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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Are you employing "Assisted Reproductive Technology" to achieve your BFP? If so, this is where you'll find the success stories of women in your same situation.

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BFP after three years ttc!

Hubby and I (both 27) have been ttc for just over 3 years. I have pcos and there's also slight male factor. After trying on our own for a year, acupuncture and herbs for 5 months, we decided to move forward with IVF last year. Our fresh cycle resulted in 7 embryos. Fresh cycle and subsequent frozen transfer didn't work. Going into FET #2 I was trying to remain calm and positive. I made a vision board, did a lot of meditating and yoga, ate well, prayed, and it really helped me to be calm. The TWW started off normal. On 2 days past transfer I puked after dinner, though I think maybe it was just bad food? I hadn't really had any symptoms. No cramps no implantation spotting, boobs felt fine. Convinced it didn't work I even waited to change my estrogen patches on test day. 9dp5dt my beta was 147! I was shocked to say the least. I go back Tuesday for beta 2 and am praying it's a good number. I have faith this is our take home baby.
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Me: 41, idiopathic infertility (I am just old) DF: 41, 2 Children from previous marriage TTC- 6 months. I honestly think that if we kept trying, I would have become pregnant. I took this route mainly because of my age and the ability to screen for healthy embryos (reducing the risk of miscarriage). Feb 2015 IVF/ICSI#1 Antagonist Protocol- ER 17 eggs, 11 mature, 4 fertilized, 0 made it to 5 day April 2015 IVF/ICSI #2 Antagonist Protocol (lower dose of Follistim)- ER 11 eggs, 9 mature, 4 fertilized, 2 made it to 5 day (6AB, 6BB) - performed PGD and only 6AB was genetically normal. ET on 4/29/15 What I did: Watched diet carefully (low carb, high protein/veg and monounsaturated fats). Acupuncture 2x week, supplements: DHEA (3x day), Fish Oil, L-Carnitine, CoQ-10, Calcium and Iron (the last 2 because I am a post bariatric patient). On night of Embryo transfer I slept with a heated blanket on low...I was told not to raise my body temperature but acupuncturist advised some warmth on my uterus...I seriously had it on 1 out of 10 in heat strength. Symptoms during 2WW- Absolutely nothing other than normal PMS cramping, some hot flashes (on progesterone) and insomnia (chalked up to anxiety). I had brown spotting the day before beta and every feeling in my body told me my period was coming. I even stopped taking the hormones, took aleve, drank wine and had an orgasm - because I was convinced I didn't conceive. May 8th- Beta: 30 May 10th- Beta: 72 May 12th- Beta 214 I started with a low beta, but I am now convinced that I had a late implanter since she was frozen. The cramps/spotting were just 1-2 days before beta. My RE is happy with beta progression and now schedules viability U/S for 5/19/15 so fingers crossed!

BFP after IVF #5

After over 2 years of trying and 5 fresh cycles of IVF, I finally got my first ever BFP! I haven't posted much in forums during my struggle, but I found so much comfort in googling success stories anytime things got too hopeless. Now that I finally have a confirmed pregnancy, I'm here to share my story. TTC History: Me: 38, AMH 1.9, poor IVF responder DH: 43, male factor TTC 28 months #1 IVF: BFN #2 IVF: BFN #3 IVF: BFN -- changed clinics, started taking DHEA -- #4 IVF: BFN #5 IVF: BFP Pregnancy History: 2ww symptoms: none HCG Beta @ 13dpo (10dp3dt) - 24 HCG Beta @ 18dpo (15dp3dt) - 236 HCG Beta @ 26dpo (23dp3dt) - 5621 Vaginal ultrasound @ 6w5d - embryo 3.8mm, heartbeat detected Currently, I'm 8w5d pregnant and obviously over the moon! It felt like I was never going to get here. When my first beta came up as 24 (which is a very low positive) I was freaking out that I would miscarry right away. Because the normal level for my beta day should have been 80-100, the doctor said only a second test would be a better indicator. Luckily the numbers zoomed up from there. It was only after the 2nd beta that I allowed myself to believe that I could really be pregnant! BTW, after two positive blood tests, I still was coming up negative on my home pee sticks at 18dpo. I was using the cheapo internet cardboard sticks, but still. I decided to stop peeing on sticks at this point because it was really messing with my mind. I also had NO symptoms until I was about 6 weeks pregnant. So much for early symptom spotting! What did I do different on my successful cycle? I adopted two kittens two months before my last cycle, which helped cheer me up a lot and give me an outlet for my mothering instincts. Sounds silly but they really helped lift me out of a two year low caused by infertility and unemployment. I also completely abstained from alcohol for 3 months before. Additionally, I did weekly acupuncture sessions with someone who had experience with IVF treatments. I hope this story helps somebody else during their struggle, and gives them a bit of hope.

Correction to my below post "Vasectomy not reversed but now prenant with HCG 1,200 at 2ww!!"

earlier I didn't realise that Australia, beta tests differ from USA in results data. Our 1,200 HCG at 4 weeks (14 days post FET transfer of 1 embryo) needs to be multiplied by 3.18 ie., the reading in USA numbers is 3,816. now 6 weeks, the last week very uncomfortable breast tenderness, grown 1 cup size, belly extending, excessive bloating, constant nausea. Hell, does 1 kid do all this?

BFP after 4 years TTC, fibroid & immune issues, with IVF/FET

Finally after 4 long, hard years of TTC we are pregnant following our 7th transfer attempt! Fingers crossed it sticks!! Various female issues were considered and addressed over the years, including an endometrial polyp (2012) and a persistent submucosal fibroid (resected 2013 & 2014) but ultimately we were put in the unexplained category. I've never, ever conceived naturally. Last year after revisiting the problem we discovered I had elevated NK cells in my blood and these were also elevated on two separate uterine biopsies, so we decided to try treatment for immunological dysfunction using prednisone and clexane, plus intralipid on the most recent (and so far successful) attempt. Here's a quick summary of our IVF history: IVF#1 - single day 5 transfer, BFN FET 1 - single day 5 transfer, BFN FET 2 - single day 5 transfer, BFN IVF#2 - single day 5 transfer, BFN FET 3 - single day 5 transfer, BFN - NB: tried prednisone + clexane FET 4 - single day 5 transfer, early BFP (biochemical) - NB: I was weaning OFF prednisone this cycle and did not use clexane IVF#3 - planned freeze all cycle, no transfer done FET 5 - double transfer of two day 3 embryos - very, very faint BFP at 7dp3dt!!! Now getting stronger at 9dp3dt! OMG!! This time with the FET cycle we used prednisone (25mg) and clexane (40mg) again, plus also an intralipid infusion just before my cycle started. The data seemed to suggest we might be onto something with the immune hypothesis and perhaps treating me this way is what has worked. My HPT lines have been getting darker over the past three days and we are really hopefully that THIS IS IT!!!! I've not had any symptoms of note, at least nothing different to my usual luteal phase twinges, etc. And if anything, I've had less breast tenderness than usual for this last week of the cycle. The heartache of this journey is almost unbearable at times. I am sending my strongest and most powerful best wishes to all of you wonderful ladies out there who are still trying. Don't give up. xoxoxox
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IVF Two Week Wait

I wanted to write this and share my experience since I read over and over again these blogs and it really helped. This is my first ever blog and I promised myself if I got a positive result that I would post my story in hope that it may give others some comfort I am almost 41, five rounds of IUI and just finished an IVF cycle - my first. So I only had 7 eggs collected which made me very nervous as my friends had between 15-25. I ended up with 1 grade one egg and two grade twos and the remainder also fertilised but at a lower grade. So three embryos were transferred back. The two week wait well..... the pegesterone made me constantly bloated and had random stabbing pains. On day 9 after transfer I couldn't wait and did a home pregnancy test which was negative and clear blue brand. I thought that was it as only 3 more days until the blood test. Needless to say this afternoon when the doctor called me to say I am pregnant with a beta of 200 I was in disbelief. I had period pains the dull kind of a ache constantly for the past three days and I was convinced that was about to start my period. I still have the same aches and pains now as I lie in bed and I just hope that the next two weeks before the first scan that the baby continues to grow as I know this is supposed to be the most unstable time for development. So I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope that anyone who is out there who took a pregnancy test and it was negative and is suffering period pains there is still a lot of hope. Let's hope that the next milestone is met and then take it step by step. Good luck everyone and don't loose hope. Xxx
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Vasectomy not reversed but now prenant with HCG 1,200 at 2ww!!

33 years ago I had a vasectomy after my 3rd child. Divorced & met my new love 15 years ago who is now 38. I'm now 63 years so it was time to make babies & of the two options it was either reversal or go for IVF. Elected for IVF. Didn't think it was possible but 6 months ago and after 20 minutes in an operating theatre a needle extracted millions of my swimmers. 100% painless, no after effects, bloody amazing. At same time the wife 'went under' & they retrieved 12 eggs. Our 1st try with a fresh 5day old blastocyst grown in the lab made it to 6 weeks with some medication assistance. The HCG at 2 weeks was 140, more good news at 6 weeks HCG was 1,500, BUT we were shattered as it just disappeared at ultra sound at 8 weeks. Our 2nd FET (frozen embryo transfer) ended up a zero result at 2ww. BUT 1 hour ago got the news that our 3rd FET after a 2ww was bloody positive & bloody fantastic. The reason for this post is that it is 1,200 HCG! This was 1 embryo, WTF (that's not an IVF acronym) no drugs, no tablets, no chemicals so does anyone know (other than a negative reason) is this normal? The missus has twins in her second line of cousins on both sides of family tree.


Hello all here on this forum, I alike many of you have suffered through the sad reality of infertility. Me: 31- Endometriosis/Bilateral blocked Tubes DH:28-Healthy Egg Retrieval- 3/4/2015- , retrieved 25 eggs, Fertilized 21 eggs, 19 Made it to Day #5, 11 Frost Babies.Outside of OHSS everything went well, Beacuse of OHSS, We Had to Freeze all. Egg Transfer-4/16/2015- Transferred 2- 5 day High Quality Blastocysts. BFP-4/24/2015!!!! BHCG-4/25/2015-173 So just a little advice to all of you ladies trying to Concieve, Try not to drive your self crazy!!! I tested on day 2 with First Response Pregnancy Test-BFN Day 3- BFN Day 4- Both digital and regular tests- BFN Day 5-Both-BFN Day 6- Both BFN Day 7- Both BFN Day #8 my last regular Test- BFP!!!!!! Day 9- Beta HCG- 173 Feeling Great just really Tired!!! Good luck to all the momies to be, Remember God will give you the desires of your Heart, Just keep the Faith! And BABY DUST to all~

BFP!!! Can't believe it!!!

So have been ttc for 10 yrs and nothing. IVF was the only way to go and I wasn't gonna get any help on the NHS so I decided to go abroad. Chose Klinikk Hausken in Notway and today got my BFP! Amazing!!! 2ww 2dp2dt - twinges, sneezing, bloated, gassy 3dp2dt - twinges, strange shooting pains in legs and arms, tender boobs, sneezing 4dp2dt - cramping, back ache, hungry, feel really hot, tender boobs, sneezing 5dp2dt - twinges in left side, back ache, tender boobs, feel hot 6dp2dt - as above, prickly sensation on and off. Strong af like pains bedtime. Hot then cold then hot again. 7dp2dt - strong twinges in centre and centre right. Back ache. Heightened sense of smell? 8dp2dt - heightened sense of smell, prickly pains, cats VERY attentive, pain in chest right side, strong twinges in evening, shooting pains from tummy to vagina. 9dp2dt - feel like I'm getting a cold, throat aches and nose is running (could be hayfever). Pain still in chest, niggly prickly pains in tummy still, quite loose BM in am. Headache. Faint positive on HPT 10dp2dt - niggly pains, feel nauseous in am. Headache. Pain in chest. Feel really hot. Hungry 11dp2dt - nauseous but hungry, sharp pain in right ovary area, heavy chest pain right side (pulled muscle again) 12dp2dt - sharp pains in tummy, pain in chest like a stitch, nauseous in morning but hungry, tested pm - BFP!!!

BFP IVF/ICSI after 5 years TTC!!!

I am 33 years old, no fertility issues have ever been found! Pregnant once (unplanned) 10 years prior with miscarriage @6weeks. I tried for 3 years previously with my ex-husband when we found out he had severe sperm(morphology, count) issues. I've done temping, OPK's, Pre-seed, you name it!!! Fast forward a few years to my current relationship, fiance and I have been trying for awhile when the same issues seem to be arising again! Had a sperm analysis done and his count is EXTREMELY low. Got referred for IVF/ICSI right away. Found the best clinic in Northern California(3 hours away) and got started right away! All of my testing showed great ovarian reserve, uterus and ovaries great, so I was able to donate half of my eggs retrieved to offset the high cost! Had 2 3-day embryos rated AA put back in, embryologist even came in to tell me they looked perfect(no fragmentation). I couldn't believe it was actually my turn to be prego!!!!Stimulation went great and here are my symptoms- Retrieval Day: Felt great everything went smoothly, rested in the evening and night. 1dp3dt: No symptoms except bloating, went to bed and woke up in the middle of the night with extreme pain in right ovary. rushed to ER and given IV said I had possible ovarian torsion? After about 3 hours of extreme pain it resolved itself? We are still not exactly sure what happen! 2dp3dt:still a little sore in ovary area, no other symptoms. Started progesterone suppositories. 3dp3dt:a little clear discharge. 4dp3dt:slight cramping in uterus(middle area) beginning, no sore boobs, no nausea, energy a little low. 5dp3dt:BFN, cramping continues... 6dp3dt:cramping in uterus, lite discharge, low energy. 7dp3dt:take wondfro, SLIGHTEST faint line almost evap looking. More cramping. No spotting at all! 8dp3dt:BFP!!!Clear but faint line!!! Everyone else sees it very clearly! Cramping intensifies, waves of nausea, slight food aversions. This is the first line out of maybe 300 times I've POAS!!!! Go in for my beta tomorrow!!! Fingers crossed!!!