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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Late Ovulation

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Thank you Fertility Monitor!!!

I'm just in shock at the moment but am so excited i wanted to share that things can happen when you least expect it!

My husband and I started trying for our first baby in July forward 9 months later and we finally got our BFP. We couldn't understand why we couldn't get pregnant, we were doing everything right! Then we got our Clearblue fertility monitor on mpnth 9 and it worked!

I had always ovulated really late but that particular month i ovulated at day 15, really early for me. I had always relied on just OPKs to pinpoint ovulation. Who knows how many months we were just out with our timing! The fertility monitor worked exactly as it should and we BD up to and including ovulation.

Fast forward to this month when we decided to try for number 2. I used my fertility monitor last month just to get it used to my new cycle and then we used it this month. Ovulation was really late again, day 22! Managed to BD again up to and including ovulation day and just got my BFP today!

I'm still amazed we are pregnant so quickly this time. I know that some people have proper medical reasons why they cannot conceive. In fact we thought we were in the same boat first time round and even had our first fertility appointment booked when we found out we were pregnant. But i just wanted to give hope to some people that sometimes it really is just to do with the timing and when you think you ovulate you actually might not be. It could change wildly each month.

I cannot recommend the Clearblue Fertility Monitir enough! Baby dust to everyone xxx

First cycle off the pill!

My last pill was taken dec 20 (cd 6) and I got my bfp jan 20! Hard for me to believe and we actually didn't try this go-round, but I was hoping and kind of obsessing over this website! I believe I ovulated on cd 20, based on the egg white cm and spotting that day but I am not entirely sure. I also barely had any symptoms the whole time and even now that I am at four weeks.

1 dpo- the only way I can describe the feeling is that something kinda "sparked" in my tummy
2-5dpo - nothing much except I seemed to be a little more gassy than usual. Both ends but mostly burpy. I had a few very very light nausea spells that only lasted a few seconds
6-10 dpo - getting a little more gassy and still a few light nausea symptoms. Started feeling a few small twinges on my left side, maybe just one or two a day.
11 dpo - BFN, starting to feel extra bloated but just thought AF is coming
12-13 dpo - getting really bloated now, more than I ever have been. Still gassy and still very light nausea off and on.
14 dpo- BFN, twinges on both sides, light creamy brown glob of cm, which is usually what AF looks like at first so I put in a tampon. Later that day I took the tampon out and nothing was on it! I knew it wasn't AF because she starts out mean and heavy, that's when I really knew something was up.
15 dpo (cd 36) - took a test with fmu and BFP! Tested again a few hours later to make sure and another BFP! I had a feeling I was because of the unusual bloating and the light nausea but I was still very surprised! It was so fun surprising my hubby when he came home from work!
Tested the next day with a digital next day and "Pregnant"!! So so happy!

Baby dust to all of you!!

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BFP 19 DPO after M/C and CP!

This time I've been stalking the boards and am so happy to post my own BFP story!

In Sept, I had a M/C at 10 weeks and DH and I decided to TTC again after 2 cycles. I received a faint BFP in December but it ended up in a CP and I just tried to relax the 3rd go around.

Here are my symptoms:

1 and 2dpo=Cramps
4dpo=sinus infection cramps and tugging
5dpo=slight nausea, woke up with sore throat and slight stuffy nose, creamy CM
6dpo=sore bb’s, full blown sinus infection, extreme fatigue, can’t get out of bed, yellow tinged EWCM, VERY positive wondfo OPK! (Weird)
7dpo=Cramps, twinges and tugging in abdomen, sore back, sinus infection, VERY positive wondfo OPK! Yellow tinged ewcm. DH and I BD in case O was happening now!
8dpo=sinus infection/cold starting to go away (weird), No appetite BFN with wondfo hcg bad insomnia that night and vivid dreams once I fell asleep
9dpo=Very very tired, sinus infection/cold gone. Cramps, heavy feeling in uterus, vivid dreams! BFN wondfo hcg
10dpo=MOODY and tired, sore bb's, cramps, very yellow cm.
11-16 DPO continued crazy dreams, cramps, sore bb's, fatigue, and yellow watery and creamy cm. I was sure AF was here and checked every day.
17 DPO AF is 4 days late! bfn on wondfo bfn on clearblue digi :(
18 DPO HUNGRY and emotional and very crampy. Today AF will be here I can feel it! Very sore bb's so I pick up a FRER on my way home from work. No AF....hmmm...
19 DPO BFP fmu FRER! Woohoo! The line showed up right as the test was processing! I'm praying this one sticks! Baby dust to all!

BFP after 12 Months TTC and long cycles

I'm 32, my cycles are 35-40 days which i didn't think would be a problem as conceived DD after only 1 month, however that was 6 years ago! In 12 months I only had 9 cycles and each time BFN. I tried charting, using presseed, mucous tracking, ovulation sticks, must have gone through 100 pregnancy tests and basically gave up hope. However I just got my BFN on cycle 9! I think we were more relaxed this time as we had gave up tracking everything. Just so thrilled! I have read posts on this site all year and promised myself I would post if I got a BFP. So here are my symptoms;

Ovulation - Loads and loads of EWCM this month and BD'd every day around that time, had ovulation pain
1-7 dpo nothing
7-8 dpo - what I think was implantation pain felt really crampy all weekend
8-11 dpo - Boobs really sore (more than usual) and heavy, started a low carb diet (new year) which normally quells my appetite but constantly hungry
12 dpo faint BFP that disappeared 15 minutes later - didn't know what to think
13 dpo DH bought me a clear blue digital ...BFP!! Pregnant 1-2 weeks!

Good Luck to all and don't give up hope!

Shocked, faint positive at 10dpo

I wanted to share my story and give some hope to women with no symptoms. Trust your instincts!
My husband and I have been ttc #3 for three months. The first two months I obsessively noted every twinge, pang, cramp and made myself feel like a crazy person. TTC can make us all a little crazy, right? This month, was different in that I had no symptoms to obsess over. My CP is always soft and firm, but high after O and always open and remains that way until a few days before AF. My CM always stays abundant, usually lotiony, creamy and then slightly sticky before AF and always there when I wipe.
The only changes this month DH and I made were a) relaxed more and b) dtd twice on O day
Here are my clues by DPO
1 dpo- soft but firm CP, lots of CM and sharp, crampy backache on right side

2dpo- same, minus backache

3dpo- CP high and soft, sharp headache on and off throughout the day (similar to description of icepick headaches) and I NEVER get headaches, sharp twinges that felt like scratching on my cervix

4dpo- CP firm and closed (weird for me), feeling a little short tempered

5dpo-CP still same, CM thin, but could only tell while checking CP

6dpo- Brief burning feeling above pubic bone, felt like fire, lower backache (worsened in the evening) and cramps (I think this way implantation day in my unlicensed, amateur medical opinion :D)

7dpo- CP High, soft and closed, CM thin, not abundant

8dpo- same as 7dpo

9dpo- Random sharp twinges, pinches and cramps throughout day, feeling the urge to pee a lot, backache (especially worse before bed), feeling out, probably not this month

10dpo- Woke up and decided to test (intuition maybe?) because DH is leaving for training (Army) and will be out of touch for a few weeks... got the faintest of faint lines on a FRER.. I had to take it outside in natural light, but it was there and just a soft pink immediate line, still have backache and loads of stabby twinges (round ligament maybe?)

11dpo- Darker line on FRER, but still faint... even darker line with SMU, definite BFP :D... feeling majorly exhausted, backache, tons of sharp twinges and some mild cramping and a touch of nausea in the afternoon (a small snack eased it)

12dpo- BFP on FRER with fmu, some cramps, waking up with backache now

I hope this list helps. If you know your body well then you know when something is different for you. Knowledge is power :)
I had never had a test so faint as the 10dpo one, but the line was still obvious to me. I've totally been that woman tearing tests apart, analyzing strips for any smidge of a line and have spent way more on tests than I'm proud to admit. I feel relieved to see these tests getting darker as I had never tested so early with DS or DD. I always waited until after AF was a no show. I hope all of you are as lucky and your BFP's are coming too!

just got my BFP! 10 dpo

hello all!

always said to myself that I would post on here once I received my BFP, so here I am! been TTC for 3 months, but I just knew this month was the one.. thought I knew when I O'd but my CB test indicates I'm 2-3 weeks so maybe out slightly...

usually anywhere between 31-36 day cycle, I so was a bit cheeky and tested today at CD 32 and viola! symptoms below -

1-3 DPO - nothing major, slight tingle in nipples, creamy CM
4-6 DPO - sore nipples, breasts feel a bit sore when poked (breast aug though, so lessens sensitivity), creamy CM, headaches, sharp pains in ovaries and brown spotting for half a day on 6 DPO.
7-9 DPO - super sore nipples which are painful to touch, brown spotting cleared up, headache and fatigue.
10 DPO - nipples beyond painful, headache, and then BFP! (photo attached)

the major sign for me was constantly sore nipples since O and brown spotting 6 days before AF.

baby dust to you all! xxxx


My dh and I have been TTC for 15 months with a mc in Oct at 5 weeks. Today I am happily on my way to 8 weeks and feeling VERY pregnant.

I thought we were for sure out this month and told dh I thought AF was going to come early because I was already cramping. The night before AF was due I just had this thought "what if I don't start this month?" That was it. No dream that made me test. No symptom that made me go "ah ha!" I tested the morning I was suppose to start and saw that beautiful (faint) positive. The more I kept testing the more positives that I got! Hcg tests came back great and we go on the 22nd for the first u/s! We are feeling so blessed!

Big Faint Line at 10 DPO 2nd Cycle, WOW.

Hi ladies!! I've been on this site nonstop for the last 2 months as we've been trying. I'm so thankful for this community. Here is my story:

26 yrs old, DH is 36. We were married in May and started trying this last October. I have terribly irregular cycles, for my entire life. Sometimes 18 days sometimes 55 days. It doesnt seem that I have PCOS based on tests done. I can only sum up my irregularity to stress. I've unfortunately always been dealing with a lot of stress due to family issues, my entire life.

Based on the irregularity I figured it would take us a long time to get pregnant. Last cycle was nearly 55 days and I am suspicious that I experienced a chemical pregnancy, due to some crazy symptoms I've never felt before. My Dr seemed to think I didn't even ovulate though, based on my bloodwork. So here I am going into 2nd TTC Cycle thinking I'm likely anovulatory ... great. To top it off, I'm dealing with nearly crippling stress at work, double great. Oh well, DH and I give it the good college try over Christmas break, which just happens to also be my fertile window! We BD on 12/28, 12/29 and 12/31. I suspect I ovulated on 12/30 based on +OPK and the Glow App. We used OPKs, Preseed, and I used Fertilitea!! I did not use Fertilitea last cycle, so I think it might have helped! It did help bring on my period - I started taking it last cycle when my period wouldn't come and within 2 days and 2 cups of the tea my period came. I also prayed lots and every night I went to bed I put my hands in the shape of a heart above my stomach, I know ... stupid ... but whatever!

Here are some of the symptoms I experienced:

Most importantly: I've had very dull cramps/pressure nearly every day since O. I've also had an increased appetite. Everything else was pretty normal. My CM was creamy and light to medium since O.

1-3 DPO : Gassy / Bloating / Blood in mucus when blowing nose / High Appetite
4-5 DPO : Gassy / Bloating / High Appetite
5-6 DPO : Emotional / Irritable/ Bloating - Note: I quit my job on 1/7. I think this was divine, the stress it was causing would not have let me be able to implant I think.
9 DPO "A-ha Day" - Gas like WHOA. High appetitive. Lots of gurgles/pulling and even a sharp pain that I felt in my uterus and boob at the same time (implantation?) ... my urine smelled terrible!! ... heres the crazy thing, I could not stop drinking water from 6pm-bedtime. I must have had 8 glasses. I could not quench my thirst
10 DPO (today) -- Woke up and took two cheapie wondofos, saw a light line on both but felt suspicious because they are cheapies ... ran out and got a FRER and there was a straight up faint line!! Attached pic here.

I am so emotionally confused. I am nervous to be excited but trying so hard. I've wanted this so badly my entire life, I am so ready and excited. I pray that this will be a sticky little bean that will grow healthy and strong.

Thanks to everyone for your stories and support. I wish baby dust for you all!

Tomorrow WAS our IVF consultation...but today we got our first ever BFP!

I'm still so in shock. I always thought it would be different and I would never be one of those stories. But ladies...I'm here tonight to share my story and hope that it keeps someone's hope alive.

DH and I have been TTC since I took my nuvaring out in June of 2012. We were married in October of 2012 and really started TTC then. I was on a diet for my wedding but still GAINED 40 lbs... that's when I knew something was wrong. By December that year, I started to get hair on my chin and the weight just kept piling on. For the first time in my life, I had a 54 day cycle. January 2013 I was diagnosed with PCOS. Fast forward to January 2014. By that time we had done 11 medicated cycles. Clomid started at 50mg and worked our way to 200mg. We then added dexamethazone (which helped make mature follicles! ) then switched to femara...add dexamethazone to that...add Femara with iui's. Normal sperm counts too. Then, the beginning of 2014, we went to Menopur injections for two cycles. Everything was perfect for the iui, but then....dh's number dropped drastically low. So low they couldn't count them. That was horrible. We put him on Clomid 25 MG for a few months, went to a urologist. ..nothing. no explanation. We tried a few more times with IUI's and nothing took. Then we took a break, trying on our own. Letting our bodies rest, because we knew we were going to do IVF in January. I tried my hardest to really relax, but I'll admit. I totally pos about 5-10 per cycle. Nothing ever happened. Ever. Like I've never ever seen a second line, much less a "pregnant". Until today. I am on CD 37, and AF was supposed to be here on Sunday. I tested on Sunday, bfn. Totally white. Story of my life. I've been cramping so bad this week. Like Monday I did nothing but take bath's and Alieve. So our appointment (that we have been waiting on for 2 months) for IVF is scheduled for tomorrow. I asked dh to bring home a test, just so tomorrow I can just tell the doctor it's bfn. I mean, my cycle ranges from 30-38 days. We were making dinner and I was finishing up the paperwork for our appointment tomorrow. I had to pee, so I brought the test in, took it, the brought it out to sit on the counter.....I forgot about it. DH went over to get a cutting board, and glanced at the test. I didn't notice. Then he picked up the box, looked at it. Looked at it again and said "is this supposed to have two lines on it, because it does". OMG! We finally got our bfp guys! I'm pretty scared but after even a digital confirming it, I'm going to let myself be happy. I'm cramping SO bad, like AF is in full force, but no spotting so I'm trying to stay positive. As far as symptoms go... major AF cramps, major!...left nipple feels like there is a needle in it, but only sometimes.... and I'm constipated. ...I don't really know what to say. Don't count yourself out. For real. I still feel horrible right now. Hopefully everything will be okay.

I hope this helps. I wasn't tracking, so I don't know dpo. (I really didn't even think I ovulated). It's a freaking miracle ya'll! Baby dust to everyone! XOXO

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My BFP!! Unexpected

So beyond happy to finally get to post here!! My husband and I have been TTC five months (which ended up being four cycles, three of which I was charting - I wasn't ovulating until about CD30). This month I really didn't think it would happen, but here I am. Anyway, here it goes.
Day one through 5, nothing out of the ordinary (and other months I was always symptom spotting like crazy and had a million by day 3 haha). Just breast tenderness the first few days, which is always very typical post ovulation. On 6 dpo I had a little cramping which I attributed to having to go to the bathroom.
My temperature was fairly slow to rise this month and then I got a huge spike at 7dpo. That temp was 0.6 higher than I've ever had during a LP. Still didn't think too much of it - I just thought I must have a good progesterone response this month.
From 7 dpo to 11dpo I started noticing a few things. One, I was drinking twice the amount of water I usually do, and I already drink a ton. I was just constantly thirsty. That being said, my urine is usually completely clear but those days it wasn't, which I thought was weird with all the extra water I was drinking.
Aside from the water, I also had loose stools, and I'm always constipated before AF. My breasts were also still tender at 10 dpo, which was odd because they are always tender until 6-7 days and then nothing.
The morning of 10 dpo I was putting everything together and thought it was possible that I was pregnant. My LP was getting longer every month I charted after coming off BC (first month charting 7 days, then 9 days) so I wasn't even exactly sure when AF was expected.
At 11 dpo my breast tenderness almost entirely subsided and I had AF like cramps on and off - I was just sure AF was coming! I bawled to my husband about how "we'd never get pregnant". I thought, once again, I invented symptoms (thirst, looser stools) that was just a coincidence which made me overly hopeful. I went to bed that night wearing a pad because I was so sure I'd wake up with AF.
The next morning, I woke up with no AF. I was also surprised when my temperature was still elevated and my boobs were extremely tender again. Then I was just laying and bed and thinking some more about my odd symptoms that never happen before AF. Then I thought of something else. Every month 1-2 days before AF, I get extremely horny. Even if I'm tired, I want sex. This month, that didn't happen. With all of that, I decided to take a pregnancy test. I was trying not to be too hopeful, but sure enough, there was a (very faint) line. I was pregnant!!
I ended up taking another 2 days later because I wanted to make sure it was darkening and my levels were rising. Sure enough, the line was even darker!!
Good luck to everyone reading this story who is praying and hoping for that BFP!!! Baby dust :)