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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Male Factor

Male factor infertility can certainly insert a few turns and detours on your path to your BFP. If you've managed to get double lines on your pregnancy test despite contending with male factor infertility, we want to know about it! Send us your story through this contact form.

17 Long Months Next Step Was to be IVF.... Miracle Baby!!!

Hi ladies just like all of you I stalked this site for 2 years! Reading rare success stories thinking it will never be me! A little bit about us I'm 27 Dh is 26 I have a slight hormonal imbalance and hate 35+ day cycles after a while we found out Dh had mild varicocele. We started iui just finished 3rd iui worse sperm count ever iui first day 2mil second day 3mil. Doctor said next step ivf! Deep down I knew this was it baby chose us finally. Symptoms: 1dpo-5dpo Nothing 6dpo - Bleeding gums 10 dpo - HCG trigger out of system BFN thought I'm done start figuring out ivf financing 11dpo - Massive diarreha, nausea, boobs hurt all over 12dpo - BFP on two digital tests... shock! Thought I was out... I go straight to fertility clinic Beta is 47.67 progesterone is 186! Second beta Tuesday grow baby grow my miracle bean! Stay positive even though it kills you and you feel like no hope is left!
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Runny Nose?? It Might Not be Your Allergies 8DPO BFP!!!

I promised I would share my BFP story for those of you who stalk this site like I did reading inspirational stories and keeping hope alive. This is long but full of very helpful info if you are TTC!!! This is my 3rd cycle TTC. I removed my Mirena IUD in December and suffered no period for 2 months with crazy pregnancy symptoms for the whole 2 months. I did a 2 week detox and started Fertiliade to regulate my cycle (got AF 2 weeks after starting pills). This month I pulled out all the stops. I used BBT charting, Ovulation strips (I bought them in bulk on ebay 50 for about $8), grapefruit juice and Mucinex (during ovulation), preseed, and Softcups (I rolled the edge down one to make the plastics tighter and added preseed to it before I put it in. I rolled it down to create less space, it puts the fluids up on the cervix and keeps it right up against it and I left it in for 12 hours), Prenatal vitamins, and my hubby and I were both taking fetiliaid (GNC sells it) I know it may be TMI, but I wish someone would have said this when I was trying to figure it all out. He has poor motility, morphology, and low count! The doctor told him it would be near impossible to conceive but we proved them wrong! We BD 2 days before OV and the day of OV and the day after since I still had EWCM. My BBT Charts are normally the same and around 8-9 DPO my temp starts to drop slowly until AF comes. This BBT chart was all over the place. I had a major temp drop to the cover line at 4DPO (fall back temp?) and a slow rise and then another drop at 7DPO with a decent recovery the next day (implantation dip?). All temps are lower this month than previous months but after last drop in temp it’s been a steady slow rise. Baby Dust to all! I'm living proof that if you stay positive and trust it will happen that against all odds it will. Here are my symptoms. OV- Lots and lots of EWCM, OPK test still dark positive in am but I know I OV because of my temp spike. I was also still taking antibiotics for an UTI (sorry TMI) 97.6 (97.3 the day before OV) 1 DPO- Nothing to note. 2 DPO- Nothing 97.8 3 DPO- Stuffy/runny nose (TMI warning: clear runny drainage), sneezing, off feeling in stomach like something wasn’t sitting right. Dizzy spells, hazy feeling. Thought it was my allergies, but allergy meds didn’t really help. Soft poops (sorry, TMI), very tired/lazy feeling most of the day, needed a major nap in PM and went to bed early-very tired. 98.2 4 DPO- Fall back temp? 97.7 (too early to be implantation dip) breast tender (but I ignore this because I get cramping, tender breast, and nausea every cycle but AF still came). Tired/lazy again. Dizzy, very runny nose all day (driving me nuts because it won’t stop), headache, very hungry. 5 DPO- Off feeling in stomach (kinda like I over ate and I have indigestion), runny poop (TMI), tired again nap at lunch, same runny stuffy nose with sneezing. 98.3 temp back up. 6 DPO- Light cramping, dizziness, light headache (not quite like a full on headache but like one was coming), watery mouth (nasty taste in mouth) off stomach feeling off and on. 98.2 7 DPO- Temp drops again 98.0 (feeling sad because this normally happens and it doesn’t rise again so I know AF is coming), runny nose, dizzy, sneezing, light headache. Normal energy today. No cramping (this is odd) Bad mood last night, ripped hubby a new one over the dog (poor guy) sleepy early at 8pm, cant sleep through the night up by 3 am with major heartburn and reflux. Neg opk test. (im a POAS-aholic!!) 8 DPO- Temp back up!! (98.4) I just know at this point something is up. I fought the feeling all month because I didn’t want to get my hopes up but I just knew it. Runny nose, sneezing, headache, cramping but not ovary cramping on the right or left side like before, it was lower and in the middle of uterus like period cramps. First real bout of nausea, decrease in appetite with bursts of hunger in between. To bed early and sleepless night again. Took FRER Pregnancy test even though OPK test was negative (OPK test will turn positive in the presence of HCG also, they were much cheaper than pregnancy tests but never a substitute) VERY VERY VERY light line, so light hubby thought I was seeing a shadow line…lol. I knew it was a BFP!!!! It was ever so lightly pink and was within the 10 min window before it is considered an evap line. By morning the line had gotten darker. If yesterday’s dip in temp was in fact an implantation dip then the line should be as light as it was because my body had just started producing HCG when implantation happened. No spotting this month at all. I normally spot every month about 5 days before my period. Major burning sensation in stomach. Finally I felt that “tugging” sensation behind belly button that everyone keeps talking about. Feels like a lil string attached to the back of your belly button and like something is pulling on it.

Glory be to God

I scoured this site during my TWW and said when I got my positive I would share my story in hopes it would help someone else. Me 30 and DH 31 are high school sweethearts and married for 3 years. I stopped using nuvring July 2012 and my cycle returned to normal 27 to 29 days. We have been trying to conceive since September 2012. I downloaded the I period app and began taking my BBT in October. When we did not conceive in November I ordered fertility blend for men for my husband. In January we began using preseed still no luck. On Jan 3 af came again and I was devastated. On this day I was listening to Klove and the encouraging story of the day came on and it was a woman who had been trying to conceive for a very long time. She talked about how she resented God for not getting pregnant and her doctors told her she would never have a baby. She repented for hating God and being jealous of others who were pregnant. The caller said she was pregnant the following month. I felt as if the Lord was speaking to me through her. Although I didn't resent the Lord I didn't want to get to that point either. In February I went to my ob and she did a day3 test. The results came back with slightly elevated dhea. I was rx'd dexamethasone to take beginning cycle day 1 through 16. Next I had a day21 that which confirmed ovulation had occurred. In February my husband got a SA and he had 2%morphology but excellent count and motility. The dr office suggested IUI but we didn't want to go that route. I downloaded the fertility friend app in February and noticed I missed ovulation the 1st 3 months that we have been trying with the I period app. In March I began taking dexamethasone with no success. In April I began taking fertile CM while still taking dexamethasone. I do not recommend fertile CM as I believe it delayed my ovulation. I usually ovulate between day 12 and 15, but when I didn't ovulate by day 14 I stopped taking fertile CM. Finally I ovulated on day 17. I didn't not get any EWCM either. April was the first month we tried the SMEP. It was exhausting but it worked!! I told my husband by having our dog wear a shirt that said I'm going to be a big sister. He was in shock. O day- nothing 1DPO - 6DPO nothing 7 - 9 DPO af cramps. This is when I started to think something was up since I do not get af cramps until 2 or 3 days before she arrives. 10 - 14DPO blood in my nose when I blew and when I brushed my teeth. Closer to 14 DPO I started getting extremely exhausted at work around 2pm which is not typical. My sense of smell heighten. POAS 12 & 13 DPO and BFN on early pregnancy test 10miu. 15 DPO day af is supposed to show. Take FRER very clear BFP!!! Took internet cheapie and a faint positive. Took a CBD and it said not pregnant. 16DPO took another CBD it said pregnant!!!!

An Absolute Miracle

My husband and I have been TTC for 4 1/2 years, with little luck. Since my husband has a son, from a previous marriage, we were positive it had to be me, which was having the complications trying to conceive. I went through surgery, and 15 cycles of Clomid. We were beginning to get so discouraged. We then visited an amazing doctor in Houston, Tx. He diagnosed my husband in just the second visit, and booked him for surgery. My husband then has his surgery in December of 2012, which we would be able to begin TTC, again, in January. January and February went by... week after week having to go back to the fertility specialist we were seeing. Having to take Clomid again, and again, and now our doctor wanting to start treatments in preparation for IUI...finally we had enough. My cycle began in mid-March 2013. I told our fertility specialist that we had decided to take April 2013 off, and we would go from there, if we still had not conceived. AF showed up March 17, 2013, and my phone app. said I would ovulate around April 2, 2013. Well, little did we know, I actually ovulated on March 30, 2013. I have always heard that if you completely don't worry about it, it will happen. I actually took this advice and engulfed myself in our new house. My step son, even made a comment, to my husband, that I was pregnant with a sister. My husband told me the next day, and I could not believe it. I thought he was joking. Little did I know, we would get our FOUR BFP's, Saturday night, 04/13/13. Another two on Sunday, and one on Monday morning, and another from the doctors office, that same Monday. My husband and I can not even believe it. We, and our families are ecstatic. Here are my TWW symptoms, day by day... CD1 - Nothing. CD2 - Craving Stuffed Jalapenos. CD3 - Nothing. CD4 - Having to go pea EVERY 10 minutes; watery CM. CD5 - Again, frequent urination; watery CM. CD6 - Seriously tired; frequent urination. CD7 - Tired; frequent urination. CD8 - Step son made comment about me being pregnant. CD9 - Tired. CD10 - Tired; frequent urination; increased sexual drive. CD11 - Tired; frequent urination; gassy; and skin break out. CD12 - Sharp stabbing pains in entire lower abdomen, around 2:40 p.m., then stopped; fatigue; frequent urination; and bad headache; plus temperature spike. CD13 - My upper back is hurting pretty constantly, with little relief only every once in a while; very slight, quick pressure and/or cramp right above pubic bone, right above lower abdomen; sharp pulling pains on right side of belly button, only lasted a few seconds; lightening bolts in genital area. CD14 - Seriously bloated, and feel like I can't suck in; skin break out. CD15 - Mild cramps in lower abdomen, feels like AF, yet somewhat like a BM (sorry, TMI); BIG FAT POSITIVE (4/4) at 10:00 P.M.; frequent urination; gassy; nausea; tender breasts, mostly right one. CD16 - Feels like some ovulation pain , mostly on right side; BFP (2/2). CD17 - BFP again (1/1); visit to doctor, Blood BFP!!!!!!!!!!! My husband and I have waited so long for this...we have an absolute miracle on the way. Good luck and baby dust to all. Don't give up!
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BFP After Trying For Nearly 2 Years - BD ON TOP

I am 33 years old and DH is 33 years old. We have been trying to conceive since Oct 2011. Every time we bd, he would complain that he wasn't inside - that he felt he was hitting a block. After the one year mark, ttc started being arguments. It wasn't until Feb 2013 that we had a major fight. I thought we would break. I started googling our problem. I found out that I had Vaginismus ( I took two weeks to get over it so that we could do full penetration. However, there were other issues. My first OB: After 8 months of TTC, I consulted my OB. She did blood work and said I was fine. She even did ultrasounds. DH's sperm analysis was low in morphology 2% and low in motility 20%. We went to see a urologist and he put my DH on clomid for 4 months. DH last dose was Feb 2013. After 4 months there was still no luck. My second OB: I decided to switch OB Feb 2013. I switched to an OB who specialized in fertility (You know this by the FACOG behind thier name that they are a specialist in fertility). So the OB was in between a general OB and a fertility doctor. He looked at my bloodwork and told me I had a problem. My thyroid was not optimal (you need a thyroid level of 1 - 2) for conceiving. He took vaginal ultrasounds and looked at my ovaries and found out I had a problem. He said it was very mild PCOS. He put me on metformin, thyroid medication, asa, fish oil. I started this beginning of Feb 1, 2013. The FIRST OB did not CATCH THIS PROBLEM!! He suggested that DH go through acupuncture (which we never did b/c of time). He told us that if we can't get the morphology above 3% he would not recommend IUI. We were heart broken because we didn't realize how serious of a problem we had. He prescribed femara which I took one cycle and we had a bfn. In Jan 2013, DH and I started exercising. We also started a power oxidation smoothie. We blended orange juice, blueberries, banana, and apples together with dinner. It helped with portion control and we prayed that it would help with his morphology. I also put him on L-Carnitine for morphology and Vitamin C for motility. April 15, 2013: I got my BFP!!!!!!! My anniversary is April 17, 2013. When I found out I was crying and jumping around. I haven't told DH yet. We had booked tickets for Vegas for our anniversary. This was without the use of femara. Symptoms: April 2, 2013 (Cycle Day 13) : We BD. I felt a zing through my lower back when we BD'ed and joked to myself, yep that was the baby. I was on top. CBFM said this was high fertility reading. I didn't use Pre-Seed because it just got too expensive. I used slippery stuff which I read was the same thing. April 6, 2013 (Cycle Day 16) : BD. High Fertility Reading April 8, 2013 *Cycle Day 17) : BD. High Fertility Reading. I don't know when I ovulated so I randomly picked CD 15 since it was my average ovulation day. 1 dpo - 7dp: Nothing 7dpo - boob hurt 9 dpo - major lower back pain. Boob hurt. 10dpo: A pin size head pink dot. Boob hurt 11dpo: Constipated. Wiped. Streak of pink CM. BFP at 1:36PM. Boobs tender but not hurting as much. Very Dark Line. My luteal phase is 15 - 16 days. I wasn't expecting to get pregnant this time since we didn't bd that much. I pray that this is a sticky baby! So ladies, if you have been TTC - maybe go see a better doctor. Apparently not all doctors are made the same. Thank you god!

BFP With Sperm Donor

It has been a long journey for me so I thought I would share with all of you my symptoms. Me and DH did an at home IUI (yes that is correct, we did our own IUI) with frozen donor sperm at 24 hours after a positive OPK. I got my positive OPK on CD17. 1-9 DPO Nothing 10 DPO Strong pinching/cramping on right side 11-14 DPO DH is the most annoying man alive, jalapeños sound so good I ate an entire jar, can't seem to make it past 4 am without needing to pee, persistent headache and bloating, lots of gas. I didn't test until 14 DPO. The only symptom I noticed until I realized I was pregnant was that I could not stand DH.

1st BFP After 9 Years TTC!

DH and I have been trying for 9 years, but were not gangbusters about it until last year. We had decided to let things happen as they would, and we made peace at one point with not being parents if it didn't happen. Well one day we woke up and realized we were getting older and running out of time and we both realized this was much more important to us than we thought. It would be really painful to never have children. So we finally got tested to diagnose the problem and it turned out we had male factor - Low count, NO motility, and low morphology. There was no problem that the UR could find--no vericocele, his testosterone was normal, there was just no reason for his low numbers so there was nothing they could do to improve them. We tried supplements which did help his morphology--went from 9% to 30%, but the number stayed the same (3 million) and they still weren't swimming. No swimmers = no babies and we knew we either had to accept that or figure out another way. The decision to use a donor was not as difficult for us to come to as it would be for other couples (we had discussed it for a while, knowing that it might come down to that) and we started the process as soon as we got the second semen analysis results back showing no swimmers. After the IUI with donor sperm, DH and I prayed together and sang hymns during the ten minutes I was to rest before getting dressed. It was a magical time! However, after 9 years of infertility, it was hard to believe that this would work. Here are my symptoms... CD14: IUI at 9:30 am, ovulation at 8 PM based on the strong ovulation pain I felt at that time. I got a killer backache along with ovulation, which has never happened before. 1 dpo: Some leftover cramping from the IUI/ovulation 2-4 dpo: Nada 5 dpo: Dreamt about giving birth, and that I was breastfeeding my sister (who is 30 years old). EW! WTH?! 6-7 dpo: Boobs bigger (usual), nipples swollen/pointy (not usual). These were the only days I really felt I was pregnant. Woke up one morning with a nose bleed-very unusual. 8 dpo: Felt cramps in the evening while at church. They continued off and on for several hours. I now believe this was implantation! 9 dpo: A small glob of ewcm that was white came off on tp when I wiped--once in the morning, and once in the evening. This was my biggest reason for suspecting I might be pregnant, as I had never had anything but sticky CM this late in my TWW. I also had a killer backache! I was adjusting myself all day at work (I sit while working) and just couldn't get comfortable. 10 dpo: Tons of gas in the morning—it was a fart storm up in our bedroom. LOL! CM was very very slightly tinted brown all day. (I now believe this was caused by implantation bleeding.) 11 dpo: Lots of gas in the morning. Backache returns, but only for half the day and not as bad. 12 dpo: Gassy in the morning, but not as bad as previous days. Tested with FMU and got a faint BFP! Didn't really trust it, though. Brown tint to CM returns, a little darker this time, and I'm scared that AF is about to arrive. (I now know this was caused by implantation bleeding.) 13 dpo: Tested with FRER and a digital test at the same time (peed in a cup and dipped them at the same time-lol). The line with the FRER was darker, and the digital came up pregnant. Wow, it's really my BFP!! 14 dpo: Couldn't sleep but a few hours. Breasts swollen and I can't sleep on my stomach b/c they hurt. 15 dpo: Swollen boobs, a tiny bit of heartburn while eating meals. 16 dpo: Got BETA test, HcG is 308. Whoop! Definitely pregnant! 18 dpo: BETA now reads 634. This is for real! I'm now 24 dpo and go in tomorrow to get my HCG checked again to make sure it's still on the rise. I feel so wonderful, and not pregnant at all. No nausea, no fatigue, no sore boobs. It's as if my body has been waiting for this so long, it is just so happy to finally be growing a baby that it's not going to give me any trouble! Well, we'll see how long it lasts. :) Praise God for this answer to our prayer! We are just shocked to finally be pregnant after all this time, and shocked it worked on the very first IUI! Praise the Lord!

3+ Years of Trying!!

Wow, I really can't believe I get to do this. I have been stalking this site for over 3 years!! So here is a little history. Me (27) and hubby (28) have been struggling with male factor, low count and motility. Last year we did 3 medicated IUIs and got pregnant on our last try. Sadly, we lost that baby at 11 weeks. We thought we would try on our own and see what happens... Flash forward to this year and tax season ;). We finally had some money to try the IUI again. The count was horrible and we were only given a 10% chance that we would get pregnant. But, I guess it really does only take one!! Here are my symptoms. 7dpo: Felt nothing until right before bed, got 2 little stabby pains. 8dpo: Was extremely crampy all day, felt like ovulation pain. Maybe a tad worse than that, but nothing too bad. 9dpo: Boobs starting to hurt a tad, cramping has stopped. Starting to think it's all the progesterone's fault. 10dpo: Certain smells are starting to make me sick and my boobs are still sore. BFP on a frer!! Couldn't believe it, started crying and ran to show my hubby the tests. For all you ladies who have been trying for a long time.... It will happen, don't be afraid to seek some
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For Those Struggling With Infertility (IUI #3, 14 Months TTC, Unexplained Anovulation and MFI)

Hello, everyone- For 14 months, I read ths site every day for encouragement and with the hope that someone "like me" would post a BFP story. I am humbled to be posting here and promise to post an update. Sorry for the length. I didn't think I'd ever see this day. My husband (32) and I (30) began trying for our first baby in February 2012. We have no medical conditions, eat well, are healthy weights, do not smoke. Everyone in our families is beyond fertile, and like so many others, we assumed TTC would be a breeze. I had been on the pill for 7 years prior with perfect 30-day cycles. After coming off the pill, my cycles were anovulatory and ranged from 33-60+ days. My RE was puzzled as to why I wasn't ovulating and sent me for head-to-toe medical tests including an HSG, bloodwork, and a brain MRI. My husband also submitted a semen analysis where we learned he had a very low count and very low motility. We were crushed. Days later, my test results came back. My HSG was clear, and I did not have PCOS. But my brain MRI results revealed a pituitary microadenoma, a tumor on my pituitary gland. I was told that further tests and an endocrinologist referral were needed. Not only was I infertile, my husband was also a factor, and I had a tumor in my head. These were some of the worst days of my life. After many stressful weeks and more tests, the tumor was deemed benign and not contributing to my infertility. My RE consulted and endocrinologist cleared me to start infertility treatments. I moved straight to IUI with injectables and underwent a total of 4 cycles, 3 of which resulted in an insemination procedure. My husband started taking FertiliAid and has been for about 7 months now. Protocol: Menopur, Ovidrel trigger, single IUI 36 hours post-trigger, Endometrin progesterone suppositories (100mg 2x/day). I tested out the trigger at about day 10 each cycle. IUI #1: 75IU Menopur, 1 follicle, ~18mm at trigger -> BFN. Ovarian cysts found, BC for week to shrink IUI #2: Used anywhere from 75-150IU, 3 possibly 4 follicles, largest ~20mm at trigger -> chemical pregnancy at 4 weeks. Cysts & BC again Cycle #3: RE concerned about OHSS, adjusted dosage, sometimes as low as 37.5IU. Follicles did not respond -> cycle cancelled IUI #3: Alternated every other day between 75 and 112.5IU. This was the magical dosage. 2 lead follicles were 20+ at trigger, 3rd smaller follicle that may have been viable. Symptoms: 1-6dpo/IUI: very hungry & bloated, but I knew from prior cycles that this was the trigger shot 7-8dpo/IUI: a few simples on my chin. Odd as my skin is usually clear 9dpo/IUI: mildly sore throat and very stuffy nose. This was my first hint that something was up since the same thing happened the cycle where I had a chemical pregnancy 10dpo/IUI: no appetite, felt a "pulling" sensation in lower-right side of stomach while walking on treadmill; felt like I was pulling a muscle, chills/felt very cold although it has been 80 degrees where I live, continued sore throat and stuffy nose 11DPO/IUI: no appetite, chills, sore throat, stuffy nose, couldn't wait- test at 9p.m.- BFP! So shocked I couldn't speak and simply handed the HPT to my husband. I did not have sore breasts, cramping, spotting, fatigue, or any nausea- none of that! I thought for sure I was out and even cried on the drive home from the drug store to buy some HPTs. Beta bloodwork results so far: 13dpo/IUI: 98 Today 15dpo/IUI: 192. Aside from ever-so-slight bloating, I still have no symptoms. Things we did differently this cycle: - Tried to relax, which didn't work. My RE's office is over an hour each way from my house, so 2-3x/week RE appts. for month and months were starting to take their toll. I also work full-time so leaving work was becoming more & more difficult. - Booked a vacation. My husband and I pretty much had to schedule our life around fertility treatments, which meant that we essentially put our lives on hold. Plus, I kept reading stories about people conceiving on vacation or as soon as they booked one- ha! - BD 2 days pre-IUI + day of IUI. Day of IUI, went to bed after BD, did not get up - Gym 3x/week - Religious about suppositories, like taking them down to the minute every 12 hours Things I did every cycle: - No caffeine - No alcohol (this IUI was done the day after my 30th birthday, which was St. Patrick's Day. This was tough!) - Ate healthy - Used Pre-Seed internally - Pillow under bum for at least 15 minutes post-BD Infertility is the worst thing I have experienced in my entire life, and I have so much respect for those who endure it and for much longer than 14 months. Thank you for allowing me to post. I wish you all the best of luck TTC!

When You Least Expect it! Cliche... But True!

This time around we have been trying for four months. We took breaks often for work travel. I got pregnant with my daughter on Cycle #4 in 2007. Last month I said to my husband "Let's skip (trying) in March". I had a ton of EWCM in March way more than usual. I called my husband and said "I would feel weird wasting an egg" I had a weird feeling this month could be it. He said we can try. I said "We will just have sex if we want but, no pressure" Well that night CD 15...we had sex "for fun" after, I just went to sleep I did not get up. I did the same with my DD in 2007. I knew the night I got pregnant with her. Next day CD 16 I had a blazing OPK. I said well, the chances are slim considering we have done it like rabbits for the last three months around ovulation and all BFN. Planned sex was getting awkward and like a chore. In March we did it "ONCE" CD 15. P.S. Husband's morp was 3%! So, DO NOT let that discourage you :) *Last Period was March 5th *BD on CD 15...only * POS OPK March 16th * DPO 1-3 Felt little zings but nothing that was not normal * DPO 3-8 Crazy burst of energy and noticeable zings in ovaries on both sides...not uterus area. I had only menstrual like cramps(uterus area) with DD. Zings in BB's too but I thought this was all because AF was coming early. * DPO 8 Did FRER-BFN * DPO 9 Sharp zings in ovaries again and metal taste in mouth. POA IC and FRER-BFN * DPO 10 CD 28 No AF yet which she has been arriving by CD 27. I only had a digital so I took it. "Not Pregnant" I ripped it apart knowing I shouldn't. They always have two lines...but this one was different. Both were thick and fat. I went and picked my daughter up from Cubbies and went to the store bought a box of FRER. Went into the GS bathroom. I could not wait. POAS nothing. Threw it in the bag and headed to the car. Got my daughter buckled in and grabbed it for one more look BAM!!! BFP!!! I was shocked!!! I sat there with my mouth open for 5 minutes staring at it. I went to another store about bought EPT (sucks) and answer. Answer was BFP...EPT BFN. You stare and stare and pee and pee and nothing. Then when it happens it's total shock! I guess once is all it takes and it always when you east expect it. Baby dust to all!! :) * DPO 11 getting the AF like cramps now and FRER was darker and digital said Pregnant :)