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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Male Factor

Male factor infertility can certainly insert a few turns and detours on your path to your BFP. If you've managed to get double lines on your pregnancy test despite contending with male factor infertility, we want to know about it! Send us your story through this contact form.

A Natural Miracle

We have been ttc for almost 2 years now. I have been diagnosed with low ovarian reserve and DH has less than 2% motile sperm. Our doctor gave us a 1% chance of ever conceiving naturally. We have done two failed ivf cycles. The second one resulted in a pregnancy, but I lost the baby at 10 weeks in January.
This month we are away on a trip and I have just got my bfp - au naturale! We can both not believe its true. I was tracking my cycle with temps an watching my cm, but didn't hold much hope. We were actually going home for round 3 ivf next month! Hopefully we don't need it now!

O day- VERY painful ovulation!
1dpo-4dpo- temp rise, nothing much else
5dpo- 7dpo- funny taste in my mouth, a bit metallic.
8dpo- cramps/twinges
9dpo-cramps/twinges again bfn
10dpo- very hungry! Bfn (at this stage I assume I'm out as I had a bfp by this point with the ivf cycle) feel emotional and upset all day.
11dpo- have a massage and test at 3pm- a very very faint line. DH is not convinced he can see anything!
12dpo- fmu- bfn, smu- still very faint but a definite bfp! Hungry and cramps.
13dpo- smu- bfp!

My period is due tomorrow. My temp is still up and DH and I are praying, hoping and begging that this is true and we are finally having the baby we are so desperate to meet!
Lots of love and hope to every one ttc.... Whether you've been trying for 1 month or 10 years, it is an emotional journey! Please pray for us as I will for you!

BFP with God and IUI!!!

I am so happy to finally post my BFP story! My husband and I have been trying for 3 years to get pregnant. I am 33 with no issues and my DH is 49 with a low count. This was our 2nd IUI. We got pregnant with my first IUI in Sept. 2012 but miscarried at 6 or 7 weeks. I ovulate on my own but my RE felt that the more eggs the better the chances since my DH's count is off a bit. Keep in mind the first time we got pregnant I only had one egg and my DH's washed count was 1.5 million. I took 7.5 Letrozole CD3-7. I triggered with Ovidril on CD 10 at 9:15 pm and had 4 follies measuring 17, 19, 19, 21 and DH's washed count was 4 million. We had to trigger a day earlier than he wanted because my DH would be out of town. We had the IUI at 9:10 am CD12. Below are my symptoms:

1 DPIUI- woke up gassy and had pulling on both sides
2 DPIUI- gassy, slight cramping on left side
3 DPIUI- headache, cramping on and off
4 DPIUI- headache
5 DPIUI- nothing
6 DPIUI- light AF cramping, light headache
7 DPIUI- nothing
8 DPIUI- Feel like AF is coming. Woke up with a sore throat
9 DPIUI- Feel like AF is still coming, woke up gassy, tested BFN
10 DPIUI- Thought AF was coming
11 DPIUI- still cramping, gassy, having a hard time sleeping, testing BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12 DPIUI- gassy, sore boobs on and off, headache, hard time sleeping
13 DPIUI- cramping, tummy ache, hard time sleeping
14 DPIUI- cramping and pulling on and off, lower back ache, light pink spotting once on tp only once, slept like a baby
15 DPIUI- cramping, Beta HCG 159, Progesterone 40 and I do not take supplements. I go back in 3 days to check HCG again.

We are super excited and so thankful that God has blessed us yet again! We're staying prayerful that this will be our little bundle or bundles of joy. With my husband's low count our RE wanted us to go straight to IVF but we insisted on trying the IUI first and was successful both times. Keep your faith and stand your ground when you know what is right for you!

Shock Natural BFP After 8 Years and 2 ivf Cycles!!! No Major Symptoms!

We got our long awaited bfp 2 days ago, still cant quite believe it. Every time I wake up I think aaw it was just a dream, then it clicks!
We have been trying for 8 years and have had 2 goes at ivf with no success at all due to mf infertility low sperm count and motility.
Well my husband started taking wellman conception vitamins 5 months ago just before our last ivf and although it didn't work this go either he kept taking them which I believe is what has helped us get our bfp this month. I also use clear blue digital opk's and this month we dtd on the day of my first positive opk and this month we tried fertilica fertility lubricant to help his swimmers and I used a soft cup to keep everything up there, and anyway voila it worked!
We are over the moon we never thought this day would come. :-)
My symptoms were pretty non existent, no nausea no fatigue, no back pain etc. Two things I did notice looking back was heartburn from about 7 dpo and no sore boobs which I usually get about a week before af. I only tested because I was 2 days late and that never happens.
Wanted to share my story in case it could help someone or give someone in a similar situation some hope. It really can happen!
Good luck to everyone still waiting for their BFP's it will happen one day. :-)

Low amh Low Morphology and BFP!!

Hi everyone. Very excited to be here. Praying this baby sticks! As you can see from title have been dealing with secondary infertility! Conceived baby girl on first try three years ago, ttc number 2 for 8 months which has seemed like forever and thought it would not happen! All signed up to start IVF this week due to diminished ovarian reserve and low morphology, told our odds were less than 5%!! My amh was tested twice at 5.1 pmol and 6.9 pmol, yes it increased!! Partner had only 1% morphology both tests, other numbers all good. Oh and my fsh was 19 and 18_ very bad. But here we are with a bfp!! Soooo very happy and please let us get thru this with a sticky healthy bub. Listing symptoms below, then under that how we treated my dor and hubby morphology, as I have to believe it has helped. 1dpo dizzy when I stood up, 6 and 7 dpo random 2 day cold with sneezing, 8 soo my cervix feels different like mushy and very soft on end, 9 dpo faint line on frer after hours of sitting, 10 dpo bfp strong line. No spotting before af! Usually spot up to 5 days before af and wondered if this was a problem. Anyhow here waiting to see if baby sticks. For those dealing with high fsh low amh, here is what I did. Supplement pre natal, fish oil, royal jelly, b6, evening primrose oil before ovulation, wheat grass, and vitamin d 3. This combined with weekly acupuncture for 4 months think got my body back in balance!! Only one tea per day, no smoking, no alcohol, but still ate a lot of rubbish I have to say. Hubby on menevit, which did not improve lab results but maybe it helped in someway. Wishing everyone else with infertility issues a happy ending. Ps I am 35 and hubby 33.


CD14: Decreased appetite and slight nausea. EWCM and positive OPK: ready to go after a 3 day break. OPK a very dark + like never before. BD. Big drop in BBT to 97.3
CD15: OPK +, BD
1 DPO: Dr calls to tell us that DH SA showed that he has less than 3% normal sperm morphology on the WHO scale. Starts talking about blood, hormone, ultrasound, and more SA testing. Also brings up IUI and IVF with ICSI as best possible option for us. I am devastated, so is DH. (97.58)
2 DPO: As you can imagine, very stressed, insomnia, fatigue and decreased libido ensue, both for myself and DH. (97.58)
3-4 DPO: Decreased appetite added to all symptoms from 2DPO. (97.75, 98.17)
5 DPO: Add frequent urination (97.6)
6 DPO: Add thirsty and diarrhea. (97.76)
7 DPO: All of the above, but instead of diarrhea, constipation. (97.58)
8 DPO: Nausea, Fatigue, Decreased Libido (98.2)
9 DPO: Nothing, some cramping in stomach after running and libido is back. (97.86)
10 DPO: Creamy, white CM, Nausea, and cramping during 6 mile walk. (97.9)
11 DPO: Nausea, frequent urination, increased appetite, bleeding gums and decreased libido. (98.2)
12 DPO: + PG test, cramps (98.48) Shock. Happiness and tears. We had spent the week at doctors' office talking about IUI and IVF with ICSI. DH was shocked into silence, he could not move he was so surprised. I only tested b/c temp was up and I was expecting AF tomorrow, she usually drops my BBT two days before showing up.

Also, the insomnia, stress, fatigue and decreased libido could have all been caused by the SA test results, in fact, DH had all the same symptoms, so please take those with a grain of salt. Also, the nausea was very very mild, but consistent.

So happy- I wish you all the best in your journeys and remember never to get discouraged.

Off BC since 7/2011, actively TTC since 7/2012 and just got SA results is Low (3% WHO) Normal Morphology

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Ok so we have had a few miscarriages and this will be my 5th pregnancy.
I took clomid cd 2-6, we used the persona fertility monitor and charted
We did nothing different than we had been doing, we bd whenever the mood took and made sure we did on a peak day.
cd 17 ovulation day
1dpo - nothing to report
2dpo - cats acting weird, wanting extra attention meowing and following me around
3dpo - felt like I was getting sick
4dpo - started coughing, bleeding gums
5dpo - viral chest infection started and feeling off food
6dpo - hot at night, dream of bfp and cats harassing me again bfn on ic
7dpo - faint line again on ic more bleeding gums and a break out of cold sores and mouth ulcers
8dpo - 3 faint lines but still had to squint feeling very hungry and dry cm
9dpo - faint lines again on ic's decided to take a frer and BFP!!!!

Overall I had all my classic signs from my previous pregnancies including an acne breakout and skin problems but the main symptom was the absence of PMS I had none at all.

My Beautiful BFP

My husband and I have been TTC for more than 2 years now. We were really discouraged since my husband sperm count was very low. However, this cycle I decided that I would REALLY try. So I started using OPKs (wondfo brand), charting my BBTs, taking Vitex (800mg from last day of period till ovulation), BD everyday during my fertile window (twice on O day) with Pre-Seed and ate pineapple from 3DPO to 7DPO.
I really didn't feel much of symptoms this cycle compared to the other cycles.

1DPO- Insomnia
2DPO- Insomnia
3DPO- Dull backache, headache, sneezing (unusual), cramps (usual for me after ovulation), disrupted sleep.
4DPO- Cramps (usual), sneezing (unusual), constipation (unusual)
5DPO- Bloated, constipation
6DPO- Bloated, skin break out (usual), emotional (usual)
7DPO- Bloated, constipation, nausea, skin break out, tender breasts (hmmm, they never get so tender this early), metal taste, emotional
8DPO- Bloated, stuffy nose and sneezing (felt sick), tender breast, disrupted sleep
9DPO- Bloated, hungry, tender breasts, metal taste. Took a HPT (wondfo brand) and left it beside the sink. I didn't even bothered to look at it because I knew it was so early. Went to have breakfast and when finished remembered the test I left in the bathroom. For my surprise there was a super duper faint line there? I thought it was an evap so I throw it away.
10DPO- Constipation, skin break out, tender breasts are killing me!!, sneezing, metal taste. It was my BDay and I love wine so my husband went and bought 4 bottles to celebrate. I had the super faint line of the day before on the back of my head so I went and took another test just to have peace of mind. After like 10 min a faint line appears but this time it's a little more visible and it was light pink!. I tell my husband and he thinks I'm crazy and that it was all in my head. Didn't touch the wine just in case.
11DPO- More of the same symptoms. Took another test and the line was darker, still light but more visible. Told hubby and he went to get me a CBD from the pharmacy. Waited like four hours and took the digi which was a BFP!!!

We are very grateful for this blessing and hope to have a healthy nine months and a healthy baby soon.
Wishing the miracle happens soon to you all!!!

2 and a Half Years TTC

My husband had a vasectomy reversal in 2010 and it didn't work very well. Ended up with a low sperm count of 7 million per/ml. We did almost everything I could think of to try and conceive, but didn't feel like it would ever happen. I finally gave up about 3 months ago and said, if it happens, great! If not, that's ok too. Even though I was pretty much feeling sad and frustrated about the whole thing. Anyways, this month , Jan 6th I started af. I got all my normal af symptoms after ovulation. I always get sore breasts, spot and I get irritable a couple days before. My breasts always stop hurting the day before I start. Well, it was 13 dpo, 2 days before I was going to start, and I started spotting, so I just assumed I was about to start. My breasts quit hurting also. I don't know why, but I decided to test, and to my surprise it came out positive... so I did another and it was positive! Since I was spotting I got worried and went and got a beta done. It was 44, and then 2 days later it was 154. So even with low sperm count it worked! AND I had no symptoms at all, and still don't. No sore breasts or anything. I've been pregnant before, so I know the morning sickness will kick in soon. It just felt normal as usual, like af was coming.

My Birthday Surprise!

Never thought it would've ever happened. My husband and I have been TTC for nearly a year with 2 years NTNP and we got our BFP confirmed on my birthday!!!! We are beyond excited!!! I started temping for the first time this cycle along with pre-seed and softcups and heart to hearts with GOD!! I had gotten so discouraged and stopped temping and caring mid-cycle because I just knew I was wasting my time. But on 12 dpo I decided to just check. Never expected there would be a faint line!!

Dpo 1-7 nothing!
Dpo 8- headache
Dpo 9- headache
Dpo 10- headache and backache
Dpo 11- headaches still nothing else. Thought af would come on time. Preparing to try again next cycle.
Dpo 12- cramping on left side, noticed my cm was quite clumpy and I can't remember ever having this. Decided to take a IC test and low and behold a second line shows up!!!!!! Tested with digital and BFP!!!!
Dpo 13- same!
Dpo 14- confirmed BFP with my doctor!!!

BFP on 12dpo With IVF/ICSI

Finally excited to be able to share my story! My Husband and I have been trying for over a year. We found out in October we were dealing with a severe male factor and the only way we could conceive was through IVF with ICSI. Thankfully we have amazing insurance and were able to get the ball rolling right away. I had a 5 day transfer with two perfect blasts. I didn't have many symptoms.

0dp5dt - none other than some intense cramping that woke me up during the night
1dp5dt-2dp5dt - sharp shooting pain through my ovaries and uterus. Thought I was twisting an ovary.
3dp5dt - nothing
4dp5dt - I was walking on the treadmill and felt a pulling sensation where my left ovary is (same side as shooting pain). It felt like a tight muscle more than anything so I brushed it off.
5dp5dt - nada except a lot of period cramping
6dp5dt - a lot of period cramping, felt a "gush" and went to check. Had some brown spotting and immediately knew it was implantation bleeding
7dp5dt - BFP on a FRER!

My advice? Don't over-analyze everything. It's so hard not to symptom spot, but I honestly felt the exact same as I normally do, especially right before my period comes.

I'm excited to see what my beta is and if both of the blasts stuck around!