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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Late Ovulation

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Unexpected BFP at 15DPO

Sooo... around this time last month, DH and I agreed that we both wanted to wait indefinitely to TTC but I kept temping.
We both had birthdays in the last two weeks, I'm 31 and he is now 32 as of today. We tried actively to conceive for five months and put it on hold because it was causing me to go crazy and we are broke. We wanted more time to get our affairs in order.

I stopped thinking about TTC. I drank alcohol whenever, started having Starbucks randomly, I trained for a 10K and ran it on Thanksgiving; also I turned 31 on 2DPO and ate a ton of sushi. I also started taking Vitex this month, I bought it last month before we stopped TTC and thought it wouldn’t hurt to try and even out my cycles.

The day after Thanksgiving, we had friends over and uncharacteristically got drunk. That night, we had very drunken, unprotected sex and I passed out afterwards. *Romantic, right?

According to my chart, I ovulated three whole days later which made me think we were out of the fertility zone. FF said our chances were low. Immediately after Thanksgiving I came down with a medium-level cold. I took a lot of mucinex, snorted a lot of nasinex, took Zinc and a LOT of vitamin C.

Signs that something was up:

10DPO- after getting, out of the shower I noticed I had blood on my hands and was experiencing a bloody nose for the first time ever. I chalked it up to cold, dry air in the house (our humidifier is broken) and being sick.

13DPO- I experienced a temp rise, freaked out a little bit and took a test: BFN

14DPO- I felt like I do the day before or of my period. I was irritable, and kind of depressed feeling. Also, had significant cravings for red meat, I looked at pictures of r/eatsandwiches and discussed the art of food with DH. But the real kicker that made me realize in the back of my head that I was knocked up was around evening time, my bra was uncomfortable so I took it off while cooking in the kitchen. I have 34B, this never ever happens. Later that evening, my boobs were sore, I NEVER have ever had sore boobs. When I was TTC for five months, I prayed and hoped for sore boobs to be a sign and NEVER got them. Last night, my wish came true.

15DPO- today: I woke up and had a .4 degree temp drop and since I had lower back pain last night and felt a little crampy I was sure AF would be here today or tomorrow. It’s my DH’s birthday so I was up at 4:45a cooking him pancakes. While I waited for him, I decided to take the last digital test I had so we could see a negative and both move on with our day. I was absolutely shocked while I stood there counting down the time and it popped up “Pregnant”.

I said, “Oh, sh*t. Oh, sh*t… holy sh*t.” He goes, “What?” He came into the bathroom. I said, “I wanted to take this for you so you could see a negative before you went to work but…happy birthday?”

Yea we’re shocked and nervous because I don’t have a job, we want to start a business and two months ago we relocated to Michigan from Washington State.

It ‘s cliché but it couldn’t be more true: you get knocked up when you STOP thinking about it! Wish us luck and baby vibes to all who are legit still TTC!

BFP with Femara

I have PCOS. We have been TTCing for 5 years. A few years ago I had a couple of early miscarriages, then nothing. I have been on metformin for 2years at 1500mg slow release per day. Over the past year I have significantly cleaned up my diet but haven't lost a whole heap of weight (thanks pcos).
After taking a break from doing a couple of low dose femara/letrozole cycles, I got another script and decided to do a higher dose unmonitored cycle (10 mg days 3-7). I had a huge month of upheavals and a heavy workload, and put my extreme fatigue down to that. I lost track of weeks and did a test to count out pregnancy. Turns out it was an immediate dark positive line with FMU and so I found myself having an emotional break down at 6:02am in the bathroom. I am approximately 6-7 weeks and sick as a dog but over the moon :)

To all the LTTTCers, there is hope x

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conceived on our 12th month :-)

So for the first 9 months of ttc I tracked everything and was on point. Month 10 and 11 I said I wasn't going to pay attention but I still tracked cm and kept a couple of notes. Still tested early to be disappointed. Month 12 I had just came off of a 2 month diet. I was eating healthy which I always do and did nothing different. I didn't track and told my husband after my period came I was going in birth control for 6 months to try and help a lil and give me a break to concentrate on my gym. We all know when TTC that's all we can focus on! I noticed ewcm on tissue in abundance on CD 15 & 16! Noted it in my mind because I never have it even when checking let alone on tissue...maybe once or twice before. Once O was over I realized you know what my boobs don't hurt like usual after O. And I just felt generally crappy like I was gonna vet sick but wasn't yet. Day period was due my boobs swelled up and were tender... no period in morning like usual...I told myself I'd wait a day then I realized how clear my face was! By period time my face is always completely broken out...made me think Mmm...went and got a dollar store test and took it in mid morning. Blank white stated at me by the time the control showed up...I'd seen it too many times so threw it out. And like always went to pee about 40 min later and saw a second pink line. I freaked BC in the prior 11 months I'd never even gotten an evap line. Told myself go get another test and wait for morning. Of course I didn't. I took it that night on dpo 14. Within two min super light second line. Wasn't convinced said I'll wait till morning since it was a two morning took the next and same super faint line. Felt a little discouraged. Asked sisters advice said wait a day get a digi. Well I got the digital on CD 15 and took it with super watered down urine after work in the afternoon...the great is history. I am ecstatic. Sorry for this long story but I can't believe I'm writing it. I'm saying that I'm pregnant! Thank you all for being so wonderful

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Bfp - symptoms

I stalked this site during my TWW, so I thought I would share my symptoms.

O day: intense cramping from 7pm - 10pm (not typical on O Day)

1dpo: nothing
2dpo: temp spike. Sticky cm. Teeth hurt.
3dpo: legs feel weird at night. Teeth hurt. Awake for 2 hours in middle of the night.
4dpo: Woke up hungry. Dizzy when I stand up. Legs feel weird. Twinges come and go. Teeth hurt.
5dpo: peed twice in middle of night and am, ewcm, teeth hurt
6dpo - 9dpo: off and on ewcm
9dpo - cramping at night (unusual pms symptom)
10dpo - day of expected period - neg test, gums bled when brushing
11dpo - very faint positive with fmu!
12dpo - darker positive

Many years in the making- A PCOS success story

Ok, this is long- I read this board day in and day out for years while trying to conceive. I would cry thinking that I would never be able to have a baby but found solace in the fact that so many other women could. I had severe PCOS, never had a period, my husband also had a super low sperm count due to meds he took for gout. The odds were stacked against us.

After a year of trying, we saw a fertility specialist. We went through 6 months of clomid treatments and nothing. Each month with a BFN was like a death. Everything set me off. I kept it bottled up and became depressed. Finally, the fertility specialist let me try femara. I took the highest dose possible off the bat. And it worked! I got a super super faint line on a FRER. So faint, only I could see it. I went straight to the doctor and confirmed that by blood levels were 15, which is barely pregnant, but I was pregnant! The very next day, I started bleeding. I kept registering positives but I knew that it just didn't stick. I was so disappointed. I remember that night, I drank an entire bottle of wine and drowned myself in my misery. I knew I would never be a mother.

I made an appointment with the fertility specialist again. I was ticked. I was angry, I cried, I blamed him for not getting pregnant. I basically had a meltdown. He suggested that we move on to an IUI. I agreed. We timed ovulation just right and had the procedure done. A few days afterward, I was exhausted. Like going to bed at 7 pm exhausted. I knew then. On 10 dpo, I registered positive on a FRER! It stuck! And she did stick. My wonderful daughter was born on June 25th, 2014. That is her picture. I can't express the love I have for her. She has changed me.

Right after her birth, my doctor started to discuss birth control options. I knew we wanted another baby and figured that it would take another 2 years so we passed on the birth control. Lo and behold, I'm now 12 weeks pregnant with #2! No fertility treatments, no IUI. My next one is due two weeks before my little girl's birthday! I went from the woman who everyone thought would never have kids to having two babies under the age of 1!

There is hope..... never never never give up. Push your doctor and believe in yourself. It will happen.


my BFP comes after a year of heartache. DH and I got pregnant last October and miscarried on November 30, 2013. Today, November 30, 2014, I got a BFP!!!!! We are so excited!

I have no idea what dpo I'm on. I went to the doctor and he sent me in for 21 day blood work. I went in on CD 22 and it showed I hadn't ovulated. I started taking prometrium 3 days later. I am in CD 36 and got my BFP.

So I will post what I got starting at CD 20

CD 20- EWCM all day; baby danced that night
CD 22- blood work showed I wasn't ovulating
CD 30- extreme thirst and still having EWCM
CD 31-32- I would get really flushed for no reason. I was also constipated. Took an HPt and got a BFN.
Write myself out for this month.
CD 34- got really sick smelling something cooking on two different occasions.
CD 35- hot ALL day long and diarhea
CD 36- BFP, really three of them. ;) I have had small little cramps all day I and off just like last time.
I have hard sore Breasts since CD 24 but thought it was the progesterone I was taking.

I pray this is my sticky bean.

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BFP after lots of BFNs

I had been taking vitex and stopped on CD14, which was the day I had O'd in previous cycles on Vitex and when I got a positive OPK. However I forgot that the last time I stopped vitex in the middle of a cycle it pushed my O back. This time was no different and I actually O'd a week later. This led to me assuming O symptoms were pregnancy symptoms and testing way too early. Normally I would have started testing at 10DPO.

O on CD 22
1DPO: light cramping pains
2DPO: light cramping, back pains, nausea, BFN
3DPO: nausea, BFN
(I think these early symptoms were probably related to ovulating or just feeling sick)
4DPO: light cramping, backache, peeing more often, BFN
5DPO: cramping, sensitive breasts,skin break out, BFN
6DPO: cramping, backache, sensitive breasts, BFN
7DPO: cramping, backache,lots of creamy CM, BFN
8DPO: cramping, backache, peeing often, creamy CM, BFN
9DPO: cramping, backache, creamy CM, very very faint BFP
10 DPO:cramping, backache, creamy CM, very faint BFP, negative on digital
11 DPO: backache, BFP on internet cheapie tests and a normal test
12 DPO: backache, BFP on a Clearblue Digital

Honestly I "felt" pregnant. I felt a bit queasy often, my back was constantly aching, my stomach would be rumbling loudly in the night, and I just did not feel how I normally feel, but I was getting so many BFNs due to testing too early and having the wrong O date that I didn't know what to think. It wasn't until around 7DPO when I realized that I must have O'd later than I thought that I was pretty sure I was pregnant. I have two other children and each time I have felt "off" from very early on.

TTC #1 for 11 months with low morphology, possible PCOS and probable endometriosis

I know most gals say this but I'm so happy that I can finally post my BFP story!! I've been reading this site for many months now, especially the post laparoscopy BFP stories.
A little bit about me first: both DH and I are 29 and have been trying for 11 months. I knew that I probably had endometriosis for about 4.5 years now but chose not to have laparoscopic surgery initially (my consultation with the surgeon is tomorrow!). Had an U/S in the summer which showed borderline PCOS and a probable endometrial cyst on my ovary. DH had SA done which showed low morphology (only 3% normal!).
I really thought that I was out this month since my temps were all over the place and I didn't ovulate until CD23 (Halloween!). The last time we BD'd was CD20 so I wasn't feeling good about my chances. Had my annual physical exam with my family doctor on CD30 and asked that a pregnancy test be done on my urine and it came back negative (I wasn't surprised). But my temps have been nice and high and I had a dream last night that I had BFP so I decided to test this morning on CD33/10 dpo with FRER and I was SHOCKED to see a BFP!! It was faint but definitely there. I woke up DH to look even though it was only 5:45 am. It really took a while to sink in, but I couldn't be happier! I never thought that this would happen!!!
No symptoms except for subtle brown CM the night of CD30, but I thought that it was from my PAP. Also my bbs have been big and sore, but that happens sometimes before AF.
Some of the things we did differently since the summer: DH quit drinking, switched to boxers, no baths, no cycling and started fertility vitamins for men. I've been taking chinese herbs, B100 complex (along with the usual pre-natal vitamins), gained some weight by eating healthy fats (I had a borderline low BMI) and had a mayan abdominal massage.
Praying for a sticky bean!


I'm 29 and hubby is 28, been ttc #2 for five cycles. With our DD we got pregnant the first month, so I expected this time to be just as easy. It was not. The first few months we just dtd around the time I expected ovulation. Soon after I began using opk's. I was always confused, however because I would get repeated positives with the test line darker than the control. Last cycle I went from 28 days to 26, so naturally when I started getting globs of jelly CM at CD 9 I thought I was having another short cycle. I got 4 straight positive opk's and we DTD those days:9, 10, 11, 12. Then I got more positives on 14, 15. We BD again on CD 15.

I remained really wet down there and by CD 22 I had CM stretching down in to the toilet (eek!). This lasted for two days and on CD 23 I started getting cramps on my right side. It felt like tugging and pulling. I had thought it was implantation because it fell within the window, but with the CM it must have been a late ovulation. I kept testing for a 28 day cycle and kept getting negative HPTs. On Thursday, CD 33, I began to feel faint pinching and pulling and cramping again. The following morning I tested and got a VERY VERY faint BFP. This morning it was still FAINT but slightly darker. I was due for AF around Monday.

I just thought I needed to clarify for those who have trouble with OPK'S or are beginning to experience irregular cycles. I used First Response, clear blue digital and Answer brand OPKs.

Here are my symptoms starting with actual OV date.

1-9DPO No cramping or anything. I thought I was out.
3-5 DPO I had sensitive nipples, that have usually lasted until aunt flow since I've been off BCP, but they went away.
6-10 DPO-Not sure if its related but I got a HORRIBLE sinus infection. At 9DPO I couldn't even get off the couch my face was hurting so bad.
10DPO-very faint cramps, small pricks, not the stabbing implantation I had with DD. On and off Subtle cramps that I wondered if I was even feeling.
11DPO-faint BFP with FMU, continued cramps, very slight constipation, migraine at night, cramps were more definite. No sore boobs at all, not really even heavy yet.
12DPO today- BFP slightly darker using Walmart cheapie. Only feel slightly more hungry. No sore BBs or anything. I hope this helps someone! I also haven't had IB yet, unlike last time with DD.

I prayed so hard the last few weeks and I know that God blessed us with this baby. Giving Him ALL the praise and glory for this! Praying for a happy and healthy 9 months and blessings to all who are still trying!!

BFP after 17 months ttc

I'm 28. After 17 months ttc, over a 22 month span, I finally have a BFP after my first round on clomid. 50 mg days 5-9.
I have a 4 year old and got pregnant with her the first month we tried. I thought the second would be just as easy but boy was I wrong! Unexplained infertility because all tests showed that everything was fine. Got a HSG test done in Aug and it showed both tubes were blocked. It was painful so I thought I spasmed, so repeated test in Sept, no pain, and 1 tube was definitely open and they think the other was too but they couldnt see the spill. So I'm guessing that HSG cleaning out my tubes + Clomid finally did it for me! Ovulated late on clomid, day 16 I got a positive OPK, had sex days 13 - 18. Very faint BFP 11 DPO on cheap test strip. Very clear BFP 12 DPO with First Response. Anxious for doctor to confirm pregnancy and find out if there is more than one baby! (hoping for just one)