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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Late Ovulation

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4 Years Later!

I've been not protecting for over 4 years. I started to actively ttc in September. I have just gotten a BFP at 9dpo. I am in absolute shock! I want to post a public service announcement here like so many of you did for me. I did a lot of things different this month. Deep tissue massage of my uterus and ovaries and tubes to break up potential scar tissue/adhesions from my c-section (for first 2 weeks only), agnus castus (vitex) and b12, 6, +folic all month, EPO first 2 weeks of cycle, BD for 4 days leading up to and 3 days after pos. OPK, worked out every 2 days (lifting weights mostly), and pineapple core around implantation. I am an RN and a skeptic at heart and I kept thinking all of these things were bogus but this month I went all out. Lo and behold something worked ;) I am right here with you all. The sorrows, the heartache, and the hope! Keep that hope. Before you know it you'll be where I am!! My luteal phase is usually 11 days and I used Softcups like always again this month.

7 dpo is when anything unusual happened…. Sore sides and bottoms of breasts (HUGE sign--usually it is the whole breasts in LP) and pain in uterus..a little like period cramps and a little bit of digging and a kind of fullness. I remember now I was peeing often, thirsty, and yawning a lot. Neg on HPT haha! I couldn’t wait.
8 dpo- heartburn and reflux (huge sign only get this when PG), creamy green-yellow-whitish stretchy CM, peeing, thirst, and pain in breasts and uterus persist.
9 dpo- only thing new is nausea in waves. Very very pale pos on $ store test. Husband brought home FRER—def pos but pale. OMG!! I am in shock. I thought I was broken and infertile.

BFP First Try!

I came off the pill in January and while we did try a little in Feb, I knew I was having a wonky cycle and I didn't temp or anything. So March was our first proper month trying and I got my BFP. CD1 was Feb 25 and my period lasted far longer than normal. Usually I bleed for 5 days or less; this time I bled heavily for a week and then had a week of light bleed/heavy spotting. So all in all 2 weeks of AF. I had an *almost* positive OPK late on CD18 and all negs after that, so I'm not entirely sure when I ovulated. Going by cramps and cm, I'm saying I ovulated on CD21. I got my BFP on CD36, 15DPO.

1-10DPO: Nothing much of note other than exhaustion and some cramping.
8DPO: BFN frer
9DPO: BFN frer
10DPO: BFN IC (X4)
11DPO: BFN IC (X3)
11-12DPO: Yellowish cm, exhaustion, major acne breakout on my chest (not on my face).
12-14DPO: Very, very tired. Creamy cm. Heavy AF-type cramps which had me convinced I was out.
15DPO: Very crampy, wet cm, headache, sour tummy, gas. Tesco hpt mid-afternoon - faint but clear BFP! Second Tesco test in the evening -- BFP!
16DPO: Clear BFP on frer and Clearblue digital. Sour stomach, tired, gas, pain on left side.

We used Pre-Seed and I can't recommend it enough. We also DTD every day during the ovulation week, and not before.

BFP :)

I went off BC 7 months ago and have had long irregular cycles. Once we got back from our honeymoon, we decided to ttc. I bought Wondfo lh/hcg test strips and concieve plus (Pre-Seed). I knew my cycles were long started testing at CD 16. I would only test once daily after work and finally got a positive at CD 22 and CD 23. I BD'd on CD 20,23,24 & 25. Here were my symptoms:

1-5 dpo: Nothing
6 dpo: Small amount brownish cm
7 dpo: Itchy boobs
8 dpo: Sharp pains above pubic bone on right side on and off all day, emotional, boobs slightly sore on sides, exhausted
9 dpo: Boobs slightly sore, heightened smell, sharp pains, I tested this a.m. (way too early) BFN. Told myself I wouldn't test again until Sunday
10 dpo: Craved shrimp (never do), tired, boobs still sore, tired, stinky pee
11 dpo: Tired, lightheaded, thirsty, peeing every 30 minutes (from all the water) stinky pee, can smell everything which is making me naceous. I also had vivid bizarre dream that I tested and was pregnant (a sign?)
12 dpo: My dream made me decide to test a day early. I used a wondfo hcg, watched and got what I thought was going to be another BFN. I left the test to go lay back down, and when I came back about 20 minutes later to thow it away there was a faint but visible line. Concerned that it was possible an evap., I tested with two $ tree test and got similar results. I went and bought a pack of clearblue digitals so I would have a clear result. I tested with my left over morning urine and with fresh and both were BFP!!!I tested again mid-day because it just didn't seem real and another BFP!!

I have been stalking this site so I thought I would share my story too :)

BFP at 11dpo! Hope Restored :))))))

I obsessed over this website for almost 7 months and finally get to post my story. Overwhelmed and praying for a sticky baby!! I'm 28 (birthday tomorrow!) and hubby is 27. What a gift! A little background: I was in BC pills for nearly 10 yrs when I came off in August 2012. I had a chem preg in early October and since then my cycle has gotten longer and longer. Last month was 45 days!!! Totally frustrating when your ttc and you have to wait that long for ovulation! After multiple months of BFN, I was getting discouraged and planning our options to get tested for infertility. Here is my Bfp story!!

Got a smiley on Opk on 3/10, 3/11, 3/12 (probable ovulation day). BD'd on 6, 8, 10, 11, 12th of March.
3/13: 1dpo: Sore nips, dark areoles
3/14: 2dpo: Really sleepy at work around 9am (uncontrollable)
3/15: 3dpo: Nothing
3/16: 4dpo: Sore, swollen breasts, hormonal acne on cheek and above mouth :/
3/17: 5dpo: BD, Creamy cm, Headache in evening, Pulling sensation in uterine area
3/18: 6dpo: Weird taste in mouth 11am (metal taste) and throughout day, Thirsty,
Legs achy
3/19: 7dpo: Nausea in morning drive to work, Metallic taste in mouth and salivating all day
3/20: 8dpo: Watery mouth, Watery cm, Tender breasts n nips at night, test with wondfo bfn
3/21: 9dpo: Weird metallic taste, Off n on bbs tenderness, constipation , test with wondfo bfn
3/22: 10dpo: Cramps in left side, gassy! Constipation , test with wondfo bfn
3/22: 11dpo: Tested wondfo in morning and bfn :( had worst onset of diarrhea in morning (almost did not make it to restroom lol sorry Tmi!) lots of twinges in my left uterine area. Took a long nap in afternoon cuz so tired. Out of curiosity took clear blue OPK at 6pm to see..... Omg smiley face! Didn't get too excited since wondfo was neg in morn and heard you can have lh surge before AF (due in two days). Went to birthday dinner with hubby Ned grAbbed a two pack first response that has reg and digital to double check. POAS..... Faint line! Darker every min...POAS digital........time seems to stop.....YES+!!!!!!!!!!!!! Show hubby and we pound it out :D

I posted my story because these BFP stories kept me going when every month was a BFN. It's s discouraging when everyone around you seems to be pregnant and you hear about yet another celebrity who is pregnant. A coworker told me she got pregnant on accident w her second and I literally felt myself crumble on the inside. How in the world! All I can say is that god has a plan and everything happen in good time. It will happen for you and don't give up hope.

Note: I had no implantation bleeding and I'm not quite sure when it happened. In fact, I feel like its happening now on 11dpo but it would be too soon for me to have enough progesterone to get a BFP I would assume.

Things I did diff this month:
Decaf green tea daily (honey)
Conceive plus (second month of using)
Cut out coffee, alcohol
Ate lots of spinach :))
Laid in bed for 15 min after BD

After 11 Months and 1 Chemical Pregnancy.... AU NATURAL!

DH (35) and I (30) have been TTC altogether for 11 months - we got a very faint BFP after 7 months TTC but sadly the tests kept getting fainter and beta HCG showed only 9 then dropped to 2 = chemical pregnancy. After the cp, I started taking Vitex/Chasteberry Tincture. We also had a couple tests done -ultrasound to make sure cp had cleared and 21 day progesterone test - both were normal. DH got a SA - results for count good (76 mil), awesome volume (5 ml), motility normal (50%), but morphology was low at 98%. I was devastated as everything I read online suggested our only hope would be IVF with ICSI. However, this didn't seem possible as we just had conceived even if it was a CP! We saw one of the top male fertility urologists in our area who assured us as long as count and motility were ok, he is not concerned about the morphology and was confident that we would conceive again naturally. DH went on a "health kick" by reducing alcohol to just 1-2 beers per week, taking a regime of vitamins (maca, l-cartinanine, zinc, selenium, multivitamin, Co-enzyme 21) and eating more fruit/veggies. He continued drinking 2-3 cups of coffee per day as the Dr. said it didn't make a difference. After 3 months, he got repeat SA and same good count, motility increased to 54% and morphology improved to 95% (kruger strict considered 'normal' above 96% but just barely!).

Now it's 1 month after that (4 cycles since cp) and I got a light BFP morning of 12/13dpo (not exactly sure the day I ovulated), a darker one the afternoon of 12/13dpo and now an even darker one this morning (13/14dpo - the day my period is due). It's still not quite as dark as the control line but it seems to be getting darker not lighter and coming up right away so I'm hoping this little bean sticks this time!!!!!!

I wasn't too obsessed with tracking symptoms this month but roughly- I did ovulate later than usual this month - got a pos. on OPK on day 17! I thought I had missed it. I think I ovulated about 17/18 but not sure. BD day 11, 13, 17, 18, 19 this month. My biggest symptoms were no PMS (anxiety/depression, sore boobs, headache).

0-7 dpo - Not much, I did have some diarrhea (TMI) but not sure if it's related
7/8 dpo - Some v. light cramping, almost 'fluttering' feeling around uterus
8/9 dpo - More light cramping/fluttering not painful - feel it more at night
9/10 dpo - Similar
10/11 dpo - At night can def. feel very light cramping stronger then before but not too painful, wet cm, more frequent urination. Tired.
11/12 dpo - Some twinges in uterus, checked cervix and felt low, wet, closed and firm but a little squishy (like it's engorged with blood a bit), in afternoon felt a stabbing in my uterus then in my nipples! very odd. Someone beside me was eating a chocolate bar and it was like he was holding it right under my nose - such a strong smell. More frequent urination. wetter down there. SOO tired, yawning. Ordered chinese food (very rare for me!).
12/13 dpo - Wetter down there, cervix moved up a bit, felt higher, wet, closed, firm but a bit squishy. Tested in am but with second am urine - Light BFP! Tested again in afternoon after holding urine for 4 hours - much clearer BFP that came up after a minute! boobs a bit sore.
13/14 dpo - Woke up at 2:45am - had to pee +++ so tested with this first am urine (even though it had only been 3.5 hours since last urination). Clear positive that came up after a minute. Later compared dried tests and this morning looks darker. Slight nausea, nipples look larger and puffier, tired.

I plan to go to the doctor this week but I'm really hoping this one sticks!!! I'm not sure if it's the vitex I was taking (which lengthened LP from 12 days to 13-14 days) or the vitamins DH was taking:) Pray for me that we will have our little bundle of joy in 9 months! Baby dust to all! I was convinced it wouldn't happen - but it will!!!!!! Very rare for people who really want a baby to not end up having one eventually regardless of the journey to get there! Even if this one doesn't stick (trying to be positive but realistic there is a chance it won't) I feel more confident now then ever that we will reach our dream of being parents!

Finally Two Pink Lines

I promised that if and when I got my BFP that I owed it to everyone on and reading the stories on this site that I would share mine. This site has helped so much during the last 8 months that I really could not have gotten through this time without the stories of hope that are written here every day, thank you all for sharing. Me 34 and DH 30 got married in April 2012 and fell pregnant with our first baby the weekend of our wedding. When I look back at the symptoms I got the last time around I remember I got two cyst like pimples on my cheek, the kind of pimples I have never gotten before, along with having to pee two times during the night and very sore nipples. And although I didn't know I was pregnant at the time, when I found out I was, I realized what all of those symptoms meant. Unfortunately we lost our baby when I was 9 weeks by natural miscarriage, and it sounds funny saying "natural miscarriage" when really there is nothing natural about it all. I was devastated and for every month after I lost our baby and AF came around, the devastation came back and I was crushed that I wasn't pregnant again. I know that my miscarriage is not the same as what some women have been through and I do have so much sympathy, but for me this was a huge loss. I guess more so because all of my friends were having their second child and I couldn't even have my first...

Since I lost my baby, all of my cycles were out of whack. I was having 28 day cycles, 32 day cycles, 34 day cycles and up to 39 days a few times. I also found that I was ovulating late and that it was too late for a egg to stick if we did conceive. So I decided to go to a naturopath, Sharkey's Healing Centre. It's quite renowned for helping women with fertility and I knew other women that had been there. I started taking their herbal tonic in mid January of this year, I cut out alcohol, caffeine and soft drink all of which the naturopath advised had a serious effect on women's fertility. I also temped like they asked me to so they could monitor when I was ovulating. It must of worked as my last cycle was down to 30 days with ovulation on cycle day 19 and 20 and this cycle I ovulated on cycle day 15 and 16 which was amazing, I had not done that since before I got pregnant last year! Now to the symptoms.... as you can imagine, I was symptom spotting every month. I actually thought I was pregnant last month because I had really sore nipples after O and that I had had sore nipples last time I was pregnant. But I wasn't pregnant so that really confused me! So this month the only symptoms I have had were a few tugs and pulls in the belly, no sore bbs, no sore nipples, nothing! The only clues I got was that my temp spiked to 37degrees on CD8 and then dropped to 36.9 on CD9. I had never got a temp of 37 before so on CD9 I did a test. Straight away I got a really faint line, I actually pulled the test apart just so I could check that there was actually a line there, and there was....a faint one. So I did another test that afternoon, same thing happened and I could see that same faint line again. So I thought I'll wait until tomorrow and that way i'll know for sure. So the next morning which would be CD10 (Sunday, which was yesterday) I did another test and bang, straight away a nice pink line came through....I was in shock and amazed! Finally I got my two pink lines and my BFP! I took another test this morning and the line was even darker so i'm really happy about that. I have a blood test booked for lunch time today so hopefully everything is looking good and my HGC levels are fine.

I wish all of you all the very best and I know how hard it is every month ttc. Take care of yourselves ladies and be the healthiest you can possible be. I juice every day and stay active and I know the herbal tonic helped bring my cycle back to normal, It made all the difference for me and it might help for you too.

Baby dust!!! xoxo

BFP w/ #2 After TTC 2 Years w/ Late Ovulation!!

Finally, after 2 years TTC, I got preg!! Here is what I remember:

LH surge day--BD
LH surge day 2--BD
O day: nuthin
1dpo (CD 19)--nuthin
2-5 dpo--little creamy CM, noticed my face was flushed one day. Felt nauseous briefly one of those days.
6 dpo--very tired, peeing every hour.
7 dpo--so tired I wanted to sleep at work. Was very irritable around DH. Went to see RE about getting
8 dpo--slightly sore bbs, slight nausea at times. Very, very faint line on FRER 6 days sooner test. Took another, same thing.
9 dpo--Another faint line, felt tired, slightly nauseated, slightly sore bbs. CB digital came up pregnant!!

Praise the Lord; please pray that it sticks!!! AF is due tomorrow & I only have a 10-day luteal phase!!

Finally a BFP After 2 Years TTC!

I wish I had some big story to tell and a list of symptoms to write about. I've been ttc #2 for 2 years. I have been charting for 6 monthes with opk's. I added softcups this cycle which I think helped us this month!
Woke up this morning and after dh left for work. I just had an instinct to test and was not expecting a postive! I'm only 10 dpo. The only symptoms I've had so far is being sleepy the past few days and a pulling sensation when I get up from sitting. That's it!

Baby dust to everyone!

BFP After TTC For 2 Cycles & BFing a Toddler

My son is 22 months old and still nurses throughout the day and night anywhere from 4-10 times. AF returned on his first birthday last May 2012. My cycles were irregular (very long, an abundance of EWCM and a LPD. All things that are very common while breastfeeding). Around two months ago, despite my lack of sleep due to my son still not STTN, we decided to go for round 2! My cycles appeared to finally be "regular" so of course we were excited to see how long it would actually take! I used WONDFO HPTs. I've been charting for one year. (Temping and checking CM). **The photo that I uploaded shows hpts taken at 10 dpo. The top, lighter one was in the morning and the bottom, darker one was in the evening. **
cd15: ewcm, bd
cd16: ewcm, bd
cd17: ewcm, bd
cd18: ewcm, bd
cd19: ewcm, no bd!! I had to go out of town.
cd 20: ewcm, no bd!! OVULATION DAY! Still out of town. Felt ovulation cramps and all around cruddy. Bummed that I was away from DH!
1dpo: ewcm, cramps, skin break out, constipation, sore nipples (this was my MAIN indicator of pregnancy. Normally my nipples are only sore up until O day)
2dpo: creamy cm, cramps, tired, constipation, sore nipples
3dpo: creamy cm, cramps, bloated, sore nipples
4dpo: creamy cm, cramps, sore nipples
5dpo: cream cm, cramps, dizziness, sore nipples
6dpo: BFN, creamy cm, cramps, dizziness, skin break out, bloated, emotional, sore nipples
7dpo: BFN, creamy cm, sore nipples
8 dpo: BFN, lots of yellow creamy cm, very bloated, sore nipples
9dpo: extremely faint BFP btwn the 5 min and 10 min mark!! (Skeptical), skin break out, very bloated, feeling quite fat, frequent urination, sore nipples
10dpo: very faint bfp before the 5 minute mark!! Very frequent urination, a little tired/sluggish, sore nipples

18 Months TTC.... Finally BFP!!!

My husband and I had been TTC our third for a little over 18 months. We'd been doing fertility treatments for about 6 months when we were finally diagnosed with unexplained infertility. We decided right then and there to stop fertility treatments and just trust in God's timing for our family. That first cycle came and went without hardly a thought about TTC which was a relief, but the next cycle it was on my mind more than ever before! All of the sudden I had a desire to be pregnant more than ever. I got really sick with the seasonal flu right during what was supposed to be my fertile time so I knew that our chances that month were pretty much out the window. But two weeks later I started having ovulation cramps right before I thought I was supposed to start my period. I searched online and found that it's very common for ovulation to be delayed by an illness...but I wasn't doing OPKs anymore so I wasn't sure. We dtd the day before so DH said we should be covered. A week later my sister and her family came into town and stayed the week with us. We went to a museum with the kids and I found myself looking for somewhere to sit more often, I felt a little more run-down that week...a little less energy than normal. I also found myself eating bigger portions than I normally eat. I didn't think a lot about these things at the time, but now looking back I realize they were symptoms. I was also more tired while they were here, but I just attributed that to staying up late with my sister chatting. My CM was also very dry...which I usually get creamy CM a day or so before AF is due. The day of my expected period came and went, but I wasn't exactly sure when I ovulated, so I told myself it must be coming the next day. I told my husband that night that I hadn't gotten my period and he said I should take a test in the morning. I was a little hesitant to be excited, but I agreed. I woke up the next morning with dull cramps like I normally get the morning that I start my period, so when my husband rolled over and said "let's test" I barked at him that I wasn't pregnant. It was Sunday and we had places to go so I put a tampon in and left. I sort of forgot about it all day and that night I ate twice as much at dinner than usual and I didn't feel very good. When we got home late that night I was putting the kids to bed and realized that I still hadn't started my period yet, which I'm never more than a day late and my period usually comes in the morning or early afternoon. I had 3 frers and 2 digis in my drawer so I decided to just quickly take one while DH was downstairs getting DS a snack. I dipped the test and set it down and went to go throw the wrapper away and I glanced over at the test and the first line was immediately there! I couldn't believe my eyes!! I picked up the test and watched those two lines turn pink as I was crying in disbelief saying "Oh my goodness, I'm pregnant!" over and over. I had been planning tons of different ways to surprise DH with the news over the last 18 months, but in that moment, all I could do was run downstairs crying and show him the test right away. He started crying too and we hugged forever. We were both in complete shock! We immediately got on our knees and thanked the Lord for sending us a miracle. We can't wait to meet our little angel!!