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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Are you employing "Assisted Reproductive Technology" to achieve your BFP? If so, this is where you'll find the success stories of women in your same situation.

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BFP with first IVF

I just got my BFP yesterday and wanted to share my symptoms.
When I was looking through your site (which is awesome) there were only a few IVF stories, so I wanted to add to it.

My story is this:
This was my first attempt at IVF after learning that I had a bi-cornial uterus about a year ago and that the eggs weren't reaching the the tubes/uterus every month.
I did a 5 day grow with a freeze in between (as opposed to a fresh cycle).

Funny story was on Tuesday, 8 DPT, I decided to take a test that night, I told myself I wouldn't count it because it was night, it was early and my tests were expired from when I was trying naturally, So I peed on a stick and it was instant positive, BUT - when I checked the box I had accidently used an Ovulation stick!!! (when you read below you'll see that air-head is listed as a symptom - this is an example). But then I was curious why it had been positive since it tests LH not HCG. I went to and read that LH and HCG are almost identical hormones and that actually an ovulation test will read positive for both ovulation AND pregnancy, tho obviously its recommended to use them for their own purpose. This gave me hope, so the next morning I took the correct test (9 DPT) and it was positive. Granted the test was expired so I just used it as a hint and waited for my blood test. It was funny that I accidently grabbed the wrong pee stick that ended up leading me to my BFP!

I was implanted on Monday 6/2 - I will count 6/3 as 1DPT

1DPT - nothing

2 DPT - nothing really, just noticed that when I needed to eat nothing really sounded good. I ended up eating and it had a funny sour taste. I would normally think that's too early to feel anything, but these symptoms ended up persisting

3DPT - Back at work. NOTHING sound good to eat. I thought food aversions was if pickles sounded gross or something, but in this case I couldn't find anything I wanted to eat, but I had to eat because I also had this pit of emptiness in my belly, almost burning it felt so empty. (also note that I could have the flu and still be hungry or want to eat, food aversion has never been a normal issue, ever.)

4DPT - still having food aversion, pit of emptiness every four hours, food tasted sour like pickles were in it, my DH thought I was crazy, starting to feel pretty tired. I think this was the night too, that I started having RLS wake me up at night, restless leg syndrome. Normally I only get that when I take some cold medicine or something, but this would be the beginning of 6 straight nights of waking up to RLS, which is VERY unusual for me

5DPT - Food aversion, pit of emptiness, tired, and this was the day I thought it was ALL OVER. I had cramps and indigestion just like my period, and I only get that kind of indigestion with my period and I thought for sure it was coming. I talked to the nurse the next day and she told me it was normal, and didn't mean anything either way, those symptoms ended up going away. then that night again, RLS

6DPT - still had some cramping but it subsided as the day went on, Food aversion, pit of emptiness, tired and starting to be a little air headed, out of it, felt a tinge in my left breast, which made me happy because I kept reading that as a symptom, but that never really developed into anything I would call a symptom, had RLS that night

7DPT - Food aversion, pit of emptiness, tired, air head, RLS that night

8DPT - nothing too strong today, just some food aversion, maybe a little pit of emptiness, RLS at night

9DPT - So tired I can see straight, food aversion, pit of emptiness, really air headed, RLS

10 DPT - feeling breasts hurt a little more, tired, airheaded, food aversion, pit of emptiness, NO RLS! (Yeay!) POSITIVE TEST FROM doc, HCG was 365

That's it! Thanks!

BFP with second IVF

I am 34 and this was my second IVF. My first one ten years ago resulted in a BFP (triplets) then I a had a total SURPRISE bfp in 2004. After TTC again on our own, we learned not only did I have PCOS, Endometriosis but also blocked tubes. DH's SA was ok by HMO guidelines but we ended up having "rescue" ICSI done as his count was really low the day of egg retrevial. He had his appendix removed two weeks prior and the fever and infection they believe lowered his count. Here are my symptoms

We had ER done on 11/23 and ET on 11/26. It took seven days from transfer before any symptoms other than cramps began. If I am calculating it correctly that would be 10dpo right?

10dpo-mild heartburn, gassy and no cravings for anything sweet or chocolately.

11dpo-Worse heartburn, like reflux in my throat and mouth, craving chips, doritos, cheetos, no desire for chocolate.

12dpo-took an answer got a def line in about 1 minute, very gassy, huge veins across my chest, bbs and even down my arms.

13dpo-tested w/answer and it was darker than day before. veins are getting more prominent and running through aereolas. brutal heartburn. co worker decribes me as looking bloated, just as she did the last time i had a bfp and she didnt know about the ivf.

14dpo-tested am and pm. am test darker but def bfp almost right away. called and asked for early beta, RE said no! will have beta at 18dpo.

15dpo-18dpo still no cravings for sweets, nauseated, veins are popping up across my chest, neck, arms, Dh says I look like a human road map. Peeing at night begins and like clockwork when pregnant, regular BM.

Beta at 18dpo=691
Beta at 20dpo=1897

U/S at 7 weeks showed one baby w/hb of 178.

BFP with twins (IVF#1)

After obsessing on my 2WW symptoms for almost 2 years and reading (and rereading) others’ 2WW symptoms in desperate hope for a BFP clue it is only fair that I to share my 2ww story. First let me start by saying I am now 10 weeks pregnant with twins. Yae! After about 10 months of TTC naturally I went to an infertility specialist on the recommendation of my OBGYN. I was told to wait a year but I went after 10 months because I was so anxious to conceive. For the following year my body became a science experiment. The cause of my infertility remains unknown. I did one unsuccessful round of chlomid with an IUI followed by an unsuccessful round of injections with an IUI (and suffered OHSS). After that I had a lap procedure which did not expose a cause of my infertility, just a tiny bit of endo which was removed. Immediately after the procedure I had a chemical pregnancy conceived naturally. The only pregnancy symptom was a delayed period and cramps. My HCG and progesterone numbers never went up so that explains that. I went through 2 more months of injections, one with an IUI. Before moving to IVF I took a 4 month break and TTC naturally. No luck, however I got lucky on my 1st IVF attempt and got my long awaited BFP 8dp5det. FYI-6 embys retrieved, 2 transferred, 4 frozen. I also had assisted hatching, acupuncture treatments & I meditated. I had no pregnancy symptoms other than the symptoms caused by the fertility drugs. Less than a week later I got symptoms including very tender boobs and cramps. The symptoms increased thereafter. But I got my BFP by POAS before any symptoms became apparent.

Good luck and baby dust to all!

BFP on 2nd FET cycle (1st IVF and 1st FET failed)

I wanted to submit by story...I'm now 16w pregnant, but wanted to share. I have forgotten alot of the details now but here is what I can say...

My husband and I have been ttc for 1.5 years. We did 1 IVF cycle which failed. We then froze 5 blasts. The first FET cycle failed and 1 of the 3 embryos didn't survive the thaw. The second FET was succesful. My doctor said the key was how full the embryos plumped up after the thaw...still she only gave us a 20% chance of success.

2 weeks prior to the 2nd sucessful FET cycle I started accupuncture. Even though they say it takes a few months for accupuncture to have an effect, I think it had to do with our success. I felt much more relaxed during the cycle (esp the tww) and felt like I was DOING someting instead of just waiting for results..

My symptoms during the tww were unremarkable. They felt EXACTLY like my period was coming on. I had cramps the first few days after the transfer, then nothing, then cramps just before the pregnancy test. I scoured the message boards and was convinced it was going to be negative, but I had a postive beta result and am now 16 weeks pregnant.

Hang in there, everyone. It will happen for you.

BFP with FET (after 9 yrs TTC!)

TTC has been a LONG hard agonizing experience!! I began the TTC experience back in 1999. But I won't bore anyone with the details! I will forward to present starting the beginning of this year 1--07 when I begin IVF therapy. I had a low ovarian reserve, and hypothyroidism and my IVF cycle was cancelled for 3 months so the RE could initiate synthyroid and DHEA therapy to attempt to regulate my hormones and attempt to increase my low ovarian reserve. My first IVF cycle in 4-07 yielded 14 eggs with 10 fertilizing and 4 making to blasts stage. My first ET yielded a BPN!!! I had AF symptoms virtually immediately after ET so I just felt that things did not work. I was so devastated and did not know what to do! However, luckily, I only implanted 2 blasts so I froze my two other babies!! So I changed REs and went with someone who was such a God send and a Christian and ladies that made all the difference in the world. I was a person and not a patient as I felt with my prior RE.
My FET went perfect yet I was so nervous! My RE indicated the my frozen embies had started to hatch and our chances are very good! So let me give others my 2ww symptoms for my FET on 7-27-7 (God knows that I have read thousands of posts over the years)...

1 days post transfer (dpt).............extreme cramping (implantation ?)
2 dpt..........................................moderate cramping
3 dpt.........................................tender bbs
4 dpt.........................................bbs swelling; no further cramping yet one major headache!!
5 dpt.........................................stomach pains (very strange here) stomach twinges too (what happening here?)
6 dpt.........................................very light spotting in panties dark brown (this did not happen the first time with fresh IVF)
7 dpt.........................................nothing at ALL (getting nervous)
8 dpt........................................nothing at ALL just that after I ate a meal, my stomach would growl as if I had not eaten anything!!
9dpt........................................bbs are starting to get HUGE with blue veins in left breast
10 dpt.....................................felt great! nothing major this day
11 dpt.....................................AF symptoms (NO!!!) AF cramping, headaches however, a bit nauseous for about 15 min. then quickly went away
12 dpt (testing day).................AF symptoms again.....There is no way I could even be preggo! After I took my test this morning I went and had a HUGE breakfast to figure out my next move...

I got the call about 3 hours ago from IVF nurse and I said OK, just give me the bad news. She said, I have great news...." YOU'RE PREGNANT"!!!!! I was in TOTAL shock!!! I had been TTC for a total of 9 YEARS for virtually every month!!!!!!! I screamed, cried, praised GOD fell on my knees, you name it. I knew that it did not happen this time because I felt that period would and still will come at any moment. Well ladies, the results of my first BETA was 859!!! The RE is thinking TWINS yet this won't be confirmed for another several weeks. So, I want everyone out that in cyperspace who is TTC to never give up. Oh yes, something else that I did this time was read the book The Secret and I know that, that too made a HUGE difference for me. I love God and everyone please believe me that God knows what is best for all of us!! Never give up hope or your has been 9 long years of watching friends and family have babies. May God continue to bless you richly and ladies,
NEVER give up FAITH and HOPE!!! and remember.....Baby dust will be for us all ++++++++!!!

BFP with first IVF Cycle

I had been trying to conceive since September 2006 after being diagnosed with PCOS July 2005. It was hard to know when I was ovulating even on metformin because the OPKs did not work with me. So we finally decided to embark on the IVF journey. I got my first ever BFP in 35 years this August 2007 after my first IVF cycle. I had 2 5 day old blastocyst embies transferred.

7dpo: felt dull ache on my right side, pelvic region all the way to my leg for 2 days
9dpo: BFN on HPT, was so upset decided not to test
12dpo: strange metallic taste and increased salivation and a few dry heaves
13-14dpo: dark yellow to light brown discharge on panty liner
17dpo: BFP on beta test with 569 and cramping that night and dry heaves in the morning with metallic taste

Because of the estradiol tablets and progesterone shots, I won't put down sore boobs or bloating even though that started early on.  Other than the above symptoms, I really didn't have any symptoms at all. The dull ache at 7dpo I had and could be attributed to leftover OHSS from the IVF meds and surgery. The only thing that was noticeable for me was that weird metallic taste and this cycle no acne for me, which I usually get a lot of before AF.

BFP with IVF and ICSI

We were TTC for 48 months with clomid for #1 so right away after #1 we started for #2.

After a year we were seen at a fertility clinic.

After 5 more months on clomid we were entered into the IVF program.

Due to DHs numbers, he wasn't the issue when TTC #1, we were recommended not even trying IUI but going right into IVF and using ICSI.

I was on Gonal F at 150 IU and Lupron at 75 IU and they retrieved 19 eggs, 18 fertilized, then 1 didn't divide, and 3 were misbehavers. They ended up transferring 2 excellent 8 cells or better and freezing 13 eggs. That part was exciting. But not as exciting as when I POAS 8 dpt and got a BFP. It was pretty light and almost took the 10 minutes to see it, so I was skeptical. At 10dpt I POAS again and it was BRIGHT pink this time & right away! YEAH!

Twin BFP with IVF/ISCI after 12 yrs TTC

Hello there, just thought I would had mine.

I fell pg with DS at the age of 24, we then started for number 2 a year later. After 12 years and every test, being told I had PCOS and DH had low sperm count, clomid, giving up and deciding to just have 1......we then then decided with me at 38 to try again with IVF.

Drugs used were: Provera, synarel and Gonal F and then crinone gel.

Our first cycle was cancelled due to hyper stimulation (common with PCOS) and then we went again straight away.
We had an ICSI and with 18 eggs collected, 17 fertilized. we then had 2 put back..........They went in at 4 days.

In March this year I gave birth to two beautiful baby boys.

Hope it helps, best wishes to you all.

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BFP with Twins by IVF/ICSI

I'm an ICSI success story too!

I was led to IVF due to 2 Ectopic pregnancies that left me with no tubes.

IVF#1 (ICSI): Retrieved 11 eggs; 9 were mature & 8 fertilized
Put back 1-8cell (grade B) & 1-6cell (grade B)
BETA #1 (11dp3dt): 137
BETA #2 (13dp3dt): 324
Unfortunately I m/c'd between 7-8wks

IVF#2 (ICSI): Retrieved 17 eggs; 15 were mature & 15 fertilized
Put back 1-8cell (grade A) & 1-7cell (grade A)
BETA #1 (10dp3dt): 129
BETA #2 (12dp3dt): 372
1st u/s: Twins!!

I wish you the best of luck!! My only advice is to think positive and keep your head up. The cycle really goes by fast...hang in there with the 2ww and the wait for the u/s's!!

BFP with IVF#3 (after 2 failed cycles)

YEAH!!! I have been reading all of these posts for over a year and just hoping I would one day be able to share good news. My dh and I have done 3 IVF's and a FET. I had a chemical pregnancy with the FET. We also did PGD for Marfan's. For this last IVF I went out of state to Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine- 70% success rates. We ended up with 1 morula and 1 compacting embryo at 5days. I really had lost hope. Little did I know at least one of them was busy implanting. I had absolutely no symptoms prior to beta including no spotting. So, for all of you ladies that are having no symptoms...there is still hope. Here are my beta #'s:

9dp5dt- 70

Dh- 30
Me- 29
IVF#1- Transfered 1 blastocyst & 1 hatching blastocyst- BFN
IVF#2- Transfered 1 blastocyst & 1 morula- BFN
FET#1- Transfered 2 blastocysts
Switched clinics
IVF#3- Transfered 1 morula & 1 compacting embryo- BFP!!!