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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Are you employing "Assisted Reproductive Technology" to achieve your BFP? If so, this is where you'll find the success stories of women in your same situation.

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Success with IVF #2 with mild endometriosis/unexplained infertility

I hope this helps someone out there, I read through every single story on this website twice during each IVF cycle!
I have stage 1 (minimal) endometriosis and DH has no problems at all. They actually put us in the unexplained category. After a year of TTC and no luck, I had a laparascopy (where a few spots of endo were found) and we did about 7 cycles of letrazole and timed intercourse after that in which my RE told me I would definitely get pregnant since there was nothing really in the way and I was young (31 when we started). Well, I still didn't get pregnant. We didn't want to waste any more time so we moved on to IVF. We ended up with 8 blastocysts but we had to freeze all of them because they found a polyp in my uterus halfway through the IVF cycle. Moving on to the next cycle, we only transferred one of our 8 blasts because they said I was high risk of having twins due to my age (32 yrs). That cycle ended in a BFN. At that point, I thought there was something more going on here, like an implantation disorder or immune issues (too much google led to these thoughts). We moved on to frozen cycle #2. This time we transferred 2 blastocysts (one grade B and one grade C-which I was upset about). Lo and behold I finally got my BFP at 8dp5dt and am now 14 weeks pregnant with one baby!!
As far as symptoms, I had more with my failed cycle than my successful cycle. I had more cramping with the failed cycle and barely any cramping with my successful cycle.
I did however, start waking up at 5:30am every morning starting about 3 days before I got my BFP. That continued up until I was about 8 weeks pregnant. At the time, I didn't think anything of it but now I know that was a major pregnancy symptom for me.
I also had super faint and brief spotting 3 days after my transfer. You would have needed a magnifying glass to see it, but it was definitely there. That must have been very very light implantation spotting. If I wasn't a crazy person, I wouldn't have noticed it.
Good luck to everyone out there, it's a hard, hard road but everything will work out in the end!

BFP: The hardest journey

Married for 8yrs, always hoping for a surprise, but after 3yrs of traveling and living life, we needed to focus on starting our own family. Downloaded tons of apps, OPK's, bbt,read books, and of course the worst of them all, Google! Nothing! Making the call to the RE was hard, but nothing could have prepared me for what was going to happen next. 6 rounds of clomid, negative... Onto IVF, because we're candidates... My AMH was 1.4(2011).
Transferred (2) 3day embryos, at 7wks ended up in the ER with an ectopic. 5 days later, miscarried my second angel. Had a lap salpingectomy and after a 6month break, onto to round 2.
Retrieved 9 eggs, 9 fertilized! 8 made it to 5day blasts! 1 transferred, 7 frozen! Onto the good stuff!
1-3dp5dt no symptoms
4dp5dt, some mild cramping, felt like period was coming. This was by far the strongest of them all, but it wasn't like the pains I had during my ectopic...Very nervous, but no spotting. No trouble falling asleep, but waking up way to early...
6dp5dt more cramping, but it's more gas than anything! Progesterone?
7dp5dt feeling foggy start getting a headache- I never get headaches??? Drinking my coconut and electrolyte water- so strange???
8dp5dt, more cramping, but it comes and goes...
9dp5dt, headaches again?! Some cramping... Craving pizza... Yeah I like pizza, but I never crave it!
10dp5dt, BFP!!!! Beta is 523!!!!
I did 1year of Accupuncture... Prenatals, iron, and recently getting treatment from a chiropractor. Tilted uterus, and had endometriosis which was confirmed after 1st retrieval...

BFP first IVF

DH and I had been trying to conceive for 3+ years. I have endo, slight pcos, and a blocked tube. We tried three rounds of clomid, didn't work. I've had two lapraoscopies, and did 6 months of lupron depot shot. Hated the shot but it worked wonders on pain from endo. Anyways, fertility doc desided to go straight to IVF since I've never been pg or known if I was pg. DH is completely normal, even above average. So we did ivf at fertility doctor suggestion. We did a 5 day transfer. I had absolutely no symptoms! !!! Just tired, but i think that was more from healing from 30 egg retrival.

1-3dp5dt - nothing just tired. Tested 3dpt BFN
4dp5dt - starting to get super exhausted going to bed at 9pm. Waking up at 730.
5dp5dt - I got a strong BFP!!! Just tired exhausted.
Kept testing because I love seeing my BFP
Found out 28dpt that I'm pg with twins! Super excited! !!

FET success after failed fresh IVF

Hello fellow ttcers, I want to share my story to give hope to any of you undergoing treatment now.
Me and DH:36
Started ttc 4 yrs ago.
Problems: male factor (low morphology) and uterine polyps removed twice.
First IVF 1 year ago: 18 eggs retrieved, 16 mature and icsi-ed, 11 fertilized, 6 5-day blasts. Transferred 1 blast but bfn:(
Waited for 7 months before FET, as I needed time to recover from the craziness of infertility treatments.
November 2013 started estrogen and then progesterone, and we transferred two blasts on the 6th of December.
The only unique symptom I had for 3 days a week after the transfer was bitter taste in my mouth, all day long, and after eating!
Then on 9dp5dt I had severe cramping and exactly like af was coming. Went to the bathroom to find pads etc, and poased without even thinking it. The strongest positive came up. Beta on 12dp5dt was 1806. Needless to say I am now 18 wks pregnant with twins:)
I hope my story helps someone make it through a tough time:)
Babydust to all of you!

5 day FET success, implantation spotting

I just got my BFP after 2.5 years of trying. DH and I tried for 1.5 years before finding out that he has MF, morphology issues. We did one unsuccessful IUI and then IVF with ICSI and PGD testing. I had 15 eggs retrieved, 7 made it to day 5 and 4 embryos remained after PGD testing. 2 embryos were grade A and did not pass genetic testing, they would have been the first ones chosen for transfer. I highly recommend PGD testing if you are over 35 and have more than one or 2 embryos to choose from. We had one embryo implanted for an FET cycle.
My 2 week wait symptoms are as follows:

• very thirsty, but probably more due to Estrogen and Progesterone support.
• zero breast tenderness. I think because I was a FET and not a fresh transfer.
• no symptoms up until 6dp5dt, then I had back ache, slight cramping. Nothing too intense but just aware of my back.
• Small amount of brown spotting/discharge on 6dp5dt. I always spot before my period so I was pretty sure I was out. But this spotting was much more watery and light brown in color, compared to my pre-menstrual spotting.
• Back ache again and more brown spotting on 8dp5dt. This is when I started to get hopeful. It definitely seemed different than my typical spotting, starting/stopping and less in amount and different in color.
• The night of 8dp5dt, I couldn't sleep and felt slightly crampy. I noticed pulling and twinges in my abdomen. It was very subtle, I thought it's probably gas. But I also knew that twinges/pulling is a symptom so I definitely paid attention.

The next day I had a blood test at my dr office in the am. They called in the afternoon, and said that they didn't have the results in yet! OMG! The nurse actually started the conversation off with "Unfortunately". Of course my stomach dropped. So DH and I went out to get a HPT. I test on a EPT digital and a generic test. Both came up quickly with a strong positive. Still waiting on the blood test tomorrow to find out levels.

I think I've read every google link mentioning spotting and implantation bleeding, since I've had such a long history of early spotting. The lesson I learned is if it is different than before, that is a good sign. Different timing, amount, texture, etc.

BFP second cycle IVF with implantation spotting

Got my BFP this morning!!!!!!!!! so happy and excited!! never thought I would be able to share my story on here.
Have been trying for a baby for 2 1/2 years. Don't ovulate on my own very often only like 8 months or 6 months etc. Have had 6 months worth of clomid, 1 failed IVF cycle and this was my second! swear by soy though for making me ovulate.

Well we only got 6 eggs, 5 fertilised, quality was 2 x 8 cell, 1 x 5 cell, 1 x 4 cell and 1 x 2 cell. We were disappointed as it wasn't far off our first round. We left them till day 5, where the 5 cell and only one of the 8 cells made it to blastocyst stage (one grade c and one a lower grade). We had both put back in, and this morning got my bfp! It can happen!! here are my symptoms x

1dp5dt - 7dp5dt nothing apart from bloated from the progesterone and still a little sore from collection, cried all week was sure it would be negative so much.

8dp5dt - light dull cramps like af was coming and some lower back ache, then when i wiped light brown spotting in the morning once and then once in the evening
9dp5dt - dull cramps, back ache again, thirsty, thirsty and still am so much, weird itchy nipple for a moment!, mouth ulcer - still thought i was out at this point, didn't want to test at all. Its only looking back you see the symptoms were there.
10dp5dt (today) BFP!!!! on all three tests, line came up strong straight away, bbt temp went up, small cramps this morning and thirsty, a couple of odd stabbing pains

Good luck on your journey, don't give up it will happen I never thought it would xx

Our 20 Month Journey to a BFP through IVF

DH and I started trying to concieve in June of 2012, like most we thought great, no protection equals baby and we expected to have a bundle in our arms in 9 months......that did not happen. At first I was just checking CM after doing some reading to find out what the signs I bought a BBT and some Ovulation sticks. I knew we were getting the timing right but it just was not working.

After 7 months we went to the doc both being 34 we thought we should start digging into things. Our Doc ordered a semen analsysi for hubby and put us on the wait list for our local fertility clinic. After getting the results back our doc said hubby had low count, low morphology we were devasted but thought oh ok that is the reason. Fast forward 4 months and we had our first fertility appointment the RE looked at hubby's results and said oh these tests look just fine, you don't have any problems in that area.....we were excited but then thought ok...what is wrong with me. Now it was my turn to get all the testing done.....turns out I was the problem. When I was a baby I had surgery, that surgery left me with a scare on my right side by my hip and when the doctors were sewing me back up my ovary must have floated upward and was now directly above my scar by my hip bone. So I do ovulate from both sides but only the left egg would be viable cause the right had no way of getting out.

once we knew the potential problem we started with IUI we just did not want to wait so much longer to get pregnant. We tried 3 IUI's but in that time I only ovulated from the left side once. We decided that we would jump to IVF after waiting this long we were ready for something to work. We were put in the IVF wait list and were so excited....I started meds Dec 28th and had egg retreival Jan 26th the meds did not give me very many side effects which is good. We retrieved 15 eggs total and had to get the right side adomonally. 8 eggs fertalized and 1 fresh was implanted and 5 were frozen. I AM NOW 8 WEEKS PREGGERS:)

Although through the last 20 months there were many tears, stresses, jealousy of others, just lots of emotion it feels great to say I am pregnant. I did suffer from OHSS after I got a + test and my abdomen grew by 15 inches in 5 days and I gained 16 pounds of fluid. I was off work for a month and am now getting better. IVF is invasion and hard on the body but if I had to do it again I totally would. I wish each person reading this the best of luck in their own journey. The one thing I have learned through this is you must be patient and know that everyone's journey is different.

IVF with ICSI--1st try! Beware of OHSS!!

After years of trying to work out MF issues we made our first IVF attempt. The cycle started very uneventful: good response to Follistim, no pain with shots, plenty of nice looking follicles. The day I triggered I was warned that my E2 was high and I should drink lots of Gatorade and eat lots of protein. I happily obliged... easiest diet ever! Retrieval was rough. In hindsight I think I had mild OHSS. We transferred 2 excellent 8-cell embryos on day 3.

0dp3dt- Relaxed at home. Ate pineapple.
1dp3dt- nothing except tender belly. I thought it was just ER pain (I had a rough ER, apparently I was fighting even though I was very heavily sedated).
2dp3dt-I read somewhere that laughing is good for implantation...watched America's Funniest Home Videos. Laughed until it hurt. Thought I overdid it.
3dp3dt- sharp pains in nether region for about 5 minutes. Very uncomfortable, kind of like electrical shock. Weird.
4dp3dt- Got up nerve to check CP- very low and huge. Never felt like that before.
5dp3dt- nothing. I felt perfectly normal and began to think it had not worked. CP very high and closed so tightly couldn't feel os at all.
6dp3dt- felt perfectly normal all day. Felt very brief AF-like cramp. Lasted literally 30 sec.
7dp3dt- woke up wanting a doughnut- DH said I'm pregnant because I never would have asked for that. I shrugged it off. That afternoon as I was getting into the car to go to the store I leaned over to pick something up off the floorboard and screamed in pain. My ovaries felt like they did just before ER. Later in the afternoon it happened again. By evening I called Dr to ask what to do because pain was intense. She said it sounded like mild OHSS.
8dp3dt- abdominal pain worse. Some bloating. Debated going to local Emergency Room (my Dr is 2hrs away) but DH said just call Dr in the morning. Hardly slept. I knew from reading online that when OHSS goes away and comes back it often means BFP is on horizon. POAS in the middle of the night- BFP!! Not even faint and on a Target brand blue dye to boot. Too much pain to be really excited.
9dp3dt- called Dr in morning and they told me to drive down right away...and bring overnight bag just in case. They immediately admitted me to the hospital: I was hemoconcentrated and had abdominal fluid(gained 6lbs overnight), shortness of breath, heart rate @151bpm, machines would not even register my blood pressure it was so low. Scary. Beta 76.
10dp3dt- still in hospital. Breathing worse. Chest x ray shows some fluid...but not too much.
11dp3dt- Pulmonologist orders VQ scan of lungs-suspects pulmonary embolus..wth?! Test inconclusive. Orders CT scan. Beta 128.
12dp3dt- Bad nausea. Could be ms, could be ohss. CT scan shows fluid on lungs and no pulmonary embolus (yay, I get to keep living!). They drained 1.64 liters of fluid off my right lung. Felt much better...received 3 bottles of albumin and diuretic.
13dp3dt- drained 850mL of fluid off left lung. Thank God! I could breathe again! Beta 235.
14dp3dt-16dp3dt- stayed around the house with my hugely bloated self. Gain about 20lbs in the past week.
17dp3dt- Beta 1280- finally a good doubling rate! Starting to get excited about my little hitchhiker :)
19dp3dt- actually feeling a little better and some weight has started to come off.

I know this is a long story but I wanted to share so others know OHSS is NOT a joke. Call your doctor immediately and ask to be seen ASAP. I'm pretty sure the Dr I spoke with on 7do3dt (it was a Saturday) would have asked me to come in if it wasn't the weekend. I should have insisted that something was really not right but I think I was too caught up in the excitement that it was my first concrete BFP sign. I thought there was no way severe OHSS would happen to me --after all, my bloodwork was good enough to move forward with the fresh transfer--but I was in that 1-2%. I was an unusual case also because my lung issues, crazy heart rate, and blood issues were severe and the abdominal bloating was considered moderate (didn't feel moderate though!). At this point I feel fluid creeping back into my chest but not enough to be drained again. And apparently there was some damage to my lungs from decreased blood supply for an extended period of time. But I'm home and back to work (half days) and PREGNANT! :)

Best of luck to all of you IVFers! I hope you have your day very soon :)

Rainbow BFP at 5dp5dt FET#1

I had a BFP with IVF #1 that ended in a MC. I got my BFP with 6dp5dt with that one, which got darker but sadly my HCG did not double or cooperate...

I had my FET#1 and got my BFP one day earlier at 5dp5dt!!! Transferred two this time and it was a VERY difficult transfer which they say decreases the chance of a BFP; so if you have a nightmare transfer like I did, don't despair! Praying one(s) sticks and betas behave.

I do not and have not had sore BBS unlike my fresh transfer.

4dp5dt- suspecting BFP tomorrow, due to back ache, campy uterus, occasional pinching in right ovary area. This is how I felt the last cycle BFP. The day I felt like AF would come in full force the next day was BFP. Swollen looking lower belly. Nips tender but BBS not sore. In the PM- strong feeling of AF mainly in Uterus area only, felling VERY bloated and have a little roundness when I look down. Frequent urination. Light pink on TP, so faint that someone wouldn't have noticed if they weren't looking. This never happened again. Last of the implantation?

5dp5dt- BFP squinter!!!! Stretching feeling in uterus, bloated, gassy, tired. Nauseated feeling 2Xs. BFP with two IC as well.

6dp6dt- UTI infection, slightly darker BFP on FRER, bbs still not sore, stretching feeling in uterus area.

My first beta will be 9dp5dt. Please Lord let something stick.

Lucky Number 7!

BFP 9dp5dt - Lucky number 7!!

Posted on Sat, 2014-03-01 16:41
BFP at 9dp5dt - fresh transfer with CGH tested embryo. Very excited and hoping this one sticks after 3 years of IVF treatments which include 3 previous miscarriages, 4 egg collections and 7 (5 day) transfers.

Symptoms were as follows:

0dp5dt - Weirdly enough craved cheezels in the afternoon and have been craving them ever since. Rested all afternoon.
1dp5dt - Back to work - no symptoms. Sore nipples but had these prior to transfer (progesterone?)
2dp5dt - Sore nipples continue. No other symptoms all day until about 8:00 pm when I had about 45 minutes of what felt like period cramping and some very (almost unnoticeable) twinges left side. Insomnia.
3dp5dt - Sore nipples. Night sweat. Insomnia.
4dp5dt - Sore bbs that seemed to just appear from nowhere - hurt when I hugged a friend. Nipples still sore. Felt queasy in the morning (this is the only time I have felt queasy the whole pregnancy) but was okay after I ate. Starving. Night sweat.
5dp5dt - Woke up with all breast and nipple soreness completely gone. Was so strange as 12 hours earlier they were so painful I couldn't touch them. Thought I was out and became extremely emotional - in hindsight I think this was a major hormonal moment. Became extremely anxious and started to not want to eat anything. Nothing sounded good but was hungry - weird. I'm still not sure whether this was anxiety or hormones or both. Exhausted today but thought it was because I hadn't been sleeping well. Craved cheezels and had a pack after work.
6dp5dt - No real symptoms except food aversion continues. No sore bbs. Not feeling tired today - in fact feel completely fine. Very slight burping begins after eating and drinking.
7dp5dt - Some extremely slight twinges in right side - would not have noticed it unless I was maniacally monitoring all symptoms. Burping continues - enough for me to notice that it is consistent. Perhaps becomes the one symptom that makes me think....maybe? No sore bbs, not really fatigued.
8dp5dt - Had a glass of champagne and didn't really want it - very very strange for me. Pretty tired by about 8:30 pm. Burping continues. Wake up in the night with stomach gurgling so loudly that it woke both me and my husband up. Was the strangest thing I have ever experienced. I felt pregnant for the first time. By the time I woke up in the morning it was all gone and it was almost like I had imagined it? Food aversions.
9dp5dt - Burping continues. Feeling more tired today. Some extremely almost unnoticeable cramping in the afternoon. Still no sore bbs. Felt quite drunk after 1 glass of wine. Tested with FRER - strong positive immediately. Was so relieved.
10dp5dt - Some pulling in the night and the "full" feeling in abdomen. Tested again with FRER line was darker than control line - had gotten about twice as dark in just over 12 hours - good sign.
11dp5dt - Sore bbs start - finally!!
12dp5dt - 1st Beta - HCG 444.

Am feeling hopeful - the lack of sore bbs and no real abdomen pulling etc made me think I was out - but these things came a lot later this time round. Good Luck to all!!