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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Are you employing "Assisted Reproductive Technology" to achieve your BFP? If so, this is where you'll find the success stories of women in your same situation.

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BFP With IVF and 2.5 Years TTC

Me (38.5) One blocked tube. Husband (45) Slightly low motility. We’ve been categorized as “unexplained infertility” Prior to seeking help from a traditional fertility doctor, we tried several naturopathic methods including acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Mayan Abdominal massage, and dietary changes (gluten free, etc.). I was an avid distance runner and was told that might be the problem… I even gave up running (which was so hard for me) and we still were not getting pregnant. Prior to IVF we tried 1 IUI. We planned to start IVF afterward if it didn’t work. With my blocked tube, it seemed like we could be trying IUI for years (and we felt we were running low on time). I took Clomid as part of the IUI cycle and when I wasn’t pregnant (but also didn’t get my period) they did an ultrasound. Turned out I hyper-responded to the Clomid and had developed several ovarian cysts/follicles that wouldn’t go away. I was normally a perfect 29 day cycle and ended up going 2.5 months without a period. After a 4 month delay we were able to start IVF. We were very fortunate…our first IVF cycle went very smoothly. We retrieved 26 eggs, 22 fertilize with ICSI, 2 “beautiful” embryos were transferred at day 5, and 6 others were frozen on day 6. We didn’t use any hpt’s and just waited for the Beta test at 9dp5dt. We were so overjoyed when the nurse told us we were pregnant! I felt just like my period was coming so was certain the IVF hadn’t worked (see more on that below). Symptoms: 0-7dp5dt – Light cramping and slight breast soreness. Because I was taking estrogen and progesterone supplements during the two week wait I was told that those symptoms could simply be from the meds. I felt nothing else. 8-9 dp5dt – The day before my beta test I started to get that hot, heavy, slightly crampy, yucky feeling that I have gotten before EVERY period since puberty. Being 38 years old I wasn’t going to be played the fool…I was certain that I was getting my period. I broke down sobbing at work. I read all the blogs and several people claimed to have PMS before getting a BPF, but upon closer evaluation it seemed that all these people experienced were mild cramps. I had the full on PMS full body experience! It was my acupuncturist (who is a specialist in IVF and fertility support) that gave me hope that day. She said that because I was taking the progesterone supplements my period was not going to come (until I ceased taking the meds). She said that if I was having PMS symptoms they couldn’t be because my period was coming and the symptoms were more likely because I was pregnant. Like I said, she gave me hope as I waited the next 24 hours for my beta test. Beta #1 9dp5dt: 297 Beta #2 11dp5dt 665 First 6 week ultrasound now in 3 days! A little nervous, but also curious that it might be twins! Sorry for such a long post, but I wanted to explain my story and give hope to those women who feel just like their period is coming during the two week wait. I am proof that you can feel “your” typical PMS and then have a BFP!! I know how horrible and unfair the TTC process can feel. I wish that no woman ever had to undergo that kind of pain and disappointment ever again. I also hope that someday the financial resources for fertility support are available for all loving people who want to become parents. For us, the financial hit for trying IVF has been a big one. We realize we are the fortunate ones though. Best of luck and warm fertile thoughts to all of you out there!

2nd IVF/ICSI a Success!!! :)

Hi Ladies, I've dreamed about the day I'd get to post on here, and I'm so happy that I finally have my positive result to share with you my two week wait symptoms. Firstly, I want to start by saying always keep the faith! I know from experience how tough this journey can be, but it's important to believe in miracles. They do happen!!! Our first IVF/ICSI cycle was unsuccessful & my husband and I were extremely upset. Our doctor changed my drug protocol for the next treatment. Our second IVF/ICSI cycle felt different from the start of the cycle - no bad headaches from the meds, etc. I tried to keep myself busy during the stimming phase to take my mind off of everything by going for walks and bike rides with my husband. At egg retrieval the doctor managed to remove 27 eggs, 9 of which were able to be fertilised, and we had a 5 day transfer of 1 x grade 1 blastocyst, and 1 x grade 2 early blastocyst. We had no embryos that made it to freezing. My husband & I travelled abroad to the Czech Republic to have treatment at the Reprofit Clinic in Brno. They were absolutely fantastic & we cannot recommend them highly enough! My symptoms leading up to my BFP are as follows: Day of Transfer - Transfer at 12pm: Cramping which started approximately 1-2 hours after the transfer which lasted for about 2 hours. After the transfer I went back to our hotel and slept for approximately 2-3 hours. Once I woke up, I remained laying in bed resting (either on my back or on my sides) until approximately 6pm. Went out to dinner with my husband for a bowl of pasta & then went back to the hotel for an early night sleep. 1dp5dt: Travelled for 8 hours by car to return home after our treatment, stopping approximately 4 times along the way for toilet breaks & a stretch of the legs every now & then. Had my car seat reclined to a comfortable position, but was not lying flat. Zero symptoms. 2dp5dt: Spent the day mostly lying around the house on the lounge. Went for a 10-15 minute walk up the street to try to promote blood flow to the uterus. Zero symptoms. 3dp5dt: Went grocery shopping with my husband but did not push the trolley or carry anything. Rest of the day was spent laying on the lounge reading. Spent approximately 3-4 hours crying to my husband that I was concerned that by now I should've had some type of cramping & was convinced that because I'd had zero symptoms the treatment hadn't worked. Cried at the drop of a hat. Zero symptoms & actually felt full of energy for the first time since the egg retrieval. 4dp5dt: Spent the day lying around the house watching TV. Zero symptoms. 5dp5dt: Woke up at 5am with cramping. Decided given I couldn't sleep I'd do a Home Pregnancy Test (HPT). Test came up positive within 3-4 minutes. Faint line but no need to squint or hold it in a certain light to see it!!! OMG! OMG! So thrilled!!! Cramping lasted 4 hours or so until 9am. Stomach bloated up really significantly in the morning like it did after my egg retrieval but went down somewhat by bed time. 6dp5dt: BFP getting darker on HPTs!!! Cramping intermittently during the day. In the afternoon I started to feel queasy & had an afternoon nap. Loss of appetite. 7dp5dt: BFP getting even darker on HPTs!!! Woke up at 5am feeling queasy. Cramping intermittently during the day. Nausea lasted all day & had a loss of appetite. Stomach bloating again. 8dp5dt: HPT's continue to get darker. Cramping continues intermittently during the day. Nausea increasing. Tired & slept during the day. Acid tummy in the afternoon. Loss of appitite. 9dp5dt: HPT's continue to get darker. Cramping continues intermittently during the day. Tired & slept during the day. Loss of appitite. I hope my lack of symptoms initially are of some comfort to those who are not experiencing any during the early days after the embryo transfer. I really expected to have cramping on days 1dp5dt - 4dp5dt but had nothing. If you don't have any symptoms, please don't lose hope! May God bless you all & I hope that you too get your long awaited BFP's really really soon. ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH! xx
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After 2.5 Years BFP!* 1st IVF!

After 2.5 years. 1st IVF Worked ! :) We had 4 x 5AA embryos which blew us away. Specialist said that they felt the reason we had never gotten to this stage naturally was due to DH’s sperm not being able/strong enough to penetrate the egg. We transferred one of the embryos back inside. 1DPT – 5 DPT (11DPO/EC) very bloated and dull cramps on and off every day. Started to test on this day (5DPT) and to our shock got a faint positive, however we couldn’t believe/trust it. 6DPT (12 DPO/EC) symptoms still as above plus very tired, somewhat tender breasts but not as sore as past PMS symptoms, same brand of test, darker positive line. 7DPT (13 DPO/EC) symptoms as above also bumpy rash down my arm that is itchy. Strong Positive on different brand 8DPT (14 DPO/EC) this is the day that the clinic told us to test on, we got a very clear BFP! symptoms the same as above plus the introduction of a sty in my eye which I researched sometimes is a sign of early pregnancy. I’ve never had one before. After this emotional journey it is taking time for this to sink in for us. We have never had a positive result in all this time, so where I thought I would scream with joy, to be honest I have been very cautious and a little scared – keep expecting my period to come. Nurse says that it’s a great sign that we have been getting a BFP since last week, normally this is an indication that it will continue to be so. Fingers crossed! 1st scan is at 6.5 weeks (so just under two weeks from now) to check for placement and heartbeat. I think that if that goes well we will start to relax and get super excited! Baby dust to all of you. All your stories really got me through the last 2.5 years and I thank you very much. X

BFP IVF Egg Donor

We started with 4 failed iui attempts. Then we moved to IVF and had 2 failed IVF cycles with my own eggs. In the first IVF cycle they retrieved 2 eggs that did not make it to transfer. In the second IVF cycle they retrieved 9 eggs and only 1 4 cell low quality egg made it to day 3 transfer. Doc said I have low quality eggs and recommended Egg Donor. We choose a proven donor and did a shared cycle with another family and we are now pregnant from our first ED cycle. Day 5 ET 2 high quality blasts 4AB and 4CA 1dp5dt: Cramping sharp twinges 2dp5dt: Cramping and tightness gas 3dp5dt: Gas at the top of stomach. Feeling full. 4dp5dt: a-ok 5dp5dt: Small amount of cm severe headache 6dp5dt: Headache 7dp5dt: Cramping gas. Headache 8dp5dt: Headache subsided. Tightness Gas 9dp5dt: BFP beta hcg 229 11dp5dt: HCG 818 plus dark brown discharge

IVF w/PGD After Losses

Hello ladies! Wanted to share a little with you all. My DH and I knew of his balanced chromosome translocation before we got married but didn't know the extent of how often and what could happen. We tried for 13 months and got our beautiful 4.5 old son who did not even inherit my husbands chromosome translocation so we're truly blessed. We started TTC again almost 3 years ago with not a single pregnancy. We turned to IUIs. The first one didn't work. The second one worked but ended in a MC. We did a 3rd one and it worked!! We knew we would do CVS testing for the chromosome translocation so we did that at 11 weeks. 9 days later we found out it was a baby girl and her chromosomes were unbalanced. We know the outcome is deadly or close to it if they even make it to term so we had a medical termination. It was the most heartbreaking thing I've ever been through. I'm still sad about it and that was in January. We decided we couldn't go through that again so DHs parents offered to give us most of the $ for IVF w/PGD which is roughly $20,000! We paid about $5000 out of our pockets. We knew/know this was our only shot. We got 8 embryos from the cycle and all but one had chromosome issues. We had one healthy fighting boy in the bunch to transfer. We transferred on May 26th and we're now pregnant. My 1st Beta was 75 and my 2nd was 145. ALMOST doubled but not quite. The nurse said everything should be fine since it's so close to doubling. I'm still kinda scared since they didn't exactly double but I know it's not an exact science. I'm trying to stay as positive as I can after what we've been though. We want this baby more than anything and it's our last shot! I have another beta on Monday to make sure my hcg is still doubling. Please pray for us that our little boy is a fighter and sticks around in me for the next 9 months! :-) Lisa

First Round IVF BFP - With Chromosome Disorder and PCOS

Our story is a long and complicated one. I'll try to pare it down to the very basics. I'm 29 and have PCOS. DH is 33 and has a translocation chromosomal disorder. His issue makes is incredibly difficult for us to create a healthy embryo. Basically, his disorder can be passed on 6 different ways, and 4 of those ways will result in a miscarriage every time. The odds were not in our favor. We were told we needed to pursue IVF for our best shot at having a baby. We had a miscarriage over a year ago, which actually had nothing to do with his disorder, it was just an unfortunate occurrence. So, fast forward to May of this year, we took the plunge into IVF. Because of DH's disorder, we were required to do PGT (pre-implantation genetic testing) and use ISCI. We had 11 embryos tested, and only 1 healthy embryo left to transfer. Praise God, this baby is a true miracle. We already know it's a boy because of the genetic testing, which reveals the gender. We feel so lucky to be having a boy, and to be pregnant with this incredible miracle. We were supported by our family and friends with tons and tons of prayer and faith. My Jesus is the only reason I am trying this story and am pregnant. Because of all the meds and shots and whatnot, it's hard to say which were actual pregnancy symptoms, but I know there were a few that weren't from the meds. My symptoms are as follows: We did a 5 day transfer on Sunday May 26th. I layed in bed for the entire rest of the day after the transfer. Then took the following three days off work to rest and relax. 2dp5dt - Hot flashes, dull achey crampy feeling in uterus. 3dt5dt - Terrible pain in right ankle. My acupuncturist explained that lots of nerves related to our reproductive system run through our ankles and most pregnant women experience ankle pain. Increased heart rate. 4dt5dt - Feeling very tired. Increased urination. Ankle pain still there. Dull achey cramps still there. This am, I took a test, completely negative, this pm, took another test, and I saw the faintest ghost line. Didn't even tell DH because I knew he wouldn't see it. Got super excited to test the next morning. 5dp5dt - Super faint positive this am. DH could see it but was weary. I knew this was it. After two years of analyzing countless FRER's, I know what a positive looks like. 6dp6dt - Darker BFP in the am, even darker in the pm. Getting so excited, knowing our little man is really in there! Loving watching these tests turn darker and darker. I want to pee on everything! 7dp5dt - This am, test line was almost as dark as control line on FRER. I go for my blood test on June 5th (3 more days!) so I'm expecting my levels to be nice and high! For those of you who have been trying for a long time with no luck, maybe check into some genetic testing to see if either of you has something like what my DH has. If you're contemplating IVF, pray about it, but also, don't be scared. Yes, it's a whole lot of money, and A LOT of shots and meds, but in the end, next February, when I'm holding my sweet baby boy, I know it will all be worth it. May God bless you with the desire of your heart!

BFP with FET #1 After Miscarriage.

Well, I am submitting my story, I am still feeling very anxious about the pregnancy, hoping it is a sticky bean. DH and I have been trying to concieve #1 since November 2011. We have no real issues, all testing seems to come back normal. We did our first IVF cycle in December 2012, it resulted in a BFP but sadly ended in a missed miscarriage at 10 weeks, I had a D&C and the tissue was tested and the baby (boy) had trisomy 16, a common chromosomal abnormalty. We had 4 frozen embryos left over from the IVF cycle so after waiting the standard 2 months after miscarriage we had one frozen embryo transferred on the 4th May. I had severe gastro the night of the transfer, I was up all night vomitting and was so upset that it was going to affect the transfer. I had my first beta test on 16th May (16dpo) and it was 611, I had my second beta on the 22nd May (22dpo) and it was 5200. So, so far, so good, I have a third beta on the 29th March, praying that things are still increasing like they should. As for symptoms, not much at all! I had the normal period type cramping on and off (still do), my lower back has just started to get a bit sore, I am a bit grumpy, but nothing that really screams pregnancy! My boobs aren't sore, the fatigue hasn't yet hit, I might be a little hungrier than usual but really nothing noticeable. I am 5weeks 6 days today, I keep reading that symptoms often kick in around the 7-8 week mark, I hope that is the case for me because at the moment I am finding it hard to believe I am pregnant! Good luck ladies, it is such an emotional time xx

OMG! IVF #1 Worked After All!! 41 and a Bun in the Oven!

Wow, I can't believe I get to post my BFP story here! I'm still finding it hard to think of the looooong journey it was just to get to this stage. A HUGE thanks to this site for feeding my obsession and keeping me going throughout the 2 years of TTC- ing, and the emotional roller coaster it is TTC. I met my husband late in life, and we started trying straight away...we were eventually diagnosed with unexplained infertility- which I call the "Limbo" period, where we came to terms with it. Anyway after a lot of frustration and emotions our first time IVF "nail biter" has brought us to this point, where I had my BFP today. Didn't have dramatic symptoms, and at times I doubted there was anything going on at all. I had itchy nipples, slight bloating that I thought was the drugs I was taking, tired and very emotional- which I took out on DH and he was pretty much the punchbag to my hormones (poor thing) Today- this morning I did a HPT because I wanted to be prepared for the blood tests and there it was- the plus sign! I still doubted it- and it wasn't until the nurse called with the news that I allowed myself to believe. Now I'm still in shock, but so happy and thankful... To everyone out there- never give up and don't loose hope. Its a numbers game, and you have everything to gain
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BFP After 2 Long Years and on First IVF

Hello- I got my BFP today and wanted to share my experience. DH and I have been through a long infertility journey. I have severe endo. Husband is perfectly fine. I also had a laparoscopy last year in March. Below are my symptoms: April 30- Egg Retrieval May 3- 3 day embryo transfer. Transferred 2 8 cell embies 1dpt- Bloating and severe constipation 2dpt- Same as above 3dpt- Bloating was better but unbelievable constipation. Had milk of magnesia to relieve constipation. 4dpt- Constipation easing 5dpt- All good 6dpt- Period like cramping starts along with multiple trips to bathroom. I was sure AF was on her way 7dpt- Cramps continue. Kept making trips to bathroom 8dpt- No cramps, no symptoms. Lost appetite. (usually happens to me before AF) 9dpt- Nothing- only lack of appetite. Mild constipation returns 10dpt- Lack of appetite. Mild constipation 11dpt- Went for Beta. Was expecting a negative result. To my surprise, Nurse called me and said my Beta is 262!! I hope this one sticks around. My next beta is 2 days for now. Please pray for me!!

Three Times IVF, Two Plus Hopefully One More Time BFP!

I wanted to share my symptoms as I think this board has been so helpful to me! I had a 3 day transfer of 5 - 4 cell grade a embryos. I am 41 and hubby 38, unexplained infertility and endometriosis. Day 1pt- gas, bloated headache Day 2- same Day 3- same Day 4, 5 and 6 pt- cramping, dreams ,sore boobs Day 7- same as above but dark aeroelas and slightly more erect nips. Was preg but later lost baby after 8 weeks. Also did 5 day transfer I noticed a big difference between the symptoms of 3 day and 5 day transfers. The 5 day transfer I felt the cramping and pulling on the first 3 nights post transfer as well as fatigue and darker nips on 3 days past 5 days transfer. I know that progesterone also gives u the symptoms of pregnancy but u think I can tell the difference by now! As soon as I take a supp or the oil injection, I get cramping and fever of 99.5 approx shortly after but notice the times when I do not take it the cramping feels more of burning and pulling. Hope this helps. This turned into a chemical preg but am pleased that I did get preg. On to the next.... Am on my 3rd ivf, 3 day post transfer similar embryos to previous, all good to excellent quality but not many cells more than 5. Day 1, 2. Bloated, headache, gas Day 3 today. Bloated, creamy mucus, slight cramping but not pulling like the other times so worried may be the progesterone and not preg this time. I do know implantation doesn't begin until tomorrow for a 3 day transfer so fingers crossed. Good luck to all. It is so hard going through this but I know in the end it is going to happen with time and patience and love.