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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Late Ovulation

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PCOS is the Devil. Femara is a Miracle...

I started trying over 2.5 years ago. I had one miscarriage Nov 2011. The only things that were different this cycle were that I used Pre-Seed and Femara (5mg days 3-7). I also used Pre-Seed when I conceived last year. I have PCOS. My cycles are usually 38 days. Sometimes I skip for months... 8 dpo - A few pinching pains in my uterus in the evening. I blew it off because I figured my mind and body were playing tricks on me. 9dpo - A few more pinching pains and about 20 second of period like cramps and i was extremely exhausted. A little constipated. I never get that way. 10dpo - I woke up and literally didn't take ten steps before I had to grab something to hold myself up from exhaustion. I was dizzy as well. I had 9 hours of sleep and that's not my norm. I then started having "twinges" in my lower abdomen as well as a little pinching. Told my husband I'm pregnant. I just know. He laughs. I take a test in the pm. bfp with FRER. I was jumping with joy, literally. I ran out of the bathroom and yelled "I'm Pregnant." After the hundreds of negative tests, you can imagine how that felt for me. I thought I could never get pregnant. Don't lose hope.

BFP After Recent TFMR

I had a TFMR back in June and my partner and I were eager to get pregnant again. However, my cycles, although regular and ovulatory, included a lot of mid-cycle bleeding prior to ovulation, and after three unsuccessful months, I assumed my body just could not get pregnant yet and this cycle I decided to try acupuncture to sort my hormones out. It clearly worked as I got pregnant, but it also caused more mid-cycle bleeding and pushed my ovulation back a whole week, which got me quite frustrated! I usually ovulate around CD 18, but this time I ovulated on CD 24. My symptoms: 1-2DPO: Abdominal pain, boobs sore on the edges. I figured the sore boobs were just from ovulation, but I swear to god, I never got that after ovulation except the two times I was pregnant.... coincidence? 3DPO: Cramps, abdominal pain 4DPO: Right and left side pinches. Wasn't entirely unusual as I've experienced those quite a bit since the TFMR. 5DPO: Right side pinches 6DPO: Big headache. Had to take Tylenols three times for it to go away. 7DPO: Itchy breasts, stabbing pains in uterus out of nowhere, weird discomfort near right ovary, vivid dreams. 8DPO: Boobs sore around the edges again, weird uterine twinges (sometimes felt like a stich) 9DPO: BBT dropped by 0.1 Celsius. My LP is generally 12 days, so I figured it was the beginning of the gradual BBT drop I experience before AF. My boobs were still sore around the edges, and I got more uterine twinges. 10DPO: BBT back up. Vivid dreams, boobs sore around the edges, more uterine twinges. Before bed I got cramps, which was quite unusual. I generally get cramps a few hours before AF at most, and I knew because of my BBT AF wasn't arriving just yet. However, I did get regular cramps when I was pregnant before, so I decided I would test the following morning if my BBT was still up. 11DPO: BBT still higher, took a test. BFP!


I have never written on a forum before but I have been using this website to analyze my symptoms and I thought that it was only right that I add something to it. This is our first month ttc #2 and as we were successful in our first month with #1, I had a mixture of high expectations and fear that I'd be let down. That said, we did use opks and did the bd in the days leading up to a positive opk, the day of and three days after. For my first pregnancy my symptoms were twinges, dull back ache and by 10dpo; sore bbs. This time it's different. Here's the list; Positive opk: Twinges in side Next day: Really strong pain, doubled over..self diagnosis of cysts...freaking out...we'll call this ovulation day 1dpo: More pain 2dpo: Nothing 3dpo: Mild twinges 4dpo: Nothing 5dpo: Twinges 6dpo: Slightly sore bbs but only when i really press the sides, nausea and tiredness 7dpo: Nausea...out for Christmas party, can barely stomach a west coast cooler 8dpo: Sick.... very chesty cough and cold, actually genuinely ill but really nauseous too...convinced I have a virus but deep down pray I'm pregnant......heavier bbs..then that night pink stain when wiping, followed by brown discharge...cant stop crying at everything 9dpo: Dreading that AF may have come early but clear... cant wait but BFN...irritable 10dpo: Waves of nausea, reminds me of the morning sickness I had with my daughter although that didn't start until 6/7weeks...only feel better when eating...this evening BFP ;-) Can't believe how fortunate we've been. I hope that anyone reading this gets the Christmas BFP you are wishing for xxx

Very Happy to Share That We are Pregnant!

My husband and I were on our second cycle of trying to conceive. I was nervous because with our 1st child we didn't get pregnant for 2 years. We weren't trying to get pregnant then but we weren't doing anything at all to prevent a pregnancy. This cycle I started taking prenatal vitamins (gummy kind) at night before I went to bed and prayed for God to open my womb and allow for me to conceive and deliver a healthy baby. I don't know exactly what day I ovulated, I had three different days of egg white discharge. I will list my symptoms from cycle day 1. Here is how my two week went (I truly hope this helps someone and gives them encouragement!) Cycle days 1-5: Period Cycle days 6-9: Nothing Cycle days 10-11: Hubby and I did the baby dance Cycle day 12: Nothing Cycle day 13: Egg-white discharge and we did the baby dance Cycle day 14: Nothing Cycle day 15: Egg-white discharge and we did the baby dance Cycle days 16-18: Nothing Cycle day 19: Egg-white discharge Cycle days 20-21: Nothing, I've ovulated by this time and I have absolutely no symptoms Cycle day 22: I have a very wet feeling in my vagina, the same feeling as when I ovulate. Yellowish green clumpy discharge (very small clumps), TMI, I apologize Cycle day 23: I feel crampy and my back aches as if I'm going to start my period today. I also have a gassy feel almost as if I have to do a bowel movement. Wet feeling in vagina and feet are extremely cold. Cycle day 24: Nipples are becoming sensitive, breast tender under my armpit, and feet are extremely cold. I took a IC and it appeared to have a ghost line on it, it was sooooo light as in grayish white. I thought the test was messed up and threw it out. Cycle day 25: I became very dry down yonder. Nipples still sensitive and breasts are starting to feel heavy and still tender under armpit. Feet are getting warmer Cycle day 26: Still dry, breasts are tender under armpit and nipples are still sensitive Cycle day 27: Still dry, breast heavy and tingling, nipples still sensitive. I felt nausea after breakfast and stomach has been feeling like I was throwing up (I didn't throw up). Took pregnancy test in the evening and got a very very faint line. Cycle day 28: Nipples still sensitive, breast sore, and I feel hungry even after eating. Took another pregnancy BFP!!!!! You're not out until the big fat lady sings or you take a test! God bless you ladies!!!

BFP After a Miscarriage & 10 Months TTC

I finally get to tell my story. I am 33 yrs old and dh is 37. I had a miscarriage on Nov 2011 and started ttc in Feb 2012. My cycles are very irregular after my miscarriage it ranges fr 30 - 45 days. From Feb to May, I used the ovulation calendar and then from June to Aug I used the OKt and finally from Sept to Oct I used the Clear Blue digital Ovulation monitor which was recommended by one of my friend. Guess what after 2 cycles I got my bfp! Cycle day 27 got (+) with clear blue monitor, did the deed with olive oil recommended by my doctor to help with the lubrication. Cycle day 28 is Ovulation day, also did the deed again this time no olive oil. Dpo 1 to dpo 8 - nothing Dpo 9 - was at a family wedding and got super emotional and couldn't stop crying Dpo 10 to dpo 13 - sore bbs & napped a lot Dpo 14 - af due but never came Dpo 14 to dpo 22 - sore bb, took frequent naps & still no af Dpo 20 - took hpt and got bfn but I swear I saw the 2nd line but it was super duper faint. Thought I was going nuts. Dpo 22 - at 50 days of my cycle I woke up at 10 pm to pee and then 2 am. Decided my luck on another hpt test at 4 am and I finally got my bfp. Woke up the hubby he was half asleep but I told him the great news. Of course I have to thank the lord for giving me another chance. Good luck ladies and it's especially hard when all the women around u are getting pregnant or popping out babies like nothing. But don't give up!

Trying About One Year After Last Miscarriage. I Have PCOS.

I've had 2 missed miscarriages in the last 3 years (1st one - heartbeat stopped at 9 1/2 weeks, 2nd one - blighted ovum that measured at 6 weeks). I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2008 and I take metformin for this. I was not taking it during my previous pregnancies because I was trying to regulate my symptoms naturally. This time around I was drinking Fertilitea and taking metformin for 2 months before we officially started trying. My last two cycles were consistent (which never happens). I seem to ovulate on day 18 which is a little late compared to the average but still, much better than it has been (used to have 45 day cycles, down to 32 day cycles). We also used an OVWatch, an OPK and tracked temps, cervix texture and position, and CM. We were determined to succeed and we did. Below are all of my symptoms according to my chart on fertility friend. 1 dpo - Backache, bloated, gassy, skin break out (all normal after ovulation), very light crampy twinges (never felt it before but probably just normal post-ovulation stuff). 2 dpo - Same as above but with mild nausea, heartburn, mildly tender breasts, congestion and fatigue (think I'm getting sick) 3-5 dpo - Heartburn, fatigue, mild nausea (like when you try to read on a moving vehicle), mildly tender breasts, sensitive nipples, gassy, frequent urination, runny nose in am, congestion in pm, very light uterine twinges (like fluttering or pulling). Still thinking it's just normal post-ovulation stuff and possibly me getting sick. 6 dpo - Everything from before plus constipation, cramps (in uterine area and legs), two different dizzy spells, very irritable. Starting to feel like maybe it's possible we succeeded. :) 7 dpo - Lots of my symptoms have disappeared today. just having frequent urination, mildly tender breasts (you have to push on them for them to hurt), sensitive nipples, slightly acute sense of smell, increased appetite, irritability and big time increase in CM (kept thinking I had somehow wet my pants). 8 dpo - Backache is back, everything else is the same as all of the days before. Definitely testing tomorrow. 9 dpo - Had to pee like a racehorse first thing in the am. Took a test - BFN. It's ok, it's still early. Not much of a change in symptoms today, just maybe a little milder than previous days. Maybe we missed this month. That's ok. We can try again next month. 10 dpo - Breasts more tender than before, nausea a bit more severe, very emotional (started crying in the middle of a convo with one of my BFFs for no reason), very vivid and colorful dreams last night, slightly strong smell to CM (not fishy or yeasty, normal smell just strong). 11 dpo - Freaking out in the AM. Symptoms have pretty much all left the building. Texted DH and said I thought we didn't succeed this month. He says he thinks it's the calm before the storm. Around 4:30-5 pm all H*ll breaks loose. Lightheaded and motion sick, can't catch my bearings, light sensitive, headache, nausea, whole body ached, major pinching in abdominal area. Sat in our recliner when I got home from work and did nothing for the rest of the evening. Felt worse than flu. 12 dpo - After last night I wanted to test again. BFP!!! DH was right! Motion sick most of the day (especially when riding in car). Craving spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy's (I mean CRAVING). When I got home I meant to watch a movie and fell asleep. Could not wake up! Slept from about 5:30pm - 10:30pm when I had to get up to pick up DH from work. Came home and went straight to bed. No troubles falling asleep despite the 5 hour nap I took earlier! Never had symptoms that were this intense with previous two miscarriages so hopefully this one will stick!! Fingers crossed. :)

BFP With Late Ovulation!

Ladies, First word of advice, find out when you ovulate!!! I had been trying for months, and every month ended with me in tears and frustration. I was fully assuming I ovulated in the middle of the month. When I finally got my arms around my actual timing, using CBFM, I got pregnant the first month! I ovulate closer to day 22 or 23, I had NO idea and I had always stopped BD'ing by then! DPO 1-6: nothing really, but I will say I just had a hunch. DPO 7: I felt like I was getting a cold, but it never seems to progress. Just congested and itchy throat. DPO 8: Feel felt like I was getting a cold, but it wasn't getting any worse. I was driving in the car and felt a sharp pinch in my lower abdomen. I actually jumped and told my husband it felt like something bit me for about 5 seconds! Then it went away and I felt fine the rest of the day. DPO 9: I felt pretty normal, still dealing with the cold but nothing else really. DPO 10: LOTS of lotiony CM, which was strange for that time of the month, still had a cold. Went for a run and felt exhausted, more than normal so I decided to take it easy. DPO 11: Slightly tinted CM in the morning, thought it was strange but assumed AF was coming. DPO 12: Just for fun took a cheapie internet test, saw a faint line and lost my mind!!! Back hurt a LOT throughout the day and I had loads of CM. DPO 13: Took another test in the morning, saw the line again! Took a FRER in the afternoon and saw a definite line. BFP!!! I kept taking tests for the next few days just to watch the line get darker, and just because I was SO tired of seeing negative tests, I was SO happy to see a BFP! First week I noticed sore breasts, and acne which I NEVER ever have. I was VERY teary and emotional, but in a good way. Lots of back pain which my doctor said I shouldn't have that early but I did. Also had problems eating, I got full really quickly and just felt sick after eating. I am 8 weeks now, couldn't be happier. We saw the little one's heartbeat last week and I bawled my eyes out! Good luck to all! Have fun, have faith, and most importantly, find out exactly when you ovulate! It may not be when you think! Baby dust to all!!!!

LOVE ClearBlue Digital!!!!

So happy that I found this site! It was so helpful to hear all the symptoms to compare to my own! We got our BFP on month 6 of being off the pill (was on for 8 years). First 5 months we were just letting nature take its course...when I kept getting BFNs month after month, I decided to get some ovulation sticks! I bought a 50 pack of the cheapie Wondfo sticks from Amazon and 20 of the clearblue digital sticks...I used the wondfos twice a day mid morning and wasn't until CD25 that the test line finally started to get dark! I then used a digital to confirm and still no smiley face...the next morning I got a definite dark test line and it was confirmed with a smiley face from the digital! Day 26 seemed crazy to O that late but I have had long cycles since getting off the pill... CD26-BD CD27-BD CD28-BD CD30-BD Must have O'd on the 27th... DPO1-3- very slight cramps in ovaries DPO4-5- absolutely No symptoms...I normally get sore bbs but not at all this time around.. DPO6-7- I always get blue veins from the top of my breast when aunt flow is coming but this time I noticed they were coming from the bottom of the breast as well as the top to the nipple. No symptoms other than this,,,felt completely normal DPO8- woke up feeling bloated..didn't want to go to work DPO9- woke up bloated again...had a drop of blood when i went to the bathroom...kept going to the bathroom at work to see if aunt flo was here...still just a little spotting when i wiped.. DPO10-still spotting...going to party so decided to stick a tampon in...for sure thought this was gonna be aunt flo. Came home that night, removed the tampon and found that barely any blood was on it! DPO11- woke spotting at all anymore..decided to take a preg. test....used a cheapie wondfo test and a suuuper faint line appeared...I had to take pictures of it with my phone to see if it would show up! Still wasn't convinced...I heard that if you use the clearblue digital O can also determine pregnancy...Did it and got a smiley face! still doubtful...I went to the store to buy the Clearblue dig preg. came up PREGNANT! Took another that night and got another pregnant! Went to the Dr. on DPO12 and they confirmed as well! OMG!! Hope everything goes smooth!!! Good luck to all trying! Also I have been taking prenatals with DHA since getting off the pill....

Negative Test... Then a BFP With No Symptoms

I've read this blog for the past two weeks and have been eager to share my story once I actually had one to share. I've been TTC for our 3rd and recently came off of an IUD. My doc said to wait two full cycles before trying. We did, and with two 28 regular cycles behind me we tried every other day for one week hoping to hit my ovulation. My period came due and no show. I took a pregnancy test - NEGATIVE. I had no symptoms and still don't. But still no period, confused. Now one week later a faint BFP!!!! Going to test again but very happy. Note, I was so anxious to test the first time I tested at night after drinking a ton of water the very first day of my missed period. My advice follow the testing directions and wait as long as you can to test. I used FRPT. Also, I think I may have ovulated much later than expected, as my normal cycles pre-mirena were always 35-42 days.
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BFP Almost a Year After Greatest Loss Imaginable

January of this year I lost my baby girl to Interrupted SIDS at 10.5 weeks, which basically means when my husband found her she was still alive and the paramedics interrupted the death process by reviving her after 45min of CPR, but she couldn't breathe on her own and would never come off life support, so my husband and I made the hardest decision a parent could make and said good-bye after 3days in the NICU. At first I would never want another baby, then I would be asking my husband for one. When he finally agreed that it would be the best for me healing wise to have another baby to fill my ache to be a mommy, my cycle wouldn't cooperate. It took 3 months after our loss for me to have a period as I was breastfeeding when we lost her. My cycles were strange, I had 3 in 2 months, then didn't have one for 3months, I blamed this on my anti-depressants that I had started after losing our baby. With doctors permission I got off the meds and took some provera to restart my cycle. After 6 weeks and no sign of af or a bfp I went back to the doctor. I had been taking my bbt and checking cm so I knew I ovulated but my period never came. After testing my LH and FSH they confirmed I had ovulated but still no period. I started charting my bbt again cuz the Dr. wanted to see the chart at my next appt in a month. He said at that point if I hadn't had a period we would get more aggressive and probably do clomid. I'm 21, so having fertility issues on top of losing a baby was putting me in a downward spiral, but I kept with my charting. I noticed another jump in temp 2 weeks later and hoped that I skipped a period and was ovulating again. We bd'd around that day and I hoped for a period so I knew there wasn't something wrong with me. 8dpo I noticed a temp dip that rose the next day and stayed high. 10dpo I start crying all the time, figured it was because all my friends were having babies. 11dpo Getting worse, abd cramping 12dpo abd cramping, still very upset, huge fight with hubby, tears all day, started thinking I was prego because this happened with my daughter too. 13dpo faint 2nd line, don't believe it so dip 2 more strips. All look the same. Call DH and tell him then text him a pic of the test. Cry for the first time in a year out of happiness! Prenatals! 14dpo take another test just in case, getting darker. 15dpo doctor confirm! follow up next week for another hcg levels test! Hoping for a sticky bean and a healthy baby to keep!!