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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Are you employing "Assisted Reproductive Technology" to achieve your BFP? If so, this is where you'll find the success stories of women in your same situation.

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Truth is this cycle I had less symptoms than I did any of the BFN cycles! Had two 3-day embryos transferred - 1 frozen 8-cell, 1 fresh 4-cell

3DPO Weird Dreams (2hr nap)
4DPO Aft Headache, Constip (2hr nap), Gas
5DPO PM Achy Knees (2hr nap)
6DPO PM Stitch left side, Achy Knees + Ankles, Sleepy, Constip
7DPO sleepy, swollen ankles
8DPO sleepy, swollen ankles
9DPO sore throat, thrush, weird dreams, a little weepy, fat
10DPO weepy, tired, hungry, constip, fat
11DPO weepy, tired, constip, fat, serious cramps aft, erect nips
12DPO tired, constip, slightly aroused
13DPO tired, constip, pm cramping, fullness of abdomen, stye, canker sore
14DPO VJ swollen, cramping/fullness

14DPO - BETA 163
16DPO – BETA 360
23DPO - BETA 6,679

THRUOUT: sides of bbs sore, v. mild smell esp @night, achy knees, swollen ankles, constip, stinky yellow pee middle of nite, gas

Late BFP After 7 Years TTC

I can't believe I'm posting on this website that I've been trolling for years and years!

Me 31 blocked tubes due to surgery + inflammation from adhesions and ovarian cysts. Regular28 day cycle, ovulate regularly.
I was persistent with getting tests done to determine Low iron, vitamin d deficient and recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis-autoimmune disease.
DH 41 perfect thank God!

First 2 years, we tried naturally without any doctor visits. Then moved on to IUI. After 2 fresh IVF & 1 FET failed, our 2nd FET was a success.
I believe my success has to do with me obsessingly researching my symptoms and finding the right doctors to treat me. I made an appt with an endocrinologist and requested I have my thyroid along with other tests checked out. I am currently on synthoid treatment for hashimotos along with taking my vitamins diligently. Liquid iron, 4000 mg omega 3, 200 mcg selenium, 1 mg folic acid, and 4000 IU vitamin d3.
It's been a looooooong road of doctors poking, prodding, ups, downs, hopes and dreams.....

Symptoms for my first ever BFP natural cycle FET: 6day blast transferred 5dpo.
5dpo transfer day, no symptoms, taking endometrin 3x per day for progesterone support. Stayed in bed all day/night.
6dpo mild twinges, stayed in bed all day
7dpo mild twinges, nothing really notable. Minimal house activity, made a sandwich and went bk to bed.
8dpo gassy
9dpo gassy, thirsty (I don’t usually drink much throughout the day so this is unusual)
10dpo gassy , boobs getting sore, very thirsty
11dpo late night mild cramps, sore boobs, watery discharge, lots of gas cramps throughout day, emotional, very thirsty.
12dpo moderate cramps, watery discharge during day, strong AF cramps at 2am woke me up from pain, feels just like AF is coming.
13dpo same as above. faint + AM but disappears after 2 mins on Life brand blue dye test. Not convinced. Test again in PM negative. Ugh emotional roller coaster.
14dpo gushing watery discharge feeling like I’m becoming incontinent but think it might be from endometrin except its clear watery and not clumpy.
15dpofaint + AM after 10 minutes but pamphlet says "disregard results after 10 mins" so I guess I cant rely on this life brand. Feeling like if I was pg, it should show up strong on test by now, feeling very discouraged.
16dpo super sore boobs, mild-moderate AF-like cramps all day on and off. Freq trips to urinate.
17dpo +test on first response digital says "yes"!!! Yay :) I can’t believe it. It’s a miracle. DH woke me up at 8 am to test, I poas then walked out of bathroom and told him I don't wanna see the results. He called me bk in 30 secs later to show me the awesome news :)))) I'm still in shock. Praying for healthy pregnancy and baby xoxoxo

Don't give up, pray, listen to your intuition and take charge of your fertility!

GL to all & God bless!

BFP after 7 years TTC Hashimots

I can't believe I'm posting on this website that I've been trolling for years and years!

Me 31 blocked tubes due to surgery + inflammation from adhesions and ovarian cysts. Regular28 day cycle, ovulate regularly. Low iron, vitamin d deficient and recently diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis

First 2 years, we tried naturally without any doctor visits. Then moved on to IUI. After 2 fresh IVF & 1 FET failed, our 2nd FET was a success.


DH and I have been TTC for 19 months when in August we discovered that our wait was over! After a year with our FS, trying clomid, IUI and IVF we finally got success with our first frozen embryo transfer. I was convinced that it hadn’t worked one day then optimistic the next. My symptoms include:
* bloating (no progesterone support)
* BFP on HPT every day from 6 days past 6dt
* mood swings
* Acne
* twinges, cramping in lower belly
* feeling of blood rushing around lower belly like the feeling you get after a hot shower

We were confirmed over a week ago now with a reading of 462 and progesterone of 50 (11dp 6dt) which means no progesterone support needed. Nurse said we are definitely pregnant and do not need a follow up blood test. Our first scan is this Thursday to see the heartbeat then we are "discharged" and carry on like any other pregnant couple!

Good luck for all those still TTC.

BFP 1st & 2nd Pregnancy Symptoms via IVF

Hello everyone!

1st Pregnancy via IVF

In March 2008, I had a laparoscopy draining endometriosis (stage 3) cyst on left ovary. In June 2008 began my IVF cycle and 31 years old. I had 11 retrieved, 4 had fertilized (1 arrested) and I had 3 embryos transferred on day 3: a 4 cell, 5 cell, 6 cell and none left to freeze. The doc said they were in fair condition, that's why he transferred all of them. We were excited!

1dpt-2dpt: nothing
3dpt: mild period-like cramping, low cramps
4dpt: nothing
5dpt: went to see friend who just had baby...when I held baby, one of my nipples began to feel tingly and prickly
6dpt: sharp stabbing pain above vagina just several seconds and gone...I had to bend over (10pm)...very unusual, never felt that before and I've had some painful periods because of endo
7dpt: sharp stabbing pain on right lower pelvic region, on my bikini line, just a few seconds and gone
8dpt: clear mucousy, gel-like cm, few seconds of sharp pains on right side above hip bone- had to bend over and stop walking, faint spell of nausea and dizziness-came and went in a few minutes at night
9dpt: more clear mucousy cm, warm period-like feeling, prickling, tingling sensation in right nipple
10dpt: nothing
11dpt: feeling hopeful because I never had these symptoms before, but thought it also could be the progesterone; later feeling grumpy and discouraged
12dpt: the day I got my blood test 4 weeks 2 days since LMP and I was definitely pregnant!!! I forgot my hcg level. I did an hpt at home after I got the news and of course it was a BFP!!! In March of 2009, I gave birth to a baby girl!

2nd pregnancy via IVF ICSI

Now, I am 35 years old and endometriosis came back on left ovary. Doc retrieved 6 eggs, 5 were mature, all were ICSI'd this time, only 4 fertilized (1 arrested) and 3 were looking good on transfer day! Doc did a 2 day transfer and transferred 3 embryos, all 4 cell, grade 1 and again, none left over to freeze. Again, we were excited!

1dpt: went pee and had beige discharge in pm...probably from progesterone suppositories before the transfer and from metrogel, nips sensitive
2dpt: in early am low mild cramps and low back ache too, woke up to spontaneous orgasm and felt crampy and pressure right above vagina, cramping on & off in evening, feels tight down there, boobs tender
3dpt: cramping on & off, feeling groggy & tired, nap, in pm had a wave of nausea come over me...just a few minutes, light headache
4dpt: constipation, when walking got shooting feeling from right side, but not too sharp, but noticeable- had to stop for a second, hungry and eating a lot; white stretchy cm, light headache
5dpt: woke up again to a spontaneous orgasm from sleep-pressure down there and felt like blood rushing down there (googled this spontaneous "O" thing and it seemed to be an early sign of pregnancy for most women-gave me hope!)
6dpt: feet feel so hot and a bit swollen (I and my feet are usually always cold), vagina/cervix feels tight-uncomfortable like uti, pooped, but still constipated feeling, skin feels tender to touch, boobs tender, feeling aroused...must be all the blood down there ;)
7dpt: boobs seem less tender, didn't sleep well
8dpt: boobs less tender but feeling really full and heavy, EMOTIONAL-cried at pretty much anything, even when DD woke up from nap, just looking at her made me cry, felt really down
9dpt: woke up with headache, watched a movie and cried for MOST of it, cramping/pinching feeling, low back ache-right side, AF cramps in evening, felt like I was peeing more today, boobs look HUGE, next to little cm
10dpt: noticed sharp pain and pressure in butt, watery cm, snot-like cm too, crampy off & on, warm period-like feeling, backache left side, brief pulling/stretching feeling left side
11dpt: noticed hot feet all week, felt hot in general all week, night sweat, boobs are still HUGE and burning feeling inside them, wet feeling down there, very little cm, right lower back-like someone drilling in my back, eating like a hog, gassy for past few days too, feels tight down there
12dpt: blood test today at 3 weeks 5days since LMP: PREGNANT again!!! I am so thankful!!! I took HPT after hcg test confirmed pregnancy and it was a light positive. I had a slow rising hcg this time around, but kept taking hpt's at home...getting darker and BFP! Hcg tests confirmed good doubling 3 days later and then again 2 days later. Yay!
tummy making a lot of gurgling and bubbling sounds after lunch

I've been taking fish oil (at least 5 months), vitamin D and folic acid for several months if not close to a year.

2nd IVF Was a Charm w/ PCOS

After 4 years trying, an ectopic pregnancy, and a failed IVF cycle, it seems like we finally got something that worked! I'm only five weeks along in our 2nd IVF cycle, but thought I'd share my symptoms, since reading and comparing with others made me feel more hopeful.

1dpt: Feeling period-like cramps already. So strange to be feeling this so early. Craving cheese. Stomach feeling very full and bloated. Had dreams of breastfeeding.

2dpt: Still cramping, and having sharp pains. Craving cheese. Stomach feeling very full and bloated. Fairly emotional. Skin beginning to be a bit oily and break out. Breasts feel fuller.

3dpt: Breasts are definitely tender and sensitive, and are painful when lying down for a long period and getting up. Had an intense craving for salt, finally settled on lime chips, but really wanted Soy sauce. My husband and my mother both said I was very warm to the touch, but did not take temperature. Emotional and started to get a sore lower back.

4dpt: Woke up to a very sore lower back and sore breasts. Oily skin on face. Just had to have a sub sandwich. Tearful, and down.

5dpt: Took a HPT w/ FMU and it was a BFN. Very down and depressed feeling. Was extremely irritable and tearful.

6dpt: Woke up to my breasts and back not in pain anymore. Began to feel very down and worried about my symptoms reducing. Took a second HPT w/ FMU and it was a BFP!!! I couldn't think of anything else for the rest of the day. :)

7dpt: Couldn't help myself! I took another HPT and yep, still positive! I felt good, I mean, really good! I wasn't tired, I wasn't achy, and I was so darn chipper! I loved it! I met a friend for coffee at 10AM, and then met my momma for lunch. I went to a job interview, and went shopping and to dinner with a friend. I was running around nonstop for about 8hrs, and it was perfect. Was very thirsty throughout the day and had a few hot flashes. Very fatigued at the end of the night.

8dpt: Woke up to my breasts hurting again. Pure exhaustion. Went from fine to starving in about 10 seconds.

9dpt: I could sleep all day long and still not be content. Positive HPT.

10dpt: Feeling really good, except my still-sore breasts.

11dpt: Still feeling really good. Breasts still sore. A bit of 'pregnancy brain'- or so I'm blaming it on that. Positive HPT.

12dpt: VERY sore breasts when waking up. A bit nauseous. First blood work drawn, doctors expecting higher than 5 (but probably less than 100) and we blew them away with 146! It's my new favorite number, I think, lol. 13dpt: Still sore breasts. Craving spicier foods than I normally eat, especially things like queso. Definitely an achy back and achy thighs, but still so so happy! Skin now starting to get dry. 14dpt: Blood work rising and now 349!


Like many others, I promised myself that I would post my story on here if I ever got a BFP.
I have had 2 IUI that both failed and decided to move to IVF. My 2WW wait symptoms were almost NOTHING! One week after the transfer I felt a sharp pain that lasted a few seconds on the right side of my uterus (implantation?). I had a headache/cramping 10 days after transfer. And those were all my symptoms. I did not have the sore boobs, tiredness, bleeding gums, etc. I really thought it was going to be a negative result and I had already started researching FET procedures and other options. A couple of things that might have contributed to my BFP: I ate Brazilian nuts and pineapple core starting day of transfer and 4 day following the transfer. I also took a few days off of work and did stayed off of fertility websites!!

Hope this helps! And remember not everyone has symptoms! I am 5 weeks and still have none except occasional headache! Good luck to all!

BFP - Twins!!

I am 6 weeks 3 days pregnant with twins! It has been a 6 year TTC journey for DH and I... I still can't believe it! We tried for the first two years naturally and nada. Went to OBGYN who suggested IUI with Clomid. We did 4 rounds and again nada. Went to fertility specialist who ran the full battery of tests on both of us and guess what they found? NADA So frustrating! We were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Next, round 1 of IVF, which resulted in 2 "stellar" embryos both grade A that were transferred and 2 other Grade A embryos that were frozen. Had a chemical pregnancy- HCG was only 6. :( This was devastating for us as we did not have much money left. We saved up cash for a year for a frozen cycle. This was our final attempt and it took! Honestly the only symptom I had during the 2WW was full/heavy feeling bbs. Then the day before the blood test I started cramping and spotting, I remember standing at the stove balling while my DH was in the living room. It felt exactly like the beginning of every period I had in the last 20 years. I told DH with tears in my eyes that I was going to get my period. Imagine my surprise when they called me the next day and said my HCG was 206! And that was only 8DPT. I thought it might be twins because the HCG levels seemed pretty high for that early. I convinced my self in the next two weeks before my first ultrasound it probably wasn't twins because I just didn't have many symptoms at all. Just tired and tender bbs. Then we saw two sacs and heard two heartbeats!! :) Those of you in the 2WW be strong, enjoy being around your family and friends (I tried to stay as busy with them as possible), try to use your time praying and meditating on God's word (I know it's hard not to visit every single IVF blog, I often did) and enjoy a leisurely walk around the block with your DH or fuzzy baby.

OMG!!!!!! First IVF

I can’t believe I get to write this!! I have been looking at this site for the last few months, analyzing everything!! I’m 23 DF is 24 and I miscarried at 13 weeks (naturally conceived) a year ago, since than we had been trying but no success. Found out I had mild PCOS and DF had some borderline issues too. We had an unsuccessful IUI last month and so tried IVF this month.

They retrieved only 8 mature eggs, 6 fertilized but by day 4 we only had one good enough to transfer, and 2 days later 1 that was borderline able to be frozen.

Now the dreaded TWW - I was a little less crazy and found chat rooms made things heaps easier as I got advice and could experience things with other ladies in the same situation!! To be honest I had sore boobs from day one of medication so that wasn’t a good indicator. I don’t have a day to day as I didn’t want to read into everything but at around 7dp4dt I got THE WORST period cramps, all symptoms were leading to my period day to day symptom to symptoms. I cried myself to sleep and DF took me out for dinner as we prepared for IVF number 2. Next day I took a Hpt and it had the faintest pos!!! Next day was slight higher and so on!!! All my symptoms have gone now (I’m only 11dp4dt today) but BT gave me a 151 BETA CRAZY!!!!!!GL to everyone - TIP: don’t read into everything!!!!!!! You actually never know!

No Symptoms!

I’m 41 and my husband is 40. I had a natural pregnancy at 40 but lost the baby at 24 wks bc i had contracted some random 1 in a million infection; then had 3 iuis (pg on the first try but bad egg/next 2 didn’t take).

This was my first IVF which they almost cancelled bc I wasn’t producing enough follicles. I only had 4 but managed to squeeze out 2 small ones the last few days to total 6 which my dr said justified going for IVF. They retrieved 5 and only 3 fertilized, BUT the 3 that fertilized received high grades. All 3 were transferred on day 3.

I literally had no symptoms my entire 2 week wait. I read every entry in the IVF success stories on this blog and couldn’t relate to any of it: no sore breasts, no sore throat, no twinge or overt cramping, no fever, no fatigue - NADA. Only on the night before my blood test did i begin to feel cramping which I attributed to the onset of my period.

So big shock when I found out it was positive with an HCG level of 172!!!

The only thing I will say that I did do differently was listened to a meditation daily. I downloaded the one from Circle & Bloom and listened to it every morning before I got out of bed and every evening when I went to sleep. Some days I snuck an afternoon slot in there.

Everybody's journey is unique and individual. Some women have pms, some don’t; some woman have heavy periods, some don’t; some women's cycle last a few days, some last longer. The two week wait is no different. Embrace the unique path your body is on, accept your experience, and BELIEVE! The journey is yours to have...