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BFP with Late Ovulation

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BFP After 12 Months & Irregular Cycles!

Now my story may be long but I feel like I can help someone who's going through the same thing. I've always had irregular cycles. Never ever knew when AF would show her face or if she'd even come at all. We started TTC may 2012 , we thought it would be a peice of cake but little did we know. May/June 2011 we tried for ourselves till I figured I'd seek help for my irregular cycles. Doctor put me on BCP for 6 months to regulate AF starting July. Well I only took it for 4 months and AF came every month. So I stopped with the pills and got ONE AF after stopping so I said "wow. It really regulated me" well after that 1 month AF didn't come for 3 months >=| . So I went back to my doc n they threw BCP at me again for 3 more months! Ugh I was so mad!! Well my gut told me to not take them and seek a second opinion. My new OBGYN said" okay were going to start by inducing AF with Provera. If AF doesn't show in 1 month come back n we'll start from there'' well I got my provera AF and a month later no AF. My gut kept telling me to wait a while longer until I go back though so I waited and around CD45 I got my first ever EWCM! so I said "okay 2 weeks and af should be here" well.... 2 weeks later AF showed up!!! So a new cycle starts and I use wondfos this cycle. I got my + surge around CD25! Well we BD'd that whole week and here we are with our first ever BFP! :') Always follow your gut feeling!* Every month I symptom spotted I had every symptom possible and thought I was FOR SURE pregnant. The cycles I decided to not symptom spot and just go with the flow is when everything came in perfect timing :) Ladies, don't ever lose faith. Just when you least expect it, the lord starts moving things around slowly leading to that miracle. God is good, ALL the time . (No symptoms yet besides peeing A LOT! Eating a lot! And my smelling senses up'd a bit- will update on that as they progress)

BFP on CD52 With Long Irregular Cycles. Vitex, OPKs

So glad to be writing my story after reading so many others :-) I am 29, as is my husband, we have been trying to conceive for 14 months. I stopped my BC pill in April 2012, and started taking a pregnancy supplement, I didn't get a period for 3 months at which point I went to my doctor, he was not concerned, I went to a different doctor who sent me for some tests. It was found that my thyroid was overactive. I stopped taking the pregnancy supplement as it contained a lot of Iodine. Over the next 4 months my thyroid levels became normal, and it 7 months I got a period. I started back on iodine, but a lower dose. I continued to have my thyroid bloods checked and had no further problems with them. I continued to have irregular cycles though, the shortest one being 42 days. 2 months ago I started taking Vitex and got a period after two weeks of taking it after a 99 day cycle! I had an USS which was all normal. I started using OPKs, and got my first positive one this month :-) CD39(-3DPO)- BD CD41(-1DPO)- EWCM and sore boobs (I've ever noticed having either of these before) I had given up doing OPKs because it was day 42 of my cycle, so started again. Negative OPK. BD evening CD42 (0DPO)- Postive OPK!! BD evening CD43(1DPO)-CD48 (6DPO)- No symptoms, except boobs remained sore, thought it was just because it was the first time I had ovulated CD49 (7DPO)- I can feel my uterus, not sure what it feels like but I can feel some action there! CD50 (8DPO)- Boobs getting more sore. Notice very light spotting in underwear. Feeling hopeful now! Reading loads of stories on 2ww to cheer me along. Hungrier than usual CD51 (9DPO)- More of the same sore boobs, dull ache in uterus. A child smiled at me on the aeroplane and I felt emotional CD52 (10DPO)- Was planning to wait till 14DPO to test after too many BFNs previous months, but I couldn't hold off, I felt so different. POAS- nothing. Went back to bed, felt disappointed and confused. Went back to bathroom to have a shower, and there it was, BFP!!!! I collapsed to the floor and had to look at it about 100 more times. It was a faint line but easy to see. Went to pharmacy and bought an expensive one just to see the word PREGNANT! It is now 8 days after that BFP and i have done 2 more tests, the line is getting darker so I am now satisfied and hopefully done peeing on sticks for a few years :-) My advice for those with irregular long cycles is to give Vitex a go, it worked for me! Perservere with OPKs even if you have to use 60 like I did. Be in touch with your body and read as much as you can about TTC. Dont listen to people who tell you to "relax and it will happen". If you have irregular long cycles, there is probably nothing wrong with you, its just that you ovulate less than other women so need to work harder to catch the O. Woman who conceive easily have no idea what it takes to make a baby, so just brush them off. You will get there with love, sweat and tears like I did. And you will love that baby 100x more than if god hadn't given you this journey to get through.

BFP With Irregular Cycles and Late Ovulation

I’m skinny, muscular, age 33. After 15 years on the pill I quit. My period didn’t come back for a year, I was so underweight and over-exercised. As soon as I cut down on fitness and put on a few pounds I had a period twice. Every time the ovulation was very late and the luteal phase did not exceed 10 days. This (third) cycle I also ovulated late, on CD45. We BD’d three days and one day before the O-Day. O-Day: The usual signs of ovulation: sore bbs, cramps, slippery EWCM and skin breakouts (the latter became a sure signal of the O-day). 1dpo-4 dpo: The usual post-O routine. EWCM showed up for one more day after ovulation, mixed with creamy CM. Cervix is hard. Bbs have gotten less sore. CM has thickened. Slight cramps. Up until 5dpo everything was normal. 5 DPO: Bbs got sore on the sides, very unusual. Bloated, a bit crampy, retain water. 6 DPO: Had sex, though my sexual appetite was gone. Just went through the motions. Cramps and slight shooting pain in bbs. Suddenly sore throat in the evening. 7 DPO: Sore throat is now accompanied with a runny nose and sneezing. Coffee tasted weird! I forced myself to finish it. (This symptom only lasted for two days, thankfully.) I began to get a new sort of cramps, different from pre-AF cramps. My pre-AF cramps have a burning sensation, like an inflammation, a dull, hot, annoying pain. These new cramps are like twitches, short pulls or muscle cramps. From this day on they come and go several times a day. They are not nearly as bothersome as pre-AF cramps. Cervix was hard but has gone high. 8 DPO: Slept poorly because of the congestion. Coffee tasted disgusting again. Another food aversion: cinnamon smelled metallic and I couldn’t stand it. Bbs began to get especially sore at night: every time I get up to pee, they are full and painful to press. (This symptom persisted past the TWW.) I began to notice some heartburn and dizziness every time I blow my nose. Excessive nasal mucus also stayed after the cold was gone and past the TWW. 9 DPO: The cold got worse. I lost my sense of smell, so the coffee tasted neutral. Thought I had a fever but the thermometer reading was lower than what it felt like. Pre-AF cramps should be here by now, but I only got those gentle twitches in the center and in the ovaries area. Couldn’t fall asleep, feeling cold and hot alternatively. 10 DPO: POASed in the morning: BFN; an evap line showed up after 15 minutes. Not bummed out at all! At best, I’ve just had an implantation moment, so it’s early for a positive. At worst, I’m getting a longer luteal phase, because this cycle everything has gone a different way: pre-AF “burning” cramps have not showed up, and the cervix is so high it’s out of reach and even turned away at an angle (like it’s saying, stop poking me). The earlier symptoms just slowly increased through the day (sore bbs, uterine twitches). 11 DPO: POASed: BFP! Coffee tasted normal since. Increased appetite. Everything tastes and smells great. The cold subsided. I eat a lot of spicy and oily food, so constipation is not my problem, but from this day on I notice my stools have gone harder (sorry, TMI!). By the evening the right boob is visibly larger, but the left one is still catching up. I’m so flat that seeing myself with bbs (well, one boob) is shocking. Began to notice a pulling sensation in the navel area when I stretch backward. Cervix remains high and semi-hard. 12 DPO-15 DPO: The symptoms stabilized: sore bbs sides, slight cramps, cervix high, an urge to pee more often comes and goes. From this day on I’m placid and non-confrontational. And quite energized! No devastating fatigue. On the downside, I find it hard to keep my mind on little details, and I lose or forget a couple things every day. Overall, I didn’t have any fatigue, metal taste in my mouth, morning sickness, veiny bbs, dark nipples, severe cramps, spotting or increased CM. All CM was the same as during my usual post-O time. Of the unusual symptoms that distinguished this cycle was 1) severe soreness on the sides of the bbs; 2) cramps felt different from pre-AF cramps; 3) a couple taste and smell hallucinations that soon went away. Good luck to to everyone trying!
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BFP With pcos After 3 Months on Meds

Even though we finally got our positive test after three months of finally seeing the reproductive specialist/endocrinologist! Before that it was a total of 2 yrs trying after our first child turned one! So thankful and give all glory to God! I took metformin 850 mg twice a day, parlodel to lower prolactin, synthroid to lower thyroid levels, prenatal and a baby aspirin. Thankfully all these combined leveled out hormones and I was able to ovulate! Got a positive pregnancy test 10 days after ovulation which I followed with answer 20 day ovulation kit. I used this same kit while trying with my first and it works awesome and is just under 20 bucks! It's good for women as myself who have longer cycles or ovulate at all different times! I highly recommend! Good luck and God bless all you sweet women out there still waiting. It is the hardest part I know. But one day the wait will be over in a flash!

BFP After 4 Years TTC

Finally after years of trying I can say "I'm PREGNANT" Can't believe it! I have stalked this site for years and always dreamed of contributing my story. I started trying in April 2009. Have gone through many rounds of clomid and was told by the doctor that the only way I will probably get pregnant is through IUI or IVF. Since I don't have the finances for those I pretty much just gave up until I became rich in the future (If that would ever happen). This cycle I had one prescription left of my prometrium and I started taking Vitex (which did wonders, it took my pain away) I also lost 70 pounds. So here are my symptoms even though this month I stopped stressing and calculating every little thing. CD 18 - Ovulation 3dpo-12dpo- Hungry and very tired, I slept and ate a lot this week... I am known to binge so I never thought it could be that. 12-13dpo- Cramping low down in the pubic bone on and off 14dpo- BFP in the PM, before I drank wine just to see. I was exhausted and had nausea on and off. Very tired but sleepless, still have cramps 15-17dpo- Cramping, hot flashes, nausea, exhausted (like can't keep my eyes open at all) LARGE breasts and very sore nipples. Broken Cappilaries on my arm too (never seen these before) Due Date is January, 16 2014... Can't wait... This only happened by power of prayer, God has listened to me over and over and he now is giving me my time, I love him so much... this would have never happened without him! I am now 5 weeks pregnant and still exhausted and have cramps on and off

Late Ovulation? Or Failed Pregnancy/Blighted Ovum?

I'm pregnant with my 2nd (1st ended in miscarriage last year). I'm 43 and if I lose this one - no more. It's not looking too promising and in fact we had our first official "pre-natal" appointment today but I was thinking it was going to be a D&C consult. Not so fast. Here are my details (sorry, don't know the acronyms): LMP - 3/22 BFP (First Response) - 4/22 hcG - 4/27 = 366 hcG - 4/30 = 762 hcG - 5/3 = 2,272 hcG - 5/5 = 3,217 (vag US - only showed a small black dot) hcG - 5/13 = 10,586 (vag US - only shows a yolk sac - would like to see more) The doctor would like to wait one more week because my hcG levels are rising but she admits she would like to see more development with the embryo - do you think it's possible that I could have ovulated late? I'm not good at this #'s and date game - please help! Tracy

BFP After 6 Months and Due in November!!

My DH and I started TTC in September of last year. We have been married for almost 6 years in June. We waited this long because I was in pharmacy school for most of our marriage and graduated last year and I wanted to work for at least a year before we had a family. I am 27 and my DH is 33. I had no idea how stressful TTC could be!! I have been on bc for most of all of our marriage so I knew it would take a little time to get pregnant so I got off of BC in June of last year and figured by September it would happen right away. I used CB digital ovulation sticks (the ones that give you the smiley face) and started using PreSeed in December. I also know when I ovulate b/c I get the pain on either side every month so I figured I was at an advantage. However, every month I would be disappointed and depressed until this past March! The only difference in February was I didn't go straight to the bathroom to pee after we dtd which I did in past and I started taking Vitamin B6 every day. I was so worried something was wrong with me that I went and got my progesterone levels done at 8 dpo in February and it came back at 14.7 which was perfect according to the doctor. Little did I know I was probably only 1 week pregnant when I got it done and didn't even know!! I took a pregnancy test with First response on March 9th and it came back with a BFP!! I was in total disbelief b/c I got 3 smiley faces on the CB Ovulation sticks two weeks prior on 3 separate days (Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday) which was weird for me and I thought I missed my ovulation date. Apparently, according to my first ultrasound, I ovulated later than I thought! I am currently 13 weeks pregnant and due on November 20th right before Thanksgiving!!! My dh and I are so pumped and excited and can't wait for our little bundle of joy to be here!!! Here are my symptoms from what I can remember: 1-5 DPO: Nothing out of the ordinary 8 DPO: Extreme breast tenderness ( more than normal) 9-12 DPO: Very fatigued, had no energy when I was at the gym which was not normal for me and breast tendernes still 13 DPO: BFP!!! and it was the day I was going to my good friend's baby shower and I was dreading it all week until today!!! I wish you all BFP's soon and I PROMISE it will HAPPEN!!!

You Too Can Ovulate on CD30!

Hi All, I hope I can cheer up some of you who worry about late ovulation or irregular cycles. I conceived my first child on CD28 (confirmed with OPKs), and she is now a happy and healthy 2 year old. This mother's day, I received the amazing news that I am pregnant with #2, conceived on CD30. I used Target Up&Up brand OPKs from CD8-28 with no luck. On CD30, I noticed EWCM and BDed that evening...and here I am! I received my BFP on DPO12 (CD43 or's hard to count that high!) using a digital test. Nothing beats seeing "Pregnant" on Mother's Day. I did not have any notable symptoms, maybe a little pink discharge on DPO9, but I was REALLY looking for it :) I had more symptoms coming off of the pill a few months ago than I do today. Hormones are a tricky thing. My recommendation to anyone with late ovulation or irregular cycles is to: 1. check with your doctor to make sure you're ovulating 2. assume your eggs are perfectly healthy...not OLD or SPOILED 3. take OPKs past when you think you should until you see the positive may take a while, bear with it 4. trust your instincts. Baby dust to all! Wish me luck the next 36 weeks...

After 3 Months! I'm Thankful

Hey ladies, it's larisa again :) I posted here couple months back ... about questioning if I'm pregnant :$ ... but today I finally got my answer, I'm 8 and a half weeks pregnant :) I'm so thankful and happy to finally have my positive! blood test confirmed. xo never give up ladies xo baby dust too every lady trying xo.

BFP Post Laparoscopy/Hysteroscopy with Clomid

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year. I had a laparoscopy and a hysteroscopy in February to remove endometriosis and a uterine septum. This is our 2nd cycle trying post-surgery. Before surgery I had done 2 cycles of Clomid, that were successful in achieving ovulation but not pregnancy. This is our first cycle of Clomid after the surgery. We are beyond thrilled!! I quit drinking caffeine in February. I exercise with yoga and on the elliptical. We also had an HSG in March, and some people say that there is an increase in pregnancy rates for about 3 months post-HSG. CD 2: Appointment with RE. Ultrasound to check for cysts. Very large cyst on left ovary. RE says to come back in a week. CD 8: Ultrasound with RE to check on cyst. Cyst still there, but getting smaller. CD 13: Ultrasound with RE to check on cyst. Cyst gone! Start Clomid today! CD 13-17: Clomid 50 mg (later start of Clomid than I even knew was possible, but my RE is the expert!) CD 21: BD CD 22: Ultrasound with RE to check on follicle growth. 4 follicles present, 3 at 25mm and 1 at 15mm. All in right ovary. Positive OPK in the afternoon right after RE appointment. CD 23: Ovulation, BD - laid with a pillow under my hips for about 30 minutes post-BD. Used Conceive Plus (which is like Preseed). 1 DPO: nothing 2 DPO: nothing 3 DPO: twingy/crampy feeling in ovaries 4 DPO: twingy/ crampy feeling in ovaries, sensitive nipples 5 DPO: twingy/ crampy feeling in ovaries, sensitive nipples 6 DPO: sensitive nipples, vivid dream 7 DPO: sensitive nipples, breast tenderness, cramping feeling in pelvic area, constipated, vivid dreams, gums bled a little when flossing 8 DPO: sensitive nipples, breast tenderness, twingy/crampy feeling in left ovary, mild breakout on forehead, constipated, vivid dreams, thick-white-creamy CM 9 DPO: nipple sensitivity, breast tenderness, creamy-white-lotiony CM, cramps on left and ride sides throughout the day 10 DPO: nipple sensitivity, breast tenderness, creamy-white CM, vivid dream, pulling feeling on pubic bone 11 DPO: nipple sensitivity, breast tenderness, constipated, heavy/pulling feeling in uterus, pain/cramps in ovaries when stretching/transitioning from sitting to standing. Vivid dream. Bloated in the afternoon – it feels like I’m really full. 12 DPO: nipple sensitivity, breast tenderness, cramps in abdomen, bloated feeling, pulling feeling on pubic bone, lower back pain on right side. Broke down and took a pregnancy test (First Response) – BFP!!!! 2nd pink line came up within about 10 seconds and it was dark. 13 DPO: Took a digital First Response Early Result test this morning. YES +! :) Just love looking at that thing! Nipples and breasts are still tender. Still have the bloated feeling. Creamy CM. Things that were different for me this cycle: twinges and cramps in my ovaries and uterus constantly. I have never felt that before. I can never feel my ovaries, even when they have huge cysts on them. Also, lotion-like CM on 9DPO, bloated feeling, and the vivid dreams. Breast tenderness and nipple sensitivity are normal for me so I didn't pay too much attention to that until it didn't stop. Usually it gets less intense the day before I start. I pretty much always have an 11 day LP. So when it was day 12 and my breasts still hurt I got suspicious. Good luck to everyone with their BFPs!!!!