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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Are you employing "Assisted Reproductive Technology" to achieve your BFP? If so, this is where you'll find the success stories of women in your same situation.

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3 1/2 years BFP after first frozen transfer

I have been on this site for 3 1/2 years still ttc. I was hestitant to even post my story but I figured it may inspire others. I am 33 and husband is 28. We were orginally unexplained infertile after trying 1 1/2 years with no luck. I underwent lapo to rule out endometreosis and none was found. I then had a hysteroscopy to remove minimal scar tissue. None of this was the factor. The only factor they found was slightly low sperm count on my husband but it was not alarmingly low. We underwent 5 clomid cycles, no luck. We had 3 failed IUIs no luck. We did our first round of IVF in September. I produced 18 eggs. They transfered two embyos and 5 were able to freeze. The retrieval was very ruff on me, I was sore and swollen and still believed I was over stimulated. Of course we were devistated when we got a BFN. We waited one cycle to give my body time to recover from all the meds. My doctor decided for us to try and natural frozen egg transfer for November. We were nervous of the thaw, but they had our 5 embyros frozen in one set of two and one set of three. They thawed the first two which were beautiful ready to hatch blatocysts. The night before transfer I went to the spa and got a full body massage. 11/5 we had the transfer. The week after was our 4 year anniversay on 11/14 so we took a cruise which was nice because it helped me relax. We got back Monday 11/17. I pretty much was preparing for the worst I had no symptoms but was exhausted from lack of sleep on the cruise. I was so tired that the night we got back, I made a pot of sauce and dropped two plates of hot pasta and sauce all over me and the floor and then slipped. I started crying and was a bit over emotional. We were due for our blood test yesterday on 11/19. I honsetly did not want to go, I had no symptoms and figured we would just take an hpt in the morning today so yesterday could have been my last day of the progesterone oil and my period would just come so we can use our other frozen 3 embryos for next month. I took a cheap test this morning. My husband and I waited patiently. We both walked back into the bathroom and nearly passed out when we saw a perfect + -. We cried and cried and cried and looked at the test a million times. I can't believe it, after 3 1/2 years of heartache and watching everyone else have babies we did it. We went into today for blood work to confirm. I really did think I was out this month.

The only symptoms I had were heightend sense of smell, tired and super sensitive emotions. Not sure if that was from being over tired from the vacation of actual pregnancy symptoms.

The only thing I did differently this month aside from the frozen transfer was the spa visit the night before transfer, and I pretty much just tried not to even think about it. I just stayed busy and relaxed. I also took a baby aspirin each day from transfer on.

I am literally in disbelief even typing this. I strongly believe in the frozen transfer as opposed to fresh ivf cycle. I believe the body works best when it is not under a huge dose of medications and is overstimulated. Plus the frozen eggs that are able to survive a thaw have already proven to be the strongest and are at a later stage of developement. Ours were ready to hatch already.

Looking back on all of this and all the let down we have had over the years I have realized the importance of not giving up, but more importantly the importance of believing that things happen when and how they are supposed to. My husband has recently done amazing with our business and we are bringing in great money and have a lot of stressful things past us in the last two months. This is finally our time, the right time and I feel very blessed.

Good Luck friends, don't give up and trust in what fate has to offer!

BFP on First IVF - no symptoms

Me: 32 (turned 33 during IVF) - No fertility issues
DH: 37 - operated on varicocele. A year and a half had gone by once we started with IUI and, later, IVF.
3 failed IUI with Menopur and Gonacor.
Once the third IUI ended in failure, we decided right away to continue with IVF. We did all four procedures one after the other. We did not stop to rest.
First IVF – 9 eggs. 8 fertilized ok. Two “perfect” ones (according to the Doctor) were transferred after 2 days.
During Two-Week-Wait: no symptoms. I was on progesterone and, even so, I really did not feel different. As a matter of fact, during the first 5 days after embryo transfer I felt my boobs very heavy but once I reached 7dpet they weren´t any more. The only thing which was really noticeable was the feeling of a high body temperature, but I thought it was progesterone´s side effects.
On 11 days past egg transfer I was sure I was out: I had no symptoms, no heavy boobs and I started feeling pre-menstrual camping. I cried my eyes out all day long and once I got home from work that evening I decided to POAS just to get it over with. It came out a very faint positive. Before leaving home on 15dpet for my Beta I POAS again (I was afraid it would be negative and did not want to hear it from my Doc over the phone). It came out a much darker line. Beta was 206. After 48 hours my second Beta was over 1000.
Later, my Doc said to me it was very unusual that I have gotten a BFP on a HPT so early.
I am now waiting for my first scan and the only thing I feel is cramping. Doc says it´s normal.
Baby dust to all of you!

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BFP ICSI/LOW EGG RESERVE after 3 years TTC at age 38

Firstly it’s important I introduce myself I’m a man and possibly the first guy who wrote on this site (back in 2012 titled; BFP Thank You So Much! On the 28 April 2012 regarding my DW BFP and again in 2013 titled; BFP After Early MC and BF "A DADS STORY" on the 8th November 2013).

So the reason why I’m writing this is because I have been on this journey with my aunty for the last three years and during my own tww I was more neurotic than the Mrs and found the waiting soooo hard, this website and the forums were a godsend and my best friends at the time. This journey has been so long and testing but finally the patience and belief in god has been rewarded. Culturally infertility is a taboo subject and I’m so glad that I was able to grab the elephant by the trunk so to speak and get to this place in my family recognising that help is not failure or a negative who cares how we got there the gift at the end is all that counts that beautiful baby you long to have and I hope this encourages others.

So my aunty is 38 one blocked tube ovulates regularly unexplained infertility uncle 30 apparent low motility and semen amount. Married in 2007 started to ttc in 2011 6 failed clomid cycles this was our first ivf cycle. Over the last three years watching my aunty struggle has been difficult particularly because myself and the mrs were lucky we conceived relatively quickly and started our ttc journey after them and so watching my aunts struggle and yet her vast support and love for my wife during her pregnancy and with my children spurred me on to seek medical help for her and break the taboo of infertility within our community. Its important to mention that my aunty and uncle live across the road from us and she is always at our house helping with my babies and supporting my Mrs.

My uncle being an old school hegemonic male and having anxiety with new social situations was not good at expressing himself or going to appointments so I went with her for everyone in the last two years, also I translated for her as she is not completely confident in her spoken English. I feel being a primary school teacher it’s within my nature to help and this truly was my calling I made it my mission to be there and support her through this journey.
The last two years of appointments had been leading up to this first ivf cycle and it had to work so I decided to ensure that I had done everything I physically could whilst maintaining my faith in the almighty. I asked all my fellow colleagues, friends and family to send out positive thoughts and prayers. I put my aunty on a cocktail of foods and vitamins; so pregnacare for pregnancy and conception, extra folic acid, calcium/vitd tablet, coQ10 for better egg quality and b vitamins. During egg collection we got 8 eggs 4 fertilised with icsi (even though we were told uncles semen analysis now looked normal no low motility and good amount) of the four fertilised returned two fantastic 8 cell embryo’s on day three froze one blastocyst day 6 and one didn’t make it. After egg collection I asked my aunty to rest and recover from the procedure and I began working on her diet a glass of milk in the morning and one in the evening before bed at breakfast 1 full avocado, 10 fresh raspberries, then during the day she had to have 1 pieces of pineapple core, 1 glass of pineapple juice not from concentrate, 5 brazil nuts, 5 kashew nuts, and a seed and nut mix I created using sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts. All foods and drinks had to be warm nothing cold from the fridge and same with the solid foods she had to keep her socks on at all times and had to bed rest for 3 days and then after that could just walk around the house/garden lightly. We were not meant to test until the 1 of November but I couldn’t wait and today 8days after a 3day transfer we got our bfp on a Clearblue digital. I’m hoping all goes well and that everyone gets there sticky beans. I’m so glad I kept my promise to my aunty that I would be there for her and help make her baby dream come true. As with all the things I did overall we believe it was whatever god had planned but I did do a lot of research into the foods and rest I’m not saying everyone should follow it but it worked for us adding them to the process wishing you all the best!!!!

BFP after TTC 2+1/2 yrs, secondary infertility, 2nd Rd of IVF, 38 1/2 yrs

I've found hope and inspiration on this site, so I thought I would add my story in case it helps anyone. I have 2 daughters (4 and 6) that I conceived early on in my 30s with no difficulty. After just turning 36, we wanted to complete our family with a third, but nothing happened. After much testing, I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility. The only difference I noticed was that I always got spotting on day 25 or so of my cycle, until full period around day 28. I always knew I was out for the cycle when I got that spotting!! After 5 rounds of clomid and no BFPs later, we thought about calling it quits and counting our blessings, but I could never get past my desire for another child. At the beginning of this year, we made the big decision to go for IVF. We were self-pay so I told myself this was the one and only chance, and that hopefully I could get closure if nothing else! I did gonal-f and ganerelix protocol, and only got 5 eggs, 4 fertilized, and only 2 made it to day 3. We did a day 3 transfer of 2 8-cell embryos, and two weeks later I got the dreaded spotting and just knew it failed. My beta was 10 - it was a chemical pregnancy. 4 months later, I wanted to try again. I felt like a new protocol based on learnings from the first, could make a big difference. So we went into debt to do it again. This time I asked them to check my thyroid again, because I had heard that its really important the TSH is under 2.5. Mine was 2.97, and they decided to treat it with medication. Going forward with the IVF Round 2, I had a great response. It was lupron, follistim AND Menopur (which for some reason I felt like made a difference). We got 9 eggs, 6 fertilized and 3 made it to 5 days. I had two excellent blasts transferred, and 1 frozen. My first beta was 977 (on 4wks 2days) then 2893 (4wks 4 days) and then 6278 (4wks 6 days)!! Strong numbers, but I'm still cautiously awaiting my ultrasound at 7 1/2 weeks before getting too excited. I don't know why I had such a better response to round 2 - the thyroid medication, or just the increased meds dosage and adding Menopur, or what, -- but it felt better right from the beginning. Good luck to anyone going through IVF - it is a roller coaster!

Faint line 12hours before BFP at 9dp5dt

Oh. My. God. I cannot believe I am actually posting on this site. I have spent years on this site, felt every possible symptom, cried a million tears and eventually gave up. I have been off contraceptives for more than 7 years and hubby and I were actively trying to conceive for 4 years. We have tried everything from natural herbs to lubricants to specific diets and specific BD'ing dates/times to temperature monitoring and ovulation testing ... Gosh the list goes on and on. I wanted to fall pregnant as naturally as I could but I waited until it almost tore my marriage apart for me to get to the next step. IVF!! And now it's my very first IVF cycle ... I am 3 days away from my blood test. 3 days ago I POAS ... It came up negative which crushed me considering I had absolutely NO symptoms this time. No twinge, nose itch, funny sneeze or whatever symptom I previously thought I had. I was worried because I felt nothing. This morning (9dp5dt) I tested again because I had a spare test and decided what the heck .. The test came up with a faint line. It bothered me the entire day so I bought a few more tests after work and held my pee until I couldn't take it anymore ... I POAS and what do you know .. A fantastic pink line .. I was shocked ... I haven't told hubby yet .. Think I will take another test tomorrow morning and let hubby know after the blood test in 3 days ... I'm praying for the same results!! I'm in tears, smiling from ear to ear

BFP after frozen transfer

Finally got our BFP this weekend after two years of trying! As way of background, after the first year of trying we got tested and realised that there were problems with the sperm and so we needed ICSI. Then, devastatingly, the embryos in our fresh attempt didn't implant. I was diagnosed afterwards with some immune problems and having an intralipid drip and being prescribed prednisolone (steroids) seems to have done the job with the frozen cycle.

I really didn't feel many symptoms at all. There have been many months of trying naturally and with the fresh IVF cycle (where I actually had a day of cramping and what resembled implantation bleeding) where I have had many more symptoms. This time I felt a tiny burning sensation in my uterus area, a few very tiny cramps and a couple of sharp pains in my armpit about 8 days after the 6 day transfer.

I tried two for £1 pregnancy tests from Asda 7dp6dt transfer and got a very, very faint pink line. I tried my cheap ebay tests the same day and again barely saw a line. At 8dp6dt and 9dp6dt I tried Boots own digital test and Clearblue digital (which also tells you how many weeks pregnant) and both said "pregnant"!!

In between the failed fresh and successful frozen cycle I went to see Mel Brown the nutritionist who was absolutely brilliant; I had thought I was being so healthy already but she gave us so much advice and recommended certain supplements too. I also had a bit of acupuncture. And tried (sometimes easier said than done) to surround myself with friends with babies and to be positive and keep believing.

The very best of luck to everyone trying xxx

BFP :)

I will be 6 weeks pregnant this Tuesday! :)
I still can't believe it.
I am still not having many symptoms though....which makes it feel this real?
I want to thank everyone who has shared their BFP stories on this site as reading this blog really helped me through last year.
I had 5 failed IUI's (some with clomid) 3 before polyp removal/DNC and 2 after.
I tried IVF this September and it worked. I was so nervous during two week wait.
I was especially nervous when they nurse called after my one embryo transfer (5 day transfer) and said none of the others had survived enough to make it to the freeze and use in other cycles, and when the doctor called to say that my eggs had not been that efficient with IVF.
It felt surreal when the nurse called after my beta test and said congratulations on my voicemail.
I am still not feeling many symptoms and think all the time... am I really pregnant?
I was even afraid to write on this site worried to jinx myself.

I wish I can look back and say this two week wait felt different then the other two week waits but not sure it really did. My boobs were sore but they always were and I felt constipated and a little crampy but thought that might be from progesterone I take daily. The only thing I can think about is my body temperature felt warmer. I did not take my temp, but my skin felt flush at times.

Things I did differently for BFP cycle:

Switched to IVF and they have me on progesterone daily since retrieval
Lost 5 pounds and tried to eat healthier/ no drinking the month leading up to IVF
Started acupuncture twice a week
Started probiotics (always took just prenatals before) and started eating yogurt with coconut milk (had avoided dairy yogurt before), went to dentist for deep cleaning (had avoided it for awhile)...just wanted to make sure all bacteria was good bacteria in my body
Ate pineapple with core on days around when implantation was likely

Wishing anyone reading this waiting for much luck!! You will be writing on here before you know it.

BFP after first round of IVF- hoping for a sticky bean or beans!

Me: 29- Endometriosis, both tubes blocked.
DH: 27- Low sperm count/poor motility and morphology
Together 12 years
Married 2 years
TTC 13 months

Prior to diagnosis tried everything I could think of but now looking back it doesn't matter because my eggs couldn't pass through my tubes anyway.

IVF cycle 1:

Lupron (10u then down to 5u) Gonal F Follistim Pen (150u, down to 75u, down to 50u)

12 eggs retrieved, 8 fertilized
2 5aa embryos transfered on day 5
1 4aa, 4ab, 4bb frozen

3dp5dt- hcg from trigger out of system
4dp5dt- feint positive at home!
5dp5dt-9dp5d- BFP on Wondfo test strips and finally a digital.
9dp5dt beta test- BFP, HCG 336!

Cautiously excited! First ultra sound Monday November 3!!

Please send sticky vibes my way!

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BFP with IVF/ICSI #1

Thought I start with the background:
Me: 28- BFP week before turning 29 (27 when first started TTC). DF: 28 (27 when first TTC).
How long we’ve been TTC: Naturally for 1 year, then first IVF with ICSI in September 2014.
Issues: Me – PCO but regular ovulation (so not really an issue). Right tube blocked at end near ovary (can’t be fixed). DF – 1-2% morphology, and below average motility (overall numbers are normal – no ‘count’ issue).
What we’ve tried/used:
Me –
OPK’s (Clearblue digital the most reliable).
Charting temperature (helped with timing BD perfectly, even though unsuccessful anyway).
Chinese medicine (acupuncture, cupping and herbs).
Evening Primrose oil.
Red raspberry leaf tea.
Pineapple core during TWW.
Laying down after BD.
Cutting out caffeine and soy products.
Adding maca powder to smoothies.
Taking B vitamin supplement.

DH –
Chinese medicine (acupuncture, cupping and herbs).
Joined gym and did regular exercise.
Cut down on smoking and alcohol.
Eating more healthy foods.
Men’s multivitamin.

After trying out the natural alternative (Chinese medicine), DH got another SA which showed no improvement. We had already researched our options and felt IVF with ICSI was the best option for us, which our fertility/IVF specialist agreed.

First IVF with ICSI cycle started 21/9/14.

I had 21 eggs collected, and 19 of those were mature. 17 of those fertilised, and all 17 made it to day 5!!!! They transferred 1 on day 5, and then waited till day 6 to freeze remaining – 15 made it to freeze!!!!!

I decided on a whim that I would do a test at 5dp5dt. It was during the day on only a 2 hour hold, and to my absolute shock there was a faint line!
I continued to test throughout the week and have kept getting stronger and darker lines. My last test was on 8dp5dt, on only a two hour hold, and the test line was almost as dark as the control line. I have my blood test on 12dp5dt, and really hope it all comes back within the normal range!!!

I honestly just couldn’t imagine getting a BFP after trying so hard over the last year and a bit. I am so blessed and happy to see those two beautiful lines!!!

In terms of symptoms. I really have not had much.. I felt completely and utterly normal right up to 7dp5dt. Around 7dp5dt, I did feel a little sick in the morning, but it was short lived. I have had some mild light headedness as well, and felt mildy sick throughout the day on 8dp5dt. I have had the odd crampy feeling since 6dp5dt. This has all been so mild though - it could easily just be the progesterone gel as much as the pregnancy hormones.

Let's try this again....

Hello I am new to this site. I am 31 and married and have been TCC since August 2012. 3 failed iui. I have not been responding to injectable horomones. I am now starting metformin and on a strict diet and exercise. It's been a tough road. I am going to try IVF however I need to respond to the medications! All the shots have been intramuscular hoping that would help but no such luck. Need some support feeling pretty down. Thanks all!