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BFP with Late Ovulation

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BFP at 36 years old using OPKs

Hi you lovely ladies, As so many of you I have been stalking this forum (for years) and especially within the past 4 months. A bit of background info: I've had a surprise BFP about 4.5 years ago. DH and I had just started to get over the shock (as I had been on the pill) and were really looking forward to being a family - when that pregnancy ended in a MC at 6 weeks. I was so heartbroken, looking back I should have gone to counselling. It took me a long time to move on. But that also made me realise how much I wanted a baby! However because of personal circumstances we waited another 3 years until we gave it a shot. I finally came off the pill 1.5 years ago and we were going to let it happen naturally, without pressure. Well, nothing happened. My cycles were all over the place, from 24 days to 39 days. Additionally I found out that I had hyperthyroidism and my TSH was around 5, when it should be between 1-2 generally and around 1 when you are actively trying to conceive, so it was way too high to support a pregnancy. This might have been the cause for my earlier MC. Fortunately was easily fixed by taking one magic little pill each morning (for the rest of my life) and my blood tests now show a TSH about 1. 4 cycles ago I started using OPKs to give us a better chance at catching the egg. 3 cycles I tested positive on OPKs and we BD at the right times before and after the positive result, however the 4th time was a charm :) I am 36, DH is 38. Here are my symptoms: CD 10: BD CD 11-19: OPKs negative (light line) CD 14: BD CD 15: BD CD 19-22: OPKs negative (but progressively darker) CD 20: BD early morning CD 21: watery CM, nipples slightly stingy CD 22: BD at noon. watery CM, some pinching and tugging around ovaries, nipples sensitive CD 23 + OPK positive: BD again late at night. creamy to watery CM. Nipples not longer sensitive. 1 DPO: nips painful. wet and creamy CM 2 DPO: ate some pineapple (incl. core). creamy to sticky CM. Sensitive nips 3 DPO: ate some pineapple (incl. core). creamy CM. Nips still a little sensitive 4 DPO: ate some pineapple (incl. core). chunky sticky CM. Nips quite stingy. Breasts feel full. Sharp shooting pain in uterus but only once. It's too early for implantation anyhow. 5 DPO: ate some pineapple (incl. core). chunky sticky CM. Nips hardly sensitive :(. Nauseous at 8:30am but then okay. stayed at work late. 6 DPO: ate some pineapple (incl. core). Woke up realising that I dreamt I was pregnant! It was a weird dream where i was in a futuristic place where a machine tested my functions and statistics. On the screen of the machine it mentioned that I had low blood pressure but this was not harmful to my baby. Baby??? Nips normal. Some pulsating twinges down below. Slightly pink crusty CM in the evening. Stared at it pathetically for what felt like hours trying to figure out if it was pink or not, or if I was nuts. The 2 week wait does strange things to us usually sensible women! 7 DPO: ate some pineapple (incl. core). Woke up realising that I dreamt I was pregnant AGAIN! Even weirder dream I swapped body with another woman just for fun. Suddenly I realised that that woman might not know that my body was pregnant and that she would unwittingly drink alcohol and endanger the embryo. She was gone somewhere and DH and I had to run and find her. How very very strange. Nips normal, don't feel pregnant at all. Sticky CM. 8 DPO: Nothing. Breasts seem full but that's normal before my period. Sticky CM. 9 DPO: Constipated. Feel stuffed and like not enough space down there. Bloated and fat. Tired and procrastinating at work. Clear CM, not a lot of it some slightly watery. Bra seems tight/too small. 10 DPO: DH and my anniversary :). Nothing besides tired and some backache. Still constipated and fat feeling, if I manage to squeeze out anything it's more like rabbit poop. But feel nothing special. Breasts still feeling full but that's about it. CM between sticky and creamy. Skin is really clearing up. 11 DPO: Breasts feel bigger and slightly sore around the sides and below upon waking. Still a little constipated. DH asks me if I am pregnant as he noticed 'your boobs are popping', haha, I take this as a compliment! They are normally a standard sort of medium sized, feel slightly larger now though. Usually around this time in my cycle they kind of deflate a little. I notice I need to pee every hour or so.

Rainbow Baby BFP!

Hubs (37) and I (35) have always been of the mind that if "it happens it happens" but I've always been really irregular, and was told we may need to do Clomid etc. We never took action but in May we got a surprise BFP! Sadly, it was followed quickly by a miscarriage at 6.5 weeks. We were crushed so we decided to try right away and see what happened. I began charting my temps and using OPKs to get a grip on my irregular cycle. I used the miscarriage as the CD1 of my cycle, and I finally O'd at day 47, without ever having an AF. We did the BD and hoped for the best… I had heard you are more fertile after a MC so we figured why not take advantage. It worked out that we got a BFP without every having a full cycle after MC! Some things we tried: Being irregular and "possible PCOS" (never diagnosed) I started to take a vitamin that include Vitex, myo-inositol and D-chiro inositol.. but not for long. I began to worry that I was screwing up my cycle worse, so I only took it approximately CD16-37 (with O on CD47). No idea if it made a difference. I also tried spearmint tea for PCOS. And we used Preseed every time. 3dpo - Light Cramps. A TINY bit of spotting 4dpo - Light Cramps. 5dpo - Weird dreams last night. Woke up congested/allergy symptoms. Short temper. 6dpo - Woke up in the middle of the night. Still feeling congested and sneezing like crazy. Can't stop yawning! Gas.. Twinges of pain in bbs and ovary. 7dpo - Hot at night and woke up a lot with strange dreams. Congested and sneezy again. Feeling sort of feverish and nauseous - but think it could be from drainage (gross). Feeling a little sick working on a computer. Headache. SUPER CRABBY. PMS? 8dpo - Crazy dreams again. Still congested/runny nose. Slightly short of breath but feeling like I am imaging everything. Overwhelming afternoon yawns. Felt sick after usual workout (but might be heat?) 9dpo - Cramps. Still sneezy but symptoms subsiding a bit. Still so tired though, especially in afternoon. A couple of people at work asked me if I am sick! (thanks). My skin and scalp are itchy. 10dpo - Woke up at night a lot again. Congested again and throat so itchy - it all mimics allergies only slightly worse. Pulling/discomfort at belly button. Sicker than normal riding in the car. BFN on Wondfo and Clear Blue Digital Weeks Predictor. 11dpo - Cramps. One streak of brown on toilet paper. Feels like AF is coming. 12dpo - Yawning and exhausted. Belly button feeling continues. BFP on same tests! (Digital says 1-2 weeks) 13dpo - Neck ache like I have the flu - still with the allergy symptoms and cramps. 14dpo - More energy today (but I've been trying to sleep more). Still flu-like neck ache and belly button pain. 15dpo - Feeling perfect today. 16dpo - Nipples starting to hurt/itch. BFP via blood test at Dr. (639hcg!) Overall, allergy-like symptoms were the biggest sign for me (had this both times) and shortness of breath. Also, had light cramping consistently which normally I only get when AF shows up. Also, I never got a full positive on an OPK- though we did BD when it was "close" to dark enough. Hoping for the best for us and that this gives hope to someone out there trying for a rainbow baby. :)

So incredibly grateful for my BFP!

Okay ladies, So I have been obsessing over this site for over a year, and I promised myself that I would post my synptoms once I got my BFP because all of your stories helped me SO much throughout this process! Little side note before we begin: I am 24, DH is 25. We have been trying since January and I got my BFP in June. Hubby and I agreed to "casually" TTC (HA!) for the first 6 months which meant I didn't chart, temp, or use OPKs so my story is a little different but I will give you all the info I can. I have a 34-35 day cycle, so I knew I ovulated later (thanks Glow and Google) but that's really all I know. We did do a couple of things different this month so here we go: -I started taking a prenatal -Attempted to BD every other day throughout cycle, and every day during projected fertile period -I was seriously so RELAXED during the cycle I got my BFP. I was starting to get a little discouraged, but I promised DH that I would just chill the month it happened did :) Now for symptoms... I'm not exactly sure when I ovulated but I'm guessing somewhere around June 11-13? My period was due on June 26th, and I tested on June an instant "pregnant 2-3" on CB digi. Surprisingly, my biggest symptom this month was lack of symptoms...y'all, I did NOT feel pregnant. Now, after the pregnancy test, I was kind of able to look back and say "Ohhh maybe THAT was why I felt this or that" so I will share those with you now, but honestly the only reason I took a test was because I was late. I didn't expect a pregnant! - very tired (normal for me but just felt more intense than usual; like a lethargy I just could not overcome, honestly thought I was getting sick) -breast tenderness, especially on the sides (this appeared shortly after my BFP and has intensified since; nips are also VERY sore and hqve changed shape/size/color) -shortness of breath (looking back, this was the thing that should have made me test early! Walking from my car to the office, and I felt like I had just climbed Mt Everest, haha) - dizzy spells (especially when hungry and if I got up too quickly) -night nausea (WEIRD! I had this 3 nights in a row right before my BFP and kind of thought it was odd but didn't pay it too much attention) -extreme agitation (DH and I thought we were in for a BAD AF!) -pre-AF cramps that never progressed to full blown AF cramps (looking back, this and the shortness of breath should have given it away. These cramps (which I still have on and off at 7 weeks) were different from my AF cramps in that they were/are much lighter, a little further down, come and go, and are never "painful" like my usual AF pains) And there you have it! Like I said, before my BFP, these "symptoms" were SO minute that I didn't even pick up on them. It wasnt until after I tested that I connected the dots. Today I am 6 weeks, 6 days and the nausea has picked up (early mornings and evenings when laying down), I have this constant gag-like pressure in the back of my throat, and I am simply exhausted...but baby is great so that is all that matters!! I wish each and every one of you all the baby dust in the world, and am so happy to be able to share my story. God bless!!! One last note: NEVER give up and try to stay as relaxed as possible..things happen when you least expect them and God has His hand in it all. Easier said than done, but I just had to say it. Baby dust, beautiful ladies!!! :)
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BFP with fibroids, spotting, short LP, hypothyroid

Hi all, writing because of how helpful everyone's stories were to me and because I believe so fully that the steps I took to get my BFP were critical and feel it's important to share in case it could be helpful to anyone out there! Hence the length of this post :) DH and I are both 34. Started trying in August 2014 after having been off BCP for about 2.5 years. The prior December I had noticed spotting before AF which was new for me, but I guess since we weren't trying I wasn't that concerned/focused on it. But when nothing happened in the first two cycles I also realized my cycle was 27-29 days but my LP was only 9-11 days. Was concerned that I had low progesterone causing AF to come too soon, or maybe something on the other side of the cycle causing late/weak ovulation. So I went to see a gynecologist at a very well-respected practice/hospital to check things out. I was diagnosed there with small fibroids, largest was 2cm. Gyn said she wasn't concerned at all about the short LP or the fibroids and to keep trying. I was not satisfied with her response so in January I went to see a functional medicine doctor (more holistic/natural approach) to delve more into the issue (had to wait to switch from HMO to PPO insurance plan bc my PCP wouldn't refer me). She tested my blood for a laundry list of hormone, vitamin, blood lipid, and mineral levels and diagnosed me with estrogen dominance (VERY common if you've been on BCP - which I was for 17 years - but for some reason not always fully accepted/diagnosed in western medical community). Progesterone was normal at 19.5 ng/mL (?) at 7DPO but estradiol was way too high at 249 (pg/mL?) when the luteal phase range should have been 56-214. Whatever those units are supposed to be - very difficult to conceive with that ratio. And thyroid was sluggish, too with TSH at 3.05. So for a few months she put me on an all-natural hormone balancing protocol to help reduce estradiol and prop up thyroid function. Daily I was taking: -Estrium (a powdered mix you put into water or make a smoothie with which balances hormones); -Advaclear (a liver support supplement as it's the liver that metabolizes/helps you excrete excess hormones including estrogen); -FemOne (multivitamin formulated for women - with the right selenium/iodine to support thyroid function); -vitamin D (4000 i.u. per day for 2 months and then down to 2000 i.u.); -cod liver oil or fish oil; -vitamin C; -and a probiotic. The other thing to note is that I've been on the paleo diet for about 4 years now and that the functional med doc told me this was the exact diet she would have put me on if i wasn't already on it. No gluten, no dairy (except I still use butter in cooking), no soy. So this would have been a big change too, had my dietary choices not already lined up with her recommendations. Sounds like a lot but because I believed so strongly in everything I was doing it was no big deal at all. After two months no BFP but numbers were improving so I was optimistic. However TSH was still too high indicating a still-sluggish thyroid so I ALSO then went on 30mg of Armour Thyroid (the natural version of Synthroid). The reason we didn't start there was that excess estrogen/low thyroid can be chicken/egg situation so we isolated one thing first to see if balancing sex hormones would improve thyroid. Ultimately needed help with both. But anyway, after a few months of improvements to estrogen dominance (spotting went from 5 days pre-AF to 1 day), and literally just a few weeks on Armour, got my BFP. I'm 12 weeks now and just had an ultrasound where I saw the little guy/girl bouncing up a storm in there like a gummy bear!!!!!! I wanted to write all this out because I so firmly believe that a good functional med doc can get to the bottom of things that a western med doc might not prioritize or even understand - they aren't necessarily trained in the subtleties of hormone interactions. My PCP actually said to me, "I don't know how to interpret these numbers." Thank goodness we do have western medicine - and the reproductive technology to assist when that's what is needed - but this isn't always necessary or even appropriate as an approach. Case in point: during this time I also went to a fertility clinic to get genetic testing and a fertility workup and they straight up told me that all my levels were good (AMH, FSH, etc) so if we hadn't conceived in our 6-7 months of trying (plus the prior 2.5 years of "pulling out") that our chances were less than 4% of conceiving naturally. Literally the day after she told me this we conceived.

PCOS & Clomid Round 5...hoping this BFP sticks!

I have PCOS and started working with my doctor about 8 months ago with the goal of getting pregnant. I rarely have a period (usually once every few months), so I knew ovulating was going to be an issue. My doctor prescribed Provera and Clomid. I didn't ovulate on 50 mg or 100 mg of Clomid (progesterone 0.2), then at 150 mg my progesterone was 34 so I was stoked that I ovulated. Honestly, during that cycle, I was feeling pretty discouraged and probably didn't BD as much as I should have during my window, so no pregnancy. I went into the next 150 mg round hopeful and had no success. Needless to say, with this round, I was feeling pretty down on myself that I would never get pregnant or ovulate. Regardless, DH and I had sex like bunnies all week to cover our bases. I had a few close to positive OPK's around CD 14-17, but nothing positive. I FINALLY got a positive OPK on CD 20. I went in as scheduled to get my progesterone bloodwork done on CD 21, and it came back 0.2 again. Feeling pretty bummed, I temped for a day or two after that and didn't have an increase, so I pretty much stopped paying attention and looking for possible symptoms. When my doctor called this week with the progesterone results, she suggested that if I do another cycle, instead of upping the dose to 200 mg Clomid, we do the Provera and 150 mg Clomid, then ultrasound during probable ovulation time and medication to trigger ovulation. She told me to wait a few more days and take a pregnancy test just to be absolutely sure I wasn't preggo before starting Provera. I temped a few times this week and noticed my temperature times were slightly up, and that I had some breast and underarm tenderness. I took a Wondfo dip strip test yesterday (CD 34), and imagine my shock when I saw a very faint pink line! I spent all day second-guessing myself but promising that I wouldn't take another test until this morning. I took another Wondfo as well as an Answer lab strip test (which are known for not showing positive until WAY down the line), and both tests were super dark positive lines! I'm going in for my blood test this afternoon! I know how common it is to miscarry early, so I'm half-excited and half-freaking out, telling myself not to get my hopes up for another seven weeks or so. My guess is that I ovulated right after my progesterone test on CD 21 and that's why it came up negative. My other guess is that I need to calm the heck down and stop stalking internet pregnancy forums, but I JUST CAN'T STOP. IT'S BABY CRACK. I should note that over the last month I've really gone above and beyond as far as diet and exercise go. I've always been very active and healthy, but this month I noticed a few extra pounds accumulating and followed this diet: Monday-Friday I went mostly vegetarian or pescatarian, got my sugars from fruits or raw honey pretty much exclusively (and didn't have those in high quantities, either), didn't eat dairy and kept it gluten-free. I ate lots of raw veggies, lentils, beans, nuts and chickpeas, and made a conscious effort to find appealing salad recipes to keep things interesting. I also didn't drink on the weekdays (whereas typically I'd have a drink every night, weekends several). I will say that I cheated like crazy on the weekends, because let's be honest, who the hell can eat that clean every day??? I don't know if the diet was what did it, but I lost 9 pounds, so who cares! I'll keep it up, especially now that I may have a little bun in the oven to nourish! In the photo, the top test is the one I took yesterday (urine was a little diluted as I was EXTREMELY THIRSTY and chugged water all night...maybe a symptom or maybe just losing my mind). Bottom two are the ones I took this morning, same urine sample. Sorry so long, just wanted to be as detailed as possible for all of you who are obsessively reading this over like I have! Best of luck and baby dust to all!

Still in shock....bfp at 13dpo!

Hubby and I have been trying for about 8 months now. Every month I thought "this is it", I was way off and so disappointed! This month we bd'd on all the right days but I thought for sure I was out! Here's my dpo symptom (or lack of) list! 0-12dpo- zero symptoms....literally zero! My boobs hurt a lot but that happens every month after O. On day 12 my temp dropped quite a bit so I thought I was definitely out and then before bed I saw a teeny tiny spot of pinkish brown discharge in my undies....thought my period was coming! 13dpo- woke up and temp had sky rocketed!! Took a dollar store test and it was faint. Went to walgreens few hours later and took a frer....definite line! Took another at 930 pm cuz all the cramping was making me nervous and it was solid!! We are so so excited! I surprised my hubby with a father's day card and he was in complete shock! Things I did, in case anyone is wondering, used soft cups after bd....used preseed every time....and progesterone cream.

Pregnant after Depo-Provera

So i wanna start out by saying, how crazy all this stuff can be! Everything i've read online says, it'll take a year or more for Depo to get out of you body for you to even attempt to try to get pregnant. So heres my story! I've been on the depo shot since i was 17. I'm 23, almost 24. Married. My last depo shot was July 2014. We knew we wanted to have children, so i stopped the shot right before we got married. So i did not receive my next shot in October. In November, i was feeling so pregnant, which i knew i couldn't be yet. But the symptoms were all there. Huge boobs, sore, nauseous, overly tired. After about a month of feeling like that, i finally started to feel like myself again. So in February, i got a light period. First once i have had since high school. So when i got a regular period in March, we were pretty excited. in April, i got some OPK test, and they came out positive around cycle day 16. so we tried for the next 6 or 7 day to be on the safe side. But in May, i got a heavy heavy period for like 6 days. it was so heavy, nothing i had ever experienced before. big blood clots also. So i couldn't decide what exactly it was. But i still wanted to test with ovulation. So i got the Clear Blue that has the 2 peak symbols. I didn't ovulate until cycle day 26 or so. SO very late. So i would have ovulated around the first of June. So i've been waiting for my period, thinking well, i know its gunna be later now because i ovulated late. I took a Clear Blue pregnancy weeks estimater test on Wednesday after the gym. So it was around noon. and it came out BFP!!!!!!!!!! says 1-2 weeks. I wasn't feeling any symptoms, except being extremely forgetful and not being able to focus at work, which is the complete opppsite of me. and my boobs were started to get a bit sore, but i figured it was my period coming. we did a blood test on Thursday, the results will be told to us on Monday. But i do have pretty sore boobs. light cramping. And the Drs said if i took a test and it said i was, then i am. So we are excited, but hoping everything goes as planned!!! But Depo works differently in everyone! so keep your hopes and heads held high!! <3

Implantation dip then bfp

A little history of myself Age 39 one child age 1 history of pcos TTC 4 month after miscarriage at 11 weeks Cycle length 35 days BBT charting so confident of ovulation day. BD on day before , day of and day after O 1 dpo - felt sick on a short journey in the back of a car 2-4 nothing different 5 dpo dip below coverline 6 dpo woke up sweating and temp shot up higher than before 7 dpo felt dizzy once when sitting down had vivid dream 8 dpo had a very sharp cramp in right side ovary mid afternoon very brief 10 seconds Also felt very tired and horny . Another vivid dream. Also noticed a very stuffy nose today. Had to nap mid afternoon and started with heartburn 9 dpo stuffy nose again and sharp stings in nipples lasting nano seconds a few times. Tiny thread streaks of blood when wiped and a very scant bit of light tan discharge on liner. Had to nap again this afternoon and a little heartburn 10 dpo another dip below the coverline today. Brown tacky stringy discharge when wiped twice then nothing more. Stinging in nipples more frequent today. Stuffy nose and a spot on my chin 11 dpo temp back up still stuffy nose 12 dpo stuffy and runny nose today. Kept thinking bout discharge at 10 dpo so tested mid afternoon on 4th wee of the day. BFP with clear line I have been completely dedicated to getting pregnant and using opk checking signs and using bbt.

BFP 10dpo with pcos and told infertile

Want to share as i have obsessed so much and thought im pregnant so many times when im not. Ive pcos and told that i am infertile due to tubal damage recently. I already have 3 kids and im 39.i havent had AF in 8mths however im totally sure when i ovulated due to my CM ovulation pain and temp rise.. We had no intercourse in the 5 days prior to ovulation, only dtd 1dpo.. 1dpo crampy from ovulation 2dpo terrible thrush which i never get. 3dpo nothing 4dpo emotional 5dpo emotional 6dpo crampy like af coming 7dpo crampy like af coming and ewcm 8dpo ewcm and wet 9dpo ewcm and wet 10dpo ewcm yellowish and wet BFP clear blue but faint 11dpo ewcm still BFP first response nice and dark feeling sick on and off.. 12dpo ewcm feeling sick on and off.. Lots of pimples which i never ever get. No bloat like normly get before AF. Crampy and emotional and ewcm was the give away. Good luck everyone

Plus size, PCOS, TTC for 2.5 years, BFP!

My husband and I have been trying for 2 years and 8 months. He has really great sperm count and health. I have PCOS, am plus size, and usually only have a few periods a year so we knew TTC would be a struggle when we got married. Last June, one year ago, my super amazing OB put me on Metformin and Clomid. The first cycle was a bust, no ovulation, and it took three months to start my cycle naturally again. So she upped it to 100 mg in Sept/Oct and BFN. So she upped to 150 mg in Oct/Nov and again BFN. Because my cycles are long, between June and Nov I had only taken three rounds of Clomid and I was really bummed. I thought with all of the temping and OPKs and BDing that I had done everything and it just made me sad for it to not work at all. So I took a break. Suprisingly my cycle keep coming normally every 35 days off of Clomid and I kept ovulating so I didn't go back on Clomid right away. Then in March/April I had a 45 day cycle, and I thought to take just a 50 mg cycle of Clomid just to keep everything moving. We weren't really TTC anymore because we already had an appointment scheduled with my Dr to be referred to a specialist and I had really lost hope it wouldn't happen with heavier duty fertility assistance. So mainly I took the Clomid in April just to keep things moving along and keep my cycles regular. I didn't temp or take OPKs in May. I didn't time BDing. I was convinced that it wouldn't happen for us so easily. So it didn't really cross my mind till I started feeling off around CD35. I thought "wait... maybe... no, it couldn't be!" But in a few days, still no AF and still feeling off. So I decided to finally take a test. I took an old internet cheap Wondfo test I had and just about died when that second line came up immediately! I read the package and the test was expired so I took two more tests and both came up positive! I was in shock so I ran to the store and bought a FRER and it too came up positive with a really strong second line! So ecstatic! I had my blood tests, 3500 HCG at 4 weeks, 6 days! I have an ultrasound next week. It's all so hard to believe! I used to live by these PCOS success stories so I wanted to share mine with you. Clomid can work with us PCOSers, but sometimes not on the first try!