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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Late Ovulation

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BFP After 11 Months With No Symptoms For This Cronic Spotter

I got my BFP after 11 months of TTC! I have somewhat short cycles, I ovulate on CD 16 or 17 then get AF on CD 26-28 (only 10 days some months!) In addition to short LP, I also have spotting each month anywhere from a week to 2 days before AF. We only BD once during my fertile period because of my husband traveling for work. CD 15: BD CD 16 (I didn't use OPKs this month so I am guessing based on ECWM): O Day 9 DPO: Spotting, always brown, never red, but quite a bit of it (it looked the EXACT same as my spotting always looks before my AF). Enough for a pantyliner not a tampon. It continued from 9 DPO until 13 DPO. 11 DPO: Cramping at night, thought AF was coming that evening 12 DPO: Light cramping all day, not as bad as my AF cramps usually are but thought it was definitely coming. (Felt like how my cramping felt when I was taking B50 complex). Husband said I should take a test and I didn't want to at first cause I was sure it would be negative. I took the test waited a minute and looked, it was negative. He looked at it a minute later and thought he saw a faint line which I was shocked! It was a BFP!!! Very faint line on First Response so we went to store and bought a CB digital that said Pregnant! I had really had no symptoms AT ALL except for the two things I get every month: sore BBs and spotting. Each month we tried I had all these phantom symptoms, this was the one month I was positive I wasn't pregnant. I am actually 12 weeks along now and still haven't had many symptoms. So I have been a chronic worrier and this month I decided to give it all up to God. Over the past several months I tried several tactics from taking B50 complex to lengthen my cycles on my own (did it for 2 months and it just made my periods weird), to eating pineapples after O day, I used OPK kits several times and even borrowed my friends fertility monitor for a few months, and BD every day during my fertile period and still nothing! This was going to be my last shot before calling my doctor to get checked out, and I decided to give everything up and just try not to stress about it. The hardest part was figuring out how to actually relax about everything. I decided to start doing yoga for fertility (I just bought a video and did it at home), I got a 60 minute massage at 2 DPO to relax me, but the biggest change I made was I prayed A LOT. For patience and for the ability to accept Gods will for me. I truly think that made a big difference. I still thought about it everyday, just kept reminding myself that it was out of my control and it would happen when it was meant to happen. I am praying for everyone struggling with TTC and wish you all the best.

Finally... In Shock!

I can't believe I'm typing this!
We've been trying for 6 months, but it was taking over all my thoughts (and I spent far too much time on this site...). So we decided to give it a break, go on holiday this summer, have fun and start trying again later in the year. My cycles were looooooooooong, anywhere between 40-55 days. Before we made the decision to have a break, I bought some FertilAid and OPKs from the internet. I took the FertilAid anyway thinking it could sort my cycle out for when we start trying again. Anyway, we did the deed a few weeks ago, not thinking for a minute it could lead to pregnancy, since it was about 2 weeks before I could possibly ovulate based on my cycles from the last 2 years. You can guess where this story is going. The next day I had EWCM, and the following day I used one of the OPKs.... which came out positive. Whoops!

Anyway, I have to agree with the ladies who say they had fewer symptoms this time round than when they got their BFNs. I have had sore BBs, but I get them every month and they have been no more sore than usual. Spending hours on sites like this, I assumed they'd be on fire, I'd have implantation bleeding, feeling nauseous, have metallic taste, the works! But nothing out of the ordinary really. Other than sore BBs, my symptoms were:
1-7DPO: Nothing
7-8DPO: Minor craming/pullng/twinges
9DPO: Creamy discharge, which is normal this time of the month anyway
11DPO: Nothing
12DPO: Husband out. Bored. May as well take another test, just so I can see BFN number 100000..... holy cr*p!!!! BFP!

So today is only 12dpo. Still very early days. I hope it sticks! I feel like I'm dreaming. After months of BFNs, seeing everyone around me pregnant or with babies, assuming there must be something wrong with me. I think the FertilAid did it, if your cycles are long, get on this stuff. We literally fell pregnant without trying!
I just looked on a due date calculator on the net, and our little one is due on our 10th anniversary! How special is that!
Now to decide how to tell my husband!
Please believe that it will happen for you one day- I thought I'd never get a BFP. And here I am. Babydust to you all xxxx

BFP with Late Ovulation!

Hi Ladies! I am 26 and went off the pill in August 2011 with the intention not to try but not to prevent right away while I figured out my cycle. With the busy schedule my DH and I have, we usually only BD’ed once a week in that time, so I was not surprised that I never got a BFP. My cycles regulated fairly quickly and ranged between 33 and 35 days. In November, I received an abnormal pap smear which required a follow-up procedure, so that eliminated our chances in December. Once I received the “all clear” from my doctor in January, we decided to go ahead and fully try. I did not chart my temps or use OPK’s, but I decided I was just going to try to use to the calendar method. To make sure I was hitting all of the “right” days (so I thought), we BD’ed about every other day from day 11 to 23 which became a bit of a chore when we both have opposite schedules throughout the week. Right on schedule, AF arrived on Day 35.

In my Feb/Mar cycle, I decided I would use OPK’s so I wouldn’t stress as much if we missed a couple of days as long as I did not receive a positive OPK yet. This relieved a lot of pressure, so we still ended up BDing for fun almost every other day from around Day 11 to Day 25. It turns out, I did not receive a positive OPK until day 23 which led me to believe I have a shorter luteal phase than I thought of 11-12 days. We BD’ed that night (raised legs for 20-30 min after) and sure enough the next morning (Day 24) I felt cramping in my lower left abdomen, so I assumed that was O time. I took another OPK that evening just to be sure and it was back to negative telling me my O had come and gone as I suspected. We BD’ed again on day 25 just to be sure. I was definitely obsessed with fertility calculators, TTC forums, etc the whole time and had myself convinced I was going to get a BFP every month!

Now for my symptoms,

DPO 1-5: Nothing really. Maybe a random twinge here or there in my lower abdomen but that is nothing that I haven’t felt in previous months.

DPO 6: Random sharp pain in my right breast lasting 10 seconds or so. It was not an ache like my BB’s usually get before AF. It wasn’t terribly painful, but enough for me to notice and make a note of it.

DPO 7: Nothing really out of the ordinary.

DPO 8: My BB’s started feeling slightly tender. They always are before AF though. I did remember thinking that they didn’t feel as bad as usual, but thought that since I O’ed later than I thought, maybe my cycle was going to be a bit long this month so they just weren’t fully hurting yet.

DPO 9-10: Slightly sore BB’s and other normal PMS symptoms I get: feeling tired in the afternoon, minor headache off and on, a very minor dizziness spell, etc (all have occurred in the past with no BFP).

DPO 11 (Cycle Day 35): This is usually when I expect AF. I was cramping in the morning (felt exactly like AF), so I thought for sure here she comes! Nothing had occurred by the end of the day.

DPO 12: Still thinking that with the later O than I thought, maybe AF was just going to be later this month. Had cramps again in the morning with a “wet” feeling. Thought for sure AF was here again and checked all day and nothing. I also felt very sluggish and slightly nauseous/dizzy with an off and on headache. I also felt my nipples tingle and get hard a couple of times. This is when I started getting suspicious because I normally don’t cramp until right after AF starts.

DPO 13: Decided to suck it up and test. Used a Dollar Tree test and did not see anything within the first minute or so, so I jumped in the shower. When I got out of the shower (about 8 minutes later), I saw the tiniest hint of a line. Since I was approaching the 10 minute evap line time-frame, I still didn’t get too excited.

DPO 14: Bought a 3 pack of FRER and tested with FMU. Very dark BFP right away!

You can be obsessed and still get a BFP relatively quickly!

BFP With Very Short Luteal Phase, It IS Possible!

I've held off writing this for a couple of days just in case I jinxed things, but I could wait no longer! Like most of you I've read the stories every day on this site for quite a few months now and I've found them really helpful - especially with regards to twinges and aches and things, helping me to identify the ones that felt different from the other cycles. So here goes: Came of progesterone only BC in November, had been on one form of BC or another for 15 years so had no idea what my cycles were like. I ended up with cycles ranging from 25 to 30 days with positive OPK sticks occurring around about 7 - 9 days before the next period. I'd read a number of comments on various sites saying that a short LP was a defect of some sort and that it would stop me conceiving - I then read some actual proper scientific research and discovered the luteal phase length has nothing to do with LPD's. I spoke to my GP and she said some women even have a LP of only 4 days and still conceive! So fear not, those of you who ovulate way late in your cycle, get BDing, and keep your fingers crossed!! :-)

Sun 4th March positive OPK - BD'd
Mon 5th March - presumed ovulation day, DP out of the country so no BD action
DPO 1 - DP returned home, so BD just for good measure (you never know!)
DPO 2 - whacking great spot, almost like a boil, appears on my left cheek, my nips are a touch tender but otherwise feeling pretty darned great! Unfortunately my unusually upbeat mood didn't last as following a salad with green onions, in the evening, I felt very nauseous and also, rather bizarrely was crying at soppy adverts on the TV. Went to bed feeling a bit fluey - odd, thought it would be WAY too soon for any symptoms so put it down to stress at work.
DPO 3 - Exhausted. Took ages to wake up. Felt like my skull was stuffed with cotton wool, went to bed at 5pm and slept till 9pm. Then went back to bed 11pm and slept all the way through.
DPO 4 - Tired again, headaches have been coming and going all month but today I had a major headache and very sore ears, like when you have an ear infection. Felt bloated, PMSey and had sore boobs.
DPO 5 - Felt PMSey. Figured AF would arrive in a couple of days.
DPO 6 - Few symptoms other than my normally very small boobs looking a bit bigger than normal.
DPO 7 - Boobs tender. Very very faint pink/light brown water spotting - would have missed it if I hadn't been looking. Mild AF style cramping - bit twingy. I assume AF will be arriving today or tomorrow. Wondered hopefully if this was implantation!
DPO 8 - Boobs tender but not sure if its cos I had them hiked up in the most outrageously pushing up of push up bras the night before. Mild AF cramping on and off, quite twingy in AM and felt like I'd pulled a muscle in my lower right abdomen when I stood up off the sofa a couple of times. Not consistent or getting worse, just kind of coming and going. Feel bit bloated. Boobs very sore in evening. Tiny bit of pink watery spotting on toilet tissue.
DPO 9 - Tiny bit of light brown watery spotting on toilet tissue. Mild cramping on and off. Constipation. Boobs sore but seem less sore than yesterday. Tired, bit headachy and nauseous. 2pm OH MY GOD there's a second, albeit faint, but still a definite line on the $ store preggers test!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of out to buy FRER tests and not drinking any water or anything for several hours now to concentrate my juices! Couldn't find any FRER so got Clear Blue Digital with Conception Indicator test, two cheap tesco tests and all positive! CBDCI says "pregnant 1-2 weeks".
DPO 10 - Test again on $ store test and line seems fainter. Freak out a bit and test again later and line much darker.
DPO 11 - Test again today on $ test and line even darker. Probably should stop testing - terrified it won't stick but trying to remain positive!

Things I did different this month: fairly skeptical about the effectiveness of herbal preparations but I bought some Vitex off of Amazon and took that along with Vitamin B6 (I'd been taking an array of other vits and minerals, including EPO, Omega 3 etc etc in previous months). Maybe Vitex and/or Vit B6 really do work??? The Vitex was £8 a bottle and I didn't even use half, so I guess, against my skepticism, I would recommend it! We also used Conception Plus (a Pre-Seed like lubricant) all months. Never saw hide nor hair of any kind of CM at all - no egg whites, no nothing and my cervix seemed to be throwing different shapes each time I checked. OPK's are all we used, other than pretty much daily BDing from about 4 or 5 days into the cycle. Good luck to all those who are still TTC, I hope this sticks as it is my first every BFP - baby dust to everyone! x

Pregnant Using Progesterone Suppositories to Correct Short Luteal Phase

Holy crap! Just got the call from my RE that I'm pregnant!! I was totally not expecting those words to come out of my phone! I was just referred to an RE last month to treat my infertility (which I knew was due to my short luteal phase of only 9 days). After months of doctors visits, blood tests, and a horribly painful HSG (tubes were clear), we finally did it. I was preparing for an IUI next cycle, but this last cycle, my RE had me on progesterone suppositories see if that would help. Imagine my surprise when there was no period after 9 days, 10 days, 11 days, all the way up to today which is 14dpo. I went in for a beta HCG to see if I was pregnant or not (I assumed not), so I could stop taking the progesterone suppositories.... but now it turns out I have to keep taking them since that's what is supporting my little ball of cells.

My cycles were just starting to get regular after almost 2 years off birth control (nuva ring), but from charting, I knew that I ovulated late (earliest was this month, cd22), and my period came only 9 days after that. In those 2 years, I tried vitex and B6 to lengthen my luteal phase, but neither worked. In fact, the B complex caused me not to ovulate at all. In the time since I stopped birth control, I did not get a period for 8 months, then after a Provera-induced period, my cycles slowly began to come back. They ranged from 35 - 65 days, slowing getting shorter as the months went by.

During this tww, I can't say that I had any symptoms because the progesterone mimics pregnancy symptoms. The only symptoms at all were that my bbs were a little more sore than normal, and I was very warm (both side effects of progesterone). The only thing that made me really wonder if this was our month was that I had a little bit of pink on the tp when I wiped at 8 and 9dpo. But again, I blew it off thinking it was due to the progesterone.

Anyway, I'm typing this now so I have something to do for the last 30 minutes of the work day (Dr. called me at 4:30 on Friday afternoon), before heading home to tell my husband the news.

BFP with O' day 127!!!!!!!

This is nothing short of GOD!!! I've been analyzing my symptoms (and lack thereof) since July 2011 and started to lose hope. I've only had 3 cycles!!!! Yes, very loooong irregular ones. Here's what I did different this cycle:

*prayed A LOT with DH, BELIEVED God is faithful and will manifest His will in our lives for a child. I asked him to forgive me of my sins and reveal any hindrances in my life so that I could repent and be delivered from any bondages keeping me from healing.
*We didn't speak ANY negativity (concerning AF) - Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.
Instead we talked as if I was already preggo, and I was!!!!!
*relaxed and removed ALL stress related plans and things for the TWW
*Ate pineapple from O-10DPO

Here were my irregular symptoms:
O=CD127!!! BD the day of and the day before, propped my butt up for 10+ min after
0-5dpo cramping
6-8dpo urgent watery diarrhea one day and then constipated the next
9dpo tired and napped in the afternoon (unlike me) *BFN
10dpo energy! Just an overall sense of well-being & super happy *didn't test
11dpo BFP!!!!!!! with FMU on FRER. I'm still in shock!!!!!! :D

Also, my temps were higher this LP than any previous ones. Over 99! I had creamy CM throughout LP when I usually dry up. My nipples were sore as usual, but this time it faded by 10dpo. BBs seem heavier overall, but not tender.

Girls, believe in your hearts that God has control. He WILL give you the desires of your hearts if you delight in Him. (Psalm 37:4) He is faithful to His Word. I would not be writing this today had it not been for His amazing love and grace. Thank you Lord for this blessing!!!

BFP With Short Luteal Phase

I promised myself I would post on as soon as I would get my BFP. this site was a real support in my 2ww. I would have never know that smelly urine could be a sign.

I am 29 years old and DH is 32 we have been TTC since November. I started charting in November, December and have found out that my luteal phase is around 10, 11 days so I had progesterone prescribe in December and started a new cycle on 7th of January. also its is the first month using OPK's.

CD14 TO CD 21 : BD
cd18: + OPK BD
cd19: + OPK BD
1 DPO to 5 DPO nothing
6 DPO : I had a yellowish discharge in the morning and sore nipples throughout the day on/off
7 DPO : had this acne break out on my face and shoulder, I've never had a zit, not even when I was a teen. smelly urine
8 DPO : still smelly urine, bbs starts being sore, sore nips. constipated
9 DPO: I could still smell my urine, constipated, wave of nausea at night, cm is creamy. I was so thirsty I woke up with my lips dry and I sweat so much during the night I had to change my t-shirt.
10 DPO : lots of CM, backache, few more cramps AF type. I was still sweating like crazy. increase nausea.
11 DPO: BFP with Clearblue digital ( 1-2 week) and first response. all day I felt light headed, more nausea more cramps, bbs sore. more yellowish CM.
still having hot flashes

I still cant believe it. I still have to continue with the progesterone (duphaston) that will prevent mc. I hope it is a sticky bean. now I have to tell DH.

What was odd for me was the cm discharges I constantly felt wet and the fact that I could smell my urine.

Luke 11:9-10
Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks, it will be opened.

Baby dust to all. God bless u

BFP 12DPO With LONG Cycles + OPK

I went off BCP in July 2011 after 13 years. I'm 31, DH 38. My first period after getting off BCP came after 50 days, then had a 38 day cycle, then another 50 cycle. So I wasn't sure if I was irregular because my body was trying to regulate itself after BCP or if there was something else going on.

Started using Clear Blue Digital OPK after 4 months TTC to see when or if was ovulating at all since my cycles were so long.

Positive OPK on 4th cycle day 26 & 27. So I knew I wouldn't have a regular cycle this time either since I didn't get + OPK until CD26. Didn't really have any symptoms whatsoever except had to get up in middle of night most nights to pee. Unusual for me to not sleep through the night and didn't drink a lot of liquids before bed for this reason- cause I want to sleep through night and not get up to pee. But I had to pee every 3 hours some nights. Weird. Also on DPO11 and DPO12, I got a stretching feeling in my stomach, like I had done several crunches the day before and my abs were sore. But I had not done any abs workouts.

That's what felt so weird and I couldn't wait any longer and had to POAS.

Got dark BFP w/o FMU (tested at 7:00pm) on 12DPO! It still doesn't seem real! Tested again on 13 DPO w/o FMU again just to see, and BFP again! God is great!

1 Samuel 1:27 For this child I have prayed and He has granted me my request

BFP on CD 75!!

Hey guys, like most of you I frequented this site almost everyday while TTC and wanted to share my story with you all. There is hope for ridiculously long, irregular cycles! I'm 24 got off BCP in late August. We were doing the whole "not trying not preventing" thing but I was tracking so I tried to steer our BD'ing toward when I thought i was most fertile ;). Well my cycles being so crazy and unpredictable it was all pretty much a best guess thing. My first period after coming off BCP was 42 days the next was 54. I did not temp or use OPK's, all I did was pay attention to CM and track my CD on a calendar. I thought that I was ovulating at around CD 40, so we BD'd, but when I tested I got a BFN. Well then about 2 weeks after that around New Years' I had a lot of clearish watery CM (not even EWCM like I have had, just super water and a lot of it) and I also was feeling a little more horny then usual (tmi). DH and I BD'd that day (1/1) and 1/3. Took a test 1/14--BFN. I figured that if I had ovulated when I suspected I should be getting my period no later than 1/5, so I took another test 1/17 and got a BFP!! I couldn't believe it so I took another and same thing!! Went to the doc, their test came back negative so I got my blood drawn and just got the call this morning that my HCG level is 54! I go back on Fri to make sure the levels are rising.

Sorry this was kind of long, but I really wanted to share my story. As far as symptoms, really if I wasn't hunting for them I would not have noticed anything. Had a few cramps leading up to BFP, and still have some esp. in the evenings. They are much more mild than AF and feel more "sharp" than achy. My CM is a small amt of yellowish, thin. Oh and the other different thing was I noticed waking up feeling warm...I wasn't drenched in sweat, but I felt a little on my back in the mornings.

Anyway good luck to each of you, don't lose hope...even you ladies with nutty cycles can get a BFP!

Short Luteal Phase But Got BFP

Hello everyone, I scanned this site always looking for extra hints. I had a luteal phase of about 6-8 days, I had one or two cycles where it made it to 10. I knew I needed Clomid and was impatiently waiting for my fertility appointment following all the tests..very frustrating.

If like me you have a short luteal phase do not take Evening Primrose as it delays ovulation. This cycle I decided to take two tablets of Tesco complex b supplement a day, this is supposed to help progesterone levels. I know it says one a day but after reading it couldn't harm me I took two a day from ovulation.

My cycle went on unusually long up to 30 days and I thought the complex b had began to work in lengthening my cycle (usually about 27days). I had some light spotting and was expecting my period the day later which is usual for me, but when I got to day 32 and no period arrived we did a test and I was BFP!!!!!! no doubt. I have had blood tests and been to BEP clinic (because of the spotting) and there is really a baby growing in there.

Hope this helps someone on here. Also the doctor can prescribe Clomid which my first doc said she couldn't, but I later found out they if you have short luteal phase get your bloods done and ask for Clomid while you wait for fertility appointment and take complex b twice the rec dose.