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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Male Factor

Male factor infertility can certainly insert a few turns and detours on your path to your BFP. If you've managed to get double lines on your pregnancy test despite contending with male factor infertility, we want to know about it! Send us your story through this contact form.

BFP on 12dpo With IVF/ICSI

Finally excited to be able to share my story! My Husband and I have been trying for over a year. We found out in October we were dealing with a severe male factor and the only way we could conceive was through IVF with ICSI. Thankfully we have amazing insurance and were able to get the ball rolling right away. I had a 5 day transfer with two perfect blasts. I didn't have many symptoms. 0dp5dt - none other than some intense cramping that woke me up during the night 1dp5dt-2dp5dt - sharp shooting pain through my ovaries and uterus. Thought I was twisting an ovary. 3dp5dt - nothing 4dp5dt - I was walking on the treadmill and felt a pulling sensation where my left ovary is (same side as shooting pain). It felt like a tight muscle more than anything so I brushed it off. 5dp5dt - nada except a lot of period cramping 6dp5dt - a lot of period cramping, felt a "gush" and went to check. Had some brown spotting and immediately knew it was implantation bleeding 7dp5dt - BFP on a FRER! My advice? Don't over-analyze everything. It's so hard not to symptom spot, but I honestly felt the exact same as I normally do, especially right before my period comes. I'm excited to see what my beta is and if both of the blasts stuck around!

BFP After 2 Years - Second IUI and Vegetarian Husband Started Eating Meat!

We have been TTC our second for about 2 years (give or take). This was our second month of IUIs (with Clomid). All my parts seemed to be functioning per the testing we did, but my husband’s SA had low-average sperm quality and swimmability, hence the IUIs. This was going to be our last month doing Clomid and perhaps even doing IUIs. The Clomid made me feel so insane that it just wasn’t worth it to me to up our odds in exchange for my sanity. If I hadn’t been able to ovulate at all without it, maybe I would’ve been able to handle it longer, but since it was just to up our odds, I was done. But, it didn’t matter because we got our BFP! O – (day one) IUI #1 O - (day two) IUI #2 – I had two eggs this cycle and one popped on one day and the other on the next day. 1-10 DPO – Nothing at all. This was probably the most stressful time of my entire year (especially around IUI time, for other reasons), so I was distracted by life and the holidays (which was great so that the TWW wasn’t intolerable). 11 DPO – Super irritable, no patience and at lunch took a few bites of my meal and had to excuse myself because I thought I was going to throw up. 14 DPO – My period was supposed to come this day, but last cycle, the Clomid made my luteal phase about 16-17 days, so I didn’t think anything of it. I was really protecting myself this month and didn’t let myself get excited or read into anything because I know this crazy Clomid can mess things ups. I actually felt defeated and like this wasn't going to happen. My fertility clinic told me to test if my period didn’t arrive by this day, but I couldn’t. I HATE looking at negative pregnancy tests – especially when my period hasn’t come yet (so confusing!), so I was not about to test until I could be 99% sure it would be positive. I would rather start bleeding and know that way then look at a blank pregnancy test. 15 DPO-18 DPO – Period still not here, but not any real symptoms going on. Nipples are a tiny bit sensitive, but it’s so fleeting (and it could’ve been the Clomid or impending period). I was starting to think that maybe this was it, but I was so scared to test – what if my cycle was just messing with me? Kept telling myself that this could all go away and to not get too attached, but smiling every morning when there was no blood. Not sleeping very well at night - tossing and turning for the past week or so. 19 DPO – Finally got the courage and tested around noon and got a fast BFP!! I was so nervous to test and to have all of this hope vanish. I thought it was going to be positive, but how many times had I felt that same way and it been negative? I knew there would be tears either way and there were. I was sobbing with gratefulness. A few things to note: We will never know what did it for us. We had sex right before ovulation (with Pre-Seed) and then two IUIs and we’ll never know which one was the charm. Maybe this was just our time and would’ve happened regardless of the fertility help? I have no idea. But a few things we were doing… - I had been going to acupuncture twice a week since the summer to get my luteal phase longer and improve my blood quality and it worked amazingly well. Even a month or so in, my cycle totally changed for the better and my luteal phase was now at 14 days (with no spotting before). - My husband had been taking vitamins (Zinc, L Carnatine, Vitamin D3) since the summer to improve his sperm quality and it worked. He went from below average to right at average numbers. But listen to this – I urged him to go to acupuncture and he did and he’s a vegetarian. Our acupuncturist told him that in Chinese medicine, red meat (quality red meat) plays a huge role in virility and sperm quality and that he needed to be eating red meat 4 times per week if he wanted to see things really improve. I thought there was no way he was going to do this, but he did! And we saw a huge jump in his sperm quality with the IUIs – it went from 50% of his sperm being motile to 80%! So, if any of you have vegetarian husbands out there with sub-par sperm, this may help (if they can stomach it). Good luck to you all!

BFP After 1.5 Yrs With Endometriosis and Male Factor

Dh and I started TTC our first last Aug, 2011. Both of us were 32 y/o. After a couple of months, DH decided to have himself tested and he was diagnosed with bilateral varicocele. I got myself tested too and they found an endometriotic cyst inside my right ovary. DH was advised by his uro to take clomid for 3 months after which we went ahead with clomid and trigger shot, which didn't work the first couple of times. The dr then suggested we do 2 rounds of IUI (with clomid) which also didn't work. Last October, DH made the decision to undergo varicocelectomy. His uro advised him to take a semen analysis end of January to check if his count and morphology have improved. Apparently there wasn't any need for that anymore! I got my bfp last night, after a lot of spotting wherein I thought I was really about to get my period. Confirmed the bfp today with blood work. So ladies, don't lose hope. And, if varicocele is a factor, the surgery really does work:) we're so happy for our answered prayer:) God is really good! Hope this one sticks! Baby dust to all! Symptoms: exactly the same as when I'm about to get my period... Even the spotting was there!

BFP With First Round of Clomid and Prayer

I'm so happy to have finally gotten a bfp after 1.5 years of trying. While my husband was deployed I went to see my doctor to get a referral to an RE. Soon afterwards I saw my RE, who was so kind and caring to check me for any fertility issues while my husband was deployed. On September 2012 I went and saw him for first consult and he did an ultrasound of my ovaries, and told me everything appeared normal. Next, I was scheduled for an hsg in October 2012. My hsg was a total success, very quick and minimal discomfort. My results came back that everything was normal and there were no blockages. Got my progesterone tested on November 2nd and received results that I had not ovulated that cycle. I got my period 11/16/12. Once my husband got back from his deployment we made an appointment with RE on 11/20/12. We were unable to get semen analysis authorized by insurance, so we had to wait until it got approved. I got another ultrasound which showed good amount of follicles. RE told me I may have ovulated later or just not ovulated that cycle. RE prescribed me Clomid, and told me he knew couples that had achieved getting pregnant on first round. He prescribed 50mg, but told me just to cut the pill in half because I was too small. So I took 25mg of clomid CD 5-9. Which was perfect timing, as i was able to start clomid that same day CD 5 of my period! RE also told me to start using OPK starting cd 10, so I would not miss LH surge. Each day I took opk and did not see a smiley face, I lost a little bit of hope. However, up until my positive lh surge, I did have symptoms like I was about to get my period. I had cramping and body aches. On CD 16, December 1, 2012, I got a smiley face on my OPK! That month we had been having sex almost every other day. So on the morning of Dec 1, 2012, we had had sex, and then after positive opk we had sex again. Afterwards my husband pulled me and my legs up to get as much of semen inside. I'm pretty sure I ovulated between 12/2/12 and 12/3/12. On 12/2/12 I had light pink spotting when I wiped, and I read somewhere that was a sign a follicle had burst indicating ovulation. So about 5dpo 12/6/12, I started getting cramps and body aches, all the way until 14dpo. On 14dpo (12/15/12) I had a vivid dream that I took two pregnancy tests and they came up positive. In my dream I was looking for my husband to tell him the news but I couldn't find him lol. During the two week wait I prayed a lot to God to bless me with a miracle, and I tried to remain optimistic. I felt like my period was coming any minute. I did not have pregnancy tests either to check, and I think that helped me not to test sooner. On 13dpo (12/14/12) I used an digital opk to test for pregnancy. The opk was negative. 12/16/12 I was supposed to get my period, np but missed it. On 12/17/12 my husband got his semen analysis results that his morphology and sperm count were low, and we were so sad! We thought having a baby was out of our hands, and he was getting referred to a urologist. On 12/17/12 I took another opk and had a positive smiley face! I thought maybe I had not ovulated and my body was trying to ovulate again. My husband bought me a pregnancy test, but didn't want to test while he wasn't home, as I was scared for another disappointment. On 12/18/12 at 630 am as soon as my husband left for work, I took the digital pregnancy test, and in less than two mins the word pregnant came up!!! I was so shocked, I took another test and pregnant came up again! I tried calling my husband but he didn't pick up as he was driving to work. I couldn't believe it I was crying and happy and couldn't believe it had happened just like my dream! Soon my husband called me and I told him the awesome news!!!! I'm waiting for my first ultrasound on 1/24/13, and I'm so excited! Miracles do happen and we were able to get pregnant with sperm count and morphology issues. Have faith and I'm a believe that miracles do happen! Some of my symptoms: 5dpo cramping like period is coming, body aches 6dpo cramping 13dpo felt like period was coming any minute, nauseous, cramping, bloated, headache 14dpo really tired, falling asleep all the time 12/18/12 BFP!!!

BFP After TTC For About 16 Months

I am so excited to finally be sharing my own BFP story! Me (29) and DH (31) have been TTC for about 16 months. During the first 7-8 months of TTC we were just ‘not careful’ but I never got pregnant. We wondered if something was wrong since I had an issue with cysts in the past. I made and appt. with my gyno and did some blood tests. We discovered that I have low progesterone levels, and ruled out cysts. So I started taking Duphaston (Dydrogesterone) from day 18-30 of my 32 day cycle, and I bought a Clear Blue Fertility Monitor to try to get the timing of ovulation right. I used the monitor for about 3 months, and we BDed the day of O but never got pregnant. So we thought, maybe I'm not pregnant cause of MF. So DH went to the urologist, who told him he has a varicocele in his left testicle and should get a spermiogram. Despite this news, I kept using the CBFM and had sex with DH the day of O this cycle…..and sure enough… period is a day late today! I took a cheap drug store brand pregnancy test this morning and I was shocked to see a faint 2nd line. On my way to work, I quickly ran into the pharmacy and bought a Clear Blue Digital pregnancy test. I know you are supposed to use morning urine, but I couldn’t wait! I just didn’t use the toilet for 6 hours- which was hard- and took the test- it was positive too! OMG…it’s just sinking in! No wonder I ate a whole jar of pickles for lunch today, LOL! I am over the moon, I hope it lasts and these cramps I’m having today are nothing to worry about and just a natural part of early pregnancy. The difference this month with other months- I totally DE-STRESSED! Went to the pool a lot, did a lot of Yoga/Pilates and meditation. I think that is what made all the difference! Also a lot of praying, cause really you shouldn’t treat getting pregnant like a science experiment and trust that the Lord has a plan for you too! =) I haven’t told DH yet, but I will surprise him tomorrow. We are going out on a lunch/walk in the park date to finish off 2012. So tomorrow I hope to surprise him with a gift box from my jewelry store (he will think the gift is from there) but instead it will contain a pacifier that says, “My Dad is the Best!” I can’t wait to tell him, it’s so hard to keep it inside. For those who prefer not to read my story, here were my symptoms. I have a 32-Day Cycle: CD 14- BD (about 5 days before I ovulated) O- Clear Blue Fertility Monitor detected ovulation for two days, BDed both days 1dpo – nothing 2dpo - nothing 3dpo – very slight cramps 4dpo – very slight cramps 5dpo – stronger, noticeable cramps in the evening 6dpo - nothing 7dpo – nothing 8dpo- small breakout on my chin 9dpo- phlegm in my throat in the AM, also had gas 10dpo- phlegm in my throat in the AM, also had gas 11dpo- woke up feeling groggy and tired like I was getting sick, but never got a cold, also had gas 12dpo – somewhat tired and groggy, also had gas 13dpo- cramps like AF! But I still took a pregnancy test since I was one day late on my period- and it was POSITIVE!!! Took a second one to confirm!! Baby Dust to All! PS- My pics say pregnant or "Schwanger" in German, I live abroad currently =).

TTC For 2 Years - IUI - BFP FINALLY!

I have been waiting until the day I could post my BFP story. This site has helped me so much and I have found so much hope in reading these posts. I can only hope that another woman in my position can find the same hope that I have. My hub and I have been trying to conceive for about 2 years (we are now 28 and 29). After just over a year (many many tears, stress, heartache) we went to see a fertility doc and found out his morphology was just below normal (3%) and that I was ok - but also that our chances of conceiving naturally were about 1-2% each month. After 1,000,000 tests and appointments (at least it felt that way) we decided to try IUI with the intent of doing IVF if it didn't work. The first round didn't work - went in Nov. The 2nd round we started just after Thanksgiving and in fact, almost missed our cycle window. We went in for Dec 5th IUI. I am happy to report that we finally got our BFP! We want to see The Hobbit on the 15th and I just remember sitting in the theater thinking ... Hmm I think I'm pregnant! There was no rhyme or reason for it - I mean - I didn't have many symptoms before testing. 0-10 dpiui - not many symptoms - had mild nausea, moodiness and mild sore BBs - but nothing unusual 11 dpiui - nausea intermittent through the day but very mild (if I wasn't looking for it, I wouldn't have noticed) also very gassy 12dpiui - got home from work and hub was grouchy - decided to take a test on a whim and BAM! Faint but distinct BFP!! I called him in and was jumping sound shouting "we're not broken!!" We have NEVER had any hint of a positive before in the entire time trying. Noticed some cramping in my right ovary and was still gassy 13dpiui - FMU POAS and again, BFP - can't believe it! A little darker! Continue to be gassy, have intermittent cramps and some poking pain like I am o'ing. 14dpiui - FMU POAS, and again - BFP! Called doc since it was my missed period day - sched blood work for Thurs morning. 15dpiui - FMU POAS AND POSITIVE AGAIN :) line is getting darker. Blood work and my hcg beta is 114 - scheduled blood work for monday (today) - Xmas eve. Still gassy, still cramping on and off Today's blood work came back at hcg 929! We are thrilled. Ultrasounds scheduled for after the new year :) Ladies - do not give up hope. Keep your head up, ask for help, talk with others that are going through the same. You are not alone and there is always hope :) lots of love, peace, blessings and BABY DUST to all :)

BFP With IVF With ICSI - Low AMH, Male Factor... It Can Happen!

We have been trying for 1.5 years and finally got our BFP. Both me and my husband are 35. Our issue was low AMH and male factor. After one failed IUI, we decided to move to IVF with ICSI. We did our IVF in September - Had 8 eggs retrieved and 6 fertilized through ISCI. 2 were 8 cell grade AA. We did a 3 day transfer of 2 embroys and froze on on day 5. After my embryo transfer, I was just normal - felt great, had no sore breasts, no cramps, no nausea, nothing! I was not recommended to be on bed rest and in fact the next minute after the transfer, I was asked to get up and change my clothes. Then we went out for lunch and came home and just relaxed for a couple of hours. Then I was doing my normal chores as usual. I started testing on the cheap internet tests from day 7 and till day 9 I was getting negatives. I was so depressed and was crying most of the time. On day 10, I threw the internet cheapies and took a test with FRER and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a faint line. I almost was 100% sure that I was not pregnant. Then I tested in Clear Blue Digital and First Response Early Response every 6 hours and could see the line getting darker. I was ecstatic. My first beta was 126 at 11dp3dt. Second beta was 304 at 13dp3dt I continued my POI and estrace supplements till my 8 week and was on progesterone suppositories for the 9th week. On my 10th week, I had stopped all my medications. Now I am on my 14th week and still do not have any symptoms, apart from being constantly hungry and some weight gain. No sore breasts, no cramps, no nausea - NOTHING! Please don't despair if you don't receive a positive result on your HPT. I would definitely suggest trying FRER instead of the cheapies - Would have saved me from the heartbreak and depression on the days after the transfer. Please don't worry if you don't have any symptoms at all. Please don't worry if you have less than average number of eggs retrieved and less fertilize. IVF journey is hard by itself. I was just clinging to faith and hope blindly. I did feel negative that the cycle will not work out all the time. I was only relieved when I went in for my 7th week scan to see the lil one moving its arms and legs all around. Again!!!! Don't feel down if you don't have symptoms or the symptoms are few and far between. Don't give up hope if your pregnancy tests come back negative. It ain't over till it's over!!

BFP With NO Symptoms

This BFP was totally unexpected! I am 32 years old (turning 33 in a couple of months) , DH is 33. If I had known how long it would take to conceive I would have started much earlier. For this cycle I had no symptoms. No AF crampings either. It made me sad because I thought I was out, especially reading about all the ladies with sore boobs and feeling nauseous. We BD 3 days, 2 days, 1 day, on peak, after peak, and 2 days after peak. But on both peak days, it felt like he pulled out so those days were busted. I wasn't expecting a BFP this round. Hubby has MF (Low motility, morphology, and low TSH). I am fine. The urologist put him on clomid for 4 months. This upcoming January would be his third month on clomid and also this third month on vitamins. I put him on a bunch of vitamins to help increase his motility. He cut out coffee and has tried to go to the gym more, at least one or twice a week (we're not in shape). He used to drink a A LOT of coffee with 4+ shots in each cup. We also made changes to his blood pressure medications because it was affecting his ability to ejaculate and maintain an erection. For the past two months, he has been making blueberry smoothies for the both of us to drink everyday to possibly help with any morphology or sperm DNA fragmentation problems. We put things like blueberries, mixed berries, bananas, OJ, apples etc into the smoothie and have it with our dinner. We drink the smoothie before we eat so it helps us control our portion size. I think the smoothie somehow helped to move my ovulation date from CD17 to CD 14/CD 15 or maybe it's just because I have been relaxing more about the baby making ordeal. We've been trying since November 2011 so I have this attitude that when God thinks it's time it will happen. As long as I hold absolute faith that I will be a Mommy, it'll happen. 1dpo - 10dpo: Boobs hurt but they've always hurt after ovulation 11dpo: Boobs stopped hurting; feeling very sad, thought I was out - Progesterone drops so your boobs stops hurting, which means AF is coming :( 12dpo: No change 13 dpo: A pinch in the uterus area for about 3 - 5 minutes; it wasn't like an AF cramp 14 dpo: Nothing 15 dpo: Nothing; boobs looked like they have shrunk :( 16dpo: Expecting AF - Nothing 17dpo: Expecting AF - Nothing 18dpo: Expecting AF - Bothing; did a test - BFP!!!!! WOHOOO What really helped me to bring peace of mind to this TTC is a book I've been reading called: Stories of the Unborn Soul: the mystery and delight of Pre-Birth Communication by Elisabeth Hallett. It brings into prospective that your baby is right next to you but you gotta relax. There's real life stories in there. Whether your being in the metaphysical pre birth communication or not, it's comforting to know that your baby spirit won't leave you until she/he is born. You can read some sample chapters here: Also, if you type in "I didn't know I was pregnant Dawn Pannell," It's inspirational. Doctors told her she'd never get pregnant but she did. Good Luck to all! It's definitely a blessing and pray, pray, pray.

2 Years in the Making

We began our TTC 'adventure' around October/November 2010 and being naive to the whole process, I assumed it would be simple. Although in the back of my mind I knew it took my mother years to conceive, I figured I was young and healthy and it would just happen. How wrong I was. During that time we made initial steps in relation to investigating the infertility issues. I had the blood tests for PCOS which revealed I was not in any sort of danger there, but DH had a very low sperm count and low motility, making it not impossible but highly unlikely we would fall naturally. Given all the recent stress of building and moving, we decided in August that we wouldn't take the next step (i.e. referral to a specialist) until 2013. It didn't help that stress levels were incredibly high: I changed jobs, went back to studying AND we built a house in the second year. My study and house finished around August and I instantly felt the stress levels lift off my shoulders. So... as far as this cycle goes, it went a little something like this... LMP 11 Nov 12 BD 24, 25, 27 and 28 NOV. That's it! OV date believed to be the 27th according to the POS OPK. 1-3DPO - Nothing much, noticed I had a mild headache on day three, but nothing significant. Also noticed Sticky CM which seemed odd. Didn't want to get too excited. I've had it before. 4DPO - Extremely hot day. Felt pretty ordinary, headache carried over and I had incredibly strong heartburn. That in itself wasn't unusual, I get it when I eat the wrong things. Normally I can clear it up with a swig of Gaviscon but today it has no effect. That night woke up around 11pm feeling unbelievably nauseous. Tried to fight it but couldn't. Got up and experienced urgent diarrhea, followed by a big vomit. Sorry TMI but it was awful, and it was right then and there that I knew something was up. 5DPO - Felt wiped out, probably because of my bad night. Spent the entire day on the couch feeling sorry for myself. Felt hungover despite not touching any alcohol. Nauseated again, indigestion still present and my CM is now creamy looking. Interesting. 6DPO - It's Monday so I went to work. Felt the indigestion again. Also feeling dizzy and act like a bit of an airhead... well, more so than usual. Creamy CM again. Notice a wet patch on my underwear. Okay, that is NOT normal. Ignore. It's nothing... 7DPO - I feel the heartburn creep up early on and notice I am still feeling nauseated. My lower back hurts a little and I start to develop a sore throat in the afternoon. Oh geez, it feels like tonsillitis. Why me?!! CM continues. 8DPO - Wake up noticing the sore throat right away but figure it's not that bad and I'd rather go to work than see a doctor. First signs of sore BBs but the ache is very mild and on the sides. Odd, because I'm normally aching for the entire TWW. Oh and what is this cramp? It feels like AF might be a week early. Nooooo!!!! Go away. Getting suspicious. 9DPO - Still feeling light AF cramps and mild nausea. BBs feel tender but its not particularly bad. Feel VERY hormonal. I am convinced today I will start my cycle and prepare myself mentally. 10DPO - Feeling pretty much the same. Waves of nausea and slight aches. Also have quite a nasty pimple on my chin. And I find an enormous one on my back. Really? We are doing this? We are growing pimples on my back now? Thanks hormones. It's lovely, really. Feel for my CP and am surprised to find it very high, firm and closed. Lots of creamy CM. Use a HPT. Wait... is that a shadow? No... couldn't be. Nope. Must be an evap. These are cheap. Ignore it, go to work. When I get home 10 hours later I scrutinize the strip again. Yes, there is definitely a mark in the test space, but it's barely there. Tell myself to stop getting my hopes up and I vow to wait until Tuesday (14dpo) before I test again. 11DPO - Yeah right. Day 14. Whatever. Get out of bed at 6am and whip out a test. I sat there timing three minutes. Saw nothing and went back to bed deflated. That's it. No more. Stop torturing yourself. Get into an irrational argument 2 hours later and burst into tears. I use the opportunity to go to the bathroom again and I pick up the HPT for a further bit of torture. Holy. Sheeet. There is a line. THERE. IS. A. FREAKING. LINE! BFP!!! Lose my mind. I carry it out and show him with a stupid look on my face. Cry a lot more. Go back and read the instruction sheet. I was supposed to wait 10 minutes. Whoops. Do another test in the afternoon and BAM, it's there. Still light, but there's a line. Symptoms are barely noticeable today. Feeling fatigued (or is that just lazy?) and a bit nauseous. 12DPO - Test with FMU and get another faint line. Yay. That's good. Go shopping for an hour and start sweating uncontrollably. Feel awful. Must go home. Get a digital test but decide not to use it yet. 13DPO - I use a standard strip and it comes out darker so I whip out the digital. PREGNANT!!!! 1-2 Weeks. OMG! So happy. Overwhelmed.

BFP After 18 Months

Infertility history: DH and I stopped using birth control in April 2011, by February 2012 we realized there probably was a problem. Eventually, we found out that DH had low counts and poor morphology due to a varicocele but luckily all was good on my end. We did three IUI's this summer but none were successful. On September 24, DH underwent a varicolectomy in an attempt to solve the problem. We were told by the surgeon that we wouldn't see any improvement for 72 days, so DH was slated to have a SA done at the end of the year. At his post-op visit in mid-October the surgeon told DH that the varicocele was gone! Surprise!: Much to our delight we didn't end up needing to wait 72 days because this week I tested positive on an HPT (OK, so I took three test but they were all +). This means we conceived six weeks after the surgery and we found out exactly eight weeks after the surgery. YAYY!! Symptoms: I didn't track ovulation at all so I'm going to list my symptoms based on cycle day, I normally have about a 27 day cycle. CD9 and CD12: bd CD24: felt a weird cramp in my lower right side CD26: looking back, I remember being able to smell things that I shouldn't CD27-28: I still sometimes felt that cramp and noticed that I was more tired than normal CD28: felt like I had period cramps, thought AF was coming CD29: before bed the night before I decided I would test in the morning if AF hadn't shown up. I usually spot for a few days before AF so it was weird that there was no sign. I woke up anxious at 4:45 a.m. and decided that I couldn't wait any longer, and since there was no sign of AF, I took a test. I got a +HPT using FMU and proceeded to wake DH up at 4:58 a.m! :) I'm officially 4 weeks pregnant. CD29-31: I've had what feels like period cramps on and off, my bb's are slightly sore like before AF, I can't relax or sleep because I'm so excited/nervous!