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10 Months TTC and Finally + with Prometrium

10 Months TTC and Finally + with Prometrium

These have been the hardest, most frustrating 10 months of my life. I’m not going to sugar coat this one. Yes, we BD’d more than ever before (which was fabulous!), yes, there is a gained strength when you come out of a trial. But I was not patient, I did not “stop trying” this month, and I didn’t de-stress. It happened likely because my doctor proscribed Prometrium, a 200mg progesterone suppository to try and extend my luteal phase (it’s usually only 8-9 days). I am 27 and my husband is 28. We had been trying to 10 months. We’re both healthy and active. I’m 5’7 and weigh 130lbs, (I used to be underweight but when we started ttc I was told to gain 10 lbs or so). I have normal 28-29 day cycles but ovulate late (day 19-21) and have a “luteal phase defect” which the doctors said it would be hard to get pregnant without correction since the little guy would have time to implant. I chart every month and have consistent ovulation with the temperature spike, eqqwhite cm, etc. I tried everything to lengthen my luteal phase: vitex, maca, b6, 81mg baby aspirin, relaxation, yoga, Emerita natural progesterone cream, etc… but thing made it budge more than a day. So, at the 9-month mark I made an appointment with a western doctor and a naturopathic doctor. One proscribed Prometrium and said she would “very surprised if I wasn’t pregnant in 2-3 months” and the other gave me traditional Chinese herbs and I started acupuncture once per week. That was all started in January and now I’m pregnant!

CD 17: ewcm, BD

CD 18: ewcm, positive OPK, BD

CD 19: O day, BD (split a bottle of wine and really made it fun!)

1dpo: One more BD for good luck, temp spike

2dpo: started Prometrium, low front cramps, headache, felt like I was buzzing… probably ate too much chocolate ;)

3dpo: low front cramps

4dpo: lower back ache, so tired and didn’t want to get out of bed (this is very unusual for me, usually I’m up and alert and don’t push “snooze”)

5dpo: creamy white discharge, feeling very bloated and hungry. I felt like I couldn’t get full. Ate lunch, and then went to the market for a burrito at 3pm! Achy lower back.

6dpo: constipated, so much white chunky tacky cm—assumed it was from the Prometrium suppositories. Sleeping so well, long and undisturbed. Really vivid dreams. This was new for me. Boobs not sore yet, this is also new as they are usually sore by now so I know AF is coming. Don’t like anything on my waist. My nylons were annoying me so badly—uncomfortable and tight.

7dpo: still no sore boobs. Not my usual pms zits on my face either—it’s completely clear. Lot of creamy cm, like seriously maybe a teaspoon at a time, so gross!

8dpo: temp is still up so I’m excited since I usually have a drop by now. No cramps at all for the past couple days.

9dpo: woke up twice in the middle of the night to eat something. Stomach growling. Headache all morning and ended up just getting out of bed around 4am. Feel tired, and have hot hands and face, like I’m going to get a cold.

10dpo: BFP! It’s faint, but it’s there. Couple of cramps, low back ache, hungry! I had great plans to tell my husband but instead I went squeeling downstairs and just flung my giggling self on him.

11dpo: BFP! splitting headache, no appetite. Toast with butter sounded good all day. Ordered in pizza for the superbowl game and that hit the spot :)

12dpo (today): BFP getting darker! Still have a killer headache but am starving again so I take it for a good sign.

The tip-offs for me was that my boobs didn’t hurt at all, I had a lot of creamy cm, and didn’t get zits. No temperature dip, no spotting, nothing. I hope this helps you, and thank you for sharing all your stories. It has definitely helped pass the time over this past 10 months. I want to say again, how hopeless I felt these past 10 months. How completely out of control and impatient. I was just so excited to be pregnant, so hopeful at the beginning. But it spiraled quickly into a painful and frustrating process. We had one chemical pregnancy along the way, which helped reassure us that maybe we could get pregnant in the future again. But every month when I would get my period it was a complete meltdown. Tears, thoughts of wanting to quit my job, worries that there was something wrong with us. My husband actually had a sperm test scheduled for this week so fortunately, we were able to cancel that in time. But ya, to make a long story even longer, I wasn't finding all the joy I could have found during this process. I was a grump. And although we got very creative with our sex life (who wouldn't when you're doing it every other day for 10 months?!) So this was a plus. But overall, I was completely exhausted and just plain sad. I know God had a plan for us this month, but holy crap I didn't like his plan very much. I love it now though :)

I Gave Him an Inch, He Gave Me a Leife!!

Praise the Lord, ALL THE GLORY GOES TO HIM. I am 33 and dh is 32. I have three teenage daughters and we have a 16month old son together. In July 2012 we lost our last baby at 3months to a partial molar pregnancy, it was the worst thing I have ever been thru. I was full of anger, frustrated, and envious of other people getting pregnant…which is not like me. Recently I started seeking Gods face again, and asking for forgiveness and healing for my heart. When the Lord started making my heart right, He was so faithful to give us our BFP!! I could not feel more loved by my Provider and Savior!! I gave a inch and He gave a life!!! Thank you Lord!!!
And I just want to apologize ahead of time for tmi!!

Jan16th- bd, Pre-Seed and softcup for 12 hours, temp 98.1

Jan18th- bd, Pre-Seed and softcup for 12 hours, temp 98.8

Jan 19th- positive opks, then negative ones, back and forth all day. Temp 98.92, cervix soft medium and open, nauseous, very bloated, backache, gassy, ewcm

Jan 20th- pos opk, ewcm, cervix soft medium closed (I think, maybe a little open) happy mood, went to church, ovulation pain left ovary, cramps all in uterus, temp 98.77

Jan 21st (CD 17... I USUALLY O ON THE 15TH)- no energy, pos opk, mood happy, cm watery, low headache, ovulation pain, breast little tender, cramps in uterus, no appetite, no sex drive, little bloating, natural progesterone cream, low backache, mucus clear, cervix soft medium and closed, temp 97.82-O DIP!

1dpo- watery cm, cervix soft medium closed, bd- Pre-Seed and softcup for 12 hours, excited, opk negative, medium sex drive, little bloated, acne breakout on chin, mucous clear, little gas, vivid dream about husband, woke up crying because in the dream he was leaving, temp 98.56, natural progesterone cream

2dpo- watery cm, cervix medium height and medium texture and closed, happy, neg opk, high ovulation pain left ovary and in uterus, bad bad cramps (had to lay down), medium energy, insomnia, bloated, acne breakout on nose, chin and forehead (never happens), constipated, low backache, mucus clear, very vivid dream about husband leaving me again with old friend, woke up very upset, temp 98.77, natural progesterone cream

3dpo- water cm, cervix high, closed and medium texture, bd (very very painful, felt like he was hitting my cervix, hurt for hours afterward and even woke up the next morning hurting), medium headache all day, neg hpt and opk test, but opk seem to be getting gradually darker, low nausea, dizzy spells, little insomnia, very vivid dreams about competing with friends and being pregnant. Medium sex drive, bloated, gassy, very constipated, temp 98.94, natural progesterone cream, subway sandwich which I always eat taste bad

4dpo- very tired, sticky and watery mucus, cervix feels swollen from the inside and soft and high and closed, clear cm, headache on and off, neg hpt (shadow looked positive I had done at 1 a.m., but the rest of them today were negative and the shadow lines, just too faint to say there is even a line, but looks promising!!) opk almost looks positive, they are gradually definitely getting darker every few hours, bad pain in left ovary, horrible cramps in uterus and in stomach, still very constipated even after 4 laxatives!, breast a little tender, pms symptoms, crying easily, insomnia, peed every 3 hours all thru the previous night, little dizzy spell, appetite comes and goes, no sex drive, very bloated, high acne, low backache, little gassy, just feel pregnant! Natural progesterone cream, horrible cramps in stomach all day, took two baths, very nauseous in the evening, temp 98.74, heart palpitation’s, sore sore stomach all day, nothing taste right

5dpo- finally a bowl movement, sharp pains in left breast, nausea, tired, vivid dreams, temp 99.42!!, achy all over, natural progesterone, neg hpt a.m, darker opks, evap lines on wondfos in p.m,egg white creamy cm, cervix very low, kinda soft and closed, irritable, little energy, high insomnia, very vivid dreams about living with ex and his wife raising our daughter together in the finest trailer house ever lol, no appetite, no sex drive, little acne, gas, nephew born at 9:18a.m., happy for them, cry because I want a new baby to add to our family, pray blessing over my brothers family and newest addition, pray for my healing and forgiveness for not trusting God more in this! High back itching, nothing taste right

We Did it!

After 7 months its finally happening! I'm so happy & feel so blessed! I hope this one is my sticky bean!
God bless & tons of baby dust to everyone! (:

BFP!!! Yay!!

It's been a bit of a strange month this one.... Here's the story...

Been ttc since November 2012 and this month was our first month using a ovulation predictor kit. I started using it on cd7 of my cycle and I got the smiley positive on cd14. This was slap bang in the middle of a week that my hubby was away! Great! So... I assumed I was out this month.

About the same time I started taking the Boots version of Pregnacare tablets to ensure I was getting all the vital vitamins and minerals.

Then on Tuesday 22nd, which would have been cd18 I had cramps and sore nips and I thought it was a bit weird so I used a ovulation stick and yes.... Smiley positive again... So we got round to BD'ing for the next 5 days. This also corresponded with being on holiday so I was very relaxed.

Since ovulation (I assumed I ov'd twice or didn't ov the first time?) I have had the following symptoms:

Veiny achy boobs
Twinges in boobs

This morning I noticed my boobs were sore and (TMI) I had some creamy discharge coming from nips when touched.

I also had some brown cm.

My period is due tomorrow so I assumed it was that on the way but as I am obsessed with peeing on a stick I tested about an hour ago and BFP!

Praying now for a sticky bean.

Good luck to everyone too xx

BFP 11DPO Barely Any Symptoms

I am so so happy right now, I still can't believe I am actually pregnant. I had lost hope because I didn't feel any of the many symptoms all these ladies were posting. This was my second month off BCP and my cycles are usually 27-28 days. After reading stories of how long it takes for the cycles to regulate i wanted to give up. last month on my 1st month off the BC i was so sure i was pregnant, had all the symptoms from nausea to increase of sense of smell but AF arrived on time and many BFN tests. This time I ovulated around CD 17 (detected the LH surge on OPK) +OPk on CD 15 & 16 had strong cramps on those days. However my CM never got to that Egg white consistency, it was kind of clear and not much of it and not as sticky or watery. On CD 17 no cramps and -OPK. I was still hopeful thanks to this site and seeing how every women is different. My advice is to try not to stress about it or it can make things worse on your body. Keep yourself busy and hope that what is meant to be will happen. Sometimes the more we want something the further the reach seems. Expectations lead to disappointments. So this is the summary of my 2ww.

1DPO-7DPO slight cramping and feeling tired (normal for me) had a couple cravings but that's just me and also thought it was normal PMS.

8DPO- took a pregnancy test (dollar store) and negative. Lost hope, my breast weren't tender or sore at all and didn't feel pregnant.

9DPO- BFN (dollar store brand) also fell down the stairs on my butt. I did get a little scared thinking this could affect implantation. But nothing happened.

10DPO- decided not to test. Developed strong cramps felt like AF was around the corner I wanted to cry but ready to accept whatever wasn't meant to be at this point. Tomorrow AF is due so I knew I wasn't pregnant and feeling these pains. Today I realized my luteal phase is sort of short. Since it is predicted to arrive only 11 DPO. I knew for sure I wasn't pregnant after searching online and discovering its really hard to conceive with such a short Luteal phase and since I ovulated so late in my cycle.

11DPO- Woke up and went to pee, I thought to myself this is it AF is here I'm cramping just like AF cramps and usually get it in the mornings. But nothing. I also noticed a cheesy vaginal odor not usual before my period, I usually get the iron odor right before. Something told me to go buy a test just to prove to myself I wasn't pregnant and I could just move on and forget about this whole planning process. I got a digital test and it came back Positive!!! It said pregnant!!! Couldn't believe it at 11DPO I would never think that could happen! And still no sore boobs or any other symptoms but the cramping and feeling funny in my uterus!

Good luck to all of you!! Focus on a healthy lifestyle and stress free environment including with patience and what you want will come your way very soon :-)

BFP - I Have Thin PCOS

This is a little late, my daughter was born on 12/31/12, but I swore to myself if I got pregnant and had a healthy baby that I would come back to this site and hopefully leave a message that would give women with PCOS hope because I could hardly find any positive stories about pregnancy and PCOS.

I have thin PCOS. I'm 5'4" and 115 lbs. I read a lot of stories about overweight women who had it and they just lost weight and were able to get pregnant. This was frustrating to me because if I lost 10 pounds I'd be unhealthy looking. After coming off birth control and confirming the PCOS, my doctor put me on Metformin. I went 10 months without a period which totally depressed me. We kept upping the dosage of Metformin. I also bought a book called The Insulin Resistant Diet which focuses on balancing your carbs and proteins so that your body doesn't overproduce the insulin, which is linked to PCOS. The combination of that diet and the Metformin finally gave me a period again. It was still a long cycle, but I began to get it regularly, every 34-36 days. Problem was I wasn't sure when or if I was ovulating. My doctor prescribed me Clomid (lowest dose). I bought ovulation predictors and started testing myself 10 days later and tested up to day 16 with no luck. I was really disappointed. Then on day 23 or 24 I started to get that fertile mucous. When I got home my husband and I did it (lol). After we did it, I tested and I got the ovulation smiley! We did it again the next day. After that he went off to work for three days (he's a fireman) so that was as much as we could try.

I don't remember the day by day of my two week wait exactly but I do remember the following symptoms:

-Mild Breast soreness (I never really experienced that before periods)
-mood swings
-period like cramping

My major cue was the period like cramping. I kept going in the bathroom expecting that my period would have started and it was just never there. I kept getting the cramps intermittently everyday. There was no implantation bleeding. I waited the entire 14 days after my ovulation because I was scared to test after getting so many negatives. I tested in the morning and the second line came up immediately. Now I am thrilled to have my healthy baby girl.

Try to stay positive. I know I was often times very low thinking it would never happen for me and I kept reading other people's posts online about the trouble they were having and it discouraged me further. It may not happen right away or as fast as someone who is normal, but likely you will get there eventually, so don't give up hope!

Bfp After 1 Year TTC!! Yay

The last four cycles I could have sworn I was pregnant each time. There was always something out of the ordinary that made me believe this was it- bit af always came making me feel crazy and like I couldn't read my own body.

This cycle I felt even more hopeful however- rather than menstrual like cramps during the luteal phase and medium spotting I had in previous cycles, this cycle was more like o pains and sharp zaps and pulls with virtually no spotting.

Cd 16 DTD ovulation day
Dpo 1 gassy and very bloated
Dpo 2 (36.6 c) stuffy nose in the morning. Bloating reduced.
Dpo 3 (36.7) nothing noticed
Dpo 4 (36.7) nothing noticed
Dpo 5 (36.8) nothing noticed
Dpo 6 (36.7) sharp needle pains in uterus. O like pains
Dpo 7 (36.4) small pink spot in cm. more o type pains and uterus zaps. grumpy!
Dpo 8 (36.9) uterus zaps and o pains and now pulling/stretching sensation. Grumpy and peeing lots. Bfn
Dpo 9 (36.8) pulling stretching uterus. Grumpy and tired. Bfn.
Dpo 10 (36.8) less symptoms. Getting discouraged
Dpo 11 (36.8) sore throat and slight nausea In the evening. Headache. Thought maybe I was getting a cold?
Dpo 12 (36.7) sore throat still but nausea and headache gone. Feel great otherwise. Uterus zaps again today
BFP today with mid day majorly diluted urine!!!! Was faint but obviously there in about 3 minutes. Husband could see this one too so I'm not crazy! Soooo happy :)

Products used: 

Yay! BFP 12 dpo While on a Break From Treatments

I am so excited and shocked to be actually getting to share a BFP story on this site. We have been ttc for two years and had three failed clomid/IUI cycles last fall. The clomid caused my lining to be really thin (5mm last time at day of iui) and so I was worried that it would take some time to recover from that. We had met with our RE and decided to move on to IVF in February (and get some required testing done during my January cycle). I have been ovulating early - like day 11 or 12 for almost a year and this month did not get a +opk until day 14, so I am assuming I ovulated on day 15 or 16. I was truly not expecting to get pregnant during my cycle off and so was totally shocked to get a very faint BFP 12dpo on an internet cheapie test. I then took 3 more tests that morning - all positive (and about 10 tests since then, still in shock! :)
I truly credit my work with my acupuncturist for the success. I've been seeing her since September and she has really helped me with reducing stress in my life, improving my diet and getting rid of some "stuck feelings" that I think were getting in the way of conceiving. In addition I was taking CoQ10 supplements, L-Arginine (during 1st part of cycle), prenatal, fish oil, spirulina, B vitamin supplements, and royal jelly. Who knows what really did the trick. I also got the Circle + Bloom natural cycle relaxation recordings which I think are awesome, although I only used them for about 2 weeks before I got the old BFP.

Like all of us, I have looked for any minor change/pregnancy symptom during many twws. This time - virtually nothing! I had some minor heartburn in the evenings around days 9 & 10 and the evening of day 11 I actually drank a giant margarita and woke up during the night with crazy heartburn and nausea and thought I was going to puke. Since then I have just been super tired.
One tip for you all - when you get your BFP - do not share the news with your 3 year old until you are ready to tell everyone in the world (including the lady in line and the bookstore!)

Just in Case Some of You Are Not Charting, Start!

1 -4 DPO - Feel like I'm getting sick, slight twinges on the left side but that's normal for me,
5-9 DPO - Extreme gassiness (tmi really stinky felt bad for my husband) and constipation this never happens for this long so this was my first clue, boobs feel a little tender, still feel like I'm getting sick but never gets worst, emotional at times, fighting with my husband for no reason
9DPO - Sharp twinges in uterus
10 DPO - BFP on First Response, was shocked after seeing so many negatives

Also my temperatures were higher then other months and never lower than cover line, oh and 3 pound weight gain that wouldn't come down after the holidays although I was dieting.

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I promised myself I would post this time, as with my first pregnancy (2 yr old DD via c-section) I was too excited to sit down and pull my thoughts together to post :)
Me and DH are both 29, my average cycle length is 32 +/- days. The first day of my last cycle was Nov 27th and I just got a BFP today, Jan 9th. I know what you're thinking... "how the heck? that's a long time"... I know...... Praying for a healthy pregnancy! I've heard scary things about late ovulation or implantation etc.

We BD CD 9 thru CD 18 and I had predicted ovulation at CD 17 (based on timing, hadn't tried OPK's yet).
CD 21 I was surprised when I found spotting which was a bright sometimes orange looking color, VERY watery.... NOT normal for me. I was shocked and had so many thoughts, ovulation bleeding or implantation bleeding?
CD 22 Very brown and dry, then was gone.
--- I've had pressure on and off throughout, minor minor crampy.
CD 29 BFN (First Response 6 Days Early)
CD 32 BFN, sad AF is probably around the corner
CD 33 Some pinches and pulls
CD 37 BFN... but realizing late period is for certain now, called OBGYN - they pretty much said pregnancy is highly unlikely if I'm still getting negatives and that I probably am just skipping a period due to stress or diet. grrrrr
CD 40 BFN... feeling crazy, this is just not normal for me... (I had BFP with DD only a few days after ovulation)
-going into January with no BFP or AF since end of Nov!
CD 43 BFP with FMU at 6am!!!!!!!! (clear blue digital) I was speechless. It was very unexpected to be a positive so late in the game. In complete shock and slightly concerned about why it wasn't detected until so late. I'm assuming late ovulation and late implantation but what are the odds, seriously, to be at the farthest on the timeline and lowest on HCG charts to not be detected until now. Thankful I'm not crazy though and I knew my body well enough to know it wasn't normal to "skip" a period like the dr's office said it might be. I normally spot a few days before full on AF, and just didn't have any of that so I didn't know what the heck was going on.

Other things this cycle:
-Cervix was all over the board... some days was so unbelievably high (almost gone) and other days was medium to high position. It also kind of turned and was sideways. Difficult to explain but never noticed anything like it before. Noticed very tight insides.
-Also had some gum bleeding when brushing teeth, headaches on and off
-And the strangest of all.... a few days after ovulation bleeding and also recently I felt like there was a heat pad on my insides. Insides just felt HOT and FIREY, not crampy, just hot- enough to make me feel my skin to see if it was also hot on the outside.
All of these things and I still got BFN's until today - just thought I was reading too far into it all.

I don't think it's normal AT ALL to get such a late BFP. But I guess it's true to follow the, "its not over til the AF shows up" rule.
Again, prayingggggg for a healthy, viable pregnancy. Dr appt scheduled in 2 days.