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BFP with Late Ovulation

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I have been following this site for 2 years and I am so excited to post finally! We started ttc this month and I am still in shock that it happened!!
First - I give tons of credit to Clear blue digital ovulation predictor! If it wasn't for that I wouldn't have had this- When I thought I o'd and when I actually did were NOT the same time! I O'd on CD 18
1dpo- water cm, lower back ache, ache in my lower left ovary
2dpo- back pain
6-8- breasts got bigger and started to get sore, SUPER hungry all the time, but felt full down there easily, not much cm, exhausted!!
9-10 dpo- breasts increasingly more painful, and bigger, bfn on frer and digi cb. - lower back hurt, so tired fell asleep at 7:45pm (usually up till 11) very thirsty, and WAS not going without eating fried chicken lol - so weird.
11dpo- took frer and ept this morning with FMU - both positive right away, very faint, but clearly positive. AF due today- obviously not going to show up. boobs are very tender and very full, and I feel heavy down there.

BABY dust to all!!

BFP on 9 DPO

So I thought I was out this month because I literally had NO symptoms, but my husband and I were hoping to get pregnant. My periods are very irregular and the last one feels like it was forever ago (maybe the beginning of January?), so I think it's safe to assume that I ovulate SUPER late. I had a bunch of ovulation tests left over from last time we were trying to conceive, so I decided to take one on Feb 12th and there was no mistaking that it was positive, since it was the darkest two lines I've seen yet.

We had BD'd about three days before, then the morning AFTER the positive ovulation test. Then I had no symptoms, literally. Nothing. I started by taking a couple ovulations tests just to see what they would look like- and they looked very light, so I figured there was not way I was preggo. Then I decided to take a dollar store pregnancy test on day 9 (DPO) and there was the FAINTEST second line, I had to squint a lot and my husband couldn't even see it- he thought I was crazy. Then I took one that same evening and it was super faint but my hubby could see it by that point. Now I've taken quite a few dollar store tests and they're all positive, no mistaking it :) By my calculation I'm due Nov 5th. Since 9 DPO, I've been feeling mostly bloated and really tired. I can also see the veins on my chest are getting darker. Best of luck to all of you!

The attached picture was taken at 10 DPO

BFP symptoms same as PMS symptoms!

Quick background - my husband and I have been trying for over a year. We are in our early 30's, and both in high stress/demanding careers. My cycles vary from 30-34 days I usually can tell when I am ovulating, and have actually had my ovulation confirmed by ultrasound. We were not on any fertility treatments, however my MD had discussed possibly starting a combination of Clomid and Metformin so that my cycles would be shorter and possibly produce more eggs. Because we were going through a lot of big changes in life (new job, selling our house and relocating to a new area) we decided to hold off.

My usual PMS symptoms: cramping approximately 7 days prior to period. Sore/tender breasts approximately 5-7 days before period, but the day of period the breasts go back to normal. Also, (and this is just a superstitious type thing) when I'm pretty certain I'm about to get my period I'll usually take a pregnancy test, and usually seeing a BFN usually starts my period that night. Maybe just a coincidence, lol.

Anyway, for my BFP!!!
I was convinced this was going to be another negative month, because I was out of the country on a vacation tour with mom and brother and away from my husband during my supposed ovulation window. However, I will note that I didn't really notice whether or not I ovulated because I was so busy site-seeing and having a good time so I really didn't bother paying attention, lol. Besides, my husband wasn't with me so even if I noticed ovulation I wouldn't be able to do anything anyway, so I didn't really care.

Because my cycles vary, there is a chance I could have ovulated while on the last days of my vacation, or if I was lucky the day of my return flight. However, due to jet lag, and just general vacation exhaustion, my husband and I were not intimate until 2-3 days after I returned, so I really thought my chances were unlikely. Also, since I was sure we missed ovulation, I didn't bother with any of the usual stuff like Pre-Seed or the soft cup (truthfully I stopped using the cup several months prior because it was uncomfortable and wasn't working anyway).

I started getting my usual PMS cramps almost exactly on schedule. A light cramping starting around 7 days prior to when period was due, and the cramping usually increases until the day of period. This time? EXACTLY the same. Breast tenderness also appeared a couple days later. Both symptoms were right on time for PMS. And both felt exactly identical to PMS. I am, of course, a symptom checker (much like most of us). My vaginal discharge was the same, I had no sore throat. The ONLY maybe different symptom was kind of weird - we had sex a few more times after the PMS symptoms started, and a few of those times I remember noticing that there would be a brief tickling sensation in my lower abdomen right as I had an orgasm - it almost felt like an itch deep within that I couldn't scratch. The orgasms were just as wonderful and intense as usual, there would just be that light tickle, like a mild cramp/itch for maybe like 30 seconds right after orgasm. I don't know how to describe it, and it really only happened during that week, and maybe the week after. When I tested it was probably 10-14dpo I really was just expecting a negative - I was actually hoping to get my period already so I could start my next cycle faster. It was a VERY big surprise to look down and see a BFP!! I never had any changes in vaginal discharge prior to BFP, in fact the only day I maaaaybe saw a slight pink tinge upon wiping was 1-2 weeks after BFP, and it only happened once.

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Hardly any symptoms - keep the faith!

I'm 29 and came off birth control a month before beginning TTC.

We started trying in November but after many years (approx 7yrs) on BC I didn't actually know how long my normal cycle was. It turns out it's 31 days, which is longer than the "normal" so the whole assumption that ovulation would be about day 14 wasn't going to work for me!

Cycle two (December) I decided to track my temperatures and discovered I ovulated on day 17 so we got busy 2x a day for the 4 days prior, but unfortunately around the same time I got a chest and sinus infection so the body clearly wasn't feeling up to making babies...

In my TWW for both of the above cycles I got tender breasts (and super sensitive nipples for a few days around ovulation), in cycle two I even had a slightly triphasic chart and so got a bit disappointed when I didn't get any BFP's. I admit that I obsessed over every "symptom" that I thought I was having...

Cycle three came in January and again I tracked temps. We had sex for 5 days prior and the day of ovulation. I noticed that I didn't get sensitive nipples this month around the day of ovulation. At 7 DPO I had about 5 mins worth of very tight cramping/pulling in my abdomen. It stopped and I had no other symptoms at all for the next week. At 12 DPO my temp dropped by .2degrees which had happened the month before and I assumed it meant I was out for the month. I did an internet bought test and got a BFN, though I checked it again after an hour and thought I saw a shadow of a line, the eyes see what the heart wants to hear right?!

The next day my temp was back up by the same amount so I was slightly more encouraged, I did another test and again, BFN but a few hours later there seemed to be a faint shadow line....why can't I just learn not to test early?!

Finally on 13DPO I got a faint BFP on a clearblue test, it was faint but there! Super excited but couldn't tell my husband as he wasn't in the country! He arrived back a few days later on our one year wedding anniversary and I got to tell him then :-)

I had no symptoms other than that one episode of cramping on 7DPO - indeed I had more "symptoms" in the months prior...

I am now 7 weeks and have been very lucky so far: I have been more tired than usual so have had a few afternoon naps, my skin has broken out (but I was on the pill for my bad acne anyway!) and have larger breasts, they aren't very sensitive though and I have only had one day of feeling nauseous but definitely nothing too bad.

For anyone waiting for their BFP and who hasn't had symptoms, don't give up hope, but also try really hard not to test too early, (easier said than done!) it's not worth the stress!!!

BFP!!!! Sharing on here while it is still a secret to our friends and family!!

Well I have been a regular follower of these boards while ttc #2 (since December 2013) - as I was while ttc my son back in 2011 - and I am over the moon that we finally got our BFP :-)

After a year of ttc with no luck whatsoever I invested in some OPKs and discovered I ovulated a couple of days after I thought and voila! First cycle we have success!

I had some light spotting on Wednesday 4 days before AF was due....just thought she was hitting me early.....however it stopped after a day.

Following some advice on one of these boards that suggested it may have been implantation bleeding I tested twice yesterday and got faint but definite second lines on each. 2 more tests today gave the same :-). Appointment booked with the nurse on Friday to have it confirmed.

I'm dying to shout it from the rooftops but we are keeping it quiet as it's such early days.....but happy to share with you ladies who are all on the same journey :-) :-)

Fingers crossed for me that all goes well!!!


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if you are searching for late bfp stories read here!

After years of trying my husband and I have done two rounds of Ivf no luck, four months clomid, no luck, two surgeries, no luck. We did one month of injects and femara with iui and just now got our bfp!

This is where the 'hope' comes in. I tested out my trigger that went away at five days past iui. I tested daily with wondfo and first response early result. I tested twice a day, once in the morning once in the evening. I am rediculous about wanting to know as early as possible. Even if it is to be chemical and go away before being very late then I would still know that I can get pregnant. I am also a line sleuth. I can see lines that no one else can see without a scanner and a program to invert the colors. And daily I got nothing. I tested every day knowing day ten is the golden window for early results. And not even a hint, no shadow, no nothing! But I ran out of tests on day fourteen (the day my Dr said to call and if not pregnant I would stop taking the progesterone and start over) all I had were some saved clear blue digitals that I was keeping until I got a positive on an early result. One to use for pictures you know. I opened the pack and took the test, using midday urine, hadn't held it. When I say I was sure I wasn't pregnant I mean it. I was literally just taking it to say that I tested before calling my Dr. Imagine my surprise and the sound of the shriek when I saw it said "pregnant 1-2 weeks" I worried it was a false positive soi I took the forty minute drive to Walmart to buy more tests. I bought frer And another clearblue digital and a few of those dollar tests. I ran home and tested again. Again "pregnant 1-2 weeks" the I others didn't even have shadows except the frer which only had a shadow. If they were from the same pack I would say a false positive was possible. But I think its safe to say this BFP is for real. So if you are past those golden days I say don't give up. I always loved frer for earliest results but truly, the clear blue digital with weeks estimator really is amazing!

I always thought peoples late positives were late ovulation, or tests that weren't sensitive enough. But we were monitoring, we know exactly when I ovulated and I can say sometimes it just comes late.

Anxious planner and next to no symptoms

I am 25 years old and I've been trying to conceive for three months. I am a type-A personality and when I decide to do something I do everything in my power to make it happen the way I want it to. So you can imagine my frustration when coming off of the pill my regular 28 day cycles gave way to a 39 day and then 50 day cycle! I thought it would never end. But this last cycle I started using the clear blue ovulation predictor kit (SO worth the extra investment!) and when I got some positives we went to town. I also felt some serious left-sided cramping the next day so I was pretty confident we caught my O on CD25. I have been working crazy 12-16 hour days so the few symptoms I have had are more likely due to that than pregnancy.
1-3 dpo: nothing
4 dpo: slightly sore nipples and a migraine with aura (haven't had one of this for 10 years)
5 dpo: trouble sleeping
6 dpo: some cramping
7-8 dpo: nothing
9-10 dpo: slightly tender on the sides of my breasts, bad gas, very fatigued
11 dpo: nothing
12 dpo: BFP!!! very early in the morning and VERY clear. Beyond happy, and now onto praying that nothing bad happens in the next few weeks!

Good luck ladies

Valentine's Day BFP with shorter cycles

I was so excited to share my BFP story in May 2012 on this site when I got pregnant with my son. I love hearing about everyone's symptoms!

I am still breastfeeding my toddler a couple of times a day. I didn't get my period until he was 20 months old, so I thought breastfeeding might be interfering with my cycles or fertility, so I was planning on weaning soon after DH and I tried unsuccessfully for four months. Luckily, this was not the case!

Per my OPK's, I O'd around CD 14 and got a clear afternoon BFP on CD 24, when was supposed to be starting my period. I thought I was out this month because of my later than usual ovulation, short luteal phase, lack of classic symptoms, and my increasingly shorter cycles.

My only symptoms were some migraines two and three days before the BFP and some lightheadedness. I only took the test because I didn't have the normal feeling that my period was coming on CD 24. We used preseed, as well.

It was the best Valentine's Day and I can't wait to see my son as a big brother!

Valentines BFP!

I cant believe I'm writing this!!! My husband and I have been trying for baby #1 for almost a year and we finally got our bfp this morning! Best Valentines Day of my life! I've had pretty regular cycles ranging from 29 to 33 days, but have been dealing with pre-AF spotting. I would normally spot on average a couple days before AF would begin, but since ttc it got whacky! There were a few months where the spotting started 5 days before, and a couple months where it was an entire week before! I began to suspect low progesterone could be the cause, so this month I started taking Maca Root, and put my husband on it as well! I also drank RRL tea, and started taking fish oil supplements. We've also been using the Clear Blue Fertility monitor since November. Pricey but I highly recommend, and our FSA covered the entire amount.

1-7dpo: Nothing
8dpo: my normal pre-AF breast tenderness began. That evening I also had a weird twitching in my lower left abdomen. It felt very much like an eye twitch, and lasted for about an hour and a half. Was very strange. Not sure if that was a symptom, but was def out of the ordinary.
9dpo: breast tenderness, started getting hunger pangs which I don't normally get, and was really thirsty.
10dpo: same as day before
11 dpo: breast tenderness, hungry, thirsty, and started spotting. This wasn't like my normal pre-AF spotting. It was a lot lighter. Definitely thought I was out though.
12 dpo: breast tenderness, hungry, very light spotting, and was out shopping and experienced a very quick sharp shooting pain. Lasted a few seconds and was gone.
13 dpo: breast tenderness, hungry, thirsty, verrrry light spotting in the morning that disappeared by the afternoon. Thought that was odd but didnt want to get my hopes up. Hubby took me out for an early Valentines dinner and had a glass of wine (whoops), and it smelled like rubbing alcohol. That night I fell asleep and woke up an hour or so later gagging. Verrrrrry odd.
14dpo: period due today and nothing! No spotting or anything. Tested and BFP!!! Still have breast tenderness but only mildly. Still getting hunger pangs and thirsty. Other than that, I don't have many symptoms.

What tipped me off the most this month was my spotting was a lot lighter than it has been, and the fact that it stopped! So if you spot, don't count yourself out!

I had been praying all along for God to bless us with a baby but this month I claimed it. So all the glory goes to Him! Thank you Jesus!

Baby dust to all of you ladies! The wait is not easy.

Best Valentine's Day ever!

I honestly cannot believe that I FINALLY get to write my BFP Story!

My husband and I got married last November, and chose to get one more Depo injection a few days after our wedding (we were very naive about how long it would take to leave my system, once we were ready to TTC). It took my body over 14 months to regulate and to begin regular ovulation, so it's been an interesting ride, since then.

Anyways, here are my symptoms (or lack there of...):

Cycle day 16- OVULATION. Used a digital test and BBT to confirm.

1DPO- 6DPO Nothing out of the ordinary.
6DPO- My doctor asked to draw my blood to check my hormone levels, so we could see if I ovulated this cycle.
7DPO- Lower back pains. Doctor called, my hormone levels indicated O!! Woohoo. I was over the moon that I was even ovulating. :)
8DPO- Body aches, almost flu-like, but no other illness symptoms. High BBT temp, maybe a triphasic?? Tiny bout of nausea and breasts started hurting (most likely from the rise of progesterone). Gassy. Took at FRER, it was negative.
9DPO-16DPO Sore breasts. GASSY. Higher than normal bbt temps.
10DPO- Took a FRER, negative, as I expected, so early.
11DPO- Took another FRER and I swear I saw a line after four minutes. It was so faint, it was almost silly I got emotional over it (I wanted it to be positive so bad).
12DPO- Another BFN on a FRER; completely squashed my confusion from the test the day before. Still no symptoms except sore Bbs, gassy and higher bbt temp.
13DPO- Took another test and it was negative. I decided I was too emotionally exhausted at this point to test the next two days. Figured for sure I was out. Mild cramping, similar to AF cramping and a random bout of nausea. Figured AF was well on her way.
14DPO- Very strong smelling urine when going to the bathroom (sorry if Tmi, but I found this to be strange).
15DPO-Mild cramping like AF was on her way, strong smelling urine again.
16DPO/Valentine's Day! Woke up early this morning and decided, what the heck, AF hasn't shown her face, I'll test. Within in one minute--BFP!!!! I could believe it! Took another two hours later, on a digital this time, and POSITIVE! So far today I've had little symptoms. Slight nausea on and off and mild cramping.

My hubs and I couldn't be more greatful and excited. I wish you all the best and don't give up hope! It will happen! Happy Valentine's Day!