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BFP with Late Ovulation

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BFP After 11 Months TTC

FINALLY!!!! I get to share my BFP story. These have been a God send for me in the last several months and I cannot believe that it is my turn. I had mirena removed 8/20/13 and have TTC ever since. I have had a really rough last few months getting BFN's, so I didnt chart or do OPK's this cycle. All we really did differently was BD'd every other day the entire month. Part of our issue getting PG was that we dont know when I ovulate every month. I guess it worked this time :) I used an internet cheapie and got a very faint second line. I had used all of my good tests in previous months and I decided against buying anymore since all they have been up to this point was a waste of money. Bad decision, because I was looking like a hot mess running through Wal-Mart at 6:30 this morning to buy and CB digi with weeks predictor. That confirmed it for me. I have an appointment today to get bloodwork to confirm. The only symptoms I noticed this cycle were:
-pulling in abdomen
-sore gums
-stomach ache (no nausea)
-tender nipples

Baby dust to all of you and please pray for me that this little bean sticks!!

BFP at 39: acupuncture, coQ10, quitting coffee, better diet, chilling out

I believe the journey is just as important as the finish line, so here's my bfp novella.

I have a 21mo old toddler. We got pregnant with him on the 1st try (I was 36). Literally 1 BD and boom! I was up the duff. I had assumed it would take a while, so I had bought the VIP membership on Fertility Friend, started bbt charting, got about 100 opk's, etc. Perhaps I jumped the gun a bit there. But I guess I was just preparing myself for TTC#2, during which I would need ALL these tools and more in my arsenal. (there's a lot of gun analogies here, forgive me, I'm from Texas (and actually hate guns..?)).

It's taken us 7 months. I know it takes some women much longer, but 7 months is still a long time to wait when you're smug and entitled and naive and think it'll happen instantly again. Ha! Joke was on me! There's several ways Mother Nature decided to f* with me this time. Played me like a violin. 1) The first month of ttc, I had nausea and cramping all through the tww. I *had* to be pregnant. I mean please, what else could it be? Turns out that on my new uber-healthy diet I had gone to so much effort to be on, I was eating too much kale. No, not trans-fat McDonalds. Kale. Too much kale??!?!? is that even possible?! yes it is and it involves the kale stems. Which just proves that you really can never truly win in this life. 2)You know that saying "a watched pot never boils"? Well this watched pot started to not even ovulate. Gee whiz, I at least had a few things on my side and they were a regular cycle, regular ovulation, decent health, etc. One by one they went down like that carnival game where you shoot at the ducks and they flip down boom boom boom. First, health. I got absolutely demolished by virus after virus brought home by my vector of contagion son from his petri dish of a daycare. My immune system was reduced to that of a cancer patient, according to blood tests. My cycle went nuts. It took about 3 months for it to steady out again, but all the while I (and my husband) kept taking sucker punches from more colds and viruses. But we futily kept TTCing, my husband using his last ounce of strength heaving his near-lifeless body on top of me while I just lay there blowing my nose. S.E.X.Y. Every month, I would have different symptoms or signs that made me think I must be preggo. Once again, Mother Nature just having a grand old laugh at my expens.! I was so stressed out and felt awful, we moved house, and it was winter and cold and I just wanted to throw a tantrum like my toddler does. My acupuncturist (more on that below) said that I had little hope until the weather got better and we stopped getting sick constantly. But, I think I made some other changes, which along with the easing up of the severity of the viruses (if not the frequency), helped get the magic to happen this month.

BFP with wacky cycles!!!

I promised myself I would put my story here to hopefully help other ladies in the same situation. I've had really wacky cycles for a few years now ranging anywhere from 36-48 days LONG!! Back in 2009 I had a cycle that lasted 109 days. .In and out of the ob office to get tested for different things and everything came back normal. I, of course, was relieved but never got answers to my long cycles. Anyway, last cycle ended in a cp at 4w3d so we decided we'd take a break. For me, that meant no supps just fertility charting. I o'd on cd 35 this cycle and got my bfp on cd 37/12dpo. I was shocked but very happy!! I took a frer this morning and it's very dark!! Eeek!! I txt hubby a pic of a Prego jar and made a little sticky note so it read "We Are Prego. ..again!!!". He is so excited!!

Here are my symptoms by dpo:
0 day: painful ovulation cramps, irritable
1 - 3dpo more cramps but not as bad, temp rise
4dpo: stuffy nose, tired but the weather is crazy so chalked it up to that.
5dpo: nothing
6dpo: boobs getting tingly, bloated, crazy dream!
7dpo: same but, boobs are more sore and heavy feeling, headache
8dpo: spotting (ib?!), crampy but not af type, feeling fine otherwise
9-12dpo: brown spotting just on the tp and brown. Very strange as that has never happened before, kinda freaked out ! Very sleepy, short tempered, pimples (wtheck!!), stuffy nose, full feeling where my uterus is. Feeling very pg!
12dpo: BFP!!!! Yay!!
13dpo: BFP on a frer, which we all know it's not official until almighty frer says so! LOL!! Temps are very high and spotting is gone, praise the Lord!!

I am sooo honored and blessed God would allow me to carry and raise another of His blessings!!!! I'm so excited!!

BFP with Vitex! One year of TTC

I am so excited and still somewhat in shock to be writing this. I am 4 weeks today, and this will be our third child. But, after one year of trying it's hard to believe that I'm finally pregnant! Hoping for a healthy pregnancy.

I started seeing a fertility specialist a couple months ago who diagnosed us with secondary unexplained infertility. He put me on clomid last month to see how I reacted. Well clomid was terrible for me! I have severe ovulation pains for 6 days, crazy moody, hot flashes, etc and still a BFN.

After last month's cycle I decided to see a naturopath. She's done great things for me in the past. After reviewing my history she put me on a tincture of vitex and false unicorn root. And, a pill called Simplex F. I started taking these on CD 1, ovulated on CD 17 (I think), and got my BFP 9DPO!! Over the moon! :) And, vitex had no side effects for me except for the nasty taste.

In the past year I've had a lot of symptoms which I thought were early pregnancy symptoms...but turned out to be nothing. This month I didn't notice much out of the ordinary except:

Extra tired
Emotional (cried hard 8dpo because I thought I was out)
Sudden hunger

Some other things I did differently this month:
Less stressed (had a couple mini vacations this month)
Cut out coffee
Only very light exercise (no running)

I hope this was helpful to someone out there! I know I came to these boards often for inspiration. Babydust to everyone! Don't lose hope!!

BFP with PCOS , all natural

Ok so I have never had normal menstraul cycles. This last cycle I had was 35 days long... So I didn't ovulate until cycle day 26 ... So here goes my dpo!!!

3dpo- twinges, low back pain

4dpo- flutters I know that sounds weird but that's what it felt like, also some more twinges.

6dpo- twinges, constipated, headache

7dpo- sharp pain in right side (which I will now call implantation ) lasted about 15 seconds but definetly felt it

8dpo- got some mild cramps around noon, also the twinges , took a nap during the day

9dpo- tested today?!?! BFN!!! With having abnormal cycles it's hard to not want to. Pretty sure I was out this month. Also had acne which usually happens for me before AF

11dpo- surprisingly acne was gone and my face seemed so clear. More of the twinges but just thought it was just me at this point.

13dpo- pressure , light cramps, stood up at night and felt like a tugging on my right side, laid down that night and felt a little nauseous ..

14dpo- woke up went to work and felt a lil nauseous , no vomiting but expected AF , went on my break at 10:00 and went and bought a FRER , came back and took it, the window started to fill and both lines showed up immediately !!!! BFP!!! Stick baby stick!!!!

BFP When it Seemed Impossible!

I was stressed, we'd JUST moved, finances were a little tight, my cycle was off (AGAIN) and I thought it just wasn't going to happen. Well, it happened!!!
My symptoms were:
*Thirsty at night
*Higher temps
*Swollen, almost greasy-looking nipples
*Very little motivation to work out (unusual for me)
*Creamy CM (not a ton, though!)
*Cramping (Pretty bad at times! I honestly thought my period was on its way for about 10-14 days)
*High cervix (This is what prompted me to test the most. I felt like aunt flow was coming, but my cervix was so high, I could barely find it!)
Got my BFP at 14-15 dpo (Not sure. I had gotten frustrated with my cycle and stopped counting the days. Looking back, I think I conceived a little later in to ovulation.)
The only supplement I was taking was New Chapter Perfect Prenatal (they're an organic, non-gmo, whole food prenatal and I LOVE them! They never upset my stomach, not even in the first trimester! Highly recommend them, but take a good DHA supplement with it!)
BD'd the 13th of March, got a positive result on the 27th, darker line two days later! :)
We're having a girl!!!
All the glory to God!

First BFP after second IUI

I am now 17 weeks! This thread helped keep me sane during my TWWs.

CD25 (long cycle for some reason...): Faint line on OPK cheapie, but no smiley on Clearblue, figured I was close!
CD26 @ 10am: Smiley!

1DPO: IUI at 10am, Doc said the egg had already released and she could see the fluid around where it had been.

2DPO-8DPO: nothing really out of the ordinary, had lots of my typical PMS symptoms like increased hunger & libido. Temps steady at 97.8.

9DPO: Holy smokes! Woke up with loose stool during the night, with horrible painful gas--figured I had food poisoning!
Temp 98.00. Lots of feelings below belly button during the day, almost like a cramp or twinge/drilling sensation, but in one very specific spot. Also felt like I pulled my ab muscles every time I got up. -HPT with SMU on FRER

10DPO Temp 98.2 -HPT with FMU, +HPT (squinter) on FRER around 7pm! Lots of pinches/pulls/twinges, loose stool. Nothing out of the ordinary with CM.

12DPO +HPT on digital. HOLY BOOBS! They are HUGE and soooo painful. Still loose stool...temp 98.7 CM still normal, dryish.

Baby Dust to all!

My Story.

Hi girls, members and tww stalkers alike. I want to start off by saying, I know exactly how you feel. I had been trying to get my bfp for years and years, so long that im not even really sure how long we've been trying. I stalked this website for years before I joined and actually started being open about my ttc struggles. for such a long time we kept it to ourselves telling people we are SOOO not ready for a baby. I think that was one of my biggest mistakes. Support from your friends and family are huge stress relievers and I truly believe that it helps. I am 6 weeks pregnant today and I wanted to share my bfp story because I feel that I owe it to all of you ttc-ers out there because I know exactly how you are feeling. Ive thought- infact ive KNOWN that I was pregnant at least 2 dozen times and they all ended up in bfns. ive symptom spotted like a mad woman, ive even told my hubby and mother that I was convinced I was pregnant. Ive gone to the doctor for bogus shit just to have a pregnancy test done. Ive had the realization that I was pregnant and got the most warm and comforting sensation all over my body just to find out that I indeed was not pregnant. This journey has been absolute hell for myself and my husband and I got to the point where I truly believed that the universe just knew that I would be a horrible mother and that is why I couldn't get pregnant.

Hard to Believe it FINALLY HAPPENED

Hello to all of you wonderful, and inspirational, women on that long and, sometimes, painful journey we call Trying to Conceive. I am 26 years old, and DH is 29 and we have been married for 3 years now. We have been ttc for 9 very long months, and suffered a loss in May. I always visit this site to read the very inspirational bfp stories to help me keep my faith that my day was coming, so I knew I was going to share mine to help as many women out as I could. So... Here goes!

I have very irregular cycles ranging from 35 to 60 days, and as you can imagine that makes ttc and pinpointing ovulation VERY difficult. I have been taking prenatal vitamins since we started ttc in November and tried using the opk kits a few times in the beginning with no luck. I would run out of them before I could actually get a positive one then I was buying more and I just decided that was a waste of money and time. Then I tried using the cm method of figuring out ovulation, that was horrible! Apparently I tend to have ew cm for a full WEEK! We we doing the bd every time we turned around! And let's be honest ladies... After a few months of ttc, bding becomes very mechanical and feels more of a must than a get to lol. Anyways, in early May we suffered a loss. I was probably between 6-7 weeks when I miscarried. It hurt a lot so we took a month off and let my body and soul recover before trying again in June. This was the first time I ever had used a chart for symptoms and bbt. It was my first time using the bbt method too and it worked REALLY well to figure out when I ovulated.

July 2-Ovulation and bd
1dpo-bd, cramps on left side, acne, ew cm
2dpo-ew cm, cramping and lower back ache
3dpo-slight headache, moodiness, gassy, bloating
4dpo-horrible headache, stuffy nose, bloating, bbs are huge and tender
5dpo-headache, bbs tender and huge, gassy, fatigue(I slept 12 hours total that day and still felt exhausted), sticky clear cm
6dpo-sharp cramping pains on left side, bbs even bigger and tender, temp drop, sticky yellow cm
7dpo-fatigue, gassy, bbs tender and huge, lower back ached, creamy cm
8dpo-headache is back, bbs tender and huge, cramping and slight nausea, creamy cm, bfn
9dpo-cramping, backache, creamy cm, bbs huge and tender, runny nose, bbt evens out a bit, dizziness, VERY FAINT BFP!! DH says he doesn't see it. It's a squinter all right lol
10dpo-nausea, bbs huge and tender, creamy cm, bbt even, dizziness, sick after eating, cramping, and a much darker BFP!!! Even DH can admit to seeing it!

This time I felt different, I FELT pregnant. I knew there would be 2 lines, and I had faith that it would happen when it was meant to happen.

I wish all of you ladies much baby dust and hope for a BFP in your futures!!!

15DPO BFP and Breastfeeding 9 Month Old

I didn't like our chances of conceiving our second, as I'm currently exclusively breastfeeding my 8 month old at 2- 3 hourly intervals during the day, every day! Mind you, he has slept through the night since he was 3 months old, so my period returned at that time as well. We currently rarely need to breastfeed during the night.

It's also playing on my mind that the breastfeeding hormone, prolactin, may affect my pregnancy hormones, leading to a possible miscarriage, so I'm certainly keeping my fingers and toes crossed that this baby continues to grow in a healthy manner. (I will certainly update this post if a miscarriage were to occur in the future). As you can probably tell, I'm a bit of a realist when it comes to this stuff.

Anyhow, for any of those TTC who are breastfeeding and/or have ovulated quite late, here's my symptoms:

Not sure if I definitely ovulated the day before this, as I hate reading those cheaper ovulation test sticks. I find them to be quite unreliable. However, I must have ovulated around Day 21. Very late for me!
I love calamari, but couldn't finish a dish today because it made me feel queasy. A few light head spins in the evening.

2DPO When breastfeeding my son in the evening, my nipples felt super sensitive, to the point of making me feel a little I'll when he sucked hard at times. A little dizzy when standing up sometimes. Had a sex dream that night, which rarely occurs.

3DPO Felt sick after having a small amount of my usual morning coffee. Nipples still uncomfortable when feeding sometimes, but not all the time. A little tired that morning, tried to have a nap but unsuccessful.

4DPO Hazelnut chocolate tasted like dirt. Cramping and bloating.

5DPO Mild cramping.

6DPO No symptoms.

7DPO Lots of creamy CM. Went to the gym but didn't have the same energy that I usually do.

8DPO No symptoms.

9DPO Bloating, continued nipple discomfort.

10DPO Bloating, but weight has remained the same. I usually would have put on a kilogram or two by now if I was to get my period. Tingling sensation in right nipple during middle of day. Mild cramps in evening.

11DPO No symptoms.

12DPO No symptoms. With my first pregnancy, this is the day when I received a super faint positive, confirmed positive with a digital test the following day. So I tested today with a FRER, which was a definite negative.

13DPO Very scatterbrained today. Absolutely felt like I did when I had baby brain after giving birth to my first, with the influx of hormonal changes. Upset tummy in the morning. Took two HPTs, both definite negatives. At this point, I thought for sure I wasn't pregnant, and that the mild cramps I was experiencing were my period arriving, so I put a tampon in overnight.

14DPO Had a fresh tampon in during the morning. Changed it a few hours later and noticed a very slight dark pink discolouration on the tampon. Thought nothing of it.

15DPO Tested in the middle of the day as it was now Day 36 and no period! BFP!!!

Good luck to all those TTC.