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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Late Ovulation

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BFP when stopped stressing out!

DH and I have been trying for #2 the past 6 months, using OPK. Symptom spotting, stressed out TWW and BFN each time! Also cycle kept getting shorter. This cycle I got bronchitis during when I thought I would ovulate. No OPK. BD, but I thought it was way after O day, so didn't even think anything of it. No TWW, so no stressing or symptom spotting for me. Had cramps and emotional 2 days before AF was due (CD26). Cramps again CD27. No symptoms, white CM. BFP on CD30 with FRER and digital. Blood test scheduled for tomorrow.
I still have no major symptoms (had very sore boobs even before missed AF with first pregnancy). Just breaking out all over my face, which I don't normally do. Praying for this little bean to stick!
Don't give up and try not to stress! It'll happen when you're least expecting (no pun intended!)

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15 DPO BFP after 3 BFNs!!

We've been trying to conceive our first baby for 3 months and got a BFP at 15 DPO after I had given up all hope for this month!!

We BD'd the day before O and 2 days before that. I was working away on O day so no chance of doing it then. This month I was taking EPO up until O and I also lay down flat after BD for about 10 minutes, after hearing it helped IVF users. I was also doing a lot of yoga breathing techniques every day, but mostly because my job has been stressful. It could have helped though...!

I had way less symptoms this month than other months!

Days 1-4: I felt like I was getting a cold, a bit of nausea but I chalked it up to usual progesterone reaction.

Days 5-7 I began having some faint pains in the left side of my pelvis.

Day 8 I was really irritable, like I was getting PMS and I began to think I was out. Wet CM, which was a little odd. Still a few cramps on my left side, but I had had them last month as well with no joy.

Day 9. BFN. Had a few drinks that night. Really hungry. No other symptoms.

Day 10 Felt like I had a hangover (but I had not drunk that much!). Really weird dreams as well. BFN again, beginning to lose hope.

Day 11 Cramping on left side again. Creamy CM. A few waves of nausea. Feeling calm and happy rather than PMS though.

Day 12. BFN (with my last test in the house for this month) Temp has dipped as well, but still above cover line. Wet CM. Given up for the month, certain that AF is arriving tomorrow and have a few drinks and buy OPKs for next month.

Day 13 did not test. Expecting AF today/tomorrow. A few hot flashes and dizzy spells. A few sharp cramps, made me think AF had arrived early. Temp not risen from yesterday. CM has dried up. Cervix feels low and V almost feels swollen, very tight.

Day 14. No AF but did not test. Temp still lower than it had been but above cover line. A bit of nausea and tiredness and dizziness. Cervix still feels swollen. Bbs tender than I remember before AF. Bloated. A bit emotional. Really hungry for carbs; went out for dinner and stole food off my husbands plate! Had 2 small glasses of wine, took me ages to drink them as I just didn't really want them (very weird!).

Day 15. Huge hangover, despite only 2 drinks in a 4 hour period. Temp up again, put it down to the drinks. Really tired, Bbs really achy. Felt really calm and chilled. Cervix still swollen. Belly very bloated. Tested at lunchtime and BFP!! Could not believe it!!

Day 16 tested BFP again! Bbs aching, cramps, nausea, weird dreams and really tired.

I really felt like my symptoms were stronger in other months and I really thought I was out after 3 BFNs, as I was using First Response / Clearblue digital to test and my LP is normally only 12 days. Just goes to show that you never know....! Good luck and stay calm!!

BFP after ttc 9 months with #2

I can't believe the journey it has been for baby #2. My husband and I have an almost 2 year old son that we concieved on the first try. Well almost. I got pregnant on the first try, positive tests and everything but ended up miscarrying very early. It was only 3 days after my period was due that I lost it. We didn't wait for another cycle to try again, we just jumped right in and sure enough I got pregnant again. With both of those pregnancies I had early symptoms that I'd never had before so I "just knew". I had sore boobs, twinges in the uterus area, fatigue. All things that were not normal for me.
So around the time my son turned 1 we decided to start trying again. I had not been on any bc because my husband deployed when my son was 2 months old and came home when he was 1. I had pretty normal periods while he was gone so when we started trying and they went wacky I went wacky right along with them. Every month, and I mean EVERY FREAKING MONTH I thought I was pregnant. I had extreme sore boobs, pulls and twinges in the uterus, backache, nausea. You name it I had it. I kept poas and they were STARK WHITE. The feeling you get when you see that is heart breaking, but nothing is worse than when you wake up and go to the bathroom and there AF is. Absolutely gut wrenching.
The worst part for me was that my periods were coming early! I usually had a normal 28 day cycle but I was starting anywhere from 1-6 days early. I would go crazy saying it was implantation bleeding for a few days until it got heavy and all my other symptoms went away. It was driving me nuts. Also I was ovulating late. Instead of getting the LH surge on day 14 I was getting mine 3-4 days later. So I'm thinking that I'm ovulating late and starting early so there is no way a little bean even has a chance!!
I tried vitex for 3 months and it did give me a normal 28 day cycle the first month but the next month I started early again and the following month too. I forgot the pills when we went on vacation so I just stopped after that. The only other thing I tried was PreSeed. We used it last month and this month. I'm not sure if that was the help we needed or not because I do produce ewcm on my own.
A few weeks ago I went to my OBGYN who just so happens to specialize in infertility. She took blood that day and sent me home with charts so I could write down my temps and show her the LH surge and intercrouse days. Then when AF comes I'm supposed to get blood work on day 2 or 3 and then go in a week after LH surge to check something else. (sorry I forget what) Well it looks like I don't have to go back!
I just wanted to share my story because it can be so frustrating when you know you can have babies and you can't figure out what is wrong with you! Maybe nothing was wrong, maybe it just wasn't the right time. But I am thankful I went through all that because it really opened my eyes. We can really take for granted the things that come easy to us, until... well they dont!
I didn't symptom spot specifically each day this month because I was just waiting for AF so I could start charting and get going on a plan. However I had all my normal pre AF symptoms. My boobs have been sore, but possibly in a different way? I am bloated. I was very gassy for a few days. My allergies have been acting up, meaning I still have to blow my nose even thought I've been taking claritin. Also the mucus was yellow/green and on a few days bloody. Sorry TMI! The thing that really had me wondering was the fatigue! I work from home and during my sons nap I had been taking naps too because I was sooooo tired. My coffee in the morning wasnt working either. It just couldn't wake me up.
Another side note. My OBGYN wanted me to ONLY use Clearblue digital ovulation tests. She said they were the most accurate so I did buy those this month and we BD the day I got the solid smiley and the day after. I honestly think it helps you remember to do it on those days instead of looking at those lines on the other tests. I think there were a few months that we missed it because I thought it was darker but it really wasn't and by the time it did get dark we were almost all BD'd out. A few times we only did it on the day of the solid line even thought I know it can take up to 72 hours to ovulate.

Bfp 1st cycle ttc

Hi as someone who obsessively read this forum as well as others all over the net just want to share my experience below

I had no symptoms as such and did a lot of looking into ttc before actually trying it. I used an opk a few months prior to detect ovulation - it was always different by a few days or so. I also noticed my cycles had changed since ttc from 28 days (with 4-5 days brown spotting) to about 25 days straight into af that was weird and I don't know how or why my body did that - I had read up in b vitamins for spotting and luteal phase defects but I had not used them.

I bd this month on cd2 and again when I got positive ov test and the day after that so I am sure my conception was on cd16 of a 25 day cycle and as we had been so spot on about ovulation date I didn't want to take a risk that inplantation wouldn't occur due to the 9 day luteal phase - so I started taking b50 complex from cd18.

From around 5-6 dpo - exhaustion and fatigue set in didn't see this a symptom at all just thought id been run down with busy schedules and stresses. I had all my normal pre menstrual symptoms hungry all the time, tender & full boobs & bloating and constipation nothing new didn't see that as a symptom either as I was looking for things that are different. Cd25 which is 10dpo comes no period I think the b50 is doing it's job and delaying af so let me not get too excited here. Checking every minute in the toilet looking for ad still not here by 13dpo wanted to test but had a big day ahead and didn't want to be in a bad mood if I got a bfn so waited till 14dpo first morning urine and got a super speedy bfp! Don't count yourself out if you have an absence of symptoms ladies x

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3 years without a BFP, then a BFP and scan on the same day!

Hello all you lovely mummies and mummies to be!
May I start by saying as I write this I am thinking of you all, and truly hoping that you will be writing on here very very soon.

I am 6 weeks (we think) and here is my story.

We got married in Aug 2011 and truly believed that we would just fall pregnant straight away. For the first year I tracked my temperature, for the second year I chilled out and started to think we may need help, on our third anniversary I accepted that we needed to see a doctor.

My cycles had been longer but not too irregular, then after AF at the beginning of June 2014 AF for THREE MONTHS. Nine BFNs and I was starting to get worried. So I went to the doctor and he referred me to a fertility specialist (appt would have been on 3rd Oct) and a scan on 15th September. I was told I had to lose three stone to be considered for IVF.

We told our families about the scan, the specialist, and they were pleased for us, finally moving forward.

We went to Dublin for a wedding, I had a horrible cold, painful boobs and started to throw up.
For months I wanted symptoms, then when they were there I was in complete denial, not wanting to get my hopes up for the scan after so many BFNs.

The morning of the scan I thought I would try to control my expectations by POAS before we went. There it was, a BLAZING BFP on cheap Tesco hpt. I was so surprised showed my husband and then went into shock! We went to the scan, explained the situation and saw the little sac on the screen. The sonographer said I was about 5 weeks.

I know that it is early days, we are very realistic. But I am pregnant. I love my morning sickness and horribly painful boobs, lack of sleep, because I have waited for them!

I cannot give you any advice ladies, but I will be thinking of you all, every day of this pregnancy, hoping that you throw up your fish and chips too!

Sending so much love to you all

Jen xxx

My bfp story at 8dpo

3 DPO: Nausea, mild cramping, fatigue, light headed
4 DPO: Gas, tingling BBs, fatigue, food aversion
5 DPO: extreme fatigue, gas, mild cramping
6 DPO : period like cramping , tingling breasts, started prenatals
7 DPO: glob of lotion like CM when I wiped in the morning, itchy down there,mild cramping, UNGODLY fatigue,gas, tender breasts.
8 DPO: faint BFP w/wondfo, freq urination, fatigue, mild nausea, difficulty breathing, mild cramping, tender breasts , itchy down there - started progesterone
9 dpo : ruptured cyst - visit to ER confirms pregnancy with 6.5 beta , 2.5 cm endometrial lining.

Don't give up hope :)

Hi everyone! :)
Right now I am ttc#2 But I know how when you are trying to conceive every single month you wonder if this could be the month and I understand there are a lot of women who may have problems trying to conceive - here is my story, I hope this gives you some hope if you are having trouble trying to conceive or just in general :)

Before I had my daughter ( Now two years old ) My periods were pretty irregular, They ranged from 22 days - 26 so I really had no idea when I was going to have my AF. Since I have had my wee one, they are a lot more regular usually every 28 days so I know roughly when I am going to get AF. My last period before I conceived was September 17th 2011 which lasted til 23rd September 2011. DH was away so we didn't get to have sex around the time I would have been ovulating, I hardly knew anything about cycles & ovulating but I started researching (thankfully a lot more clued up now) and my ovulation day from my last day of my period would have been around the 29th judging from the longest cycle & other factors. I ended up having intercourse on the 9th of October 2011 & around half an hour after I was extremely ill! I was so sure it was viral meningitis I have no idea why my body responded this way. I hardly had any symptoms with my daughter, My period was a bit late but because they were so irregular I didn't think much of it.. Had sore breasts (as I normally do) and noticed my nipples looked darker.. Then I went out with a friend for a drink and ended up not being able to tolerate it at all.. I ended up taking a test on October 23rd 2011 - BFN a day l repeated the test and got BFP! found out I was pregnant on the 24th of October 2011 :) it takes around 7-12 days for the implantation to happen but judging from when I conceived (9th October) and my period would have been due latest the 13th that would mean I fell pregnant within 4 days of the time I could and ovulated extremely late. I really hope you all get your BFP and don't lose hope X.

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BFP 5 months off birth control

I got off birth control in April after being on it for 8 years. My sister got pregnant the first month off bc both times, so I was hoping the same would happen for me. Not so. My cycles were all over the place (33-48 days). I went for my annual checkup at the end of August and when I told my doctor about the irregular cycles she suggested doing a progesterone test. I went in for the test on day 22 and I was not surprised when the results showed I had not ovulated yet. My doctor recommended that I try Clomid the next cycle. I was disappointed, but at the same time encouraged that my doctor wanted to be so proactive. I kept using OPKs to see if by any chance I would ovulate late, and I got a positive on cycle days 26 and 27. We Bd'd days 26, 27, and 28 but I wasn't very optimistic. I did not plan on testing early, but I had a weird back ache and bleeding gums when i brushed on either 8 or 9 dpo and decided to test with a Wondfo on a whim. I was shocked when i saw the faintest second line. I confirmed with a clearblue test on 10/11 dpo. So far the only symptoms I am having are peeing all the time and being constantly starving. I am looking forward to telling my doctor I won't be needing that Clomid after all.

Ovulated Late- BFP!!

Hey everyone! I posted here a few times because my body was going crazy with symptoms for a while. LMP was July 21st. I started getting "symptoms" on August 8th. I had everything under the sun and I was convinced I was pregnant. No, my body was trying to ovulate, but apparently did not on time. Nurse told me I was getting older and that I did not ovulate. DR wanted to jump start my period and I declined. So here is my latest time table w/symptoms.

Aug. 21st: "Missed" period and tested like crazy only to get BFNs. -Cramping, bloating, gas, nickel mouth, swollen breasts.
Aug. 27th: I got blood work & urine tests that came back normal. -Cramping, bloating, gas, nickel mouth, irregular bm's, irritable.
Sept. 3rd: Got ultrasound, BFN and no sign of anything wrong. -Cramping, bloating, gas, irritable.
Sept. 3-8: Lessened cramping, bloating and sore breasts. Thought AF was around the corner as DR indicated.
Sept. 8-10th: Implantation bleeding -Cramping, bloating, gas and slightly swollen breasts.
Sept. 11- BFP! Right away and very clear + sign. Same symptoms as above and super hungry all day.
Sept. 12: Digital BFP!

This is baby #2 for DH and I. Our son is 6 and I have 2 stepdaughters ages 13 and 10. I'm 35, DH is 32. I've been reading everyone's posts. To those TTC, I'm hoping you all get your BFP's. Good luck and baby dust to all! xoxoxo

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Trust me. It will happen!!! Almost 3 years of trying

I don't when ovulation was.. But let me just say.. I'm on cycle day 103 today. I tested as late as cycle day 83 & still got a bfn. My cycles are around 35-50 days. So when I hit cycle day 100 I knew something was up. My main symptom really... Was that I run... A lot. Almost every day. So when one day I felt really slow and out of breath, I thought maybe I just ran bad for the day... But when I started feeling like that every day after, I knew something was up. So finally... I tested again this morning around 5am. I really couldn't believe it.

Other symptoms, hungry.. Eating a lot & white yellowish cm.

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