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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Are you employing "Assisted Reproductive Technology" to achieve your BFP? If so, this is where you'll find the success stories of women in your same situation.

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BFP Hope

A year ago today I found out I was pregnant. It therefore seems appropriate that today I share my story with all those people out there who are on the same journey as I was for over 4 years. I found so much comfort and hope in reading your posts and want to give something back and hopefully bring comfort to others. So in a nutshell here is my story. I met my husband when I was very young - only 20! We spent many happy years together enjoying life, creating careers for ourselves and traveling. We got married when we were both 31 and started trying for a baby the year after. I assumed it may take up to a year but even early on I sensed that our journey to becoming parents may be longer than expected. After over a year of trying we both had check ups to see what was going on. I was diagnosed with mild endometriosis and all was ok for both of us apart from that. We started with monitoring my ovulation and then stimulating with injections. We then moved on to inseminations and finally resorted to IVF. The IVF was tough and I reacted badly to the treatment and our embryos had to be frozen. After one failed transfer and a lot of heartache we decided it was time for a break. IVF was taking over our lives and affecting our couple. The decision to have a break was the best decision I could have made. I had been running on the treadmill and unable to stop and was worn out both physically and emotionally. Taking the control back was liberating. I also began yoga, acupuncture and went to see someone to talk about how I was feeling. It felt like an outpouring of grief that was bottled up inside me. I came to live with the fact that it may not happen and to enjoy the life I had. After a 6 month break we decided to transfer the remaining 2 embryos - one day 3 embryo and one day 5 embryo. I felt in such a great place at that stage and so at peace no matter what the outcome would be. I took time off work after the transfer to rest and to "live" the experience. I listened to lots of relaxation music and meditation. This time the treatment worked and my little boy is now 4 more old. The expression "rollercoadter of emotions" is so apt to describe this experience. Before finding out the treatment had worked I resigned myself to the possibility that we may never have children. In the wait leading up to my first blood test I had no real symptoms apart from cramps early on which I put down to the transfer procedure and tiredness. The day before I did the blood test I was convinced my period was coming and that the treatment hadn't worked. These period like pains continued for the first month of my pregnancy. In the past, I had convinced myself that I had all the symptoms going and then each time got a BFN. I had prepared myself for this again and when the results came back positive, I just didn't know how to react. The first few months I was still quite nervous and it wasn't really until I felt my baby moving that I allowed myself to "enjoy" being pregnant and relax a bit. To all of you out there waiting for you BFP, continue to believe. You will become Mums one way or another. I know that it is easy for me to say this now, but keep positive and stay strong. Wishing you all so much luck. Being a Mum really is the most precious gift I have ever received and one that I will cherish even more given what I have been through. The last 4 months have been life changing and I feel so privileged to have experienced them. Envoyé de mon iPhone
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Bfp aged 39

History One failed Ivf cycle but bfp naturally the month after (2012). Happy healthy 3 yr old girl conceived whilst on holiday with friends. Prior to this history of miscarriages and after daughter no pregnancies for 3 years. Was about to give up hope and did Ivf with full expectation it would fail like it had before. I do want to impart advice on things I think made this cycle of ivf successful. 1. I made a series of lifestyle changes. I walked 3.5 miles a day 5 times a week ( I noticed improved blood circulation and stronger nails). This was one year in advance. 2. 2 weeks before I did 'cupping' therapy to get rid of all the bad blood. 3. One month before I gave up chocolate to reduce sugar highs...3 days before egg collection I kept 2 days of fasting Ie no food or drink from sunrise to sunset. This boosts your immune system. 4. During meds I went on short holiday to UAE to get some sun and see my friends 5. During meds my friend bought a large watermelon and huge box of cherries which I ate copious amounts of. 6. In middle of night I prayed really hard- I believe in power of prayer. 7. Day before ET I had acupuncture and also 3 sessions every other day thereafter. 8. I watched comedy videos just before et ( in hospital ) and immediately after. It's important to laugh . 9. Did not sleep well throughout Ivf due to work and 3 yr old. Made sure hubby and I did not bicker....luckily et on Saturday but back to work on Monday as normal. I seriously thought it was not going to work so had low expectations. 10. Day 8 after et, very faint line on test . Day 9 took digit and it was bfn. Day 12 bfp on digital!!! 11. From Ivf I produced 11 follicles, 5 eggs retrieved, only 2 embryos survived , one grade 2+ and other grade 2-. 3 day transfer with two embryos planted. S Almost 6 weeks no bleeding and nausea feeling. Wish me luck and lots of baby dust to you all... It will happen, just do some of the above and whatever works for you!!!

BFP after IVF 12dp5dt

My husband and I tried naturally for about 2 years. We also tried one IUI that was unsuccessful about 6 months ago. This story concerns our first IVF. We had 24 eggs retrieved, 18 of which fertilized and 16 which continued on until the next day. All were fertilized by icsi because we were having male factor issues (low motility and poor morphology). By day 5 we had three blatocysts, one that was of the highest quality and that is the one that we transferred. The others would have been frozen if they could have been along with about 6 others that were in an earlier stage of development but none made it to freezing. 0-5 dp5dt - nothing (had very stressful fight with dh and was crying and very upset so was scared that stress would make anything impossible which made me very upset)(also had a 6 hour car trip til 3 in the morning and had some adrenaline rushes while driving due to semis cutting in front of us, also made me scared for embie)(both of these were occurring days 1 and 2 past transfer) 6dp5dt - in the morning very nauseous in the bus on the way to work. About noontime had strong af type cramps that were painful to the point that I took two Tylenol once in the afternoon (thinking early period and out) 7dp5dt - 8 dp5dt - nothing, 7dp had intercourse and orgasm (doc had said not to for 4-5 days and had read was good for process so figured day 7 was okay) 9dp5dt - 11dp5dt - cramps that are intermittent and slight to medium, feel deep or low but not sharp or wrenching. 12dp5dt - home pregnancy test fmu ... BFP!!! So excited have never seen this before! I cried and thanked God! I woke dh up and showed him the test. He was so happy and opened his arms for a hug. Did another test about 45 minutes later. First test was first response, second was clearblue +. More cramps today, feel stronger than the past couple days but still come and go. 13dp5dt - beta scheduled for tomorrow. Hoping for great news. Very excited, trying to be cautiously optimistic. The only other symptom I can think of is my tummy feels warm to me today and there was a night about five nights ago that I woke up really warm. Thank you all for your posts over the years. Baby dust to all.
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BFP after 1st IVF cycle

I'm writing this at 20 weeks pregnant. I'm still wondering whether I should wait a few weeks more. Anyway this is my BFP Story (warning it's a long story). I am now 38 and DH is now 40. I went off bcp in December of 2013 and we got pregnant on our first cycle. Sadly I was only was pregnant for a week after we found out (5 weeks) and I miscarriaged. I so desperately wanted to be pregnant again. Fast forward 10 months and I was still not pregnant. I thought I better get myself and DH checked out. By the time we finished all the tests it was December of 2014 and the tests came back all normal. There was no reason why we couldn't get pregnant. January and February of 2015 we started clomid and trigger shot. March we did Femara and trigger shot. April we had a break and even then I still didn't get by BFP. May and June of 2015 we did an IUI. Still bfn and we had another set of tests just to make sure nothing was wrong and it was all fine. Dr advised us to proceed to IVF. July we stopped TTC before we started IVF. We were about to start IVF in August when I found out I was pregnant again. Sadly again at 5 weeks I also miscarriaged. They did a bunch of tests and everything came up normal. I then developed what the Dr thought was Thrombosis which turned out to be a huge cyst on my left ovary. The IVF was postponed until the cyst disappeared. In October my cycle was super long cycle (45cd) I thought I was pregnant but in the end I wasn't. Come November of 2015 I was about to start IVF and my AF came early at 24cd. It was a total surprise nothing was prepared I had no meds and hadn't visited the Dr. I managed to get an appointment and my IVF cycle was on its way. The meds gave me big headaches and made me feel tired. The meds effect people in different ways so I don't recommend planning any events around that time. Btw some injections are better taken on the butt not leg. Trust me it hurts. Egg retrieval was scheduled 10 days after I started the injections. I managed to produce 8 eggs. 1 day after egg retrieval we were informed only 3 of the eggs fertilised. Embryo transfer was scheduled the next day. They implanted 2 embryos both perfect as can be. The third embryo didn't survive. The Dr didn't tell me to do anything special no bed rest no anything just no bd for 2 weeks until my beta. I even went for a walk after the embryo transfer! During the wait I had so many symptoms but since I was taking all sorts of hormones I didn't trust my symptoms. I had extremely sore boobs, insomnia, could smell everything etc About a week after the transfer I started going off coffee. This made me think if I might be pregnant. I took a hpt test and it came up with 2 lines but the second line was faint so I thought it might be the trigger shot. I took another one the next day and the next and the lines got darker. I had the beta scheduled for 11dp3dt and the beta hcg came up as 244. I could not believe it! I've never had such a high number. 4 days later we did a repeat beta and it was 1026. 16 days after the first beta we found we were having twins and we heard both their heart beats. They continue to grow and now and again I feel them giving me subtle kicks. There has been some scares. I spotted a few times in the first trimester and still do this day I check to see if I'm bleeding. For those still TTC I think the most important lesson for us was we needed to stop obsessing about the whole process. We needed to enjoy life. During the TWW of our IVF cycle we took time off work relaxed, had fun, and went to bed early. Secondly I regret not going to the Dr earlier and doing IVF earlier. It would have saved me from heart break and feeling sad especially when others were pregnant and we were not. DH and I had a discussion about this subject yesterday and we thought for us the reason why it hadn't worked earlier was due to the egg and sperm quality. Baby dust to all and good luck remember make TTC only part of your life not your whole life. Remember who you were before TTC.

BFP after 2+ years of TTC- IVF #1!

I'm sure many of you can relate to this if you've been TTC for over a year... everyone else seems to be announcing their pregnancies all over the place... why is it taking us so long? My sister got pregnant with both her children on the first try... my two sister-in-laws conceived their children in the first or second tries. When my DH and I started trying November of 2013, we were pretty sure that we would get pregnant in the first couple months too... but 26 months later, we still never had that BFP. After about 16 months of trying naturally (with temping, OPKs, teas, pineapple... you name it, we've tried it), we got DH checked out and found out we had MFI. He was on Clomid for 6 months, but still no BFP. I quit my stressful job, partly to see if it would help with the baby making, but it did not. We changed our insurance this year and decided to go for IVF (we were not a good candidate for IUI because of DH's sperm issues). I'm 32, DH is 31. So here is the good stuff- the symptoms! Transfer day- Transferred two embryos. one very good (AA) and one almost as good (BA). Really bad cramps 1dp6dt- bloating, cramps continue, but not as bad, gas 2 and 3dp6dt- tender breasts, sore nipples, bad backaches, sensitive teeth, increased cm, gas 4dp6dt- so this is equivalent to 10DPO, I believe. I had the TINIEST bit of brown cm on my pad and when I wiped. just the one time... but this got me excited because this is right around when implantation bleeding might happen. 5dp6dt- cramps... but different kinds. maybe what people describe and "pulling" or "stretching" cramps. 7dp6dt- BFP! this is the first pregnancy test I took.. and it was two very dark lines on the FRER and a "pregnant" on clear blue! yay! 8dp6dt- wiped red blood. scared me... but it was just one time and it never came back. This is the day my period would have been due, because my Luteal phase is 14 days (and this would have been 14 DPO). Maybe this was the implantation bleeding, not what I had on 4dp6dt? I'm not sure. 9dp6dt- took another FRER just to make sure and the second line was really dark! darker than 2 days ago, and darker than even the control line. 12dp6dt- First beta is 1449!! hoping that both little beans stuck! I stopped tracking symptoms as closely after but definitely have a lot of symptoms. I'm definitely tired. Today, (12dp6dt) I took a 3 hour nap. I get little cramps every once in a while, usually when I'm relaxing or laying down. Boobs are huge and they hurt. Veins are super prominent! I noticed yesterday that my skin looks translucent and I feel like I'm just looking at all the details in my veins on the arms and hands. I looked it up and it is a pregnancy symptom. Maybe I'm a little more moody. No nausea or morning sickness yet, but I'm still really early on. Advice for any of you ladies considering IVF. I STRONGLY recommend preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) testing. It cost us over $5000 extra, but it was definitely worth it. When we got our embryo report, 6 had made it to blastocyst, but only 2 were genetically normal. The embryos that were not genetically normal, and would have ended in miscarriage, were decent quality too (BB or BA), and we would not have known that they were not viable pregnancies if we did not do the testing. I feel like the testing saved us a lot of grief and ultimately, saved us money as well (because FETs are more than 5k, at least at my doctor's). My DH and I are so excited that our first IVF attempt is a success because we definitely would not have been able to afford another round this year. We are still not in the clear yet, but I feel so happy and blessed that we made it this far! seeing those two lines for the first time ever brought tears to my eyes... =)


We were trying to conceive for a year and decided to get ourselves checked. All test results came out fine. No issues at all. I didnt have any pateince to wait longer because all my friends we getting pregnant even without trying so we immediately went for IUI - 2 cycles. Both came out BFN. Then we went ahead with IVF because the chances were higher. And I got a BFP on the first IVF cycle. I was on cloud 9... My baby was born after my due date and is healthy... I still dont know what was the problem with us and why we decided to go for IVF that soon but the end result was a beautiful bundle of joy! no matter how we conceived.. Good luck to you girls who are TTC. You will be a mom one day for sure.. :-)

3+ Years and a whole lotta science!

I've been reluctant to write anything here because, while I'm not totally pessimistic, I am realistic. And when you've been TTC for over 3 years and are on a first name basis with your RE and his staff, realistic is the only thing that helps maintain your sanity. It all started out in a kingdom far, far away in a land called NJ where a weird, loud girl met a very serious but secretly hilarious boy and the rest was history. DH and I are both 31 and married for 7 years (to each other.) Around December/January 2013 we decided we were really ready to start a family. So, since we decided, POOF, it was going to happen! Right? Wrong. Year one - nada. Year two then became a job. OPKs, legs up for 20 minutes after, Preseed, fertility vitamins, pineapple core, the whole kit and caboodle. The result? Nada for yo momma. Year three - we're seeing a specialist. In Feb 2015 I had an HSG with no complications. Prior to IUI's, it was determined that my DH and I had no complications, no medical anomalies, nothing that could be "fixed." We got to set up our tent in Camp Unexplained Infertility. Oh, joy. In July - IUI#1 with 50mg Clomid - Nope, try again. August - IUI#2 25mg Clomid - Ask again later. September - IUI#3 25 mg Clomid - What did you think was going to happen? BFN. That last IUI failure was definitely deflating and we decided to really enjoy the remainder of the year and move onto IVF in January 2016. On 1/26/16 I started my first IVF cycle. I was on 200IU of Follistim from CD2-9, Ganirelix from CD6-10, triggered with 5000IU of hCG on CD10, and retrieval on 2/5/16. 20 Eggs retrieved, 11 Matured, and 9 Fertilized. I began with 1CC of Progesterone the following day. (I'll get into my system for that shortly.) My transfer was 5 days later, the doc even showed me a picture of my blue haired, blonde eyed embryo. Looked just like his dad. (For more on the procedure, see my blog here.) I jumped the gun and tested with an Early Response Clearblue on the 16th (I HAD A $5 OFF COUPON! YOU CAN'T WASTE THAT!) and I got a BFN! That was it, I thought I was out. But I thought, better to know now then on the 19th after my blood test, at least I'm expecting that call from the nurse. I go in the 19th for my blood test feeling pretty neutral. Spent the rest of the day not really thinking about it. I get a call from my nurse around 3.... Congratulations. "What? You kidding? Shut up!" I could tell the nurse was used to be screamed at because she was laughing. I FINALLY GOT MY BFP! It's STILL surreal. I shut my office door and had myself an unexpected sob-sesh with that ugly laugh cry, ugh, it was gross, BUT TOTALLY WORTH IT! Tomorrow I am officially 6 weeks pregnant and am having my first ultrasound. Received a call today from my nurse and my levels are increasing as they should I did have to up my Progesterone (PIO) dosage from 1CC to 1 1/2CC about a week ago, my levels weren't where they should have been but it's looking good now. As for symptoms, it's still early so nothing has been show-stopping but there are some noticeable differences: 1 - 2 DP5DT: Obvious pressure down under; sporadic pinches, possible implantation? No spotting. 3 - 9 DP5DT: Getting up many times a night to pee. My dogs are like "again?" 3 - 22 DP5DT (today): Definitely tired. I get random spells during the day when I get very sleepy, but nothing that stops me in my tracks. I now just go to bed around 8/8:30 and that has helped with my exhaustion during the day. And this one JUST happened and I find it HILARIOUS! My DH STINKS!!! I should preface with the fact that we constantly joke about how my DH never smells, he sweats and there's no BO, feet after a run are like a spring rain, the man just NEVER stinks. So, last night I'm sitting with him watching some TV and I start leaning away. I smell the blanket, no. His t-shirt, no. The dogs, no. Then I grab his arm and smell his skin, DING DING DING! Awful smell - it was so weird! This morning I'm sitting at the clinic (blood work) and I google "Pregnant, my husband smells" and article after forum post after top things that smell - husbands. I was that crazy broad laughing to myself in the waiting room. I did let him off the hook by telling him "it's not you, it's me." And that's my story! I've attached a little visual of what it took to get to where I am now but I wouldn't trade it for anything (not even my multi-colored, kids bandages)! SCIENCE! And some good mojo ;) Good luck to everyone still TTC. My wish is that I brought a little hope to you that it can happen, but with everything that's worth doing, we have to put in equal effort.

BFP on second IVF

Thank you to all of the women that make this forum happen! I read so many stories that helped me hang on to threads of sanity through these trials! And I'm another story to show it does happen! I absolutely had lost hope. Tried four IUI and one previous IVF all failed. I didn't even have any embryos make it to freeze. Waited 10 months and tried again. Here's the scoop: 14 follicles at ET 11 mature 8 fertilized and grew well (ICSI) Transferred two good quality embryos on Day 3. In total I took four days off including the ET day. Rested and took it easy. I felt twinges and sharp pains for a couple of hours on 5DPT (cd 22). Super sore breasts from the progesterone but I did notice my armpits were very sore, even reaching almost to my back. This started probably around 6DPT. I POAS on 9DPT and it was negative. I really gave up and started reading up on FET (2 embryos made it to freeze!) Was cranky and super tired all week. One night I went to bed at 8:30pm. Had my beta scheduled for 14DP3DT. They drew the wrong test. Nurse called and asked me to go back. Asked if I had taken a HPT. I decided to take one before driving back, and voila! Positive almost instantly! Beta at 17 days past ovulation / retrieval was 358! Beta #2 at 19 days was 640. Tomorrow I get the third. I know those numbers are high, so I'm just praying all is well. I'm so excited, thankful and completely shocked! Me- 35, no previous pregnancies. DH had vasectomy; using donor sperm. The only things I did different this time was: changed the donor, and took an extra day off work.

Cloud 9

Hey girls I don't think I posted my bfp last ivf so this time I made it a point too. 6day blast transferred 2. That night of transfer the "ivf cold" hit ( I got this last time but I was like 12dpo ) 1dpo questioning if it's a real head cold or "ivf cold" since it started so soon sneezing, coughing. 2dpo ivf cold continues , sneezing like crazy and occasionally when I sneeze it feels like my uterus is gonna rip open on right side for like 20 seconds 3dpo same as day before, ripping feeling when I have big sneeze or cough ( it seriously hurts as bad as it sounds) heart palpitations . 4 same as before, taking road trip DH peanut butter crackers smell horrible ( I normally like them) headache and nausea going around curves , tired . Start testing wondfo bc I'm Poas addict seen evap line. 5dpo headache, ivf cold continues but getting better, major sneezing fits, the tired is real! Got what I thought was. Another evap line wondfo -friend told me to use frer low and behold line! 6dpo head cold gone, heart palpations, tired frer darker, wondfo line still there but not much color realized I'm a idiot they were expired . So that's what happens with expired internet cheepies the color doesn't show, but you still get a line! 7-14 dpo lines getting darker , tired, heart palpitations continue. 15 dpo same as above but add nausea if I didn't eat constantly 16 dpo tired, heart palpitations beta 342! Extremely different from my fresh transfer all I had with it was ivf cold, chest acne, and I was super energetic that whole pregnancy & I didn't get nausea till 8 weeks . It's all the power of prayer these babies wouldn't happen with out him^^^^
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BFP after 5 ys with Endo, blocked tubes and IVF

I am beyond happy to be finally able to share my success story and hope to all of you. We had been trying for about 5 ys (started at 29) after the first year we started to see doctors as nothjng was happening, but no concludent results. He was onced diagnosed with a minor...slowness in his sperm, but took treatment and it improved. I had a sinosalpyngogram to check my tubes, came out perfect. Hormone tests, perfect. We went to a fertility specialist who had me monitored, put me on Clomid and triggered ovulation. Nothing, By that time we started having troubles in our marriage (not connected with the infertility, but I suppose the whole mechanical baby making and rush didn't help much). This was year 2 of trying I think. After a very rough patch we got therapy, started working really hard on ourselves, both individually and as a couple, and I'm beyond grateful to say we made it. Needless to say, we did not prevent during this time and I kept hping that maybe...but no. After about 4 years someone recommended a good embryologist who had us run some genetic tests and sent us to a new OB Gyn. This was my 4th or 5th doctor since we had started trying. The genetic tests came out well, but I had really low ovarian reserve (AMH 0.6). But the doctor was hopeful, she said as long as it's not 0 we can aways have a baby. We made a plan. The first thing she noticed was that I had a cyst on my left ovary, it had been there for years and had not evolved. All previous doctors had expressed a concern that it might be endometrial but stopped there. This doc put me under operatioin (histeroscopy) to check what was inside my uterus. The results were bad. There was tissue floating everywhere inside, and my tubes were blocked with endometrial tissue. This lets liquid through (hence the ok sono test) but not the egg (hence, no pregnancy). We were relieved to finally understand the reason. It's worth mentioning that I never had the excruciating pain linked to endo, though I had often asked myself (had felt!) that maybe I have it. We started preparing for IVF, our only option. A few months before, listenjng to my body signals, I had started a very restrictive diet, after having read the book Inconceivable. I quit sugar, meat, dairy and gluten. (Kept alcohol though, because sanity). Later I found out this is the endo diet. It took about 4 months to see some results in improved digestion. I also started accupuncture. I had some new cysts, got on birth control, they went away..only after 4 months were we able to do the IVF. By that time I was exhausted, but made a pledge to stay positive throughout the treatment, as I had read it's invasive and takes its toll on body and mind. I had 5 follicules(very low by normal standards) even after stimulation. I was also concerned what stimulation will do to the endo , since estrogen exacerbates endo. BUT. I took stimulation very well. Had little if any symptoms. At the retrieval they only found 3 eģgs, 2 of the follicles were cysts. My doc did the impossible and fished one out from behind my endo cyst. 2 of the eggs got fertilized ok, 1 made it to blastocyst. We were thrilled. After the transfer here's what I did: 1. Lots of meditation started even before. Daily or even twice daily. No visualization, just emptying the mind and relieving stress. 2. Took 4 days off and stayed in bed. 3. Ate all those healthy stuff they recommend on youtube videos : pineapple, warm foods etc. No sugar. (I had cut out alcohol beginning of stimulation) 4. Continued accu (day 3 post transfer and onwards). 5. And most important : had FAITH and listened to my body. My doctor also gave me a cocktail of medication to make the embryo stick : antispastic meds, aspirin, magnesium and progesterone. I did not take any prenatal vitamins but ate as healthy as I could. All these years stalking the TTC boards, I had all the possible pregnancy symptoms ever. So I did not believe anymore..and had very little symptoms when I actually GOT pregnant. Sore breasts - not more than in PMS. Sleepyness - but I was lying in bed and resting all the time! Nausea - none! I hsd days when I felt pregnant and days when I felt nothing. I tried to believe that if this little speck of light inside me wants to stay, it will. If not, it will be okay. I really believe that it was this combination of Faith and Letting Go that made the difference. Two days before the Beta (I did not pee on a stick but waited for lab results) I noticed that when driving, I avoided potholes and cringed whenever I went over a bump. I was doing this completely unaware, but instinctively protecting my belly. That's when I went home and said to my husband "I really think I AM pregnant". A few days later, just on Christmas Eve, we went for Beta, and it came out positive. I am now entering my 3rd month, and feel overjoyed, surreal and frightened at the same time. I want to say what i believe made the difference for me: