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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Late Ovulation

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Finally a BFP After 2 Years TTC!

I wish I had some big story to tell and a list of symptoms to write about. I've been ttc #2 for 2 years. I have been charting for 6 monthes with opk's. I added softcups this cycle which I think helped us this month! Woke up this morning and after dh left for work. I just had an instinct to test and was not expecting a postive! I'm only 10 dpo. The only symptoms I've had so far is being sleepy the past few days and a pulling sensation when I get up from sitting. That's it! Baby dust to everyone!

BFP After TTC For 2 Cycles & BFing a Toddler

My son is 22 months old and still nurses throughout the day and night anywhere from 4-10 times. AF returned on his first birthday last May 2012. My cycles were irregular (very long, an abundance of EWCM and a LPD. All things that are very common while breastfeeding). Around two months ago, despite my lack of sleep due to my son still not STTN, we decided to go for round 2! My cycles appeared to finally be "regular" so of course we were excited to see how long it would actually take! I used WONDFO HPTs. I've been charting for one year. (Temping and checking CM). **The photo that I uploaded shows hpts taken at 10 dpo. The top, lighter one was in the morning and the bottom, darker one was in the evening. ** cd15: ewcm, bd cd16: ewcm, bd cd17: ewcm, bd cd18: ewcm, bd cd19: ewcm, no bd!! I had to go out of town. cd 20: ewcm, no bd!! OVULATION DAY! Still out of town. Felt ovulation cramps and all around cruddy. Bummed that I was away from DH! 1dpo: ewcm, cramps, skin break out, constipation, sore nipples (this was my MAIN indicator of pregnancy. Normally my nipples are only sore up until O day) 2dpo: creamy cm, cramps, tired, constipation, sore nipples 3dpo: creamy cm, cramps, bloated, sore nipples 4dpo: creamy cm, cramps, sore nipples 5dpo: cream cm, cramps, dizziness, sore nipples 6dpo: BFN, creamy cm, cramps, dizziness, skin break out, bloated, emotional, sore nipples 7dpo: BFN, creamy cm, sore nipples 8 dpo: BFN, lots of yellow creamy cm, very bloated, sore nipples 9dpo: extremely faint BFP btwn the 5 min and 10 min mark!! (Skeptical), skin break out, very bloated, feeling quite fat, frequent urination, sore nipples 10dpo: very faint bfp before the 5 minute mark!! Very frequent urination, a little tired/sluggish, sore nipples

18 Months TTC.... Finally BFP!!!

My husband and I had been TTC our third for a little over 18 months. We'd been doing fertility treatments for about 6 months when we were finally diagnosed with unexplained infertility. We decided right then and there to stop fertility treatments and just trust in God's timing for our family. That first cycle came and went without hardly a thought about TTC which was a relief, but the next cycle it was on my mind more than ever before! All of the sudden I had a desire to be pregnant more than ever. I got really sick with the seasonal flu right during what was supposed to be my fertile time so I knew that our chances that month were pretty much out the window. But two weeks later I started having ovulation cramps right before I thought I was supposed to start my period. I searched online and found that it's very common for ovulation to be delayed by an illness...but I wasn't doing OPKs anymore so I wasn't sure. We dtd the day before so DH said we should be covered. A week later my sister and her family came into town and stayed the week with us. We went to a museum with the kids and I found myself looking for somewhere to sit more often, I felt a little more run-down that week...a little less energy than normal. I also found myself eating bigger portions than I normally eat. I didn't think a lot about these things at the time, but now looking back I realize they were symptoms. I was also more tired while they were here, but I just attributed that to staying up late with my sister chatting. My CM was also very dry...which I usually get creamy CM a day or so before AF is due. The day of my expected period came and went, but I wasn't exactly sure when I ovulated, so I told myself it must be coming the next day. I told my husband that night that I hadn't gotten my period and he said I should take a test in the morning. I was a little hesitant to be excited, but I agreed. I woke up the next morning with dull cramps like I normally get the morning that I start my period, so when my husband rolled over and said "let's test" I barked at him that I wasn't pregnant. It was Sunday and we had places to go so I put a tampon in and left. I sort of forgot about it all day and that night I ate twice as much at dinner than usual and I didn't feel very good. When we got home late that night I was putting the kids to bed and realized that I still hadn't started my period yet, which I'm never more than a day late and my period usually comes in the morning or early afternoon. I had 3 frers and 2 digis in my drawer so I decided to just quickly take one while DH was downstairs getting DS a snack. I dipped the test and set it down and went to go throw the wrapper away and I glanced over at the test and the first line was immediately there! I couldn't believe my eyes!! I picked up the test and watched those two lines turn pink as I was crying in disbelief saying "Oh my goodness, I'm pregnant!" over and over. I had been planning tons of different ways to surprise DH with the news over the last 18 months, but in that moment, all I could do was run downstairs crying and show him the test right away. He started crying too and we hugged forever. We were both in complete shock! We immediately got on our knees and thanked the Lord for sending us a miracle. We can't wait to meet our little angel!!

BFP After Ashermans

I have been reading stories on this website for the last few months and am so excited to get to share my story, which I was afraid would never happen. I had a missed m/c last June, followed by 2 D&Cs, the last of which resulted in a perforated uterus and major abdominal infection. This then caused scar tissue to form in my uterus (Ashermans), which would prevent me from ever getting pregnant or carrying a baby to full term. Luckily, since I listened to my body, I pushed to be seen and went to a specialist who surgically removed the scar tissue. In February, I had a procedure to make sure the scar tissue had not returned and was given the green light to TTC. I still had a few things against me: endometriosis and a thin lining. But, the doctor was hopeful that my long cycles (usually 36-40 days) would allow for some extra time for the lining to thicken. Frustratingly, I thought this cycle was going to be anovulatory. I had the Noro virus right around my usual ovulation time, and my temps didn't shift. Luckily, DH and I continued to BD and it appears (according to my temp shift) that I finally ovulated on day 32. I started testing early with some very sensitive tests, as we were visiting friends and going to a concert and I wanted to know whether or not I could have a drink. Of course, before the concert and during the weekend I got negative tests. Then on Sunday night, at 12dpo, I just had a feeling and decided to test again at 6:30pm after a 3 hour hold with a FRER and got my BFP!! My symptoms started a few days after ovulation, but became more noticeable starting at 8dpo and included: -tender, "full feeling" breasts: mild at first, more tender starting at 10dpo -cramping: mild at first, becoming stronger "pulling" sensations that I remember from when I was pregnant the first time. I had one night of strong cramping at 8dpo, which woke me up and were strong enough that I took tylenol -food cravings: I have been craving meat like never before! I have wanted a hamburger and steak every day since 5dpo! -mild nausea and aversion to sweet foods: I noticed it a bit starting at 9dpo, but thought it was from being overly tired and getting over a recent cold. Then, all day on 12dpo, it was much stronger and definitely reminded me of the nausea/food aversions I had during my last pregnancy. -trouble sleeping: I usually get up to go to the bathroom once during the night, but I started having to get up 3x/night at 8dpo! And, I was having trouble getting comfortable and getting to sleep. -fatigue: starting just a few days after ovulation, but I later attributed it to my trouble sleeping. -easily startled: I know this sounds strange, but it's exactly what I had during my last pregnancy, where I find that the slightest things startle me, giving me a feeling that my heart has "jumped into my throat." For me, the type of cramping I was having, the food cravings, and being easily startled were my big clues that made me think this was my month! Of course, now that the initial excitement/shock has subsided a bit, both DH and I are feeling nervous and fearful that this little bean won't stick. I took another test this morning, which was stronger than last night. Hopefully this is the beginning of a healthy least we know now that we can get pregnant again! Thank you for all of your posted stories, which helped me stay hopeful :)
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It Took 6 Months Which Felt Like Forever!

It's still so surreal. I think in high school they drill it into your head that pregnancy is easy and happens just like that but as we all know now that isn't always the case. Thinking it would happen right away, I flew out in September (wanting a summer baby) to see my husband where he was working up north. Well that proved to just be an expensive visit. After a couple more months of trying I felt that we might be missing the mark so ordered some cheap OPK's. Turns out I ovulate on CD 18 so we were missing the mark most of the time. So once we figured that out I thought for sure it would work but AF reared her ugly head. That month was really tough for me for some reason, I had a bit of a breakdown and felt it would never happen. Once I came to terms with it, it was like a light turned on. I knew it would happen one day and whether that be now or in a couple months or in a year, it would happen and I was okay with that. I started taking B50 complex vitamin because I heard that helps with short luteal phases and CM. I used an OPK again and we still tried but I decided this time it was okay if it didn't happen (despite the fact my husband is leaving for work again soon) and that I wasn't going to go crazy tracking and googling every possible symptom. In fact, I think I've had more symptoms not being pregnant than I had this time! CD18: Probable ovulation 3dpo: Mild cramps 4dpo: Tired 5dpo: Backache 6dpo: Nothing notable 7dpo: So hungry!!, mild breast tenderness 8dpo: Tired and still hungry, breast slightly sore 9dpo: Tired, dark circles under my eyes, hungry, unmotivated to do anything, breast slightly sore 10dpo: Sore breasts gone in am come back in pm, sore throat starts in pm 11dpo: Wake up in middle of the night with cramps and to go pee, slightly sore breasts on and off, sore throat 12dpo: AF due doesn't come - been tricked before, not buying into it yet 13dpo: Wake up early with husband, test with an internet cheap test, really don't think much of it, lay in bed with him for five minutes while waiting for the test...POSITIVE?? What? I'm going to take another one tomorrow just to be sure!


After 14 months of either no AF or irregular cycles, we finally got a BFP! Have an appointment next Wednesday for infertility, guess I won't need to go! We have a 9yo and a 15mo, and had been not preventing since he was born. I would have to say being sick to my stomach was my biggest symptom along with waves of nausea. I had soooo many symptoms during ovulation, and am now figuring out that nausea, heartburn, and cramps are typical for me during O. Here's my symptoms! Oday-EWCM, cramps, nausea, heartburn. Only day we BD! 1dpo-wet, crampy, sick to stomach 2dpo-wet, mildly crampy, sick to stomach 3dpo-less wet, more EWCM like, sick to stomach 4-11dpo- little creamy cm, sick to stomach when hungry, occasional dizziness and nausea, random twinges or sharp stabs in uterus 12dpo-BB's start to hurt, smelly pee, sick to stomach and nausea, spurt if energy! 13dpo-FMU BFP!!!! Faint but deff there! Keeping it secret (except for my twin sis who I always tell first) until I can come up with a fun way to tell hubby! I believe I O'd on CD 37, after an usually short AF Jan 13-16 I became pregnant with my DD after 4 years of no AF so it can happen! hungry

Hurray Hurray Hurray BFP!

I still honestly can't believe it and keep looking back at my test to check that it is real. However, it's there, it's a second line and it is definitely red. By way of background we have been TTC for 10 months and I was booked in for a first fertility appointment at the end of this month. I now get to cancel that and couldn't be happier. I have suffered a lot with irregular cycles that are anywhere between 28 days and about 70 days. In October 2012 I had an abnormal smear test and ended up having a quick procedure in November to remove some pre-cancerous cells. The woman doing the procedure mentioned that you can't try for a month after the procedure but she was certain I would be pregnant within a few months of that. This is only the second time I have ovulated since having that procedure so I suppose she was right! In January 2013 I invested in a duo fertility temperature monitor so you know exactly when you ovulate and it give you a lot of help and support. Not sure which countries they are available in but if you have irregular cycles they are a lot of help as you can see everything that is happening throughout your cycle. It is the only reason I know that I am today 11dpo despite being on CD 40. OK- on to symptoms Have had really sore boobs almost all of the way through the TWW (from about day 3 or 4). So much so that they have actually been waking me up at night when I move in bed. Also have had a pretty good sense of smell from about 8DPO onwards. Other than that nothing except that elusive second line on the test today. Keep going girls and never give up.
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BFP With NO Symptoms at All 11DPO - Irregular Cycles

I have read so much on this website when I felt down while ttc #1. I was always looking for all the symptoms everyone else had before their bfps so I am writing this for all the irregular cycle girls and for those with no symptoms at all!! We have been ttc for 8 months. Some of the hardest months ever - not knowing if would happen. This was only 5th cycle too because mine are irregular. They were the following lengths: 35, 43, 46 and 50 days. We have been using opks and Pre-Seed every month. This time using opks showed + day 19 (very early compared to other cycles) and somehow got BFP this morning 11dpo!!! Just goes to show all you irregular girls that you never know! I did not believe early + opk on day 19 and thought it was false. But ewcm mentioned below had me wondering. The only different thing I noticed this month was I had a lot of ewcm for 4 days before opk turned +. I have no idea why. I did not have much ewcm the other months at all. I have been exercising more since Christmas - maybe that's it but I really don't know. Maybe it made the difference. So I have had NO symptoms in past week before bfp at all. Nothing! I have been stalking this website! I thought I was out. Really I did. And I thought I was getting evaps (again) yesterday on ic's. But FRER this morning at 11dpo says otherwise! I cannot believe it! It's really weird not being able to tell anyone except my computer!! Husband is away and I want to see his face when I tell him. I am not going to say to you all ttc to believe it will happen and try to relax because that did NOT help me when I read or heard it! I could not believe it would happen - I was terrified it wouldn't and every time af arrived it would confirm my fears. An awful time. I know how it feels to ttc and be afraid it will never happen. So I will just I hope you all get your bfps and maybe above will help one or two of you. Good luck to you all and thank you for help when ttc was tough!

BFP After Miscarriage Last Year

A bit of background information: me & my fiancé have been trying for a baby since October 2011. We got pregnant in February 2012 and were so excited; unfortunately I suffered a miscarriage at 11 weeks in April 2012, which I can honestly say is the worst thing I've ever experienced. Since then I have been obsessed with getting pregnant again; brought opk, monitors, Pre-Seed and was taking prenatal vitamins. By October 2012 I was becoming really upset that this just wasn't happening for us and we went to see a specialist who did some blood work and discovered I wasn't immune to rebella so I had to have the injection & stop ttc for 3 months. He also prescribed me clomid to help me ovulate as my periods were all over the place since the miscarriage, therefore making it impossible to gage when I'd ovulate. Well the 3 months were up at the end of January but no sign of AF, which we needed to be able to start on the clomid. So the BFP: Actually felt ovulation pain this month which I have never felt before, got a positive opk so we did the baby dance straight away, I stayed in bed for about an hour afterwards with my hips elevated. We also used Pre-Seed. 1dpo: nothing 2-5 dpo: bbs getting sensitive on outer sides 6dpo: bbs mega sore, my mums dogs, who usually hates me & growls as soon as I walk in the door, actually came & cuddled up with me on the sofa & kept smelling my bits & my belly button! 7-9 dpo: sore bbs, very tired 10 dpo: sore bbs, mums dog came & sat with me again when I visited (biggest clue) 11 dpo: sore bbs, bfn using ovulation stick 12 dpo: sore bbs, BFP on first response test!!! So happy I jumped on my partner in bed & cried! 13 dpo: sore bbs, BFP on digital test! I am now on day 14, bbs still hurt, hasn't really sunk in yet that I'm pregnant but I'm so excited I can't put it into words! So to everyone out there ttc & reading messages like this every month, keep trying because it will happen for you, probably when you least expect it. Sending heaps of baby dust your way xx

3rd Time is a Charm!

I must say that the past three months I was stalking this page, but this month not so much to let myself to "relax" as everyone else says. I tried not to "care" as much, but I was crossing my fingers just like any other month. I went off BC in June 2012. My husband deployed so I figured go off then and get my body back to normal. And good thing, too. My cycles were irregular: 26 days, 47 days, 55 days for the first three months. Then he came home and we used OPK and charting my BBT that first month to see if I was actually ovulating. It showed a surge and my temp spiked so I felt that I was ovulating and we now needed to get the timing right. My cycle was 32 days. I felt like I was finally getting to my "normal" cycle. The following month we continued to use OPK and charting, but we added Preseed. I had a 37 day cycle. This time, the lucky third time, we used the CB OPK, charting BBT, Preseed, and I took FertilAid. This morning my temperature spiked so I decided to take a pregnancy test even though I told DH I was going to take one Tuesday. I'm 12DPO and got my first BFP with a CBD!!!! As for what symptoms I was feeling, I honestly felt nothing different than getting AF. I seriously thought she was coming and I kept checking to see yesterday because I was slightly cramping and bloated and felt like I was leaking. I felt like she was coming and kept telling DH that I think we were out this month and started planning when I might be ovulating in March. I did spot 9DPO during BD (sorry TMI) and this is usually a sign that AF is coming. The one thing looking back was that I get really bad lower back aches right before AF shows, but this month I did not have the back aches. Maybe that was my one clue. I'm crossing my fingers for a sticky bean! Baby dust to you all!