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BFP with Late Ovulation

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Got My BFP Today

For the last two weeks I thought I was going mad. This is our 3rd Month TTC. I'm 32 and DH 34. Last month I was sure I was pregnant so I got my hopes up massively, when AF came I was crushed. This month I had so many signs.... and got my BFP... 1 dpo- 6dpo - Not much to report except an increase in CM, mostly creamy or wet. Never noticed this before. 6dpo - Cramps 7dpo - Cramps 8dpo - Cramps /white CM 9dpo - Cramps /white CM temp dip in the morning wet CM. 10dpo - Major backache all day, feeling dizzy , lightheaded and nauseous. (alarm bells start ringing) got excited and tested BFN 11dpo - Back ache gone...lots of white CM, very light headed and nauseous, nipples starting to hurt, got excited again at 11am and took test, faint positive.... 12dpo - Today.... sore nips, lightheaded, tired..... BFP at 7am this morning with clear blue. The TWW is torture, I hope this helps someone. Because you just want to know right!

BFP With Late Ovulation

Hi ladies, Hubby and I have been TTC #2 for the last nine months, finally got my BFP on Sunday (11/11/2012). For the last six months my cycle was 30 days, initially I used OPK's with strong positives just before day 16 of my cycle. It was getting soooo frustrating with BFN every month. I just couldn't understand why I wasn't getting my BFP because our timing was perfect every month. Eventually I did some research and decided to try natural progesterone cream just in case mine was too low. The first month I used it BFN, but I decided to use it again anyway. Finally this month BFP, soooo thrilled:- The strange thing is though that this month I don't think I ovulated on day 16 but rather day 19 because I had a negative blood test at 12dpo which I now think was actually 9dpo! 1-4 dpo - nothing 5 dpo - got the worst sinus infection ever, didn't want to take any meds in case we hit it on the head this month 6 dpo - still suffering with sinuses, feeling feverish. decided to take some sinutab and used a nasal spray 7 dpo - really bad ovulation pain on the right, worse when urinating, thought it was strange to be ovulating so late, still wasn't feeling well so we didn't do the deed 8 dpo - really emotional, sinus infection getting worse, 9 dpo - decided to go to the doc, did a test early morning BFN (at that stage I thought I was 12 dpo cos AF was due in two days), went to the doc, she thought I could still be pregnant so she ordered a blood test, much to my dismay it was BFN. started antibiotics 10 dpo - sinus infection starting to improve, really moody and emotional! cried when my two year old hit me, hubby thought I was being unreasonable 11 dpo - feel really tired, eyes were heavy at 3 in the afternoon. 12 dpo - feel really light headed, I was borderline diabetic in my last pregnancy and my insulin levels have been high since so I just thought my sugar levels were low, my two year old was extremely clingy to me which was sooo strange cos she is a daddy's girls 13 dpo - at this stage AF is two days late but it could be the progesterone cream that delayed it, after the negative blood test didn't think I was pregnant at all decided to do a test anyway and much to my surprise a light BFP, We were so thrilled, this is when I started doing the calc and realized that the pain I felt at 7dpo (which I thought was 10dpo at the time) could have been implantation cramps. No wonder the blood test was negative. 14 dpo - another BFP, still light though. 15 dpo - another BFP, another brand also light but a little darker. Feeling really hot at night. Good luck to all you ladies TTC, it took me two and half years to fall pregnant with #1 so I know how hard it can be.

BFP One Month Post Varicocele Repair!

Been trying to conceive for 18 months, diagnosed with male factor infertility and pcos in June. Urologist confirmed varicocele in DH and repaired it on 9/26/12. Found out I am pregnant today, only 1.5 months after the procedure! My tww symptoms are as follows: 1-7dpo... Not a thing 8dpo... Small amount of blood noted in toilet after urinating (implantation bleeding I presume) 9dpo... Mild nipple sensitivity, increased cm 10dpo... Mild breast tenderness, mild cramping, thinking af is imminent 11dpo... Moderate breast tenderness, typical pms for me 12dpo... Breasts hurt a lot! More than usual, but still not convinced 13dpo... Breasts still really sore, peeing a lot, took a hpt on a whim and got a BFP! This is proof that the varicocele surgery works! Our RE told us it probably wouldn't help but it sure did, and fast too. I just hope this little one holds on tight!!!! Baby dust to all!

6th Month Lucky

I found this site really useful so I promised myself I would post when it was my turn. Nothing much different this month, second month with Pre-Seed, always used acupuncture for different things and had to get a HSG to check up on major surgery in my stomach last year (checking on scar tissue). I've pretty much spotted every month since I came off the pill leading up to AF. I definitely recommend OPK to anyone so helpful (just make sure it's a good brand) Here's what I can remember: Ovulated around CD 20/21 CD 29 red blood in the evening for about 1 hour then gone CD 30 light brown when wiping (acupuncturist said my pulse was very slippery, have had this before but not this strong) CD 31 red blood in the morning with first pee then gone Usually brown spotting would continue to AF but nothing from here CD 31-37 soooo bloated, what I can only describe as a weird stitch feeling in my lower tummy, always hungry, bad reflux, bit irritable and gassy. CD 37 was scared to test but gave it a crack, two dark lines instantly BFP finally yay! I know it sounds annoying but I really did just have a weird feeling, had one realistic dream I found out I was pregnant and I think that's about it. It definitely happens when the time is right as hard as it is to be patient in the meantime.

Two Lines!!! 6th Cycle TTC

I'm 27 and DH is 29, married two years. I went off BCP at the end of February after being on it for six straight years. It took me 6 weeks to get my first period off the pill and then we started TTC. My cycles started off as 31-32 days, then they jumped to 35-36 days which is closer to what they were before BCP so I wasn’t too surprised. But those long cycles are torturous when TTC! This month I got a positive OPK on CD 21, but didn’t see my temp spike until CD 24. We BD’d on CD 13, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23. Then I left for an 8 day work trip. My work trip consisted of 12 hour days in hot weather on a construction site overseeing a project. Surprisingly I felt no symptoms. I figured if anything my work trip would have triggered/intensified any symptoms if I was pregnant (exhaustion? cramping? nothing?), so I was not expecting a BFP. The only thing I noticed was my boobs were slightly more sore than normal, but that convinced me of nothing. I brought two tests with me on my trip in hopes I could bring home a wonderful souvenir for my husband, but they were both BFN at 8 dpo and 9 dpo. When I returned home the next day, DH and I went grocery shopping and I picked up a couple more tests. Even though I still didn’t feel any symptoms, I went in the bathroom later than night to test and to my surprise a faint faint line (10 dpo)! After six months of BFNs I could not contain my excitement and ran to the living room to ask my husband if he could see it. He did! Still neither of us were totally convinced because it was so faint. I barely slept that night because I was so anxious to test again. I took two more tests in the morning – both BFPs! Confirmed on a digital a day later at 12 dpo. Since then I have had some very mild cramps. My boobs don’t hurt much when I wake in the mornings, but they get increasingly more sore as the day goes on. Otherwise normal CM, no nausea and no spotting. I usually have some spotting after BDing and I usually spot at 11 dpo up until my period, but zero spotting this month, not after BD or at implantation. My temperature never went triphasic, it has held steady around 98.3. So why was this month THE month? I honestly don’t know, could be a number of things or just plain luck. I have been using OPKs and temping since the beginning and I know we always had perfect timing. DH and I both take a daily vitamin and this was our third month using Pre-Seed. I usually tilt my hips up and stay in bed afterward. Last cycle I drank grapefruit juice everyday, still BFNs, but I did notice that the consistency of my period was different. It seemed…healthier. More red/runny and less thick/brown/dark. Maybe it was the grapefruit juice or maybe it just took time for my body to adjust being off the pill that made my lining improve. I still drank grapefruit juice this month, but not nearly as much or everyday. I did get a Swedish massage the day before my positive OPK. I had been stressing out for several months about my work trips – potentially being gone during ovulation and if I do become pregnant, over exerting myself with long, hot days. Luckily we never missed an O. Mentally I think I was starting to let go a little and give in to the fact that I may not be able to control this. I am so very grateful that this was finally our month. I feel blessed and appreciative every day. I know how hard TTC can be and you ladies are so very strong. May you all get your BFPs!!

BFP with Irregular Cycles

Sooo happy to finally be sharing my BFP! Like many of you, I really never thought this day would come, and I’m still sort of in shock about it all. This month I actually had less “symptoms” than the months that I wasn’t pregnant. We used Pre-Seed this month, which was something I hadn’t tried before. I have irregular cycles, so I’m unsure of my DPO but here are some of the symptoms that really stood out to me: CD 25 – Cramping, my bbs are NOT sore (they usually are from ovulation till my AF) CD 26 – AF like cramps, minimal to no CM CD 27 – AF cramps, peeing more often CD 28 – AF cramps, EWCM in the morning only, CD 29 – AF cramps, took a test BFN CD 30-32 – Strong sensitivity to smells, I could smell my DH’s work shoes as soon as he walked in the door, VERY moody and weepy, gas CD 33 – Flu like symptoms, frequent urination, lots of BM’s a day like 5 or 6, sore throat, craving pumpkin cookies, gas CD 34 – Flu and cold-like symptoms, very tired, gas CD 35 – Nothing really, head cold, woke up in the AM craving spaghetti (I hate spaghetti), gas CD 36 – Still no sore bbs and no AF, dull AF cramps, POAS around noon with FRER BFP! Right away, very dark line. I was and still am in shock. Also took a CB Digital the next day that came up “Pregnant”... It’s real! Right now I’m about 5 weeks, I’m starting to get headaches often and hungry ALL THE TIME. The only other thing that’s changed is I am constantly peeing and ALWAYS tired! But that’s ok, I am soooo happy and hoping for a healthy sticky bean.

BFP While Breastfeeding!

I am still breastfeeding my 11 month old 4-5 times a day, and this was my first ovulatory PP cycle. We were actively trying, and I was charting my BBT and CF. We used OPKs and sperm-friendly lubricant as well. I was not expecting a BFP so quickly, but needless to say I am thrilled and feel very blessed. Praying that this is a sticky baby! Since we were actively trying, I kept track of my symptoms after ovulation. They were: O day(CD 30!)- positive Wondfo OPK around 5:30 p.m., confirmed with positive Clearblue 2 hours later. The week leading up to O I drank a cup of red raspberry leaf tea in the a.m. and decaf green tea in the p.m. every day. I believed this helped increase my fertile cervical fluid. Also used sperm-friendly lubrication, just in case. Husband was sick but soldiered through our late night BD. Stayed on back with elevated hips for 15-ish minutes after DTD. For some reason I felt very shaky after BD, so this helped! Have resumed taking prenatal vitamins by this point. 1 DPO- Woke up very late last night (or very early this morning) with crazy sharp pains in my lower left pelvic region. If this is ovulation pain, never felt it before! Thought it was bad wind. Today, I’ve had some crampiness and dizziness. Had another positive OPK around 3:30, which surprised me since my BBT rose so drastically this morning, but I’ve heard that LH can take a little bit to metabolize out of system, so I may have caught the tail end. Cervical fluid was dry, so we used sperm-friendly lube during our “for a good measure” BD tonight. 2 DPO- Extremely scant light pink tint to creamy CF around 4:30. Negative OPK. Cramps, headache, irritability and skin break out. Had a small instance of erratic heartbeat and shaky when hungry. 3 DPO- Bad cramps/upset stomach when I went to bed last night, then again after I got up with LO at 4 and tried to go back to sleep. Slight upset stomach/wind today, with addition of cramps this afternoon. Strange twinges in vaginal area. Some nausea, creamy CF. 4 DPO- Pink creamy CF on TP after going to the bathroom, a few small twinges near left side of uterus, some dull cramps. Itchy dry throat with some coughing. Frequent urination and another weird erratic heartbeat. 5 DPO- Dry CF. Increased thirst and frequent urination, with on and off pelvic twinges and dull cramps. Itchy throat and cough, stuffy nose. Scant brown tinge on TP after wiping, wet feeling this evening but hardly any noticeable CF. Fatigue this afternoon, needed to rest my eyes after lunch. Bloated and some heartburn after eating. Forehead is starting to break out. Irritable. 6 DPO- Dip in BBT today. Dull cramps and backache upon waking and in the morning. Creamy CF after urinating around 12:30 p.m. Bathroom was very dim but I THINK I saw a tiny dot of blood in it. Increased thirst, bloated and windy this evening. Super tired! 7 DPO- I woke up way earlier than usual today, so my BBT isn’t as high as I think it could be, but it still rose a bit. Scant creamy CF in evening. Still having menstrual-like cramps/backache intermittently throughout the day. Fatigue, irritability, and skin break out. 8 DPO- More skin break out, some cramps today but not as many as past week. I do have shortness of breath if I do anything fairly physical. Very scant creamy CF, tinged light brown this evening. Felt like I was coming down with something around dinner time. Still windy. 9 DPO- More scant creamy CF. I have to use the bathroom almost immediately after finishing a drink. Very light occasional cramps that I would ignore any other time, but still unusual compared to my pre-pregnancy cycles. I’m dizzy when hungry, easily fatigued, and I have a slight headache and heartburn this evening. Cramp in my right calf before going to sleep. Couldn’t resist POAS addiction… negative. Not surprised, but disappointed. 10 DPO- Same dull cramps, still have the increased thirst and frequent urination. Wet feeling down there and lots of creamy CF that is brownish/pink tinged. Dizziness upon standing, and an embarrassingly clichéd craving for chocolate past couple days. Bloated and windy. I had a strange sharp twinge run from the nipple to underneath right breast this evening, but up until now my BBs have not had any noticeable symptoms; wondering if breastfeeding affects this? (First pregnancy my right nipple was erect and “buzzy” from 7 DPO (implantation until positive HPT) 11 DPO- same cramps, but CF is gone. Some foods starting to smell/taste a little ‘off’. Mood swings, bloating. I go back and forth on whether or not I feel pregnant, or like this is the longest PMS ever. Took a cheap blue dye test today… could see the faintest smidge of a shadow, but chalk it up to unreliable blue dye and evap.

BFP - 13 DPO!

I have been reading the BFP stories on this site for the last 2 months. My husband and I have been TTC for 7 months. This month we used PreSeed for the first time, I laid down with hips up for about 30 mins afterwards, we did the SMEP, and I used ClearBlue Ovulation kit. We also prayed that God would bless us with a baby! I did not ovulated until CD25 which is really late into my cycle. I usually have 30-34 day cycles. This morning, at 13 DPO, I got my BFP! We feel so blessed! I am going to list the few symptoms that I had up until my BFP... but there were very few! 1-4 DPO: I didn't notice anything out of the normal for me, I had a few cramps but I always get those around ovulation time. 5-6 DPO: My eyes were watering and itching so badly, I felt like I was getting a cold because I had stuffy nose and scratchy throat. 7-10 DPO: A few more cramps, my vagina felt like I was getting a yeast infection (itchy but no discharge besides the normal) 11-12 DPO: Tired and cramps... I thought for sure my period was about to start. 13 DPO: Slept until 10:45 ... I NEVER do that!!! Woke up and POAS to see a BFP!!!! I pray that those of you who are TTC will get to soon experience the joy we experienced this morning! God Bless! Baby dust to all!

BFP, Extra Long Cycle - First Time Trying FertiliTea

Finally a BFP! I got my IUD removed in this has been a long 7 months! I have irregular cycles, (28 days to 45 days). EACH and EVERY month, I too (like many of you) thought for sure I was pregnant. BUT, this month was just....different. I started taking FertiliTea (found it on Amazon)...I THOUGHT I ovulated on CD 18, so stopped drinking the tea, then 1 week later on CD 28, BAM! Strongest Ovulation EVER... so this is what it feels like?! I had SOOO much was literally falling out of me. (TMI) We only BD that day and that is how I know the night I conceived! :) O Day - strong pain on low right side, ovulation, BD a few hours after I felt it... only once, that was it! :) 1 -7 DPO - Nothing...BBS a little tender (regular)... some Creamy CM, slightly hopeful, but not really thinking about it. 8 DPO - I FELT Implantation. Yes, you read that right, I was able to feel the moment this little bean stuck! I was making dinner, and hurriedly running around the kitchen like a spaz... I had the sharpest stabbing pain (I have never felt this sensation before) I actually made a groaning was quick...then a few minutes later, again. I was hopeful, but didn't say anything to DH. 9 DPO - Very fatigued, achy, groan area feels sore, need to rest on the couch. went to bed early. 10 DPO - Very tired, just feel off, tested, BFN, decided to NOT test again until 16 DPO. (when AF should arrive) went to bed early. 11 DPO - Very tired, low dull cramping, like during AF. Very strange. lots of WHITE chunky cm (Sorry tmi) went to bed early. 12 DPO - starting to feel more like myself, energy back to normal...feeling a little sad, maybe this month isn't the month? 13 DPO - bbs are more noticeable, 'swollen'. Besides that, I feel okay. Very light low cramping. dry cm 14 DPO - new veins IN my aureola...not breast, that's strange! very light low cramps... I will test tomorrow! the wait has been hard... AF should be here tomorrow?! 16 DPO - very faint BFP, but definitely there...I JUST KNEW IT... so excited...can't concentrate at work! :) Things I did this month: Drank FertiliTea, deleted apps from my phone (I was obsessing over TTC), only BD when we wanted to this month, watched documentaries on giving birth and babies (instead of obsessing over just TTC), Prayed, used a LITTLE bit of Pre-Seed, no smoking, occasional small glass of red wine or beer, lots of green tea, ate healthy (no fast food).

BFP After 11 Months With No Symptoms For This Cronic Spotter

I got my BFP after 11 months of TTC! I have somewhat short cycles, I ovulate on CD 16 or 17 then get AF on CD 26-28 (only 10 days some months!) In addition to short LP, I also have spotting each month anywhere from a week to 2 days before AF. We only BD once during my fertile period because of my husband traveling for work. CD 15: BD CD 16 (I didn't use OPKs this month so I am guessing based on ECWM): O Day 9 DPO: Spotting, always brown, never red, but quite a bit of it (it looked the EXACT same as my spotting always looks before my AF). Enough for a pantyliner not a tampon. It continued from 9 DPO until 13 DPO. 11 DPO: Cramping at night, thought AF was coming that evening 12 DPO: Light cramping all day, not as bad as my AF cramps usually are but thought it was definitely coming. (Felt like how my cramping felt when I was taking B50 complex). Husband said I should take a test and I didn't want to at first cause I was sure it would be negative. I took the test waited a minute and looked, it was negative. He looked at it a minute later and thought he saw a faint line which I was shocked! It was a BFP!!! Very faint line on First Response so we went to store and bought a CB digital that said Pregnant! I had really had no symptoms AT ALL except for the two things I get every month: sore BBs and spotting. Each month we tried I had all these phantom symptoms, this was the one month I was positive I wasn't pregnant. I am actually 12 weeks along now and still haven't had many symptoms. So I have been a chronic worrier and this month I decided to give it all up to God. Over the past several months I tried several tactics from taking B50 complex to lengthen my cycles on my own (did it for 2 months and it just made my periods weird), to eating pineapples after O day, I used OPK kits several times and even borrowed my friends fertility monitor for a few months, and BD every day during my fertile period and still nothing! This was going to be my last shot before calling my doctor to get checked out, and I decided to give everything up and just try not to stress about it. The hardest part was figuring out how to actually relax about everything. I decided to start doing yoga for fertility (I just bought a video and did it at home), I got a 60 minute massage at 2 DPO to relax me, but the biggest change I made was I prayed A LOT. For patience and for the ability to accept Gods will for me. I truly think that made a big difference. I still thought about it everyday, just kept reminding myself that it was out of my control and it would happen when it was meant to happen. I am praying for everyone struggling with TTC and wish you all the best.