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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Male Factor

Male factor infertility can certainly insert a few turns and detours on your path to your BFP. If you've managed to get double lines on your pregnancy test despite contending with male factor infertility, we want to know about it! Send us your story through this contact form.

BFP 14DPO with 4% Sperm Morphology! Don't sweat a bad SA!

Here's a chronicle by Cycle Day of this very volatile month, which has shockingly ended with a BFP!

CD 1 -- AF arrives on Sunday Oct. 5. We have been TTC since January, after being together since the end of 2009 and using condoms for protection around ovulation. I turned 33 in September, DH turns 40 in November. With so many accidents, we assume we are infertile. We are reconciled to infertility (at 7 billion and growing exponentially, there are too many people as it is), but think we would be good parents. We prepare for the "work up" of exams to determine cause of infertility.

CD 2 -- I go to my OB/GYN office to have hormone lab done. As I wait in the office, I overhear one young man, who is accompanying his very young and pregnant girlfriend for checkup, bragging to another woman that he already has three children by another woman. Want to throw up thinking about how messed up our society is.

CD 4 -- DH goes in to fertility clinic to get SA done on his way to work. He does not relish jerking off at clinic, but is being a trooper about it.

CD 5-9 -- I take first round of Clomid, prescribed by my OB/GYN even though I'm ovulating regularly.

CD 9 -- I go to Radiology department at hospital to have an HSG! On the news is the story about Nina Pham, the nurse at Dallas Presb. who has contracted Ebola from the Liberian, Thomas Duncan, who had been sent home from hospital earlier with antibiotics, despite the fact that he had recently traveled from the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak and was showing symptoms. I ask the nurse who is prepping me for the HSG if the hospital has been reviewing protocols for Ebola. She clearly has no idea what Ebola is and says they use the same procedures for all diseases. Unbelievable. A nice resident arrives to do HSG and wants to know if it's OK if a med student watches. Fine. So they begin. "That is the cervix," says the resident to med student, and away they go. The contrast spills out ovaries. The uterus and ovaries look surprisingly pretty all lit up on x-ray. No blockage. Infertility still a mystery.

CD 10 -- OB/GYN calls me with results from hormone tests and HSG. Normal normal normal. The SA, on the other hand, shows only 4% normal sperm morphology. OB/GYN is sure this is the cause of infertility, and refers us to fertility specialist and predicts he will have us go right to IUI or IVF. I call DH with news and freak out. DH doesn't want to do IUI or IVF because the risk of birth or developmental defects. "If I can't do it naturally, then it probably shouldn't be done at all." I don't want to do such procedures either, but there's nothing like someone telling you you can't have a baby to make you want to have a baby.

CD 11-24 -- I begin obsessively reading medical literature about abnormal sperm morphology, or teratozoospermia. And I also discover this site and begin reading the stories of other couples dealing with low sperm morphology. The medical literature is fascinating. There are several case studies of alcoholics in which teratozoospermia has been reversed after three months of abstaining for alcohol. There are several population studies showing alcohol consumption negatively affecting sperm morphology. Although DH and I are very healthy, active, and abstemious during the week, we party hard on weekends. DH especially. DH is persuaded that he needs to cut way back on booze, maybe even go on wagon. He also begins taking a multivitamin, and 200 mg/pycnogenol a day. There is a 2002 study (with an admittedly low sample size) that showed men with low morphology taking 200mg/pycnogenol a day increased their percent normal sperm by 38% over three months. I make our already healthy diet even healthier.

CD 15 -- I get an LH surge on fertility monitor. We had soberly BD'd CD 12, 13, 14. We soberly BD again on CD 15 and 16. Previously we had been BD'ing every other day. But since DH has a high count (just a lot of weird sperm), we figure we would increase our chances by BD'ing every day around ovulation.

DPO 8 -- I begin noticing UNDENIABLE SYMPTOMS. Major nausea in the evenings. White, lotiony CM on underthings. GI weirdness/bloat. Usually a week before menstruating I feel bloated and have to exchange B cups for C cups because breasts get so much larger, but I've never experienced nausea like this.

DPO 9 -- Take a pregnancy test for the hell of it. There is a faint line that I decide is an evaporation line but am still suspicious.

BFP @ 14 dpo

Wow! I still can't believe its my turn :).
My BFP came after an IUI with very low post-wash sperm count of 2.4 mill (morphology and motility normal) while awaiting first round of IVF. AND I only have one fallopian tube due to a previous ectopic! I thought I was definitely out because my RE told me my chances were very low this round. Also, my 2ww symptoms were virtually identical to pre af symptoms.
So there is hope, ladies!....

1-5 dpo - bloating, abdominal twinges
6-9 dpo - above plus tired, deep sleep w/ wild dreams, full/non-tender bbs
10dpo - above plus frequent urination, a lot of creamy CM, sore throat
11-12 dpo - above but VERY full/non-tender bbs and moody
13 dpo - above plus single episode of mild nausea
14 dpo - BFP!
14 dpo beta #1 - 202
16 dpo beta #2 - 485!

Praying for a sticky little one :)

BFP after 9 months and a pituitary tumor - BD 1 time during fertile window

I won't make this too long, but we started trying to get pregnant January 2014. I had my 1st son September 2012, and wanted to have another soon after, but it didn't really work out like that. My period did not even come back until December 2013, and that was only with the assistance of Provera. I started temping and tracking everything in January..ended up with a short (7,8,9 days) luteal phase, and things really didn't get back to normal until around May 2014. After that, our BD timing was perfectly lining up with my ovulation days, so I just was not understanding why it wasn't happening for us.

July 2nd, 2014, my husband went blind in 1 eye. Long story short, we took him to the ER in the AM, and by that evening, he was having surgery to remove a pituitary tumor at the base of his brain. Scary stuff, but he is recovered and all is well. During the check up appointments, the dr's mentioned that the tumor appeared to be 2 years old, and were very surprised that we had even had our first child. Apparently the pituitary affects sperm production and all of that, which is what we are thinking the issue was. His recovery took about a month, and we started trying again in AUgust. Well, sure enough, during the 2nd month of trying after his surgery, we got our BFP.

During the months of trying, I tried it all, preseed, legs in the air for 30 minutes, pills, vitamins, b-vitamins, mucinex, temping, charting, Fertilaid etc. ...However, by September I was so tired of doing all of that, and I didn't even track in September. I prayed about it (as I have many months prior), but really decided to just rest and relax in September. We BD 'd 1 day during my fertile phase - the day that I received a positive on my ovulation test, and we used pre-seed, that's it. TMI , but he also slipped out as well as he was finishing, so I really didn't think we had a huge chance this month.

I did have my husband on Fertilaid for men as well. I'd like to think this helped. If this wasn't the month, our next step was to get his sperm tested.

Around 7DPO I started getting queasy. I thought it was because I had just taken a flu shot. I was queasy for the next couple of days. I did not think you could get queasy that quickly, but I may very well have been flu shot related, though I've never had that reaction. I started testing around 11 dpo and noticed a squinter 12 dpo. The squinter didn't turn to a full BFP until after my period was due.

We are VERY ecstatic and I just wanted to share my story because many nights these stories have helped me to not get discouraged. I hope this will encourage someone!

BFP with IVF/ICSI #1

Thought I start with the background:
Me: 28- BFP week before turning 29 (27 when first started TTC). DF: 28 (27 when first TTC).
How long we’ve been TTC: Naturally for 1 year, then first IVF with ICSI in September 2014.
Issues: Me – PCO but regular ovulation (so not really an issue). Right tube blocked at end near ovary (can’t be fixed). DF – 1-2% morphology, and below average motility (overall numbers are normal – no ‘count’ issue).
What we’ve tried/used:
Me –
OPK’s (Clearblue digital the most reliable).
Charting temperature (helped with timing BD perfectly, even though unsuccessful anyway).
Chinese medicine (acupuncture, cupping and herbs).
Evening Primrose oil.
Red raspberry leaf tea.
Pineapple core during TWW.
Laying down after BD.
Cutting out caffeine and soy products.
Adding maca powder to smoothies.
Taking B vitamin supplement.

DH –
Chinese medicine (acupuncture, cupping and herbs).
Joined gym and did regular exercise.
Cut down on smoking and alcohol.
Eating more healthy foods.
Men’s multivitamin.

After trying out the natural alternative (Chinese medicine), DH got another SA which showed no improvement. We had already researched our options and felt IVF with ICSI was the best option for us, which our fertility/IVF specialist agreed.

First IVF with ICSI cycle started 21/9/14.

I had 21 eggs collected, and 19 of those were mature. 17 of those fertilised, and all 17 made it to day 5!!!! They transferred 1 on day 5, and then waited till day 6 to freeze remaining – 15 made it to freeze!!!!!

I decided on a whim that I would do a test at 5dp5dt. It was during the day on only a 2 hour hold, and to my absolute shock there was a faint line!
I continued to test throughout the week and have kept getting stronger and darker lines. My last test was on 8dp5dt, on only a two hour hold, and the test line was almost as dark as the control line. I have my blood test on 12dp5dt, and really hope it all comes back within the normal range!!!

I honestly just couldn’t imagine getting a BFP after trying so hard over the last year and a bit. I am so blessed and happy to see those two beautiful lines!!!

In terms of symptoms. I really have not had much.. I felt completely and utterly normal right up to 7dp5dt. Around 7dp5dt, I did feel a little sick in the morning, but it was short lived. I have had some mild light headedness as well, and felt mildy sick throughout the day on 8dp5dt. I have had the odd crampy feeling since 6dp5dt. This has all been so mild though - it could easily just be the progesterone gel as much as the pregnancy hormones.

BFP at 12 DPO!!!

I am so happy to be posting on this site!! I have been stalking it for 1.5 years. Some background-
My husband and I have been married for 4 years and started trying for baby 1 about a year and a half ago. I didn't go nuts, just started tracking my cycles by checking CM. After a couple of months I realized I had really inconsistent cycles, ranging from 35-45 days. I then tried OPKs, but got frustrated because I would get a positive, but then wouldn't ovulate for several days, sometimes a week. After 6 months of trying and getting really frustrated, I went to the doc. They did blood tests to check hormones and an ultrasound to check for cysts and everything was normal. My husband went for tests as well, and found that his sperm count was a little low and motility was slightly abnormal, but doc wasnt overly concerned. Just in case, he was prescribed Clomid. Then, in Feb of 2014, I slipped on ice and tore my ACL and meniscus. I needed surgery and lots of rehab, so the baby making was on hold for a while. I started tracking my cycles again in June after I started feeling sort of normal again, and was shocked that I now had a 28 cycle. From June until now, its been like clockwork. I attributed it to weight loss (I've lost almost 40lbs since March). This was our first month trying again, and it worked!! I should also mention that we only BDed once this cycle bc my husband was sick. Here's the good stuff-
O day- feeling good :)
1-2 DPO- Nothing
3 DPO- I was walking through the hall of the school I work at and suddenly everything felt like it was spinning. I had to stop for a second until it passed.
4-5 DPO- Nothing
6-7 DPO- period cramps and a spot of blood in my undies. I started getting suspicious.
8-12 DPO- boobs sore, continued mild cramping, dull headaches, watery CM, lightheadedness, HUNGRY, and my husband says I'm moody, but I dont see it :)

I am super excited and really hopeful that this little bean sticks. Good luck out there to all the couples trying!!

Let's try this again....

Hello I am new to this site. I am 31 and married and have been TCC since August 2012. 3 failed iui. I have not been responding to injectable horomones. I am now starting metformin and on a strict diet and exercise. It's been a tough road. I am going to try IVF however I need to respond to the medications! All the shots have been intramuscular hoping that would help but no such luck. Need some support feeling pretty down. Thanks all!

BFP at 15DPO

Hi Ladies,

Im no newbie to this site. I have been on this site religiously for over a year now. I had all but given up hope on myself and the idea of starting a family. Well yesterday at 15DPO af was supposed to show and well she didnt. I dont think I had very many early symptoms at all. Honestly I didnt have hardly anything that would have convinced me I was pregnant. People always say it and I would read their stories and think they had to have known something... but nope I didnt have anything. here are my "symptoms" that I can think of/remember:

1-5dpo - exceptionally creamy cm (I always get this though
5-14dpo - really horribly bad gas.... TMI but I didnt even want to stay in the room with myself.
14dpo - I did have mild back pain but I just thought it was the way I slept
15dpo - BFP on FRER, internet cheapy and Pregnant 2-3 on digi test.

I am so happy but also so nervous and scared that something may happen. I am going to pray that this little bean sticks around.

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BFP 3 years 3 IUIs told needed IVF

I am cautiously writing this message! I got my BFP Sept 27. Cd 27 3 days early of FRER. We have been trying since early 2012 have done 9 rounds of clomid had a MC in June 2013 and 3 IUIs in 2014 unsuccessful. We were told due to my anovulatory cycles and DH low morphology and border line count that we needed IVF with ICSI we did not have the money for that! So we said we would try 3 more IUIs. But my DH started a new job and couldn't take time off so I just took clomid!!! The only reason I tested was because I was so hungry couldn't stop eating and that is not like me.
We are cautious as we have had a loss. But my betas are rising nicely.
14dpo 254
16dpo 770
Won't be doing a 3rd too stressful to wait for results haha. I am on progrsterone supplements and we have our first US in Oct 23.
Keep positive thoughts and keep on trying!

Pregnant with endometriosis - and after Husbands cancer

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis about 3 years ago, and told if you want kids youd better start now. We werent really in a position to and so i went on pill to 'treat' endo with the plan we would try as soon as we were married.
Through this time I lso found out I have a retroverted uterus. So after doing a lot of research and knowing a lot of girls with endo, I knew id probably need IVF so saved to pay for this privately.
Also about a year before we were married, my husband found a testicular lump, and had to have his whole testicle removed. This to me understandibly was so hard at time and I made my peace with maybe the kids thing wont happen now. I was told by experts that we should try for maybe 3 months then get moving on treatments.

It was just over 1 month after my wedding I got my BFP and I am now 22+ weeks and glad to say all is going well

Dont ever lose hope girls, the stress of that makes it so much harder

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FET #1 success! BFP 8dp5dt

Me: 28, DH: 32. Tried on our own just four cycles, then DH was impatient and got tested... Discovered low sperm count, poor morphology and very poor motility. Retested a couple of times with similar results. Decided to proceed with IVF with ICSI. Discovered during routine tests that I have a unicornuate uterus, so multiples would be impossible for me to carry... We will have to put back one embryo at a time. I overstimmed bigtime - after retrieval I was hospitalized overnight two seperate times due to dehydration, nausea/vomiting, and pain. Ladies, know that severe OHSS puts you at very high risk for blood clots, so please don't suffer through it at home... Seek care! I had three paracentesis procedures to remove liters of fluid from my abdomen. It was easily the most uncomfortable I've ever been in my life, but let me tell you, IV dilaudid is a wonder drug. Seven days after retrieval I finally started to feel 'normal'. I had been too sick to do a transfer, so it was a freeze-all cycle. As for the results: retrieved 48 eggs, 36 mature, 28 fertilized, 16 still growing at day 3, 6 high-grade blasts frozen on day 5, and three more frozen day 6, so 9 total frosties, five of which are graded 5AA! What a relief after all the awfulness.

Waited three months due to moving and scheduling. Did our first FET of a single 5 day, 5AA blast on 9/22. The emby thawed beautifully - the embryologist said it had 100% cell survival (anything over 50% is viable). I resisted POAS until this morning, 8dp5dt... I peed on a FRER with FMU and then quickly hid it in a drawer. I waited for DH to wake up, told him what I had done, debated whether to look or to wait for beta tomorrow... And decided to go for it. I steeled myself for that stark white negative. I grabbed the stick with my hand covering the results. We stood together, took a breath, and I opened my hand to see... Two lovely lines. We couldn't believe it! Based on the strength of the line I think I would've been able to test + at least a couple days earlier, but didn't want to drag it out, so waited almost to beta day.

What I did in TWW: nothing special except eating pretty well, hydrating, and obviously not drinking. I didn't do any bed rest at all - my RE believes normal activity and blood flow are important. In fact, immediately after the transfer I did a bit of shopping, went to lunch, and once the valium wore off I drove myself home (6.5 hour drive)! I made sure to stop every couple hours to walk and move around, and stretch a little.

Okay, so symptoms: first I have to say that they're barely there, and all easily could be attributed to the progesterone or wishful thinking.
- starting 1dp5dt: heaviness/pressure in uterine area that is usually but not always there. I attributed this to progesterone. A couple sharper twinges, but those weren't until 7dp5dt. Zero implantation spotting.
-starting 5dp5dt: a bit of fatigue, feeling a TINY bit queasy if I let myself get hungry, a whiff of indigestion, a hint of dizzy/lightheadedness, maybe a tad more sensitive to smells... All very minor things that I swore I felt in other tww's. Basically I would not have been surprised to get a BFN. So don't lose hope if your symptoms are mild or even nonexistent. Good luck to everyone reading this!

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