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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Are you employing "Assisted Reproductive Technology" to achieve your BFP? If so, this is where you'll find the success stories of women in your same situation.

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This Should Give Someone Hope :)

Hi Ladies! DH and I are both 30 years old and had only been TTC for about 6 months when I decided to go to the doctor. I suspected we were going to have difficulty because my periods have always been extremely irregular (and I had never been given an explanation as to why; I was just put on the pill). Anyway, my general practictioner finally sent me to a fertility specialist who, after lots of testing and 2 laparoscopies, told me that I have lean PCOS, hypothyroidism, only one working fallopian tube, and severe endometriosis. Ahh!! They said that my best chance to conceive was IVF. Fortunately for us, DH and I both have good jobs and were able to start the IVF process right away. In spite of all my issues, I felt pretty good about our chances that IVF would work. Then, I started the physically and emotionally tolling process: Cycle #1: Fresh cycle. Transferred 2 perfect-looking blastocysts. BFN. I was sad but still hopeful that a future try would work. Cycle #2: Frozen cycle. Transferred 2 perfect-looking blastocysts. BFN. I started to think this might not work after all. Cycle #3: Fresh cycle. Transferred 2 perfect-looking blastocysts. BFN. I felt for sure that my poor little broken body just wasn't capable of conceiving. After this, I took a short break from IVF (only a month or two) and started the adoption process. I knew I would do one more round of IVF because I had already paid for it, but I had no hope that it would work. We picked an adoption agency, did all our paperwork, and made our first payment. Then, in cycle #4 (a frozen cycle), we transferred 1 perfect-looking blastocyst and - what?! - BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not believe it and still can't even though I'm 12.5 weeks! :) So, even though I NEVER believed in the old "relax and it will happen" theory, maybe there is something to it? I didn't stress over my last round of IVF at all because I was sure it wouldn't work and was completely focused on the adoption. Another thing that may have helped is that I went gluten free a few months priot to IVF #4. I had read that people with endometriosis are often sensitive to gluten and that the resulting inflammation can hinder implantation. I don't know if it had anything to do with my BFP or not, but it's worth a try (especially since my doctor said that once you achieve a pregnancy and it's well established, gluten shouldn't make you miscarry, so you can go back to gluten after a few months). During my TWW, I had no symptoms - no sickness, no dry mouth, no bleeding gums, and less CM than with my failed cycles. The ONLY thing that made me think for a second that it might have worked was that I saw the tiniest hint of pink on the TP one time when I went to the loo. I wondered if it was implantation bleeding, but it was barely visible and I had spotted (brown though) in some of my failed cycles, so I didn't think much of it. Sorry to go on and on, but I really wanted to give hope to some of you ladies with no TWW symptoms, severe endometriosis, and / or multiple failed IVFs!!! I really pray that you all get your BFPs too. I know how hard it is. Wishing you all lots of luck and baby dust :)

Finally Pregnant After First Round of IVF w/ ICSI!!!

me: 29 (healthy) DH: 30 (male factor infertility) TTC: 2 long years I'm one of those women who have stalked this site for two years looking for hope and inspiration during the awful two week wait. Like many others, I vowed to share our success story if and when it ever happened. Long story short, we had two years of "unexplained" infertility, multiple rounds of clomid, and two failed IUI attempts. We switched clinics after our first IUI failed. Our current clinic is much more compassionate and thorough. When our second IUI attempt didn't work, we decided to round up the money for IVF (HOLY EXPENSIVE!). Oh, during this time two of my best friends told me they were pregnant. I was happy for them, but really????? Way to kick a woman when she's down. The actual process of IVF wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I became a pro at mixing meds and injecting myself. The egg retrieval went extremely well. No pain AT ALL afterwards! They were able to fertilize 13 eggs with ICSI! Out of those embryos, we had 5 that were perfect. We decided to transfer 2 perfect little blasts on day 5 and freeze the rest. The transfer went smoothly too. It wasn't until the day of the transfer when our RE believed that we were not getting pregnant due to male factor infertility. The look on my husband's face broke my heart, but we had to look at the bright side that we had perfect embryos in my belly. Below are my symptoms. 1-5 dp5dt- Nothing. I was constantly worried IVF didn't work because nothing seemed to be going on. I prayed A LOT. 6 dp5dt- Upper abdomen was very crampy. Having hot flashes like my menopausal mother :) My head was in our freezer. No lie. 7 dp5dt- My stomach is suddenly swollen and I am in severe pain. Nausea is worse at night. Called fertility clinic freaking out. They told me it's possible "late onset OHSS", which is an indicator of pregnancy! 8 dp5dt- Went in to clinic for first Beta and ultrasound because of the swelling. (gained 10 lbs of fluid in 2 days. OUCH.) - The doctor confirmed I did have late onset OHSS. While the nurse was instructing us on how to deal with OHSS, the doctor popped her head in and said our beta was 247 and we were pregnant!!! My husband and I were speechless. We just cried and held each other. We actually go in for our first ultrasound on our anniversary to find out if we have one or two little nuggets growing :) IVF is such an emotional roller coaster and no one understands it unless they have gone through it themselves. This whole process actually brought my husband and I closer together because we relied on each other for support that no one else could give. I understand the feelings of hopelessness, emptiness and failure that comes along with infertility, but I can honestly say the day you find out you're pregnant, all of those emotions disappear. Just hang in there because you will get your BFP!

BFP After First IVF!

I'm weary to write considering it is early but I have read every one of these posts over the past 13 months TTC and I have found them helpful and encouraging! I have endometriosis and even though I am in my early twenties, the doctors said time was really against me given the progressive nature of the disease. We tried on our own for about seven months and then moved on to clomid for a few months to no avail. Moved on to injectables with poor response. The doc really thought IVF was the best option for DH and I. On this side of things, it can feel so so impossible for this dream to ever come true. My first ivf went very smoothly. It's a hugeeee time and financial commitment but if you are ready and focused it is well worth it! I got my BFP 4dp5dt or 9dpo-- the line got progressively darker every day and now I'm at 10dp5td (15dpo) and have a bfp on a digital!!! My beta is tomorrow. My heart feels like its going to explode because I'm so hopeful and excited. We have prayed and talked to God about this for a long time and I see something beautiful coming. And by the way, my only stand out symptoms have been dizziness and cramping! Peace to you girls :)

First BFP Ever After 2 Years TTC

Yes, I was one of those people who couldnt wait to post her BFP too!!! After 4 failed IUIs, 1 Failed IVF, I got my first BFP yesterday with my second IVF cycle!! We have unexplained infertility; What I did different in this cycle was that I had an intralipid infusion 7 days before ET. I had to insist on it, since my clinic normally doesn't consider intralipids until you've had 2 or 3 failed IVF cycles. June 20: Intralipid IV infusion June 24 ER: 17 eggs retrieved, 12 mature, 6 fertilized June 27 ET: Transfered 3 Grade 2 embryos 11dp3dt: BFP! Symptoms: AF cramps from 3dp3dt, and sore boobs, but that could be from the PG suppos. All praise is due to GOD!

Finally a BFP After Almost 4 Years TTC #2... Alhamdolillah

Icsi no 3... Retrieval: Thursday June 13, 2013 Retrieved 37 eggs... Mild ohss June 14: 2 liters of ringolact iv fluids June 15: 1 liter of ringolact iv fluid June 14, 15, 16, 17 ... Extremely bloated, sore bbs, strong cramps, nausea, tightness in abdomen, pressure felt when going to the loo... Loose motions.... Drinking water is an effort but I felt that I am not peeing as much as I am drinking... Moody and emotional... Crying at everything on tv... Embryo transfers Day 3, June 16, 2013 2 morulas and a 10-celled embryo Cramps, bloating and nausea June 17: Sore bbs, cramps and tightness in the abdomen but better than before. Mild Nausea too.. June 18: Sore bbs, waves of nausea, bloating, gasses and pretty strong cramps June 19: Day 6 transfer of blastocyst... Cramps, nausea and bloating gone as if by magic... Slightly hungrier... Craving of pickly, spicy things... Ate tikka with lots of spicy chutney and onions... Sore bbs June 20: Sore bbs still there, morning is perfect, no nausea or cramps... Come P.m ... Appetite increase, cramps in the lower abdomen, slightly on the left side... Pressure felt when going for bowel movement... Pee seems a bit hotter... Mild headache... Looks like the beginning of a migraine... Feel like having a spicy tomato chutney... Slightly hungrier... Said no to ice cream O.o... Drinking water and expelling it out... June 21: Sore bbs, mild cramps in lower abdomen, pulling/ tugging sensation around navel and cramping in the groin area... One big cramp in the morning June 22: Sore bbs, mild cramping... General feeling of heaviness in my lower abdomen... Vivid dream in the afternoon... Cried while watching diff'rent strokes Jun 23: BBs not so sore, some twinges here and there, general feeling of fullness in bladder even when it's empty, very weepy, sneezed and soiled myself twice, hint of nausea, am aware of the left size of my lower abdomen, belching like a man, motions but not very loose. Few cramps in the lower abdomen. Stale taste in mouth despite chewing on strong peppermint gum. Jun 24: BBs not too sore, mild twinges/ cramps towards the left side of my lower abdomen, mild nausea in the a.m. Very slight pain in my lower back... Didn't wake up at the alarm for two nights in a row. Smells disturb, threw up once in the pm. Jun 25: Mildly sore bbs, mild cramps in the a.m., I think I am sleeping a bit much and too soundly, didn't wake up on my alarm for the third night in a row... Hint of nausea, feeling of suffocation.. Although I haven't thrown up but I can feel the taste of food in my throat, like it rises and then goes back in... 3 spots on my face and a dry patch above my lip... Vomited just a little bit, taste in my throat is bitter but just slightly... Very sleepy Jun 26: Very mild cramps in the lower abdomen, bbs not to sore, weepy mood, almost threw up, nausea in the am, am aware of a spot or maybe a ball in my lower abdomen on the left side... God help me... Stale taste in my mouth like I haven't brushed... But I have... Going to poop for around 3-4 times for two days now, whereas only once is normal for me... Am I slightly hungrier? Mild back ache when I am sitting without support for namaz Jun 27: Hint of nausea, wanted to throw up but cudn't, gassy, generally ok... Threw up a bit of bitter liquid, heartburn which is just not normal for me!! Bbs mildly sore... Montgomery bumps showing... I think I see veins on my chest? Heartburn and nausea, poop breaks often Jun 28: Nausea, poop, belching, general feeling of uneasiness, gag reflex strong, cramps in my groin area... Praying and keeping fingers crossed for tomorrow's beta. Mild cramps and nausea in the evening, went to throw up but couldn't. Smell sensitivity increased and heartburn... Feeling slightly bloated June 29: BETA DAY!!!! slept soundly although I lose sleep when I am stressed. Stress also causes frequent trips to the loo. I had mild cramping on the left side of my lower abdomen, mildly nauseous and mildly sore bbs... Shaky legs... All due to stress I guess... Threw up thrice approximately whilst waiting for the results.... Finally, when I feel almost faint with tension, my doctor, who is also my sister in law drops in with a big cake, a bigger smile and the greatest bear hug she could manage!!! BFP with a beta value of 1486!!!!!!! Probably twins or maybe even triplets!!! Allah Almighty is great... After all the period of trying, we finally are blessed!!!

Finally BFP

Hello everyone, here's my story; Me: 40 perfect with No problems, fsh: 7 DH: 49 MFI, severe morphology problems, count not that bad. Ivf#1 14 follies, 14 eggs, 12 fetilized, 2 embies 3dt BFN, No frosties Ivf#2 14 follies, 16 eggs, 14 fertilized, 2 of 5 day blasts transferred. BFP! BHCG 267. Termination at 20 weeks due to chromosomal abnormality which happens 1/50000 ! Devastated. Ivf#3 11 follies, 6 mature :( 5 fertilized. 2 embies transferred at day 4. BFN :( No frosties. Ivf#4 11 follies, 11 mature, 11 fertilized ( excellent quality eggs with dhea, coq10, vitD) 2 blasts transferred at day 5 . BFN . 4 blasts frozen :) HSG No problems. FET #1 all embies survived thaw, 2 blasts transferred. BFP with FMU at 6dp5dt, bHCG number at 9dp5dt is 323 yayyy. Next beta is in 2 days. Symptoms: I am an experienced ivf er here, so I know most of the symptoms are because of ER, stimulation and progesterone. I had far more symptoms in my BFN cycles. Only difference were; severe headache, burning sensation at inguinal area, cold symptoms. I had occasional cramps. Good luck to everyone out there, you're in my prayers and never loose hope...
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My BFP Story @ 40

Hi, I have beden married late in life and started ttc at 39. Me 40 years no problems but age. Fsh 7.2 DH 49 low morphology, excellent health, has a son from previous marriage with IUI (10 years ago) Ivf #1 14 eggs 13 fertilized, 3dt of 2 embrios, bfn no frozen Ivf #2. 16 eggs 14 fertilized , 5dt of 2 embrios , BFP ! Termination at 20 weeks due to chromosomal anormality. Happens 1 in 50 000! Devastated :( Ivf #3 6 eggs ( wwhattt????) 4dt of 2 embrios BFN :( Ivf #4 11 eggs, 11 fertilized ( 3 months of 75mg dhea, coq10, vitD) 5dt 2 embrios, BFN :( 4 blasts frozen :) HSG everything normal FET #1 all blasts survived, 5dt of 2 blasts. BFP at Hpt fmu at 6dp5dt. 9dp5dt bHCG 323!! We are so happy ! Symptoms; experienced IVF'er here. I know now most of the symptoms are from ER, stimulation and progesterone as I had far less symptoms at FET cycle. Some of my symptoms were: severe headache, warm feeling, eye twitching (strange) and AF cramping that comes and goes. Oh and most important I had a burning sensation at inguinal area firts few days post transfer. I hope this one (or two !) is a healty baby/ are healthy babies :) Good luck everybody please do not loose hope :)

BFP After Multiple IVF Cycles

Hello, I am very ecstatic to be able to share my story with you guys. My DH and I have been TTC for the past 8 years. After undergoing 3 fresh and 2 frozen IVF cycles, we have just found out today that we're pregnant! Our beta at 11dp3dt FET is #364 =D. We will be doing our 1st ultrasound on Jul 10 to see how many diapers we'll get to change ;). This roller-coaster ride for a baby has been extremely long and intense for us. We often felt hopeless during this journey, but IT IS very much worth it! To all my infertility sisters out there, please don't give up hope! You are all in my nightly baby prayers, baby dust to all!!!
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BFP With IVF and 2.5 Years TTC

Me (38.5) One blocked tube. Husband (45) Slightly low motility. We’ve been categorized as “unexplained infertility” Prior to seeking help from a traditional fertility doctor, we tried several naturopathic methods including acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Mayan Abdominal massage, and dietary changes (gluten free, etc.). I was an avid distance runner and was told that might be the problem… I even gave up running (which was so hard for me) and we still were not getting pregnant. Prior to IVF we tried 1 IUI. We planned to start IVF afterward if it didn’t work. With my blocked tube, it seemed like we could be trying IUI for years (and we felt we were running low on time). I took Clomid as part of the IUI cycle and when I wasn’t pregnant (but also didn’t get my period) they did an ultrasound. Turned out I hyper-responded to the Clomid and had developed several ovarian cysts/follicles that wouldn’t go away. I was normally a perfect 29 day cycle and ended up going 2.5 months without a period. After a 4 month delay we were able to start IVF. We were very fortunate…our first IVF cycle went very smoothly. We retrieved 26 eggs, 22 fertilize with ICSI, 2 “beautiful” embryos were transferred at day 5, and 6 others were frozen on day 6. We didn’t use any hpt’s and just waited for the Beta test at 9dp5dt. We were so overjoyed when the nurse told us we were pregnant! I felt just like my period was coming so was certain the IVF hadn’t worked (see more on that below). Symptoms: 0-7dp5dt – Light cramping and slight breast soreness. Because I was taking estrogen and progesterone supplements during the two week wait I was told that those symptoms could simply be from the meds. I felt nothing else. 8-9 dp5dt – The day before my beta test I started to get that hot, heavy, slightly crampy, yucky feeling that I have gotten before EVERY period since puberty. Being 38 years old I wasn’t going to be played the fool…I was certain that I was getting my period. I broke down sobbing at work. I read all the blogs and several people claimed to have PMS before getting a BPF, but upon closer evaluation it seemed that all these people experienced were mild cramps. I had the full on PMS full body experience! It was my acupuncturist (who is a specialist in IVF and fertility support) that gave me hope that day. She said that because I was taking the progesterone supplements my period was not going to come (until I ceased taking the meds). She said that if I was having PMS symptoms they couldn’t be because my period was coming and the symptoms were more likely because I was pregnant. Like I said, she gave me hope as I waited the next 24 hours for my beta test. Beta #1 9dp5dt: 297 Beta #2 11dp5dt 665 First 6 week ultrasound now in 3 days! A little nervous, but also curious that it might be twins! Sorry for such a long post, but I wanted to explain my story and give hope to those women who feel just like their period is coming during the two week wait. I am proof that you can feel “your” typical PMS and then have a BFP!! I know how horrible and unfair the TTC process can feel. I wish that no woman ever had to undergo that kind of pain and disappointment ever again. I also hope that someday the financial resources for fertility support are available for all loving people who want to become parents. For us, the financial hit for trying IVF has been a big one. We realize we are the fortunate ones though. Best of luck and warm fertile thoughts to all of you out there!

2nd IVF/ICSI a Success!!! :)

Hi Ladies, I've dreamed about the day I'd get to post on here, and I'm so happy that I finally have my positive result to share with you my two week wait symptoms. Firstly, I want to start by saying always keep the faith! I know from experience how tough this journey can be, but it's important to believe in miracles. They do happen!!! Our first IVF/ICSI cycle was unsuccessful & my husband and I were extremely upset. Our doctor changed my drug protocol for the next treatment. Our second IVF/ICSI cycle felt different from the start of the cycle - no bad headaches from the meds, etc. I tried to keep myself busy during the stimming phase to take my mind off of everything by going for walks and bike rides with my husband. At egg retrieval the doctor managed to remove 27 eggs, 9 of which were able to be fertilised, and we had a 5 day transfer of 1 x grade 1 blastocyst, and 1 x grade 2 early blastocyst. We had no embryos that made it to freezing. My husband & I travelled abroad to the Czech Republic to have treatment at the Reprofit Clinic in Brno. They were absolutely fantastic & we cannot recommend them highly enough! My symptoms leading up to my BFP are as follows: Day of Transfer - Transfer at 12pm: Cramping which started approximately 1-2 hours after the transfer which lasted for about 2 hours. After the transfer I went back to our hotel and slept for approximately 2-3 hours. Once I woke up, I remained laying in bed resting (either on my back or on my sides) until approximately 6pm. Went out to dinner with my husband for a bowl of pasta & then went back to the hotel for an early night sleep. 1dp5dt: Travelled for 8 hours by car to return home after our treatment, stopping approximately 4 times along the way for toilet breaks & a stretch of the legs every now & then. Had my car seat reclined to a comfortable position, but was not lying flat. Zero symptoms. 2dp5dt: Spent the day mostly lying around the house on the lounge. Went for a 10-15 minute walk up the street to try to promote blood flow to the uterus. Zero symptoms. 3dp5dt: Went grocery shopping with my husband but did not push the trolley or carry anything. Rest of the day was spent laying on the lounge reading. Spent approximately 3-4 hours crying to my husband that I was concerned that by now I should've had some type of cramping & was convinced that because I'd had zero symptoms the treatment hadn't worked. Cried at the drop of a hat. Zero symptoms & actually felt full of energy for the first time since the egg retrieval. 4dp5dt: Spent the day lying around the house watching TV. Zero symptoms. 5dp5dt: Woke up at 5am with cramping. Decided given I couldn't sleep I'd do a Home Pregnancy Test (HPT). Test came up positive within 3-4 minutes. Faint line but no need to squint or hold it in a certain light to see it!!! OMG! OMG! So thrilled!!! Cramping lasted 4 hours or so until 9am. Stomach bloated up really significantly in the morning like it did after my egg retrieval but went down somewhat by bed time. 6dp5dt: BFP getting darker on HPTs!!! Cramping intermittently during the day. In the afternoon I started to feel queasy & had an afternoon nap. Loss of appetite. 7dp5dt: BFP getting even darker on HPTs!!! Woke up at 5am feeling queasy. Cramping intermittently during the day. Nausea lasted all day & had a loss of appetite. Stomach bloating again. 8dp5dt: HPT's continue to get darker. Cramping continues intermittently during the day. Nausea increasing. Tired & slept during the day. Acid tummy in the afternoon. Loss of appitite. 9dp5dt: HPT's continue to get darker. Cramping continues intermittently during the day. Tired & slept during the day. Loss of appitite. I hope my lack of symptoms initially are of some comfort to those who are not experiencing any during the early days after the embryo transfer. I really expected to have cramping on days 1dp5dt - 4dp5dt but had nothing. If you don't have any symptoms, please don't lose hope! May God bless you all & I hope that you too get your long awaited BFP's really really soon. ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH! xx
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