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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Are you employing "Assisted Reproductive Technology" to achieve your BFP? If so, this is where you'll find the success stories of women in your same situation.

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First BFP after 2 years of TTC

In the 2 years we were trying to conceive, I've been on this site many times to read about other people's experiences and it really helped me pick myself up during all those low moments and keep trying. This morning, I finally got the elusive 2nd line! I hope my story can help other people out there struggling with infertility to stay strong and keep fighting on this tough journey. A bit of background, I'm 30 with PCOS, my husband is 38 with low sperm count. We've been trying to conceive since we got married 2 years ago. During these 2 years, we've had many cycles of disappointment. I had a surgery to remove an ovarian cyst. My husband took many vitamins to improve his count. We tried IUI once and it failed. Finally, we decided to stop wasting time and just go for IVF which had the best chance of working. Due to my PCOS and high AMH, the doctor was worried that I would get OHSS, so he recommended a Lupron trigger and a freeze all cycle. We ended up with 11 good quality blastocysts all frozen on day 5. I recovered from the egg retrieval quickly and the next month we did FET #1 with 1 blastocyst rated 4AB, this cycle was a BFN. We were very disappointed. The doctor said everything looked good, it just didn't work. He told us to stay positive and that my chance is quite good. Since we didn't do PGD, it was likely just not a normal embryo despite looking great. We went straight into FET#2 in the following month. Transferred 1 blastocyst again, another 4AB. Here are my symptoms: Transfer Day - very smooth and painless transfer, no cramping at all afterwards. Went to the bathroom right after, did not lie down at all. 1dp5dt - no cramping, breasts are sore but have been since starting progesterone 6 days ago, very little cm. 2dp5dt - breasts still sore, no cm 3dp5dt - a little cramping, definitely noticeable but not the same as af cramp. Breast still sore. Noticed that cervix is higher when inserting the progesterone suppositories 4dp5dt - no more cramping, watery cm, breasts sore, cervix still high 5dp5dt - stronger cramps (not the same as af, more like muscle spasm below the belly button) for a few hours. Watery cm, breasts sore, cervix still high 6dp5dt - no more cramps, lower back sore, watery cm, started having shooting stabbing pain on the side of breast randomly throughout the day. Cervix high. 7dp5dt - BFP on Wonfo test strip. The second line is lighter than the control line but it is clear and pink, definitely no squinting. It's still early so I'm cautiously excited. To everyone struggling out there, just know that you are not alone and it CAN happen, truly!
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BFP on 5th Embryo Transfer

This was our 5th embryo transfer. It was our third FET. We had done a fresh IVF cycle in October 2013 and it was BFN, an FET in March 2014 and it was BFN. We did another fresh IVF cycle in November 2014 and it was a BFP but I had vaginal bleeding from the day before the beta and it resulted in a chemical pregnancy. I had another FET in May 2015 and it resulted in a BFP that started with a beta of 35 and again resulted in a chemical pregnancy. During this FET we transferred two of our frozen embryos and we only have one embryo left. I really had no hope left. We have been trying for 5 years and had 4 failed IVF cycles behind us. I had come to expect bad news. This cycle went very well but so had all the others. I has a lining of 12mm the day of transfer and estrodiol levels of 723 and progesterone above 40. All looked perfect. The transfer was flawless but all the others had been as well. Starting on 3dp5dt I had some cramping. That lasted a couple days. On 5dp5dt I noticed some old brown blood when I wiped so maybe implantation blood. My breast were enlarged and tender but had been even prior to the transfer. I had a random bout of diarrhea on 5dp5dt. On 8dp5dt I had the overwhelming feeling it didn't work. I figured it was my gut feeling trying to prepare me. But we found out on 9dp5dt that we were pregnant and my hCG was 167! So much higher than the last two times and I had no bleeding. So I feel this time is different. I will get my second hCG level tomorrow.

Miracle Baby #2 Via Gestational Surrogate

I am so beyond elated to be sharing my BFP news! Short summary and then I'll get to her symptoms. I am a Breast Cancer survivor and I am on a medication that doesn't allow me to get pregnant again. I have a 2.5 year old son that was conceived naturally after 10 months of TTC after being diagnosed with Ovulation issues. We decided to go with a gestational surrogate to complete our family. I did IVF prior to chemo and had 4 5day blasts frozen. We did a single embryo transfer as per my age at the time of freezing (just turned 34) and the quality. Which wasn't perfect so don't get discouraged!! 4BC grade when frozen and then survived the thaw 100%:) Transfer went picture perfect her lining was 10.5 at transfer time. One day of semi bed rest and then she flew home the next day. We didn't find out until Beta no HPT. 1DP - cramping ( needed to take tylenol) 2dp- She caught a bad cold.Sore throat and coughing so dont worry if this happens. Cramping. 3dp- Still sick. Sore and swollen breasts 4dp-Still sick- very dizzy 5dp-Still sick- dizzy and tired 6pd- feeling better but still dizzy and sore breasts 7dp- mild cramping, sharp pain in groin 8dp- cold almost gone, light brown discharge on liner, pains on right side of groin 9dp- sore breasts still 10dp-little tired 11dp- little tired still 12dp- beta day or so we thought!! The machine at the lab broke couldn't get results until next day! I thought we were out. 13dp- exhausted and Beta was 100!!progesterone was perfect too!!! This baby is an absolute miracle after such a nightmare. We are beyond appreciative of this miracle!! Never give up ever!

BFP with 1st IVF!

After frantically searching for IVF success symptoms during my two week wait, I promised myself if I got a BFP, that I would add my own story to help others that were going through the same thing I went through. My journey started in January, I had 3 failed IUI's until I decided to move onto IVF. Once I started the IVF process, they realized that I did not produce a lot of estrogen and I did not have a high ovulation level, which is the reason they think the IUI's failed. My egg retrieval was at the beginning of July. They retrieved 24 eggs, 17 were able to be fertilized, but only 3 made it to the 6th day. They froze the 6 blastocysts and we waited over a month for my lady parts to get back to normal. I had my frozen embryo transfer on Friday, August 28th. I had 2 very good blastocysts transferred. I had acupuncture the day before, and the morning of my transfer...which I believe is beneficial. The lady that did my acupuncture also gave me a thing called a moxa stick, that I lit and circled around my head for 15 minutes for the first week after the transfer. This was said to help prevent miscarriage. She also recommended that I stay away from any cold foods or drinks. I drank room temperature water and red leaf (raspberry) tea...its also supposed to help prevent miscarriage. I ate lots of almonds, pineapple core, and avocados and crock pot meals. Brown rice too. I stayed on bedrest for 3 days, and then took 2 extra days just to take it easy. So 5 days of resting in total. 4 days after the transfer, I had cramping for most of the day. After that it was off and on. Similar to period cramps but not as strong and lower in my belly, around the uterus area. I was just praying that it was implantation cramping!! For the past week, I have been SUPER moody/emotional, extra hungry, extra I NEED a nap throughout the day, I have a weird smell last week when I peed (I emailed my nurse to ask if this was normal), I had a cramp in my right leg which I have NEVER had before, it lasted for about 2 days, when I turned a certain way, my stomach felt tight, or if I coughed, sneezed, or laughed too hard. I just had a huge feeling I was pregnant because I had never ever felt that way before. My first beta test isnt until tomorrow morning, but my mother wanted me to take a test (I'm doing this as a single mom) with her so I did and the 2 pink lines showed up so fast, we couldn't believe it!!! And the ClearBlue Digital said pregnant right away and it says I am 2-3 weeks. I couldn't be more excited. My biggest dream was to become a mommy and its finally coming true. I pray for good results from my beta test in the morning and that I have a HEALTHY, FULL TERM PREGNANCY!!!! I cannot thank God enough for this little blessing. I will find out at my first ultrasound if there is one or two little miracles in there!!! Stay positive and everything will happen in God's perfect timing!! I hope this helps someone who is going through the two week wait...all the shots, appts, emotions were all worth it!!! Best of luck to everyone!!!

BFP 1st try IVF with ICSI after 2 years trying.

I have read every single one of these BFP stories over my years of trying and promised myself I would write one when my time came. So here goes! 1dp5dt- felt some twinges but was still sore and bloated from egg retrieval so could have been that. 2dp-3dp5dt- gassy and very tired 4dp5dt- first clear symptom was walking around in the grocery store and felt really cloudy and just really strange. I wasn't dizzy but my head felt fuzzy, told hubby I'm pregnant I know it and bought a bunch of tests. Got an extremely faint line on cheapie Walmart test. 5dp5dt- FRER in morning is BFP but it's a squinter, tried to eat a sandwich hubby made and it tasted like hair spray, not into meat at all picked the chicken out of my pasta at dinner. Very tired, sore boobs but on progesterone and estrogen supplements so that's could be the reason. 6dp5dt- stronger positive on morning test waking up feeling like I'm starving and last 3 days waking up at 6am and not being able to go back to sleep. Feeling sharp quick pains in lower belly under belly button especially after dinner. Today is 7dp5dt and line is darker today, first beta is this morning with a follow up 2 days later and then they call with results. I have to say I didn't really know any of these were symptoms until I got my BFP like everyone says I had more symptoms the months I got BFns. But we all know that's why we are here is to see the symptoms. lol I prayed and solicited prayers from all my friends and family and I felt really positive from the beginning of the treatment. We transferred one 5AA hatching blast and it worked. Stay faithful and positive and trust that God will fulfill his promises to you. Good luck!
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BPF at 40 1st IVF

Hello All, I just wanted to share my good news with you, because I have been glued to your stories to keep myself sane through my 2ww. Big Thanks! I got married 2 years ago and began trying, was refered to fertility ctr after 6 months and then had a few months on clomid, and then 3 IUI using clomid which were negative. -at the start I felt mad at my husband and myself for not trying during our 5 year engagement, he felt like I was going a bit crazy and I was sometimes mad at him for not understanding all my weeping when my period showed up- On to IVF. We said it would be one time only, because of the cost 10,000CAD and the toll on our relationship. We had 13 mature eggs retrieved 10 fertilized and 3 make it to day 5 blast - 2 "good" 1 "ok". Since they didn't feel that the 3rd would make it through freezing they transferred all 3. I was upset because I wanted 2 kids and some frosties. The 2ww wait was so frustrating, I had some cramps early on and sore breasts (but I had this with progesterone for IUI too) and a minor breakout, but I've been eating sugar and chocolate - stress eating the whole time. Today I had my beta test 14 days after transfer and it is 1281 a BFP! Hang in there ladies. Hugs and Hi Fives!

2wwand BFP

Hi, I am 37 yrs old and wanted to share my BFP story. This was our second cycle. We started in March 15, did our cycle 1st cycle in June 15 and thereafter our second cycle in August 15. I am sharing my story to let you know there is nothing to worry if any of you go through any of these: 1) 2 hours after my embryo transfer, I had to visit the loo. I was feeling constipated and the amount of pressure I had to use was not funny. It was really really bad. Ditto on Day 2. So, not to worry. 3) On the 9th day I went window shopping. I actually tripped and fell down one step. It was a proper fall. I was so paranoid. I called the Dr who sounded concerned and told me to let her know if there was any bleeding. The drive back to my home was my longest one ever. when I reached home I was relieved but a quick tissue dab revealed blood and I was heartbroken. The Dr prescribed a medication for three days. On googling the medicine, Etasyl I formed the impression it was to ease heavy flow of menstrual bleeding and was very sure I lost the baby. I cried my heart out. Infact I was so sure that I waited it out till hubby returned from a work trip and got myself tested on Day 18. It turned out to be a BFP!! So all of you out there, do not worry if: 1) if you have cried a lot or been depressed during your 2ww 2) if you meet with a minor accident 3) if you need to exert a lot of pressure while using the washroom or if you are constipated (my Dr told me they are two entirely different mechanisms) The other things I worried about but anyway did were: 1) I took no bed rest. My Dr didn't advise it. I was up and about on the same day. I rested on the bed where the procedure was performed for approx 20 mins. Thereafter walked down one flight of stairs, went GE which was a good 40 mins drive with the traffic (I wasn't driving, in fact Dr advised to avoid driving long distances during the 2WW). Once home, I slept for a couple of hours, and then it was just a normal day. 2) I went for a movie on Day 2. Went for Mission Inpossible V in IMAX on Day 5. Was worried about the impact of the sound & action. 3) I ate leftovers 4) I ate in restaurants 5) I didn't sleep too well. Woke up almost every night around 3 am and stayed up for an hour or two. 6) Webt for a slow 30 minute walk almost every evening. 7) Spent 2-2.5 hours in the mall at a stretch. The things I did so were. 1) Stopped my daily Nespresso shot. Instead had 2 huge cups of white or green tea in the morning and a mug of premixed milk powder, coffee and sugar in the evening. 2) I did not eat any icecream or drink anything too cold. No carbonated drinks. 3) Wore socks to keep my feet warm. 4) tried to stay in fresh air with windows opening house all day long. Tried to take deep breaths. Also I had virtually no symptoms during the 2WW, except for fatigue after walking around in the malls. I also started having a slightwhite discharge around Day 11. My big learning from this experience has been: The outcome of a BFP is 95% plus controlled by the quality of the embryos. There is precious little one can do or not do. Of course the no brainer rules like no smoking, alcohol or excessive caffeine need to be kept in mind. But other than that, the best thing to do is probably to go about your everyday routine during the 2WW. Good luck to all of you out there. Muah!!

IVF #2 zero frosties BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have waited forever to make this post! I hope this helps someone waiting because I looked for symptoms and someone that went through what I did. After trying to conceive for 18 months we finally went to an RE and got some help. After 3 failed IUIs and one IVF cycle fail w/ no frosties, as a back up, finally IVF #2 worked. Unfortunately, we do not have any frozen for our next baby but I will happily go through it all again when we are ready for them. I'm so over the moon about my perfect little bean that is growing. Me (34) DH (37) - low sperm count and we think maybe an egg/sperm issue. I had a low response to fertility meds and only produced 7 eggs each cycle and only this one embryo that I am currently pregnant with survived passed 5 days (13 didn't make it). What a survivor!! 3dt - transferred 2 average embryos. Only 4 & 5 cells (not looking good they want to see 8 cells by day 3) 1 to 9dp3dt - zero symptoms, I was a little sore still from the retrieval and had some soreness when peeing but that subsided each day 10dp3dt - morning of my 1st beta test, I decided to take an EPT test to know what to expect. Faint positive...I almost pass out!! Beta result is 87. BFP!!! 11dp3dt - I'm still nervous since my number was a little low. Slight pink streak...barely noticeable on my pad in the morning (nothing more). Took another EPT, positive and slightly darker...could this be true? 12dp3dt - Take First Response definite BFP (test line is still darker than the positive line). 2nd Beta 230 confirmed PREGNANT!! 14dp3dt - Take last First Response and line is same color as test! This will be my last pregnancy test!! 25dp3dt - first ultra sound confirms one healthy baby. 6 weeks and see tiny heartbeat...heaven!! I have had zero symptoms. 6 weeks in and feel totally normal. No cramps, no spotting (expect that one morning, I'm sure it was IB). If I didn't see my little nugget with my own eyes yesterday, I would not have believed I'm pregnant. Only thing is I'm beyond hungry...I could eat a horse but that didn't happen until I was 5 weeks. So if you don't feel anything, don't count yourself out. I literally thought the night before my beta that I would never be a mother and was 100% convinced this cycle didn't work. I'm so glad I was wrong! I hope my story keeps at least one person's hopes up. IVF works and you don't always have morning sickness or symptoms!
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Stage IV Endo, BFP with 3rd IVF

I have never posted anything online but I realized how much this site brought me hope during some difficult times that I thought it would be selfish not to do the same for someone else. I’ve provided as much information as possible because I liked knowing the details but consequently this is a long post. To give a little bit of background, I am 33 years old and was diagnosed with stage IV endometriosis when I was 30. At the time of my diagnosis, my father was dying of ALS, I had just gotten married, and I started experiencing abdominal pain (needless to say it was a high stress time which I believe exacerbated my endo). After testing and laproscopic surgery, endo was confirmed. As much endo tissue was removed as possible, my ovaries were put back in their proper position, and my tubes were cleared. At my 6-week follow-up with my surgeon, I expressed that I wanted to start a family (I had just gotten married) and he immediately sent in the fertility specialist at the hospital. I knew from previous research that endo can make conceiving difficult and I wanted to start the process as soon as possible. During that apt, the fertility specialist ordered another HSG just to confirm my fallopian tubes were still clear post-surgery, along with blood work to assess my ovarian egg reserve and whether I was ovulating or not. Turns out both tubes were clear at that point, my AMH (egg reserve) level was good (I can’t remember the number), and I was ovulating. We decided to do a round of IUI. Two follicles grew well and my husband’s sperm count was excellent. We were not successful. During the two week wait, I interviewed for a new job and was offered the position. Because I was starting a new job, I asked my specialist if I could wait three months before proceeding – she agreed. As the end of the three month mark approached, I called the case manager I was assigned and said that I had been experiencing some bad pain and thought another HSG should be performed before doing another round of IUI. Turns out both of my tubes were blocked. I live in Canada and our healthcare system allows for three paid rounds of IVF with bi-lateral blocked tubes and our insurance company paid for our medication. Two months later I stared my first round of IVF: Day 1 of period started birth control pill Day 18 of pill, went for ultrasound to ensure everything was calm with no cysts from using the pill. Brown spotting within a week of being on the pill until it was time for meds. Stopped pill that day and waited for my period Day 3 of period stared 150 Puregon, 75 Menopur (did this for two days) Added Femara 5mg on day 3 of injections to control the estradiol in my blood to help reduce the inflammation of endometriosis, along with Puregon and Menopur Started Orgalutron 250 units on day 5 of stim meds to prevent ovulation Used stim meds for 10 days. Injected Ovidrel on the night of day 10 18 eggs retrieved, 11 mature. ICSI used to inject sperm. Six eggs fertilized normally Two embryos transferred on day 3, 1 six cells and 1 eight cells but not the greatest quality. None made it to freezing. Prometrium, 600 mg vaginally AF arrived on Day 13 BFN, Beta of 7 on day 16 After the first round was not successful, my specialist recommended that I go on Depot Lupron for a maximum of 6 months to calm the environment and stop the endometriosis from growing. We decided on five months and they were not easy but I knew it would be worth it (hot flashes, painful sex from lack of lubrication, and mental fog). We started our second round in October. My specialist added Omnitrope to the medication mix and switched out Puregon and Menopur for Luveris and Gonal F. Omnitrope was not covered by our insurance and cost ~$1,100. I also had a uterine scratch prior to my period starting. My embryo quality was much better this round and we made it to a Day 5 transfer with an advanced morula and an almost morula. However, once again, BFN, with no beta level detected: Gonal F 200 Luveris 75 Omnitrope 3.33 Femara 2.5 mg starting on day 2 of injections until trigger shot Orgalutran 250 starting on day 5 of stims 10 eggs retrieved, 7 injected by ICSI, 6 fertilized normally, none made it to freezing AF showed on day 13 BFN, no beta Prometrium, 600 mg vaginally

BFP!! 8dp5dt

This is my second attempt to post my BFP, the first time I tried was on the day after I got my first very faint positive on 8dp5dt when I started spotting.. I didnt do it then because I got terrified that I was actually having a CP as I already had one about 18 months ago... so i decided to wait a bit longer before I shared the news. Background... Me (39 going on 40 next month) DH (41) I have a wonderful daughter (11yrs) from previous marriage, got pregnant by accident and thought it was extremely easy to get pregnant... life has a way of showing you the truth! After remarrying started ttc right away as I had just turned 36 and wanted to have my kids not that far apart... again life showing me the reality of how thing work!!! We tried for 1.5 years and nothing, OBY-GYN send us to fertility specialist... how dare he??? I'm so healthy and fertile!! punch in face number one, You have your uterus covered in polyps, cannot hold a pregnancy with uterus like that you need to get a hysteroscopy. :-S Afterwards doctor recommended at list to try IUI, but he recommends IVF because of my age... again I was in disbelief! I'm healthy, I exercise, eat properly, age with grandma!!@#$$@! so we tried non assisted IUI... BFN of course! I was an idiot and doing IVF made me feel sick and wasn't! so we only did the one IUI and since it didnt work I thought that's fine, because they couldn't find anything wrong with us, except the polyps and they removed them... Sure enough 2 months later I was late :-D I always have been a swiss clock when it comes to AF... so I tested the they after I missed my period and got a faint BFP!!! In your face fertility doctors!!! I'm pregnant as I knew I would be! made my appointment with my regular OBY-GYN for the following week... and just 5 days after my " good news" I started bleeding... of course panic and called the doctor to go in early... when I arrived the spotting was not as light as early in the morning and the nurse made sure she pointed that out, as if I couldn't see the freaking pee cup all tinted with blood and my heart falling into pieces....:-( The doctor said we dont even get a positive on the urine test are you sure you got a positive... i was really frustrated with that doctor's office because of their lack of empathy!!!! basically the next days was full blown period that lasted 7 days! so i'm pretty sure there was something in there that just didnt stick. I decided ( my DH had no choice) that we would continue trying naturally and if by 39 we didnt get pregnant, we would visit the fertility doctors again They received us with the same positive attitude as usual, now I said I want IVF right away! doctor was on board but warned me about the insurance, and not to get frustrated... of course that didnt happened I got frustrated when my insurance had a maximum life expense and requires that you do at least 3 IUIs before you move to IVF, now 2 years after the first time I saw them my AMH was lower than expected for my age... so basically chances getting smaller and silly insurance have the same requirements regardless of your values. the only good nes is that they counted the IUI we had 2 years ago as the first one. Ready for IUI #2, pop me with drugs and get me ready to be pregnant!!! :) oops we can't, you now have cysts in your ovaries, that are producing hormones, and we cannot give more because we risk making them bigger... you need to be on bcp :-( :-( 2 cycles came and go until finally those things started to go away. Now ready and on Clomid, only one follicle with the right measurments... good sperm count... now 2ww... my boobs were so sore that anything touch them and I felt like they were going to break... hopes getting high I'm having symptoms! result: BFN. Ok, now IUI#3, same drill, BFN... but finally we are ready to go for IVF, right? well no, because after the IUI one of follicles still there and is now cyst almost 35mm big... so you have to take bcp again! One week on bcp, cyst still there and getting stronger!! I hate you cyst!!! doctor put me on double bcp per day, i was definitevely feeling the hormone crazyness... but finally after full cycle on double dosis the cyst stopped producing hormones, but was still there same size, but my doctor, says it's ok we can go ahead and start you on your IVF meds. My cycle was a little aggressive, I had to take 3 vials of Menopur + 325 units of Follistim and Omnitrope 5ml per day, after a few days values still low for the amount of drugs so I was bumped to 4 vials of menopur and 375 of follistim, kept Omnitrope the same. Stims lasted 15 days!!! after breaking the bank to pay for all this drugs, my insurance called t say that I have exhausted my limit and now everything is out pf pocket. You know relaxing times... Finally we start seeing progress and i produced about 11 follicles, however about 4-5 were below 15mm... a couple were already 25mm so by day 15 we were done and now get ready for retrieval.
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