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BFP with Late Ovulation

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BFP @ 10 DPO, Cycle after Chemical

Hello Ladies: I've been debating on whether to post my story but decided it might help someone out. I am 9w4d pregnant. I had my first u/s at 8w1d and saw my healthy bean with a strong heartbeat! My BFP came the cycle following a chemical pregnancy. The chemical caused me to ovulate about a week late. Speaking of ovulation, I used the clear blue advanced digital ovulation test along with internet cheapies to confirm ovulation. I did not temp. 1-5 DPO - Nothing to report. Completely normal. 6 DPO - For about an hour I had cramps that felt similar to period cramps (maybe implantation day??) 7 - 8 DPO - Nothing to report. Completely normal. 9 DPO - Told DH I was positive I was not pregnant because I felt so normal. I tried to have a glass of sangria with my dinner and couldn't drink it. It tasted disgusting. 10 DPO - Decided I would take a test with FMU just to see. I'm a POAS addict. Faint line came up on internet cheapie and I thought I was just seeing things. Decided to try a FRER using the same urine sample and the faint line came up immediately. I seriously couldn't believe it. I was super paranoid since I had a chemical the cycle before so I kept testing every morning just to make sure my lines got darker. I was beating the control line on FRER by 14 DPO. So there you have it... I got my BFP (first pregnancy) with basically no symptoms. And still today at 9 weeks, I have very few symptoms. :) Good luck out there ladies. My best advice is to use OPK's!

bfp 11dpo, hope it sticks!

As so many people, I've been a stalker on this site for months (16 months to be exact trying with hashimoto's and pcos) and these stories have helped me tons! cd 3-7 clomid (2 days 100 and 3 days 50) cd 17-trigger shot assume i ovulated cd 18 even though this was the first time ever I didn't feel ovulation and even emailed my doc to see if trigger could've not worked (he said no). 8dpo- decided to test out trigger, saw the positive second line and couldn't deal with the thought of seeing it disappear so didn't test next day 9dpo no test, strange diarrhea in the morning/afternoon (very uncharacteristic) 10dpo again diarrhea. decide to test on frer and saw a line. doc says it could still be trigger 11dpo no real symptoms. tested on frer and wondfo and both show second line; went in to do a beta and it's positive! so the 11dpo was a real BFP! 12dpo very faint lines on wondfo, keeping fingers crossed that it sticks. second beta tomorrow. so really few symptoms, except the diarrhea and psychosomatic fatigue (not actually unusual). Less appetite than usual, but that may also be unconnected.

Unexpected BFP after 10 months!

It's still really early (I am only about 5 weeks along) but I wanted to post my official BFP story. Over the last year, whenever I was having a down day due to ttc, I would read through these stories, and remind myself that even though it was taking longer than I expected, that I WOULD get pregnant. It was hard to stay hopeful though, and as more and more months passed I only became more discouraged. We began ttc last August. For the first couple of cycles I just tracked my period dates with the Ovia app. In October I ordered Wondfo OPK's and in November I tried temping. Even though everything looked good in terms of ovulation, I wasn't getting pregnant. So in December I decided to take a break from all the craziness and just have fun. I deleted the app off my homescreen, and I did no temping or OPK's. When my period didn't show on time I was so hopeful, but I was getting BFN's. I thought maybe I'd be one of those women I read about who get a late BFP. But no, my period was just a few days late and I was crushed. Since I had told hubby I was late and thought I might be pregnant, he admitted he had started to get excited as well. So when 2015 came I decided to go all in. I began temping again, I tracked everything on Ovia and Fertility Friend, I used both Wondfo and Clearblue OPK's, we used Pre-seed, and I even tried softcups. My charts showed a nice ovulation pattern, but again I was not pregnant. By February, I started to become severely depressed, and when my period came, I told my husband that I wanted us to go see the doctor. It had only been 6 months at that point, and we are both young (him 30, me 27 this year) but I was only becoming more anxious and depressed with each failed cycle and I wanted to see if we could start running some initial tests, just to make sure everything was okay. I was due for my annual pap test anyways, I figured I would go in for that and see what else could be done. Thankfully my Dr. was very understanding, and he agreed we could start the testing process. He referred me to an OB/gyn and also told my hubby to have his sperm tested. When I got my period in March, I called the OB/gyn office because I had not heard from them yet. They booked me in for my first appt in mid April. So we just carried on trying while we waited for my appt. In the past I was always at least somewhat hopeful, things like getting a + OPK and a temp spike made me excited and I always knew there was a chance of a BFP. Well suddenly that all changed. For the first time, I never got a + OPK or a temp spike. My cycles are an average of 28-29 days and after 20 or so days I had no idea what was going on. I didn't know if I was just ovulating late or not at all. Other than the usual stress this process brings I didn't know what would be causing this. By the time my appt came, I was supposed to have had my period already, it was like CD35 or something. I had no idea what was going on and I was doing both OPK's and HPT's daily just waiting for an answer. The Dr. told me to just wait for my cycle to reset and then she was going to have me go for the day 3 and 21 bloodwork to see what my hormones were doing. She also mentioned the HSG and other tests we could do. Finally on CD41 I got my period. It was a torturous wait but I was just glad to finally have a fresh start. I was also excited to be able to go for bloodwork and hopefully have some answers. I was still temping and doing OPK's and everything, hoping my ovulation would be back to normal and that we could time things perfectly. But things were not looking good again. CD21 ended up being on a Saturday so I went for my bloodwork on the Monday (CD23), and as of that day I had no + OPK again and nothing happening on my chart. I was getting so bummed out by seeing a negative OPK day after day after day that I decided to stop doing them. We have regular sex anyways so I wasn't too worried. I did keep temping but I missed a couple of days because we were out camping. My temps went up just slightly after day 23, but not as high as they were in the past after ovulation. On May 19th we had a follow-up appt with the OB/gyn to discuss my bloodwork. She confirmed that the results showed I was not ovulating. I did not understand why things looked so good on my charts in the past and now I wasn't even ovulating. She said it may be that I wasn't Oing regularly, but that it wasn't a huge concern as there was meds that could help. Before trying any medication though she wanted me to have the HSG, and hubby had not yet had his sperm tested so we planned to do that as well. I was told to call when I started my period to book the HSG. Of course I had no idea when my period would come if I didn't ovulate again, if it would be another 40 day cycle or what.

Failed ovulation attempts, 2 day implantation dip, early and pretty dark BFP

My body took forever to ovulate this cycle. It kept gearing up to ovulate. I had lots of fertile CM and positive ovulation tests, but my temp would NOT rise! Then on CD 25 it happened. Ovulation :) 1dpo- still had CM! 2dpo- STILL had CM. 3dpo- I was starting to worry that I didn't actually ovulate because I still had a ton of EWCM. 4dpo- CM finally dried up. Temp shot up even more! 5dpo- no symptoms 6dpo- no symptoms 7dpo- temp dropped, tired, mac and cheese smelt weird to me. 8po- temp still down. I thought I was out for the month. Except I got INTENSE heartburn when I sipped some water, my nipples were so sore, and I was so bloated! Yellow tinted EWCM. That night I was so restless! Hubby thought I was pregnant. 9po- Temp shot up higher than ever! Clear as day BFP with FMU. Nausea. Heartburn. Sensitive to smells. Gagging. Headache. 10po- Pretty dark BFP for only 10 dpo! :) Nausea, sensitive to smells, and heartburn. I know early BFPs and dark BFPs don't necessarily mean much. But, I'm secretly hoping for twins. Though, honestly, I know that would be HARD and I would be thrilled with just one healthy baby. :)

BFP with Irregular periods and 18 months TTC Baby #1

My cycles would range from 20CD- 80CD never a consistent 28CD-35CD like a normal cycle. After being told by my Military doctor that my cycles were normal and that she's not going to do anything to help even though we were TTC for 18 months, I finally got to see a military doctor who specializes in Fertility and actually knew what she was talking about. She placed me on Progesterone and Clomid, I was 7/10 days into my progesterone. I began to wonder why my period had not started yet because my boobs were sore and I had some mild cramping and pressure. Not thinking I could be pregnant My DH texts and asks when was the last time I took a test because my boobs are huge. Reassuring him its because my period is going to start soon and it's the progesterone, still insisting I should take a test I took one just to prove him wrong. OH BOY! was I wrong and he was right because up popped pregnant 2-3 weeks. In utter shock I called DH and all I could say is OMG! OMG! NO WAY! NO WAY! of course by my response he already knew WE ARE PREGNANT!! I am calculating that I ovulated on 35CD. Today I am 25weeks with a Girl. This cycle we also used Coconut Oil as lubrication which I think helped as well.
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BFP first cycle after 2nd Trimester MC

I'm so excited to be submitting this! I wanted to write these details down for any other ladies who (like I was) are searching all over the Internet for stories of hope after a loss. On March 4,2015 I was 16 weeks pregnant with my baby girl, Grace. I went to a routine appointment only to find out she suddenly had no heartbeat. She passed just a few days prior. I delivered her two days later. I bled on and off that entire month. April 4, just 30 days after I lost Grace, I got AF. I was temping and using OPKs three times daily. I had counted myself out this cycle before it began because DH was going out of town for two weeks which fell during my normal fertile week. Well by the Grace of God, I didn't ovulate while he was gone! I Od on CD20 which was the exact day he got home! We only BD day of and day after O! Here's my outline by DPO: CD20-- BD, OPK neg, ovulation day! 1DPO-- BD, temp rise! 2DPO-- cramps 3DPO-- cramps 4DPO-- cramps, nausea, CM dry 5DPO-- very nauseous! CM dry 6DPO-- cramps, very nauseous, boobs hurt, coming down with cold, sore throat, CM dry 7DPO-- nausea continues, boobs still sore mostly under arms, very tired, feel hot all day 8DPO-- same as previous day. Wondfo looks like it has a very very faint shadow. Think maybe it's an indent... 9DPO-- same as previous day but also getting spells of shortness of breath (had that in a previous pregnancy!). FRER is BFN... Wondfo might have a shadow. Not darker or lighter than day before. Think it's just how the test looks and its a BFN. 10DPO-- same symptoms cont. Huge temp dip and think AF will show. FRER is BFN... Wondfo doesn't show anything. Maybe the same looking shadow. Know I'm out. 11DPO-- same symptoms cont. Big temp rise!! Shadow again on morning Wondfo but afternoon one had a faint line! Definitely darker! Saving FRER for morning! 12DPO-- BFP on FRER and Wondfo!!! I was not expecting a BFP this cycle but I'm so thankful to be expecting so soon after losing Grace. It's been a little over 9 weeks. I feel for any mommas out there trying after a loss. It's so emotional. I pray each of you gets your rainbow soon. I probably won't breathe easy until this peanut is in my arms!

Finally a BFP after 1 year of trying!

My husband and I had our beautiful baby girl 18 mos ago. We wanted to have our babies close together so we decided to start trying again when she was 6 mos. Well, needless to say, the universe had other plans! After her birth, I never had regular periods, in fact, I stopped ovulating all together. 2 cycles ago, I was finally prescribed progesterone and clomid. Our first cycle was unsuccessful, but our second cycle did the trick! We did also start using PreSeed and Mucinex too! My period started April 8th, 2015 and lasted about a week. I ovulated a little late, on cycle day 17. 1-10dpo -- I had no symptoms 11 dpo -- HORRIBLE, FOUL TOOTS. Seriously, I was so embarrased. I even asked my husband if he wanted me to go sleep in the spare room. Being the gentleman that he is, he let me stay. I also had an intense hot flash while at the grocery store. I actually started stripping off layers while paying. 12 dpo-- faint BFP! 13 dpo-- still positive! After so long, it's kind of surreal and since we have suffered a previous miscarriage prior to my daughter, I'm very nervous and plan to keep it a secret from everyone except my husband for as long as possible. Baby dust to everyone!


Well, I'm pretty nervous. My husband and I have been TTC since September. On our 3rd cycle we had an early mc, and then started TTC right away. I have around 35 day cycles. Which suck, because a while extra week until I O on 21, it was depressing sometimes. This month (cycle 7) I got a double ear infection and was put on antibiotics and Prednisone before ovulation. Well, I ended up not Oing until CD27! It was exhausting for my husband and I, it really became difficult, but it worked. This was my first month on Vitamin D3 (levels were very low) and we used Preseed, though since my fertile time was pushed back (and we were sure if our HD difficulties were due to Preseed being so slippery, though we only used a small amount) the only time we used it in my fertile window was I think O+1. We did BD every other day until O was confirmed with OPKs and BBT spike. I did have old brown blood when I wiped on the morning of 6 DPO, which I was sure was early AF (I even told my husband the night before that I felt her coming) it continued to be less as the next 3 days went on (a couple of times was very light pink) and then went away 9DPO. I tested with FMU at 9 DPO with a FRER and was negative (though I thought I might have seen a squinted but the lighting was bad, anyway, threw it out as BFN) took a CBD later that night BFN (I had bfps on both at 9 DPO with my mc) and then decided this morning at 11 DPO, that I should test before having margaritas tonight for Cinco de Mayo. Good idea. FRER BFP within a minute. Then 20 mins later a BFP on a CBD with like 5 drops of pee I could manage. The IB threw me off, I didn't have it the first time, and I always spot before AF. Very nervous and hopeful this one will stick. Good luck to all of you trying!!

Secondary Infertility, Irregular cycles, Late ovulation

I have really long irregular cycles ranging from 35-60 days. They are never consistent and always different so I really have to pay attention to my body and then do opks when I feel I am approaching ovulation. So anywho I got a positive opk on CD 30 this past cycle in April. And ended up with a BFP! CD 30- positive opk, ewcm, bd. 1 dpo - nothing worth noting. 2 dpo- nothing. 3 dpo- clear/liquid cm, bd. 4 dpo- scant creamy cm. 5 dpo- scant creamy cm. 6 dpo- scant creamy cm. 7 dpo- right pelvic pain. 8 dpo- scant creamy cm. 9 dpo- even less creamy cm. Seems to be drying up. 10 dpo- crumbly cm. 11 dpo- crumbly/dry cm. 12 dpo- right pelvic pain, a few hotflashes, nipple begin to feel sore. 13 dpo- Cervix feels low, a little creamy cm but not much, sore nipples, sore boobs, cramps. 14 dpo- Cervix feels low, dry/crumbly cm, sore nipples, sore boobs, cramps. Really feel like period is coming tomorrow. 15 dpo- no cm, sore boobs, sore nipples, cramps, right pelvic pain. Had no hpts and really felt like AF was coming but took an opk and it came up super positive. Found this odd. 16dpo- No cm, sore boobs, sore nipples, cramps. Took another opk and it was even darker than yesterdays. Bought a first response for tomorrow. 17 dpo- felt nauseated and woke up at 6am. Tested with a first response and it was a very dark positive! I have been ttc #2 for coming up on 3 years (one chemical pregnancy and a 14 week miscarriage along the way) So the reason I didn't test sooner is because I truly didn't think I was pregnant, I'd seen so many negatives on this journey, I just figured it wasn't going to be positive. Plus all of my symptoms (minus the nausea) felt just like AF was coming. Especially since my cm dried up, just like before AF. I know a lot of women usually have the creamy cm before a bfp. Anyways, really praying all goes well with this pregnancy and I get to bring a healthy baby home in 9 months!!

BFP one week after period!

I decided to post my ttc story since it is not one you hear too often. Last year in June, me and DH found out we were expecting our second child. We were beyond excited to welcome our new bundle of joy to our family of 3 (5 year old son). After each visit with our OB GYN, something new was revealed at each appt. It turned out that our baby girl had anencephaly. On Oct. 1, 2014, we delivered her at 12:37 a.m. at just 18 weeks. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to deal with, and still is. After months of waiting to try again we decided last cycle that we would start trying to have another baby. Since my menstrual period in March which began on the 23rd and lasted 3 days, I started looking for signs and symptoms, anything to hold onto to convince me that we conceived this time around. Starting on April 11th, I began charting symptoms, and cm even though it was later in my cycle and I should have started from the beginning. CD 20: CM was watery: Clear/liquidy me and DH BD I had cramps, increased appetite, sore nips and cravings of spicy food. Mood: Cranky CD 21: Headaches, decreased sex drive, cramps, sore nips and fatigue CD 22: School glue: Creamy/sticky CM, me and DH BD. Had Negative PG test. I had increase in discharge, cramps, gas, tender breast. I felt cranky, emotional, impatient and frustrated. Also had some pink spotting CD 23: Only tracked Cervical position: Firm and low CD 24: CM: nothing felt, nothing seen. Cervical position feels soft, medium and open. Did the BD. Nausea, headaches, Increase in appetite, gas, fatigued and neckaches CD 25: CM: School glue, creamy/sticky.Did BD. PG test was negative. Headaches decrease sex drive dizziness cramps and + appetite CD 26: CM: Creamy Sticky, negative PG test. Having cramps, sore nips and headaches CD 27: CM: Creamy Sticky. Did BD Headaches Tender breast cramps sore nips fatigue nausea dizziness and hot flashes. (Really Feeling pregnant) CD 28: Nothing felt nothing seen, Did BD Neg PG Test, feeling frisky. Right pelvic pain, + sex drive, cramps, sore nips, fatigue, neckaches. (feeling like I did not get pregnant this cycle, especially with all of these negatives. CD 29: CM: nothing felt/seen. Having indigestion, dizziness, cramps, gas, sore nips, backaches. Feeling weepy/ emotional CD 30: Brown Spotting today, creamy sticky CM today. CP feels medium soft and open. Having headaches, indigestion, sore nips, left pelvic pain, dizziness, and hot flashes. CD 1: First day of expected period. Right on time and normal flow, still having all symptoms as before. CD 2: Heavy flow: Headaches and hot flashes CD 3: Medium Period, impatient. BD CD4: No period CM: creamy sticky started taking temps- 96.8 cramps CD 5: Had light period blood again. No CM. BD, and temp at 97.0 Have sore nips, headaches and nausea. CD 6: Clear/ liguidy CM BD and temp of 96.8 sore nips, headaches, fatigue CD 7: Pink Spotting today, CM CLear, liquidy CP feel soft, low and open. Temp at 96.7 CD 8: Clear/ liquidy CM. CP: Closed, medium and high. Did the BD and temp at 97.1. Feeling frisky with + sex drive. feeling fatigued, dizzy, Left pelvic pain headache and then later on Right pelvic pain. Decided to take OPK and it came out Positive. Thought it was early CD 9: Today 5/1/15 Huge increase in CM, Creamy/sticky temp this morning was high at 97.5 so I thought forsure that I was Ovulating soon. Took another OPK and it came out positive. Got a dollar store test and just for the fun I thought i'd take it. Within the time frame a faint line showed up almost instantly. I thought forsure it was a false positive. My DH swore that I was PG. I thought impossible because I just had a period. I took a shower and tried to forget about it. obviously, the anticipation was too much so I took out my FRER digital and sure enough it came out with +YES. I'm shocked, excited, nervous, confused all in one. I was sooo tired today, my stomach felt weird like indigestion and Im having a lot of dizzy spells. I will keep everyone updated.