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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Are you employing "Assisted Reproductive Technology" to achieve your BFP? If so, this is where you'll find the success stories of women in your same situation.

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Vasectomy not reversed but now prenant with HCG 1,200 at 2ww!!

33 years ago I had a vasectomy after my 3rd child. Divorced & met my new love 15 years ago who is now 38. I'm now 63 years so it was time to make babies & of the two options it was either reversal or go for IVF. Elected for IVF. Didn't think it was possible but 6 months ago and after 20 minutes in an operating theatre a needle extracted millions of my swimmers. 100% painless, no after effects, bloody amazing. At same time the wife 'went under' & they retrieved 12 eggs. Our 1st try with a fresh 5day old blastocyst grown in the lab made it to 6 weeks with some medication assistance. The HCG at 2 weeks was 140, more good news at 6 weeks HCG was 1,500, BUT we were shattered as it just disappeared at ultra sound at 8 weeks. Our 2nd FET (frozen embryo transfer) ended up a zero result at 2ww. BUT 1 hour ago got the news that our 3rd FET after a 2ww was bloody positive & bloody fantastic. The reason for this post is that it is 1,200 HCG! This was 1 embryo, WTF (that's not an IVF acronym) no drugs, no tablets, no chemicals so does anyone know (other than a negative reason) is this normal? The missus has twins in her second line of cousins on both sides of family tree.


Hello all here on this forum, I alike many of you have suffered through the sad reality of infertility. Me: 31- Endometriosis/Bilateral blocked Tubes DH:28-Healthy Egg Retrieval- 3/4/2015- , retrieved 25 eggs, Fertilized 21 eggs, 19 Made it to Day #5, 11 Frost Babies.Outside of OHSS everything went well, Beacuse of OHSS, We Had to Freeze all. Egg Transfer-4/16/2015- Transferred 2- 5 day High Quality Blastocysts. BFP-4/24/2015!!!! BHCG-4/25/2015-173 So just a little advice to all of you ladies trying to Concieve, Try not to drive your self crazy!!! I tested on day 2 with First Response Pregnancy Test-BFN Day 3- BFN Day 4- Both digital and regular tests- BFN Day 5-Both-BFN Day 6- Both BFN Day 7- Both BFN Day #8 my last regular Test- BFP!!!!!! Day 9- Beta HCG- 173 Feeling Great just really Tired!!! Good luck to all the momies to be, Remember God will give you the desires of your Heart, Just keep the Faith! And BABY DUST to all~

BFP!!! Can't believe it!!!

So have been ttc for 10 yrs and nothing. IVF was the only way to go and I wasn't gonna get any help on the NHS so I decided to go abroad. Chose Klinikk Hausken in Notway and today got my BFP! Amazing!!! 2ww 2dp2dt - twinges, sneezing, bloated, gassy 3dp2dt - twinges, strange shooting pains in legs and arms, tender boobs, sneezing 4dp2dt - cramping, back ache, hungry, feel really hot, tender boobs, sneezing 5dp2dt - twinges in left side, back ache, tender boobs, feel hot 6dp2dt - as above, prickly sensation on and off. Strong af like pains bedtime. Hot then cold then hot again. 7dp2dt - strong twinges in centre and centre right. Back ache. Heightened sense of smell? 8dp2dt - heightened sense of smell, prickly pains, cats VERY attentive, pain in chest right side, strong twinges in evening, shooting pains from tummy to vagina. 9dp2dt - feel like I'm getting a cold, throat aches and nose is running (could be hayfever). Pain still in chest, niggly prickly pains in tummy still, quite loose BM in am. Headache. Faint positive on HPT 10dp2dt - niggly pains, feel nauseous in am. Headache. Pain in chest. Feel really hot. Hungry 11dp2dt - nauseous but hungry, sharp pain in right ovary area, heavy chest pain right side (pulled muscle again) 12dp2dt - sharp pains in tummy, pain in chest like a stitch, nauseous in morning but hungry, tested pm - BFP!!!

BFP IVF/ICSI after 5 years TTC!!!

I am 33 years old, no fertility issues have ever been found! Pregnant once (unplanned) 10 years prior with miscarriage @6weeks. I tried for 3 years previously with my ex-husband when we found out he had severe sperm(morphology, count) issues. I've done temping, OPK's, Pre-seed, you name it!!! Fast forward a few years to my current relationship, fiance and I have been trying for awhile when the same issues seem to be arising again! Had a sperm analysis done and his count is EXTREMELY low. Got referred for IVF/ICSI right away. Found the best clinic in Northern California(3 hours away) and got started right away! All of my testing showed great ovarian reserve, uterus and ovaries great, so I was able to donate half of my eggs retrieved to offset the high cost! Had 2 3-day embryos rated AA put back in, embryologist even came in to tell me they looked perfect(no fragmentation). I couldn't believe it was actually my turn to be prego!!!!Stimulation went great and here are my symptoms- Retrieval Day: Felt great everything went smoothly, rested in the evening and night. 1dp3dt: No symptoms except bloating, went to bed and woke up in the middle of the night with extreme pain in right ovary. rushed to ER and given IV said I had possible ovarian torsion? After about 3 hours of extreme pain it resolved itself? We are still not exactly sure what happen! 2dp3dt:still a little sore in ovary area, no other symptoms. Started progesterone suppositories. 3dp3dt:a little clear discharge. 4dp3dt:slight cramping in uterus(middle area) beginning, no sore boobs, no nausea, energy a little low. 5dp3dt:BFN, cramping continues... 6dp3dt:cramping in uterus, lite discharge, low energy. 7dp3dt:take wondfro, SLIGHTEST faint line almost evap looking. More cramping. No spotting at all! 8dp3dt:BFP!!!Clear but faint line!!! Everyone else sees it very clearly! Cramping intensifies, waves of nausea, slight food aversions. This is the first line out of maybe 300 times I've POAS!!!! Go in for my beta tomorrow!!! Fingers crossed!!!

4 wks BFP then BFN & Poss MC???

I first want to thank you all for your supportive stories and postings because it has helped me out a lot during this process. I am 39 and I have had one failed IVF cycle (5dt of 2 grade A embies), I felt absolutely nothing after that cycle. Took a 6 mo break and had another cycle just this March, same process with 2 left over to freeze :) . Got a BFP on 12dpo with a First Response & Digital. I was over the moon, it was the day before my Beta that I did the test (FYI Trigger shot was already out of my system), so next morning I started to spot (very faint scant pink), went to my appt to find out my Beta was 9! Totally devastated. That afternoon, I noticed a more maroon, brownish discharge only when I wiped, not a flow at all, no cramps either. So I thought implantation bleeding maybe? I went to the ER, they told me by Beta was 9- so im still pregnant, however did not see anything in the ultrasound because its too early (Im about 4wks), however has to treat it like a miscarriage, put me on bedrest for 3 days and to repeat my beta with in 48 hrs, at that time it should double. I called my RE to confirm & have an appt tomorrow for the repeat lab. I took a HPT this morning and got a BFN. Of course I cried! I noticed that the time I started with the light spotting till today is when I would originally had my period? So, now I am wondering is this my period? I am having an early miscarriage now that my HPT is BFN? Has this happened to anyone? The only hope I have right now is one my Beta does at lease double & may be a slow riser and two I might be one of those woman who do have their periods while pregnant? Any thoughts, suggestions or personal experience would really help me sleep tonight. Thank you all! PS: Dont have any other medical issues besides Fertility,
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1st short protocol IVF + PCOS

Firstly thanks for all the stories that have kept me going over the past 2.5 years of ttc. My BFP... at last. I had short protocol IVF i.e ivf lite.I take metformin 1000mg and pregnacare. I found the treatment was fine, the injections were ok and easy to do. I had a quick response to stims so ended up with egg collection earlier than we thought. Had 5 eggs with 3 that fertilised IVF. 2 were grade 1's and one 3. After transfer at 5 days blastocyst, it was doubtful if we would be able to freeze but we do now have one in store.Had to do Gestone injections daily, which we are continuing with. I was told to test 16 dpo, we waited for this. First test didn't work as no line in the cb control window. Then tried a viola early test, I thought this was negative as it is hard to read them( would not recommend for ease of use) Then did a clearblue again and it immediately changed to positive result. I am so shocked as so many people say it doesn't work very often first time around. For those of you who obsess with symptoms as I did here goes.... 1dpt cramps and sore bladder feeling 2dpt cramps more urinating than normal 3 dpt(8dpo) occasional cramps 5dpt very lightheaded not a lot until 13dpo, strong cramping panicked but read a lot of ladies have this and its normal morning feeling lightheaded and slightly nauseous but fine after food. Cramps have continued but not as intense. I am warm which I am never warm. I wake a lot in the night and having vivid dreams. Thanks again to everyone who share their stories it kept me sane.
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BFP and I knew it!

This site has helped me hold my faith many a night when I felt like becoming pregnant was something unattainable. It helped so much to read about other women achieving this prize. It's not about the BFP they are new lives our families growing. So special this site and these times these precious moments. Hope you also find hope here. Me now 35 DH is 36. Both healthy and active. We have a 4year-old. My story begins two and a half years ago when we started trying for our second child. A year into it and after trying every trick and every bd position known to man, I decided to see a specialist because I secretly doubted my hubbies little swimmers were doing their job. I was right and we were advised to go straight to IVF. Ladies don't depend on your obgyn sperm count, my husband was assured it was fine. Well it was not! If you are over 35 and trying for more than six months you may need intervention! Well we did. I have to say my retrieval was hard and I was unprepared for it all and the recovery after. I didn't get OHSS but it took me an entire week to not feel excruciating pain and I have a high pain tolerance! They did retrieve 26 eggs which I am sure is the reason behind my painful recovery. 19 fertilized and 9 were able to be frozen this was December 2014. I had my transfer done March 19th 2015. It was a 6 day FET of two grade A embryos and it was a much more pleasant experience. The very next day I felt a burning hot spot in my right ovary area. I needed to eat three times as much as I usually do. Over that week the week leading up to my BFP I was short of breath, extremely cold especially at night, and very sleepy. All I wanted to do was eat and sleep. I POAS the morning of the 26th and got my BFP. I had blood work done on the 27th and it was confirmed. IVF is no easy road but keep your hope and dreams alive with prayer and positive thinking. I hope this little bean or beans stick around and lots of baby dust to us all. God Bless each and every one of us with the desire of our hearts...children!
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I just got the amazing news this afternoon from the RE and couldn't have been more shocked, considering I had no symptoms during the tww after my first round of IVF (2 blastocyst 5 day transfer). The only "symptom" was likely from the progesterone, resulting in sore bb, which has gone away recently. I went in for my beta this morning, sure that it was negative (was too scared to POAS so I abstained!) and even told the nurse that I expected a bad call later. Shockingly, it was the opposite. The RE said "Are you sitting down?" and then delivered the best news: a positive test with a beta at 112. Hours after the good news, period like cramps have set in, 9dpt, but before that, no cramps and no implantation bleeding. Crossing my fingers for continued success and a normal, comfortable 9 months ahead! Best of luck to everyone!

My First BFP!

I still can't believe I'm typing this... But after 2 years TTC, 2 rounds of IUI and 1 IVF cycle... I'm finally pregnant! it has been a hard and long process but it looks like it has finally worked and we have been finally blessed with our first BFP! I had my first BETA last Wednesday and it wasn't what we expected... my HCG levels were very low and the nurse said it wasn't looking good... but two more BETAs and 5 days later... I'm officially pregnant and my first ultrasound is next Monday!!!! I CANNOT WAIT! For all of you out there TTC have faith and pray pray pray a lot! Your little miracle will happen before you even know it!!! DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE! With GOD all things are Possible!!!!!!!!!!


Hi ladies, I have just got my BFP blood test result back about 2 hours ago, but I gotta share my story right away! My husband had a vasectomy over 15 years ago, so even though I'm only 26, the chance of conceiving after a vasectomy reversal is slim. So we did IVF as advised. After 4 failed cycle, I wasn't sure what to expect any more and tried to keep positive (while preparing for the worst I guess). We still have 2 frozen embies left, so I thought if it didn't work out this one, we'll just throw 2 in! (previously only do 1 at a time). I didn't really rest after transfer. In fact, went straight to a car show (we run a restoration company so had cars on display in shows every weekend) and walked around for hours in 40 degree C heat! I did my house work, shopping, cooking and went to work as usual that week, though tried not to lift anything heavy. No particular symptoms, had my normal pre-menstrual signs like pimples and mood swing. I did a HPT on 13dpo or 8dpt, I've got a BFP straight away. The lines came up nice and dark within a minute on First Response! I tried the ClearBlue Digital and got a Pregnant 1-2. The next day I woke up and did another First Response, same result, and a Digital which came back Pregnant 2-3. I was over the moon, but scared at the same time. So I rang up the nurse and asked her if I could do the blood test a day earlier. The answer was no, and that the positive tests could be from the trigger shot. I was quiet upset, but did my blood test the day after (which was today this morning). Results came back within 2 hours, a whooping 241! So so happy and sending lots of happiness to everybody. xoxo
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