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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Are you employing "Assisted Reproductive Technology" to achieve your BFP? If so, this is where you'll find the success stories of women in your same situation.

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First IVF, Endo and bleeding

My 5 year wedding anniversary it’s in May, but we started TTC exactly 5 years ago to this month of March. I had 28 back then and no knowledge at all that I had Endometriosis. Around December of that first year I went to my annual check up with my Gynecologist and said that I need to wait a whole year, because nothing seem wrong (he even ask for a semen exam from my husband). He recommended the ovulation predictor kits, which I use about 2 months, but quit on those because it made me more anxious than I already was. In July of 2014 I came back with my Gyno and he found an endiometroma on my left ovary. At first I felt relieve because I knew what was wrong, and it wasn’t my work, or my physical activity, or the lack of relaxing or not having enough sex. But the more I read and the more I knew about endometriosis, I urdestood what the diagnosis meant. It’s been a hard road, we’ve spent a lot of money in doctors, meds, one laparoscopy, tests, prescribed vacations and therapy; but my marital relationship was my deepest concern, an at this date it still is. This was our first IVF and probably the only one, regardless of the result, because of how expensive this is and has been all the way (we’ve been paying everything). We started the month with the first shot of Gonal, and in the 12th I had the egg retrieval (12 eggs). We waited and lost all but 2 in the long road to what end up being a 5 day transfer or blastocyst transfer on the 17th. Last 26th I got up to pee in the morning and there it was in the toilet paper: blood. At first light brown and by noon bright red. I call my RE and said that I needed to increase the dose of progesterone that I was already taking, and wait till Saturday for my test, but I insisted that it was my period, I had cramps, it had to be, and felt totally defeated. At night, with my head cool down I call again an explain what was happening: I’m not spotting, but i don’t fill up the pad; it’s blood, red clotting blood, but it’s not my period. He told me to take the progesterone and wait to the test. I rested on the 27 and read everything I could find about bleeding but still being pregnant and today I got up and took a urine test, couldn’t wait, but so glad I did because BFP. I told my husband and we cried together, told my RE and prescribe another shot of hormones and rest. I’m still bleeding, I’m still worried, I don’t know how this is going to end, but I needed to share this, because there might be someone like me, considering giving up too soon because of blood, even thow I’m pregnant, until this morning I’m pregnant, and I still can’t believe I was ready to give up Monday afternoon. Don’t be scared just be strong and hope for the BFP even if there is blood.

BFP at 5dp5dt!!

I'm so excited to finally be able to post my story here! I have been using this site as life support and to fuel my symptom spotting through 1.5 years of ttc. After 3 failed IUIs, we moved to IVF and created 3 pgs normal embryos. Last week, the best embryo (5AA) was transferred (FET) and I began my countdown. d0p5dt: Single embryo transferred around 3p. In the middle of the night that evening I had some zings around my lower pelvic area for a couple of minutes. d1p5dt: mostly no symptoms, super discouraged d2p5dt: nothing much all day until around 5p felt a crazy sharp stabby pain that basically radiated up my whole left side. couldn't really pinpoint this to uterus specifically, but it took my breath away. Later in the evening I had dull AF like cramps for a couple of hours, but nothing by the time I went to bed. d3p5dt: boobs a little bit 'zingy' but not sore in the AM. Dull AF like cramps on and off around noon. No symptoms for rest of day, back to being discouraged. d4p5dt: woke up feeling nothing. at around noon suddenly my heart was racing for no reason for about 15 min and I got breathless. Worried this was a reaction to coffee. A few transient zings and twinges around lower pelvic area throughout the day, but now happening in the right side also which confused me. Started getting gassy in evening. d5p5dt: decided to POAS bc if I ended up with a 0 beta I wanted to know if there was a chem pregnancy just to know that I could get pregnant at least. Surprised to see a faint line. I was pretty blissed out for rest of day and I wasn't hypervigilant on symptoms anymore, but when I checked in, there were a few little zings and twinges in lower pelvic area occasionally. Gassy in the evening again. After getting my BFP I've chilled out a ton with symptom spotting. Today is 7dp5dt and the lines on the test have been getting darker which is encouraging. I managed to get my beta bumped to tomorrow so will update when I have the numbers!
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FET IVF SUCESS 5 Day Blast!!

What a journey. First of all, no one symptom set me off. I have had my hopes up in the last 2 years only to be let down when AF arrived. I am beyond grateful, and so hopeful for a successful 9 months of pregnancy. This was our first round of IFV. We did a FET because I overstimulated during our egg retrieval. Out of 37 retrieved,28 fertilized, and 17 made it to day 5/6. We transferred one 5 day embryo grade 4AAA. I prayed, and wished, and hoped, and now I can’t beleive it happened. On to symptoms- 2-3dp5dt- lots of pulling and light/medium cramps. The pulling started on the left side and proceeded to move to the middle and right side. My stomach felt really tight like if I sneezed it felt like I pulled a muscle. SO MANY DIZZY SPELLS. This may have been my #1 symptom. I would be driving and then come to a stop sighn and then BAM it would hit me. I had to hold on to my counter on day 6pt for fear of falling over. Sore throat and stuffy nose. Crazy dreams. 3-10dp5dt: Same as above but add in some light nausea. It feels more like being car sick to me than stomach bug sick. Like when your reading in the back seat of a car. Also my nipples got bigger and darker on 7dpt. On 8dpt my nipples got very sensitive and I actually flinched taking off my bra. More hungry than usual for sure. I wasn’t going to test until BETA but the morning of BETA husband convinced me to take a pregnancy test so we could find out together. I always second guessed myself. I just figured some of these were from progesterone and estrogen( and they may have been.) The one thing that gave me hope was the 5 days leading up to transfer when I was on all of my medications I had no unusual symptoms. No cramps or sore breast or nausea. So when I started to feel these things it gave me a little hope. I prayed so often and so hard. I am So so so grateful for this outcome.

Can't believe it!

This is my first post, but I've been stalking these boards for a while. I swore that I would post once I got a BFP, because the positive stories on here helped me so much over the last two weeks. Today I FINALLY got the positive call and subsequently the double lines (I just had to see those darned double lines after soooo many single lines)!! I'm 35, trying for a little over 2 years. For about 1.5 yrs, we tried naturally, doing everything we could, to no avail. Infertility is unexplained. We chose to go straight to IVF. I ended up with 15 eggs, of which 8 made it to 5 day blasts with ICSI. After PGS, we ended up with 3 healthy embryos for FET. We transferred 1 at a time and were so lucky to be successful with the first implantation. Meds post implantation: Progesterone in Ethyl Oleate 1mL daily, baby aspirin, prenatals (Zahler with DHC), Estrace taken vaginally. I was not allowed to exercise at all (including yoga or pilates / anything using core). I was advised to eat as if I'm pregnant (not in quantity, but no alcohol, etc.) Here were my symptoms throughout the TWW: -Constant constipation and hemorrhoids (sorry TMI) -During the first few days, experienced mild headaches -Bloating and random ovary aches that felt exactly like my period was coming -Soooo tired. I normally feel very rested after 7 hours. I have been sleeping 9+ hours and still feel tired. -Moodiness and crying over little things -Gained several lbs the first week on Progesterone but lost it by the end of the two weeks -A few twinges of lightning crotch -For the first several days, the progesterone shots in the glutes made me terribly sore, but things got better after we: iced the area for 5 minutes, warmed up the syringe (tucked in waistband) for 5 minutes, and massaged the area for 5 minutes I did NOT have: -Unusual hunger -Implantation spotting -Darkened areolas -Heightened smell Yesterday night, the night before my first beta HcG test, I didn't sleep a wink, and this board was what got me through it. Today I got the call with 194 mIU/ml. Good luck to everyone out there! Thanks for getting me through this! Praying everything keeps moving normally.

BFP after 2.5 yrs TTC; low AMH in early 30s

My DH and I have been pretty private about our infertility journey. I have never posted on a board or blog…this is my first time! During our two week wait, I spent a lot of time on searching the internet, reading stories, searching symptoms. For some it would make them go insane, but for me it gave me a sense of empowerment, hope, control, and most of all a feeling that I was not alone. So, I was compelled to post, and decided that as soon as I got confirmation of a BFP I would share my story, which will hopefully do the same for someone else. DH and I started trying to conceive in May 2015. By December, I knew something wasn’t right, but DH just knew that we would be ok because I had a child from a previous relationship so I should be able to conceive with no problem. I was still adamant and we got all the testing done with a fertility clinic. The test cam back normal except for a lower than average level of Vitamin D for me and a little lower than average motility level but was nothing for worry about (from what we were told). We made a big move in August 2016 and had several life changing events in the between time, so DH was sure after the move and the less stressful environment we would be ok - he stopped smoking and I began tracking-everything! By late June 2017 we accepted that we were not going to get pregnant on our own and decided to visit a clinic recommended by someone we trusted. We forwarded all the paper work and results to the doctor who immediately noticed that I had a low AMH (1.3) for my age. The doctor immediately tested my blood again and have my husband provide another sample. With DH quitting smoking his count doubled and his motility drastically improved, but my AMH had decreased to 1.02. When the doctor explained to me what the actually meant I had a mini breakdown. I begun to research on the internet and it showed that my AMH was that of a women in her 40s instead of my real age (32/33) which is why we had not been successful. After all the testing we formally started our IVF in October with using birth control for a month. The rest of the therapy is as follows: Nov 15-25 Gonal 75ml-187.5ml shots (the doctor monitored follicles and blood to change dosage) Nov 20-25 Orglutran shot, one per day Triggered late night 25 November Pick up on 27 November with 8-9 follicles and an estradiol level of 1404 on 25 November (we didn’t test on the day of pick up). After pick up the doctor started me on progesterone 3x per day vaginally and aspirin. Results: 6 eggs, 6 mature, 6 fertilized, 5 made it to blast (day 5), 2 transferred, 3 frozen. We transferred two embryos back on 2 December which begun our two week wait. 1dp5dt - Even though we did the transfer on a Saturday I decided that I would take an additional 2 days off from work because I tend to stress about work. I was not on bed rest but took it easy. There were no symptoms except sore breast and still pretty tender ovaries which was most likely from the hormones and pickup. 2dp5t -4dp5t - minor cramping like AF was coming at any point, bloating, and very gassy (sorry tmi), same sore breast but gradually getting better. 5d - 7dp5t - bloating continued, but getting better, on and off cramping, slight back pain and sleepiness. 8d & 9dp5t - I was convinced that IVF did not work, I woke up with a negative feeling and my symptoms were decreasing. The cramping was only slight and intermittent throughout the day. I started to feel more like myself since the pick up and I thought that was a bad sign. Now that I look back it makes sense because it can take 10-12 days (or so I read on the internet) for the trigger shoot to get out of your system, which means some symptoms will subside. Symptoms: slight cramping, sore breast, but less sore and some/very little back pain. 9dp5t- Took my first HPT…I tried to wait until the beta test, but I didn’t make it. BFP! Symptoms: frequent urination, excess thirst - which may explain the frequent urination-slight headaches, cramps on and of through the day, gassy and bloating 10dp-14dp5t - Symptoms stayed the same as from 9dp5dt the only addition is this “leakage” or discharge. I was really concerned so we did a HPT every day. It was a really watery discharge that was outside the normal white discharge from the vaginal inserts of progesterone. I did not remember this with my first pregnancy so I searched and searched the internet to see this was common. I did find a few post that had women who experienced this, but it still made me nerves for the beta testing Morning of 14dp5d was the beta testing. We got the result by the evening of 2128 HcGml, finally confirmation of pregnancy!! Due to the holidays and travel to see family we will not have another test so of course that will stress me out, but I am going to try to stay hopeful. Our first sonogram is schedule for the second week of January and we can’t wait.
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FET BFP after 19 months ttc #1!

Like many on this site I have been waiting a VERY long time to submit my story. Finally... here I am! My story is long, so i'll try to condense it. Started trying aged 30, in April 2016. I used ovulation trackers, preseed, maca, b6, EPO, handstands.... the lot! Every month my ovulation was strong and obvious. Every month AF arrived on time. I was broken by the experience. At 15 months we started treatments. Tests at 4 months trying and 12 months were both clear. No problems. Good sperm, healthy AMH and egg reserve. strong ovulation. We are healthy. So we were quickly diagnosed with unexplained intertility. In Australia we have a wonderful healthcare system and my FS said "go straight to IVF. Lets not waste your time and money... IVF works". So off we went. IVF was great, honestly. I actually enjoyed it! It was so satisfying to do something proactive after so long. The injections were easy, I bounced back after egg collection and I didn't get OHSS. Our results: 18 eggs collected 17 eggs mature 15 eggs fertilized 11 made it to day 5 10 were frozen, 1 was transferred in October 2017. It was perfect! It all went so well - even better than expected.... then the transfer totally failed. My AF came early. I was devastated. The 6 weeks between that failed transfer and my first FET was the longest and darkest 6 weeks of my life. I felt like I was in limbo. It was horrible. I couldn't believe that the thing that was meant to work - IVF - had failed. What if I never have kids? It was too horrible to dwell on. Turns out the break was also a blessing. In the month off I had a pretty rubbish ovulation and didn't feel great. But on this cycle my body performed like a champion! I had the best ovulation i've had in ages, and my hormones all lined up perfectly for the transfer. My compacting 4 day morula was unfrozen overnight and became the most beautiful, plump blastocyst by the time I made it in for my transfer on DPO5. It was growing so well and I felt great about it. I did accupuncture before and after, and took the day off work to rest. The next day I went on with life. I got a bit of bleeding the day after transfer, but my FS told me to expect that, as she had been a bit rough on my cervix during the transfer. It only lasted an hour. I had Pregnyl 1500 on DPO4 and DPO7 to help with luteal phase spotting so technically I couldn't test, but I did anyway from dpo10. I watched the line slowly fading for 2 days as the pregnyl left my system, but then it started getting darker again and it was amazing! The day of my BT on DPO15 I did a digi and got 'pregnant 2-3 weeks'. My BT came back at a healthy 267. I'm Pregnant!!!!!!! I had no symptoms. Honestly. I was looking for them! My boobs settled down during the TWW and I did have some weird feelings all around my lower stomach in short intervals, but they felt shallow and like they were intestinal. I felt nothing in my uterus or ovary area at all. My only sign was no spotting, which I get 2-4 days before every AF. My CM also stayed thin but white, when it would usually go clear like water. So thats my story. I can't believe I get to post on here after 19 MONTHS! I can't wait to meet this baby - I'm already so in love!
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BFP with low AMH

Hello: DH and I had been ttc for over a year when I was found to have a low AMH for my age. We opted to go right for IVF because we didn't want my DOR to progress to POF without any children. I did the micro-dose lupron protocol with human growth hormone. I had around 10 follicles prior to retrieval and they got 9 eggs, only 5 were mature. 4 of those 5 fertilized with conventional IVF. 3 made it to day 5 and we did a fresh transfer of one embryo. The only symptoms/signs that I had prior to my positive blood test were intense cramping 2-3 days after transfer and my areolae changing colour around 9-10dp5dt. I'm now 9+ weeks pregnant and we've seen our little one on ultrasound twice. I know we're not out of the woods yet but we feel incredibly fortunate to have found success on our first round. Good luck.

BFP after 3 years of trying

After 3 years of ttc, including 3 IUIs, 3 IVF cycles, 1 miscarriage and 1 chemical pregnancy, I am in a place where I feel like my miracle is real. After transferring 1 5AA PGS normal embryo, I finally have a healthy pregnancy. There were definitely some things I did differently this cycle that I believe led me to success. For 3 months before my stimulation I followed the CCRMs acai study - I took 2 NOW brand acai tablets 3 times daily (purchased from amazon), along with other vitamins recommended by my naturopath such as CoQ10, vitamins d and e, fish oil, and folic acid. I saw dramatic improvement in egg quality from the acai. My first ivf my spindle view (a marker of egg quality) was 67. For my second it was 75 (after starting my vitamin regimen). After adding the acai before my 3rd IVF cycle, it rose to 89, which absolutely shocked me. My cycle with the acai was the only one in which we made a PGS normal embryo, and top grade at that. After FET with this beautiful embryo, I felt absolutely nothing during 1-4dp5dt. No implantation bleeding, no cramping. My boobs were already sore and swollen from the progesterone, they stayed that way. Around 5-6dp5dt I had some AF like cramps, as well as a very sore lower and middle back, which I never get. Around 8dp5dt onward I had lot of very watery cm, and the sore back continued on and off. I also had acupuncture done right before and right after the transfer. I managed to remain very positive throughout the 2ww - of course there were moments where I stressed and felt like it didn't work, but there were also times where I felt like I just knew I was pregnant. I am so grateful to be where I am today, and wish the same for everyone who reads this. Don't give up!

Can't believe I get to finally write this! (includes symptoms and my protocol)

First of all I have to express my gratitude for this site. We have been trying for four years and I had so many two week waits where I found comfort from reading all these posts. So glad this site exists!!! OK history: 38 year old healthy female (same sex couple, sperm donor) 4 failed IUIs 2 failed IVFs 3rd IVF success!!! I couldn't believe it! We were in shock for weeks! Symptoms: Day 1 of 5 day ICSI Frozen Embryo Transfer w/genetic testing: came home, went straight to bed to watch movies, slept, woke up, ate, went back to sleep, repeat! Day 2 Post Transfer (PT) slept, rested all day, mild dizziness Day 3 PT - went back to work, dizziness on and off all day, shortness of breath (brief, twice) Day 4 PT dizziness, sore boobs Day 5 PT dizziness on and off, sore boobs, HUNGRY DAY 6 PT hungry, small dizziness, a couple of boob zaps, general soreness of bbs, overall feeling more tolerant and happy (which is weird cause I should be pmsing) Day 7 PT morning moody then fine; a little out of breath when walking (generally in good shape), sore boobs, especially on sides, tingle or cramp in nipples, felt warm, took temp of 99.5 Day 8 PT moody; afternoon very brief nausea (ate a bar and it went away), dizziness, evening temp of 99.5, cervix high and soft Day 9 PT High cervix (i knew this because of my 3x a day vaginal progesterone insertions), sore boobs, dry eyes and nose (could be weather), no period, watery cm, pain on left side, 99.3 temp Day 10 PT Pain on lower left side, sore boobs, 99.4 temp, no period, frequent bm (which is usually a sign of period coming so I thought I was out) Day 11 PT, 99.3, boob zaps, cried in the morning (thought I was out), no period Day 12 PT, blood test - 826 HCG!!!!! POAS test (just because I wanted to see it): BFP!!!!! Major tellers for me: the higher temp that I had in the evenings, the weird boob zaps (unlike before with a period or PMSing), and the dizziness and shortness of breath. These were all things I didn't have when I had failed attempts. What I did differently: -In prepping for IVF I read and adhered to a great book (It Starts With the Egg, by Rebecca Fett) - I think this helped with my egg quality -Ate healthier -Tried to keep lower stress (meditating, yoga) -Had a polyectomy before the transfer which removed any and all polyps from my uterus (girls, get a hysteroscopy to make sure your uterus is in good shape before you waste money on failed IUIs) -Had acupuncture before and after the transfer -Ate pineapple core before and after the transfer -Kept a positive attitude -Prayed, prayed, prayed - kept a positive mindset and knew it was out of my hands at the end of the day I am now 7 weeks and looking forward to the arrival of our little bundle of joy next July!!! Good luck and most importantly ladies, DO NOT GIVE UP. Have faith, take care of yourselves and believe it will happen. Positive mindsets make all the difference. Sending baby dust, love and peace to all! XOXOXO

38 yo pregnant after 2 years trying

I thought for a moment why bother submitting a post? And then I remembered all of the posts that I read that helped me when I had a question, or needed reassurance about some random symptom or to just distract me during the infertility rollercoaster ride. So here we go... Married to DH 10+ years - together for 20+. We waited + experienced life and other unexpected events and then realized it wasn't going to be easy. Went thru 4 failed rounds of IUI late last year and were placed on the list for government funded IVF and I was advised FEB of this year that I would be up for IVF in June. YAY After the prep and injections of Gonal F, Menopur, Suprefact fast forward mid July and then trigger, 7 eggs retrieved, 2 days later 5 still going strong, 2 more days later, 3 embryos and on transfer day, 2 embryos and transferred. I remember feeling worried after transfer as I had to pee badly! That kind of pee that blasts out. And I tried my hardest to hold it but when you have to go. DH helped me with my PIO shots every morning. I ate pineapple 5 days post transfer and Baby aspirin every day. The following day and the main symptom that I had never seen prior was blue visible veins on my BBS and BBS were bigger. I felt some twinges here and there. Took my first HPT 3dp5dt and there was a very faint line. So at this point I'm thinking trigger. I was too scared to take a HPT the next day. Took another HPT on 5dp5dt and another faint line even fainter than 2 days prior. I'm gutted :( 6dp5dt I take a third HPT and 2 lines come up straight away and darker than the day prior. :) Had some light spotting on 8 and 9dp5dt. Beta results 14dp5dt 490 and beta 16dp5dt 1406. Sending positive love vibes out to everyone out there who is struggling in some way with infertility. xo