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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Are you employing "Assisted Reproductive Technology" to achieve your BFP? If so, this is where you'll find the success stories of women in your same situation.

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Well it’s my time to give back to you all who kept my hopes high when times looked rough. My husband is 33 yo I am 29 yo, we have a 5 yo who was conceived naturally without any issues. When he was 2 yo we decided to start trying...nothing happened. From OpKs, clomid, letrozole, IUI unmedicated to medicated IUIs and nothing. Specialist called it unexplained infertility as hubby was good and well me I had issues with ovulation. I had enough follicles but ovaries needed stimulation. Fast forward, I thought I had tried enough and proceeded to IVF. Huge step, huge time of acceptance and huge burden off you back as you feel a step closer to your goal. I prayed to God to lead us in the right path and with the right drs. Now we went through whole IVF process shots/pills/Retrieval etc. We opted for genetic testing just to increase the probability of implantation. Then time of FET. 1dp5dt (Wednesday) no symptoms. Started feeling AF type cramping 5dp5dt-7dp5dt. I also woke up middle of night super hot and uncomfortable. I remember crying on my own and telling myself it don’t work. 8dt5dt cramps subsided. And occurred randomly. I didn’t want to test at home and waited for blood work. Did blood work. Got the call at work. Told them to hold so I could get some privacy (I share my office with 3 people). I’m shaking lock myself in the restroom. Nurse asked me if I’m ready for result. Nerves Werre high. I could feel my heart pounding. I ask her if I could say a prayer first. She says yes. I say my little prayer. And then i heard congratulations you are pregnant. I am in total dsbelief and I start crying. I asked how my progesterone levels were since I’ve had low progesterone issues. She said they looked great. FYI nurse, PA, and office assistant have me on speaker and all tell me you’re going to make us all cry. Theyve been part of my journey and I think they were truly invested in helping my little family grow. I wanted to do something special to surprise hubby. But I couldn’t contain myself and called him immediately. We have decided to wait on telling our 5 yo as we want to tell him a little later. So this is my Story as short as I could make it. Keep your head up high. Believe there is a higher power when all else fails. Allow yourself to cry, pout, be angry, but get right back up and try again. No matter how many negatives you see it all fades away with that one positive. Keep enjoying life. Whatever your circumstances are you will prevail!

BFP with IVF after 7 yrs- severe male factor with only 1 testicle

I'm going to keep this very simple and short. This site helped me a lot in those years of trial with no good result. This is to encourage especially the men out there who may be going thru malefactor that its still possible. Our case was in addition with a case of having only 1 testicle Drs told us all kind of neg news that we only had 1% chance. Infact, we were asked to forget about having our own biological children but we never gave up and God gave us a beautiful baby girl after all these yrs. So, its possible. Just know when to relax a bit and when to start again. Ensure you continue taking your normal vitamins. Make some lifestyle changes and continue to pray. My best to you all.

3 years trying, 1st IVF bfp 6dp5dt

I just turned 34, my husband is 36. We started trying 3 years ago in July. What started off as fun and exciting turned over the years to stressful, disappointing and sad as we learned that it would be very difficult for us to conceive naturally. My husband has low sperm count and motility. I have low AMH, 0.9 when tested in 2017 and 2018. We had two failed IUIs and sought multiple opinions, and IVF was agreed to be our best option with our issues. We have no other health problems that were adding to our infertility. Our RE told us it would work the first time, which I thought was a bit bold to say to someone, because he had no way to know that. What a disappointment it would be to hear that and then have it fail. I did an estrogen priming protocol for the cycle before we started IVF. I applied an estrogen patch to my abdomen every other day for 7 days starting 5 days after ovulation. 6 days after ovulation I did a cetrotide injection every day for 3 days. I was not prepared for the cetrotide to give my hives around the injection site. It's totally normal and common, but I wish I would have been warned because I definitely freaked out a little the first day and had to call the nurse. I started my period the day I took off the last estrogen patch - time to start IVF! We started stim meds on day 3 of my cycle. I was taking 225 units gonal-f, and 150 units of menopur each evening. I took the meds for 12 days, including the day of my trigger (10k units hcg). I took cetrotide starting on 8th day of stims in the mornings. By the last ultrasound I had 7 follicles, 5 of which were between 17 and 24 mm, the other two were smaller. My uterine lining was a nice thick 138 mm (they want to see at least 70 I think). They retrieved 5 eggs, all 5 mature, and all 5 fertilized with ICSI. I bled a lot after the retrieval, and was pretty sore. I had my retrieval on a Sunday, and though I could have made it through work on Monday, I'm so glad I took it off. I was still pretty sore. Two made it to a 5-day blastocyst stage and were of good quality. We transferred both. Here are my symptoms, but it's very possible they are mostly due to the progesterone in oil injections at this point. 4-6dpt, I have felt light-headed quite often, have had cramps JUST like my regular pms/af cramping. Some sharp, shooting pain in breasts, but no achy tenderness. I have actually been peeing less often than normal (due to cutting out caffeine and carbonated waters?), light headache that's ongoing, and yesterday I had brief but intense pain around the cervix area. The cramping and headache were just like what I get every month the day before I start my period, so it was really difficult for me to think this may have worked. I guess it was all those years of association. And, here's all the symptoms I did NOT have, that I have seen in many other posts: achy breasts, metallic taste in mouth, twinges or pulling feeling in uterus, mood swings, nausea, increased urination, increased sense of smell, or spotting. On 6dp5dt I got my bfp on a FRER. I had been making myself sick with thinking the cycle had failed, so I made myself face whatever was coming and just take a test. I couldn't stop crying and laughing when I finally saw that second pink line after nearly 40 months of seeing only one. Today, 7dp5dt (12dpo, or past egg retrieval) the line was darker! I'm looking forward to seeing how many babies are in there, and praying that they stick around :) I am thinking of those of you who are struggling. It's hard to keep believing that it's possible, but it really is.

IVF 2 embryos transferred during FET

No long intro needed!! Just excited so let's get to it. 1dp5dt- floaty lightheaded, nauseous (very little), sleepy. 1dp5dt night- nauseous and dizzy when laying down, burping acid, stomach in throat feeling. 2dp5dt- slight aversion to the smell of fried food, acid burps, slight pink spotting. 2dp5dt night- nausea, couldn't eat lamb I just cooked and hated the smell. 3dp5dt- extremely sore breasts. Tired. Am and pm hpt negative. 4dp5dt- breasts a little sore, a little cramping. Not much else going on. Negative hpt am. Pm- still off and on crampy... nausea after taking prenatal. Hpt 6pm maybe a squinter in just the right light? Probably nothing though. Even later PM... another hpt that in just the right light I can see something. Can't sleep. Very crampy. 5dp5dt- 8am tested with clinical guard (negative? ) and DG purple cassette FAINT positive but definitely there! No question! Lower back pain. Pm- nausea when I got hungry for dinner. 10pm hpt- clinical guard POSITIVE DG cassette POSITIVE frer POSITIVE! Betas: 8dp5dt 56 11dp5dt 129 14dp5dt 762 22dp5dt 8960

8dp5dt - BFP??

8dp5dt of two blasts. One was said to be highest quality and other was right below it. I started getting faint faint positives 4dp and they’ve definitely gradually gotten darker but shouldn’t it be darker by now? My beta isn’t for 4 more days. Do you think this is BFP or a chemical?

BFP after 6+ years with Low AMH, Low ovarian reserve!

OMGG ! I cant believe I get to write this !! :) I am 31 and husband is 33. I have low AMH and low ovarian reserve. We did IVF back in 2015 which unfortunately did not work out. Fast forward to 2018 - second round of IVF. Doctor transferred two embryos compared to last time where we did one embryo through two FET cycles. I did not have high hopes as my diagnoses is pretty scary...but I cant believe after 6 years of every possible treatment we finally got a BFP ! First ultrasound is May 31st !! Please hang in there ! I wish the best for everyone !

BFP with IVF at 38

Hi ladies! I've read so many of these stories over the years so wanted to drop in and give hope to those who may be feeling hopeless. I had my first round of IVF when I was 36 - after trying everything else for years. I was a poor responder and ended up with just one blastocyst... and she stuck! My only symptoms with her were sharp cramps and light spotting 3 days after a 5 day transfer. And she is my now one year old daughter! I've just undergone my second round of IVF (age 38), transferred one blastocyst and got my BFP! It feels like a miracle because I didn't have the same symptoms as my first round. In fact I had no real symptoms other than a low level 'period type' feeling 3-4 days after my 5-day transfer. I had a stuffy nose and really bad diarrhoea on days 3,4,5,6 after transfer and just felt incredibly sad. My beta is on Friday and I'm hoping for great results! We prayed very hard all through our journey and feel extremely blessed that God has answered our prayers in this way. For info, we had severe male factor infertility and high FSH, lowish AMH for me.

BFP with cramping and spotting

First off, let me just say I have been in your exact position for 4 years. I've looked up every symptom under the sun to try to figure out if I was pregnant so lets be real... you don't care to hear about my story. I'm going to go straight to my symptoms that I felt after transferring a 5 day embryo! 1dp5dt-2dp5dt: Immediately after transfer I was super gassey and that lasted for the entire day. No other symptoms other than that. 3dp5dt: I kept getting hot flashes at night. I could not get comfortable and I didn't get any sleep 4dp5dt-6dp5dt: Absolutely no symptoms. I was feeling so discouraged cause I read about so many other people having symptoms during this time period. 7dp5dt: no symptoms in the am but at night I went to the bathroom and saw the slightest bit of brown on my underwear and I started cramping. I was so numb cause I thought for sure my period was coming. A couple hours I wiped and it was a brighter red. I thought I was for sure out cause I heard bright blood was not good. I started crying to my husband. During that time I also had a pounding headache which I just thought was from crying so hard. 8dp5dt: spotting is completely gone. There was just residual brown blood but I was still cramping. Just for the heck of it.. I measured my pulse and it was 84 bpm! That was odd for me because it's usually 70 bpm. I still felt like I was out but I kept praying. 9dp5dt: no symptoms other than headaches in the morning. 10dp5dt: beta test!! God gave us our miracle because we got our positive!! Beta was 125 No symptoms at all. 12dp5dt: beta was 324. No symptoms at all If you're reading this, please do not be discouraged if you don't have any symptoms or you didn't spot. Every pregnancy is different. Before I got my positive I thought I was out. Even though I did write some symptoms down, they were not significant enough to think I was pregnant. After 4 years of infertility which included 2 failed iuis and 2 failed ivfs, the best advice I can give is TRUST IN GOD. whether you do end up pregnant or not, it's all apart of his plan and it will make sense in the end. 5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. (‭Proverbs‬ ‭3‬:‭5‬ NLT)

Still seems unreal

I read stories of BFP's of other ladies just to keep me going, and staying sane. So thought I will share my story and say that there is hope. We had 7 unsuccessful attempts. Each time seemed worse than the previous one and my heart started sinking. I didn't want to go via yet another heartbreak, so after the last one I decided to have about 6mnts break. Enjoy Christmas and New year without injections and emotions flying high. It took us over 2 years for all the 7 attempts. We are both healthy, and I have been producing lots of eggs, which have made to freezing. We have decided to have an endometrial scratch prior the latest transfer, and this time doctor suggested 2 embryos transfer. After the latest transfer on the end of Feb 2018 I postponed the testing for 2 days and that morning I held going to toilet for about 4 hrs until I couldn't wait any longer. My husband done the tests and I was convinced answer was going to be negative yet again. WE had 5 positive tests. I sat down on the floor. Shock. Couldn't speak and tears just running down. Clinic told us we will have to have 7 weeks scan, and they would expect to see a heartbeat at that time. I couldn't believe it was true, and the worry in further weeks awaiting the 7 weeks scan was as bad as 2 weeks wait if not worse. My hands were shaking and I couldn't talk to the nurse, just before the scan. We did see a heartbeat and now I can breathe :) And baby looked as it should. In my head I now know I am pregnant and over the moon with the happiness and miracle that we had waited for such a long time. IVF journey makes you ever so grateful and appreciate each day with knowing there is a little baby growing inside you. Still feels unreal. But very happy unreal. Baby dust to all mums to be. There is hope xxx

First IVF, Endo and bleeding

My 5 year wedding anniversary it’s in May, but we started TTC exactly 5 years ago to this month of March. I had 28 back then and no knowledge at all that I had Endometriosis. Around December of that first year I went to my annual check up with my Gynecologist and said that I need to wait a whole year, because nothing seem wrong (he even ask for a semen exam from my husband). He recommended the ovulation predictor kits, which I use about 2 months, but quit on those because it made me more anxious than I already was. In July of 2014 I came back with my Gyno and he found an endiometroma on my left ovary. At first I felt relieve because I knew what was wrong, and it wasn’t my work, or my physical activity, or the lack of relaxing or not having enough sex. But the more I read and the more I knew about endometriosis, I urdestood what the diagnosis meant. It’s been a hard road, we’ve spent a lot of money in doctors, meds, one laparoscopy, tests, prescribed vacations and therapy; but my marital relationship was my deepest concern, an at this date it still is. This was our first IVF and probably the only one, regardless of the result, because of how expensive this is and has been all the way (we’ve been paying everything). We started the month with the first shot of Gonal, and in the 12th I had the egg retrieval (12 eggs). We waited and lost all but 2 in the long road to what end up being a 5 day transfer or blastocyst transfer on the 17th. Last 26th I got up to pee in the morning and there it was in the toilet paper: blood. At first light brown and by noon bright red. I call my RE and said that I needed to increase the dose of progesterone that I was already taking, and wait till Saturday for my test, but I insisted that it was my period, I had cramps, it had to be, and felt totally defeated. At night, with my head cool down I call again an explain what was happening: I’m not spotting, but i don’t fill up the pad; it’s blood, red clotting blood, but it’s not my period. He told me to take the progesterone and wait to the test. I rested on the 27 and read everything I could find about bleeding but still being pregnant and today I got up and took a urine test, couldn’t wait, but so glad I did because BFP. I told my husband and we cried together, told my RE and prescribe another shot of hormones and rest. I’m still bleeding, I’m still worried, I don’t know how this is going to end, but I needed to share this, because there might be someone like me, considering giving up too soon because of blood, even thow I’m pregnant, until this morning I’m pregnant, and I still can’t believe I was ready to give up Monday afternoon. Don’t be scared just be strong and hope for the BFP even if there is blood.