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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Are you employing "Assisted Reproductive Technology" to achieve your BFP? If so, this is where you'll find the success stories of women in your same situation.

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BFP After One Cycle of IVF

Sitting here at 6.5 months pregnant, I think back to my first pregnancy symptom, which is a symptom that remains to this day. After getting my cycle of IVF, my first symptom I had was hard nipples. Believe it or not, I have had hard nipples to some degree for all of my pregnancy-- even in a hot shower. I had read theses TWW stories many times, over-analyzing any body changes but the only one I had were the simple hard nipples.

For those of you having challenges the natural way, chin up- we tried for a year and then did 3 cycles of IUI as demanded by our insurance company. After a relatively symptom free IVF cycle, we hit it on the first try and my belly is now full of our precious baby girl. Much love to all of you on your babymaking journeys!

BFP After 1st IVF Cycle and Many Years of TTC

I thought I should share my story. I’ve been TTC for years! Cycles and cycles of negative pregnancy tests, broken hearts and many many tears! After years of trying, 2 Reproductive Endocrinologists, a laparoscopic surgery, many failed IUIs and 1 IVF cycle…..I can finally say that I’m pregnant!

Also for those of you that are dealing with blocked tubes, uterine septum, ovarian cysts and/or endometriosis…rest assured that it can happen for you!!! I had surgery in November 2011 to remove endo, drain ovarian cysts, unsuccessfully tried to unblock my left tube and repaired my uterine septum.

Let me just say that I was certain that I was not pregnant this cycle! I even posted an obnoxious post on Facebook saying how life isn’t fair. Well I was wrong! I just tested too early. I could have saved myself the agony of thinking that I wasn’t pregnant if I had just waited 2 more days!!!

So for those of you out there going through fertility treatments know that it can happen! Don’t give up hope!

Here are my symptoms (I’m taking Estrogen 2 tbs daily and 3 Progesterone suppositories daily)

1dpt- sharp stabbing pain in my uterus
2dpt-5dpt- ovaries very full and sore, sore bbs and nipples, light cramping
6dpt- ears clogged but no other cold/flu symptoms, bbs no longer sore, finally able to get in and out of the car like a normal person and not like a 90 year old woman, short sharp pains in my bladder/urethra
7dpt- ears still clogged, strong urge for chocolate and carbs, had a vivid pregnancy dream night before, short sharp pains in my bladder/urethra
8dpt- ears unclog, stronger AF like cramps, nipples are sore again, lower back pain
9dpt- slight positive Hpt (guessing it’s the trigger still in my system), feeling emotional
10dpt- completely negative Hpt, very emotional, irritable, sobbing, strong AF like cramps and brown spotting, convinced that I’m not PG, feeling hopeless
11dpt- emotional, cramping, no more spotting, convinced that I’m not PG, feeling depressed
12dpt- positive HpT, bright red spotting, feeling very munchy, craving for carbs, very thirsty, tired
13dpt- 4 positive HpT tests, brown spotting, strong uterine cramping, bbs are starting to feel tender on the sides, bbs feel more full, uterus feels like its stretching/contracting

Good luck to all!

BFP with First IVF <3

Feels unbelievable to write this, after so many many months of reading the symptoms of other happy ones! Our story is 2.5 years trying, both 33 years old, no found reason for fertility problems, 4 rounds of clomid, 3 rounds of IUI, 1 IVF.

Egg retrieval – The procedure was very easy, no pain, just a bit dizzy afterwards from the medication. Some pressure in the ovaries. 10 eggs were retrieved
1 day post retrieval – Clinic phones in the morning, 8 cells were mature and they all got fertilized. Feeling so happy! Took two naps. Started the progesterone suppositories in the evening. Ovaries feeling really full. Running to toilet all the time, but that’s due to the 4L of water I’m drinking.
2 days post retrieval – Feeling tired but overall really good. Ovaries feeling really full.
Day of transfer – One 3d with 8 cells. Transfer went great. Feeling really good. No resting afterwards. Three 8 cell embryos got frozen. Went to our favorite restaurant in the evening at the riverside.
1dp3dt – A day at the sea. Sun was shining. Feeling really tired but good
2dp3dt – Feeling tired but good. Some mild pressure in abdomen
3dp3dt – Feeling really tired, a bit like having a hangover even though I didn’t drink alcohol for one month. Breasts are starting to hurt, which is completely normal for me. Think I’m getting a flue, it hurts when I swallow. Got the biggest spot on my face that I ever had
4dp3dt – Still tired. Flu symptoms getting more intense. Breasts really hurting now (normal). Some pressure in abdomen.
5dp3dt – Still tired and still sore breasts. In the evening feeling a bit blue.
6dp3dt - Still tired and still sore breasts. A tiny headache, could be from the stressing. Feeling really down in the evening. Crying quite a lot.
7dp3dt – Breasts not hurting anymore. So sad. This always happens some days before my period starts. Feeling so down. Headache getting worse. Still having a flue.
8dp3dt – Bad headaches. Still feeling down. Trying to distract my thoughts, but its not so easy. Flu still there
9dp3dt – Headache still there but not so badly. Still feeling down. Crying in the night. Some mild pressure in abdomen. Flue still there, now even nose starts running.
10dp3dt – Headache almost gone. Feeling much better. Skin not so pretty, looking a bit oily and having some spots (which I usually don’t have). Some mild pressure in abdomen, could not suck in my tummy like normal.
11dp3dt – Woke up at 3am, did the test and it was positive!! Amazing! The line is quite weak, but its definitely there! So so so happy and in chock! In the afternoon my breasts starts to hurt again. Some mild cramping
12dp3dt – Tested again, still positive. Some cramping. Skin looks really oily. Breasts really painful now
13dp3dt – Tested again, line getting stronger. Quite tired. Some very bad cramps in the evening. Doctors said its normal, as long as there is no bleeding (or at least not heavy bleeding). Really painful and swollen breasts.
14dp3dt – Test again stronger. Crampy abdomen and painful breasts. Called in to book an ultrasound for week 7. Hurraa!!! Our first IVF was a success <3

IVF Success ~ Emotional Rollercoaster

This was my 2nd IVF attempt after 3 years of trying to conceive going through: IUI's, fibroid removal surgery, a zillion shots and tears! Husband has no issues and we are both 37 years old. This is secondary, unexplained infertility. We have a 5yr old who was conceived within one month of trying!

5/31- retrieved 14 eggs
6/3- transferred three 8 cell embryos with little fragmentation (had difficult healing time. lots of pain and bloating from retrieval.)

The week following transfer was horrible for me. I was uncomfortable from the procedures themselves and horribly moody from progesterone shots. I proceeded to have cramps off and on and felt EXACTLY like period was coming, which left me devastated.

7 days past transfer- positive early response test (ClearBlue Easy Digital)- shocked and in denial- had HORRIBLE diarrhea that night. For next several days, I continue to take positive tests! Also had tons of "activity" in uterine area- twinges, gurgling, crampish feeling, but not period-like anymore.

11 days past transfer- BETA 96
15 days past transfer- BETA 520!- so relieved that the levels rose. I go for ultrasound this weekend! Dying to know how many we have growing!

The IVF road is such an emotional rollercoaster that cannot be understood by anyone unless they have gone through it. It has been torture for me and put a real damper on my marriage. However, the outcome is now positive and I am beyond thankful. I give myself credit for enduring and I know my new baby (ies) will be worth it!


I am a surrogate, so donor eggs were used. I had different early symptoms this pregnancy, so I thought I would share!
day of transfer: mild cramping
1dp3dt: mild cramping
2dp3dt: nauseous all day, no appetite
3dp3dt: boobs HURT - don't hug me or run into me! Nausea on and off all day, no appetite, "bubble gut"
4dp3dt: wicked cramps starting at night, I don't get af cramps, so all I can compare them to are early labor contractions. Boobs hurt on inside (not nipple), low energy, bubble gut, veins across chest very noticeable
5dp3dt: painful cramps continue all day, tapering off at night with milder ones and some pinching - was getting a few every couple minutes, sore boobs, bubble gut, craved garlic bread lol
6dp3dt: bfn in am ($ tree test), mild cramps, hungry, very thirsty (for juice or water only), light-headed, diarrhea, very faint bfp @ 2pm ($ tree), faint bfp @ 7pm (FRER)
7dp3dt: faint bfp on $ tree and FRER - darker than last night, but still faint, diarrhea, sore boobs

I've never gotten a bfp this early (traditional conception or ivf). My kids made me wait until at least 12dpo and my last ivf surrogacy was 2 days before beta.

quantitative blood test at 11dp3dt to confirm, ultrasound at 6 weeks to see how many (2 were transferred)!

IVF Pregnancy


I wanted to share my IVF pregnancy symptoms, mainly to help others as I know how difficult the TWW can be. I'm current 3+months pregnant.

Me: 2nd IVF attempt. 3 day ET, 2 embryos transferred.

On the day of ET I rested all day in bed, DH prepared dinner and I relaxed. I had read somewhere that walnuts and pineapple are good, as assist with implantation. I do not like walnuts so opted for Cashew nuts instead. I had 1 pack of nuts and 1 whole pineapple each day for the first 7 days of the TWW. After 7 days it is claimed implantation has occurred, everyone is different I guess.

Day 2 after embryo transfer I rested again. After this I became more mobile, but was on really light duties. I went back to work after 2 days and toook it very easy. I had a positive mental attitude about my 2nd IVF and read very little on the internet. Although I had found the following site which is pretty much all I referred to on a daily basis:

On day 4 or 5 I had a very sharp pain go from my vagina to the middle of my stomach. I thought wow that was really unusual and thought I better rest even more (still worked during the day) but in the evening came home and slept.

8 days after my 3dt I took a home pregnancy test and saw a very, very, very faint positive line. I tested everyday thereafter and the line got slightly darker each time. 11 days post ET we did a clear blue test which showed pregnant. On official test day we had the same.

So far the pregnancy has been going well and we feel like a miracle has happened.

My tips to share, rest for at least 2-3 days, then go back to normal (light duty) life...otherwise you will only sit and read too much online and not have a positive attitude. Also I think pineapple really helped (not juice but fresh pineapple), plus the nuts.

The sharp pain (like lightning strike in my stomach) was certainly the embryo implanting. I wish everyone the best of luck xx 

BFP TTC 3+ Years 1st IVF

OMG I have been such a lurker on this board and now get to share! I am 40 no issues other than aging eggs. I got married for the first time at 37 to my DH who has a partial spinal cord injury that lead to irradiating his jewels multiple times. He has low count, poor morphology. We started TTC 3 months before our wedding. We looked into fertility treatment 2 years ago. We were put in IUI with injectables as "a trial" before IVF because our insurance would pay for IUI but not IVF and they figured a trial to see how I responded would be helpful. Had 1st IVF egg retrieval on April 26th and transfer on April 30th.

On to the symptoms: I am super paranoid that the meds give so many symptoms that mimic pregnancy so I made careful notes with the IUI vs the IVF. While I had sore BB both times, it was worse this time, I had food aversions both times BFN: it was salty/sour and chocolate. This time it was almost everything but milk and cottage cheese. Last time I felt moody, this time no different. MAJOR Differences this time: cramping unlike any I get before AF, more to the front and low and major backaches that I do get with AF but sooner than I would for PMS. Crazy, vivid dreams--never about pregnancy just more detailed and vivid and sleep disturbance. Waking early and Cramping bad enough to wake me up. No spotting.

So The RE wanted me to do the Beta today--usual stat I get to the lab well before 8 and haven't heard a thing at 2 pm...the lab NEVER sent the results! Then my RE's office was CLOSED and of course the lab tech can't give results.

I had taken HPT with the IUI--all negative so I refused this time, but got home and took an "angry pee test" to try to get some answer. IT TURNED POSITIVE IN LESS THAN 10 SECONDS!!! I ran out to the kitchen without even buttoning my pants to show DH, who says "what does that mean?" LOL

Still at the beginning, but thrilled I can share my 2WW story with you. Hoping for sticky vibes and sending baby dust to all of you! 

BFP with FET and Prayer

Hi all, I am writing from Malaysia. Been following this website since last year! Promise myself that I
will surely contribute my stories when I get my BFP. We got married in 2007 and been ttc until we
tried IVF last year. Last year October I had my fresh cycle (IVF/ICSI) but sadly end with a chemical
pregnancy with beta at 37.

After 6 month of resting, I finally get the courage to move to FET with only 3 embryos left.
Financially and mentally was all stress because if this FET doesn't work, we won't be able to afford
any treatment in the next few months or even years. Let's cut my story short. I didn't write down
anything during my 2ww but below are the symptoms that lead to my BFP.

-cramps.. lots of cramps(all kinds) from the moment I return from hospital until the day I did my
beta blood test.
-rapid heartbeat - I can feel my heart beat... seriously..(these happen in second week)
-vivid dreams-- yes.. some I still remember until today.
-watery mucus mid of 2ww and cm at the end of 2ww.
-restless leg... I feel like chopping them off..
-emotional - so emotionally that I broke down and cried so many times... (talking on the phone,
sending msg to friends and even watching tv, I seems to cry about everything)
-no sore bb but bb definitely went rounder a bigger a bit
-sleep - I either have some really good sleep or some really disturb ones
-sensitive to smell.. I can smell my pee which was gross..

Above are the symptoms I went thru the 2ww and hope it helps. And I also pray a lot. Thank God
for the BFP and wishing everyone here all the best!!! 

Positive HPT at 11dpo with IVF

I am 29 and my husband is 39. We started TTC when I was 27 and I had two ectopics within 12
months, one in each tube. With the second one they removed my right tube. We started our first IVF
cycle three months after my surgery. I am now 11dpo (counting the day of embryo transfer as 5dpo)
and had first positive HPT.

We harvested 11 embryos. All of them were mature. ICSI was not needed because my husband's
stats looked good. 9 embryos fertilized. At Day 5 we had two Grade A blastocysts and three
A- blastocysts.

The doc recommended transferring only one embryo, but we decided to transfer both of the Grade
A blasts to maximize our chances...and also because we would love to have twins. This was a
really tough decision and I'm still not sure we did the right thing, given the potential for
complications with multiples.

5dpo to 9dpo had lots of AF-style cramping and was unusually hungry, but no other symptoms.

9dpo and 10dpo - BFN on HPT both mornings using Clear Blue Easy 5 Days Sooner digital. Cramps
decreasing in frequency and intensity. Crazy food cravings on evening of Day 10. Went to the store
at 10pm just to buy sweet pickles and started eating them out of the jar as soon as a got home.
Not sure if this is a symptom of the Progesterone suppositories or what.

11dpo - BFP on same brand of HPT. So relieved and excited. Still no other symptoms aside from
hunger and cravings and feeling generally bloated (though the boosting is probably just from eating
too much). So distracted I can't get anything done.

Beta is not until day after tomorrow. Here's hoping that this one sticks!! 

BFP After 12 Months

Hi. I have been following this website from Australia over the past 12 months. I am 36 yo, my partner 40. I was diagnosed with PCOS 6 years ago. Due to my age and the PCOS we consulted and IVF clinic after 5 months of trying on our own. After 7 Clomid cycles and one month out from commencing first round of IVF we finally have our first BFP at 16 DPO. What we did differently this month? Stopped temping and BD when we felt like it. Also took some time off from very stressful job. Symptoms? Usual AF headaches non existent. No pre AF spotting. Lots of discharge. Very very sore breasts. My 5 yo step daughter came up to me yday and said 'can I touch it' (referring to my tummy) and 'when is the baby coming?' I am only 4 1/2 weeks pg, not showing. Call it kids' intuition...! Baby dust to all x