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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Are you employing "Assisted Reproductive Technology" to achieve your BFP? If so, this is where you'll find the success stories of women in your same situation.

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Surprise BFP After 1st ICSI!

Me (32) and DH (37) have been trying to conceive since August 2011 (we got married in May 2011). After one year of not getting anywhere, we decided to get tested and found out that DH had 100% sperm antibodies. Our chance of conceiving naturally was 1% so we were completely devastated. We were told that ICSI was our only chance so were eventually added to the NHS waiting list in Feb 2013. We finished our first treatment 2 weeks ago and we have just found out that we are expecting! I don't know my symptoms by DPO but here are my main symptoms: 5 days of brown spotting, which convinced me that AF was on its way! Really bad heartburn which I have never really had before Waves of nausea Lots of peeing Stretching and poking in my uterus - very strange sensation! I had 20 eggs retrieved of which 9 went on to fertilize. Out of these 9 we had 3 perfect embryos. One was transferred and the other 2 have been frozen. Still very early days but I want you IVF/ICSI ladies to know that it can happen! Hold on in there! Lots of luck to all those TTC! X

BFP After 5 Years and 4 Failed IVF Cycles

About me -35 years old, DH 42 no issues TTC #1 for 5 years Always had short 23-26 day cycles with short luteal phase Diagnosed with stage 4 Endometriosis, elevated FSH and poor ovarian reserve in 2008 3 failed IVF cycles w/ local clinic, all w/ ICSI & asst hatching, never had more than 7 eggs retrieved, and only 1 or 2 embryos ever made it even to day 3 so we did day 2 xfers with questionable fragmented embryos Got 2nd opinion. 1 failed IVF cycle (ICSI, asst hatch &CCS) with new specialized clinic, got 14 eggs, only 1 made it to day 5 and tested normal but had arrested development by thaw and xfer. But got accepted into a supplement study with the same specialized clinic so decided to try 1 last time Last and 5th IVF cycle (ICSI, Asst Hatch & CCS) was the charm, although we only had 3 healthy, genetically normal 5 day embryos out of the whopping 19 eggs retrieved, we transferred only 1 blast and got a BFP days later!!! 1st ever in 5 years! I thought I was a lost cause, I always had more hope for others who were struggling with fertility issues than I had hope for myself. Especially with 2 fertility clinics telling me I would have to start thinking about donor eggs. We had been TTC for over 5 years before I got my 1st ever BFP two weeks ago. I have since had my two betas and all is looking great so far! I always stalked this site during my 2ww for symptoms and for hope. I wanted to share my story to try and bring some hope to others. Had my transfer of one perfect, genetically tested normal 5 day blast October 2nd. But had no unique symptoms compared to my other failed IVF cycles so was losing hope fast. Did my first HPT at 5dp5dt or 10dpo with FMU and got a fast faint BFP on a FRER! Tested again the next day 11 DPO and got medium positives on 3 tests - FRER, Clear blue and internet cheapies! 1st beta 9dp5dt or 14 dpo was 205! 2nd beta 12dp5dt or 17dpo was 531! I'm 5 1/2 weeks pregnant now (23dpo) and have still had NO real symptoms, boobs are no more sore than usual, no nausea, no real food aversions, no increased sense of smell, no urge to pee often, no runny nose, no increased CM etc.. I feel great and CANNOT wait for 1st Ultrasound on the 28th of this month!! What we did differently for this successful cycle... I was part of a supplement study, extremely potent antioxidant Acai berry 1200 mg 3 times a day for 3 months prior to stim meds I did a 3 day juice cleanse about 2 weeks before I started my stim meds Other than that ate the same as usual, healthy but still splurging more often than usual on junk food, exercised the same as usual and actually focused less on pregnancy and ttc than ever before in my life. If it can happen to me I truly believe it can happen to anyone. **Baby dust**

FET IVF BFP - Over 40

My husband and I tried for nearly 5 years to conceive (assisted and unassisted) but were left with a diagnosis of "unexplained infertility" and a lot of sadness. Hitting my 40's didn't make things any better! When our natural IVF was converted to an IUI in 2010 (only 2 eggs produced), we were devastated - took a break until 2011 - and then turned to egg donation. In late 2011 we did a fresh transfer of 2 5d embryos - bfn. Again, devastation! We had 8 frozen 5d embryos (top grade, chosen from 15 total) and had 2 transferred in late Feb/12. BFP!! FIRST EVER POSITIVE PG TEST!!!! We were ecstatic! Our DS was born 3 weeks early via c-section Oct 19/12. In September we decided it was time for #2 (not getting any younger here) and began our second FET cycle - oh the shots, and all the lovely swingy hormones started again (honestly not sure how my husband survives it) and on Oct 3/13 we had 2 more snowbabes transferred (both were hatching, good sign)....of course I started POAS literally 2 days afterwards and got bfn's until 4dp5dt when I got a super-faint pink squinter that evening. I was so eager to confirm it the next day with FMU that I barely slept (and hubby had no idea)....lo and behold that beautiful double pink line, though faint, was absolutely undeniable on 5dp5dt. Lines are getting darker every day - beta #1 is in 4 days and #2 is in 6. Praying for another sticky bean!!!
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Our IVF Miracle Baby is on the Way!!!

I am beyond ecstatic and blessed to be able to share my BFP story. Although it's still early (5 1/2 weeks pregnant), I thought I would share our story to give hope to all the other ladies struggling with TTC. This board has been a lifesaver for me so I wanted to reciprocate! My DH (32) and I (31) have been trying to conceive for 3 1/2 years. We both had all the diagnostic testing, I was fine and DH had an issue with morphology (only 2% normal looking sperm). We both were on Clomid and did 3 IUI cycles which all ended in BFN. We began our IVF journey in July 2013. Our 1st cycle we retrieved 21 eggs, 17 fertilized and we did a 3 day transfer of 2 embryos (8 cell and 9 cell). We were devstated when we got our BFN. We decided we were going to try again right away. This time, my RE changed my entire medication protocol, I began accupuncture weekly and at retrieval we had 13 eggs, 8 fertilized, and we did a 5 day transfer of 1 blast and 1 morula. I got my first (very faint) BFP on 6dp5t and I took about 10 more over the next three days because I was in disbelief!!! We had our 1st beta test on our 3 year anniversary and got the amazing call that we are indeed pregnant!! This is our 1st baby and we feel completely blessed. I wish you all the very best in your TTC journey's and I hope that all of you get to experience this miracle!!

BFP With IVF After One LONG Year!

I've always promised myself that I would write this post (just like so many others on here) once I finally got my BFP. Then, once I finally got it...I didn't want to post anything in fear of "jinxing" myself! I am, 16 weeks pregnant :) :) and I think it's safe to let you all know how it came about! LONG story short (with as many tips/details as I can remember) -We've been trying for almost a year. I've always been VERY regular, never had a problem with my cycles my entire life. We tried for about 7 months before I couldn't take it anymore and decided to seek help from my Dr. I lied and said we had been trying for a year already b/c they don't like to really see you or suggest anything until after then. -Basically it was unexplained infertility. -We had male factor problems in the beginning, but once my husband started taking multi-vitamins it seemed to really increase his count. (again, getting our hopes up of conceiving naturally) -We tried vitamins, mucinex, pre-seed, different positions, etc. You name it. -Also was doing acupuncture during this entire time. Not sure if it helped, but it definitely was relaxing during this process and is supposed to help with the blood flow/egg development, etc. -So cut to the chase-got the HSG test done and my tubes were perfectly clear. Lots of people told me it would work after that, but nothing. -I did three IUIs at the first fertility clinic we went to. The first used Chlomid, the other two used Letrozole (which I came to find out is not a safe or reliable drug). Nothing expect a late period (by a few days...put me on an emotional roller coaster to say the least!). -Decided to switch clinics to a place I had wanted to go to from the beginning but our previous insurance wasn't accepted at the time. LOVED this new clinic..the staff..the nurses (everyone knew my name, had empathy towards what this process was like) overall I felt much more relaxed and had a positive attitude that this would work. -My insurance required one more IUI (this time with injectibles) before being allowed to move onto IVF. SO...we did it. Wasn't that bad...but again..resulted in nothing. -Decided to do IVF. Felt very emotional about this decision, but I knew it was for the best and I felt very comfortable and confident in my Fertility Dr. -Used Follistim and Menopur (I forget exact dosages)--was monitored closely with ultra sounds and blood work. -Day of retrieval, ended up with 12 eggs....9 were mature...5 fertilized on their own. :) -Was planning on a 5 day transfer, but got a call that only 1 of the eggs was actually dividing and growing. So we had to do a 3 day transfer. -Day of the transfer--we ended up having 3 eggs that fertilized, 2 were 5-cell and good quality and ready to use. We put two back in. -Had Progesterone shots in my butt for about 4 weeks after that. Was very sore, but I just got used to it and it's like a distant memory now. Symptoms: -Nothing major to report expect diarrhea a couple times a week and was VERY tired (like 2 hr naps, that I never do!) towards the end of my TWW. -I tested about 4 days before my blood test and got a faint line. We were in shock since every other test was always STARK white! I tested two more times and the line continued to get darker. It was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen!! :) -Blood test confirmed BFP! :) -Ultrasound confirmed--ONE healthy baby!! :) :) :) I'm now 16 weeks pregnant with our first baby. Everything so far is going very well, baby is healthy and we find out the sex in 4 weeks. Looking back now I would do IVF again in a heart beat. Don't get me wrong, it's very physically and emotionally draining. It takes time and persistence. But it is SO worth it. It's the hardest thing in the world to go through and not many people understand unless you've been there. Especially difficult when everyone around you is getting pregnant with no problem. Best of luck to all of you!!


We are finally here!! I wanted to share our story with everyone since I stalked this site the every month of the 5 years of ttc! So here ya go!!! Me: 29, unexplained infertility DH: 32, no sperm issues Prior to IVF we had done numerous cycles of Femara and gonal-f injectables with timed intercourse and even 2 failed IUI's. One which ended in a chemical. DH had sperm analysis which came back perfect and I even had lap/hyst. surgery which showed no endo, but some minor scar tissue over right tube and my fimbriae were stuck together. Doctor removed scar tissue and fixed fimbrae. IVF was scheduled for August which got pushed back due to cyst on ovary from the prior IUI. Started my B.C pills and was on those for 4 weeks to minimize cyst. Went in for baseline scan cyst was gone and IVF med schedule was set! Pre Retreival Antibiotics-Ciprofloxin Dezamethazone Femara Gonal-F Injectables 150 HCG Trigger Post Retrieval Progesterone Injections Prednisone Pain Meds Vivelle Dots Started medications on Sept.14 had two separate labs done for hormone check on Sept.20th and Sept.23. Sept.23 also had a u/s showing 10-12 follicles, and boy was I sore. Was told to trigger that night at midnight. Retrieval was scheduled for two days later on the 25th. Day of retrieval doctor retrieved 12 eggs and we were called the next day and were told 10 of the 12 were mature and all 10 fertilized. After retrieval I was extremely bloated and sore. I felt like someone had punched both my sides repeatedly and lower back pain was horrible. Was put on small dose of pain meds and told to start progesterone day of retrieval and rest. Transfer was scheduled for 5 days after retrieval Sept.30. DAY OF TRANSFER!!!! I was so excited to be reunited with my little embies! We got the results of the embryos and all were amazing! We decided to put back 2 and we were more than happy with the possibility of twins! Literally after the transfer laid around for like 3 days only getting up to pee and shower:) 1-2dp5dt - bed rest, and peeing a lot (probably from the prednisone) 3dp5dt - sides still hurt bad, that night had horrible pinching in uterus area, still peeing every few hours, hot flashes decided to start testing got a faint BFP (From the trigger) 4dp5dt - constipated, hot flashes, pinching pain is gone but very heavy feeling, tested FRER with FMU and BFN (Trigger Gone). Tested again at 9pm and got the faintest of lines. 5dp5dt - Excessive peeing has stopped (FINALLY), still very heavy feeling down there, hot flashes are the worst!!! Tested and definitely line is there no squinting! 6dp5dt - very heavy feeling down there even when I walk I hunch over it hurts and has a stretching pain if I try to stand straight, more hot flashes, tested again (POAS-aholic) big dark line but BFN on digital!! 7dp5dt-hungry and for meaty foods! Still having the heaviness feeling and I think my bloated belly is never going to go down! Went to a little outpatient lab and decided to do an early beta. While waiting for results poas on a digital and Pregnant came up in no time! Person called from the lab and said their machines were down so they were going to toss my blood and to come in the next morning for a redraw. 8dp5dt- Went had labs drawn again machine was obviously up and running...nurse from our fertility clinic called an hour after I left to say she had my beta it was 35 (apparently they ran my labs from the first time) she called about 3 hours after that to say she had the beta I had done that morning and it was 59. She said normally its 48 hours in between but because of the mix up going from 35-59 in 24 hours was a great sign and progesterone was 150. She gave me the big Congratulations:) Hubby and I are over the moon!!!! We go back in a few weeks to hear the heartbeat<3 Hope and pray this one sticks around. Oh and yes the hot flashes still continue! Attached a pic of our test from the exiting trigger to the welcoming true HCG!

BFP w/ 1st IVF After: 4 Failed IUI, Lap For Fibroid/endo, High FSH, Low Egg Reserve

Very long road. First BFP at age 39! At 37, when it became obvious that I would not get a husband before 40, I decided to take things in my own hands. First tried IUI (4 failed with donor sperm and clomid). My OB referred me to a fertility specialist. He at first told me chances were low b/c of age, high fsh, and low OAR. I decided to proceed anyway. Had HSG that showed large fibroid and one blocked fallopian. In Feb 2013 had laparascope to remove fibroid also had grade 4 endometriosis scraped off a bit. Also had a large ovarian cyst removed. In June had repeat hcg that showed that uterine cavity was fine, but now BOTH TUBES BLOCKED! Moved on to IVF in September. Stimulation was not bad at all. Shots were easy to gives and not very painful at all. However had only 4 follicles develop. Had only 3 eggs retrieved, BUT ALL 3 FERTILIZED! We did a 3 day transfer of all 3 embryos I was on progesterone so not sure if the abdominal discomfort and breast tenderness were signs of pregnancy. Promised myself that I would wait for Beta HCG and not POAS. But the wait was torture so I tested on 6dp3dt-BFN. Panicked was heart broken and did not test anymore. Had BetaHCG on 11dp3dt and it was 213! Still in shock. My message is please don't give up!

BFP 2nd IVF With Extremely Low AMH

To be able to finally write and share my story after I have been using this site to help me get through nearly four roller coaster years of ttc is an honour. I had all but given up hope as a little over a year of trying my husband and I were given devastating news by a private clinic that my AMH at 34 years of age was more like that of someone nearing the menopause (AMH of 0.06). This meant that my reproductive years were rapidly coming to an end and IVF was likely to be my only choice of having a child. With my follicle count being as low as it was, I was warned that I may not even make a good candidate for successful IVF treatment. To give you an idea, on my first IVF cycle in January of this year, there were only four eggs retrieved, all fertilised, all cleaved, best two put back in on day 3. BFN, very sadly. My 2nd IVF cycle this June, ONLY TWO eggs were retrieved, and yet both fertilised, both put back in on day 2 and miracle of miracles, we got a BFP. It was heart-breaking waiting to be taken in for my egg retrieval this cycle knowing I only had two follicles from my last scan and that my previous four egg IVF had failed. I was trying to be positive but hearing a doctor speaking to a lady in the recovery booth next to me after her retrieval and congratulating her on her 16 egg recovery, I felt like my body was failing me and that I would never become a Mom. I am an ex athlete, normal BMI, don't smoke, don't really drink, look after myself, so to be in this situation was devastating. Miracles really do happen, even for us ladies who have been shown the door in reproductive terms! DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE!! If you aren't getting pregnant, find out why. Seek second and even third opinions. My doctor totally overlooked a subclinically hypothyroid. As far as she was concerned, it was normal. But for the purposes of conceiving it was too hypothyroid. If having a child is your priority, find the best advice you can afford. Don't leave it in the hands of a general practitioner who has no specialist knowledge of the more complex issues of infertility. As for symptoms leading up to the BFP, which I took 14dp 2det, about 7dp2det I had a strange warming sensation in my uterus but it could have easily been my mind! I am now almost 18wks pregnant and I can truly say that symptoms did not really start until I was about 7wk pregnant- extreme tiredness, peeing multiple times in the night. No morning sickness at all. Another blessing! Keep at it, ladies. Keep yourselves informed and from the best help you can get. Good Luck xx

IVF #1 BFP 5dp5dt

We had been ttc baby#2 for 2 years, clomid did not work for us. We saw dr sherbaun in gurnee il and after seeing the very high success rates at his office, went right for IVF! We transferred 2 very high quality embryos, one as a blast and the other morula. I had absolutely no symptoms until the day I got my BFP! I got my BFP with a FRER at 5dp5dt which was equivalent to 10 dpo. Then came the nausea, slight twinges in uterus, tiredness and hunger! Me 31:high ovaries, possible Endo I had inutero scar tissue removal in July 2013 via dr sherbaun!! leftover scars from c section DH 36: perfect DD: 6 years old, natural, no trying Angel baby: mmc at 7 weeks 4/26/12 IVF #1 Low andral count Stims- Follistim 600 iu Tev tropin for quality eggs!! Hcg Ganerelex Baby aspirin 16 or so follies 6 eggs, 5 mature, 5 fertilized 4 made it, all high quality. Transferred 2 on day 5. None made it to become frosties. Progesterone in oil injections, estrogen pills and baby aspirin BFP 5dp5dt!
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BFP via IVF on First Try

Age: 35 (mild Pcos) Hubby: normal Trying for 2 years 2 failed Iuis Transferred 3 (day5) embryos, 3bb, 3bc and early blast 1dpt- mild tummyache 2dpt- no symptoms 3dpt-4dpt - mild pressure / twinges on pelvic area (Not continuous) 5dpt-6dpt lower back pain 7 dpt- nothing 8 dpt- mild tummyache 9dpt- felt hot 10 dpt- cramps, felt hot 11 dpt- nothing 12 dpt- heavy feeling like period was coming, felt hot Beta test: 120 :) Praise God for this miracle!!! Ultrasound in 3 weeks! Praying to give birth to a healthy baby in 9 months! Blessings and baby dust to all!