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Don't give up hope!

Hi all,

I trolled this site religiously about for about a year before I got pregnant. I never posted but promised myself that once I became pregnant, I would post my symptoms of the 2WW and give hope to others.

My back story: I am 36 years old and have three beautiful kids. One boy and two girls. I had my first two kids fairly easy-- both came on the second month of trying (when I was 29 and 31). We went for the 3rd child and conceived on the second month (again!) only sadly, this one ended in a miscarriage at 8 1/2 weeks. It was completely devastating. I am thankful that if I was going to have a loss, that it happened early on, but it was still painful in every sense of the word. Especially since many friends would go on to have babies right around the time that my miscarried baby was due. The doctor told us that we were fertile and that we would get pregnant in no time.
Famous last words. We would go on to try for a year before getting a BFP.

Only in hindsight, I can say that the miscarriage took a toll on my body physically (I passed it on my own and ultimately winded up in the hospital because I lost a sufficient amount of blood) and emotionally. I tried to convince myself that everything was okay and of course, I had my two healthy boy and girl to come home to. I am convinced that my hormones were out of whack and coupled with my stress and inward depression of the miscarriage we tried and tried and nothing. This was foreign to me as I never experienced infertility. I was the idiot person telling friends who had difficulty conceiving that "all they needed was a OPK to track ovulation and voila! That would do it, as it had worked for me in the past." I was the one telling people to not stress out and it would happen. Until I experienced infertility myself, I did not realize how impossible it is to "just relax". Even though this was my third child, I was stressed out more than ever.

It is an awful and vicious cycle. Every month I swore I was pregnant and every month PERIOD. For a year. After about 5 months, I decided to go to my OB/GYN to get blood work to see if there was anything wrong. I was 35 and decided that I did not want to wait much longer. My doctor was convinced it was stress and that I was healthy. There was the advice "just relax" again. I wanted to shoot him. Lol. Unfortunately, preliminary tests showed that my FSH level was 14.4. However, my progesterone level was fine, I was definitely ovulating. For some reason, after my miscarriage, my left side of the body would go into pain right before ovulation. Real pain. I was convinced something was wrong with my body. Oh also, my cycles were much longer after miscarriage. I used to be a consistent 29-30 days and for about a year I would go as long as 34-35 days! To me, that was awful because less times of trying AND false hope that I was pregnant every month and I also read that longer cycles are less healthy eggs!! AHH-- those sites! Anyway, so when my FSH level was on the high end, my optimistic OB told me to go see an RE.

I was now trying for about 6 months. Before going to the RE. I attempted at Eastern medicine and went to Acupuncture. I was told from her that I had a hormone imbalance. She felt that my immune system was very low and my body was weak. I had to admit, she knew what she was talking about. My dentist even noticed that my gums bled easy were weak. I started on acupuncture and chinese herbs to make my body stronger. It did provide some help but all of a sudden it was 8 months and still no signs of being pregnant. Every month right before my period, again, I always thought "it was the month." I hated myself for thinking that every month. I hated that stupid OPK kit...all of this added to my stress. I stopped taking PG tests about 6 months in. I felt my money could be better spent and who needs to see a big fat NO every month. I did buy pre-seed and used it. I was on Allegra and panicked when I saw that that "dries you out." (Oh, on a side note.. in my three prior pregnancies, miscarriage included, CM was abundant and literally felt it down my leg...(sorry TMI)..but that whole year I tried, it was not abundant and scarce. I was convinced this was a problem and it may have been). I also started charting my BBT and found it helpful until one month (after charting for about 2-3 months) looked like I was PG... the temps kept rising, rising and then my stupid period came. That was the end of charting for me. More stress than help, I felt.

It happened!

I'm posting my experience here because while TTC I stalked this site reading all the stories/symptoms and found it very useful to see that there were people experiencing the same symptoms as me! My husband and I began trying right after getting married and got a BFP 3 months later! We were very lucky!

0-3 dpo: absolutely nothing
4 dpo: for a few minutes in the evening I felt my face flush and had slight cramps (not period cramps more like small pricks) and slight queasiness (not nausea but just that feeling where you're not in the mood to eat)
5 dpo: slight cramps, slight queasiness
6 dpo: slight queasiness
7 dpo: face flushed again, slight cramps, slight queasiness
8 dpo: dull cramps. Aversion to smell of someone heating food in the microwave
9 dpo: EXTREMELY sore boobs. My husband tried to lay his head on me and even that hurt really bad. Took a test BFN.
10 dpo: slightly sore boobs. Started spotting. Thought for sure AF was coming
11 dpo: nothing out of the ordinary except constipation. Maybe slightly sore boobs but nothing too bad.
12 dpo: dull cramps. Tested first thing in the morning and got a very very faint BFP!

CD 37 BFP - Had no idea! I have longer cycles

My husband and I have been TTC for 3 months. Or rather, not so much TTC as not preventing in any way. I told myself I would remain calm and sane and not temp, chart, etc etc... and I refused to be a POAS addict. However, the first two months, I still did come to this website and symptom spot and think "this might be the month!" - so I even spent the few bucks on a pack of the Wondfo's so I wasn't spending too much on HPTs. Well, I only used 3 before I got my BFP on my 3rd cycle! I feel so very fortunate and I am hoping for a sticky little nugget.

My cycles range from about 32-35 days, give or take a day or two. And once in a great while, give or take 5 days. I don't know for sure when I ovulate, but I have a pretty good idea because I do tend to get ovulation cramps. Usually quick, sharp and then they're gone. My PMS symptoms have been ALL over the board. I have gotten severely sore breasts for an entire two weeks, metallic taste in the mouth, nausea, food aversions, early cramping, back aches, headaches, and even a really delayed period that made me really beleive I was pregnant despite the 3 BFN tests.

We hardly BD'd this month, except at the end of the month of September and first week of October we did it 5 times. That's it. We must have got the timing perfect!

Here's what I am experiencing now:
Going by CD, not DPO.
CDs 32-36 - Breast tenderness, but not as much as usual. Definitely peeing more.
CD 35-36 - Breast tenderness seemed to subside. Still noticed a little sensitivity, but not as much and certainly not as much as previous months during PMS. Was also experiencing shortness of breath when I was walking up and down stairs or walking somewhere more quickly. I do kickboxing twice a week, so I thought it was odd considering I'm in better shape now. (btw, I am 5'6 at 210 lbs). Some light fluttering feelings, almost like gas but in the wrong place. Behind my belly button especially and then occasionally off to the side of that.
CD 37 - Drove home from 6 hours away with a friend and had to stop 3 times to pee. Also had an energy drink. Ate sushi. Still thought AF was just going to show. When I got home I decided to do a test because I should have started over the weekend if this was a more normal cycle. And BAM I got that BFP on a Wondfo. It eventually dried to very dark. Then took a FRER this morning (CD 38) and the results line was darker than the test line! And it came up right away.

So, we are happier than ever and so excited! But also apprehensive because my best friend has had a lot of fertility issues and I just know how heartbreaking that can be. I'm trying to be realistic, but on the positive end of the spectrum. We are telling immediate family this weekend, and trying to find cute ways to do it!

Wish you all the best of luck! And if there are any words I can say here that may or may not help: You can literally feel every single "pregnancy" symptom before you're period shows up. Try not to read too much into them and just try to wait until AF is due to test. Stress manifests itself in ways we can't understand in our bodies and it's best to try and remain stress-free. I know how difficult that is, but focus on something else. As exciting and momentous as getting pregnant and taking that next huge step in life is, there are other important things you can do in the meantime to add richness and fulfillment. Best of luck!

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23 Months TTC with clomid!

I am so so so glad its finally my turn to post on this site! I have stalked this page for over a year hoping one day I would get my chance to post my BFP!
Jennifer,27 (almost 28)
TTC 23 months
My backstory:
Since AF made its appearance back when I was 13, I have always felt that I would have an issue getting pregnant. Though my entire life, I have NEVER been regular. My stress level and periods always were hand in hand with each other. When I would become upset about anything, my period would be delayed…for months…sometimes even years. I didn’t have a single cycle while my mom was battling breast cancer. When I was 23 I asked my regular MD if I had an issue…and he told me it was normal to be abnormal! WHAT?! I actually BELIEVED that!?!
I never had a horrible AF when it actually came….slight cramping…that was it.
I married my high school sweetheart when I was 24, we then decided to wait a year to start trying to a baby.
Luckily at this point….my mom was better, I was stress free, and my cycles were 100% normal!
November 2012 rolled around and we were ready! And then lovely AF came…again, and again, and again!! We BD for the next 7th months just expecting it to happen, and it never did. I then started the wondolf LH strips to see if I O’ed. Some months it surged, others it did not. We continued this until January of 2014.
I scheduled an appointment with my normal OB…and because of SNOW…I had it rescheduled 4 or 5 times. We were not seen until march. From Jan-March my periods were off again. My father was ill and it played a toll on my lady parts….GO figure!
TTC Story:
March 2014: OB put me on provera to start AF. Period started 16 days later, took 50mg clomid days 3-7, progestrogen at day 21 was less than 1. I did not ovulate.
May 2014: OB put me on provera to start AF. Period started 16 days later, took 100mg clomid days 3-7, progestrogen at day 21 was less than 1. I did not ovulate.
July 2014: AF came naturally, 32 day cycle, 150mg clomid day 3-7, progestrogen was 17.8!!! I finally O’ed, BFN
Aug 2014, AF came naturally, 32 day cycle, 150mg clomid day 3-7, did not take 21 day test but showed surge on LH strips. BFN
Sept 2014: OB referred me to the reproduction specialist. My DH and I were tested. His swimmers were good, I did NOT have PCOS, my levels were good. I took 150mg clomid 3-7, and had a HSG test on cd11.
The test SUCKED! It was far from pleasant, but I found out that my tubes were wide open.
This kind of put me at ease….I knew there wasn’t anything really wrong with me. I had also ready that the HSG test can make you fertile so I was hopeful.
I tested my LH levels EVERY DAY and never showed a surge so I was convinced I didn’t O. I did notice THICK white CM in my panties for about a week before my period….random short cramps. Nothing major.
CD 32 came around and BFN. I cried. A lot. I was ready to give up….but my RS couldn’t get me in until the end of the month…they prescribed me provera to start my cycle again but told me to hold off taking it until 10/16/2014. I continued to test daily…CD34 I swore I saw a faint line. I didn’t say anything to anyone, not even the DH. The next morning, it was slightly darker….was I really pregnant?? Finally CD 35 I looked down and saw a still faint but definite line….I ran to walgreens and got a digital….longest 3 minutes of my life…BFP! WAHOOOO! I cried, and cried, and cried.
I am 5+ weeks…early but confident. I have an appointment at the end of the month!!!

We also used soft cups and preseed! Forgot to mention that!!

I can’t wait for my summer baby!

Faint line???

I'm almost Forsure I ovulated on the 6th of the month. Cervix was very high I couldn't reach it. But I had got CM mucus the stretchy kind.

Days following:

1-4 DPO- I started off cramping on my left side, felt pulling, thumping, cramps like feelings. Then I started getting Hot flashes very bad. I took my meds n I got so sick after taking it. I been a little tired. Cramps came n went thru out the day. I had 2 vivid dreams during that time. Temps were 99.9-100.0 but dropped one day to 98.6. Headaches daily

5DPO- more vivid dreams about pregnancies. My eye been jumping since the day after ovulation. Temp was 99.1 again. More dizzy hot flashes all day long. Back cramps n uterus cramps. Whoa. Anyways I sleep all day yesterday.

Today mild cramps n backaches n more hot flashes. More vivid dreams. I got up this morning n pee on a stick just praying. N this what appeared. A faint line I mean me n my Bd seen it. All the test I taken up until this one all were negs. No faint anything. Opinions please. Although I'm it's n God hands. Ik why I got a faint line n I thank him for it. Ladies I pray for u all everyday that I can.

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BFP on 2nd cycle - 2nd pregnancy

I've loved reading all the BFP stories on this website while I was trying to conceive so thought I would share my experience with you all.

I'm 5 weeks pregnant today and got my BFP at 9DPO. My husband and I had been trying since the start of May, however I was still breastfeeding my 11 month old daughter at the time and had not had AF yet so thought our chances were going to be very slim. I stopped breastfeeding my little girl late June (a couple of weeks after her first birthday) and I got AF exactly 6 weeks later. I was using OPK's and got a positive OPK on my first cycle back which I was relieved about as I've heard it can take a few months for your cycles to regulate. No luck on the first cycle but we got our BFP on the next cycle. I had almost no early pregnancy symptoms with my first pregnancy however I had so many this time around. Here they are:

O day - cramps on my right hand side (positive OPK the day before)
1-6DPO - no symptoms I can think of. I got the flu the night before I ovulated so was feeling pretty awful for about 5 days so thought I was definitely out this month.
7DPO - I was exhausted. I had an afternoon nap while my daughter was sleeping which I haven't done in ages.
8DPO - Almost threw up half way through eating my breakfast then continued to feel nauseous all day. I just felt pregnant instantly, I can't explain it but I felt different. I told my husband that I thought I was pregnant. Still felt exhausted!
9DPO - Still felt nauseous in the morning then started spotting around lunchtime and getting my usual AF cramps. I was so upset because I was sure that I was pregnant and couldn't believe that AF was coming early. The spotting and cramps continued until I went to bed and I expected to wake up with AF.
10DPO - Woke up, went to the toilet and no period, just a bit more spotting. I started to get hopeful again because that never happens to me. If I get AF cramps I am certain to get AF within a few hours. The cramping had also stopped. I felt nauseous all day, starving, exhausted and I had to pee like every half hour (which is not like me at all). I knew by late afternoon I was definitely pregnant so I took a test even though I thought it was way too early and got a BFP. It was still faint but definitely a positive.
10-14DPO - Nauseous, frequent urination, bloating, spotting (only tiny bit when wiping). Darker line on pregnancy test and positive blood test from my doctor.
15DPO to today - Still feeling exhausted and starving all the time. The nausea has eased up for now but I'm expecting it back at about 8 weeks (that's when the morning sickness started with my first pregnancy). No more spotting (that stopped at 14DPO). And unfortunately still needing to pee every hour.

Good luck to all those trying, I hope you get your BFP's real soon.

BFP thanks to BBT charting!

This is my 5th pregnancy, however, I have had 3 losses, I had one in 2011, then I got pregnant the next month in 2011 & gave birth to our son in July 2012, then I was pregnant again this year in April 2014, lost that one soon after my BFP & then lost another at 7 wks in July 2014. Now I'm pregnant again & I'm finally posting again, b/c I have seen the baby's heartbeat twice now & feel confident that this time we will be able to have a H&H 9 months! So good luck to the mamas/ladies who have experienced a lot of loss, we will have our rainbow babies! xx

I have to thank this pregnancy to BBT charting, it was our first & last month we were going to TTC, b/c we were starting testing for frequent miscarriages & our wedding was a year away, so we were going to wait til after the wedding if we didn't get a BFP this month & thanks to charting we got our BFP!! I ovulated 3 days late & one of those days was later than my usual!

For the ladies w/ lots of symptoms (I am very aware of minor changes in my body)..

0 dpo - swollen/painful ovaries, bloating, sore lower back, mild heartburn, swollen/sore lymph nodes under armpit (like my pregnancy w/ my son), sore nips while breastfeeding
1 dpo - heart palpitations, hot flashes, heavy uterus feeling
2 dpo - heavy uterus feeling continues, swollen/bleeding gums for the past few days (originally didn't think it was related, but had the same thing with my son), nausea, fatigue, increased cm
3 dpo - swollen/bleeding gums persisting, dizzy & lightheaded, sensitive to smell (I can smell rubber a mile away? & smelly shoes? YUCK!), beyond exhausted for the past few days, out of breathe, pulling & pinching cramps, bubble rumbles in my tummy (assuming gas related), low patience, low energy, backache, increased milk supply (partially out of control), TMI serious amount of creamy/ewcm all day (keep thinking its AF?), nips pain while breastfeeding, twinges.
4 dpo - frequent urination, heightened sense of smell (can smell my fiancé's salsa from a mile away & it repulses me), cramp on side of abdomen & back
5 dpo - pregnancy sinusitis? feeling stuffy..
6 dpo - abundance of breastmilk
7 dpo - EXHAUSTED (couldn't keep my eyes open all day & went to bed at 9), chills, severe backache, PMS kind of cramps (abdomen), very bloated all day, awful nausea & morning sickness
8 dpo - had gastro all day & night.. so didn't check symptoms, but very different from the morning sickness I was having the previous day.
9 dpo - lots of sticky cm & gassy
10 dpo - fatigue, lots of creamy cm, nausea on & off all day, full uterus feeling & constipated
11 dpo - pregnancy sinusitis last night? Low milk supply suddenly?
12 dpo - BFP!!!! cramps, pregnancy sinusitis last night again?, mild nausea. After my BFP in the afternoon, before going to bed i noticed some spotting..? Assumed it was implantation, but was worried b/c of previous early miscarriages around 4 weeks (often the same day I got a positive test)..
13 dpo - implantation bleeding persisting? Still have a BFP on my test..
14 dpo - gassy, nausea
15 dpo - frequent urination

Light bleeding persisted until 18 dpo, went to see my dr at 16 dpo & he put me on progesterone b/c of my history of miscarriages & he checked my HCG which was okay, the following week at 5 wks +2 they rechecked & my HCG was still going up well, the following week at 6 wks +2 my HCG was very high & we saw the heartbeat @ 150bpm!!

Now this week at 8 wks +1 we saw our baby & the heartbeating @ 150bpm again!
So I'm happy to say not to give up hope ladies, & be strong xx

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didnt think it would happen again :)

I promised myself that I would post on this site if I got a BFP, but didn't think it would happen.
I have two children already conceived easily and we decided to try one last time.
Wasn't so straightforward though. It took one year and I had lost hope. Maybe that's what did it!
I haven't noticed many major symptoms, but I will put down what I noticed in case it helps someone.
2dpo -nasty sore throat
3dpo -sore throat gone and feel normal.
8dpo - I noticed that when I walked upstairs my heart would pound every time, thought it was weird but never put it down to pregnancy. On this day I also had a shooting pain in my uterus.
10dpo -sore breaths start up, down the sides and underneath.
13dpo- AF pains start up, assume the dreaded flow is on its way. Bad nightmares at night.
14dpo - bad nightmares again. No sign of period but constant AF pains. In the evening they suddenly stop and I have a strange burning sensation in the centre of my womb.
15dpo -I wake up in the night after a nightmare and decide enough is enough! I take a test with the shakiness hand imaginable and after about 30secs, there it is!
Overwhelmed is not the word! Good luck everyone xxx

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9 months ttc #3! Au natural

My first daughter was conceived after I had been told I'd never be able to have children on my own due to hormonal imbalance that caused amenorrhea. After about 18 months of ntnp i found out I was pregnant when I was already about 3 months along (hadn't had a period in over a year). Beyond blessed! I had an IUD placed afterwards just in case. When it was time to try for #2, I had the IUD removed. I didn't get af or 2 months so my obgyn induced me with provera and gave me clomid 50mg 5-7. After 2 non successful months I decided to "help" out the clomid with a boost of soy ISO. Well it did the trick but I also got ohhs from it and was on bed rest for 2 weeks! Oops!! When #2 was 9 months old I got af. Then had a 52 then 31,then 34 day cycles. Went back to my obgyn when #2 turned one in hopes to get clomid but she wanted to wait and see for three more months. Had a 21 day progesterone draw, results were a 7, which showed ovulation but not high enough to sustain a pregnancy. Again she said let's see what happens in the next 3-6 months before we move on to femara. Needless to say I was devistated:( it had already been 6 months of crazy internet obsession!! Ugh.... So I started taking the following; prenatal, extra folic acid, magnesium, Q-10, vitamin C, fish oil, zinc, B complex and vitex tincture 1000mg every morning. First cycle was 35 days bfn. Second cycle I dropped the b complex and upped the vitex to 1500mg x2 morning and night.... I use opks, digital smiley (some months I'd get 2 positives or none at all, super frustrating) check cm and cp, this month started charting bbt.... And I got my BFP on cycle day 37, 14 dpo!!!!

FF put my o date the day before my positive opk??? Hmmm made husband come home from work sat night, cd 21 /22 to dtd! Good thing I did:)O'd cd 23! Dtd cd 21-22-24.

1-6dpo same as usual
7dpo bbt went up (beginning of triphasic chart). Got in hot tub with DD and got overheated quickly had to get out after 5 mins
8-9dpo nothing unusual- temps definitely high triphasic chart confirmed
10-13 dpo nipples sore.. Hmmmm got this when pregnant with #2... And then heartburn!?!? definite thinking I'm pregnant. Temps still up. Promised hubby that I'd wait to poas till he got home from work- works out of town fri-sun.
14-dpo temp higher than ever!!! Poas BFP!!! Soo soo happy. Came up so quick too!!

I really believe it was the vitex!! Oh I forgot to mention I am borderline skinny pcos. Im about to turn 32 DH 35!!

Good luck to all of you ladies stalking the BFP stories,that was me since February this year. God bless you all!!

It's my turn!!!

I'm SO excited to post here. Same story as everyone else, this site has kept me sane through my many 2ww's. Two years ago I had a bfp that ended in MC at 7weeks. Symptoms were different both times so I was presently surprised when line two appeared this morning!
This was month 5 of ttc for me. Month 1-3 cycles were erratic (28-36 days) with very short luteal phase (6-9 days) so I decided to investigate what was happening to cause this.
First I discovered that I was eating too much soy ( it has estrogen in it) so I cut that out completely. Second, I started taking B6 and B12 to lengthen luteal phase and after a month I could see the changes.
We also used preseed every cycle.
Now here's the good stuff !

-Cd 14/15-bd preseed
-O-bd preseed/ legs elevated,visualized spermies swimming to egg
-1dpo: ewcm still?
-2dpo:cm turned cloudy but still there
-3/4dpo: cloudy thick cm
5dpo:crabby n mean to DH, thick cm
-6/7dpo: temp higher then normal , flutters/pinches in uterus area, loose stool in am, can't sleep well at night
-8dpo: same as above, SO hungry
-9dpo: bfn, hungry, temp up, cm, fluttering , heartburn, a sensation in bbs ( not pain, just knew I felt something ) slightly more tired then usual
-10dpo: BFP!! Dollar tree tests were actually darker the frer! I took 4 tests n will continue to do so hoping to see the line get darker

Don't give up hope, stay positive. The months dragged for me but it finally happened . Pray this bean sticks!!