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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Late Ovulation

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After about 1.5yrs of ttc, with hardly a few months of timed BD, a million doc and scan visits, we finally got pregnant with our first baby! It took 1yr of Ayurvedic (naturopathy) treatment, my body got thoroughly ready for a baby.. Struggling with pcos from the age of 22, complete daily work out/swimming and diet control right from an early age, also helped to a vast extent. The month I got pregnant, I showed no other sign apart from freq period-like back ache n cramps from 11dpo (I was charting my temps religiously). And my breasts were heavy like always. The major symptom that made me think - mid night loo visits for the big job (sorry tmi) from 12dpo; uneasy at night. Waited till 14dpo n got a positive on hpt. I'm currently in my 12th week and still I show absolutely no symptoms. Just heavy breasts. I didn't ever have nausea, no extra mucous, no freq urination.. nothing! sometimes I just wonder if I'm preg at all.. lol.. I get anxious until my scanning. I too have read in a million forum about others symptoms n preg stories. It's really hard to have the patience. But all I would say is that He would have decided some things for us for certain time. It will definitely happen. Wait is only in our hands. So girls don't get disheartened..

BFP 5 Days After Expected Period

I have been stalking this website on and off for awhile now. We were just starting to TTC for baby number 3. We have two sons who are 3.5 and 1.5. I had a chemical pregnancy back in February (after 4 months of trying), after that I was a wreck and went back on birth control for a few months until I decided that this past month (May) we were going to come back off the pill and hopefully wait a cycle and then actively try. But I did hope it would happen right away, because with my second son we tried for 7 months before the BFP. This was a weird cycle, we BD two days day before what I thought was ovulation (CD 14), as I've always, even before pill been 28 day cycle. I was very bloated right after what I thought was ovulation and thought for sure I was pregnant. We BD again CD 19, thinking for sure we were out of the window. CD 20 & 21 even more gassy. Usually I have a lot of CM though my whole cycle, and of EWCM around ovulation. This time I had only slippery thin CM, not very stretchy at all, and that was around CD 12-15, after that I was completely dry until CD 31 & 32 (4 and 5days after I expected my period) where It was very minimum, thin and lotion like. I was convinced from CD 14 I was pregnant and started testing at what I thought was 9DPO. I tested what I thought was 9DPO, 11, 13, 14, 16 - ALL BPN. So Frustrated. I have never been this gassy, I'm so gassy I've been dreaming about how gassy I am. Not to mention I am vividly remembering dreams. I cleaned out a sippy cup that I found hidden in the couch with milk in it, not sure if it was new or old I opened and took a whiff. Boy was that a bad idea as I nearly threw up and couldn't stop gagging. My milk in my cereal tasted awful, although my husband reassured me it was fine. I felt crazy I kept getting BFN but where was my period at CD 28?! I'm never late and never not pregnant if I am late. I keep testing thinking I'm crazy and just wasting money on these stupid tests, but where is my period, convinced its going to come even wearing a pantie liner anticipating. I wasn't going to be too discouraged if I wasn't pregnant as we talked about waiting a cycle. I just wanted to move on and start a new cycle and either be pregnant or not. I was very crampy the CD 27-29 thinking AF was going to come any minute. CD 30-32 I'm so gassy I look 5 months pregnant by the end of the night. I decided today that I was clearly just must not have ovulated this month or that my cycle was just strange after getting off the pill. I would buy one more pack of tests and test in the morning and just be done and go on like I wasn't pregnant. I peed on the stick, nothing! With both my boys it turned positive before it even hit the stick I swear, and before my missed period! ugh. It's 5 days late I'm out for this month. Oh well, come back in the bathroom to throw it away before DH sees yet another test. WAIT is that a line? 4 mins after there it was a faint positive, had I not walked it into the kitchen instead of throwing in the bathroom trash I would've missed it. I'm totally shaking. I was right! I was right! I'm convinced I just must have ovulated later thus why the delayed BFP. I no longer feel crazy spending hours at night reading stories, having hope that I might get my BFP a whole 5 days after my missed period. It can happen! I kept telling myself not to symptom watch because with TTC son #2 Every month for 6months I had convinced myself I was preggo, and wasn't each and every time, month number 7 I didn't have any symptoms (or any that I clearly didn't have EVERY month) that I wasn't and thought ...I don't even know why I'm buying this's just going to be negative. That month I said if we weren't preggo we would just go on a nice vacation and forget the whole TTC for a while and BAM...there it was...positive a whole 4 days before my missed period. It's hard to see on here but here is how faint it is, but it's there!
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Tubal Reversal BFP!!!!!

My BFP After 7 Months!!!

Hello Ladies, I can't believe I am finally able to write this but I got my first BFP yesterday on Father's Day!! Me and DH are both 25 and have been TTC for 7 months. I've had really irregular cycles during a few of which I don't think I was even ovulating. I ovulated around the 7th of June and got my BFP on 9 DPO!! We were up early and I decided to take a test before we went to Father's Day breakfast with my dad. There was the faintest of faint BFP!! Even DH saw it! we didn't want to get our hopes up though since it was so faint so I decided to take a digital today and sure enough there it was "PREGNANT". No denying that!! So breakdown of symptoms: O-day: I had the worst migraine ever which is not abnormal for when I ovulate. 1-5 DPO: Nothing really sore nipples but this is normal right after ovulation for me. 6 DPO: Very loose bm's (TMI) and ++ cramping, thought AF was coming since this is usually when I start spotting. 7 DPO: Still no sign of AF, I could smell EVErYTHING today, the air conditioning smelled, flowers stunk and DH did too:) weird 8 DPO: Still no AF, still smelling everything, BB's are aching like crazy which is also weird since its usually just my nipples right after ovulation that hurt. They feel on fire. 9 DPO: First BFP!! very faint, feeling nauseated all day. 10 DPO: Digitial BFP!! nausea persists. but I am sooooo excited!! Good luck to those wishing for their BFPs!! Baby dust to all!!

BFP!! 3.5 Years of TTC

So blessed and thankful to finally receive BFP. My BF and I have been trying to conceive for 3.5 years with a M/C 3 years ago. In October of 2012, he went in to have a specimen sample. All #'s were great. A relief yes... but now we have to figure out what is wrong with me. I was on BC for 8+ years which I believe to have messed up my hormones after. Irregular cylces made it difficult to determine when I would ovulate. Some months it would be a 32 day cycle and other months 66 day cycle. Tried 50 mg Clomid X 2, earlier this year and it didn't work for me because it thinned out my lining something that is common with Clomid. This cycle - I used Femara 2.5 mg on days 3-7. Trigger shot on day 14 with a 21 mm follicle. BD- Day 12, Day 14, Day 17 - Used Pre-Seed for the first time. Good stuff!!! Temperature spiked on Day 18 so I'm thinking I ovulated on Day 17. Not exactly sure because my temp was increasing by .2, .3 and on Day 18 it jumped by .6. Ovulation day: 97.6 1 dpo: 98.2 2 dpo: 97.9 3 dpo: 97.92 4 dpo: 97.4 and woke up with swollen gums and the sniffles. Implantation? Had my 21 day progesterone completed. Found out 5.4. Anything >3 = ovulation. Good news. 5 dpo: 97.7 6 dpo: 97.6 7 dpo: 97.5. BFP with FRER at night. Noticed spotting. cramping in lower back, Called Dr. to request a second Progesterone test.. and HCG Beta Test. 8dpo: 97.55. BFP with another FRER in the morning. Still spotting. Moody, sore boobs, cramping in lower back, HCG and Progesterone Test. (Dr. initially didn't want to do another Progesterone.. but I pushed for it).. HCG: 15 miu/ml, 9 dpo: 97.7 Spotting, cramping, moody, tired. Sore boobs. 10 dpo: 97.7 BFP with ClearBlue digital Progesterone: 2 ng/ml (Super LOW Progesterone!!!! It apparently drops) Dr. immediately prescribed Prometrium 200 mg. I took it right away. Very scared. 11 dpo: 97.9: HCG at 50 miu/ml. Great to see it rise. Fast forward to 16 dpo: I've been taking prometrium religiously at night, went in for HCG test and Progesterone. HCG came back with 981.26 miu/ml. Amazing. Hopefully Progesterone will be in the good range. Praying for good #'s. Going in for 7 week U/S in 2 weeks. Praying for more good news.

CD53 (Faint) BFP

Tried for 3 months last year and took a break to 'find myself'... cheese I know but I needed to make sure I was trying for #3 for the right reasons. Plus I was getting a bit stressed about it all :-/ I started college, volunteering, Writing you name it. I still wanted it. So we started trying again in March, my cycles are so irregular it's unreal but we got there!! Well here's my symptoms, little nausea and spots and a little heartburn.. Identical to cycles ending in af sooo yeah. I am soo happy but will be a lot more at ease when my test gets darker!! Gl to you all, I'm obese but fit and have the wonky cycles but me and dh got there in the end. Wishing you all luck xxx
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Late BFP!

So I am still in total shock about this. Just got a pretty solid bfp like an hour ago! I have been stalking this site for a few weeks, and was a tad discouraged because I didn't have really any symptoms. So don't give up hope! My last period was 41 days ago (I know). I have fairly regular cycles which last about 32 days, and, being incredibly new at this (1st cycle ttc) naturally assumed I ovulated on cd 18. Clearly wrong. For our first cycle we used preseed, and opks. However. We never got a positive opk. We both take daily vitamins (b-complex, c, multi,omega), and try to work out regularly. I also kept hips elevated after bd for 15 minutes. Cd15-22: BD every day, but negative opk. Never got ewcm. Still getting over a bout of food poisoning, so not eating very much. Stopped working out. Cd23-25: Nothing, but cm became more slippery Cd24 & cd26: BD for fun, but negative opk (just figured it was an anovulatory cycle). *due to how late I got a bfp, I can only presume I ovulated on cd26/27? 1-5dpo: (cd28-32) Nothing. I was really tired, but that's about it. Bfn. 6dpo: Noticed my boobs were getting fuller, but not painful. In hindsight this was probably an indicator, as I usually have a solid week of horribly painful boobs. That night I got what felt like AF cramps. Pretty strong AF cramps. Finally! I can get started in cycle 2! 7dpo: Aching ovaries. The dull ache kept switching back and forth. No AF. Weird. Bfn. Ordered an ovulation kit from EPT for next month. 9dpo: Nothing during the day. That night after a pee, I got one streak of pink! Didn't want to get my hopes up since I was already on cd36. 10dpo: Decided to start temping (again, I know), and noted it was 36.9 in the morning. Bfn. 11dpo: Bfn. Boobs getting fuller. No pain. 12dpo: Woke up with sore throat and stuffy nose. Should I be excited about this? No. Just getting sick. Bfn. 13dpo: Still sick and stuffed up. Made a doctors appt for this Saturday because I was positive I must have an ovarian cyst again, which was extending my cycle. Decided not to test, and had given up. 14dpo: Boobs really big and start feeling uncomfortable in a bra. Scratchy almost. While at work I feel like my uterus is really warm and kind of crampy. Very different. Go home and take off my bra immediately. One look at them (huge and veiny!) and I ran out and bought a first response. Bfp immediately!!! Most random cycle. I didn't start taking temps until well into my cycle. Noticed that they are between 36.8-37. Nothing to compare to though. My cervix seemed low and closed the entire time, so this wasn't much help. Although today, right before bfp, it was quite far to the right, which was the only time it moved this cycle! I have not had any nausea or much acid reflux, or anything else. Don't give up - you're not out until you're out! Xx

BFP While Nursing 21 Month Old - it Can Happen!

I only got my AF 6 months ago when my nursing daughter was 15 months (although we've been trying for a year), but cycles were very irregular... first one was 71 days! I started noticing a pattern though: stage before ovulation was around 25 days, then 2 days of positive opks, then I would ovulate 2 days later, followed by a 10 day luteal phase. This time around, I made sure to cover the 6 days up to and including the positive OPK's... except we didn't actually BD on actual ovulation day (life got in the way). 11 days later, POSITIVE! I kept track each cycle every day just so that I could compare them to one another and find some sort of continuity. So these symptoms weren't recorded through the "desperate to conceive" lens... I've had too many disappointments and was hardly thinking in that realm anymore. 0 DPO - Negative OPK, mild cramping on and off all day, lower tummy hurt, bloated and gassy 1 DPO - Very tender and bloated lower tummy 2 DPO - Bloated, very gassy, started breaking out! BFN 3 DPO - Watery cm randomly coming out in large quantities, strange jabbing pains in lower tummy, bloated and gassy, second line on opk but faint, poor sleep, stressful dreams, back ache, constipated, just felt very weird, BFN 4 DPO - Constipated, faint second line on OPK, very very bloated BFN 5 DPO - Bloated, emotional, woke up exhausted and nauseous but felt better as day went on 6 DPO - Bloated 7 DPO - Menstrual cramping, bloated, sore neck and back, headache, morning fatigue, BFN 8 DPO - BFN, dry 9 DPO - BFN, dry 10 DPO - Faint line on OPK and questionable line on HPT, feeling much better 11 DPO - Took 4 HPT's because I kept trying to verify that faint coloured questionable line again, and they all had it, picked up clear blue digital... BFP 1-2 weeks! Will take another tomorrow morning, very shocked! Thrilled! ***What I did that was different than other times: exclusively used Pre-Seed, BDed 4 days before and the 2 days of positive OPK's, plus the day after (even though I'm pretty sure I ovulated 2 days after), chilled out for about 20 minutes after sex before getting up and going about my business... who knows if any of that actually helped!

Pinch Me, I'm Dreaming! No Symptoms!

This one goes out to all those ladies who think it's over b/c they have no symptoms. Keep the faith! This was our 2nd cycle TTC, we used OPKs and Pre-Seed this month, great experiences with both. I found out that I ovulate one week later than most people (CD21)! Knowledge is power! CD 17 - BD CD 18 - BD CD 19 - BD CD 20 - Positive OPK, BD CD 21/O Day - BD 1DPO - BD (SO TIRED!!) 3DPO - BD (for fun) 5DPO - BD (for fun) 10DPO - I ate a Scotcheroo for breakfast (running late for work) and had a flash of nausea. I laugh about it now. Breakfast of champions. If you don't know what a Scotcheroo is, Google it and make a batch. You won't regret it. 11DPO - Ran a 5K! Go me. I feel bloated. AF coming. 12DPO - Something rumbling down there. Bloated. Worried AF is coming for sure. 13DPO - TODAY! AF this day or next. Tested in AM, didn't want to get out of bed to look at a depressing blank test... ...faint line on FRER!... faint line on CB!... faint line on cheapy! Blood test confirmed this afternoon! We're so excited, this is our first and a blessing from God that we praying for in earnest! NO SYMPTOMS! Don't give up hope! And don't test early if you can hold out. As faint as the line was this morning, I know I would have gotten a false negative and gone through needless tears and drama. It's SUPER hard for me to believe that this is real b/c I feel COMPLETELY NORMAL. Special thanks to my 27 group for their endless encouragement and support through this site, all of which I owe a batch of Scotcheroos!

One Year Later!

Quick overview: I am 28 and DH is 31. I have been charting since last June and realized that I have not been ovulating. Finally saw an Reproductive Endocrinologist. Diagnosed with PCOS. I have around 40 day cycles. Had a round of Clomid with no success. Initial dose of Femera without success. Took 5mg of Femera for 5 days. (I got so depressed and tired- did not like that med dose!) BUT, I ovulated! = so worth it. Peak days 5/20-21 (CD 27 &28) BD on 19 and 20. DH got sick on 21st.:'( Dpo 1-4 Nothing Dpo 5 Isolated episode of cramping. Dpo 6 More cramping, slight twinges in bbs ( not abnormal ), woke with dry sore throat but got better. Drippy. (?getting sick?) thirsty & very tired in evening. Dpo 7 Crazy gassy. Cranky. Nips seem sensitive. Constipated. Quite tired. Backache. Headache (could be tension though). Another episode of sharp cramping that lasted about a minute or so. Chunky CM. Low cervix. Gums hurt a little which is unusual. Dpo8 Strange painful sharp pains in nips. Constipated. Anxious, cranky, tired, hyper, and happy? Paranoid - feel like nobody likes me. Indigestion. HPT internet cheapie- negative. Dpo 9. Morning temp elevated. Temp 38 Celsius while at work. Warm a lot. Thirsty. Had to have a snack before lunch (unusual). Cramps feel like period coming. Dpo 10 Slightly dizzy when first sitting up this morning. Felt funny today. Temp 37.8 C at work. Nauseous after morning apple juice. Bbs start hurting tonight. More bad gas.. Faint positive on two HPTs!?!! (I missed the morning one!) Thirsty and peeing a lot. Cramps. Evening Clear blue digital reads not pregnant.. Dpo 11 Clear blue digital reads Pregnant on FMU!!! Felt light headed and nauseous this morning. Exhausted today. Took a nap. Feel funny. Bbs are sore! Awful terrible gas. Occasional cramps and tugging(?) pains on right and left side of abdomen. Of all the negatives I have seen I never imagined finally seeing a positive! I pray things go well and we have a healthy full term baby! I know others have tried longer and my heart goes out to you. May God bless you with a baby soon.