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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Male Factor

Male factor infertility can certainly insert a few turns and detours on your path to your BFP. If you've managed to get double lines on your pregnancy test despite contending with male factor infertility, we want to know about it! Send us your story through this contact form.

I can't believe I get to post my story!!!!

After 3 years of trying, we are pregnant. I have been through so much in the last 3 years I just can't believe this is real.

I'm 39 and have 4 children ages 20,18 and 13yo twins. I had a tubal ligation after the twins.

I got married again and had tubal reversal. I wasn't getting pregnant, checked my tubes,,,,, all good,,,,tried and tried,,,,, more testing found out that my husband had MFI and so we put him on vitamins and started doing IUI 3 rounds all BFN. Then found an IVF study a year and a half later ( all along still trying)and we could afford it so did that and BFN. We were waiting for my period to start so we could do 1 last round of IVF and My period was late I didn't think much of it because of all the drugs I've been on and thought I was just messed up from IVF. Anyhow my period is never late so at 5 days late I peed on a stick and surprise !!!!! I drove right to the Dr and made sure it was true. My beta was 240!!!!! I am 5w1d today. I never thought this would happen. And we didn't do anything.

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First BFP in 2.5 years

My husband & I have ttc our first for 2 1/2 years. I hated hearing "oh, it'll happen" because how could anyone know that?'s our story:

After 1 year ttc, we started doing tests. My HSG came back great & charting was proving that I was ovulating. However, semen analysis came back slightly abnormal (normal concentration, abnormal motility & morphology). After further testing & dr appointments, it was determined dh had a varicocele & low testosterone. After 6 months or so, DH went for surgery. Surgery was a success. While semen numbers were still low, they were much improved. Unfortunately, I was still getting BFNs every month. So, a little over 2 years ttc, we started seeing an RE. The first month with her, we did a natural IUI - BFN. The second cycle, it was discovered that ovulation tests did not work properly on me. So even though I was ovulating on my own, my RE put me on low levels of Clomid, estrogen, & progesterone through that cycle. I ovulated before we had a chance to do an IUI that cycle, but it appeared that I had 2-3 good follicles. Regardless, it was BFN. The third cycle, RE upped the Clomid, added low dose Metformin (since my testosterone was borderline high), & kept me on estrogen & progesterone. U/S showed 3 good follicles. So, we did one IUI 2 days after the U/S, we did a trigger shot that night, and another IUI 36 hours later. During that cycle, here were my symptoms:

1-10 DPIUI - nothing much out of the ordinary - sore breasts (typical) & some moodiness. I did notice an increase in acid reflux.
11DPIUI - BFN. I cried nonstop for an hour. It was super emotional. Felt normal all day. That night I noticed that my ab muscles suddenly felt as if I had done 100 crunches, and I did zero exercise. I also noticed mild bloating.
12DPIUI - ab muscles still sore & tight. Bloating increased. I was constantly trying to suck in my stomach at a dinner with family.
13DPIUI - ab muscles tight, sore, and major bloating. Thought it was all the increased meds & first time trigger shot. Called the dr because I was worried. They were not & it really annoyed me. They told me to take a HPT the next morning & call with result.
14DPIUI - BFP for the very first time ever. I was (and still am) in complete shock. Blood work that day at the dr confirmed pregnancy. 2 days later, I went for more blood work & the dr said HCG had risen an appropriate amount & scheduled an U/S in 2 weeks.

I am now just 4 weeks, 4 days. At times, I look about 3 months preggo due to the major bloating. And I am still in total shock & disbelief. I'm nervous of miscarriage & want soooo desperately for everything to go right. I just hope that this post gives others as much hope as the many I have read over the past 2 1/2 years. Baby dust to all!!!


I can't believe this is even real. I read a million BFP stories and tried to find hope and our miracle in each one. It's finally our turn and I'm shocked. We have been trying for 15 months. Our issues included my age of 39 years old and his morphology of 0%. We tried everything including Clomid, Letrozole, two failed IUIs and then changed REs. First month with new doc who have gave us the chance of less than 10% tried letrozole w/ a few injectables (samples, we couldn't afford a real injectable cycle yet), a trigger shot, and IUI. This IUI was totally different. We had 138 million motile sperm and I released at least two eggs. I instantly felt cramping and burning pain that lasted all night long after the IUI.
1-2dpo/1-2dpiui- nothing, started progesterone on 2dpiui
3dpo/3dpiui- mildly tender breasts, constipation
4-8dpo/4-8dpiui- nothing
9dpo/dpiui- huge BBT implantation dip, that afternoon had breast tenderness increasing throughout the night, constipation, cramps, nausea, took pregnancy test- faint line, ? HCG trigger shot remaining
10dpo/10dpiui- breast tenderness, constipation, skin breakout, gassy, irritability, cramps, dizziness, back pain
11dpo/11dpiui- breast tenderness, constipation, skin breakout, gassy, irritability
12dpo/12dpiui- breast tenderness, constipation, skin breakout, gassy, irritability, cramps, fatigue, bloating
13dpo/13dpiui- scant brown spotting (one episode)
13-14dpo/13-14dpiui- breast tenderness, constipation, skin breakout, gassy, irritability, cramps
15-18dpo/dpiui- breast tenderness, constipation, skin breakout, gassy, irritability, cramps, fatigue, nausea, bloating
16dpo/16dpiui- BFP!!!!!!

Our beautiful BFP- round one success with ICSI!

Here's a little bit about us! I am 25 my husband is 26, we were married 2 and a half years ago and have been trying for just shy of 3 years. After hundreds or blood tests, 5 rounds of clomid ( ovulating well each cycle) laproscopic surgery to check for endometriosis, and my husbands sperm tested we were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. We were beyond frustrated and referred for IVF. Because of our age I was hesitant to go down the IVF road, and held onto the hope we would conceive naturally. Eventually i was sick of the disappointment and we moved into IVF. It has been the best thing we have done, we discovered my husband had low motility which was not picked up before and we needed ICSI to conceive. We got our BFP first go!!

Here are some of my symptoms :) sorry it's in reverse!

8dp5dt- very positive pregnancy test at 2am! Had a suspicion I was pregnant and couldn't sleep!! Positive blood test this day also! BETA 77.
7dp5dt- dizzy spells and hot flushes and sweating in afternoon, nausea when smelling strangers body odour, heartburn, fatigue, nausea, cramping and fullness around ovaries, bloated stomach.
6do5dt- extreme exhaustion, spent afternoon on the lounge couldn't move so tired . Heart burn, cramping. Hot flushes. Dizziness.
5dp5dt- diahorrea, stomach pain, exhaustion.
4dp5dt- swelling.
3dp5dt- swelling.
2dp5dt- swollen stomach and constipation. (From egg retrieval and progesterone I suspect)

Since my positive pregnancy test I have continued to be exhausted, period style cramping, nausea and heart burn. At 5 weeks my boobs are now starting to hurt also. I know it may sound cliche, but the three years of heart ache and disappointment feels like a distant memory now. I would do IVF 10 times over to get this result, and from my experience IVF was no where near as bad as I had expected!!

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BFP at 15dpo 9 weeks after vecectomy reversal!

Hi thought I'd share my story. Only been ttc for 2 months. This will be baby #6!! My final baby! I have 5 boys already and while I was pregnant with my last, DH and I decided it would be best to get a vecectomy done. When my youngest was a year old we decided to try once more for a girl but would be happy with another boy, but this is defo the last!

1st month I didn't take any vitamins or exercise at all really. Bfn.

The next month I decided I was really gonna make the effort and decided to make sure I was healthy and in good shape to conceive so I walked 2 or 3 times a day, a mile each time, occasionally burnt off 150 cal on the crosstrainer and began taking 7 seas trying for a baby vitamins. (made me feel really good)

BD a couple times leading up to O and when O test was + we BD again and a couple days after.

At 8dpo I started testing every day (some times more than once) which was silly, I know. I had tender swollen boobs everyday up until day 11 when the swelling subsided. Had stabby pains in lower right side, occasional AF like cramps (just once or twice a day for a min) noticed veins on one boob and my chest at about 9dpo. defo felt pregnant! Tests kept coming back bfn! Tried 10mlu ic's and superdrug 10mlu cheapie and cb digital. Still bfn.
Then on 13dpo I took a superdrug test at night and it was bfn and I took an almighty strop like a toddler and cried coz I was so sure and finally let go that this wasn't my month.

The next morning I took a predictor test only because I had it left and I was due AF the day before and still nothing. Bfn... Until 10 mins later I could see a tiny line that I wasn't even sure was there, so later that day I took a FR, same again. Looked bfn until 10 mins later then really faint almost invisible line. They can't all be evaps, right? Next morning (15dpo) I took one more 1st response 6days early and again a faint line but darker and defo visible in any light at all. So there it is BFP with baby number 6, 9 weeks after vecectomy reversal.

He only had vecectomy for coming up 3 years so he didn't have it long. Very happy!

Don't give up hope. It's not over till AF shows! FX for all u ttc. Baby dust to all ***** ;) xxxx

Ps not a very good photo lol but it's all I had.


I'm posting this to give all the ladies who are struggling to reach your goals some hope.
Background info:
Husband - low sperm count, low morphology, and low mobility.
Me - irregular ovulation, long cycles (42 days), recent diagnosed with insulin problem had to take Metformin.

We started with 1 round of unmedicated iui, 1 round of clomid iui, 3 rounds of folistim iui. NONE of those worked.
Then after taking about 7 months off to recuperate my body, we decided to start with IVF.
12 eggs were retrieved, 8 were mature, and only 4 fertilized. Doctor said that my egg quality is not so good might be due to the insulin problem. There was only 1 fertilized egg reached blastocyst stage and GDP was performed. It was our ONLY normal blastocyst. While waiting for the GDP result we has to freeze the embryo.

We had a frozen embryo transfer and I thought this would not work when I heard that people transfer multiple embryos at a time and sometimes only one would take.
There was no symptoms during the wait besides pulling sensation in the lower abdomen area ( blood work was 9 days post transfer).

The progesterone oil injection was so torturing and I needed a reason to go on, so I cheated and tested on the 6th day after transfer. It was a faint positive!! This makes the injections so much more bearable!

9 days post transfer:
1st beta = HCG 181
11 days post transfer:
2nd beta = HCG 587

Ladies, no matter how unlikely it is, there is hope and it will happen!! Hang in there and believe in yourself!!

Miracle on TTC Street!

I thank God for allowing this miracle to happen. I am 38, hubby is 39, and we've been trying to conceive for 2 years. Hubby was diagnosed with low sperm, motility and count. I had fibroids and possibly "old eggs". I conceived June 2013 after IUI with Clomid, but miscarried at 9 weeks. We knew there was trouble with that pregnancy from the start as my HCG was not doubling from the beginning and the baby did not measure correctly. Before we had the IUI, the doctor said my fibroids would not get in the way, but after the miscarriage, he concluded that they might have had something to do with it. So I had a myomectomy in October 2013 to remove them, and was told we couldn't try to conceive for three months until I healed. Those 3 months felt like an eternity! We tried IUI with Clomid 2 more times, and then finally decided to move on to IVF last month. It was the best decision we ever made. After a Follistim protocol, I ended up with 8 mature follicles, 3 of which fertilized and were transferred. I was shocked that only three fertilized and we had nothing to freeze, but as they say, it only takes one. How about this for timing... we had the embryo transfer on my husband's birthday, and on my birthday I found out I was pregnant via blood test! It was seriously the best birthday of my life. I never thought my 38th birthday could be so blissful! I am now 7 weeks, and the ultrasound reflects a perfect baby with great measurements and heartbeat. My due date is January 5, 2015.

As far as symptoms, I had virtually none. No breast tenderness, no nausea, no tiredness. Maybe a couple of hot flashes, but I've learned that fertility meds often cause them, so I didn't put too much stock in that. I did have implantation bleeding on 11 dpo. I recognized it immediately as I had it in my previous pregnancy. The only difference is that in the previous pregnancy, I had the bleeding on 13 dpo. I don't know how true this is, but I've read if you have implantation bleeding that late, that may result in miscarriage, because it shows that the embryo was slow to implant and therefore defective. At least that was very true in my case.

Ladies, if this could happen to me it will happen to you. Don't lose the faith. I know it's hard, but in the end when it does happen, it will all be worth it. Keep praying for God's will to be done, and not your own. That shows him that you aren't expecting him to do things on your watch and that you respect his timing. Enjoy life while TTC and trust that this will happen when it is meant to. And a final piece of advice - if you are teetering between IUI and IVF, just do the IVF (if of course you have the means to do it). We are fortunate to live in CT where it is covered by insurance, so that helped. For some reason I was initially scared to do it, but once it was all over I realized it wasn't that bad. I was kicking myself after 4 IUI's and wished I had done IVF sooner. The cycle goes by so quickly and the meds are not nearly as awful as Clomid can be. I love you all! Keep on persevering and know that miracles happen all the time! I'm praying for all of you sweet ladies.

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Bfp on Mothers Day!!!! :)

BFP on Mother's Day! :)

I have been reading this site for the last year. My dh and I have been ttc #1 for 12 months and have been married almost 6 years. It has helped me so much reading everyone else's bfp stories & I am soooo happy it is finally my turn to share mine :) I just hope it helps someone! It still doesn't feel real honestly. We tried naturally for 6 months. Nothing. So I went in for my yearly gyno apt and she was immediately alarmed when I told her we had been only using the "pull out" method for 7 years. No condoms or birth control. She said I should have been pregnant long ago and ordered a sperm analysis. It came back bad. Just bad. High ph level. Didn't liquify for 2 hours. I could go on and on. Because of this my gyno sent me straight to the RE. He started my husband on a lot of vitamins and I added in a few after research for his specific problems. We started iui's. I did the hsg test (tubes open). First attempt at iui, failed. Second attempt, failed. Third attempt, BFP!!!!! It takes 3 months for the vitamins and dietary changes to make a difference to sperm. This iui his sperm was awesome! So much better! Exactly 3 months after starting them! He also quit alcohol completely. And ate tons of Brazil nuts. I can not stress to you enough how much the husbands diet and vitamins help! The woman is only half the equation. Here is the thing I want to say (bc I always wondered this)... I feel the exact same as I do every month before my period. It's not cramps but it's that feeling in my lower stomach like something is going on and AF is almost here. Instead 13dpiui I got a bfp!!!! So if you don't have crazy pregnancy symptoms, don't count yourself out! I feel exactly like I always do at this point in my cycle. Praying for everyone's bfp to come soon!!! :)

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Answered prayers!!

I wasn't sure I would ever have the chance to post this. After 14 months, God has answered our prayers for pregnancy! I used to read every new BFP by DPO story there was. . . I'm so happy to have one of my own!

So, we had been TTC for 14 months. We have tried Clomid, Femara, and injectibles - 5 failed IUIs, one failed fresh IVF cycle and one failed frozen IVF (FET) cycle. This was our third IVF cycle (2nd FET) and we did ICSI every time. The first two IVF cycles we transferred two embryos and this time based on the doctor's recommendation we transferred three. According to my RE, studies show that 90% of couples will get pregnant within 3 IVF cycles. Since my first ended in a chemical pregnancy and the second was a negative pregnancy test, I had every hope that the third one would be "it" for us, and it was!

You don't ovulate with a FET because they shut your system down with lupron (and don't want your body to release eggs as you already have frozen embryos to use). That said, you still count your "O" day as either the day you retrieve eggs (in a fresh cycle) or the day of conception. So, since we were using 3 day embryos and my transfer was on April 15, that would have made my "O" date 3 days earlier. . . April 12.

Prior to my ovulation date, the major noticeable difference this cycle was the increased CM. It was ridiculous how much there was. It was watery and so substantial that I could be standing talking to someone at work and all of a sudden it would start running down my leg! I would run to the bathroom, thinking it was pee?! blood?! but no, just CM. It was like that the entire cycle, so I must have been extremely fertile. Here are the rest of my symptoms:

1 DPO Increased CM
2 DPO Increased CM
3 DPO Date of transfer, out of it due to the valium, no noticeable symptoms besides being groggy
4 DPO/1dp3dt Increased CM
5 DPO/2dp3dt Increased CM
6 DPO/3dp3dt Very mild cramps (not like period cramps), mild pressure on and off, increased CM (had to start using liners at this point)
7 DPO/4dp3dt Very mild cramps, mild pressure on and off, increased CM
8 DPO/5dp3dt Mild cramps and pressure, hot flashes, constipation (unusual bc normally I go at the same time every day), increased CM
9 DPO/6dp3dt Mild cramps and pressure, very sore lower back, heartburn, increased CM, strong smelling urine
10 DPO/7dp3dt Bloating, cramps and mild pressure, backache (hurt to run across the street), heartburn, hot flashes, constipation (then later diarrhea!), acne breakout near my mouth
11 DPO/8dp3dt Twinges in my abdomen, continuous backache -- testing with FRER and FMU....BFP!! It was a faint line that didn't show up until 2 minutes 45 seconds in. . . and the test said to read results after 3 minutes so I had all but given up.
12DPO/9dp3dt Mild/dull cramps, pressure, twinges, backache, a little darker BFP with FRER and FMU
13DPO/10dp3dt Cramps, pressure, backache, constipation, even darker BFP!!

My first beta was at 13DPO/10dp3dt and they wanted to see a 20 or higher for a positive test. My beta was 79! Thrilled!
My second beta was at 17DPO/14dp3dt and they wanted my 79 to have doubled twice (double every 48 hours), so they wanted to see 316. My second beta was at 459!!!

We go for our first ultrasound in 5 days when I will be 6w2d along! I am SO EXCITED!

Praise God for this amazing gift!!! Oh, how he loves us!!!!!

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Hi Everyone! Can't believe I am posting this and on the one month I didn't think I would be pregnant at all! We were only trying for 5 months but I have a very regular 28-29 day cycle and Usually ovulate on day 13-15 and I used OPKs from the very beginning so it definitely made me think something was wrong and I got pregnant the first month trying with my other 2 kids!

I've had endo for a couple years now and my periods were getting horrendous.
We also found out hubby had a low sperm count of around 11-19 million. Motility was normal though. I tried everything to TTC the first 4 months from opks, pre-seed, mucinex, softcups, evening primrose, supplements/vitamins, you name it!

This was the first month I STOPPED ALL of that! And BAM BFP!

I was scheduled for an HSG test to check my tubes in a couple months and kind of gave up on hope until then so I was more relaxed and accepting that it probably would not to happen until I found out what was wrong.

Symptoms were EXACTLY the same as my regular PMS symptoms. There was nothing special about this month and now I know that symptom checking was a big waste of my time all these months! If anything there were a few less pms sympoms I usually get every month like no spotting the 1-2 days before AF or night sweats, no regular pre-af migraine either. Also I am rarely late for af except one time by 3 days that really tricked me and had me upset so I said I would never test before that time frame!


DPO: 9 SORE/TENDER BOOBS STARTED (Like they always do at this time. I for sure thought I was out when this happened since it was such a normal pms thing for me)

DPO: 10-12 STILL SORE BOOBS AND terrible cramps/shooting ovary pains begin. I also get a little of this a few days before I start af but these were so much more intense and I couldn't even sleep. I thought I was gearing up for the worst period of my life. I still don't know if this was worse for me because of my endo or not.


DPO 14: AF DUE....WOKE UP WITH BREAST SORENESS BACK FULL FORCE! WEIRD....MAYBE I AM PREGNANT CAUSE IT'S NEVER GONE AWAY AND THEN CAME BACK A DAY LATER. STILL BAD CRAMP/OVARY PAIN. Don't want to test in fear of a negative and decide to wait until I'm at least 3 days late cause I've never been that late before.


DPO: SAME SYMPTOMS AND DECIDE TO TEST BEFORE I DOWN SOME PAIN KILLERS FOR THE DISCOMFORT IN MY TUMMY. BAM! BFP!!! LINE CAME UP RIGHT AWAY AND WAS DARKER THAN THE TEST LINE ON MY FRER! Couldn't believe how dark it was and thinking I probably would have found out sooner but didn't wanna be disappointed with a negative. Then took a Clear blue digital that said I'm 2-3 weeks along. Soooo excited and shocked that I couldn't stop looking at the tests!

Never thought it was gonna happen cause I lost so much hope after the other months trying.
I almost think me relaxing more this month and not expecting it to really happen helped as dumb as that sounds!

I did notice more ewcm 3-5 days before I was supposed to ovulate because I barely get any of that. We did use a little coconut oil every time we BDed because I like the feel of it and heard it doesn't harm sperm. I think pre-seed is a waste of money because that never got me pregnant but if you like it (which we thought it was messy and hated the feeling) than use it. Also Mucinex made my cm too watery and didn't do much at all. I did continue taking (1) Evening primrose oil pill everyday, even during 2WW because it helps my PMS a little.

I honestly didn't think I ovulated this month because my Clear Blue Digital Advanced Ovulation tests kept giving me "flashing Smileys" for 10 straight days, indicating "high estrogen" but I NEVER got the solid smiley for detecting my LH surge and I knew If I would have ovulated it would have been with my 2nd back up cheapy line tests that I also used that were positive and matched with my charting. Also I always get O pains and that tells me I am and strangely I didn't have those for 2 months and was worried.

Don't waste your money on the expansive OPKS because they are confusing and not very accurate. I like Answer Brand test strips.

I never did tempting because I kinda knew when my ovulation was based on my Answer brand OPKs and my normal cycles. I think tempting would have stressed me out way more than anything and would have been more of a negative obsessive thing for me.

Any Questions, feel free to ask!