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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Are you employing "Assisted Reproductive Technology" to achieve your BFP? If so, this is where you'll find the success stories of women in your same situation.

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Migraines, 6th Ivf, 4 Years TTC And Finally A BFP

I just got my BFP. To give everyone hope, I got the following symptoms in my 2ww, some of which may be due to the stimulation meds leaving my system and the considerable luteal support injections, tablets and immune support meds I am still on.

After embryo transfer:
3-4 days to current: lower abdomen cramps, radiating to the top thigh on left
4-5 days to current: sharp twinges around bladder and womb and ovary area, esp. when standing up
4-5 days and getting better: tearfulness, nervousness, on edge, early morning wakening.
5 days and slightly better now: severe migraines needing to go to bed and take analgesia
Also muscle tension, fatigue (can't lift my arms up for long) and hot flushes.

5 days and still: Uterus feels heavy and sore during bowel movements. Sore breasts.
10days on: dizziness when standing up.

No change in CM noted, no 'show', and no nausea.

On day 5, I really felt my AF was coming and was on symptom-watch due to so many years of wanting this dream. It just goes to show that in IVF our bodies are not under our control and so we cannot second guess the usual symptoms. Hang in there everyone and keep the faith.

BFP After 4 Years TTC

Its amazing how much comfort can be found in strangers. This site has been such a source of strength as I've waited to get my BFP for four years. Last week my happy ending resulted in a BFP.

My Story:
Husband (35) works great, I (34) have anovulation (lack of ovulation) + unknown other infertility. We TTC naturally for 2 years, 1 year slightly
guided by OBGyn. Last year we began infertility treatment.
3 IUIs w/clomid -BFN
3 IUI's w/injectables- BFN

Pretty much lost hope as doctors scratched their heads as to why I was not conceiving. Blood work confirmed that my blood contains 95% sperm antibodies which most likely explains past failures. We decided to try IVF in February. This is my first attempt at IVF. 16 eggs retrieved on 2/14, 15 matured, 12 fertilized through ICSI. 5 day transfer implanted 2 blastocysts, froze 5.

12DPO- very full feeling in lower abdomen, cramps but not painful, fleeting 13DPO- full feeling in abdomen, so tired fell asleep on couch in middle of day. Took HPT and very faint line appeared. Not sure if this is remains of trigger shot or BFP
14DPO- slightly queasy, sleepy in afternoon. Morning HPT is lighter line than day before. Afternoon HPT is as strong as test line. CELEBRATION!!
16DPO- Blood work confirms preggers
Symptoms through today at exactly 5 weeks- Slightly queasy, sleepy in afternoon, twinges in belly. None of my symptoms are particularly strong or noticeable. Happy beta numbers: 254, 515, 2014. First ultrasound end of this week.


I can't believe we finally got our BFP! Fingers crossed it sticks!! It has been a very long 18months for us ttc and we finally got our positive blood test today!

My husband has very poor morphology/ motility and there was basically no chance we would conceive naturally. This was our 2nd IVF cycle, our 1st IMSI ( last cycle was ICSI). We had a 1 blastocyst, day 5 transfer, so I'll start the symptoms there:

5dpo- 36.4, nothing out of the ordinary, still a bit sore from egg retrieval So drinking LOTS of water so basically going to the bathroom constantly the entire 2ww.
6dpo- 36.7, woke at 2am with sharp stabbing pains in my uterus area that lasted about 20sec, nothing like af pains, they completely took my breath away. Happened again about 1 pm and then again at about 10pm. Bbs getting big and sore. Diarrhea.
7dpo-37.0, hot flashes and bbs continue to grow, only sore on edges and sensitive nipples. Diarrhea again.
8dpo- 36.8, continue to feel hot with headaches on and off. More Diarrhea.
9dpo- 36.9, sharp shooting pains in my vagina! It happened twice during the day and they have continued much lighter on and off. Light dizziness when walking. Headaches. Now I'm constipated!!
10dpo- 36.9, hot flashes and dizziness when walking, headaches. Bbs still sensitive and sore. Still constipated!
11dpo- 36.9, headaches and dizziness when walking, starting to feel tired! Several bm's which is unusual.
12dpo- 36.8, headaches and dizziness when walking, really getting tired now. My heart races and I get out of breath climbing up 10 stairs! Not like me at all! Several bm's.
13dpo- 36.8, dizziness when walking, bbs no longer sore or sensitive unless I really push them..... Thought that symptoms going away must be a bad sign! Still getting exhausted with minimal activities. Tired early at night. Several bm's.
14dpo- 36.9, really lethargic all day, don't do very much but still slightly dizzy and light headed with movement. Several bm's.
15dpo- 36.8, tired early, starving when I went to bed after big dinner a couple of hours before. Light headedness. Several bm's. A little hint of nausea when hungry.
16dpo- 36.8, blood test hcg 248!! Can't believe it! I was actually shaking when the nurse told me!! Quite crampy and hungry today. Just a little bit of nausea when hungry.

Due 11th November! I hope its sticks for a happy and healthy baby! It just goes to prove you don't need a bbt that constantly rises, or symptoms that increase during the 2ww.....that surprised me because I thought I was out for those two reasons alone!

The best of luck to everybody trying!! I wish every one of you the happiness I'm feeling right now! I never thought we'd see this day!

FET Success - Pos. HPT at Equivalent to 10dpo

Just completed a successful FET cycle! Here were my symptoms leading up to my positive HPT on 10dpo & up until my beta's were completed.

1-7dpo: Absolutely No Symptoms

8dpo: AF cramps on & off

9dpo: AF cramps on & off, tingly boobs, Negative HPT

10dpo: Positive on an FRER (Faint but clearly there line), 1st arrival of nausea & burping, heartburn, tingly boobs, AF cramps

11dpo: Same as 10dpo but did not test. A couple drops of light pink blood (implantation spotting)

12 dpo: Very dark 2nd line on the FRER, on & off nausea, dizziness, burping, tingly boobs

13 dpo: Same as 12 dpo

14 dpo: Same as 12 & 13 dpo but nausea hit me very hard on this day (wondering if this could be twins?)

15dpo: Beta's completed.

BFP ... The Long Wait Is Over

After 2.5 yrs of trying to fall pregnant naturally I decided to go through IVF. 4 mature eggs were aspirated and fertilized. 4 beautiful embryos formed and implantation of 2embryos took place on 3d. The other 2 embryos were frozen.

30 hrs after implantation I felt as if my period was starting. But by the next day those feelings had disappeared. The same Pre-menstrual feelings came and went on an adhoc basis. I also felt hungry at times eating a lot more than I usually do.

On d9 post implantation my husband persuaded me to POAS as the suspense was killing us. The test showed negative. We were both distraught but phoned our doctor who confirmed that it was too early to test. She also warned against the use of home pregnancy tests as they can be false negative.

On d11 post implantation I went for the blood pregnancy test. I was convinced it would be negative.

2 hours later we heard the wonderful news that my test was overwhelmingly positive.

Here's to a healthy and happy pregnancy, and happy, healthy and normal kid/s.


After two years of trying I finally got my BFP on our first attempt at IVF. I have looked at this site endlessly over the last two years so I wanted to post my symptoms. I was actually convinced I was getting my period as I felt typical pre AF cramps so I was utterly shocked when I tested positive at 7dp5dt(12dpo)
Here are my symptoms,

6dpo Cramping on and off similar to period cramps(implantation?)
7+8dpo Sudden dizziness in the mornings and feeling very light headed and spaced out.
7-11dpo Diarrhoea every morning(very odd!)
10-11dpo Felt a bit car sick and certain smells have been bothering me( particular foods and petrol!)
Then I really feel like AF is on her way and have a good cry. I know the next day is test day and I'm convinced it will be a negative.
12dpo BFP!! Strong line on Frer using fmu. I see the line appear before my eyes in seconds. After 2 years of squinting at pregnancy tests and praying to see even a hint of a line I can't believe it is there and so obvious!
13dpo An even stronger positive on a clearblue non digi.
I notice a slight metallic taste in my mouth and I look pale and feel tired. My boobs are a bit bigger but not sore surprisingly.

Looking back on the month, my only give away was the crazy dizziness I experienced on 7 and 8dpo,something I have never experienced before. I have felt so many symptoms in previous months and have been convinced I've been pregnant. And it's true that feeling like your period is coming can actually be a good sign!!

BFP with PCOS, Male Factor and after an IVF & FET!!!

I cannot even believe I'm typing this all out right now because I am still in such SHOCK!!!! :O  I'll start with a little of my history first!
I'm 34 and hubby is 38. We started trying to get pregnant in 2005 and tried unsuccesfully for two years before we went to a fertility specialist who informed us that I have PCOS (which i figured, my periods were always irregular and heavy) and hubby has low sperm counts (low count, motility, and  morph). The doc said our chances of concieving naturally were like 5% a month MAYBE. We did two rounds of IUI one with Clomid, one with Gonal F inections and NOTHING. Finally we went all out and in 2007 had an IVF cycle. I ended up with 6 beautiful grade A blasts...two of which we put in and on the first cycle I got pregnant with my son! In 2009 we tried for our second and did a frozen transfer from the same blasts we had leftover and I got pregnant with my second son.

Hubby and I decided to hang on to the other blasts leftover in case we wanted a third because I REALLY want my little gir. Well, the problem is its super expensive and no guarantee i'd have a girl etc. Also we are getting older and hubby is afraid it would be just too expensive to raise three kids etc.

Fast forward to this month. Hubby and I havent been *trying* but havent been *preventing* either...especially with both our issues. My doctor a few months ago at a routine GYN appt put me on Metaformin for my PCOS. She wanted to try it out and see if it helped my particular PCOS becuase I had been complaining about  my cycle being completely nuts. She told me it took a few months for it to start fully working and to "be careful" if we baby-dance because I *may* become pregnant. I of course, laughed at her considering all we had been thru to try to conceive naturally and failed. Oh baby was I in for a surprise! :D

This past month on the 29th of October (Saturday morning at 6am) hubby decides to get fresh and we baby dance. I think nothing of this as I had EWCM a day or two before and figure if I WAS fertile it was over. I was on day 14 of a 30-31 day cycle. On Monday the 31st of October very early that morning I feel crampy. Twingy, crampies like period cramps (this was at like 1am that moring when i went to bed) and i took advil to help me sleep. That day on the 31st I was at my doc and asked what ovulation felt like LOL! She told me i may have. So now I'm nervous of course, but not expecting anything. The week goes by fine and then I start to notice strange things: (assuming I ovulated on the 31st that Monday)

DPO 1- 5 I feel nothing. Nada. I'm  not looking for anything anyway so I wasnt really noticing.
7 DPO Its football Sunday and I have friends over. I'm REALLY feeling hot spicy foods. I eat jalapeno poppers and I NEVER eat them. I also had hot wing sauce and spicy ribs that I made for dinner and it's all tasty tasty. At one poin I'm wearing my regular bra and note that the girls are falling out a bit. They seem extra big and I even say to my husband that my boobs arent cooperating and keep falling out of my bra that day.
8DPO Still feeling fuller breasts, I note to my friend that I'm starting to feel pinchy, scratchy, scrapey feelings in my uterus like someone is scraping a knife from the inside. I go to my zumba class that night and feel crampy
9DPO I wake up that morning and just for kicks decide to take a Dollar Tree test. I totally forget to use FMU and use the bathroom first thing, but then catch myself and manage a few FMU drops of pee. LOL I do notice too that my pee smells funny, almost pungent like sausages LMFAO! Sooo I put the test aside and go about my business for 5 minutes or so. I casually pick up the test expecting NOTHING (as usual) and instead I see a FAINT line! And not the kind of line I have to like tilt into the sunlight or hold up to a bulb...I can see it from arms length. Im in SHOCK and in DENIAL becuase this has NEVER happened to me...i mean, a positive without already having prior knowledge there may be one. I take a second test a few hours later and BOOM another faint positive. I go in to my doctor and get bloodwork. She tells me the pee test i took at her office came out  negative but I show her my tests and she believes me.
10DPO I get my HCG blood test results back from the doctor and its a 5. Its  low, but she wants me back on that Friday (would be 12DPO) for another HCG.
I'm feeling crampy at this point and full boobs. I'm also starting to smell
things really intensely!!!


I just got my BFP this morning (6dp5dt) after our first round of IVF/ICSI!

Out of 21 eggs retrieved, 20 of them were mature and 15 fertilized. We transferred two perfect blasts on day 5 and froze an additional 8 blasts between day 5 and 6. Below are the symptoms that I've had.

0dp5dt-I've had sore bb's since my transfer day
2dp5dt-Cramping that was exactly like AF cramps that lasted for ~4hrs
4dp5dt-Acid reflux on and off, nipples look like they are changing color (very dark)
5dp5dt-Acid reflux on and off, nipples definitely a lot darker, husband remarks on how big my bb's look, hpt=BFN
6dp5dt-Acid reflux on and off, nipples definitely a lot darker and bb's feel much bigger, hpt=BFP!!!! The second line was pretty light, but definitely there!

BFP with first IVF Cycle!

So I after time and time of coming back here during my TWW, I can finally add to it!
Got a BFP 9 days post 5 day transfer, POS with Clear Blue Digital. I did 1 embryo fresh 5 day transfer.

So becuase of the nature of IVF Ovulation is counted on the day they take your eggs. So I got got my positive 13PO

My symptoms started 9 days PO just dizzy, peeing alot sore BBs
day 10- more of the same plus little cramps and sore back
day 11- more of the same, labia sore (possibly progesterone sup)
day 12- really tired bb's less sore, emotional (not me usually) Cramps are more often
day 13. Cramps, Tried (had to take a luch time nap), Worred AF was coming so I POS and got a BFP
Day 14- Got BFP and Beta of 57 slight nausea Very tired
Day 16- Beta #2 197 Cramps are a little worse today..

Good luck to all you ladies TTC out there! Sticky Vibes and Baby Dust to you all.

1st BFP with FET 3 years ttc

Many times have I looked at this site trying to match up my symptoms with a possible BFP, so now after 3 years ttc I can contribute my experience. Don't give up hope when adversity is staring you in the face!

I had a FET with 2 x grade 2 3d embryos.

3dpo / day of transfer: came home and fell asleep, woke feeling calm and happy. A little spotting and mild cramps.
4dpo - 7dpo: relaxed, tired, slept as much as I could, had mild cramps and twinges. A bit emotional.
8dpo: back to work, walked dog in evening. A few spots break-out on face.
9dpo: No real symptoms,
10dpo: Bloated in afternoon.
11dpo: Bloated in afternoon.
12dpo: irritable and sensitive skin.
13dpo: weird symptom, itchy area of scalp on the left side and behind ear (carried on for days)! boobs sore in evening
14dpo: boobs sore all day. Tired in the evening. Hungry before bed. Dry sense in mouth very often like can't get enough to drink. Wake early hours to pee.
15dpo: boobs sore all day. Hungry around 11am, quickly grows to brief wave of nausea. Thirsty esp in evening. Wake early hours to pee. Think I know I'm pregnant.
16dpo: same as above, heartburn in the evening. BFP 10pm!
17dpo: BFP! Boobs increasingly sore, have same hunger/nausea about 11.30am.
Called clinic to arrange scan in 3 weeks - fingers crossed all is well!

I used acupuncture before ET and listed to meditation CDs every day to relax. Drank pineapple juice to aid implantation and ginger tea to promote blood flow. Who knows what worked this time - I must say I was more relaxed, perhaps with less expectations.

Keep going everyone :) xxxxxxx