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BFP with Late Ovulation

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Wow, BFP... Unexpected

DPO 0 - tricky one. It is possible that I actually ovulated 3 days later. However, I can't confirm because I don't track ovulation. There wasn't activity every day, so I'll just skip a bit. DPO 3 - Very intense one-sided ovulation cramps. Was it ovulation? I am unsure. DPO 5 - Excruciating headache. Possibly one of the worst headaches I've ever had. All I could do was sleep. DPO 6 - Headache gone. When brushing my teeth that evening, noticed gums were slightly bleeding. Never happened again. DPO 7 to present (DPO 19) cramping every day. Cramps while not painful were certainly uncomfortable. Would last for 1-2 minutes. Notable adds: Several EXTREMELY vivid dreams. I was constipated (tmi) almost the entire time and would sometimes get winded walking up stairs, strange. Developed a stuffy nose around DPO 14 that does not want to go away. Hpt DPO 13, bfn Felt like menstrual cycle was going to begin, but no. Hpt DPO 17, the faintest BFP you've EVER seen. It required squinting. Hpt DPO 18, faint but decisive. Hpt later on DPO 18 darker. . . . . . . . God is very good!
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Bfp 11 dpo

Hello! I've been lurking this site for 5 months now hoping to post my own! We just received our BFP for our second child today! I O'd on CD 18 of a 26 day cycle (confirmed by temps and OPKs), so I thought I was out. The two biggest symptoms for me were 1. much gas! From 1DPO-BFP and 2. Breast not as sensitive as they usually are during PMS. I had a huge temp tip below cover line on 10 DPO. Cervix stayed high, firm and closed after O. CM was mainly dry. Aside from gas and heightened sense of smell, 1-8 DPO was pretty uneventful. 8 DPO-11 DPO: dizziness, hot flashes, nausea, lower back ache and leg ache.


Sorry if it's long, I just hope this helps someone: Target brand OPK. I started using them 15 days post AF due to long/irregular cycles, first time using OPKs. Got a clear positive on day 5/7 and had seen a light second line on every other day. Clearly lightening again on day 7. I had no idea what to expect. But, by chance we had 'lots of fun' the days before I got the positive OPK. Nothing after, as I was more interested in figuring out my cycle then conceiving. Because I knew we hit the days before I ovulated, I couldn't help but mark two weeks away in my mind. Took a First Response early detection on both 9/10 DPO and 10/11 DPO (not entirely sure how long after OPK surge I ovulated) and got a VERY faint but visible line both days. Took a clear blue digital first thing this morning 11/12 DPO and there it is, no guessing, just PREGNANT. My husband is getting a positive preg test for valentines! Sleeping right now with NO IDEA! I seriously couldn't have planned this better. Hope he hasn't planned a dinner at the wine bar lol. PROGESTERONE: After the birth of my 22 month old, AF never came back, thus I had some hormonal blood work done. Imagine my surprise to find out I was 4 weeks pregnant about 14 months later (no AF). I ended-up having a MC at 6weeks - found out at 10. My previous blood work had shown very low progesterone levels, but this was not addressed in my to-be-failed pregnancy (my doctor figured it must have corrected in order to be pregnant). Turns out post-MC my levels were basically 0 - which is more than likely the reason it happened. Since then I have been on a daily 200mg oral does of progesterone pills to regulate my periods and build a healthy lining for another baby if I should fall pregnant. Two cycles later here I am. I will make an appointment with OBGYN and likely be switched to a more intense form/admin of progesterone.

Lesbian BFP

This was my wife's and my second month TTC and we got our BFP at 11dpo/CD31. I feel like we have been TTC for three years since we found our sperm donor that long ago but didn't actually start inseminations until 2 months ago. For other lesbian couples who read this page and want the low-down on known donor at-home insemination with fresh (not frozen) sperm, here's what worked for us! We inseminated on Cycle Days 13, 15, 16, 18, and 19 with 24-48 hours between each one. I ovulated on CD19 (later than I thought I would) and had some spotting that day. I had EWCM on CD 18 and 19 positive OPK on CD19, and ferning salvia and CD 18 and 19. (We used a little microscope used for putting a drop of your spit and looking at it - if it looks like nothing you're not fertile, if it is making a ferning pattern you are fertile. It was great because I could test unlimited times with the one thing unlike OPKs.) This month we added in using PreSeed. My wife put some in me and we'd let it warm up to body temp for 5 minutes, then do the insemination. Our donor made his deposit into a sterile plastic cup we had bought online and had put between my boobs to warm up first. His wife (our best friend, 5 month prego!) would immediately bring the cup in to my wife (keeping it body temp between her boobs on the walk between rooms) and I'd already have my pants off and butt propped up on a couple of pillows. My wife used a sterile plastic syringe (bought in the same insemination kit online) to suck up the semen and then would feel for my cervix with one hand's fingers and put in the syringe with the other hand. (Sorry to be graphic but this is what I wished I had known that is so hard to find!) She would get the syringe close to the cervix but not directly on it and SLOWLY push it out as the nurse midwife had shown us how to do in a preconception appointment, kind of aiming to coat the cervix. I'd lay there for 15+ minutes and try to have an orgasm. Then she'd put in a soft cup (same kit again) and I'd get up and dressed. This was all done in the spare bedroom of our donor's apartment. (They live 2 hours away so we drive to them instead of them coming to us at our home. Sometimes we slept over, sometimes made the drive up and back in a night. Exhausting!) I left the cup in overnight each time. This month I also upped my acupuncture appointments from once a week to twice a week and my acupuncturist used extra moxa. I never did BBT. I drank both FertiliTea and red raspberry leaf tea this month and didn't last month. I have been having one cup of coffee per day and taking a prenatal vitamin for 3 months (and no smoking or drinking). I also had the worst obsessing freaking out TWW our first month and this time was so much more relaxed. (I was positive I was pregnant last month and didn't think I was this month.) I used the Kindara app the first month and then this month also used Ovia and Glow. All three gave me different predictions with the same data so it helped me not to rely on one app's guess too much but also get a good sense of the range of fertile days and the range of when the peak day might be coming. Also different from last month is that we always waited at least 24 hours between inseminations (last time we did one at night, sleep over, and one in the morning before we left for work, leaving less than 12 hours in between). At the insemination on CD18 this month I told my wife I had a feeling we had just conceived. Symptoms: Nothing out of the ordinary. Sore boobs, less so than for my typical PMS. Really little bit of nausea with breakfast on CD 10 and 11. White creamy CM and feeling bloated the last several days. No spotting since ovulation. 9dpo: Negative FRER with FMU 11dpo: I thought I had line eyes! It was so so faint (FRER) that I threw it out and told my wife it was negative, which I thought it was. (I fished it back out the next day and we saw there actually is kinda a vvvvvvfl.) 12dpo: Positive FRER!!! Faint second line with FMU. My wife casually told me she saw a faint line but she was confused because she had been seeing my faint line OPKs where a faint second line is a negative and the darkness of the line actually matters. I was like UM NO A LINE IS A LINE but kind of didn't believe it either. Took a ClearBlue digital in the afternoon that said Not Pregnant. Took two cheapo pink dye sticks in the evening that also had faint second lines (one barely visible like 11dpo FRER, one clear). I'd usually start spotting before my period around this point in my cycle. 13dpo: Peed on three brands of stick with FMU and all BFP! We called the closest people who knew we were TTC to tell them that day. The donor's first words were "I did it!" LOL 14dpo: Ran out of FRER but took the two cheapo sticks with FMU and both BFP. Darker second line each of the 4 days in a row. No AF! Hoping it sticks.

BFP 6 months after MC

Yesterday (2/6/16) I officially confirmed that I am pregnant with First Reponse Early Response (FRER) dye AND digital tests. I am thrilled, anxious and still in a little bit of disbelief! But I wanted to make sure I wrote down and shared my experience this cycle -- hopefully it will help someone else, or even myself in the future. I had an early miscarriage last August. After that, I downloaded the “Clue” app and started tracking my cycle each month. My cycles were very irregular at first, but in the past few months they have become somewhat more predictable. This was only my second cycle using OPKs. Last cycle was 28 days, with a 10ish day luteal phase. So I was expecting the same this month. I didn’t end up ovulating until much later in my cycle though. CD19: Unprotected sex; negative OPK CD20: Negative OPK CD21: Negative OPK (at this point, I was thinking maybe ovulation wasn’t in the stars for this cycle) CD22: Positive OPK in the evening (woo! I almost didn’t even test today because I was feeling so discouraged after a string of negatives); globular, watery CM (almost like I peed myself); unprotected sex after seeing positive OPK CD23: Another positive OPK; more unprotected sex; small twinges in my pelvic area that I assumed were ovulation cramps CD24: Unprotected sex; OPK back to negative (according to Clue, this was my actual ovulation day) CD25: Tender breasts; negative OPK CD26: Tender breasts CD27: Unprotected sex; watery CM; bloated/gassy; face broke out a little bit (usually happens leading up to period) CD28: A little nauseous; skin not looking great; took a HPT because I’m crazy (obviously it was negative) CD29: Had a GYN appointment CD30: Went to the bathroom mid-morning and had some very light brown discharge/spotting on my pantyliner and a little more went in the toilet when I peed; I chalked this up to my pap smear the day before… now I think this was definitely implantation bleeding! CD31: Negative HPT; skin back to normal CD32: Negative HPT in the AM; squinter in the evening before I went to bed (Wondfo brand); tender breasts throughout the day (they were especially sore when I first woke up in the morning); very tired at work CD33: Mind was racing all night; took another Wondfo test at 2 am… a very, very faint line showed up again. To see if it was an evap line, I dipped another test in water and it was stark white. I took a few more Wondfos over the next few hours. One was stark white (my pee was probably just not concentrated enough from going so much!), but another had the faint line. Ended up going to CVS to pick-up a FRER digital/dye test package AND the CVS digitial (generic version of Clear Blue Digital). Dipped the tests in the same urine I used for the faint positive Wondfo earlier. Got negatives on the CVS tests but CLEAR POSITIVES on both the FRER tests! I’ve read that FRER is much more sensitive, so I am 100% confident these are my BFPs. I will probably retest with the Clear Blue or CVS brand in a few days when my hcg has a chance to rise. Took another Wondfo a couple hours after getting the FRER positives just for peace of mind, and the line is definitely getting darker. Other symptoms: felt a little nauseous in the morning, and my breasts have been very tender all day (even a bit sore around my ribs right under my right boob). I’m currently wearing a sports bra, and it’s uncomfortable. Just like my last pregnancy, the sore boobs were really the first symptom. Clue was predicting that my period would start on CD35, so the FRER showed results two days before my missed period (~9 dpo). Wondfo gave me a squinter three days before my missed period (~8 dpo). CD34: BFP with CB Digital I really hope this one sticks. Appreciate any prayers/positive thoughts you can send our way! I’m calling my doctor on Monday to schedule my first appointment. Hopefully I’ll be able to get in sooner than the standard eight weeks. I don’t think I can wait that long to know what’s happening in there!

Bfp at 10dpo!!

Hi everyone. I thought I'd share my story and symptoms leading up to my bfp with you! I'm so surprised when I saw that squinter of a line this morning, I couldn't believe it!! :) So I went of bc in April 2015 and we were NTNP. 6 months later, still no bfp. So we talked about it and started trying in November. I started temping and using opk's. All went well but no BFP. So I started using Pregnacare Conception in Desember and i'm convinced that played a great role in helping to prepare the uterus for implantation and balancing my hormones. So this month I got ewcm for the first time ever!! Only for one day and only a little bit. I did not get any positive opks up until that stage and I stopped using opk's as it was stressing me out. On cd 19 my temp rose and I assume I successfully ovulated. I have a 26 day cycle with a 11 day luteal phase only and low temps. No preseed used. This month my temps sky rocketed after ovulation and I got a dip at 8 dpo! two days later BAM bfp. Started out as a squinter of a line but took another test 4 hours later and line already progressed to a very visible positive. O DAY: BD'D and I orgasm'd afterward just to suck those babies in :) 1-6 DPO : No real symptoms. I never get sore boobs and I remember constantly poking at them but nothing! 7 DPO: Noticing watery cm and I have a bit of diarrhea. temps very high! 8DPO: Temp drops 0.3 Celcius! Watery cm. Diarrhea. Bloated. Cold like symptoms start! 9 DPO: Temp rose slightly. Vivid dreams. Light cramping. Gassy. Cold like Symptoms. Diarrhea. Watery cm. I wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat! The room is cold though... Start suspecting something is up. 10 DPO: Temp is up a bit more. Decided to test with internet cheapie. First looks like BFN. Then noticed the slightest line. Start jumping up and down softly as hubby and ds is still asleep in the next room. I'm feeling the fatigue and a bit dizzy today (Almost like when you just start getting drunk from some wine) Very light cramping. Still no sore boobs. Still cold like symptoms. Very happy and very excited for baby #2!!

BFP after 13 failed cycles!

DH and I got married in December 2014, and were hoping to get pregnant straight away. I went off BCP one month before the wedding, and we began trying straight away in January 2015. Month after month, nothing happened. I imagined all sorts of symptoms, stared at evap lines, and cried a lot every time AF showed. In December 2015, DH and I decided to start getting tested. He an a SA, and all came back fantastic, and I had an ultrasound that came back normal as well. I was just at my doctor last week talking about infertility testing. He gave me a referral to an RE, and we scheduled an HSG for the week after I was supposed to start cycle 15... but AF never showed! I guess what they say about it taking up to a year for perfectly healthy couples really is true! I didn't test at all until the day after AF was due, so here's my day-by-day symptoms for your enjoyment! CD1: 12/14/2015 O Date: CD18 12/31/2015 NYE!! BD on 12/27 (O-4), 12/29 (O-2), 12/31 (O) BFP on 1/14/2016! 1-3 DPO: Sore boobs and sensitive nipples let me know that I O'ed. The sore boobs happen every month, but the nipple sensitivity is new. This lasted the whole TWW. 4 DPO: My face breaks out like I'm a teenager. This is abnormal. Usually I only get one pimple right before AF is due. Boobs and nipples still sore. 5 DPO: Still sore boobs and sensitive nipples. 6 DPO: I have light brown/peach colored spotting after BD. I just assumed that I irritated my cervix, and didn't think anything else of it. I now think this was implantation spotting. Boobs and nipples still sore.Boobs and nipples still sore. 7-8 DPO: Still sore boobs and sensitive nipples. 9 DPO: I got a stitch in my side like I get when I'm running, but I was just sitting at the dinner table. Super weird. Boobs and nipples still sore. Also, I had the faintest, lightest spotting on the toilet paper when I wiped. I could only see it when I held the toilet paper at a certain angle in the light. I never thought I would inspect my toilet paper like a crazy person until I started TTC! Anyway, when I saw this I was disappointed because I usually spot for a few days before AF shows up. I never saw another drop of spotting after this. 10 DPO: I get another side stitch, and I also start getting nauseous pretty much all day, but more noticeable when I'm hungry. Boobs and nipples still sore. 11 DPO: Still nauseous, and now I start having really vivid dreams. Boobs and nipples still sore. 12 DPO: Nauseous, vivid dreams, sore boobs and nipples, and another break out on my face. I assumed that this one was the one I get before AF since she was due at any time now. Still haven't seen another drop of spotting, which I'm finding odd. 13 DPO: AF is due today. Temp is still high, and haven't spotted yet. Today I'm still nauseous, and I even get lightheaded when I get hungry and need to eat. Had more vivid dreams, and the first weird thing of the day happened: My normally stick-straight hair was wavy. I googled this, and saw that this can happen during pregnancy. I also cry when DH says something nice to me, which is slightly unusual, but I'm a crier, so I don't take it too seriously. Here's the second weird thing: When I got home from work, my dogs went CRAZY. They wouldn't leave me alone! Jumping up on me, licking my face, cuddling up next to me all night long! 14 DPO: Woke up at 5:15 because I couldn't sleep! Took my temp and it was WAY up, even though I took it 2 hours early... hmm. DH is already up for work and basically tells me I can't put it off any longer. So, I get up and use 2 ICs on my FMU. I go back in the bedroom, and wait 5 minutes, and go back and check.... Lo and behold, BFPs on both tests! I immediately start sobbing and DH calls from the bedroom, "So it's negative?" and I yell back "No!". After a short pause, I hear "...what??". So I tell him to come look, and he, being so used to helping me with my OPKs, says "But the second line isn't as dark as the first line" and then I had to explain how HPTs work. He said he wouldn't believe it until he saw it in writing. I went out at 6 AM to buy FRERs and CB Digitals, and with SMU, those are positive too! I know it's still early, but I couldn't be more excited to find out that I can, in fact, get pregnant!

Very late and shocking BFP!

My gosh where do I even start?! Let me first say I got my BFP 1-5-16, I went today to get it confirmed and was told I was 10 1/2 weeks and given August 1, 2016 as my due date. I'm still completely shocked but very happy and excited. I have 2 other children from a previous marriage, one is 5 and the other will be 2 at the end of this month. Ok lets get down to business, My last period was 10-24-15 and I was due to ovulate around 11-12-15. Usually my boyfriend and I are good about always using condoms especially close to ovulation, in this case I think I may have ovulated later around Thanksgiving and since I thought my period was coming soon there was a couple times we didn't use condoms. On 12-6-15 I felt what I thought was AF cramps coming but she never showed her face, so a week and some days later I took 2 digital EPT tests and both were NEGATIVE. Of course I was bummed even though we weren't trying but the results also left me confused and a bit worried about what was making me late. A few days before Christmas I took 2 more tests, this time they were the Clearblue + or - with the blue dye. The first one was negative and the 2nd had the faintest positive I've ever seen in my life that it wasn't convincing because on these tests you can already see the - before you even pee on it. I did some research and saw a lot of women had the same problem and couldn't trust the results. Might I add I'm having very minimal symptoms at this point, but they all are PMS symptoms to me, nothing out of the ordinary. At this point I summed it up to the stress of the holidays is just making me late. My oldest went back to school on the 5th and the night before my boyfriend suggested I should pick up a test on the way home. I was reluctant because I wasn't looking forward to seeing another BFN but I went ahead and got one but this time I just got one from dollar tree cause I was sick of wasting money. So I get home he's ready and waiting for me to do it, I get a little weepy saying I don't want to before going into the bathroom and emptying my bladder. I put the 4 drops into the test and immediately ran out, I sat on the bed weeping again lol then gathered all my courage to walk back to the bathroom. Our bathroom is in our room so I told my boyfriend I was going to close the door while I looked. I was in there less than .5 seconds before barging out and saying COME LOOK AT THIS! COME LOOK AT THIS! WHAT IS THIS?! Of course by my reaction it was obvious what the test said lol. We are both extremely happy and ready for our first appointment so we can see exactly how far along I am and when my actual due date will be! This is his first child and he can't help but start picking out a name already. Thanks for reading my entry and congrats to everyone who got their BFP's! To the ones who are still waiting for those 2 pink lines, DON'T GIVE UP, lots of baby dust ********* -Brittany
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BFP after 2 years ttc, low morphology

I want to preface this by saying this bfp did end up as a chemical pregnancy, and while not ideal, has given us hope, because we got pregnant on our own for the 1st time in 2 years! Backstory: I am 25 (26 next month), husband is 27. We have been ttc since Oct 2013. In this time we have, I feel, done everything you could do (without an RE) out there, and there are a few things that I feel have made a difference. First of all we discovered after a SA, that DH has low morphology, 3.5 %, 20 mil sperm count, and good motility. His Urologist has prescribed him Clomid to increase sperm count. It works with testosterone in men as it does estrogen in women. He takes 50mg every other day and has also been on fertilaid for men for the last 8 mo. Everything has so far checked out ok with me with the exception of slightly low progesterone in the 2nd half of my cycle. (Still have 13 day luteal phase though ), as well as THS of 2.4 (for optimal fertility they say between 1-2 is where you want to be. To lower my TSH, I began taking kelp (iodine), and selenium. On this cycle I had day 3 blood draw to check and see if my ovaries were doing as they should: everything came back great! TSH was at 1.5! I was happy with that. CD16-BD with preseed and softcup CD17-BD with preseed and softcup CD18-+OPK, BD with preseed and softcup CD19-O day, BD with preseed and softcup 1DPO-Woke up feeling like I had been hit by a bus, could tell I was coming down with a cold, as well as a raging UTI! Its like my immune system crashed! And I never get sick! 2DPO-went to work, huge mistake I was so sick, went to Dr after work, UTI confirmed along with sinus and ear infections, started augmentin. Coffee does NOT sound good! 3dpo-5dpo-feeling terrible bc of cold, nipples started to feel sore, breasts full, not that sore though. Still not drinking coffee. Super irritable with hubs. 6dpo-bbs starting to get really sore, wake up in morning with gurgling feeling in esophagus, kinda like heatburn. Hungry for eggs and meat first thing in the am, unusual, still can't stomach coffee. Irritability with DH continues. 7dpo-supposed to have 7dpo blood draw for progesterone, but it's a Saturday and the office is closed, have to do it on Monday (9dpo). Have dreams about having a baby girl. 8dpo-bbs still sore, still hungry in a.m., no coffee, had dreams about baby girl again. Super tired. 9dpo-same as above, serum progesterone blood test 10dpo-got results for progesterone (5.1) feel a little surprised at how low it is, start counting myself out this cycle and preparing for next. Pregnancy cant stick with low levels of prog! Out of nowhere, at 9p.m. I decided to take first response, fully expecting a bfn, only to see a faint bfp! I was completely in shock, broke down in tears! Called for husband to come here. He was a little surprised to find me hysterical and crying. When I handed him the test he looked down and said "baby? that a line?!" We were so happy and shocked! I don't know what prompted me to take a test, it was almost like Devine intervention. (I don't normally test this early, or at night, for that matter). 11dpo-even lighter bfp on frer, negative digital. HCG and progesterone blood test done in AM. 12dpo-bfn on frer, blood results 4 HCG, 1 progesterone :-( knew I would get period. 13dpo-AF arrived right on schedule! Chemical pregnancy. Even though this ended in a chemical, I think it was meant to happen! I was meant to find out that we were able to fertilize an egg but it just couldn't implant, possibly due to low progesterone! My midwife prescribed me progesterone supplements for this new cycle to start after O. That way if we are able to fertilize an eggie, it will hopefully be able to implant and stick, FX. It's important not to lose hope. I've had way worse lows than when I realized we were having a chem. I know my sticky bfp is right around the corner, it's just a matter of time! This cycle I've started taking premama fertility in hopes this helps! I also take a prenatal, folate, cold pressed fermented cod liver oil, vitamin e, calcium/mag/D, pregprep, and vitamin C. I also did pineapple core for a couple days. Good luck ladies, never lose hope! Never give up!

First BFP

Hi everyone! Just got my BFP this morning... It is mine and DH's first. I was having some hormone issues that have now mostly resolved so hopefully this is a sticky one! I did not have as many symptoms as I thought I would... However, I did have spotting 9DPO which I never do. This cleared up after 2 days. My DH also had a dream that I was pregnant around 7DPO which is VERY weird! He never dreams. I did notice some cramping that was similar to AF coming but not completely the same. I work in a hospital occasionally and the actual smell of the hospital was a little gag-inducing for a couple days. Also, there were a couple days when I felt kind of sick after eating breakfast but I didn't think anything of it. Praying that this is a sticky bean!!! I am trying not to get too excited yet... :) **I ovulate around day 18 and my TSH is a little high right now- 3.3- it is being monitored by my doctor because I have had high TSH in the past. Currently I am not taking medication**
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