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BFP with Late Ovulation

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Finally BFP!! First month trying vitex :)

So first off ..... OMG I'm pregnant!! Been reading sites like this for 6 years with no luck . For years I used everything from the cbfm to the Internet , nothing, finally after months if heartbreak I decided to try vitex before using medical assistance , and I'm freaking pregnant!!

Here's how I took it, went to gnc and bought a bottle of the pills , took two pills twice a day from cycle day one to cycle day 15 (have a 30 day cycle so half of my cycle) I od on the 18, lots of ewcm

My first symptom, boobs sore from day of o till now

Also I had very dramatic PMS for this whole time, ccrampy , moody , headaches, , sore full boobs, exhausted, completely totally exhausted. These were between 10 dpo till now

A week around when af was due I was all of the above plus starving and a little nasaous if I didn't eat, definitely always hungry and the weird one a lot of my hair is coming out, I knew I was preg as I had this when I was preg with dd 12 yrs ago

So if you've thought about trying vitex I say do it!! Def worked for me!! Still can't believe I'm pregnant!! Took 4 boxes of tests to be sure LoL. Good luck an hope I helped someone I know this site has helped me.

We are so excited were having a baby !!

12dpo bfp sharing is caring

Was keeping track of things just in case but not looking into stuff.

3dpo feeling pretty normal, having some milky white cm ( normal for me)

One thing different is my daytime temp...99.37 and i usually have 97!

4 dpo and feeling very normal, very slight bb pain but nothing to serious. Day time temp was 98.80 still above my normal. Another day down!

5 dpo nothing new,still very early.  Had very light cramping but nothing like with bfp before.  Day time temp went back to normal 97.70. Waiting for some if any symptoms! Lol little irritable

6dpo nothing new but a very vivid dream the 5 dpo night. 6dpo night I had insomnia! No bm

7dpo super beyond hungry and sweet tooth and going pee every 45min-hour! Very little nausea.  Mild boob pains. Insomnia. No bm

8dpo pretty normal but nipples feel burning or irritated feeling and two headaches along with major leg pains in both legs feels just like growing pains. Tmi a very hard bm that I haven't had in a very long time.  Insomnia

9dpo insomnia, very light cramping both sides not in center. Frequent urination

10dpo insomnia, thirsty pretty normal. Frequent urination

11dpo MU very very light line. Ebay Crap don't buy!, boobs hurting more, upset stomach feeling, mild cramping. Loos BM super gassy. BBT at highest this morning, should be dropping tomorrow if AF coming.

12dpo woke up nauseas all day going pee every 45min-hour. Ebay stick was Sooo light but I just knew! At store easter stuff and sciatica nerve pain...boom I knew 100% pregnant.  Got home took frer and less than 30 seconds bright two lines, could have used frer at 9dpo and got bfp!

My symptoms were so incredibly mild that if I didn't know my body as well as I do I would have thought out completely!

My temp stayed in high 97 low 98 on FF :) Day time temp very high 98's! Above normal for me.

Good luck ladies!
bbt/opk/cm my charting
CD18 with 29 day cycle
Ovulation day BD day after BD just two times! Try not to over do it or sperm is weaker. Cycle #3 after loss.

False Negative 17DPO (Wondfo), Positive BFP 18DPO (Clearblue Easy Digital w/weeks estimator)

Absolutely No symptoms until 17 dpo. Just a missed period. Each time I've been pregnant I've had absolutely NO symptoms until 18dpo at the very, very earliest. The cycles I had a ton of pregnancy symptoms I was NOT pregnant each time. Go figure!

17 DPO - False Negative on Wondfo pregnancy test strip.

18 DPO - Faint Positive on Wondfo pregnancy test strip + positive on Clearblue Easy Advanced Pregnancy test w/weeks estimator (digital) that came up as "Pregnant, 2-3 weeks" which would be dated 4-5 weeks pregnant according to their chart. Not sure why the Wondfos didn't pick anything up until today and why they were so light compared to my result w/Clearblue Easy? I'll still to Clearblue Easy next time. 1st day I started feeling really tired and nauseated.

Only thing I did differently this cycle is I was not stressed this cycle like the others. I also used the Wondfo Ovulation test strips and had lots of A-M-A-Z-I-N-G intercourse the day of the stark positive double line. I also skipped oral sex as not to kill the sperm. We did not use lube, as not to kill the sperm too. Just lots of foreplay for natural lube. It worked because we are now pregnant.

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15 months TTC , Home Remedy Worked!

Hello Lovely Ladies,
I OD day 24 on a 37 day cylce.Used OPK

I got my BFP today after 15 months of TTC. What an incredible and humbling JOURNEY this has been. I am 35 and DP is 35 as well. I have long cycles that average 34-37 days. I began temping and tracking cycles with BBT chart. I also started using opk's and did 5 round of 50 to 100 mg of clomid. I got pregnant in Jan 2013 with 100 mg of clomid but had a chemical pregnancy. This BFP cyle came on a cycle while on a clomid break. I dont have PCOS but just wanted to boost my O. I spent hours reading blogs and etc on getting preggo and found an article about a woman with an issue with PH and used a baking soda douche 1 hr before BD. I did this and it worked, no preseed just baking soda and water. I think it allowed his spermies a fighting chance of survival, try it!

I had no severe symptoms I have just been very tired this past week and did not have pre af cramping and temps went up on day before AF was due instead of down. The pregnancy test became positive immediately when I tested so that was so good to see, I cried. Here are the lessons I learned on this JOURNEY....

1. Temp (BBT) is so helpful along with OPK for tracking ovulation.
2. Read everything you can get your hands on about TTC when TTC (found the baking soda remedy and I am sure this helped me)
3. Seek answers from an enlightened source my pyshic Jewels Edwards told I would find out I was pregnant in a couple weeks three weeks ago (Please google her and use her she is honest and always on target.
4. Talk to your unborn child before they get here or even conceived and let them know they are loved and welcomed.
5. Give clomid a try even if you O on your own
6. No two women will have same symptoms or reaction to things find what works for you,
7. BD the morning before that EGGIE DROPS
8. Plus size does not mean you cant conceive, Im a size 16

much love to all of you . After 15 months of BFN and crying at the the sight of AF EVERY month,I began to think I was broken, it humbled me and broke me down and I would do it all again for that bfp moment.

Last tip- 9. Make love to you partner if you have one,,,get lost in the moment

Hugs and Kissses to you All!

No Symptoms... TTC for what felt like eternity!

Firstly, I just want to start by saying this, don't give up hope if you are TTC. You've got this far, keep going. The inspirational women on this website kept me going and the BFP stories cheered me up.
Now, where do I start. DH and I have been trying since September 2012. He has a low sex drive, and things have been beyond difficult. I have been tracking like crazy and every month I could have sworn I was pregnant. I had all the symptoms: lots of cm, sore breasts, peeing lots, cramps, ovulation pains, Implantation pains, sour taste in mouth, everything. Well, I had enough. I went to the docs and explained that I'm getting all the symptoms I must definitely be pregnant or my body is unwell.She took blood tests and found I wasn't even ovulating. It was heart breaking. She told me to stop tracking and just relax. She would take more blood tests and I was ordered to come back on day 25 of my cycle to take more blood tests. She would then refer me to fertility centre who would help us conceive. She was so lovely. I went home and tried to just forget everything. Prayed lots. I just wanted to forget about everything and focus on our relationship again rather than become a crazy woman constantly tracking when I am fertile. My period didn't come. After two weeks I got worried and became anxious. First I'm not ovulating and then my cycles are disappearing. I did a cheapie test→ to my shock it was positive. Went home in shock. Bought another digital test which came back positive. DH and I cried. I am now 7 weeks and praying for a healthy happy child. Sickness has kicked in. Wondering whether it's going to get worse! Ladies relax and it will happen. Also don't always believe everyone, your body is right. I was told that all the phantom symptoms I was feeling was my body actually preparing for the real thing. That's what the doc said anyway. The body goes through all the symptoms to prepare your body. I pray for you all. X

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BFP at 9dpo

We got married and January and I really expected it to take quite awhile to conceive (i'm 33 & DH 39).
My cycles are between 28 - 31 days but sometimes I can have up to 7 days of spotting before AF... I was sure something was wrong!
I've been charting for two months and we had no luck the first cycle. Still worried about the spotting I had my hormone levels checked this month. Day 3 was all good and day 21 also detected a 'strong ovulation'.

I have treated this month like a military operation (my poor husband!)
I took VB6, evening primrose until O & we used pressed and OPKs.

I think the VB6 worked as my cycle lengthened and I didn't ovulate until the 17th... last month it was the 14th (not sure about before that as it'd never taken any notice).

1-5 DPO - Nothing
6-7 DPO - Very sleepy and mega grumpy for no reason (other than I was sure it wouldn't work) and some light cramping which was weird for this time of the month.
8 DPO - Small amount of very light brown/yellowy CM after exercise. (Not unusual for me)
9 DPO - (BFP day) Light brown spotting which is exactly the day and type from last month so i was sure we were out. I don't really know why I bothered testing in the afternoon, probably because of those unusual days 6-7. Initially the test looked like nothing but i put it in front of me at my desk and looked at it again in about 10mins and saw the tiniest of faintest of lines. I was absolutely shocked and swore to myself!
10 DPO - Brown spotting was worse but test line comes up slightly more with FMU (still very faint).
11 DPO - Light brown spotting. Cramps on and off all day. Tummy feels really tight. Possible heartburn. Retched when brushing teeth.
12 DPO - Gush of brown cm about 10.30am. Light Cramps. Still positive and getting darker.
I only felt confident enough to tell DH this morning... I didn't want to get his hopes up as the test was still too light until now. He was stoked!
I sort of enjoyed having a delicious secret for a couple of days (weird ay).
13 DPO - Very light brown spotting. Backache begins
14 DPO - Spotting is gone but Backache in full force.
15 DPO - Nothing so far but I go in for my second BETA level today.

Being pregnant for the first time is lovely but fraught with worry!
I am obsessed with googling all the bad things that could happen and can't quite let myself get excited yet.
I mean to stop temping but this morning it was nice and high and it made me feel a lot better.
When I get the blood results and know they are climbing up correctly then I think I won't be so worried.
My husband it being so cute and protective and is going to wrap me and baby in cotton wool for the next 9 months. He will be an amazing dad!
I can't wait to tell my mum she has wanted to be a grandma forever!!

Faint BFP at 11dpo 2 months after MC

Ok I have an 18 month old - had a MC at just over 5 weeks with low hcg and low progesterone in Feb (prog a 2, hcg 13).

This will be the start to our 9th month of trying.

Now I have just found out that I am pregnant Friday Apr 4 which was 11dpo via three faint positives and a blood draw with hcg levels measuring a 4.9... So I immediately started my 100mg of prometrium right away.

Today is Sunday, and it's the fourth day I've been spotting (brown sticky) on and off all day. Minimal cramping and lots of pressure. As far as I see it as long as there's no red blood I am ok!

I took another test today 14 dpo / 2nd day of missed period (or 13, may be one day off) still a faint positive. I am driving myself mad bc I am so extremely scared this baby won't stick and it'll be another chemical pregnancy.

Has anyone had a similar experience with a successful outcome?!

I'm so EXCITED but I'm still cautious and cannot seem to enjoy.

Thanks ladies! Baby dust! :)

BFP 15 DPO- Don't give up hope!

I can't believe that I'm actually writing on here since I've been the one religiously looking through these stories day after day searching for a story that seemed similar to mine to keep the hope alive that I would get my BFP. Well it finally happened and couldn't have happened better! These forums truly has been so helpful so I want to share my story and all my symptoms so hopefully they will help someone like you!

I'm 28 and this will be my first. I have a 28 day cycle and although I don't temp I'm assuming my O happened between the 15 and 17th of march. I BD on both the 15 and 17th. So I'm for timelines sake, I'll start my O on the 16th Here we go:

DPO 1: nada- BD
DPO 2: headache and creamy CM
DPO 3: felt nauseous, acne, creamy CM
DPO 4: felt a few breif twinges (could be imagination) also kept feeling wet down there. More creamy CM
DPO 5: nipples are a little sore, feel like a cold is coming on, creamy CM
DPO 6: cold feeling gone, nipples still sore, creamy CM
DPO 7: twinge in left ovary. nipples still sore, just on nipples not anywhere else. Tonight I had really vivid dreams, one in which I took a pregnancy test and got a BFP! So weird, I also had a bad nightmare and BF had to wake me up because I was yelling in my sleep
DPO 8: appetite increased today. I overrate them felt sick lol. Creamy CM
DPO 9: really dull cramping which increased in afternoon, breast beginning to feel tender, but not sore like nipple. A lot of creamy CM, kept getting that dripping feeling
DPO 10: same as yesterday but I had a stomach ache today and more cravings for sweets- for sure thought AF will be here soon because I always crave sweets around that time. Took a dollar store cheapie BFN
DPO 11: I was really grumpy today. My students (I teach middle school) asked me are you on your period? Lol we just so happen to be learning about menstruation, fertilization and pregnancy right now in science. I had cramps today (bad enough to use a heating pad) and breasts starting to be more tender nipples really sore. Joint pain in knees kinda felt like growing pains
DPO 12: tender breasts/nipples creamy CM
DPO 13: AF due today. woke up with a horrible stomach ache and indigestion. I never get heartburn so this was weird. Tested with another dollar store and it was a BFN.
DPO 14: felt heavy down there like AF could come any minute. Felt super bloated, crampy (low cramps) and breasts/nipple soreness
DPO 15: where the heck is AF? Heartburn again are you kidding me? I was super impatient today. Another student pulled me aside: "are you pregnant?" I asked why they would say that? Apparently because of my mood swings. Lol I told them no of course not. Felt so unusually heavy down there like something was off. Went and got a FRER pack. Didn't even wait for it because I knew it would be negative, especially since it wasn't FMU. So I just peed and set it down and went to take my dog outside. I came back 5 minutes later and holy shit!- BFP! The two lines were very clear! I literally couldn't believe it so I mustered up another pee about 39 minutes later and sure enough another line!

Since I didn't know my O date I assumed my BFP was somewhere between 14-16 DPO. Don't give up hope! I never had implantation bleeding and after two BFN I for sure thought I was out until I saw those two lines. Looking back now I can say the biggest thing that made me have the teensiest bit of hope was those sore nipples (I never get sore breasts/nipples before AF) but the biggest was the heartburn! That's really unusual for me.

It's almost been a week since my BFP and the biggest change since then is my entire breasts have become horrendously sore. I've had more gas and I feel bloated but no cramping anymore. I also have noticed I'm much more sensitive.

I hope you all get the BFP you are hoping for and not get discouraged by all these people getting their BFp's at 9 DPO. Yours will come!

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The Wicked Witch Coming For You? Maybe not. It could be BFP

First off, I am OVER THE MOON about this BFP!!! Holy guacamole!!! I had such WEIRD symptoms, and felt like even if just a few people see this, and feel better. Then I have paid it forward. I have read countless BFP stories, and I really hope this one makes your TWW a little less excruciating.

I didn't know when I ovulated this month. I wasn't using OPKs. I had just had my Mirena IUD out maybe 3 weeks previously! Either way, I used an ovulation calculator. As luck would have it when the day came around I felt like I wasn't ovulating AT ALL!!! I still BD anyway. About a week later I had every single sign of ovulation. So, just in case.... we BD away for a few days.

The weirdest thing happened. After that ovulation day... I just knew. It was as if I was doubting myself, but really. I knew!! My first symptom was that I had this tingling sensation where my right ovary would be! It was like I could feel the blood moving. That went on for a few days. Then I was SOOOOO hungry right when I woke up, which never happens. Right after that my sense of smell started getting better. Then a turn for the worse.... I broke out. I really felt uneasy about this, except it was a HORRIBLE break out. Which I also never get. By the next day I started having cramps, and I was SURE af was coming!!! I wrote an entire post about how I knew I was out. I kept going to the bathroom. I just was waiting and waiting for it! After a few more days I got these pains in my back, and I went to the bathroom thinking "this is it! AF is here". When I got there. It was a glob of creamy white lotion type of CM. This was when I started to get excited!! Then I was one day late for my period. Got a BFN. Thought I was out AGAIN. 2 days late, and started to realize if I ovulated late then my period would be late. That night I took two blue dye tests, and they were faintttt. Sense they were blue I figured I was tricking myself. I went to get some $tree tests. Took one, and a big BFN. I threw it on the table and called it good. The next morning with FMU I took another $tree after about 30 secs it looked as if it was a BFN. I was discouraged, and heartbroken. I left the test, and pee out. After awhile I remembered I left my pee out. I went back in, and there was a BLAZING positive!!! I started screaming and jumping. I got another test, and with the same FMU did it. Right away another BLAZING BFP. I ran to get a frer and another BLAZING bfp! That day it was confirmed by a blood test, and has only been getting darker!! Later I realized that BFN $tree test was actually positive! I just didn't see it! I wouldn't say check them after the time limit, but let the test sit for a bit! Don't be impatient like me!

You're not out until that witch shows up!!! Sometimes pregnancy symptoms are just like AF but worse!! Keep positive. Try to remember this will come right when it's meant to, and try to focus on the things you DO have! I hope this helps ladies!!

One other thing.... I only have ONE FALLOPIAN TUBE!!!! Have hope!!!

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BFP after tubal and ovarian ectopics!!!

I'm so excited to finally post something positive! I have had 2 ectopic pregnancies. The first ruptured and lost my right tube, and the second was on the ovary of the right side (with no tube...weird we know). I just went to my first prenatal and there was a sac in my uterus (yay! finally in the right place)!!! It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! I ovulated late on CD 21. Here are my DPO symptoms:

1DPO - vivid dreams, runny nose, sore throat, sore breasts
2DPO - gassy, sore breasts
3DPO - cramps, fatigue, gassy, sore breasts
4DPO - backache, constipation, cramps, sore breasts
5DPO - backache, cramp, gassy, headache, sore breasts and nipples
6DPO - backache, cramps, gassy, headache, sore breasts and nipples
7DPO - 0.8 temp increase!!!! Bad cramping, backache, constipation, gassy, sore throat, sore breasts and nipples
8DPO - backache, cramps, diarrhea, gassy, headache, sore throat, sore breasts and nipples
9DPO - faint BFP with FMU on wondfo strip!!!! backache, cramps, diarrhea, gassy, sore breasts and nipples
10DPO - clear BFP with FMU on wondfo strip!!! cramping continues, gassy, sore breasts and nipples
11DPO -18DPO - constant sore breasts and nipples (getting worse each day), veins start appearing in breasts, gassy, on/off cramping and backache
19 DPO - ultrasound shows sac in uterus! Another scheduled for next week.

I never get sore breasts and nipples unless I'm pregnant so this was a big sign for me. I have a tilted uterus so that explains the backaches. The cramping was new for me. Doctor said that was good sign that it was implanting properly. Hope this helps! Good luck to all!