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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Are you employing "Assisted Reproductive Technology" to achieve your BFP? If so, this is where you'll find the success stories of women in your same situation.

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BFP with first IVF Cycle

I had been trying to conceive since September 2006 after being diagnosed with PCOS July 2005. It was hard to know when I was ovulating even on metformin because the OPKs did not work with me. So we finally decided to embark on the IVF journey. I got my first ever BFP in 35 years this August 2007 after my first IVF cycle. I had 2 5 day old blastocyst embies transferred.

7dpo: felt dull ache on my right side, pelvic region all the way to my leg for 2 days
9dpo: BFN on HPT, was so upset decided not to test
12dpo: strange metallic taste and increased salivation and a few dry heaves
13-14dpo: dark yellow to light brown discharge on panty liner
17dpo: BFP on beta test with 569 and cramping that night and dry heaves in the morning with metallic taste

Because of the estradiol tablets and progesterone shots, I won't put down sore boobs or bloating even though that started early on.  Other than the above symptoms, I really didn't have any symptoms at all. The dull ache at 7dpo I had and could be attributed to leftover OHSS from the IVF meds and surgery. The only thing that was noticeable for me was that weird metallic taste and this cycle no acne for me, which I usually get a lot of before AF.

BFP with IVF and ICSI

We were TTC for 48 months with clomid for #1 so right away after #1 we started for #2.

After a year we were seen at a fertility clinic.

After 5 more months on clomid we were entered into the IVF program.

Due to DHs numbers, he wasn't the issue when TTC #1, we were recommended not even trying IUI but going right into IVF and using ICSI.

I was on Gonal F at 150 IU and Lupron at 75 IU and they retrieved 19 eggs, 18 fertilized, then 1 didn't divide, and 3 were misbehavers. They ended up transferring 2 excellent 8 cells or better and freezing 13 eggs. That part was exciting. But not as exciting as when I POAS 8 dpt and got a BFP. It was pretty light and almost took the 10 minutes to see it, so I was skeptical. At 10dpt I POAS again and it was BRIGHT pink this time & right away! YEAH!

Twin BFP with IVF/ISCI after 12 yrs TTC

Hello there, just thought I would had mine.

I fell pg with DS at the age of 24, we then started for number 2 a year later. After 12 years and every test, being told I had PCOS and DH had low sperm count, clomid, giving up and deciding to just have 1......we then then decided with me at 38 to try again with IVF.

Drugs used were: Provera, synarel and Gonal F and then crinone gel.

Our first cycle was cancelled due to hyper stimulation (common with PCOS) and then we went again straight away.
We had an ICSI and with 18 eggs collected, 17 fertilized. we then had 2 put back..........They went in at 4 days.

In March this year I gave birth to two beautiful baby boys.

Hope it helps, best wishes to you all.

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BFP with Twins by IVF/ICSI

I'm an ICSI success story too!

I was led to IVF due to 2 Ectopic pregnancies that left me with no tubes.

IVF#1 (ICSI): Retrieved 11 eggs; 9 were mature & 8 fertilized
Put back 1-8cell (grade B) & 1-6cell (grade B)
BETA #1 (11dp3dt): 137
BETA #2 (13dp3dt): 324
Unfortunately I m/c'd between 7-8wks

IVF#2 (ICSI): Retrieved 17 eggs; 15 were mature & 15 fertilized
Put back 1-8cell (grade A) & 1-7cell (grade A)
BETA #1 (10dp3dt): 129
BETA #2 (12dp3dt): 372
1st u/s: Twins!!

I wish you the best of luck!! My only advice is to think positive and keep your head up. The cycle really goes by fast...hang in there with the 2ww and the wait for the u/s's!!

BFP with IVF#3 (after 2 failed cycles)

YEAH!!! I have been reading all of these posts for over a year and just hoping I would one day be able to share good news. My dh and I have done 3 IVF's and a FET. I had a chemical pregnancy with the FET. We also did PGD for Marfan's. For this last IVF I went out of state to Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine- 70% success rates. We ended up with 1 morula and 1 compacting embryo at 5days. I really had lost hope. Little did I know at least one of them was busy implanting. I had absolutely no symptoms prior to beta including no spotting. So, for all of you ladies that are having no symptoms...there is still hope. Here are my beta #'s:

9dp5dt- 70

Dh- 30
Me- 29
IVF#1- Transfered 1 blastocyst & 1 hatching blastocyst- BFN
IVF#2- Transfered 1 blastocyst & 1 morula- BFN
FET#1- Transfered 2 blastocysts
Switched clinics
IVF#3- Transfered 1 morula & 1 compacting embryo- BFP!!!

BFP with Identical Twins (IVF cycle)

Hi! I am a success story. After trying any and every fertility treatment under the moom for 2 and 1/2 years, we decided to try IVF. I wasn't nearly as bad (all the shots) as I expected, and I didn't bloat as much as with all the other drugs. I really thought it was easy overall. Of course, it was extrememely stressfull....not knowing if it was going to take or not. I'm not sure if I remember all the details....but I'll try......They retrieved 18 eggs (yea!), but had to do an emergency ICSI. We really didn't expect that, and I cried all the way home. THey said the sperm didn't look very good, so they didn't want to take a chance of them not fertilizing the eggs. That may have been our problem all along, I don't know. Anyway, out of the 18, 11 fertilized. Four made it to blast stage, and we transferred one grade a and one grade b blast.

I really didn't think I was pg. As a matter of fact, I had no desire whatsoever to do a hpt early....for the first time in my life!! I just had no symptoms. I was so disappointed. Well, 14 dpo, I went to my doc to have a blood test done. My hcg came back at 124! Perfect for a singleton pg!! I was in shock!! They all told me it looked like one of the eggs took! We were thrilled. So, at my first ultrasound at 6w5d, we saw a gestational sac and a heartbeat. She moved the u/s wand, and we saw another heartbeat!!!! We couldn't believe it! WE had gotten pg with IDENITCAL twins....such a freak thing! No one knows what causes identicals. We knew we had a chance of having twins, but we knew they'd be fraternal b/c we had two eggs. So, what happened with me egg didn't take, and the other one split! hcg numbers just doubled each time....just like they would with one baby. The reason they weren't higher is because I just have one placenta, which produces the hcg. The babies share it. So my hcg wasn't indicative of twins. Anyway, here we are. There are some serious complications that can go along with my kind of twins, who share everything, but so far, so good. It still doesn't seem real to me. I can't believe it actually happened for DH and I.

Good luck to all of you! Try to relax, and take it easy after the transfer. We weren't allowed to bd for the whole first trimester after the transfer.

BFP with FET (Male Factor/after Miscarriage)

Here's mine too -

Started IVF 2002 due to MF (at the time) very low sperm count. Had been trying other ways for 2 years.

Started IVF Sept 02
down reg included 225mls of purgon
At EPU collected 23 eggs - 10 fertilised via ICSI and we lost 1 during defrosting. I also had mild hypo-stim.

1st transfer PFP but lost preg at 8 weeks
2nd Transfer FET PFP but again No's didnt rise wait
to mc at 6 weeks.

DH & I are sent away to have blood test for M/C genetic problems etc - Nothing found. However as there seemed to be a problem with implantation it was recommended that I try baby asprin and my naturapath recommended vitex.

3rd Trans FET Start taking Vitex and Cardaprin (Baby
asprin). BFP and DS born 2/1/04

4th Tran FET BFN new nurse who doesnt believe me
that I only "o" within a period of 3
hours and Seraket doesnt work. No
asprin or Vitex.

5th Tran FET BFP again I took baby asprin but I
stopped taking it around 8 weeks as I
kept forgetting and at my 2nd U/S the
baby's H/B had stopped two days
before the U/S at 10 1/2 weeks. I dont
know if its related.

Currently stimming again with the same protocol but we are doing PGD for the m/c.

I feel in my heart that the Vitex and baby asprin helped me to achieve a PFP with DS transfer.

Never rule out FETs as you can see they do work.

BFP with 3rd IVF (after 2 failed IVF cycles)

Your site was the most helpful during my TWW, For that reason, I would like to share my experience in an attempt to help others. As a result of DH'S very low motility (0-7%) depending on the day, and zero percent morphology, we were told our only chance at pregnancy was IVF. We tried two cycles in FL with low fertilization rate and mediocre egg quality. We decided to try Cornell in NY (said to be leaders in male
infertility) and viola, BFP! Still had low fertilization rate (2/7), but the quality was beautiful - 8 cells for both and no fragmentation. The doctor attributes the difference to endoculture which was not implemented on my first two cycles. Also only administered Lupron and Gonal F, and HCG up to the time of retrieval, which was was one less drug than before. The doctor said that the other drug might be the cause of poor egg quality. TWW symptoms that I noticed on the successful third cycle as opposed to the two failed cycles were as follows:

1) 4 days after transfer I woke up with acne peppered all over my back. It looked like chicken pox.
2) noticed milky white opaque CM sometime after acne. Didn't know what it was, and was a bit worried so I called the IVF nurse who thought it might be a yeast infection! Found your site and was relieved to learn that it was a symptom. Evidently the nurse needs educating.
3) A dull headache 8 days after transfer, then it turned into what felt like a pressure headache 9 days after transfer, then the night before my blood test I had a splitting headache which I have never had in my life. The next day the headache was gone and got my positive result.

BFP on IVF/FET Cycle #7

* We've done 7 (6 stims & 1 Fet) cycles. 5 PGD cycles
* Have a 2 1/2yr old daughter from cycle 3 and I'm over 27 weeks pregnant from cycle 7.
* Diagnosis is unexplained - probably more age. I'm 41 and DH is 45.
* Prior to IVF i fell pregnant naturally a few times but miscarried 4 times (latest at 9 weeks) and once whilst cycling. However it was taking a long time to fall pregnant and we were told to go straight to PGD.
* I noticed as each cycle went by, i got less embies for biopsy, quality was declining and my body seemed to be coming more resistant to the drugs.

Cycle 1
150 Puregon
Cancelled just before EPU, not enough eggs for PGD.

Cycle 2
350 Puregon
18 eggs, 13 embies, 8 biopsed = 4 normal, 3 abnormal & 1 inconclusive.
Transferred 2 normal compacting females. Chemical preg. No frosties.
Changed Dr's within clinic.

Cycle 3
500 Puregon
Colorado Protocal, also proluton injections.
16 eggs, 11 embies, 6 biopsed = 2 normal, 2 abnormal, 1 inconclusive & 1 not totally tested.
1 normal compacting male & 1 compacting untested transferred (other normal died o/n in lab).
++++++ My daughter (the untested embie) was born.
Everything else in this cycle died. No frosties.
(my embies NEVER make it past day 5 in the lab).

Cycle 4
600 Puregon
8 eggs, 6 embryos, 4 biopsed - ALL Abnormal.
Nothing to tranfer, end of cycle.

Cycle 5
500 Puregon, didn't sniff whilst stimming
Split dose, 2 injections a day, 250 morning and 250 night.
Colorado Protocol, pessaries + crinone.
15 eggs, 9 embies, 3 biopsed = 1 normal, 1 abnormal and 1 inconclusive.
Transferred normal compacting male & compacting inclusive embie.
Froze 1 non PGD'd embie that was compacting.

cycle 6
500 Puregon, didn't sniff whilst stimming (started ovulating)
Split dose, 2 injections a day, 250 morning and 250 night.
Colorado Protocol + crinone + pessaries.
8 eggs, 7 embies
Didn't update my diary, but from memory only 2 or 3 were biopsed and only 1 normal.
Transferred 1 normal 10 cell and 1 7 cell untested embie
Froze 1 non PGD'd embie compacting.

cycle 7
1st Fet.
Colorado Protocol + crinone + pessaries.
Both embies thawed well & transferred 1 compacting & 1 7 cell embie.
I insisted on Assisted Hatching on both.
+++++++ Due Aug 23rd, 05.

This is the end of our IVF journey.

BFP by IVF/ISCI after Endo & Ovarian Cancer

Hi ladies,
I thought I would share my success story with you. After ttc for 11 yrs and having endo, ovarian cancer, only 1 ovary, 2 cysts removed from the other and to top it off MF, I am now 25w pg.
ivf/icsi#1 on 450 puregon - collected 1 egg which didn't last overnight - told to look at donor egg.
ivf/icsi#2 on 600 puregon, changed from lucrin to a drug called cetrotide and did a short cycle. - collected 4 eggs, 3 fertilised, transferred 2 (one 5 day blastocyst and one morulae). Allowed the third to hatch on day 6 to find no DNA (so wasn't holding much hope for the other 2). Now pregnant with a singleton!!!

The other thing we did was DH took a high does of Vitamin E (as advised by specialist) and ejaculated 48 hours prior to giving sample for icsi which increase his viable sperm count and motility.

The cetrotide drug was very expensive but so glad that we tried it. If this can help anyone I am more than happy to oblige and if anyone has any further questions please pm me as I am happy to discuss anything.

PS I am 38 and my DH is 41.