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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Are you employing "Assisted Reproductive Technology" to achieve your BFP? If so, this is where you'll find the success stories of women in your same situation.

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BFP in God's time!

Hello to every mommies and to the ones who are still hoping to be one! I just wanted to share my story about how God gave us this gift of life in His own perfect time. Me and my husband wanted to have our own baby. He is 46 and got 2 kids from previous marriage and im 36 and wanting to have our own little one too. So we opted to go for ivf ( my husband got vasectomy long time ago) and our only option is IVF. I was even worried coz my clinic said i had low AMh. So we started with the fresh cycle and ended as BFN ( our hearts was crushed but we have faith in God that he had plans for us in His own mighty time. We by the way had only 11 eggs matured and only 6 made it to the 5th day. So we transferred 2 on our frsh cycle and we only had one 6 day blastocyst that was frozen. So we all had our hopes for this only one blastocyst that we had left for put FET after a month of the failed fresh cycle. Trnsfer was done and i felt no symptoms at all until the 5thday post transfer that i woke up with a heart burn! And 6th days post transfer i felt i am really gonna have mg period that i was so grumpy and frustrated its not gonna work again and thats the only embryo we have left. 8 days post transfer i did hpt and there was that 2nd faint line i cant even believe it! 9dpt i got an beta of 38! And 113 11dpt! And now im 7 weeks prego and we saw that heartbeat! God works in mysterious ways we sometimes doubt his power ! But God always plans everything ahead for us and we should never loose faith in Him! So for all the women and couple wanting to have a gift from God hang in there ! He is on his way of making a jelly bean for you! God bless us all!

My BFP Journey with ISCI – it’s taken a while!

My BFP Journey – it’s taken a while!

So some background:
Me – 30 and never been pregnant (not even a smidge)
Husband – 32 and no children. Good quality sperm but normal form was 2% rather than 4%

My husband and I started trying in June 2013. By October 2014, nothing had happened and I had turned into a bit of a wreck so I went to see a gynaecologist privately with work insurance. (I had been to the GP in August but they just did blood tests and told me to come back in 6 months).

He instantly said my periods weren’t right, they have always been heavy and varied in length. He suspected endo, something I was also worried about.

I had a hysteroscopy and laparoscopy in November 2014. Lots of scarring found including a big ol’ cyst on one of my ovaries. He cleared it all up and gave me 4 months to conceive.

4 months came and went and I still wasn’t pregnant so went back to the GP and got referred on the NHS back to the same gynaecologist. Wasn’t really sure what to expect but he instantly referred me for ivf, a bit of a surprise! By the time I had more blood tests (hormones fine) and waited for my appointment, I started my first ivf cycle in June 2015.

After 3 weeks sniffing the hormones, the cycle had to be cancelled due to fluid in the uterus, it had to be removed with a hysteroscopy. Disappointing but I was going on holiday in August and the time scales were getting stressful so we decided to start again in September. Had the op beginning of September where he found no fluid (wtf).
Ivf cycle 2 started up again in September.

I was put on a short protocol and didn’t respond amazingly to the drugs. I only had 4-5 follicles developing and when I had my egg retrieval on 12 October, they only got 2 embryos.
Both embryo’s fertilised and I had two grade 1 embryos put back in on a 3 day transfer. We had the option of putting one in the freezer but we decided to go for ‘all or nothing’!

So my Two Week Wait went like this:

1dp3dt - nothing
2dp3dt - nothing
3dp3dt – I woke up in the morning having the most INTENSE orgasm dream of my life. I have had these before but never with the severity. As soon as I woke it turned into extremely painful low uterine cramps, it lasted about half an hour and only shifted with 2 bowel movements. I thought there is no way embryos could stick to my uterine wall after that. Although I wasn’t told not to have orgasm’s if you read online, it is a big no no to have any contractions. Has anyone else had this?!
4dp3dt - nothing
5dp3dt - a few jabby pains that got my attention but after egg retrieval (HOW PAINFUL IS THAT?!) everything was sore and bloated.
6dp3dt – Same, a few jabby pains
7dp3dt - Nothing
8dp3dt - BFN in the morning. I start spotting brown and presume it’s the beginning of my period as that is how it always starts.
9dp3dt – Heavier brown spotting. Sore boobs but I have had that since transfer, put it down to progesterone. I’m at a wedding and think fuck it so have a few drinks and shots.
10dp3dt – Spotting lighter and still brown but now have cramps that are EXACTLY the same as the day before my period would be. Seriously glum now and tell my husband, parents and sister that the whole things is over. Put a tampon in and go to bed expecting AF in the morning. Don’t bother doing progesterone suppositories.
11dp3dt – Go to the shop and buy a pregnancy test first thing just so I can get it out the way. Husband wishes me good luck and I tell him I don’t need good luck because ‘we all know what the result will be’. To my amazement, I get a BFP within seconds and within 2 minutes it is darker than the control line!!! Aches and cramps continue throughout the day. Phone the nurse at the hospital because I am now nervous about the spotting and she says to have ‘cautious optimism’ but it is very good news!
12dp3dt – spotting and aching have subsided. Boobs are still sore but nipples aren’t anymore.

Things I have learnt
- After ttc for 2.5 years, I thought I would instantly know that I was pregnant and something would be different. There was absolutely nothing different to my BFP and the build up to my normal period. I can’t believe how similar the cramps and aches were. Basically, you know nothing until you get a bfp!
- Don’t worry about having an orgasm! The uterine contractions I had after my dream were so strong, I honestly think if an embryo is going to stick it will
- I did the 5 day pineapple thing and ate brazil nuts every day but that was it.
- I really enjoyed doing the Zita West ivf positive visualisation CD. I tried to do it most days and always felt really good afterwards.

3 failed IUI tried IVF- BFP- PCOS

I am 37 years old. Tried on our own for 6 months, added clomid/ ovidrel, 4 more months nothing.
Saw RE.
Found out I have skinny PCOS. I have alway had an issue w/ on time periods.
3 Failed IUIS. I did acupuncture, yoga, castor oil packs... FAILED.

I knew something was wrong. We went for the IVF. Something in my GUT told me to do the genetic testing PGS.

They got 15 eggs, only 6 made it to day 5. So, they tested those 6. 4 were bad!!!! So, I have 2.
I love the genetic testing. I know I am keeping frozen 2 good eggs. We know they are the same sex but, didn't ask the sex.
You only have to put ONE egg in cause you KNOW it is a GOOD EGG/blastocyst

Also, of my 4 that were bad 2 were the "higher" quality ones. So, if I didn't do the PGS I would have put a genetically messed up egg in and most likely miscarried. What they heck would you spend all the $$ for IVF and not know you are putting in a GOOD EGG?!?!

I was always looking for symptoms. To me I didn't have any. The only thing that was different was my boobs were tingly and bigger. I was bloated about 4-5 days after the egg went back in. They did a FROZEN transfer w/ me. Where I wait about 2 cycles for my hyper body to calm down from the meds from the Egg retrieval!

First beta was 450, next 1425! So far so good!!!

I just want to post that if you spend the $ for IVF, spend the extra for the genetic testing. It is an insurance policy so you KNOW you are putting back a good egg. If they took 15 eggs and 2 were good, and we were trying for 1.5 years... no wonder why I wasn't getting pregnant. Add to that stress, timing etc. etc.

SO!! Hang in there ladies!!!! I never thought I would be typing there.
I did acupuncture 2x a week, the day before transfer and day of.
Castor oil packs 4x a week.
Utericalm - taste nasty though
Raspberry leaf tea
Thera Natalpre Natal vitamins (ask doc for coupon code)
Maca Root in my shakes
Pineapple core
baby asprin a day
Metform for the PCOS before dinner
Fertility Yoga DVD
Timing is key some of regiments so google when to do them.

I tested day 9 after transfer and got my BFP

GOOD LUCK and baby dust to ALL!

BPF 14 months after m/c.....

The back story..Me (39) & DH (38)...

July 2014 Got engaged after 9 months of dating..When you know, you know....
August 2014 Pulled the goalie & got pregnant with the first try! OMG, I didn't know how lucky I was..
Sept 2014 Found out we were having twins! (I'm an identical twin..)
Oct 2014 10 week u/s revealed both babies had passed about 8 weeks :( Had a d/c three days before bridal shower)
Dec 2014 CP early in the month, married Dec 27!
Jan/Feb/March 2015 TTC..nothing
April 2015 IUI BFN
May 2015 Had to wait a month because our clinic mandates you go to genetic counseling if doing PGS test and I couldn't get an appointment prior to period..seriously!
June 2015 IVF #2 9 Retrieved, 9 Fertilized, none made it to Day 5, day 3 didn't look good. NO TRANSFER

When I was 36 years old and single, I knew I wanted kiddos so I looked into egg freezing. I didn't have enough money (12k) at the time so I asked my parents if I could borrow a little. So, IVF #1 (alone) 19 eggs retrieved, 17 eggs frozen. During the stim process in June 2015 for IVF #2, we simultaneously defrosted all 17 eggs from IVF #1. 11 made it through the freeze, 11 fertilized, 4 made it to day 5 and were PGS tested. 3 normal, 1 abnormal (Chromosome 2, I have a skin disorder, Ehlers Danlos and this the chromosome that is affected. I live a very normal life (law enforcement) so I KNOW THIS EMBRYO is TOTALLY FINE TO TRANSFER!)

July 2015 2, 30 mm plus cysts..ugh rest month
August 2015 Decided to do another stim cycle because we wanted to bank more embryos because stats suggest 1 out of every 3 normal embryos will work. After 2 months of CoQ10, DHEA (50mg), AMH had increased from 1.34 (March 2015) to 4.21! FSH down from 7.8 to 4.9. That stuff works! IVF #3 27 retrieved,13 mature, 15 fertilized, 4 made it to day 3, transferred 3, froze 1...BFN! ugh...

Sept 2015 5 small cysts..ugh rest month
Oct 2015 Immune testing to maximize success rates from 65% to 85% one copy of MTHFR, PAI-II, and needed IVIG..5k later...ugh
Oct 27, 2015 transfer date! baby girl...
Only symptoms during ttw were heaviness in uterus and upon waking 6dp5dt boobs were a little sore under armpits, then more sore 7dpt5dt. I was on progesterone shots, estrogen, and lovenox, baby aspirin, and loads of other supplements. Did acupuncture 1-2x/week since June 2015.

BFP 8dp5dt on 11/04/15! @0345. Woke DH up...and we never went back to sleep...I'm still in shock!

First BFP after 2 years of TTC

In the 2 years we were trying to conceive, I've been on this site many times to read about other people's experiences and it really helped me pick myself up during all those low moments and keep trying. This morning, I finally got the elusive 2nd line! I hope my story can help other people out there struggling with infertility to stay strong and keep fighting on this tough journey.

A bit of background, I'm 30 with PCOS, my husband is 38 with low sperm count. We've been trying to conceive since we got married 2 years ago. During these 2 years, we've had many cycles of disappointment. I had a surgery to remove an ovarian cyst. My husband took many vitamins to improve his count. We tried IUI once and it failed. Finally, we decided to stop wasting time and just go for IVF which had the best chance of working.

Due to my PCOS and high AMH, the doctor was worried that I would get OHSS, so he recommended a Lupron trigger and a freeze all cycle. We ended up with 11 good quality blastocysts all frozen on day 5. I recovered from the egg retrieval quickly and the next month we did FET #1 with 1 blastocyst rated 4AB, this cycle was a BFN. We were very disappointed. The doctor said everything looked good, it just didn't work. He told us to stay positive and that my chance is quite good. Since we didn't do PGD, it was likely just not a normal embryo despite looking great.

We went straight into FET#2 in the following month. Transferred 1 blastocyst again, another 4AB. Here are my symptoms:

Transfer Day - very smooth and painless transfer, no cramping at all afterwards. Went to the bathroom right after, did not lie down at all.
1dp5dt - no cramping, breasts are sore but have been since starting progesterone 6 days ago, very little cm.
2dp5dt - breasts still sore, no cm
3dp5dt - a little cramping, definitely noticeable but not the same as af cramp. Breast still sore. Noticed that cervix is higher when inserting the progesterone suppositories
4dp5dt - no more cramping, watery cm, breasts sore, cervix still high
5dp5dt - stronger cramps (not the same as af, more like muscle spasm below the belly button) for a few hours. Watery cm, breasts sore, cervix still high
6dp5dt - no more cramps, lower back sore, watery cm, started having shooting stabbing pain on the side of breast randomly throughout the day. Cervix high.
7dp5dt - BFP on Wonfo test strip. The second line is lighter than the control line but it is clear and pink, definitely no squinting.

It's still early so I'm cautiously excited. To everyone struggling out there, just know that you are not alone and it CAN happen, truly!

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BFP on 5th Embryo Transfer

This was our 5th embryo transfer. It was our third FET. We had done a fresh IVF cycle in October 2013 and it was BFN, an FET in March 2014 and it was BFN. We did another fresh IVF cycle in November 2014 and it was a BFP but I had vaginal bleeding from the day before the beta and it resulted in a chemical pregnancy. I had another FET in May 2015 and it resulted in a BFP that started with a beta of 35 and again resulted in a chemical pregnancy. During this FET we transferred two of our frozen embryos and we only have one embryo left. I really had no hope left. We have been trying for 5 years and had 4 failed IVF cycles behind us. I had come to expect bad news. This cycle went very well but so had all the others. I has a lining of 12mm the day of transfer and estrodiol levels of 723 and progesterone above 40. All looked perfect. The transfer was flawless but all the others had been as well. Starting on 3dp5dt I had some cramping. That lasted a couple days. On 5dp5dt I noticed some old brown blood when I wiped so maybe implantation blood. My breast were enlarged and tender but had been even prior to the transfer. I had a random bout of diarrhea on 5dp5dt. On 8dp5dt I had the overwhelming feeling it didn't work. I figured it was my gut feeling trying to prepare me. But we found out on 9dp5dt that we were pregnant and my hCG was 167! So much higher than the last two times and I had no bleeding. So I feel this time is different. I will get my second hCG level tomorrow.

Miracle Baby #2 Via Gestational Surrogate

I am so beyond elated to be sharing my BFP news!
Short summary and then I'll get to her symptoms.
I am a Breast Cancer survivor and I am on a medication that doesn't allow me to get pregnant again. I have a 2.5 year old son that was conceived naturally after 10 months of TTC after being diagnosed with Ovulation issues.
We decided to go with a gestational surrogate to complete our family. I did IVF prior to chemo and had 4 5day blasts frozen.
We did a single embryo transfer as per my age at the time of freezing (just turned 34) and the quality. Which wasn't perfect so don't get discouraged!! 4BC grade when frozen and then survived the thaw 100%:)

Transfer went picture perfect her lining was 10.5 at transfer time. One day of semi bed rest and then she flew home the next day. We didn't find out until Beta no HPT.

1DP - cramping ( needed to take tylenol)
2dp- She caught a bad cold.Sore throat and coughing so dont worry if this happens. Cramping.
3dp- Still sick. Sore and swollen breasts
4dp-Still sick- very dizzy
5dp-Still sick- dizzy and tired
6pd- feeling better but still dizzy and sore breasts
7dp- mild cramping, sharp pain in groin
8dp- cold almost gone, light brown discharge on liner, pains on right side of groin
9dp- sore breasts still
10dp-little tired
11dp- little tired still
12dp- beta day or so we thought!! The machine at the lab broke couldn't get results until next day! I thought we were out.
13dp- exhausted
and Beta was 100!!progesterone was perfect too!!!

This baby is an absolute miracle after such a nightmare. We are beyond appreciative of this miracle!! Never give up ever!

BFP with 1st IVF!

After frantically searching for IVF success symptoms during my two week wait, I promised myself if I got a BFP, that I would add my own story to help others that were going through the same thing I went through. My journey started in January, I had 3 failed IUI's until I decided to move onto IVF. Once I started the IVF process, they realized that I did not produce a lot of estrogen and I did not have a high ovulation level, which is the reason they think the IUI's failed. My egg retrieval was at the beginning of July. They retrieved 24 eggs, 17 were able to be fertilized, but only 3 made it to the 6th day. They froze the 6 blastocysts and we waited over a month for my lady parts to get back to normal. I had my frozen embryo transfer on Friday, August 28th. I had 2 very good blastocysts transferred. I had acupuncture the day before, and the morning of my transfer...which I believe is beneficial. The lady that did my acupuncture also gave me a thing called a moxa stick, that I lit and circled around my head for 15 minutes for the first week after the transfer. This was said to help prevent miscarriage. She also recommended that I stay away from any cold foods or drinks. I drank room temperature water and red leaf (raspberry) tea...its also supposed to help prevent miscarriage. I ate lots of almonds, pineapple core, and avocados and crock pot meals. Brown rice too. I stayed on bedrest for 3 days, and then took 2 extra days just to take it easy. So 5 days of resting in total. 4 days after the transfer, I had cramping for most of the day. After that it was off and on. Similar to period cramps but not as strong and lower in my belly, around the uterus area. I was just praying that it was implantation cramping!! For the past week, I have been SUPER moody/emotional, extra hungry, extra I NEED a nap throughout the day, I have a weird smell last week when I peed (I emailed my nurse to ask if this was normal), I had a cramp in my right leg which I have NEVER had before, it lasted for about 2 days, when I turned a certain way, my stomach felt tight, or if I coughed, sneezed, or laughed too hard. I just had a huge feeling I was pregnant because I had never ever felt that way before. My first beta test isnt until tomorrow morning, but my mother wanted me to take a test (I'm doing this as a single mom) with her so I did and the 2 pink lines showed up so fast, we couldn't believe it!!! And the ClearBlue Digital said pregnant right away and it says I am 2-3 weeks. I couldn't be more excited. My biggest dream was to become a mommy and its finally coming true. I pray for good results from my beta test in the morning and that I have a HEALTHY, FULL TERM PREGNANCY!!!! I cannot thank God enough for this little blessing. I will find out at my first ultrasound if there is one or two little miracles in there!!! Stay positive and everything will happen in God's perfect timing!! I hope this helps someone who is going through the two week wait...all the shots, appts, emotions were all worth it!!! Best of luck to everyone!!!

BFP 1st try IVF with ICSI after 2 years trying.

I have read every single one of these BFP stories over my years of trying and promised myself I would write one when my time came. So here goes!

1dp5dt- felt some twinges but was still sore and bloated from egg retrieval so could have been that.

2dp-3dp5dt- gassy and very tired

4dp5dt- first clear symptom was walking around in the grocery store and felt really cloudy and just really strange. I wasn't dizzy but my head felt fuzzy, told hubby I'm pregnant I know it and bought a bunch of tests. Got an extremely faint line on cheapie Walmart test.

5dp5dt- FRER in morning is BFP but it's a squinter, tried to eat a sandwich hubby made and it tasted like hair spray, not into meat at all picked the chicken out of my pasta at dinner. Very tired, sore boobs but on progesterone and estrogen supplements so that's could be the reason.

6dp5dt- stronger positive on morning test waking up feeling like I'm starving and last 3 days waking up at 6am and not being able to go back to sleep. Feeling sharp quick pains in lower belly under belly button especially after dinner.

Today is 7dp5dt and line is darker today, first beta is this morning with a follow up 2 days later and then they call with results. I have to say I didn't really know any of these were symptoms until I got my BFP like everyone says I had more symptoms the months I got BFns. But we all know that's why we are here is to see the symptoms. lol I prayed and solicited prayers from all my friends and family and I felt really positive from the beginning of the treatment. We transferred one 5AA hatching blast and it worked. Stay faithful and positive and trust that God will fulfill his promises to you. Good luck!

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BPF at 40 1st IVF

Hello All,
I just wanted to share my good news with you, because I have been glued to your stories to keep myself sane through my 2ww. Big Thanks! I got married 2 years ago and began trying, was refered to fertility ctr after 6 months and then had a few months on clomid, and then 3 IUI using clomid which were negative. -at the start I felt mad at my husband and myself for not trying during our 5 year engagement, he felt like I was going a bit crazy and I was sometimes mad at him for not understanding all my weeping when my period showed up-
On to IVF. We said it would be one time only, because of the cost 10,000CAD and the toll on our relationship. We had 13 mature eggs retrieved 10 fertilized and 3 make it to day 5 blast - 2 "good" 1 "ok". Since they didn't feel that the 3rd would make it through freezing they transferred all 3. I was upset because I wanted 2 kids and some frosties.
The 2ww wait was so frustrating, I had some cramps early on and sore breasts (but I had this with progesterone for IUI too) and a minor breakout, but I've been eating sugar and chocolate - stress eating the whole time.
Today I had my beta test 14 days after transfer and it is 1281 a BFP!
Hang in there ladies.
Hugs and Hi Fives!