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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Male Factor

Male factor infertility can certainly insert a few turns and detours on your path to your BFP. If you've managed to get double lines on your pregnancy test despite contending with male factor infertility, we want to know about it! Send us your story through this contact form.

Pregnant with endometriosis - and after Husbands cancer

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis about 3 years ago, and told if you want kids youd better start now. We werent really in a position to and so i went on pill to 'treat' endo with the plan we would try as soon as we were married. Through this time I lso found out I have a retroverted uterus. So after doing a lot of research and knowing a lot of girls with endo, I knew id probably need IVF so saved to pay for this privately. Also about a year before we were married, my husband found a testicular lump, and had to have his whole testicle removed. This to me understandibly was so hard at time and I made my peace with maybe the kids thing wont happen now. I was told by experts that we should try for maybe 3 months then get moving on treatments. It was just over 1 month after my wedding I got my BFP and I am now 22+ weeks and glad to say all is going well Dont ever lose hope girls, the stress of that makes it so much harder
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FET #1 success! BFP 8dp5dt

Me: 28, DH: 32. Tried on our own just four cycles, then DH was impatient and got tested... Discovered low sperm count, poor morphology and very poor motility. Retested a couple of times with similar results. Decided to proceed with IVF with ICSI. Discovered during routine tests that I have a unicornuate uterus, so multiples would be impossible for me to carry... We will have to put back one embryo at a time. I overstimmed bigtime - after retrieval I was hospitalized overnight two seperate times due to dehydration, nausea/vomiting, and pain. Ladies, know that severe OHSS puts you at very high risk for blood clots, so please don't suffer through it at home... Seek care! I had three paracentesis procedures to remove liters of fluid from my abdomen. It was easily the most uncomfortable I've ever been in my life, but let me tell you, IV dilaudid is a wonder drug. Seven days after retrieval I finally started to feel 'normal'. I had been too sick to do a transfer, so it was a freeze-all cycle. As for the results: retrieved 48 eggs, 36 mature, 28 fertilized, 16 still growing at day 3, 6 high-grade blasts frozen on day 5, and three more frozen day 6, so 9 total frosties, five of which are graded 5AA! What a relief after all the awfulness. Waited three months due to moving and scheduling. Did our first FET of a single 5 day, 5AA blast on 9/22. The emby thawed beautifully - the embryologist said it had 100% cell survival (anything over 50% is viable). I resisted POAS until this morning, 8dp5dt... I peed on a FRER with FMU and then quickly hid it in a drawer. I waited for DH to wake up, told him what I had done, debated whether to look or to wait for beta tomorrow... And decided to go for it. I steeled myself for that stark white negative. I grabbed the stick with my hand covering the results. We stood together, took a breath, and I opened my hand to see... Two lovely lines. We couldn't believe it! Based on the strength of the line I think I would've been able to test + at least a couple days earlier, but didn't want to drag it out, so waited almost to beta day. What I did in TWW: nothing special except eating pretty well, hydrating, and obviously not drinking. I didn't do any bed rest at all - my RE believes normal activity and blood flow are important. In fact, immediately after the transfer I did a bit of shopping, went to lunch, and once the valium wore off I drove myself home (6.5 hour drive)! I made sure to stop every couple hours to walk and move around, and stretch a little. Okay, so symptoms: first I have to say that they're barely there, and all easily could be attributed to the progesterone or wishful thinking. - starting 1dp5dt: heaviness/pressure in uterine area that is usually but not always there. I attributed this to progesterone. A couple sharper twinges, but those weren't until 7dp5dt. Zero implantation spotting. -starting 5dp5dt: a bit of fatigue, feeling a TINY bit queasy if I let myself get hungry, a whiff of indigestion, a hint of dizzy/lightheadedness, maybe a tad more sensitive to smells... All very minor things that I swore I felt in other tww's. Basically I would not have been surprised to get a BFN. So don't lose hope if your symptoms are mild or even nonexistent. Good luck to everyone reading this!
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BFP After One Year!

I really don't even know if I should believe this is true, but I got my first BFP today. I have been TTC for one year. A couple of months ago I had DH do a SA and wildly enough it came back that he had low morphology (incorrect shaped sperm) so only 2.75-4% was the right shape to get me pregnant. Literally on Monday I was told I needed to go see a fertility specialist and probably jump straight to IUI. I have been devastated since and have my appointment on Thursday. But God had another plan for me! I really hope it sticks. I have wanted to give up so bad and as you all know, it's been an emotional roller coaster, but I am so happy. For those of you wanting to know about symptoms (just like I did), I really didn't have much. Just sore nipples, some dizziness, some fatigue, but to be honest, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Just thought AF was coming. I wish you all your BFP's!

It happens when you least expect it to!

I have been reading through everyone's struggle to conceive and relating to just about all your stories.... Well here's mine... My husband and I have been trying to conceive for the past 2 years, first year I had my mirena removed and was told by my gynae that as a result from the mirena I had very thin walls which would make it very difficult to carry a child so we should have protected sex for at least 3 months. - Which we did -was weird considering we're married. I had heard that folic acid helps to thicken the lining of your uterus walls so I started taking them. After 3 months we started for several months to no avail :( we were so disappointed went back to my gynae and her said all was fine with me have we considered having my hubby checked, he recommended a urologist. After doing his first S/A we found that his count was less than 1 mil I was devastated and as you can imagine so was my hubby. Was told to wait 3 months a he suggested my hubby take Staminagrow a vitamin. After 3 month we went back and his count was worse than the first S/A at this point I had lost all hope and got frustrated when the he told us to come back 3 months again. When we came back again his count was 0.5mil his testosterone levels were slightly low too. At this point the Urologist said that it looks like ICSI is our only option and it's best we look for a fertility specialist. I was in tears. My gynae gave me clomid even though I didn't have a problem with ovulation I took it in June X5 50mg the first 5 days of my period. Nothing happened, got my period like clock work at the end of July forgot to take the clomid the day I started took it only twice. Ended being admitted to hospital for chronic bronchitis. They were pumping me with steroids as my lungs had basically collapsed and different antibiotics I was there for 4 days - knew it was my ovulation week so told hubby we needed to BD LoL he was like where...lets just say I made a plan -desperate measures calls for drastic moves :) we felt like teenagers again. Took all the meds that was prescribed to me just wanting to get better so we could continue TTC. 2 weeks later I was waiting for AF to arrive and nothing, not wanting to get too excited over nothing and sure didn't feel pregnant I am usually a 28-29 day cycle when we eventually got to 32 days I still didn't want to test in fear of the BFN I called my gynae and he told me to wait till I was 10 days late then call him to make an appointment, boobs were sore, lil bit of nausea, increase in appetite, insomina and terrible mood swings was snapping at everyone which is so unlike me. On my 37th day I was seeing a ENT specialist and found out that they are going to have to operate on me and he asked if I was pregnant to which I replied not that I know of however I am late and he asked me how long is my cycle and so forth and he said he thinks I am pregnant however he cannot operate on me till we know. So called my gynae told him I needed to know he told me to do a blood test as it would be best considering the time frame with me and my Op. Called him this morning and was told POSITIVE - I am officially pregnant! So all I can say to all you ladies do ever loose hope - God knows best, His timing is always perfect. From being told ICSI is our only option to conceiving naturally. Baby Dust to all...

BFP with vitex after 10 months ttc

DH & I are both healthy and 30. Had been trying since June 2013 with a break for 3 months earlier this year. I found out I had no immunity to chicken pox and had to have a vaccine & wait 3 months before trying again. In this time we had lots of tests done. DH came back with low & clumpy SA. I immediatly got him on vitamin C & Fertile Max. 2.5 months later his results were soo much better the doc asked what medication he was on. Next came my issues, I've had painful AF & spotting for the last 4-5 years & once we started ttc it got worse. Had an ultrasound & found a complex cyst & fibroid, that didnt go away after my next 2 month scan. My gyno also said my CD21 hormones were too low (progesterone) & wanted me to take Clomid. Having read that clomid wasn't very good for women with cysts, i started hunting for a herbal alternative and found the wonderful VITEX! 1st month my some what regular cycle dropped to 20 days long (taking 1 x 1000 mg per day) & with no pain at all. 2nd month it increased to 23 with a little cramping. Month 3 I increased my vitex dose to 3 x 1000mg a day & on CD 28 I got my first ever BFP!! ive also been takingo B6, B12 & Vitamin C daily. I hope my experience helps someone else in their journey & I really recommend you try vitex for at least 3 months :)

Over 3 Years TTC

I can't believe it's my turn! My DH and I have been TTC since we got married. I'm 30 and he's 35. After a few months I decided to try using OPK's. They didn't work for me and I was frustrated and spending too much $! I'd start at cd10 and would neg up to cd22. One month I finally got my first "blinking smiley face" and it stayed that way for 9 days and I never got the standard smiley. I started temping trying to figure my O Day at cd21 and some months it was all over the place. After a year we went to an RE. He started me on Femara since I wasn't O'ing each cycle. My husband had an SE which came back slightly low. He had be dx with Acromegaly, a rare form of adult giantism the year prior. He had a golf-ball sized tumor removed from his pituitary gland and his symptoms started to improve. He was put on Clomid to help with his sperm and started taking FertilAid. Within a few months his sperm count increased to low-normal. We continued Femara and then started injectibles to time our chances better-BFN's. We then had our first IUI-BFN. Something was bothering me about the clinic and I really liked the doctor, but I didn't like his RN's. I didn't feel they cared about me and the one RN also talked to me like I was an idiot. I decided to switch RE's, but a bit further. She was great! I didn't have to temp-wahoo! I'd been temping for over a year with the other RE and on my own- I was sick of it! She checked my blood work each cycle, before and after O, and the other clinic didn't. We did 2 IUI's-BFN. I was starting to lose hope. Everyone around me was getting pregnant and I was turning into Negative Nancy-BFN as in Big Fat Negative Nancy since I had gained weight through TTC and even though I was exercising and eating well I was gaining! My boobs were ginourmous- I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. We had taken 6m off TTC to give us a break and my DH quit drinking and we started marriage counseling. We started repairing our relationship after the toll that TTC and other life stressors put on our marriage. I had already spoke with the RE about IVF before our break. I was putting financials in order, but then going through such a rough patch in our relationship. We were even turned down for a loan for IVF and I thought it wasn't meant to be. We decided to start trying again and the RE did bloodwork and saw that my Prolactin was high and sent me for an MRI. They found a small pituitary tumor that was producing too much Prolactin making my boobs ginourmous and throwing my ovulation off each month. My husband and I both had pituitary tumors!! I was put on Cabergoline in June and my symptoms improved. In Aug we decided to try IUI again since we couldn't afford IVF and our insurance covers half. I did Femara days 4-8 (supp to be 3-7, but my Rx wasn't sent through), and 250mg Ovidrel on cd14 after finding 1 follie (18mm and 1 large 30mm cyst that's been there for a year)on u/s cd 12. Our insurance didn't cover Ovidrel and it cost $140. I didn't think 1 follie would be enough! It was! The morning of the IUI was a disaster! My husband is a firefighter and had to do his sample at work and then rush it to the clinic. He got "stage fright" and couldn't do it- I cried. He tried again at home and he got it! I rushed to the clinic 45 mins away and almost ran out of gas! I was so afraid we wouldn't get the sample there in time and it wouldn't be enough (didn't look like a lot)! It was! 19 million (93%mot, 81%morph)! 1-8dpiui-bloating, slight dizziness 9-14dpiui-same with indigestion, fatigue (no boob tenderness at all!) Very very faint BFP on 13dpiui-DH was skeptical (CVS brand) Faint BFP on 14dpiui, BFP on Clear Blue Digital! We still need to get bloodwork to confirm, but after NEVER having the slightest BFP I'm so excited! I'm hoping it's a sure thing! Sorry so long, but 3y is a lot of work! I didn't like when people said "it'll happen"- it made me so mad, but they were right! Keep praying my friends <3

lucky and grateful

My first ever faint Positive tests today after more than 3 years of trying, tests and doctors. We were "unexplained" until finally a detailed second semen analysis showed male factor morphology and motility to be the issues. I want to encourage all women reading this to be sure to pursue the male testing thoroughly if you are having difficulty, as we could have saved a year by having the more detailed testing (that was never mentioned to us until we enrolled in ivf) done. Male factor accounts for 40% of infertility issues and yet we seem to assume it is the female partner for some reason. I tried everything you can name, but science was what worked for us- iVF with ICSI, which is when the sperm are injected into the eggs to ensure they have a chance! We were able to freeze 5 extra embryos because they were so good. No one can understand the pain and silence of infertility until you have experienced it, but please be sensitive to the fact that one in six couples will face it, and that many around you are suffering greatly and silently. As for symptoms, I have come to understand that most of what we think are symptoms are really just progesterone and pms. The only unusual symptom I had was a small amount of dizziness and weakness for a couple of minutes on the two mornings after the embryo transfer. But that could just as easily have been due to the many medications coming and going in my system. Everything else was exactly like every other cycle I have ever had, same cm changes same breast feelings, same twinges and pains and cramps, same increase in sense of smell, same moodiness. SAME. So my advice is to spend your time investigating ways you can become a parent, not just reading these symptoms, during your 2ww. Make a plan for if it doesn't work this time, so you can feel more in control and find your resolution, be it adoption, trying ivf, or choosing to live child free and finding freedom to be happy to nurture the children in your family or "village". I still have back-up plans in case this little bean doesn't stick. My heart goes out to you if you are waiting and losing hope, but I have been there and I may be again, and I can say that your struggle will make you more patient and compassionate and grateful for life, and you will one day find peace and an answer. Try to access that part of you that always has peace, and get off the internet and live for today as much as possible.

BFP on IVF #1 :)

I promised myself I would submit my story when and if I ever got a BFP. This site, and others like it have given me hope and really helped me during my (VERY numerous) two week waits. My husband (45) and I (35) have been TTC for exactly a year. Very early on, we were diagnosed with severe MFI, mostly based on low morphology. My husband had a vericocele reversal in 1986, and our doc thinks that might be why his numbers were so low. We tried monitored and timed cycles, and 3 IUIs with trigger to no avail. Every cycle, I mistook PMS symptoms for early pregnancy symptoms and was always so disappointed, though in my heart I knew IVF would probably be the only route for us. We began Lupron at a dose of 10 on cycle day 21, and that was lowered when we added stims on CD 2 (Gonal F 150 and Menopur - 1 powder- along with the Lupron at 5). I was on stims for nine days, and triggered on CD 12. My retrieval was on CD 14, and they got 16 eggs out of there, 11 of which were fertilized. By day 3, we still had 10 which were growing healthily enough for them to push my transfer back to Day 5. On Day 5, we transferred one 5AA Blast and now have 7 blasts on ice. My beta was this morning, and came up 250! Today is 14 "dpo" so to speak. We are anxiously awaiting the next two betas, scheduled for Monday and Weds. If I have any advice to give it would be to make sure you have a fertility clinic with a great staff that is good at maintaining contact and giving you information in a timely manner. Although I wasn't thrilled with my fertility doctor herself (who I never really saw anyway), I WAS thrilled with the nursing staff. They explained everything so well, and always answered my questions. The nurses and support staff are just as important as the doctor, in my opinion! Good luck to all!

Only had one embryo and it took!

My DH and I just did our first round of IVF. Our issue was male factor. I'm 33 and he's 41. I didn't respond well to the meds so I only had 2 eggs to retrieve and 1 that was mature. It fertilized and we did a 3 day transfer. Well, that baby was a fighter and it took! My bb's and nipples were soooo sore about 6dp3dt, so I took a test. It came back positive about an hour after. Did three more tests, that day and day 7 all of them popped up positive AFTER the allotted time. Finally 8dp3dt my pink line popped right up! Had beta day 10 and I'm definitely pregnant! Other symptoms, I bruised in four places from acupuncture at 7dp, bb's veins were much darker and I had "odd" cramping not consistent with my normal AF cramps. They were twingy and inconsistent. But above all my bb's/nipples were so sore I couldn't sleep on my stomach anymore! That's it! Good luck to everyone. Still doesn't feel real!
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Shocked!! BFP au Naturale with 1% Morphology

I promised myself I would post my story if and when I ever got my BFP! These stories really got me through some devastating months. My husband and I started our TTC journey in January. We knew he had varicocele but he wanted to try for a few months before getting it checked out. From the very beginning I was charting taking my BBT, using OPKs, preseed, and lying flat after DTD with my legs in the air for 30 minutes. My periods fluctuate within four days every month. I was getting positives on the ovulations kits and having periods monthly. My doctor said there was no reason to test me yet but that my husband needed to go get his varicocele checked out. So he made an appointment for the end of March. He went in for a SA and we got devastating news. His count was 37 million (low end of normal), motility was fine, but his morphology came back at 1%. The doctor said not to give up yet that we could conceive on our own - it may just take a while. In the mean time he also had normal checkup with his PCP and had a blood test. He found out that he had a SEVERE vitamin D deficiency. He was prescribed 50,000 I/U's of vitamin D twice a week for three months and then once a week for another three months. On month four he started the vitamin D prescription and switched from briefs to boxers. Two more months went by and nothing. We were timing everything perfectly so I just didn't understand. After reading all kinds of boards, I was convinced he was going to have to have surgery and/or go straight to IVF due to the morphology issue. My doctor told me to give it a few more months before we did anything drastic because his sperm could change. We were about to make an appointment for a second SA in August but we didn't have to - I got my BFP in JULY!!! The only thing we did differently was we had sex MORE! We DTD four days before ovulation, two days before, one day before, the day of, the next day and day after that. It was almost exactly 90 days after my husband started taking the vitamin D and switched to boxers. I've heard it takes 90 days for sperm to change so I can't help but think it had something to do with that. I'm about 4 weeks today so I'm still being cautiously optimistic. I have prayed every day for this baby!! Here are my symptoms by DPO: 1 DPO - Nausea and cramps 2 DPO - 5 DPO - nothing much 6 DPO - nausea, cramps, and I couldn't drink one glass of wine without feeling sick (weird) 7 DPO - nausea, cramps, extreme fatigue! 8 DPO - nausea, cramps, I tried to drink my morning coffee and almost puked! I live for my coffee!! 9 DPO - still lots of nausea. I decide to take two WONDFO tests that night. I waited 10 minutes and BFN. I left my test and three hours later was about to throw it away and noticed the faintest of faint pink line on BOTH. I'm freaking out because I dont know if it's even valid since it was so many hours after but I have never seen a line before. 10 DPO - nausea, cramps, take a FRER and wondfo - both have a very very very faint pink line - almost so faint that i'm doubting it. I went to by a clear blue digital (even though I know normally they are not very sensitive) and more FRER. I take a FRER, WONDFO, and Clearblue digitial and it shows up PREGNANT within three minutes. The other two had visible faint pink lines. I'm in SHOCK! 11 DPO - I took four more tests and the lines were a little dark 12 DPO - lines a little darker!! I still can't believe it. I'm praying for a sticky bean!! Don't lose hope!! :)