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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Are you employing "Assisted Reproductive Technology" to achieve your BFP? If so, this is where you'll find the success stories of women in your same situation.

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BFP After 2 IVF

We have been trying to conceive for over 2 yrs and finally we got our BFP!!!! Our journey began 2 yrs ago when we started trying naturally. We went through 5 failed IUI and then we finally switched to IVF. First failed IVF: 10 eggs retrieved, 6 mature, 3 fertilize, 1 embryo transferred and other 2 embies didn't make it for freezing :( My 2ww symptoms- I had 5 day transfer. Only 1 day bed rest. Took vaginal endometrium suppositories 3 times day. 1-2 dt- Slight uterus cramps. Felt like tugging and pulling in the uterus. 3-5 dt- Sharp uterus tugging and pulling. 6-8 dt- No symptoms. No cramps. Symptoms just disappeared. 9 dt- Started to spot. 10-11 dt- Full period like flow. 14 dt- BFN beta. Waited 1 cycle to start 2nd IVF. Second IVF- 20 eggs retrieved, 14 mature, 6 fertilize and 2 embryos transferred, and other 4 didn't make it to freezing again :( My 2WW symptoms- 5 day transfer. Day before transfer, I did pre-embryo acupuncture and did acupuncture after embryo transfer. RE told me to be on bed rest for 24 hrs but I took whole week to rest. Drank grapefruit juice for entire week. 2dt- Left ovary slightly twitching. On bed rest. 3 st- Stretching in uterus. On bed rest 4 dt- Heard from nurse, rest of embies died. I was very upset. Felt strong cramps in the uterus. Just to relax, I went for another acupuncture to relax myself. I usually breakout before my AF. I had a few breakouts on my face. On bed rest. 5 dt- Poking pain in left ovary, cramping in lower stomach. Had lower back pain at nighttime. Did some light chores around the house but tried to stay relaxed. 6 dt- No cramps but felt nauseous all day. Stayed home. Few new breakouts 7 dt- Nauseous all day, uterus stretching. Lower backache. 8 dt- Tightness in uterus. No nausea. 9 dt- Yellow CM. Little bit of tightness in uterus. 10 dt- White CM. Nauseous all day. More breakouts. First day back to work 11 dt- Nauseous all day. Had very light red CM (possible implantation). 12 dt- Nauseous all day. More clear CM. First day had bad headache. 13 dt- Nauseous all day. Very intense headache. Small amount of CM. 14 dt- First Beta test. Nervous, didn't sleep to well. Results came in and its positive!!!!! Beta-596. Nauseous all day. Tiny amount of CM. 15dt-16 dt- Just Nauseous. 17 dt- 2nd beta test. Beta- 1495 (it doubled). I can finally breathe. I think our 2nd IVF worked because I stayed well rested during 1-7 dt (implantation period) and did acupuncture to keep the blood flowing towards the uterus. During my 2ww, I was pretty positive that I was pregnant because my symptoms either were getting worse or I was getting new symptoms. I know 2WW is insane time but don't loose the hope.


Me: 34 DH: 33 Unexplained infertility for 8 years First time with IVF, 3 failed medicated IUIs 5 day transfer with one 4AA blast 1dp5dt: Some cramping, probably due to transfer (I had a lot of cramping after the retrieval for about one week). I started testing out my trigger two days after the retrieval, on 1dp5dt I had a very faint positive on an Internet cheapy test. 2dp5dt: Experienced my typical progesterone side effects, mild headache and dull cramping. The only thing out of the ordinary was I had a definite hot flash, which I have never had before. (lighter faint positive on IC) 3dp5dt: More hot flashes and I started to have dizzy spells, like I was going to pass out. The dull cramping was much less on this day. (continue faint positive on IC). 4dp5dt: The hot flashes continued, approx, 2-3x a day. I did not feel any dizziness on this day. I had night sweats the night before, but this typically happens 1-2 days before AF comes. I really, REALLY felt like I was going to start my period. I had all my typical AF symptoms, mild cramping, bloating, and headache. Late that evening I took a pregnancy test just to see what would happen and there was a faint positive, however this positive seemed darker than the day before! 5dp5dt: I had night sweats again, which never happens for more than one night. I POAS as soon as I woke up and the line was definitely darker. I did not want to get my hopes up but I didn't think it could be the trigger since it was 13 days past my 5,000IU HCG shot. I did not have hot flashes or dizzy spells on this day. 6dp5dt: POAS in the late afternoon and I saw much darker positive. 7dp5dt: The positive was about the same color as the day before, all of my positives were lighter than the test line, but a line is a line, right? :) 8dp5dt: Positive beta test, beta was 40 10dp5dt: beta at 185 (much darker line on the IC but still pretty light) The hot flashes and night sweats continued from 6dp5dt-14dp5dt I still have AF like cramps on and off. At first, I was super nervous so I called my doctor and she said cramping is perfectly normal. Thank goodness! 22dp5dt: We saw one beautiful heartbeat!! The symptoms are continuing to add up but it is all worth it. Good luck to you all!!!!!  
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Believe Me... It WILL Happen!!

After 2 1/2 years of ttc I can finally state that we are pregnant!! After 6mns of trying on our own before seeking help, 3 rounds of clomid, a HSG test, 3 IUIs with injectables, and 1 fresh IVF, we conceived TWINS on our first and only FET! After the failed fresh IVF, I literally threw my hands in the air and asked God to carry this weight. No one ever tells you how hard the emotions of IVF can be and I know for sure that the reason it worked was when I told him I just couldn't do it anymore and take the weight. Believe me... I never thought this day would come. As far as symptoms, I had twinges two days after transfer. And then felt very full in the abdomen. I was also very gassy and had frequent bowel movements. That is it!! Don't read into anything. I POAS before my beta test and started to cry immediately when the stick turned. After staring at these sticks for years and pulling them apart in hopes to see some line, it was amazing. I'm now 7 weeks pregnant with two "snow babies" and feel so blessed. To those reading this, I wish you courage, strength and success in your journey and know that it WILL happen!

My BFP Finally Arrived!!!

Hello ladies! I'm posting this today with two positive pregnancy tests in front of me and one in my memory box!
I had my frozen embryo transfer last Monday (just had the one on ice so was delighted that it survived the thaw!) I tested this morning 8dpt, first accidentally using a ovulation stick which showed positive then realized I used the wrong one (what a doughnut!) and then tested on a proper pregnancy stick which show positive - yay!! Just have to wait until Friday now for my blood test at the clinic... Not really feeling any symptoms to be honest just some aching in my lower back and uterus area. Praying that this is a sticky bean and that all of you ladies TTC get your BFP soon x

BFP After Three Years with 1st IVF/ICSI Cycle

I am 31 years old and my DH 29. I can't believe I am writing this, I used to daydream about submitting my BFP on here, I NEVER thought this day would come. I am thrilled to say that after three years of trying, including 6 failed rounds of clomid and one cycle of IVF/ICSI I am pregnant!! me - pregnant!! My husband and I always knew we would have problems as I have severe PCOS, I say severe as I never have periods, so no ovulation at all. Compared to Clomid I actually found IVF much easier to deal with, however I was a poor responder to the stimulating drugs and only had 3 follicles. Our doctor suggested that we cancel the cycle and we were gutted but decided against his advice, we chose to gamble and go ahead with the collection anyway. We were so fortunate that all 3 eggs were collected and all 3 fertilised, better still by the day of the transfer we had 2 top quality embryos, the other had arrested. We had a Grade A plus 8 cell and a Grade B 7 cell, so it really is quality over quantity. My DH is fine but his sample was not so great on the day of the egg collection due to poor morphology so we opted for ICSI, plus we did not want to risk normal IVF with only three eggs so this was a good call. We decided to transfer both embryos as this gave us a 40% chance of success, it was 32% with one, we had a three day transfer as too few embryos to push to blastocyst. So the two-week wait began, the first week was fine. I took a week off work and got plenty of rest but stayed active with housework and evening walks. It is also important to point out I had acupuncture all the way through IVF. Below are some of the things I experienced but it is important to say that I have been on progesterone suppositories since egg collection so it is hard to tell what is pregnancy and what is the drugs. I have also been on slow release metformin since 2 months prior to starting stimulating. I have chosen to only mention the things that struck me as strange and that I never had in my two week wait on clomid.

1dp 3dt - Rash (very itchy like hives), twinges, cramps and pressure.
2 dp 3dt - Rash, hungry, twinges, cramps and pressure, creamy/ gloopy CM
3 dp 3dt -Rash, hungry, twinges and fell asleep in afternoon (which is unusual for me)
4dp 3dt - Rash, hungry, twinges and sore throat
5 dp 3dt -Rash, wet/watery cm and odd period pains/ twinges, feel like I am getting ill
6 dp 3dt - Terrible constipation, like knives are in my bottom with sharp shooting pains where there should never ever be pain!! feel like I am getting ill.
7dp 3dt - Constipation continues, boobs hurt on and off, really cold and unable to get warm, fall asleep in the afternoon again, sore back.
8dp 3dt - Diarrhea begins, still really cold, dizzy when I stand up, sore back, boobs hurt off and on period pains so think AF is coming, teary.
9dp 3 dt - Diarrhea was awful (4 times during the day), Insomnia begins, dizzy when I stand up, AF pains so I think period is coming, boobs hurt on and off. At this point I am going stir crazy and want to test and have to force myself not to.
10dp 3 dt - Wake up at 6am and POAS but don't look for an hour and a half so DH can look with me, so I stare at him until he wakes up. We get a BFP!! but I don't believe it as it could be an evaporation line so I dash out at 8am to buy a digi. Comes up BFP with same FMU super fast and shows 2 - 3 weeks on conception indicator (which means my HCG is over 200 according to Clearblue). I had a sore back – was unable to get comfortable and AF pains continue, boobs hurt on and off, mild nausea.
11dp 3dt - Diarrhea, AF pains, mild nausea, dizzy when I stand, boobs hurt on and off. Tested again in afternoon BFP (I just love seeing a positive test)
12dp 3dt – BFP with FMU. AF pains continue, mild nausea at times, boobs hurt slightly on and off.

I find the strangest symptom is the AF pains, it really does feel just like AF is coming. It makes me nervous but I have read it is very normal and can continue for weeks but it really does feel exactly the same!! Also I thought my boobs would hurt more at 4 weeks but it is just waves of boob ache. Very excited, cautiously optimistic and wonder how many we will be blessed with. So any girls out there who are going through IVF I know how you feel and I never thought it would happen for me but it did and when it did it felt amazing, it was like I had won the lottery – only so much better.

My First BFP After IUI, IVF and FET

Like many others this is a website I trolled for 14 months before finally yesterday getting my BFP!!! We went through many struggles to get here and are super excited. I only have 1 ovary and needed to start with IUI. We tried 11 times because insurance helped pay for 50% and we weren't ready go to IVF. Eventually I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility and we tried IVF. The fresh cycle failed, but we had 2 frozen eggs left so we tried FET this month and we got our BFP!!! We are above the moon!

The only signs and symptoms I recall are cramping from 4dp5dt-6dp5dt which I now believe was implantation. I did have an acne breakout and sore boobs but that also happened with fresh cycle so I believed it was medication related but now I guess it's part of my early signs!!

Good luck to everyone who has posted or is waiting for their chance to post!!

IVF Triplets with Two Embryos on the First Try!

DH: 58, vasectomy
Me: 28, perfect health

I was on the antagonist IVF protocol with 12 days of meds. 2 vials of Bravelle and 1 vial of Menopur for the first 10 days, and then 1 vial of Bravelle and 1 vial of Menopur for the last two days. I also took Ganirelix from day 5 to day 12. I was at risk for OHSS, so they triggered me with Lupron. DH went through the MESA sperm aspiration procedure without any issues. The doctor retrieved 19 eggs, 17 were mature. Out of 17, 15 fertilized normally. By day 5, we had 5 high grade Blastocysts. We transferred two of the best looking blastocysts, a 2AB and 2BB.

The waiting game was intense. I POAS 5dp5dt at 5 a.m. and got a faint positive. I continued to POAS until 10dp5dt when I got my first beta which was 207. According to Betabase, 207 is low for twins but high for a singleton. I was secretly hoping for twins. I went back two days later for a second beta, and it had only risen to 346. My doctor likes to see the number double in 48 hours, and mine clearly did not. This was over Labor Day weekend, so I had to wait 5 more days for my third beta which was 2033. The doctors were happy with that.

My first ultrasound was scheduled when I was 6w1d. Immediately we saw two gestational sacs, one smaller than the other. Baby A had a strong heartbeat of 103, and baby B was only a small fetal pole and yolk sac. The doctor scared me with the whole vanishing twin talk, and he was not optimistic about Baby B getting a heartbeat. Anyway, I went back for another ultrasound a 7w1d. We were all shocked to see that Baby A had split! Baby A was now Baby A and B! Identical twins! Baby C (who didn’t have a heartbeat the week before) had a heartbeat, too! That’s three heartbeats!
I honestly can’t believe it. Since we only transferred 2 embryos, the chances of triplets should have been 3 to 5%. It’s crazy how life works out sometimes. To be continued, they should be here in early April 2013!


Truth is this cycle I had less symptoms than I did any of the BFN cycles! Had two 3-day embryos transferred - 1 frozen 8-cell, 1 fresh 4-cell

3DPO Weird Dreams (2hr nap)
4DPO Aft Headache, Constip (2hr nap), Gas
5DPO PM Achy Knees (2hr nap)
6DPO PM Stitch left side, Achy Knees + Ankles, Sleepy, Constip
7DPO sleepy, swollen ankles
8DPO sleepy, swollen ankles
9DPO sore throat, thrush, weird dreams, a little weepy, fat
10DPO weepy, tired, hungry, constip, fat
11DPO weepy, tired, constip, fat, serious cramps aft, erect nips
12DPO tired, constip, slightly aroused
13DPO tired, constip, pm cramping, fullness of abdomen, stye, canker sore
14DPO VJ swollen, cramping/fullness

14DPO - BETA 163
16DPO – BETA 360
23DPO - BETA 6,679

THRUOUT: sides of bbs sore, v. mild smell esp @night, achy knees, swollen ankles, constip, stinky yellow pee middle of nite, gas

Late BFP After 7 Years TTC

I can't believe I'm posting on this website that I've been trolling for years and years!

Me 31 blocked tubes due to surgery + inflammation from adhesions and ovarian cysts. Regular28 day cycle, ovulate regularly.
I was persistent with getting tests done to determine Low iron, vitamin d deficient and recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis-autoimmune disease.
DH 41 perfect thank God!

First 2 years, we tried naturally without any doctor visits. Then moved on to IUI. After 2 fresh IVF & 1 FET failed, our 2nd FET was a success.
I believe my success has to do with me obsessingly researching my symptoms and finding the right doctors to treat me. I made an appt with an endocrinologist and requested I have my thyroid along with other tests checked out. I am currently on synthoid treatment for hashimotos along with taking my vitamins diligently. Liquid iron, 4000 mg omega 3, 200 mcg selenium, 1 mg folic acid, and 4000 IU vitamin d3.
It's been a looooooong road of doctors poking, prodding, ups, downs, hopes and dreams.....

Symptoms for my first ever BFP natural cycle FET: 6day blast transferred 5dpo.
5dpo transfer day, no symptoms, taking endometrin 3x per day for progesterone support. Stayed in bed all day/night.
6dpo mild twinges, stayed in bed all day
7dpo mild twinges, nothing really notable. Minimal house activity, made a sandwich and went bk to bed.
8dpo gassy
9dpo gassy, thirsty (I don’t usually drink much throughout the day so this is unusual)
10dpo gassy , boobs getting sore, very thirsty
11dpo late night mild cramps, sore boobs, watery discharge, lots of gas cramps throughout day, emotional, very thirsty.
12dpo moderate cramps, watery discharge during day, strong AF cramps at 2am woke me up from pain, feels just like AF is coming.
13dpo same as above. faint + AM but disappears after 2 mins on Life brand blue dye test. Not convinced. Test again in PM negative. Ugh emotional roller coaster.
14dpo gushing watery discharge feeling like I’m becoming incontinent but think it might be from endometrin except its clear watery and not clumpy.
15dpofaint + AM after 10 minutes but pamphlet says "disregard results after 10 mins" so I guess I cant rely on this life brand. Feeling like if I was pg, it should show up strong on test by now, feeling very discouraged.
16dpo super sore boobs, mild-moderate AF-like cramps all day on and off. Freq trips to urinate.
17dpo +test on first response digital says "yes"!!! Yay :) I can’t believe it. It’s a miracle. DH woke me up at 8 am to test, I poas then walked out of bathroom and told him I don't wanna see the results. He called me bk in 30 secs later to show me the awesome news :)))) I'm still in shock. Praying for healthy pregnancy and baby xoxoxo

Don't give up, pray, listen to your intuition and take charge of your fertility!

GL to all & God bless!

BFP after 7 years TTC Hashimots

I can't believe I'm posting on this website that I've been trolling for years and years!

Me 31 blocked tubes due to surgery + inflammation from adhesions and ovarian cysts. Regular28 day cycle, ovulate regularly. Low iron, vitamin d deficient and recently diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis

First 2 years, we tried naturally without any doctor visits. Then moved on to IUI. After 2 fresh IVF & 1 FET failed, our 2nd FET was a success.