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BFP with Late Ovulation

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BFP on CD45 After Late Ovulation & 7 Months TTC

Hi, ladies! This site provided a lot of hope and comfort to me during my seven-month TTC journey. I am so excited to be sharing my own BFP story! Just a couple months ago, I was reading these stories and clinging to the hope that it would happen for me someday. So if you're in that boat at this very moment, my heart goes out to you. Keep the hope alive and know your BFP will come!

For background, I am 30 and DH is 31. We started a concerted effort to conceive our first child in January of this year. After years of my mother telling me she got pregnant the first month both times and it would be a breeze for me when the time came, I think I truly expected to be pregnant after the first month. Well, I was staring down ten years of birth control pills and carrying around 40 extra pounds, so unfortunately it wasn't quite that easy.

My cycles have been a bit on the long side, generally 36-40 days. The cycle we conceived, I had recently started trying some new supplements in an effort to feel more in control of the TTC process. I was taking 2000mg inositol, 800mg Vitex, royal jelly, fish oil, a prenatal and a probiotic in addition to adding maca powder to my smoothies and drinking two cups of raspberry leaf tea daily. We have been using Pre-Seed the entire time, and this month we added Soft Cups to the mix also. Initially I wanted to try the Sperm Meets Egg Plan, but I never got a clearly positive. Instead, we just decided to leave it all on the table and baby dance as much as possible. We did it almost every day, even when we were tired.

Around CD38, I felt like my period had to be coming soon. I had been having mild cramps for a week along with lots of extra EWCM. On CD39, my boobs were very sore, but that can be common for me before AF. On CD40, I tested and it was negative. I figured surely it would have been positive at that point and mentally counted myself out for the month.

I left for a business trip thinking surely I wasn't pregnant. I didn't take any tests with me. On CD44, I was having lunch with a colleague when all the sudden I felt an extreme wave of dizziness. I had to brace myself on the table because the whole room was spinning. My colleague commented that I had to be pregnant. I didn't tell her I had just tested four days earlier and it was negative. But the next morning, with a few hours to spare, I ran to a drug store in Tallahassee and bought a digital test. I couldn't believe my eyes when it read "Pregnant"! I had a small army of ready-and-waiting pregnancy tests at home, and then when I actually needed one, I was running to the drug store like a total cliche.

I think I am almost ten weeks now, but it's difficult to date the pregnancy because I think I ovulated somewhere between CD25-30, and I have no idea if the test would have gone positive on CD41 if I'd kept testing. I have my first ultrasound next week, so I'm praying for good news and also a solid due date.

Best of luck to all of you still walking the long road to motherhood. You will get there sooner than you think, I hope.

BFP after 2.5 years of loss and surgery

I promised myself I would post here after my BFP as this site helped keep me hopeful during our long TTC journey. The back story is that we easily conceived our first child after two months of trying (I was 32 years old). That pregnancy was uneventful and she was born healthy. When DD was around 3, we decided to start trying again. I got a BFP after 6 months of trying, but had a miscarriage at 6.5 weeks. I was disappointed, but as a genetic counselor, I understand these things happen and that it was nature's way of taking care of an unhealthy embryo. My OB said I didn't have to wait to try again, so two months later I got a BFP again. I never felt right about that pregnancy. It was hard for me to be excited and I was having some strange dreams that felt ominous to me. When I went in for first trimester screening (12 weeks), the ultrasound tech was silent and very focused on the baby's head. My heart dropped. She went to get the doctor and I lost it. They very nicely put us in a private room while the doctor called some perinatology offices to get us in ASAP. Luckily, we were able to get in the same day. We had a high resolution scan and the MFM shared the bad news - the baby's brain was severely underdeveloped and suggestive of an underlying genetic cause. I suspected trisomy 13 (an extra chromosome 13), and unfortunately the CVS revealed that to be the case. Trisomy 13 is a lethal genetic condition that leads to late miscarriage, stillbirth, or death within days of delivery. We made the heartbreaking decision to end the pregnancy. No flaming please - if it's not a decision you would have made, I can respect that, but it's the decision that made sense for our family and until you've walked in someone's shoes, it's unfair to judge. I feel it's important to share this part of the story because things like this do happen and it's important to be informed. DH and I couldn't bear the thought of our baby's suffering, the unknowns of carrying a child that would die, sooner or later, and the complexity of caring for our DD through all of that.

I grieved for months and months (who am I kidding - I still am and always will). It was recommended we wait 3 months after the d&c to try again. We tried for an entire year with no luck. I was very confused because conceiving had always been relatively easy for us and I felt like something was wrong. A year into trying we went to a reproductive endocrinologist and had a full workup done. I had a small submucosal fibroid that the doctor said could be interfering with implantation. Hormone panels for DH and I were all normal. He recommended I have a hysteroscopic myomectomy to remove the fibroid. This is an outpatient procedure where a special scope is used to go into the vagina and remove the fibroid tissue. After surgery, the doctor said that not only did he remove the fibroid, but that there was tons of scar tissue from the d&c that needed to be removed, as well, and he felt that was the main culprit with our TTC failure. I was advised to wait 8 weeks to allow for healing before trying again.

Month 1 after 8 weeks of healing:
CD1-10 -not much, BD'd once or twice
CD11 - started using OPKs
CD12 - start EOD BD schedule
CD18 - BD
CD19 - +OPK (late ovulation is my norm), BD
3DPO - nothing
4DPO -13 DPO - really strange bloating. I looked pregnant by the end of each day.
8DPO - BD, very intense cramping after O, no spotting (which I typically get after BD before AF arrives); started to suspect I might be pg
9DPO-12DPO - bloating continued, too scared to test
13DPO - couldn't wait any longer, used a FRER, would normally pee and set it aside but I had a compulsion to watch it process and the test line showed up before the control line! Bawled my eyes out and ran to DH to show him.
14DPO - beta came back at 212, it was official!

I had a couple of real scares weeks 6-8, where I had a gush of fluid and blood and was sure the pregnancy was over. I went for ultrasounds both times and saw a tiny heart beating away and no signs of bleeding. I suspect that it was just part of the leftover gunk of surgery the couple of months before making its way out. Now I'm 36 weeks pregnant and waiting for DD number 2 to arrive. I feel so lucky and grateful to be here. I know my story is a convoluted one but hope that it offers others struggling in any of these ways some hope.

Please help!!! Late, loopy, faint, and negative after negative

Okay.. First off I have two beautiful boys (11months apart). We were originally informed we couldn't have children because of my husbands condition but that is a whole other story. As for today, I am totally baffled and need some help/ advice. I had my iud removed several months ago and my periods have been regular (they were regular with the iud too). Last month I got my period on the 15th of July and had expected it to come the 12th of August. Around the time of ovulation- a bit after- I had dark spotting/ discharge for two days. It was not a period. My periods are heavy, bright red, and last 7 days. I literally felt pregnant. I had cramping and a heaviness in my uterus. I took a test 5 days before my missed period but it was negative. I took one the day before; negative. I waited until 5 days late; negative and then on 8 days late I took a test that seemed blurry and another right after that was negative. When I look at the first test which would have had the more concentrated levels of the hormone there is a very thin faint blue line and on the 2nd one there is nothing so I don't think the first one was an evaporation line or I would have seen it on the second. However, I bought another test at 9days late (this time a red line test) and it said negative. My nose is so sensitive and I've been constipated and also every time I stand up I'm dizzy. What is going on?!?! Could I still be pregnant??

Products used: 

BFP on CD69 (O was either CD58or59)

I have a history with infertility. Before this last cycle, I went 6 months in between periods.

I just started temping again a few days before I noticed a temp shift. I happened to miss a day of temping, so I am not sure if it was CD58 or 59 that I ovulated.

My husband and I stopped preventing pregnancy in Sept. of 2000. I had a surprise pregnancy with my son in March 2010 (that was the first pregnancy that I ever had - it took 9 1/2 year, we also adopted twins during that time.) The pregnancy with my son, I didn't ovulate until CD30.

I had another surprise pregnancy in Jan. 2013 (2nd pregnancy ever) that resulted in a miscarriage.

This is my 3rd pregnancy, I had just started getting back into actively trying to conceive. Temping and taking prenatal and Metformin (in prep to try Femara again) are the only things I was doing. We only happened to DTD once during my 'window' and it had nothing to do with TTC. :) Apparently that once worked!! Super excited!!

Before my BFP, I had noticed that I felt like I needed to pee a lot (even when I didn't really have to), I was really hot all the time, a little gaggy and sensitive to smells, and had bouts of extreme thirst (just for a day here and there)

Praying for a sticky bean and a healthy 9 months for all of us!

BFP after 9 months TTC - 10dpo

Hey ladies! This website helped me a lot so I wanted to share my experience.

I came off the pill in August 2013 after taking it for ten years. I decided to allow my cycle to regulate for a few months before TTC and took that time to familiarise myself with my body so that I didn't stress over everything! (Didn't work lol).

I got to know my cycle length, CM patterns, ovulation dates and typical symptoms which was really interesting to note.

Started actively TTC in Dec 2013 using OPKs and temping and fully expected it to happen straight away! It didn't.

We tried BD every other day, every day, SMEP, preseed, elevating legs, supplements, diet changes, you name it! I was advised a few times to stop trying and it will happen, rubbish! For some people it will, coincidence if you ask me, we tried and tried and it worked! I may have got stressed sometimes when I didn't think we got BD in enough around O day but I know I would have been worse not knowing if I was ovulating at all! Also I found temping and seeing temps drop prepared me for the disappointment of AF.

So each month TTC I had 'new' symptoms that convinced me I was pregnant...gas, sore boobs, lumpy nipples, fatigue, nausea, changes in name it, I got it. This month I got my BFP all I noticed that was different was my temps stayed up past 10dpo, when they would usually start to drop, and I started getting slight cramps which would normally only start on day of AF. No other changes yet. This cycle we used preseed the day before I ovulated, we had been using it for three months. We BD two days before O and day of O.

So don't think you're doing too much, every little helps I believe! Good luck ladies :-)

BFP at CD50 after TWO irregular cycles!

I have finally pried my eyes away from the positive HPTs for enough time to sit down and share my story. I still can't believe its happening. This forum and the contributors to it have been a great source of comfort and insight, and I am so happy to be posting my BFP story here!

I am 34 and my husband is 39. We started ttc#1 in May, and would you believe it, my body immediately got stage fright, and started acting weird for the first time I can remember. The 1st month I had 3 days of breakthrough spotting on CD20 and, not realizing what it was, I thought maybe it was implantation bleeding. I did not get my period that cycle until CD51 (while having MANY pg symptoms). It was the first time anything like this ever happened to me, and it was a very emotional period. I struggled with hoping that MAYBE I was pregnant, while getting BFN after BFN. It was a relief when AF finally arrived after almost two months. The next cycle I bought OPK kits and watched my body like a hawk. My OPKs darkened but never made it to a positive, and once again, I ended up getting breakthrough spotting on CD20. I stopped taking my opks, and cried and cried. Eventually I read on one of the forums of this site how you could still ovulate later in an anovulatory or irregular cycle. Around CD 37 I noticed EWCM, but had negative OPKs. We BD'd only a couple of times in that period (using preseed), but we hit the right moment, because our little bean caught! I had noticed small symptoms, but I kept holding off testing, as I couldn't take the pain of another BFN...finally yesterday afternoon I just went for it. I thought my eyes were tricking me at first, as the SLIGHT shadow of a pink line appeared. YES!!! I slapped some makeup on (haha) and ran to my husband and showed him the stick. I couldn't convince him the tiny faint line counted so we got another test and the next day with FMU got a confirmed digital "pregnant 1-2 weeks". Whoo-hoo!

Because of the weird cycles, I did a terrible job of listing DPO symptoms, but I have put what I can below. To be honest, my symptoms are not strong, so I am sorry if they are not helpful. I hope this helps anyone who has an irregular cycle to keep trying during that cycle! I am crossing my fingers for sticky baby dust for myself and this little one, as well as for all of you lovely ladies out there!


CD37 -Noticed EWCM

CD37-38 BD'd using preseed

CD42-50 all of the following:

Occasionally feel VERY SLIGHTLY nauseous on an empty stomach

Gas. Embarrassingly loud stomach rumbles at the office. I get them no matter what I eat or drink, which is unusual

Sudden bouts of tiredness in the middle of the afternoon (CD 46-50)

I worked out really hard, at the gym a few times and I felt a small, nagging pain in my uterus area afterwards. This was another tipping point sign for me as well

My nipples are tingly and my breasts are slightly sore. This has increased at an incredibly slow pace, so much so that I shrugged it off as incoming AF. But yesterday, it was so consistent (every few hours) that it prompted me to take the test

Weird Symptom and things I did to get my BFP

Hello ladies (and perhaps gentlemen), these stories are what got me thru last month and my tww this month. My husband (26) and myself (25) have only been trying for 2 months, we were expecting it to take much longer but are thrilled. I stopped my bcp in late June; I finished the whole pack including the placebos and had a regular withdraw bleed. This month I o'd on cd 17 of a 28 day cycle (confirmed by opks and temping) and got my BFP at 9 dpo. I tried a couple new things this month. I drank a glass of pomergranate juice (supposedly promotes healthy lining) and a glass of pineapple juice (supposedly helps with implantation) per day after ovulation, I ate Brazil nuts 3 per day up to 7 dpo (they have natural selenium in the to help with implantation), and I also ate (or tried to, it wasn't consistent) pineapple core. I also used Preseed (sparingly) when I needed it on cd 15 (internally) and cd 17 (o day externally). I prayed daily to St. Gerard the patron of all things motherhood. We also did the SMEP. On to my symptoms...

CD 7 I had extreme pain in my right ovary, went in for emergency ob appt. confirmed cyst burst fluid sitting behind uterus was told would clear up in a couple days)
1-3 dpo extremely sore nipples
4 dpo nothing
5 dpo Right breast pain (like I did a ton of push ups) I also got my annual Pap smear. I was worried this would hurt my chances but didn't so don't be afraid to get your annual if you're ttc.
6 dpo Sore BBs, tired take a 2 hr nap after 9 hrs of sleep the night before (confirmed by fitbit).
7 dpo pulling pain about an inch and left of my belly button (not near ovary), slight headache, here is the weird part...I had sore BBs so sore I just wanted to rub them (so I did) and a clear/white substance leaked out of both of my nipples. I have never been pg or bf before. Nurse said could be a symptom (very rare) in early pg or could be high prolactin levels. Suggested if I don't get a BFP to come in for testing. I didn't mess with my boobs at all after that!
8 dpo Hungry and thirsty, can't get enough water! No more sore BBs, symptom free day. Thought for sure I was out. Feeling bummed took a dollar store hpt in the afternoon (after drinking water non-stop all day) my brain told me it was a bad idea but my poas addiction said it is only a dollar. After two minutes it was a bfn, should have known. I threw it away. Then I was crazy enough to dig it back out 10 minutes later and look at it (crazy I know) it had a really faint pink line! I thought to myself just an evap line and to ignore it. Then I looked up all things evap lines. One posted suggested dismantling the test and running water over the test strip, if it were an evap line the dye would wash away if it was a BFP it would stay. I had nothing to lose it was already used. Needless to say it didn't wash away but I still wasn't convinced (didn't want to get my hopes up). Decided to test in the morning with fmu.
9 dpo Tested with fmu on dollar store first. Decided if the line showed up in the first 10 minutes (the cut off) I would use my only frer digital that I had left over. Well needless to say, the dollar store hpt was (faint) positive within 5 minutes. I dipped the frer and after 3 minutes a YES+ showed up. Very excited but still nervous!

Sorry the post is so long but wanted to posted everything I did. Including me being crazy, but the tww will make anyone crazy (or so I justify that to myself) :) Here is to a H&H 9 months to all the other BFP mommas, and lots of luck to those still trying (sending good vibes your way).

I just knew....

This month in particular we tried something a little different. We used soft cups and preseed for the first time. We had used preseed in the past with no luck. I think the combination of the two things is what really worked for us. I was also tracking my BBT, CM and CP the entire month. There were only a few things that tipped me off that I was pregnant. My nipples began to hurt and few days after ovulation took place. My nipples have never hurt after ovulation. At about 8-9 dpo I started having to get up in the night too pee. One night I also woke up at 3:20 am and need to eat I was so hungry. Around this time as well I had a dream that I poas and got my bfp. So on 10dpo I bought a Walmart cheapie and took it that afternoon. My husband said he knew I was going to but I don't think he did. I put my sample into that little well and a few seconds later a faint line appeared. I thought I was going crazy. I walked out of the bathroom and showed DH. He couldn't believe his eyes. He was so excited. After a year we had finally gotten what we'd been praying for. DH thought we were out that month until I got my bfp. I am now 6w5ds and waiting for my first appointment in 2 weeks. GL to all of you ladies who are waiting for your bfp and I wish a H&H 9 month to everyone who has already gotten theirs.


Hi people new to this but been looking at all the BFP stories to spur me on
Aged 24 , other half 25 been together 8 years. TTC only two months so aware we are very lucky hope it stays that way normal 27-31 day cycles luteal phase around 11/12 days. Started taking multivitamin and jogging a this month feel this really helped. Here are my symptoms;
Cd 16 - bd
Cd 17 - EWCM , bd
Cd 18 - pos opk did not bd this day
Cd 19 - bd (think I ovulated this day)
Cd 21 (2dpo) - migraine , sharp pains Right side
3dpo - stuffy nose ,spot on chin, bd , slight Indigestion after eating lunch?? Weird!
4dpo - creamy cm, stuffy nose temp 37.2?? High for me
5dpo - creamy cm, hungry!! Horny! Temp 37.0
6dpo - same as before but shooting pains right hand side again, headache
7dpo - as day before, moody thought af was defo coming
9dpo - head ache !! Strange for me
10dpo - took pg test very unclear test line thought possible evap line
11dpo - sore bbs , veins on them more visable ?! Is it me?
14dpo - af 2/3 days late, BFP!!!!!

YES PREGNANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok ladies so I was just TTC for around 2-3 months, I have hormonal unbalance so I started taking Maca the first month and then the second month I added Vitex. We conceived this month which is 3rd one.

So 4 weeks a go I was cruising to Caribbean and the day I got back, when I was taking a shower I noticed a lot of clear CM like ovulating.I should have ovulated the week before when I was in the cruise.

The next week I was expecting my period on Friday Jul 25, but never came... tested BFN
That same day I went beach walking at night I had mild cramps like it was about to start... *** sore boobs for a week or so

Saturday JUL 26 light cramps / sore boobs
for the next week cramps and boobs no other symptoms
I tested again on Jul 29 BFN

So I decided that I was not pregnant and maybe the maca and vitex were responsible for the late period, but since I was TTC I order cheap strip test from Ebay which only took 2 days to get to my mail box.
Thursday JUL 31 I tested with the cheap strip from Ebay and I could see the faint line coming up I couldn't believe it... so I did two more and faint line again
So I went to Walgreens and bought a clear blue test... It said Pregnant 1-2 weeks

I was so happy and cried so much...
I thought that my hormonal problem would made it hard for me to conceive.. I guess Maca and Vitex were essential because they regulated my period from first month...