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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Late Ovulation

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BFP 11DPO for baby #2

Hello, so glad to be able to finally post on here! I have been on this website so much! Little of my history had 2 ectopic pregnancy prior to my pregnancy of my daughter. Since she was born in Oct 2013 just haven't been using protection, figured it would take a while to get pregnant again...which it did. This was our 7 cycle trying since getting my period back (breast feeding) I just felt different I was so positive I was pregnant and so glad I saw BFP!!

I have long cycles lasting typically anywhere from 31-34 days, and I ovulate late this cycle I ovulated CD 19 (which was early for me, got positive opk CD 17/CD18) I also typically have short lutheal phase typically 9-10 days and I have hypothyroidism so like I said a bunch of stuff to overcoming. Since we were trying I paid close attention to my symptoms here we go:

3dpo-indigestion, increase appetite, backaches, diarrhea
4dpo-gas,tender boobs,body aches,diarrhea
6dpo-gas, sore throat, nasal congrestional,tired
7dpo-slight nipple soreness,cold/flu,tired
8dpo-very light spotting (only when I wipe, mixed with mucus-implantation spotting?! Had it with my daughter too), gas,dizziness, cold/flu
9dpo-light spotting this just in AM only then stopped nothing now, stomach ache,cold/flu,backache,cramps (very slight different from AF ones), gas
10dpo-tired,gas,cramps,nasal congrestion, dizziness,constipation
11dpo- gave in and tested this morning, was First morning pee, took a test (cheapie) didn't see anything rig away so went back to bed -- got up later and saw very faint line...was so happy - took digital to make sure it wasn't just a evp line ..nope BFP, soooooo excited and happy

Now just super nauseous but so happy going to doctor to confirm it tomorrow, wishing you all luck even if it takes time don't give up hope and pay attention to the signs your body tells you!!

BFP after AF!

Hi everyone,

Here is my BFP after AF story. Disclaimer: decent amount of AF description in this story. Sorry in advance.

I had a late O date (CD 20), which is not unusual for me. For the 9 days afterwards I had no symptoms at all except that one day I had crazy sugar cravings and got really moody but that can also happen during PMS.

9 DPO - I had very light spotting when I wiped. I got a little excited thinking it was implantation.

10 DPO - My temps dropped to close to my coverline (although still slightly above) and I had full on bleeding later that morning. It was a dark dark pink to light red color and required a tampon. I was mad because my luteal phase had been so short.

13 DPO or 3 days into my "period" my husband and I traveled to Bogota, Colombia. Still needed a tampon, but noticed AF was lighter and tinged brown. Not unusual for me. I have a light flow.

The following day, my temperatures spiked back up. I take them even during AF to keep the habit. Bogota is at a much higher elevation so I figured my body was working harder to breathe etc. And that would account for the elevated temps. I was still bleeding at this point. In fact, I bled for 7 days... 7. Days. The last 3 days were just brown tinges when I wiped, but it was close enough to a real AF that I suspected nothing. 1 day spotting, 2 days medium flow, 1 day light flow and 3 days heavy to light spotting.

I did not have sore bbs or additional moodiness. I had some stomach cramps and constipation but I was eating REALLY differently on vacation so I thought nothing of it. I do remember having 2 bouts of nausea and thinking "man, if I hadn't gotten my period, I would think I was pregnant." The nausea was on 15 DPO and 17 DPO.

The morning after we returned from Colombia, I noticed my temperature didn't drop. I went to the gym and almost threw up on the squat press.. adorable. That was when I decided to take a test. I hate seeing the BFN but I steeled myself for it and knew it would give me piece of mind. I was convinced I had picked up a bug. But when I POAS that pregnancy line lit up like the Vegas strip. It developed even before the control line.. like I wasn't even finished peeing. I was afraid to be happy though because I was sure something is wrong. I assumed "you can't get AF and still have a healthy pregnancy, right?"

I emailed my doctor and told her about the bleeding and she fit me in for an ultrasound to be safe. Everything looked normal. She said she can't figure out the bleeding at all but that the sack was the size and shape it should be at 5 weeks 5 days. We could both make out a little fluttering which she said was probably the heartbeat but was too early to be 100% sure. I have an appointment for another ultrasound in 2 weeks to be sure all is progressing well but she allowed me to feel hopeful.

Baby is due in mid November. I am so excited! I hope this helps people. I had barely any symptoms and even got AF! Weirder things have happened.. Baby dust to all!!

BFP with Short Luteal Phase

Hi! I am sharing this mainly because I want to share hope with the other women who have a short LP. Have hope! Stay positive!!!!! Obviously I can't speak for every woman with a short LP, but I've done a great deal of reading about short LPs, and I encourage you to look into it as well. This is a hotly-debated topic and some Reproductive Endocrinologists maintain the actual length of the LP actually has no bearing on the ability to conceive successfully. (Read about Early Pregnancy Factor as well, it may give you more encouragement about why your LP isn't necessarily the death sentence some sources indicate).

I've been charting for five years and I have always had a LP that averaged 7 days. Meaning AVERAGED seven days. Sometimes I have a LP as short as 6 days or as long as 8 days, but it is almost always 7 days long). My 4 year-old son was conceived on the first cycle we tried, my 20 month-old daughter was conceived on the seventh cycle we tried (we had one CP in there), and we just found out about #3, who was conceived on the third cycle TTC (we also had one CP in there). With my daughter, I had implantation spotting on 11 DPO, so I know there is some communication happening between the fertilized egg and the mom's body before implantation... Why else wouldn't I have started my period on 8 DPO as usual? My period held off for some reason and the egg implanted at 11 DPO. I got a VERY faint + HPT three days later). I know we have been really blessed and I am so grateful. I wasn't sure if I would be able to get pregnant while my daughter is still breastfeeding, but it looks like that didn't have an effect.

With my son, we didn't use any interventions to conceive. With my daughter and this current pregnancy, I used B-complex supplements (but I've been taking that for about 2.5 years for the energy and metabolism effects, as well as the fact that I eat a vegan diet and need a good B12 supplement). With my daughter and this current pregnancy, we also used Pre-seed. No other interventions, though. We have always used the Sympto-Thermal Method because my thrifty self doesn't want to spend money on OPKs and I like the benefit of using that method to prevent pregnancy as well (when I'm finished having babies). :) I recommend the classic book Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler; I think it is a great comprehensive resource on our fertility and I'm going to review it with my own daughter (and any future daughters??) when she starts her menstrual cycles.

Anyway, my message is this: Try to stay positive (and I know this is so hard. Even though hope is one of the things that truly sustains me in life, the burden of hope can be so heavy when TTC). There is a ton of information out there that gives hope to women with a short LP. I wish you all the best in your journeys!

BFP 2 days before IVF!!!

My husband and I have been TTC for 2 years. I've regularly stalked this site and held onto every BFP story as a shred of hope.

Our RE told us along the way that due to our particular fertility issues (PCOS, low sperm count, 0% morphology), we would not be able to conceive naturally, and IVF would be the best option. We did all the prep and pre-requisites for IVF, and I was supposed to call the nurse last week to tell her when I started my period, so that we could begin the medications and IVF cycle.

My period never came, so on a whim, I took a HPT the morning of my missed period. I knew it would be negative, just like it had been for the last 2 years, so I set it on the counter, went to the kitchen and started doing some things around the house. I had forgotten about the HPT and went back several minutes later to check (prepared to pick it up and throw it in the trash immediately) and was SHOCKED to see that it read "Pregnant 2-3 weeks"!!! After picking myself up off the floor and drying my tears, I immediately ran out and bought several more tests and tried them...all BFP!!!

Since then I've had 2 Beta tests and all numbers look great. Still very very early (5 weeks) so I am praying that our little miracle baby sticks and I am thanking God every minute for this amazing surprise. I would never tell someone TTC that "it will happen when the time is right" or any of those other annoying things people say, but I will say I 100% believe this is a miracle and prayer is a powerful thing.

Here are some symptoms I've had along the way:

14 DPO - extremely moody/weepy/irrational
16 DPO - Strong food aversion (feta cheese)
17 DPO - BFP!!! Cramping and backache
18 DPO - Cramping and dizziness
19 DPO - Cramping, bloating, dizziness, fatigue, craving anything salty
20 DPO - All of the above and empty stomach feeling, insomnia
21 DPO - All of the above and heavy boobs, sore on outside/left

Good luck to you all and please wish us sticky baby dust!!! :)

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Iui #2 BFP!!!

After having unexplained infertility for 18 months, we finally got our BFP tonight! I'm 3 days late, so I decided to test. No symptoms besides vivid dreams, nausea, and mild mood swings. We did iui #2 with 100 mg of clomid for an extra boost. Just pray. I honestly didnt know if this would happen for me! (Btw, that top test was my opk)

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BFP after 18 months, 3 rounds of Femara and mid-cycle spotting

I am excited to be posting my BFP story and am thankful for everyone's stories that have me hope.

A little background first: I'm 31 with irregular cycles (36-56days with a 16 day luteal phase) and mid cycle spotting. I came off the pill in May of 2013 and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in October 2014 and started Femera that same month.
DH is 30, healthy with great sperm count and morphology.

We started trying in October 2013 and I quickly noticed that I always spotted for 16 days weeks before my period. My luteal phase is always 16 days. It wasn't until I started using OPKs that I figured out it started the day after my positive OPK. After a year of trying using OPK we saw a fertility specialist who noticed that my TSH levels were working the normal range for someone my age (4.98) but too high to conceive. He put me on a daily dose of Synthroid immediately to bring it down to below 2. At the same time he started me in Femara to help regulate my cycle and give my ovaries some help.

The first cycle proved successful in lowering my TSH but unsuccesfful with TTC since my progesterone levels of 4 on CD21 even though I got a positive OPK on CD18. So no ovulation. Second round my Femera was doubled (5mg) I ovulated on CD24 with confirmation of progesterone levels of 45 at 7DPO. Unfourtunately this cycle proved unsuccessful with my period showing up on CD 40.

This last cycle DH and I decided to throw everything in it except for the kitchen sink. So this meant: temping, soft cups and preseed!
Well low and behold this did the trick. My TWW was the same as all cycles before except that I didn't start to spot until early 7DPO (saw a temp dip.. Implantation I assume) and stopped at 14DPO. I usually spot for the full TWW. I held off and tested the day I was due 16DPO and voila Two lines!!

No other symptoms to report and really think that the Soft Cups and preseed help us!

Baby dust to all!

Valentine's Baby! BFP on CD 36

I have been obsessively reading these stories since August, 2014 during my TWWs trying to figure out my symptoms and looking for reassurance, so I thought I'd share my story to hopefully give positivity and hope to women with irregular cycles. I actually didn't diligently track my symptoms this cycle because I was trying to relax. I'm not 100% when I ovulated, but I think based on CM seeming more clear and sticky/stretchy that I o'd around Valentine's weekend :) <3

I am 32 and DH is 46 and we are TTC#1 My periods have always been irregular - like when I was a teenager, I never knew when I was going to get my period, and I had awful cramps. I was also diagnosed mildly hypothyroid. I took birth control (Tricyclen) from 19 to 22 and then again from 25 to 31. I used to take synthroid but decided to come off under recommendation from my naturopath and family doc because I was asymptomatic, and they didn't think my numbers were clinical. I always worried about becoming pregnant because of my irregular cycles, and when I came off the pill, my cycles have been 37 to 44 days, avg 38 or 39 days. DH and I knew we wanted to try for kids since this summer, so we focused on eating super healthy and being active, doing yoga. I came off the pill in July, and I have been taking prenatal vitamins since then, and DH has also been taking men's wellness vitamins prescribed by our naturopathic doc. After we got married last month, we knew we wanted to really "give it the old college try," so my naturopath put me on 2000mg evening primrose oil a day starting around CD 20, and a probiotic. I also have done acupuncture and energy work once a week for the past 3 weeks. We tried to BD every other day or every 2 days since CD 15 - tried not to make it so planned, and I always try to lay there for a while after. DH and I were super positive this cycle and just "acted as if" I were pregnant. Plus, I've been super happy about being married :)

Here's what I did notice during this TWW:
Weird tenderness in my groin area
Smelly gas (like before AF)
Alternating between a little constipated and soft stools
Soft stools CD 35 and 36 in the morning
Shooting pains in the sides of my breasts and tops
Pinching in lower abdomen/pelvis left side around CD 28 (implantation?)
No real differences in CM than previous cycles…typically creamy. not much
Fatigue (not much different from pms)
More emotional, easier to get teary eyed at TV or music (not that different)
Got up to pee in the middle of the night earlier this week (that's unusual)
Super mild cramping
Felt a little nauseous and light headed after acupuncture yesterday CD 35
Thirsty (that was new)
Some irritability past week

I wasn't going to test until I thought I missed my period…but since my cycles are irregular, I thought why not? Also, I noticed I was SUPER tired today and had a mild headache which is sort of different. No CM today

I used a FRER with afternoon urine (not even a long hold) and actually couldn't believe it when I saw the 2 lines almost instantly on FRER, so I immediately tested with a Clear Blue Digital and it said Pregnant 1-2 weeks! I'm in SHOCK. Like I don't know what to do now. Haha. Trying to figure out how to tell DH. He's at work and then going to dinner with his sister. I was going to go to yoga. Any suggestions on how to tell him? Haha. Hoping this little bean sticks! Either way, I'm relieved to know we can get pregnant. There is hope for all you gals with irregular cycles!! Baby dust to all!


I have been following this site for 2 years and I am so excited to post finally! We started ttc this month and I am still in shock that it happened!!
First - I give tons of credit to Clear blue digital ovulation predictor! If it wasn't for that I wouldn't have had this- When I thought I o'd and when I actually did were NOT the same time! I O'd on CD 18
1dpo- water cm, lower back ache, ache in my lower left ovary
2dpo- back pain
6-8- breasts got bigger and started to get sore, SUPER hungry all the time, but felt full down there easily, not much cm, exhausted!!
9-10 dpo- breasts increasingly more painful, and bigger, bfn on frer and digi cb. - lower back hurt, so tired fell asleep at 7:45pm (usually up till 11) very thirsty, and WAS not going without eating fried chicken lol - so weird.
11dpo- took frer and ept this morning with FMU - both positive right away, very faint, but clearly positive. AF due today- obviously not going to show up. boobs are very tender and very full, and I feel heavy down there.

BABY dust to all!!

BFP on 9 DPO

So I thought I was out this month because I literally had NO symptoms, but my husband and I were hoping to get pregnant. My periods are very irregular and the last one feels like it was forever ago (maybe the beginning of January?), so I think it's safe to assume that I ovulate SUPER late. I had a bunch of ovulation tests left over from last time we were trying to conceive, so I decided to take one on Feb 12th and there was no mistaking that it was positive, since it was the darkest two lines I've seen yet.

We had BD'd about three days before, then the morning AFTER the positive ovulation test. Then I had no symptoms, literally. Nothing. I started by taking a couple ovulations tests just to see what they would look like- and they looked very light, so I figured there was not way I was preggo. Then I decided to take a dollar store pregnancy test on day 9 (DPO) and there was the FAINTEST second line, I had to squint a lot and my husband couldn't even see it- he thought I was crazy. Then I took one that same evening and it was super faint but my hubby could see it by that point. Now I've taken quite a few dollar store tests and they're all positive, no mistaking it :) By my calculation I'm due Nov 5th. Since 9 DPO, I've been feeling mostly bloated and really tired. I can also see the veins on my chest are getting darker. Best of luck to all of you!

The attached picture was taken at 10 DPO

BFP symptoms same as PMS symptoms!

Quick background - my husband and I have been trying for over a year. We are in our early 30's, and both in high stress/demanding careers. My cycles vary from 30-34 days I usually can tell when I am ovulating, and have actually had my ovulation confirmed by ultrasound. We were not on any fertility treatments, however my MD had discussed possibly starting a combination of Clomid and Metformin so that my cycles would be shorter and possibly produce more eggs. Because we were going through a lot of big changes in life (new job, selling our house and relocating to a new area) we decided to hold off.

My usual PMS symptoms: cramping approximately 7 days prior to period. Sore/tender breasts approximately 5-7 days before period, but the day of period the breasts go back to normal. Also, (and this is just a superstitious type thing) when I'm pretty certain I'm about to get my period I'll usually take a pregnancy test, and usually seeing a BFN usually starts my period that night. Maybe just a coincidence, lol.

Anyway, for my BFP!!!
I was convinced this was going to be another negative month, because I was out of the country on a vacation tour with mom and brother and away from my husband during my supposed ovulation window. However, I will note that I didn't really notice whether or not I ovulated because I was so busy site-seeing and having a good time so I really didn't bother paying attention, lol. Besides, my husband wasn't with me so even if I noticed ovulation I wouldn't be able to do anything anyway, so I didn't really care.

Because my cycles vary, there is a chance I could have ovulated while on the last days of my vacation, or if I was lucky the day of my return flight. However, due to jet lag, and just general vacation exhaustion, my husband and I were not intimate until 2-3 days after I returned, so I really thought my chances were unlikely. Also, since I was sure we missed ovulation, I didn't bother with any of the usual stuff like Pre-Seed or the soft cup (truthfully I stopped using the cup several months prior because it was uncomfortable and wasn't working anyway).

I started getting my usual PMS cramps almost exactly on schedule. A light cramping starting around 7 days prior to when period was due, and the cramping usually increases until the day of period. This time? EXACTLY the same. Breast tenderness also appeared a couple days later. Both symptoms were right on time for PMS. And both felt exactly identical to PMS. I am, of course, a symptom checker (much like most of us). My vaginal discharge was the same, I had no sore throat. The ONLY maybe different symptom was kind of weird - we had sex a few more times after the PMS symptoms started, and a few of those times I remember noticing that there would be a brief tickling sensation in my lower abdomen right as I had an orgasm - it almost felt like an itch deep within that I couldn't scratch. The orgasms were just as wonderful and intense as usual, there would just be that light tickle, like a mild cramp/itch for maybe like 30 seconds right after orgasm. I don't know how to describe it, and it really only happened during that week, and maybe the week after. When I tested it was probably 10-14dpo I really was just expecting a negative - I was actually hoping to get my period already so I could start my next cycle faster. It was a VERY big surprise to look down and see a BFP!! I never had any changes in vaginal discharge prior to BFP, in fact the only day I maaaaybe saw a slight pink tinge upon wiping was 1-2 weeks after BFP, and it only happened once.

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