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BFP with Late Ovulation

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BFP after a bfn

Hi! My hubby and I are 31 yrs old and began TTC baby #2 in January of this year (2015). Just got my bfp on cycle 4 at 15dpo. I loved reading through these during my TWW so thought I would post my experience for anyone who was like me! I did temp and chart, check cp and cm, and use preseed as a lube when needed :)

We BD on O-2 and O day.
Ov day- sharp pains.
1dpo- temp rose confirming ov
2-3dpo- had severe nausea overnight... Thought I had food poisoning. Insomnia!
4-6dpo- cramping that was more like a throbbing pain or a heaviness in my uterus. Insomnia continues. Watery cm when I normally have creamy during tww.
7-9dpo- some breast soreness but not much. Still no sleep for me... Insomnia continues! Watery cm.
10dpo- bfn on dollar store test
12 dpo- when I tried to check my cm, I noticed that the cm had a pink tinge to it. Took dollar store test and bfn. Had nausea over night again this night but not as severe as last time. Insomnia continues.
14 dpo- breasts aren't as sore but the insomnia continues.
15 dpo- temp stayed up!...Which prompted me to test again. BFP on first response test!!! I am absolutely over-joyed!

3rd month lucky

DH and I have been married for two years and withdrew use of contraception middle of my cycle in January. I am not counting that cycle though because I knew I had gone past O by the time we started TTC.

First cycle I just tried to time BD using an app. Nothing. AF came as per usual

2nd cycle started to get serious. Purchased fertility microscope, digital OPKs (clearblue advanced) and regular OPKs. The clearblue advanced was a waste of money because I o quite late in my cycle and I ran out of sticks before I ever got peak. I also got 5 days of flashing smileys. No way can I be that fertile right? On the basis of the standard OPKs I estimated I ovulated on CD18-19. I ended up having a 10 day luteal phase that month. Panicked and rushed out to the chemist to buy b6 and vitex

3rd cycle. Started AF on March 15th 2015. Light AF with not much cramps. Started testing with OPKs on CD12. This is the month we implemented SMEP. So we BD C12 EOD until my positive OPK (CD15 from memory?), day of positive OPK, day after, day after that, skipped a day and then went again. I got my BFP on 10DPO (but it was so so faint I didn't believe it until I got one again on 11DPO). Got darker on 12DPO, digital confirmed 1-2 weeks pregnant at 13DPO and the positive was very blazing at 13DPO.

I have had a bad history of period pains and so I had been seeing a gynaecologist who suspected endo. When we started TTC she ran alot of tests including hormone tests. All came back fine (estrogen, LH, progesterone etc). We also had a SA done on my DH. That came back not great. It said 20% motility and only 3% of sperm with normal morphology. Around 3 weeks later I found out I was pregnant. We were expecting it to take ages with DH's sperm issues. It's difficult to say if the doctors got the tests wrong, if we just got lucky or if the SMEP helps. Either way our first bambino is due December 23rd

As for symptoms... NOTHING. I mean nothing unusual/not similar to my usual PMS prior to my positive pregnancy test. I only got any kind of symptoms which I thought were unusual from 10-11DPO. Around 10-11DPO I got sharp pains in my hip, bad back pain, AF type cramps, spotting, fatigue and a weird acidy production from the inside of my cheeks.

In sum:

What I do recommend
-Frequent babydancing. Preferably the SMEP if you can
-Standard OPKs
-Good vitamin regime

What I don't recommend
-Rushing to the doctors for tests too early. Made us panic for no reason
-Digital OPKS (expensive and no merit above standard OPKs)
-Fertility microscopes . Hard to use

Good luck and babydust to all

BFP on 5th cycle- very irregular periods!

I still can't believe this is real
Here is my story, I hope it brings some hope to you all, and those who can relate

I am 27, husband is also 27. Been married since 2012, together since 2005 (high school sweet hearts).
I was on birth control for 12 years and forgot what my cycles were like on their own so I went off birth control in May 2014, knowing we would be starting TTC in the Fall 2014. After stopping BC, my periods were SO IRREGULAR. I have some cycles that were 40 something days, one cycle 120 days, one 60 days. It was very unpredictable. I also started spotting before each cycle too. We started TTC and trying to track ovulation in November 2014. So many times I thought I had symptoms and ended up getting a period. I spent so much money on tests too.
For the month of March 2015, I had my period March 5th- 11th. We decided to increase of BDing and we didn't exactly know when I was ovulating, so we BD March 15, 16, 17, 19, 21, 22, 24, 26, 28, 29, 30, April 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 10th. I just got m BFP today on two first responses with pink lines, two tests with plus signs, and got 2-3 weeks preg on a clear blue digital. So based on the clear blue i ovulated sometime between March 22- April 3rd.

Here are my symptoms that I tracked in that time frame. I am unsure of exact ovulation day based on irregular cycles:
March 5-11th- Period
March 12-14- nothing
March 15th-17th- ++Wet CM- cervix low/open, some EWCM, BD each day (OVULATION DAY???)
March 18th- Bright red wet spotting in AM and again after work, but nothing in between, some nausea before bed
March 19th- odd twinge in rt side and boob, some nausea with ice cap briefly, head aches, preseed, BD in PM
March 20th- tired, Wet CM then creamy
March 21 and 22- watery CM, BD
March 23rd- acne break out around chin and mouth
March 24- watery CM, BD
March 25, watery CM,
March 26th- ++ wet Cm, BD (OVULATION DAY????)
March 27th- no symptoms, BFN
March 28, 29, 30- no symptoms, BD each day
April 1- dreamt positive preg test, BD
April 2- BFN on a digital, was seasick (puking) on catamaran in mexico (has never happened before), BD that night
April 3, 5, and 6- no symptoms, BD each day
April 8- bloated, sticky CM, pressure in uterus area
April 10- Sticky, whitish/yellowish stretchy CM, felt dizzy when stood up once in AM, BD
April 11- mild cramping/tugging left side in AM, Went for a short run (1st one of the year), felt nauseous after 1km which was really weird. Some rt side cramping PM, bloated, felt constipated then had runny poops (TMI) before bed, thick white/yellowish stretchy CM again.
April 12- cramping rt side (especially when sneezing I can feel cramp-like pain on side). Took five tests with first morning urine. Couldn't believe it. Dark lines showed right away on FRER before liquid finished crossing screen. Followed buy two plus signs on two other tests and 2-3 weeks BFP on clear blue digital.

Still can not believe it after all the negatives Ive had since November.

Things we did
-raspberry leaf tea most mornings
-prenatal vitamins daily along with B6 vitamin
-Pre-seed used occasionally, not every time
-Laid in bed for at least 30 min after BDing
-This month we increased BD to every single day or at least every other day following my period to make sure we'd catch it

-mainly noticed CM changes- very watery some days and then closer to BFP it was thick, white/yellowish and stretchy. Today it is more dry and sticky with hardly anything there
-Other main symptom has been cramping. Yesterday i felt the tugging on left side and today i feel rt side cramp every once and a while
-Nausea on and off (fully sick on catamaran, and nausea after running 1km).
- No sore boobs or anything else yet.

Still can't believe it!!!!
Going to book a doctors appt tomorrow. I just got blood work done in the past few weeks and had a pelvic ultra sound a month ago to see why we were struggling to conceive and they all came back normal. So I guess we just needed to increase our BDing and wait it out a bit!

Good luck to all of you ladies. Baby dust to all of you!

BFP on Day 44, I really thot I was out...

So I really thot I was out...until today, on Day 44, I finally got my BFP ^___^

Like many of us, I like to browse at this website during my TWW time, fitting myself into pregnancy symptoms, etc.
So it is my honour to share with you my story as well.

A little backgroun info... Last Aug 2014, on 23 weeks, I lost my angel baby. Had been actively TTC in October already.
However my AF has been like everywhere. Like in Dec 2014, AF didn't show up at all, and I gotta take pills to start my period again. So i didn't know when i O, so i started using OPK in Jan this year.

So luckily Jan and Feb 2015 became more regular at 28 days each. OPK told me when I O, but it turns out that I didn't really O around the same cycle day every month.

My last AF day 1 was on Feb 28, so my fertile week supposed to be during Mar 13-22. I never really got a positive OPK nor temp spike. I got quite upset so I quit OPK afterwards, plus i started to travel on Mar 22, so no more OPK.
But I still do my temperature.

March 23 (day24) - blood tinged cm for couple of time during the day
March 24 - some little red blood stranges, and pinkish cm... only when i wiped then no more of these red pinkish thingy.
Tired bb sometimes, but i also get these during ovulation and before af.
March 26-31 - Itchy nipples, weird. Didn't get these on my first pregnancy. But i also wonder if it was because i had been out of town for so long with hotel bed sheets. Other than that, i was not esp too tired, no bad nausea and i just ate as i always do. (i never had vomitted last time when i was pregnant tho)...

So my due date was suppose to be March 28.
April 6 - 10 days pass due date. Negative OPK Negative HPT. SO I thot I must be out this month. All I hoped was AF to come so I could TTC again...
April 12 - Still no AF. So painful BBs and full and little painful tummy. Just like AF should be coming but couldn't get out.
I was suppose to see a Dr to get some advice. But it was a Saturday, no Dr.
April 13 (today) - decided to get a blood test tomorrow to really confirm. So one last time using my last HPT...Wow I got my two lines immediately!! BFP!!
Now - Sometime wet down there with cloudy cm...some little pain around the triangle area sometime.

So I guess i ovulated on Day 23, and the pink /blood tinged cm was due to ovulation. And my temp did rise after day 23.

Hope this is a helpful BFP with late O story. Baby dust to all!!!

BFP after long cycle/late ovulation

First of all I have to start by saying this pregnancy was not planned, but it is very much wanted now that it happened :)
My cycles are usually very regular: 26-27 days with ovulation on day 13-14, and for the sake of knowing what happens in my body couple of cycles a year I measure basal temperature to see if everything is okay.
Due to the fact I'm so regular, my husband and I protected ourselves with a pull-out method during my fertile days for years now (successfully!)
This fall I started having really bad PMS, so my friend recommended the Maca root pills that worked for her. I started taking them after New Year's and my next cycle lengthened to 36 days, which I considered an adjustment to the supplement (I read similar experiences online).
So cycle started with a normal period, continued normally until I started suspecting my period is gonna be extremely late and stopped taking Maca. That was about day 30, and by that point we have stopped practicing our protection method.
My suspicion is that Maca was preventing my ovulation, and as soon as I stopped taking it egg was released after few days- I'm pretty sure I ovulated on day 35.
5 DPO (CD 40)- I took 2 pregnancy tests, both negative. Now I know it's because implantation didn't occur yet, but at the time I thought I have caused some hormonal mess by taking Maca. I planned to call my doctor as soon as we're home (we were in SF for couple of months on business, otherwise from Europe)
6 DPO- 12DPO- brown spotting with tinges of pink- it was implantation, but I thought the belated period is finally coming at the time.
[9 DPO my boobs started to hurt, again- I thought it was period coming] [11DPO we flew back home]
12-19 DPO- boobs are getting crazy- super sore and more than size bigger. Never had that before. Some naggy voice in my head told me to take another test.
20 DPO- the most positive test I've ever seen in my life. Line was almost darker than the control line! :D

Doctor appointment next week, excited and scared... Good luck to everyone trying! :)

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Hi all! I caught my first egg after 18 months of no cycle! So 1st child turned 6 months and I couldn't wait to Ttc. Only problem feeding on demand 10-15 times per day, but didn't want to stop that or use factory powder milk!!!

So abruptly purposely missed a couple of nights of night feeds (3-5times per night) and used stored milk to feed instead.

This abrupt change advised by websites where you want to TTC whilst breast feeding gave my first period in 1.5 years! Fab. It worked! Ovulated for the first time in so long (cheapie opk and obvious ovulation pain) we caught the first egg and now have bfp!

All five times I've gotten pregnant (3 m/c in 2013 and my first baby and my current pregnancy) it's been when we orgasm at the same time and pelvis raised by pillow for 30 mins after.

Used preseed for first time this time. Curiosity. It was amazing and clearly worked in helping!

Can't wait to tandem nurse.

Breastfeeding is like a drug. Beautiful bond which is indescribable and extra special between mother and baby- NO ONE else.

So excited!

Average full time breast feeding mother on demand will have first cycle return in average month 14 post birth. Mine had no sign to return until I skipped a few days over the space of a couple weeks. It tricked my body into resuming cycle!

So cool. So blessed. Prayed to jesus for 3 months for another baby and against odds, he gave me one!


First response showed all 5 pregnancies 9/10 dpo. Amazing.

So excited. Baby dust to all! Xxxx

Wow I can't believe it's my turn to share my BFP story by DPO!!!

Hi for those who are interested. I use to search for posts like this. I would come to this website during TWW looking for hope and to compare my symptoms to those who got there bfp. Here is my story.

2dbo: DTD cervix (Cx) hard. Thin/ watery cervical mucus (cm) no ewcm
1dpo: did not DTD lotiony cm Cx not firm not soft somewhere in the middle
O day(CD18 of 30): ovulation pain I'm positive this is o day. very little EWcm. Rushed home to DTD
1-2 dpo: nothing to report
3-4 dpo: want to binge eat due to hormones or the fact I'm dieting?
5dpo: nothing to report
6-7 dpo: headaches could be from dieting
8: heighten sense of smell maybe just more aware because I'm symptom spotting
9: 2 sharp pains woke me. They were in my pelvis it's hard to say if it was in uterus or gas pains. (I assume implantation pain cuz I want bfp) TWW is making it hard. To not test early
10: amost none existening off/on cramps is it in my head? Trying to hold out n not test early. If 9 dpo is implantion I couldn't get bfp yet.
11: tested couldn't wait anymore the weird pains on 9dpo makes me want to test so badly. I expected bfn i didnt feel prefo had no symptoms plus its spuer early and only 2 days after implantation.. However i got BFaintP!!!! I don't believe it. Retest at pm another faint positive
12: cramps wake me at 4 am I guess the full bladder irritates uterus. I get up and test another BFaintP

I don't think I have any symptoms that made me test. I only tested because I was not very patient. Even now on 12 dpo the only "symptoms" I'm having is cramping with full bladder and I get full a little quicker than usual. No undeniable pregnancy symptoms. I wouldn't have know if I wasn't do impatient.

Af due 13 dpo will test again until i get a blazing BFP. This is the 5th cycle since mc. Before this cycle we DTD whenever and didn't try to stop pregnancy this cycle I rushed home to DTD because I wanted to try to catch the egg. Looks like it worked. I was staring to get worried that it wasn't happening. (Pic from 1st test in 11dpo)

Will tell hubby on 15dpo which is family photo day/ April fools day just have to keep it a secret for 4 whole days!!!

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BFP!! I'm still in disbelief

Me: 32yr- hx of prolactinemia, on Bromocriptine 2.5mg twice daily since June 2014 (microadenoma on pituitary gland)one dd with DH- Madelyn Jaymes 7/2011
DD: 41y/o. Three children from previous relationship

I got my BFP on Thursday and I still can't believe it. When we decided to try again I thought it would take awhile as it took 18 months for me to get pregnant with dd. This is only our second month of trying. It still doesn't seem real. I prayed for another baby and left the whole situation in god's hands. He has once again answered my prayer. I am beyond grateful! I have been charting my cycles with BBT's, OPK, CM, and CP for nearly a year. We used Pre-seed and Softcups this cycle. Here is the breakdown by DPO:

I ovulated later than normal this month mysteriously ;)

Pos opk on 8 March and 9 March

Ovulation day- 9 March (my o-pains are no joke)!

1 DPO (10 Mar): temp drop confirms ovulation (97.7). Just some mild cramps
2 DPO: slight pressure sensation and twinges in lower abdomen, sore breasts-not out of the ordinary after ovulation
3 DPO: sore breasts
4 DPO: mild cramping
5 DPO: sore breasts
6 DPO: intermittent small sharp pains in lower abdomen
7 DPO: sore breasts
8 DPO: weird tingling sensation in left jaw, light lower abdominal pain while stretching
9 DPO: small pinching/soreness and intermittent left lower abdominal pain, sore breasts, mild cramping, feeling worn out while doing Zumba-(I thought I was dehydrated)!
10 DPO: cramping, sore breasts
11 DPO: slight nausea, cramping, felt tired even after I woke up
12 DPO: nauseated after eating, tired-slept through about 1/4 of my shift, mild cramping, itchy in random areas-legs and arms w/o provocation, felt light headed at one point
13 DPO: cramping, backache, some indigestion, and nausea. Feels like my period is revving up for a restart
14 DPO: TMI-mild cramping after orgasm
15 DPO: Feels like period is coming-my normal "burning" cramping sensation that accompanies my period, alternating left and right sided pains in lower abdomen, "fluttering" sensation
16 DPO: cramping, nausea, backache, suddenly got a stuffy nose, mild pain on right side of abdomen, mild cramping after orgasm, itchy throat w/cough, my urine smells weird. I really wanted to test on this day as it is the last day of the longest luteal phase I've ever gone, but I wanted to give it one more day to round it out for as long as a LP should last.
17 DPO: pain in left lower abdomen, dry chapped lips, itchy throat w/cough; expecting my period to start, but I feel none of the signs. I have no pregnancy tests at home, but I do have plenty of ovulation tests and these did turn positive with my last pregnancy so I give it a try-take the test, do my hair, dance with my daughter and come back 10 min later to a smiley face :)! I have no doubt that I'm pregnant then. I pee in a cup at work and send it off to the lab. It results less than 15 min later-BFP!!

I'm in the early days yet and am praying it sticks. I feel absolutely fine and hope I get through this pregnancy relatively unscathed like it did my last one. I hope my symptom list was helpful to some. Although I don't have nearly as many symptoms as some I've read. Good luck everyone!

Positive 9 DPO after 2 years Secondary Infertility

My husband and I have been trying to conceive our second child for 2 years and 4 months. It has been a challenging time wondering if we would even get pregnant again. My husband has been on Men's Fertility Blend this whole time and I have tried various supplements and herbs, along with acupuncture, chiropractor, etc. This month I started a new diet called The Plan, you can read more about my experience on, and also took a vacation to get some relaxation and Vitamin D. I O'd late this month on Day 23 because Vitex delayed my ovulation. We BD on days 14-18 (vacation), 20, 22, and 24 (in the AM).

1-5 DPO - I noticed that I did not have any post-O cramping, which is unusual for me
6-7 DPO - Got some cramping that was mild and lasted about one minute each time, maybe three times out of the day. Lower abdomen felt bloated.
7 DPO - Started to get some tugs and pulls when moving around
9 DPO - Faint positive on internet cheapies and dollar store tests. Feel like I am getting clumsy, spacey, and tired.
11 DPO - Cramping seems to be getting stronger and longer. Very faint pink spotting when I wiped in the morning. Pregnancy test line is getting a little darken than before.
12 DPO - Very bloated lower abdomen, tugs and pulls.
13 DPO - Chest getting a little sore, some light cramping, tired.
14 DPO - Very bloated in the morning, some cramping in the PM. Sore chest. Getting very tired late afternoon. Still clumsy. Missed my period!

I have officially missed my period, still have a high temp, and still have a positive pregnancy test at light to medium strength. I am ready for that test line to get stronger! I have read that it can take a while though, so I am trying to relax and just know that I am pregnant and will have a healthy baby at the end.

Good luck to all of you! I know how challenging it can be when you are trying for so long to have a baby.

BFP after acupuncture

I avidly read all the BFP stories in the hope that one day I would be able to share my own. I'm 34 and we've been ttc for 11 months. We had fertility testing at 7 mths, which all came back fine but I am impatient and was willing to try everything!

We used a Clearblue fertility monitor the entire time plus Conceive plus lubricant. For 6 weeks prior to my BFP I had weekly fertility acupuncture and herbal tea, which I'm positive helped this month!

Dpo1 - 3 - no symptoms
Dpo4 - lower back pain, skin break out
Dpo5 - as above but I also mild period like cramps
Dpo6 - I had very creamy cm for the first time during the tww
Dpo7 - creamy cm again
Dpo8 - cm went waterey, cramps again, felt tired, my breast felt really tender and I had weird heart palpitations
Dpo9 - noticed a small amount of brown spotting, cramps, very irritable, breasts continued to feel full and tender and I noticed I had a shortness of breath when bending down (never had this before, I'm fit and healthy!)
Dpo10 - tiny amount of brown spotting, tender breasts, another skin break out and mild nausea
Dpo11 - had a massive temp spike this morning so tested just in case and to my surprise it was positive! Cramps and spotting continued for another 3 days.