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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Are you employing "Assisted Reproductive Technology" to achieve your BFP? If so, this is where you'll find the success stories of women in your same situation.

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TWW/FET (Tomorrow Beta Results!!!)

Hi... Best greetings from Mexico City. Long story short... We did IVF last August and had 11 eggs, 11 fertilized and got 2 grade A 8 cell embryos transferred three days later. BFP 12 days later (Twins!) At week 23, I started bleeding… Went to the hospital right away and my babies (boy and girl) were born too soon and now they dance in heaven. Three months later and with 9 grade A 8 cell embryos left, we were ready for a FET. Transfer was on April 1st. (3 embryos transferred) Tomorrow I get my beta results with no symptoms what so ever, only a bit of cramping and sore breasts. I’m freaking out, even if I have been through this before. Doctors say chances are pretty high considering the embryo quality. Best of luck everybody and hoping for a BFP tomorrow and share it with you!!! Love from Mexico! G

BFP With First FET

I am so excited to finally get to share my story! My husband and I have been married for 9 years, and have been trying to conceive in some way the entire time (didn't start infertility treatment until about four years ago). Over the years I have lurked on this site, hoping to have symptoms of a bfp. We did one IUI which was unsuccessful, tried on our own again for about a year and a half, did our first IVF last fall (unsuccessful), but froze 5 blastocysts with that cycle. In February I started to medication prep for my FET. We transferred two day 6 blastocysts (one hatching) on March 21. My symptoms started almost immediately after transfer. I was on progesterone shots starting 5 days before transfer, so some symptoms could be from that, but they didn't start until the night after transfer. Here are my symptoms: Transfer day 3/21: sleepy, low back pain, fullness in abd, lots of twinges 1dp5dt: low back ache, uterine twinges 2dp5dt: low back ache, emotional, lots of dreams, uterine twinges 3dp5dt: low back ache, uterine twinges all day, emotional, sleepy, lots of dreams 4dp5dt: slightly less low back ache, slightly less uterine cramping. At night two sharp intense pains in left breast, lots of dreams, weird sleep- waking up super early 5dp5dt: POAS first thing in the am. Faint positive, clear enough to text my friend and she could see it (without dismantling the test, and line showed up quickly!!) very achy all over today, tired, full feeling abdomen, thirsty, very severe low back pain by the end of the night. Darker positive in evening after work only holding urine about 2 hours! Continued to get darker positives throughout the week. Finally got in for my beta 11day post transfer - 294!!!! Second beta 13 days post transfer- 844 :) Third beta 15 days post transfer 2249, no more betas needed, going for my ultrasound next week to see how many took!


I want to first start out by saying that God is good all the time, and all the time God is good! I've been stalking this website for years now, praying for the chance to be able to post my own story. Finally I can! My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 2 1/2 years. I'm currently 31 and he's 30. We went to a major fertility clinic to get some answers. Was told that I had slight hypothyroidism and was subscribed synthroid. After three failed IUI's, clomid, and every herbal remedy out there we were tired, broke and frustrated. I finally found a small practice where I would be only dealing with one doctor who promised to find the cause and help us. He diagnosed us with unexplained infertility. He said we can either continue to try or to do IVF. We chose IVF. IVF is a long arduous and expensive process but it is well worth it. 3/20 - Egg retrieval. 13 eggs were retrieved. PAIN! 3/21 - They called to say that 9 fertilized successfully. 3/22 - The eggs continued to thrive and they want me to do a 5 day transfer. Tender BBS due to the progesterone shots. 3/25 - Two healthy fertilized eggs were transferred into me. I was on bed rest immediately after. Tender BBS. Frequent urination, wake up at least twice a night to use the bathroom. 3/26 - Bed rest... slight sensation every so often that felt like it was in my urethra. I was afraid it was a UTI. Stomach began to bloat. Frequent urination 3/27 - Heaviness in abdomen but I attributed it to the retrieval that I was still healing from. Still had the strange feeling in my urethra. My stomach bloated so large that even my husband noticed and asked me if that was normal since I normally have a semi flat stomach and now I looked two months pregnant. yellow CM 3/28 - Pain in uterus when I laughed or sneezed. Tender bbs. Bloating. Very hungry. Woke up in the middle of the night and it took a while to fall asleep. Very Tired, Runny nose, yellow CM. slight cramps after I urinate 3/29 - Swollen ovary on right side. Tender BBS. Hurts to laugh or sneeze. I just knew I was pregnant.Bloating, Very hungry and Tired. Continue to wake up at night.Runny nose, yellow CM, cramps after I urinate 3/30 - Took a 2 1/2 hour car ride and couldn't stay awake even though I had a full night's rest. I also was very uncomfortable the entire car right. I felt a little crampy and my ovaries were sore. Bloating. Swollen ovary. Very hungry. Continue to wake up at night. Tired. Runny nose, yellow CM, cramps after I urinate 3/31 - Easter Sunday...woke up at 5 am with a splitting headache that lasted all day. Tired; heaviness in abdomen. Still extremely bloated. Slight cramps but not like AF was coming. Bloating. Swollen ovary. Very hungry. Runny nose, yellow CM, cramps after I urinate 4/1 - Slight cramps. Bloating. Sore BBS. Frequent urination. Swollen ovary. Very hungry. Tired; yet still waking up in the middle of the night. Thirsty, Runny nose, yellow CM, cramps after I urinate 4/2 - Went to doctor just to have my hormone levels tested. On my way to the doctor I began to have AF like cramps and began to worry that it felt too much like AF to be pregnant. Was told it 's probably too early to test for pregnancy. Got a call in the afternoon from the doctor telling me to stop my estrogen pills, continue with my progesterone shots and that my levels were high enough to confirm that I am PREGNANT!!! I was completely shocked since I was told it was too early to test. Went home and tested on the spare tests I had and both came up positive!!! My husband and I were so excited!!! It's surreal!!! Cramps. Swollen ovary. Frequent urination. Sore BBS.Very hungry. Waking up at night. Thirsty, Runny nose, yellow CM, cramps after I urinate 4/3 - VERY VERY bloated. Tired; Slight Cramps on and off. Swollen ovary. Frequent urination. Sore BBS.Very hungry. Waking up at night. Thirsty, Runny nose, yellow CM, cramps after I urinate 4/4 - Not as bloated as yesterday but it's still there. Crampier than before. Sore bbs. Tired. Still on a high from my good news. Runny nose, yellow CM, cramps after I urinate. I never got implantation bleeding, never got that sharp pain. Never got strong AF cramps. There was honestly no real sign that I was pregnant. I had more false pregnancy symptoms in the previous months of trying than I did this time which maybe was a sign. I'm still in the very, very early stages of this and still holding my breath. But I know that God has not brought me this far to leave me. For all of you reading this and wondering when will it be your time... I've been there too, cried, yelled, been depressed when everyone around me got pregnant so easily. When our family members kept asking. I've been to hell and back with this. All I can say is that God's timing is perfect even when it doesn't seem like it. God bless you all and good luck!!!


I have just got my bfp after a frozen embryo transfer. We have been ttc our first baby for almost 2 years and this is our 3rd round of ivf. My last fet was also a bfp but resulted in a missed miscarriage at 9 weeks. We are hoping, praying, begging that this one sticks around and we get to hold a baby in arms in December. I had a trigger shot on 19/3 which I tested out from transfer day. 0dp5dt (5dpo)- transfer day! mild cramping after the transfer 1dp5dt (6dpo)- had acupuncture and felt some sharp pains afterwards, possible implantation? 2dp5dt & 3dp5dt- no symptoms. I don't feel pregnant at all and feel like the cycle didn't work. 4dp5dt (9dpo)- bfn in the am. at least I know the trigger shot has gone... But the bfn makes me cry and feel crappy all day! Decide to test in the evening and I see a faint, but very clear line! We are still in the game! Hot flashes. 5dp5dt (10dpo) bfp! It's getting darker! Hot flashes. 6dp5dt (11dpo) bfp and there's no denying that line! Yippee 7dp5dt (12 dpo) the line is almost as dark as the control 8dp5dt (13dpo) still feeling really hot and dry retch in the morning! Already?! We are definitely pregnant and can't stop looking at those lovely dark lines :)

BFP With Natural Cycle IVF

We have male factor infertility. My partner (53) has low count and motility. Everything looks normal with me (35). After a failed IUI, we decided to proceed with IVF, but I didn't want to put my body though all these hormones, so decided to go with natural cycle IVF (they collected my one egg that I naturally produced this month). We were lucky enough and this egg fertilized with ICSI and did ET on day 2. I had no symptoms during the two week wait. Just a bit tired with the progesterone supplements in the first few days. I was expecting to feel something during implantation time, but nothing! I really thought there was nothing in there. During the second week, I just had AF cramps just like every other month. I then had some spotting on the day my AF was due, which is what happens to me every month before AF arrives. I was 100% sure this whole thing had not worked, and was devastated. We had decided not to go through IVF again. I just had the worst time of my life and could not cope with all the stress. So we decided to use donor sperm if that attempt failed. On the day I had spotting, I had everything ready to order donor sperm. Had found a donor and was literally a click away from making the order. I decided to take an HPT just to rule out pregnancy for sure and go on with plan B. I was so upset that day that I did the test and then threw it away from me in despair, only to look later to see a clear second line! I thought I was crazy, but my partner confirmed it was BFP. I was in schock. Did my beta today (14 days after 2det) which was 450, so I really am pregnant. My only symptom was AF cramps and spotting. So do not lose hope if you experience the same. You cannot really tell what's going on in your body with all the meds. I thought others exaggerated when saying that, but it is true.

BFP After Natural Cycle FET

Hi Ladies, I stalked this board for a year and I'm (cautiously) excited to share my BFP story with you and give hope to those going through the dreaded 2ww! I remember reading through so many posts hoping to find someone's story that matched closely to mine so I could relate. I know it's early, but no matter how this pregnancy plays out (please please let it be positively!), it worked. I did get pregnant. I CAN get pregnant. So there is hope for me and all of you - stay strong! Me - 34, no known issues DH - 30, 1% morphology Cycled at Cornell After 2 failed IUI's with injectibles and one failed IVF/ICSI, we just completed a natural FET with 2 5-day blasts and got our BFP yesterday (beta 112 10dp5dt). With the first three cycles, I had AF cramps and all three times, AF showed up/I got a BFN before beta. I had sore bb's, which looking back was surely a side effect of those nasty hormones! This BFP cycle, I had af like cramping (pelvic pressure/heaviness) so I thought I was getting af (again). I have a VERY bloated tummy and the last 3 days before beta I've been very nauseous. My bb's are not sore AT ALL. Those really are the only symptoms....overall feeling like crap. This cycle, all I did was blood work starting CD 10, go two more times for blood work before I got my surge (no pee tests at all), then a few days later I took a zpack and medrol to get ready for the transfer, which was 5 days later. I started prometrium suppositories 2x a day the day after my transfer and that's it! I attribute my lack of sore bb's to not being on any stimming hormones this time, but every woman and every cycle can be totally different. I sort of just knew (only the af cramps really threw me off)! If your periods are regular and you ovulate on your own, I highly recommend the Natural FET. I was skeptical thinking I NEEDED the hormone support to make it a success, but Cornell said if I can do it Natural there is no way I should do a Medicated cycle. I'm glad I trusted them! I was much less stressed out and my body was in its natural state. I don't regret my failed ICSI because without that, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to do the Natural FET! I hope this helps someone who is in the scary, nerve wracking shoes I was just in! Good luck to all of you ladies! I wish you lots of baby dust!

A Natural Miracle

We have been ttc for almost 2 years now. I have been diagnosed with low ovarian reserve and DH has less than 2% motile sperm. Our doctor gave us a 1% chance of ever conceiving naturally. We have done two failed ivf cycles. The second one resulted in a pregnancy, but I lost the baby at 10 weeks in January. This month we are away on a trip and I have just got my bfp - au naturale! We can both not believe its true. I was tracking my cycle with temps an watching my cm, but didn't hold much hope. We were actually going home for round 3 ivf next month! Hopefully we don't need it now! O day- VERY painful ovulation! 1dpo-4dpo- temp rise, nothing much else 5dpo- 7dpo- funny taste in my mouth, a bit metallic. 8dpo- cramps/twinges 9dpo-cramps/twinges again bfn 10dpo- very hungry! Bfn (at this stage I assume I'm out as I had a bfp by this point with the ivf cycle) feel emotional and upset all day. 11dpo- have a massage and test at 3pm- a very very faint line. DH is not convinced he can see anything! 12dpo- fmu- bfn, smu- still very faint but a definite bfp! Hungry and cramps. 13dpo- smu- bfp! My period is due tomorrow. My temp is still up and DH and I are praying, hoping and begging that this is true and we are finally having the baby we are so desperate to meet! Lots of love and hope to every one ttc.... Whether you've been trying for 1 month or 10 years, it is an emotional journey! Please pray for us as I will for you!

2 Years TTC... IVF With ICSI... Finally...a BFP!

I read these forums a lot to help me feel better during the very stressful time of IVF, and so I know how much they help. I am glad that I am finally able to share my story. My dh (44) and I (29) had been trying for 2 years with no success. We went through a lot of testing and were told that IVF with ICSI was our only hope. After months of taking drugs (fun fun fun) I was finally ready to go. We were able to have 21 eggs retrieved, and 7 eggs were fertilized successfully. When we got the eggs retrieved, we were told that my estrogen levels were too high and the doctor suggested doing a "freeze all" and implanting them later. At first, we were devastated! Then the doctor said that my chances of getting the all important BFP were in the 90th percentile with a frozen transfer due to my age and my health. That made us feel better. On December 17th we had 2 embryos transferred. They said that we would have a blood test in 2 weeks. My symptoms were as follows: 1dp6dt-6dp6dt--No symptoms 7dp6dt-Nausea....couldn't wait for the blood test, took an HPT and got a BFP!! Every day after that was filled with nausea and tiredness. We had the blood test after 2 weeks and indeed, I was pregnant. We had an ultrasound at 7 weeks and found out that one little embryo didn't make it, but we had a very strong baby growing. I just had another ultrasound the other day and the baby looked wonderful, dancing around and showing off. I hope that our story of trials and tribulations gives hope, as all the other stories on here gave me hope!

Low amh Low Morphology and BFP!!

Hi everyone. Very excited to be here. Praying this baby sticks! As you can see from title have been dealing with secondary infertility! Conceived baby girl on first try three years ago, ttc number 2 for 8 months which has seemed like forever and thought it would not happen! All signed up to start IVF this week due to diminished ovarian reserve and low morphology, told our odds were less than 5%!! My amh was tested twice at 5.1 pmol and 6.9 pmol, yes it increased!! Partner had only 1% morphology both tests, other numbers all good. Oh and my fsh was 19 and 18_ very bad. But here we are with a bfp!! Soooo very happy and please let us get thru this with a sticky healthy bub. Listing symptoms below, then under that how we treated my dor and hubby morphology, as I have to believe it has helped. 1dpo dizzy when I stood up, 6 and 7 dpo random 2 day cold with sneezing, 8 soo my cervix feels different like mushy and very soft on end, 9 dpo faint line on frer after hours of sitting, 10 dpo bfp strong line. No spotting before af! Usually spot up to 5 days before af and wondered if this was a problem. Anyhow here waiting to see if baby sticks. For those dealing with high fsh low amh, here is what I did. Supplement pre natal, fish oil, royal jelly, b6, evening primrose oil before ovulation, wheat grass, and vitamin d 3. This combined with weekly acupuncture for 4 months think got my body back in balance!! Only one tea per day, no smoking, no alcohol, but still ate a lot of rubbish I have to say. Hubby on menevit, which did not improve lab results but maybe it helped in someway. Wishing everyone else with infertility issues a happy ending. Ps I am 35 and hubby 33.


DH (36) and I (32) had been trying for a 18 months with no luck (apparently doing all the right things) and I just felt that something wasn't right. Being a very impatient person and lucky enough to be able to afford some private treatment, I had lots of tests to see if there was anything wrong. Everything came back perfect except DH's morphology (4%) however this was still considered within normal parameters in his NHS test. We booked an appointment with a Fertility specialist and DH had a more detailed semen analysis showing that his sperm were not traveling effectively, which only gave us a very slim chance of conception each month. After trying for a bit longer, we decided to go for IVF/ICSI as normal IVF was not recommended due to the altered movement patterns. In short, we were extremely lucky first time and got our BFP 9dp5dt. I am now 17 weeks pregnant and have had certain amounts of every symptom under the sun in the first trimester, but nothing really started until 6 and a half weeks pregnant. The only thing I noticed was a very sharp pain lasting about 3 seconds 2dpt, and then randomly at 7 and 8dpt I had heartburn, which is very unusual for me and so far I actually haven't had any other heartburn since those days. I noticed nothing else in the 2ww and actually i probably had less than "normal" months. I was advised by someone who had had several IVF treatments to absolutely rest after transfer, the only one that had worked for them, she had rested for a week. So, I took a few days off work and literally did nothing for 4 days, which is not completely what the clinics advise (they say to continue as normal but don't lift heavy things or do intensive exercise). Whether this actually made a difference or not, I like to think this helped. We realize that we were very lucky to get a positive first time but we went into it thinking it was a course of treatment and might take 6 months, a year or more, rather than just a success or fail. I know that sounds easy to say when it worked but I think it helped to keep me sane throughout the process. I think that if you can it's important to be able to talk to your close family and friends about what you're doing during treatment. Wishing everyone the best of luck in their own story. x