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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Late Ovulation

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BFP Naturally (After Having My DD via IVF)

After being diagnosed with high FSH and several failed IUIs and Clomids we had our DD via IVF in August 2011. We figured we would have to go the same route for #2. DD is 16 mos and I am still Breastfeeding. I have had a pretty regular period for about 5 mos so we decided to at least give it a try each cycle in hopes I wouldn't have to go through IVF again. And this month (after 3 months of actively trying) we got our BFP. I am still in shock but have been tracking closely so here were my symptoms leading up to today. In general, it really felt like I was just PMS with typical cramps leading up to my BFP. I typically ovulate later in my cycle and noticed the increased CM on CDs 15-18. On CDs 19-22 I had ovary pains on my right side and increased CM. We BD'd on CD's 20 and 21. 1 DPO: Ovary pains on both sides 2 DPO: Ovary Pains and slightly sore boobs. Usually my boobs get REALLY sore when she nurses after I Ovulate so I figured I maybe didn't ovulate this month. Now I am wondering if that was the sign that it actually took! 3 DPO: Mild cramps, boobs are fine, constipated 4 DPO: A few mild cramps and some ovary pain but not much else, constipated 5 DPO: Mild cramps and lower back pain, mild ovary twinges, constipated 6 DPO: Cramps and lower back pain on and off, mild ovary twinges, constipated 7 DPO: Cramps and lower back pain on and off, mild ovary twinges, constipated 8 DPO: Cramps and lower back pain on and off, mild ovary twinges, constipated 9 DPO: Cramps and lower back pain on and off, mild ovary twinges, constipated, very tired, gassy 10 DPO: Cramps - sometimes stronger. Stomach twinges/pulls 11 DPO: Cramps - seem more persistent. Vivid dreams, some lower back pain. Feels like period is imminent, bad skin, slight nausea, emotional, sore nipples 12 DPO: Cramps and lower back pain - pretty constant. Very Tired. Feels like period is imminent. Slightly sore nipples. 13 DPO: Cramps, Super vivid dreams, lower back pain - fairly constant but sometimes intermittent. No longer constipated. Sore nipples a bit when DD nursed in the night and AM. Went away in the day. 14 DPO: Cramps - sometimes severe. Pretty constant and dull cramps all day. And some lower back pain. Nipples were not that sore. 15 DPO: Cramps all the time, lower back pain, constipated again 16 DPO: Cramps all the time, some severe (but seem gas related) 17 DPO: BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep the faith! Good Luck to all!

Just When We Were Calling it Quits :)

Hey ladies, I just got my bfp today around lunchtime. I actually took it to just prove to myself that I wasn't pregnant so I could move on. I honestly didn't really have any symptoms leading up to my bfp. I have more "prego symptoms" on months I ended up getting my af. I did start getting lower back pain 10dpo (3 days before af) this is when I got my bfp. And cramping (I was sure af was going to show up any day) I did have spotting (just a small spec the size of a pencil head) on 8dpo with slight cramping. And I've had HORRIBLE dreams for past few days as in dreams I'd wake up crying and sweating. Good luck ladies!! :)

BFP For the New Year!

Here is my pregnancy success story. Using frozen donor sperm, my wife and I have tried 5 times (3 ICI at home, 2 IUI at the clinic) to get pregnant and last cycle I was pregnant but had a very early miscarriage because I thought early spotting was really my period and stopped taking progesterone (or at least that’s what I think happened!) This time around, we did our second unmedicated IUI at a women’s clinic 28 hrs past +OPK using the ClearBlue Fertility Monitor. I also had been doing a juice/fruit/veggie fast for 10 days prior to O on the recommendation of my Naturopathic Doctor – she claims it helps boost chances of conception and I really think it works – this means you eat nothing but fruits, veggies, fresh juice, nuts, and seeds for 4-7 days prior to ovulation – this means no proteins, no grains, no dairy – it’s tough at first but it’s not intolerable (I’m already vegan) and it gets results – at least for me! My doctor at the women’s clinic was not impressed with the motility of the frozen sperm, but apparently one made it! I have been using Circle+Bloom’s fertility meditations designed for IVF/IUI and really find it nice and relaxing and look forward to purchasing the pregnancy meditations as well. I’ve been charting for 9 months with my BBT and monitoring my mucus and using the CBFM. I also have been taking oral progesterone and accidentally ran out around Christmas time when my doctor’s office was closed! I resolved that issue as soon as I could. I also am doing acupuncture once per week and have been doing so for about 4 months. Here are my symptoms: 2 DPO – Start taking 4 pellets of Progon B 3x day 5 DPO – Mild cramps – pinch-like rather than normal AF cramps 7-8 DPO- Mild cramps and bloating 9 DPO – Spotting 10-12 DPO – Spotting and cramps. Run out of oral progesterone on 12 DPO and doctor’s office is closed for a refill – get progesterone cream over the counter and begin using this 13 DPO – Spotting gets heavier and very faint BFP on FRER. Get concerned about heavier spotting and call doctor. She recommends getting refill of oral progesterone and stopping the cream because the dosage is too weak. She thinks this will stop the bleeding if I am not actually having a miscarriage. 14 DPO – Spotting lightens up, still BFP on FRER – faint 15 DPO – Spotting continues to lighten, BFP on FRER – darker 16 DPO – Spotting essentially stops – brown EWCM, BFP on Clearblue Digital (my wife wouldn’t believe it until she saw the words!) I’m so excited – (it’s taking a while for my wife to absorb it) and looking forward to a healthy and happy 9 months! Now the hard part is not talking about it until the 2nd trimester.

BFP 2nd IUI 33 Years Old

My husband and I are both 33 and we had been trying to conceive for 15 months. After I went off the pill, my periods were never regular and I either did not ovulate or I ovulated very late. After trying clomid and femara with my OBGYN, I moved on to a fertility specialist. The first month we went through the tests (semen analysis, dye test to make sure tubes are open, etc). Everything turned out great. We tried 5 days of femara with the trigger shot and IUI the first month. Ultrasounds showed 2 follicles that could work. Waited two weeks, BFN. The second month we did a lower dose of femara for 5 days, shots for 5 or 6 days, and the trigger shot. I went in for IUI 36-40 hours after the trigger shot. Ultrasounds showed I had 3 follicles that could work. Days 1-3: Cramps on and off, bloating. Day 4: Nothing Day 5: Gassy and ovary twinges Day 6: Ovary twinges Day 7: Cramps Day 8: Slight ovary twinges in the morning, exhausted, face acne Day 9: Occasional ovary twinges, slight cramping Day 10: Nothing Day 11: Little crampy, slight left ovary twinges, feverish, tired. Days 12-13: Absolutely nothing. I think at this point, the shots and side effects were out of my system and I had no side effects. I assumed I was not pregnant. Day 14: Woke up early and took pregnancy test. Negative. Left it on the counter and went back to sleep. Woke up 1.5 hours later and thought I saw maybe the slightest line. What I mean by this is I had to put it in the light at several angles to even see anything. We were both convinced there was nothing there and I went to work. I had mentally prepared myself for the disappointment because I had been upset so many months when I would always get that negative result. Anyway, I couldn't stop thinking that maybe I did see a line. I called the doctor's office and they said to come in for blood work, that even the faintest line might mean something. I went in and my blood work came back at 49. 50 is what they consider pregnant but she said I was definitely pregnant, but to come back in 48 hours for repeat blood work to make sure the numbers double. 48 hours later, I went in, and the number was 212. I was definitely pregnant and we were overly excited! Now we had to wait for a couple more weeks to see the ultrasound (and to confirm if we were having one or two babies). I am now 12.5 weeks pregnant with one baby. If you are trying to get pregnant and having trouble, don't give up. Find a doctor you really like and try to remove any unneeded stress from your life. Also, I think everyone has different symptoms. I think my symptoms were mostly side effects from the shots and meds. Just because you do not have symptoms, doesn't mean it didn't work. And when you take that first pregnancy test, you may not get a positive right away. Just hang in there. Another thing. It seemed like while I was trying to get pregnant, everyone around me was getting pregnant (I was happy for them, it was just hard on me because I wanted it too). It got so frustrating hearing, "I wasn't even trying to get pregnant" or "I got pregnant the first month I tried." On top of that, I was constantly being told how long I had been married (only 2 years) and how I should be pregnant, trying to have a kid, when am I going to have a baby, hurry up and have a baby, etc, etc. I am kind of a private person and I wasn't sharing with everyone that I was trying to get pregnant, but I really hated how everyone was constantly pressuring me about it. I don't know if anyone else has had these feelings or not.... But if you are, try your very best to ignore it or get away from it and stay as positive as you possibly can (easier said than done, I know). I truly wish everyone the best of luck on this difficult journey and I pray that you enjoy the same BFP as my husband and I have. Good luck to all of you.

PCOS is the Devil. Femara is a Miracle...

I started trying over 2.5 years ago. I had one miscarriage Nov 2011. The only things that were different this cycle were that I used Pre-Seed and Femara (5mg days 3-7). I also used Pre-Seed when I conceived last year. I have PCOS. My cycles are usually 38 days. Sometimes I skip for months... 8 dpo - A few pinching pains in my uterus in the evening. I blew it off because I figured my mind and body were playing tricks on me. 9dpo - A few more pinching pains and about 20 second of period like cramps and i was extremely exhausted. A little constipated. I never get that way. 10dpo - I woke up and literally didn't take ten steps before I had to grab something to hold myself up from exhaustion. I was dizzy as well. I had 9 hours of sleep and that's not my norm. I then started having "twinges" in my lower abdomen as well as a little pinching. Told my husband I'm pregnant. I just know. He laughs. I take a test in the pm. bfp with FRER. I was jumping with joy, literally. I ran out of the bathroom and yelled "I'm Pregnant." After the hundreds of negative tests, you can imagine how that felt for me. I thought I could never get pregnant. Don't lose hope.

BFP After Recent TFMR

I had a TFMR back in June and my partner and I were eager to get pregnant again. However, my cycles, although regular and ovulatory, included a lot of mid-cycle bleeding prior to ovulation, and after three unsuccessful months, I assumed my body just could not get pregnant yet and this cycle I decided to try acupuncture to sort my hormones out. It clearly worked as I got pregnant, but it also caused more mid-cycle bleeding and pushed my ovulation back a whole week, which got me quite frustrated! I usually ovulate around CD 18, but this time I ovulated on CD 24. My symptoms: 1-2DPO: Abdominal pain, boobs sore on the edges. I figured the sore boobs were just from ovulation, but I swear to god, I never got that after ovulation except the two times I was pregnant.... coincidence? 3DPO: Cramps, abdominal pain 4DPO: Right and left side pinches. Wasn't entirely unusual as I've experienced those quite a bit since the TFMR. 5DPO: Right side pinches 6DPO: Big headache. Had to take Tylenols three times for it to go away. 7DPO: Itchy breasts, stabbing pains in uterus out of nowhere, weird discomfort near right ovary, vivid dreams. 8DPO: Boobs sore around the edges again, weird uterine twinges (sometimes felt like a stich) 9DPO: BBT dropped by 0.1 Celsius. My LP is generally 12 days, so I figured it was the beginning of the gradual BBT drop I experience before AF. My boobs were still sore around the edges, and I got more uterine twinges. 10DPO: BBT back up. Vivid dreams, boobs sore around the edges, more uterine twinges. Before bed I got cramps, which was quite unusual. I generally get cramps a few hours before AF at most, and I knew because of my BBT AF wasn't arriving just yet. However, I did get regular cramps when I was pregnant before, so I decided I would test the following morning if my BBT was still up. 11DPO: BBT still higher, took a test. BFP!


I have never written on a forum before but I have been using this website to analyze my symptoms and I thought that it was only right that I add something to it. This is our first month ttc #2 and as we were successful in our first month with #1, I had a mixture of high expectations and fear that I'd be let down. That said, we did use opks and did the bd in the days leading up to a positive opk, the day of and three days after. For my first pregnancy my symptoms were twinges, dull back ache and by 10dpo; sore bbs. This time it's different. Here's the list; Positive opk: Twinges in side Next day: Really strong pain, doubled over..self diagnosis of cysts...freaking out...we'll call this ovulation day 1dpo: More pain 2dpo: Nothing 3dpo: Mild twinges 4dpo: Nothing 5dpo: Twinges 6dpo: Slightly sore bbs but only when i really press the sides, nausea and tiredness 7dpo: Nausea...out for Christmas party, can barely stomach a west coast cooler 8dpo: Sick.... very chesty cough and cold, actually genuinely ill but really nauseous too...convinced I have a virus but deep down pray I'm pregnant......heavier bbs..then that night pink stain when wiping, followed by brown discharge...cant stop crying at everything 9dpo: Dreading that AF may have come early but clear... cant wait but BFN...irritable 10dpo: Waves of nausea, reminds me of the morning sickness I had with my daughter although that didn't start until 6/7weeks...only feel better when eating...this evening BFP ;-) Can't believe how fortunate we've been. I hope that anyone reading this gets the Christmas BFP you are wishing for xxx

Very Happy to Share That We are Pregnant!

My husband and I were on our second cycle of trying to conceive. I was nervous because with our 1st child we didn't get pregnant for 2 years. We weren't trying to get pregnant then but we weren't doing anything at all to prevent a pregnancy. This cycle I started taking prenatal vitamins (gummy kind) at night before I went to bed and prayed for God to open my womb and allow for me to conceive and deliver a healthy baby. I don't know exactly what day I ovulated, I had three different days of egg white discharge. I will list my symptoms from cycle day 1. Here is how my two week went (I truly hope this helps someone and gives them encouragement!) Cycle days 1-5: Period Cycle days 6-9: Nothing Cycle days 10-11: Hubby and I did the baby dance Cycle day 12: Nothing Cycle day 13: Egg-white discharge and we did the baby dance Cycle day 14: Nothing Cycle day 15: Egg-white discharge and we did the baby dance Cycle days 16-18: Nothing Cycle day 19: Egg-white discharge Cycle days 20-21: Nothing, I've ovulated by this time and I have absolutely no symptoms Cycle day 22: I have a very wet feeling in my vagina, the same feeling as when I ovulate. Yellowish green clumpy discharge (very small clumps), TMI, I apologize Cycle day 23: I feel crampy and my back aches as if I'm going to start my period today. I also have a gassy feel almost as if I have to do a bowel movement. Wet feeling in vagina and feet are extremely cold. Cycle day 24: Nipples are becoming sensitive, breast tender under my armpit, and feet are extremely cold. I took a IC and it appeared to have a ghost line on it, it was sooooo light as in grayish white. I thought the test was messed up and threw it out. Cycle day 25: I became very dry down yonder. Nipples still sensitive and breasts are starting to feel heavy and still tender under armpit. Feet are getting warmer Cycle day 26: Still dry, breasts are tender under armpit and nipples are still sensitive Cycle day 27: Still dry, breast heavy and tingling, nipples still sensitive. I felt nausea after breakfast and stomach has been feeling like I was throwing up (I didn't throw up). Took pregnancy test in the evening and got a very very faint line. Cycle day 28: Nipples still sensitive, breast sore, and I feel hungry even after eating. Took another pregnancy BFP!!!!! You're not out until the big fat lady sings or you take a test! God bless you ladies!!!

BFP After a Miscarriage & 10 Months TTC

I finally get to tell my story. I am 33 yrs old and dh is 37. I had a miscarriage on Nov 2011 and started ttc in Feb 2012. My cycles are very irregular after my miscarriage it ranges fr 30 - 45 days. From Feb to May, I used the ovulation calendar and then from June to Aug I used the OKt and finally from Sept to Oct I used the Clear Blue digital Ovulation monitor which was recommended by one of my friend. Guess what after 2 cycles I got my bfp! Cycle day 27 got (+) with clear blue monitor, did the deed with olive oil recommended by my doctor to help with the lubrication. Cycle day 28 is Ovulation day, also did the deed again this time no olive oil. Dpo 1 to dpo 8 - nothing Dpo 9 - was at a family wedding and got super emotional and couldn't stop crying Dpo 10 to dpo 13 - sore bbs & napped a lot Dpo 14 - af due but never came Dpo 14 to dpo 22 - sore bb, took frequent naps & still no af Dpo 20 - took hpt and got bfn but I swear I saw the 2nd line but it was super duper faint. Thought I was going nuts. Dpo 22 - at 50 days of my cycle I woke up at 10 pm to pee and then 2 am. Decided my luck on another hpt test at 4 am and I finally got my bfp. Woke up the hubby he was half asleep but I told him the great news. Of course I have to thank the lord for giving me another chance. Good luck ladies and it's especially hard when all the women around u are getting pregnant or popping out babies like nothing. But don't give up!

Trying About One Year After Last Miscarriage. I Have PCOS.

I've had 2 missed miscarriages in the last 3 years (1st one - heartbeat stopped at 9 1/2 weeks, 2nd one - blighted ovum that measured at 6 weeks). I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2008 and I take metformin for this. I was not taking it during my previous pregnancies because I was trying to regulate my symptoms naturally. This time around I was drinking Fertilitea and taking metformin for 2 months before we officially started trying. My last two cycles were consistent (which never happens). I seem to ovulate on day 18 which is a little late compared to the average but still, much better than it has been (used to have 45 day cycles, down to 32 day cycles). We also used an OVWatch, an OPK and tracked temps, cervix texture and position, and CM. We were determined to succeed and we did. Below are all of my symptoms according to my chart on fertility friend. 1 dpo - Backache, bloated, gassy, skin break out (all normal after ovulation), very light crampy twinges (never felt it before but probably just normal post-ovulation stuff). 2 dpo - Same as above but with mild nausea, heartburn, mildly tender breasts, congestion and fatigue (think I'm getting sick) 3-5 dpo - Heartburn, fatigue, mild nausea (like when you try to read on a moving vehicle), mildly tender breasts, sensitive nipples, gassy, frequent urination, runny nose in am, congestion in pm, very light uterine twinges (like fluttering or pulling). Still thinking it's just normal post-ovulation stuff and possibly me getting sick. 6 dpo - Everything from before plus constipation, cramps (in uterine area and legs), two different dizzy spells, very irritable. Starting to feel like maybe it's possible we succeeded. :) 7 dpo - Lots of my symptoms have disappeared today. just having frequent urination, mildly tender breasts (you have to push on them for them to hurt), sensitive nipples, slightly acute sense of smell, increased appetite, irritability and big time increase in CM (kept thinking I had somehow wet my pants). 8 dpo - Backache is back, everything else is the same as all of the days before. Definitely testing tomorrow. 9 dpo - Had to pee like a racehorse first thing in the am. Took a test - BFN. It's ok, it's still early. Not much of a change in symptoms today, just maybe a little milder than previous days. Maybe we missed this month. That's ok. We can try again next month. 10 dpo - Breasts more tender than before, nausea a bit more severe, very emotional (started crying in the middle of a convo with one of my BFFs for no reason), very vivid and colorful dreams last night, slightly strong smell to CM (not fishy or yeasty, normal smell just strong). 11 dpo - Freaking out in the AM. Symptoms have pretty much all left the building. Texted DH and said I thought we didn't succeed this month. He says he thinks it's the calm before the storm. Around 4:30-5 pm all H*ll breaks loose. Lightheaded and motion sick, can't catch my bearings, light sensitive, headache, nausea, whole body ached, major pinching in abdominal area. Sat in our recliner when I got home from work and did nothing for the rest of the evening. Felt worse than flu. 12 dpo - After last night I wanted to test again. BFP!!! DH was right! Motion sick most of the day (especially when riding in car). Craving spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy's (I mean CRAVING). When I got home I meant to watch a movie and fell asleep. Could not wake up! Slept from about 5:30pm - 10:30pm when I had to get up to pick up DH from work. Came home and went straight to bed. No troubles falling asleep despite the 5 hour nap I took earlier! Never had symptoms that were this intense with previous two miscarriages so hopefully this one will stick!! Fingers crossed. :)