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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Are you employing "Assisted Reproductive Technology" to achieve your BFP? If so, this is where you'll find the success stories of women in your same situation.

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FET #1 success! BFP 8dp5dt

Me: 28, DH: 32. Tried on our own just four cycles, then DH was impatient and got tested... Discovered low sperm count, poor morphology and very poor motility. Retested a couple of times with similar results. Decided to proceed with IVF with ICSI. Discovered during routine tests that I have a unicornuate uterus, so multiples would be impossible for me to carry... We will have to put back one embryo at a time. I overstimmed bigtime - after retrieval I was hospitalized overnight two seperate times due to dehydration, nausea/vomiting, and pain. Ladies, know that severe OHSS puts you at very high risk for blood clots, so please don't suffer through it at home... Seek care! I had three paracentesis procedures to remove liters of fluid from my abdomen. It was easily the most uncomfortable I've ever been in my life, but let me tell you, IV dilaudid is a wonder drug. Seven days after retrieval I finally started to feel 'normal'. I had been too sick to do a transfer, so it was a freeze-all cycle. As for the results: retrieved 48 eggs, 36 mature, 28 fertilized, 16 still growing at day 3, 6 high-grade blasts frozen on day 5, and three more frozen day 6, so 9 total frosties, five of which are graded 5AA! What a relief after all the awfulness.

Waited three months due to moving and scheduling. Did our first FET of a single 5 day, 5AA blast on 9/22. The emby thawed beautifully - the embryologist said it had 100% cell survival (anything over 50% is viable). I resisted POAS until this morning, 8dp5dt... I peed on a FRER with FMU and then quickly hid it in a drawer. I waited for DH to wake up, told him what I had done, debated whether to look or to wait for beta tomorrow... And decided to go for it. I steeled myself for that stark white negative. I grabbed the stick with my hand covering the results. We stood together, took a breath, and I opened my hand to see... Two lovely lines. We couldn't believe it! Based on the strength of the line I think I would've been able to test + at least a couple days earlier, but didn't want to drag it out, so waited almost to beta day.

What I did in TWW: nothing special except eating pretty well, hydrating, and obviously not drinking. I didn't do any bed rest at all - my RE believes normal activity and blood flow are important. In fact, immediately after the transfer I did a bit of shopping, went to lunch, and once the valium wore off I drove myself home (6.5 hour drive)! I made sure to stop every couple hours to walk and move around, and stretch a little.

Okay, so symptoms: first I have to say that they're barely there, and all easily could be attributed to the progesterone or wishful thinking.
- starting 1dp5dt: heaviness/pressure in uterine area that is usually but not always there. I attributed this to progesterone. A couple sharper twinges, but those weren't until 7dp5dt. Zero implantation spotting.
-starting 5dp5dt: a bit of fatigue, feeling a TINY bit queasy if I let myself get hungry, a whiff of indigestion, a hint of dizzy/lightheadedness, maybe a tad more sensitive to smells... All very minor things that I swore I felt in other tww's. Basically I would not have been surprised to get a BFN. So don't lose hope if your symptoms are mild or even nonexistent. Good luck to everyone reading this!

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BFP after 5 years being married

I can't believe I actually get to write my story here! It was a long road but now it seems like nothing! After 2.5 years of not trying, not preventing we decided to see a fertility specialist. 2 iuis, multiple blood tests, ivf and a hysteroscopy/polypectpmy, a FET finally did the trick!

I am so happy and grateful to be able to experience pregnancy and am over the moon! Never give up!!

BFP on my 1st IVF try!!!

I had my beta today and also did a home test because I just didn't thin I could wait for the call with my beta result and I couldn't believe I am actually pregnant!!
Both my husband and I are 28 and have been trying to have a baby for over 4 years. I was diagnosed with PCOS around the same time. (I once went 9 months without a period!!!) Last year we tried 3 cycles with clomid but they were all a complete fail. I wouldn't even ovulate at all. So our doctor referred us to the Fertility Clinic in San Antonio and we decided to go ahead and bypass IUI and go straight to IVF. The first sonogram they did there came out really good, I had lots of eggs, my blood work was all back normal, so I was put on BCP for 21 days. On the next sono they found a cyst!! about 2 cm in diam. To say I was disappointment is an understatement. They decided to put me on BCP for another 18 day and hope that it would disappear. 18 days later I'm back to the clinic and the cyst is still there, but they told me that it was a paratubal cyst and that it wouldn't affect the IVF process at all, so we started the meds the next day. I was on 125 of gonal-F and 75 units of menopure. I am have cero pain tolerance and I was so nervous about all the injections, but honestly they were not that bad, I didn't have any side effects and sometimes I even wondered if they were working at all. Fortunately they did and we ended up with 15 mature egg, 10 were fertilized with a partial ISCI and by the transfer day we had all 10 still developing. We did a 3 day transfer of 2 eggs. The retrieval was not bad, the paid after was not bad just really uncomfortable. lots of cramping, especially when I when to the bathroom. The transfers was harder for me... Having to hold a full bladder with someone pushing on your stomach, legs spread open... just not a fun time for me. They recommended 2 days of bed rest counting the transfer day. I slept the whole fist day, but the second I didn't stay in bed the whole day, just took it easy.
The hardest part of this whole process is definitely the two week wait... I kept googling symptoms and comparing my self with all the women out there and that's part of the reason I decided to post this...most of the posts I read were about women feeling every symptom under the sun from 1dpt ... The sore boobs, implantation spotting, the sensitive smell... I felt nothing... not a single one of those things. I decided not to test early until the day of my scheduled beta because I was scared of the result being negative.
So today woke up and took an hpt before leaving home for my beta and I got a BFP!!! I just got the call back from my doctor and confirmed the beta was positive and my hcg level was 583!! I'm still processing.... but I am so excited!!
I just wanted to share my story and tell all the women going trough IVF not to loose faith. Don't get caught up in the symptoms. Take one day at a time and try to keep your self busy.
I wish everyone good luck with your current cycles and lots and lots of baby dust!!

Happy For the Hubby

Well, I finally got a BFP!!! My story goes like this... I have 3 children of my own. I have a son and two daughters. My son is 12, and the girls are 8 and 9. After my youngest was born I had my tubes tied because I did not want any children with my ex husband. It's a bad story so I won't go into that but I got remarried. The best thing I could have ever done! I met my best friend and such a lucky person to be with the man that I am with! My husband has no biological children but adopted my children and they call him dad and he loves them no less. Back in 2011 we tried to have my tubes untied but were told that it was not possible as my tubes were too short. It destroyed my husband and it took me a while to get him out of his depression. We are military so we really do not have the money for IVF so we thought that was it. We wouldn't have a baby. Well, the Air Force moved us to Ohio where we are now and I went in for a check up with my doctor. They seen that I had an unsuccessful tubal ligation reversal and asked if I was still interested in having another child. I said yes of course. The doctor put in a referral for me to go to the women's clinic. I spoke to a RE and she gave me the spill about IVF. I said we can't afford it. She went on to tell me that the Air Force would pay for all the meds, blood work and ultra sounds and the price for the rest would be discounted because she would be the one doing it. That's half off! So I said what do I have to do? She said I have to be put on a waiting list and see if I'm picked for the program. 2 weeks later I get a call that I made it into the program! We go to the meetings and talk to the RE and go by the clinic that would be performing the procedure and then we got the cost. we didn't believe it but the day after we got the price list my husband received a bonus! We were able to pay the full cost of the procedure. So I start the IVF process and go through it all. I had my ER on Sept 3rd and my ET on Sept 6th. I am now 10dp3dt. My mother in law is and RN so she has been trying to stay calm as this would be her first grand child from my husband. She knows that Sept 19th I get my beta results. We have planned a trip to Chicago to see his family and let them know either way. His younger brother is even coming from out of town. The plan was to not POAS but with the pressure of his family coming from out of town, I felt like I needed to know before friday. So behind the DH back I went to the store and got a cheap dollar test and took it at 7dp3dt. Of course it came back negative and I was hurt. I didn't tell my husband because he doesn't want to know until friday. So I sat around depressed until yesterday. Something told me to get up and try again with a real test. So I went to the store and got a FRER. I took it and closed my eyes. Nothing again. I was frustrated. Picked up the test to throw it away and took one last close look at it and there it was. A faint second line! You could barely see it but it was most def there. I'm so excited at this point!!! So I'm happy the rest of the day but still unsure. So I took another one last night but this time I didn't stick around to see. I went to bed. The next morning I went down and looked and there it was again but very dark. I'm pregnant!!! I'm so excited but not that I'm pregnant. I've done this dance before...3 times! I'm so excited because I can't wait till friday when I get the official results so I can tell my husband. I'm excited for him! This is his pregnancy! One thing about my husband and I is that we have had the biggest "Gift War" between the two of us to see who can get who the better gift. This is the winner here. This is the best gift that anyone could ever give him and I get to be the one to give him the gift! We have tried for 5 years and finally I get to tell him that he will be a dad! That's what I am excited about!!!

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Cautiously optimistic

I'm so nervous even putting this down, but I'm also unbelievably excited that it's my turn to contribute on here. I'll make it quick:

IVF Fresh Cycle = BFN :(
IFV FET = BPF :) Symptoms as follows
- Day of Transfer: sleepy from Valium so forced couch potato mode all day; took day off from work
- Day 2: Worked from home; did a lot of standing in the kitchen while cooking low stress meals; heard too much bed rest isn't good; need to get blood flowing, but no bouncy or crazy workouts and such.
- Day 3-5: Long weekend; had visiting company; took it easy; didn't feel anything; pretty much normal; maybe due to distractions
- Day 6: Very slight nose-bleed; heavier than normal mucus, similar to before period; thinking cycle will be a bust
- Day 6-9: Extremely sleepy at work; PIO and estrace also makes you sleepier than normal; chalked it up to that; heavier than normal mucus, similar to before period; Didn't POAS; didn't want to disappoint myself prior to beta
- 9pt5d: Beta 240 = BFP :) :) :)
- Day 10 - 12: Mild crampy feeling; heavier than normal mucus, similar to before period; very sleepy; took it easy
- 12pt5d: Beta 814 :) :) :)

Beyond excited... but super cautious! Good luck ladies.

First round IVF!

After 4 unsuccessful cycles of IUI, my wife and I moved on to IVF. We did a single embryo transfer, with acupuncture on the day of transfer, and finally got our BFP! At 4dp5dt we had a faint line on FRER test that got darker on days 6 and 7, by day 8 and 9 we got a quick "Pregnant" on Clear Blue digitals. Our beta on 9dp5dt was 277 and two days later 539! The only thing really different this time was 2dp5dt I had an episode where I felt extremely nauseas, dizzy, sweaty and hot for probably 20 minutes. Otherwise I feel nauseas and have sore boobs, but that has happened before. Here's hoping to a healthy 9 months, and baby dust to you all!!

bfp first ivf try

first of all, congrats to everyone who got bfp!

just got my result, wanted to share:
1st ever ivf cycle (never tried iui or anything else)
im 34, hubby 42, unexplained infertility for at least 5 years, but we never tried rigorously to conceive either
had to do a polypectomy prior to starting the cycle
ivf shots: menopur, gonal-f, then added ganerelix every morning
retrieved 20+ eggs, ended up with two AA blastcyst, another two lesser graded frozen (considering the number of eggs retrieved, i thought my egg survival rate was pretty sad)
after retrieval immediately gained 5 lbs water weight, needed to pee ALL the time for several days, bloated
5 day egg transfer of two blastcysts, it was a little difficult for the doctor to navigate to the right place (sharp turns in the "tunnel"), but he was patient and succeeded
after the transfer, i immediately felt like completely normal. no discomfort besides very minor sore breasts, so i thought it might have failed. starting 5 days after ET, only new sensation was very small amount of pressure on my ovaries, just like how i felt when i was taking the stimulating shots. thats about it in terms of symptoms.
got bfp today, yeah!

btw, i need to say, ive never encountered a better doctor (any field) than the one I have for this ivf cycle. he explained everything in detail, extremely caring and such a soothing presence, we had absolute confidence in him, and the procedures he performed on me all resulted in no pain whatsoever. he was the hero who made this usually stressful experience a total breeze, not to mention successful. so, if anyone is in long island ny and need a reference, let me know and i would highly recommend him to you.

lucky and grateful

My first ever faint Positive tests today after more than 3 years of trying, tests and doctors. We were "unexplained" until finally a detailed second semen analysis showed male factor morphology and motility to be the issues. I want to encourage all women reading this to be sure to pursue the male testing thoroughly if you are having difficulty, as we could have saved a year by having the more detailed testing (that was never mentioned to us until we enrolled in ivf) done. Male factor accounts for 40% of infertility issues and yet we seem to assume it is the female partner for some reason. I tried everything you can name, but science was what worked for us- iVF with ICSI, which is when the sperm are injected into the eggs to ensure they have a chance! We were able to freeze 5 extra embryos because they were so good. No one can understand the pain and silence of infertility until you have experienced it, but please be sensitive to the fact that one in six couples will face it, and that many around you are suffering greatly and silently.
As for symptoms, I have come to understand that most of what we think are symptoms are really just progesterone and pms. The only unusual symptom I had was a small amount of dizziness and weakness for a couple of minutes on the two mornings after the embryo transfer. But that could just as easily have been due to the many medications coming and going in my system. Everything else was exactly like every other cycle I have ever had, same cm changes same breast feelings, same twinges and pains and cramps, same increase in sense of smell, same moodiness. SAME. So my advice is to spend your time investigating ways you can become a parent, not just reading these symptoms, during your 2ww. Make a plan for if it doesn't work this time, so you can feel more in control and find your resolution, be it adoption, trying ivf, or choosing to live child free and finding freedom to be happy to nurture the children in your family or "village". I still have back-up plans in case this little bean doesn't stick.
My heart goes out to you if you are waiting and losing hope, but I have been there and I may be again, and I can say that your struggle will make you more patient and compassionate and grateful for life, and you will one day find peace and an answer. Try to access that part of you that always has peace, and get off the internet and live for today as much as possible.

Finally BFP!

Finally I get to post my story... It's been rough 3 years of trying and trying to conceive. It took us three IUIs, one fresh IVF, three FETs, and a second fresh IVF to finally be gifted with two amazing miracles, a boy and a girl!
After being diagnosed with unexplained infertility, me and my husband didn't know what else we can do to have a complete family.
I just want to encourage every single woman who is about to give up and let you know that IT IS absolutely possible. Never quit, never stop believing, never lose hope and you will get what you want and will be blessed with a child!

My symptoms after I got my BFP:
- sore breasts
- bloating
- gas

I didn't have much symptoms except the ones listed above. As a matter of fact, I didn't have lots of symptoms until I hit week 8 of my pregnancy.
Good luck to everyone and never ever stop believing!

pregnant after 16yrs of trying

Ahhhhhh cant believe i get to post and share with you guys. Never thought id see the day :) x