were doing IVF. Our RE seemed to think the babies were all abnormal chromosome wise so it seemed like this could work. Egg retrieval in June, I was so nervous but we had 14 eggs retrieved, 8 mature, 6 fertilized and 4 made it to day 5. We did PGS testing. Of those 4 only 2 were genetically healthy and normal. 2 out of 14 healthy babies. We transferred one baby on 9/9 and I did acupuncture, a gluten free diet, manifestation and lots And lots of prayer.

BFP by FET after 1.5 years of trying

Like most people I have stalked this page for the last 1.5 years. Everyone’s stories kept me sane, strong and hopeful and I promised myself I would post on here if I ever got my bfp! I am 32, DH is 34 and we found out DH had 0% morphology and very high DNA damage - so bad that the consultant advised not even IVF by ICSI would help us. Turns out he had a varicocele causing this damage. He had an embolization performed and 3 months later his tests had significantly improved - enough for IVF by ICSI we were thrilled. I started the IVF procedure which I found pretty straightforward. 15 eggs retrieved, 14 fertilised and 6 made it to blastocyst stage - all top quality. I had a freeze all cycle as I was at risk of OHSS. The very following cycle I had a natural FET where I finally got my bfp at 4 weeks. The day I tested 9dp5dt I was absolutely devastated I cried I even emailed the clinic asking for my next protocol as I was convinced it didn’t work as I felt SO normal. I had very few symptoms and was on cyclogest 2 x 400mg a day. The only things that made me keep thinking maybe was: very light cramping, pulling, bubbling sensation on the left side of my lower abdomen since day of transfer. On the end of 2dp5dt I had the tiniest drop of brown mucus upon wiping and that was it. I also had very soft bowls throughout the two week window and still do - was yellow in colour In the days leading up to bfp. I had ZERO sore boobs throughout the window and have only just started to feel tender at 4 weeks. This was also a sign as I normally always start getting them at around 8 dpo until AF. I also had a VERY dry upper lip for the duration of the two week window which I thought was bizarre as it’s dimmer!! It’s only the last few days where it started to go away. Other than that at times I felt quite periody especially the day I tested and convinced it did not work! I was in absolute shock when I saw the two line!! I promise you it will happen to you! Keep going! Your time will come, lots of love xx
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I went through 4 IVF

Hello all, This forum helped me a lot during my infertility. I am 36 and DH 37 year old. Me low AMH and DH severe male factor. My first IVF was a BFN after 2x 3day embryos were transferred in 2017 (1x 7 cell and 1x 8 cell stage). My 2nd IVF in a different clinic with a different protocol resulted in our DD. 2 embryos transferred on day 3 (1x 6 cells 1x9cells). We tried for a sibling 1 year after my DD was born. Again a new clinic because we moved house. IVF number 3 got cancelled 24h after egg collection, reason total fertilisation failure. 4th IVF we got 2 cavitating morulas by day 5 and I'm now 11dp5dt and have a BFP. I first tested positive on 6dp5dt. I never had any embryos to freeze, hence only fresh cycles. I just wanted to share that each cycle is different. Try again if it fails and don't give up hope. Before my last cycle I read the book 'it starts with the egg' from Rebecca Fett and found it helpful.

BFP with IVF #2 after 8 years of infertility!

I’ve been waiting 8 years to post on this site for a BFP!!! Can’t even tell you how many months I went on here trying to match my “symptoms” with someone else’s only to have my heart broken when AF came :( ... I did my first round of IVF in February and had cramping and thick discharge with blood mixed in three days after the transfer. I didn’t feel anything after that. It resulted in a negative. The second time (in March) I had mild cramping from day 2 till day 9 after transfer. Night 5,6, and 7 I had insomnia for part of the night and usually I’m a really good sleeper. On day 8 my blood test came back positive! I can’t even begin to describe how happy we were. (I’ve never been pregnant). I then ran out to pee on a stick just to see the two pink lines for the first time ever. The only other symptoms I feel are sleepiness and I get out of breath in the evenings, but it’s still early. I’m only 4 weeks and 4 days. I kept praying Psalm 113, which says “you make the barren woman a joyful mother” and I know God really heard me. I understand the pain of infertility and I just want to say, don’t give up hope!! 8 years of trying and 5 failed IUI and one failed IVF but I finally got my BFP!!!

First BFP after 3 years

Hello all, I'm so excited to FINALLY be able to write my own story, after three years lurking and reading your emotional stories. I must say, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for sites like this one, thanks to all of you and your successes I tried once again. We started TTC by the beginning of 2016, and we were very excited. I thought it would take 2-3 months maximum, as my doctor never said I had problems whatsoever. I grew impatient after 6 months, I started to wonder if something was wrong after a year of trying. I went to my doctor and he deferred me to a fertility specialist who ran some tests. Everything was apparently fine, and she recommended us to keep trying. However (and this was KEY), I felt something was not right with me and two years after we started this adventure, I decided to switch specialists. I found an amazing doctor who ran some more tests, and my gut was right: something was not right. Two days after changing doctors I found out that I needed two remove a couple of uterine cysts, that I had endometriosis (grade IV, so severe, and with a low AMH) and I needed a laparoscopy ASAP; and that it would be nearly impossible to conceive naturally. I was desolated, but I proceed with all their recommendations. My laparoscopy was a success (one tube was removed, too), and as I was healing quickly, my doctor recommended to start IVF. The first round was on July 2018, not a great one as I overreacted to the meds and only got two viable 3-day embryo. That cycle (FET because I was risking OHSS) was negative, but we were right to continue. We started our second cycle on September, and it was even worse than the first one: just one day 3 embryo survived. We decided to go ahead with the transfer, knowing it was our last chance (it was draining us economically, too), it was also a FET (again, risk of OHSS), but for some reason, this one decided to stick with us. I'll never forget my face when I saw that second line for the first time. I was pregnant, at last. This little one's decided to tell us that 2019 is gonna be magical. We couldn't be happier, three years later, here we are. With this, I just want to tell all of you that I've been there, with the tears and the "why is it not me". But here I am, and it's a miracle. I always write everything down, so here I go with my "symptons", which I didn't really have :D but I know how important they are when someone is as anxious as us. FET day - 3 dpFET: Nothing special, bloated because of the meds and very light cramps here and there. Normal. 8 dpo (4 dpFET): cramps and a runny nose in the morning, nothing special as my DH was down with the flu (seriously, he was sick on Christmas Day!) 9dpo (5 dpFET): cramps, sore breasts (but def because of the meds) 10 dpo (6 dpFET): sore breasts, very dry throat when I wake up 11 dpo (7 dpFET): sore breasts 12 dpo (8 dpFET): sore breasts 13 dpo (9 dpFET): VERY hungry, light cramps at night 14 dpo (10 dpFET): cramps in the morning, hungry, frequent urination, dry throat (there I thought I was starting with the flu) 15 dpo (11 dpFET): NOTHING, but I decide to test late afternoon with diluted urine (OPK, as I didn't have any FRER) and it's positive. I start wondering something's up. 16 dpo (12 dpFET): Beta day, but can't wait and do a One Step with very diluted urine by lunch time just to confirm I was out. It comes positive within seconds, even with that kind of urine. My beta is also positive. Thinking back, I did some different things this cycle that I think helped: * Cut caffeine (apart from green tea) * Drink herbal infusions with ginger on it. * I threw away all my supplements, vitamins etc (apart from the ones prescribed by my doctor: Folic Acid, Iodine and B12) and tried to follow an anti-inflammatory diet as much as I could, as I thought it would keep the endo in check. It's worked. No salt, sugar or dairy products (almond milk on ocassion); and emphasizing on fruits, vegetables, lean protein (mainly white-meat poultry, beans and eggs), nuts, seeds, and healthy fats. * Drink water and sports drinks such as Powerade Zero (I did my own mix at home) * Have lots of work (I seriously didn't have time to Google anything, which is always a plus!) And that's basically it. It's a dream come true, just in time for the New Year. It seemed impossible, but here we are, knowing that WE CAN. Lots of baby dust to all of you, and good luck! xx
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I am 40 and I have been trying to get pregnant for the last 13 months, 3 IUI's and 3 IVFs. On my 3rd IVF I finally got my BFP!!! My story starts with 3 no successful IUI’s. On my 1st IVF we decided to go with PGS (long waiting). One embryo transferred, I felt breast soreness (I believe it was because of the meds) and cramping. Full bleeding at day 3 after ET, of course full depression, but the nurse encouraged me to continue on the meds. I got a positive PT, that after 2 days I lost in my second check. I tried again and during my 2nd IVF, one embryo transferred and I felt the regular monthly cramping 2 days before the PT, which resulted negative. I gave it a try, and for my 3rd IVF I got 2 embryos transferred. For all my cycles I have had slow growth and no more than 6 follicles to be candidates for extraction. On my 3rd cycle I got 3 follicles extracted and the 3 were fertilized. The day of the transfer I got 2 embryos transferred, and I started praying, meditating and being thankful for any result that could result. ZERO symptoms, honestly ZERO. I was very thirsty (I believe was because of the meds) 6dp5dt I had a watery discharge, desperate since I didn't understand why I did not feel anything!. I did a PT on day 10dp5dt which results on 1 strong line and the second one very fainted. 11dp5dt we did the electronic test and we saw a beautiful YES. Resulting on a positive beta. I am super excited and thankful. Strongly believing that I am having a happy ending. I read so many posts and with my experience, I just want to ask you to have hope in your heart, trust your god, every women body is different. Which you the best in this journey!
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BFP IVF (FET) (2nd attempt)!!!!

Wow I am so excited to finally share my story! This website has been a mixed blessing to me. Giving me hope and also making me feel a little crazy! Anyway...( I wish this didnt appear in one giant paragraph!) Background: I am 33 and my wife (we are both women) is 36. A few years back we tried IUI (with donor sperm obviously). We did 5 attempts and I ended up having a chemical pregnancy on the second attempt. Due to anovulatory dysfunction, the other attempts didn't work and the drugs made me feel terrible. So we took a break for a couple of years to just focus on ourselves and travel. About a year ago we decided to use my wife's eggs since she's a little older than me and try recricpricol IVF. She was 35 at the time of retrieval and we ended up getting a bunch of good eggs. We also did ICSI on half of the eggs and PGS (genetic testing) and got 5 high quality genetically normal embryos. In the meantime, I had a hysteroscopy and we found a uterine polyp which actually may have been the cause of the chemical pregnancy (but really you never know). I ended up having surgery to have that removed. Fast forward to this past august and we had our first transfer scheduled. At this time I was working a full time job that i hated, going to grad school part time and attending a really intensive volunteer training. Needless to say I was pretty stressed out. We did the transfer anyway (5AA embryo). I didn't feel like it worked but since the odds are "so good" I kept my hopes up. Every symptom I felt could have been attributed to the progesterone (my doctor's office uses Progesterone in oil shots as a protocol). They also had me on 8 mgs of estradiol a day. I tested at home on 6DPT (aka 11dpo) and got a BFN and just had a bad feeling about it. Cried for a few days and it was confirmed negative with my beta. I was devastated. I decided to go right into my next cycle though because I knew I could handle it and didn't want to wait. We ended up doing another hysteroscopy to make sure my uterus was polyp clear and it looked great. I also did an endometrial scratch at the rec of my RE but its hard to say if that actually helps. It doesn't "not help" though i guess? Anyway fast forward to the second attempt... I lost my job a couple weeks prior to the transfer which was actually not the worst thing. It was a pretty high stress job and I'm luckily not the main breadwinner so it was actually an opportunity for me to relax and get my body ready for pregnancy. These are the things that I did differently in my second attempt compared to my first attempt. Please keep in mind I don't know if this stuff actually contributed but i know sometimes you want to feel like you have SOME control so i concentrated on those little things... * No caffeine (man that was hard) * No clairtin (i read that it can contribute to reduced blood flow..who knows) I had been taking it daily for years. * Meditation! * Positive affirmations (example "my body knows how to nurture an embryo"...seems unnatural at first but try it!) * Ate more veggies * No alcohol Ok here are my symptoms (since you probably just scrolled to this part anyway haha) ** 1DPT 5 Day Embryo 5AA singleton- nothing noticeable. Progesterone makes my boobs huge and this is the point where it starts to build up. ** 2DPT- some mild cramping in the middle of my abdomen. less noticeable than period cramps ** 3DPT - a headache on and off. could be from progesterone though. When i was trying to sleep at night had weird pulling, tightening feeling near my belly button. Like my stomach was tight? Felt like this was a sign because during my chemical pregnancy I had this feeling. Little jabs on my sides and abdomen. Like poking. ** 4DPT- Lower back pain and mild cramping. Upper thighs super sore like I ran a marathon (I dont run haha). ** 5DPT - AM upper abdomen cramps again. I want to test but I am trying not to. Lower back sore again. SO TIRED. Napped and i never nap. ** 6DPT - Itchy nipples - big sign. Slight nausea but I feel relatively normal. super emotional. nausuea at night. Super tired by 1pm. ** 7DPT - Boobs huge esp in morning. light cramping and nausea at night again. Weird jabs all over abdomen still. ** 8DPT (aka 13DPO) - light pinkish brown spotting all day. Could be implantation bleeding but I have heard that FET can cause women to have more spotting than non FET pregnancies. Sore legs again. ** 9DPT - BETA TEST and HOME first response test. First response test was SUPER positive. Like...super dark plus. Had beta come back at 245! Still spotting on and off. ** 10DPT - Itchy nipples. Waves of nausea and dizziness. Need to start eating more frequently i think. Super flushed and gross feeling at night. ** 11DPT - 2nd beta came back at 706 so I feel like I can breathe a little. AHHHHH but i cant because im probably having a baby! Feeling dizzy a lot throughout the day. **Advice and Notes:**

Through God All Things Are Possible

I've been part of this ttc community since 2013, and I am so excited to say that after 5.5 years and $20k that this ttc veteran is graduating! I used to think BFP stories like mine were super scary. I would scroll through and think "wow, I can't imagine waiting years for a bfp" and "no way that'll be me". I think most long term ttcers agree that we all felt that way until one day we looked up and realized it *was* us. It happens slowly and somehow all at once. So if you're reading this, whether you're brand new to trying or you've already crossed into infertility territory, please know that the journey is not so scary. At times very hard and harrowing, but nothing you can't handle... one day at a time! Anyway, here's the short version of what these past few years entailed: We were up against borderline low motility with no other known issues. We proceeded more slowly than many couples do, mostly because (in case you didn't already know) this shizz is expensive, lol. We did 3 unsuccessful IUIs before taking a break and switching to a clinic with much more personalized care. We did a mini (minimal stimulation) ivf in 2017 with a "freeze all" protocol and had our first transfer in Feb 2018 with two great embryos that didn't take. That let us with one, and perhaps they saved the best for last because the late November transfer was the miracle we'd been waiting for. I'm pregnant! It still sounds so surreal. My beta HCG numbers are within range and rising appropriately. We are still deep in prayer that this little one stays healthy and strong, but I have done by best to lay my worries at God's feet and let them go. Don't worry, I won't deny you the symptoms! Two days after our 3-day transfer (5dpo equivalent) I had really terrible period like cramps on and off for a few hours. By four days past transfer (7dpo equivalent) I was running hot and just not feeling great. This went on for a few days. I can't say it's nausea so much as just feeling gross all of the sudden, and I was more prone to an indigestion feeling after I ate, which is a symptom that has continued and worsened. By 6dpt (9dpo), my bbs were getting tender. Bbs are such a tricky symptom, and mine usually get sore around 9dpo so I didn't think much of it. But they stayed sore, which was unusual. I took all of these "symptoms" with a grain of salt, but looking back they paint a clear bfp picture to me. I also had a very calm and serene feeling for much of the tww that maybe it had worked. During my meditation practice I felt very grounded and nurturing and connected to our embryo, like I was Mother Earth and this little seed had taken root and sprouted within me. Sounds nutty but hey -- the beta came back pregnant! :D I love every symptom though. Indigestion? Yay! Hot flashes? Bring em on! Sore bbs? The sorer the merrier! Side effects of being long-term ttc I guess. Anyway, that's my story. This community offered me so much support and wisdom over the years, and I'm so grateful. I'm humbled by what these past years have taught me and I can't wait to take those lessons in faith, patience, and perseverance with me as I move forward. You're all in my prayers. If you're reading this and wondering if it could be you, YES, it could be you. Through God all things are possible. Take a breath and know that you can't be anywhere other than exactly where you are right now. Relax. All is coming. Faith, trust, and baby dust, Spazzle