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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Male Factor

Male factor infertility can certainly insert a few turns and detours on your path to your BFP. If you've managed to get double lines on your pregnancy test despite contending with male factor infertility, we want to know about it! Send us your story through this contact form.

BFP w/ TWINS after almost 3yrs trying/Severe Male Factor, 1st cycle IVF w/ ICSI!

I wanted to share our story to give hope to others who may find themselves in a similar situation
as us! :) My husband and i have been together for 7 years, and TTC for the last 3 years. We never
thought we'd have any infertility issues; it came as a complete surprise to us! We are in our
early-mid 20's and completely healthy. Dr's refused to test us until we were 1yr TTC, which is
when we discovered that my husband has severe male infertility. He was diagnosed with Non-
Obstructive Azoospermia, cause is unknown bc all of his test results have always been Normal!
They said its a "One in a Million Kind of thing", his body just failed him, and he is practically
sterile. A normal man has 10-15 million sperm. My DH has 5-10 per sample, literally. However,
the few he does have are healthy, which is great, its just so strange!

Originally we were told that we would never have our own biological children, and were suggested
to use a sperm donor. We met with a new Fertility Doctor to begin the process and find out our
options, kind of like a 2nd opinion. He immediately told us that we had a pretty good chance of
success with IVF w/ ICSI w/ my husband's few sperm that he had, so we did some more tests, and
everything looked good and we decided to give it a try! At least we would know we did everything
we could before we took the next step. Our doctor said he did not think we were at the donor stage
yet, and said we should still give IVF a try, so we did.

It has been a very stressful, emotional, and difficult journey, but we have stayed strong through
faith, hope, and love. Our IVF cycle went off without a hitch! My husband had 4 frozen & 1 fresh
sperm samples ready. They retrieved 13 eggs from me, 12 of which were mature, and 6 of those
fertilized. It took them 2 of the frozen & the 1 fresh sperm sample to fertilize my eggs, but we did
it! lol We had great looking embryos and did a Day 5 Embryo Transfer. We transferred 2 embryos,
1 hatching blastocyst & another embryo which was almost at that stage catching up. Both of
great quality. The other embryos arrested, and unfortunately did not make it and stopped growing
or couldn't be frozen.

The Two-Week-Wait seemed so long! We got our 1st BFP on day 6dp5dt with an HPT! My 1st beta
was on 9dp5dt and my HCG was #137. 2 days later my beta was #317, both are great numbers! We
just had our first ultrasound to see the heartbeat at 7wks pregnant and were super excited to see
that we are blessed with TWINS!! Our doctor says it is a miracle that we got pregnant, let alone
with both embryos! I am a twin myself, and we have twins through both of our families (no
history of fertility problems though, all natural) so we are thrilled!! Miracles DO happen! :) 

Another Miracle Baby

I've been driving myself crazy for many months reading other girls symptoms and thinking it was
my time and gladly I’m finally able to say that. I've just saw the two beautiful lines in a test and
I'm over the moon. 

My boyfriend was diagnosed with MFI, low sperm count and low motility, we've been trying for two
years and a half and the only thing different this month was that he has been taking vitamins
(androferti) and maca. We were waiting for our results to decide if we had to move forward to IUI or
IVF, so so so glad that it worked out without intervention. 

Anyway, my symptoms this month: 

1dpo - 7dpo: almost anything, some random twinges and my temperature was slightly higher than
usual (post-ovulation).
8dpo-11dpo: high temperature, very vivid dreams, watery cm, breast tenderness
12dpo: all the above, metallic breath and thirsty
13dpo: super thirsty, hot flashes. I was starting of having my hopes up because it was the first
time that I have had so much watery cm (usually it was creamy at this point).

****Sending all the baby luck to you all****

TTC #1 for 9 Months w/MFI

I promised myself that after getting my first ever bfp I would post my symptoms from my TWW here.
My DH and I had been TTC #1 since June of 2011. In January 2012 at my yearly physical I
mentioned we were ttc and had blood work done - everything came back perfect and my doctor
ordered a semen analysis for DH.

In March we received devastating news that with less than 2 million sperm (and really more like less
than 200,000) would probably never conceive on our own. I frantically researched IVF while still
charting and tracking cycle #9.

I got my positive OPK on CD16 and also got a peak reading on my clear blue easy fertility monitor
that day. I Oed on Cycle day 17!!! Which is actually early for me as I don't ovulate consistently,
its usually anywhere from day 15-24 with an average of CD19 according to Fertility Friend.

Our BD schedule was O day, two days prior and three days prior - nothing out of the ordinary..

1dpo - Sore nips, a good consistent sign that I ovulated, dry cm
2dpo - Sore nips, pretty bad headache, dry cm
3dpo - Sore nips, start of a three day migraine, dry cm
4dpo - Sore nips, day two of three day migraine, dry cm, frequent need to pee!!
5dpo - Weird dreams all night, dry cm
6dpo - First day of creamy cm
7dpo - Breasts tender when pressed (NEVER HAD THIS BEFORE!!), dry cm
8dpo - Tender breasts, weird dreams, frequent need to pee, hot flashes, head is killing me
9dpo - Due to odd symptoms, test with wondfo and FRER and get two BFP!!! - dry cm, cramps,
tender breasts, feeling hot, headache on/off
10dpo - Darker lines! First day of creamy cm that has continued since.. cramps, tender breasts,
hot flashes, nausea
11dpo - Same as 10dpo
12dpo - Same as 11dpo and super emotional. A commercial makes me cry.
13dpo - TODAY!! 4/8/12.. AF is due tomorrow and I am PRAYING like crazy that she doesn't show!!

I don't know why this month worked when all the others before failed. I have to thank God first of
all for giving us this miracle. With DH's SA numbers, there’s no way we could be here without a
blessing. Would also like to thank everyone else here for giving me symptoms to analyze like crazy.
Seeing that I wasn't the only one with or without a certain symptom gave me hope! And I would also
like to thank the lovely ladies at The Mommy Playbook for being there for me the past nine months.
The December Due Date Club is going to be a blast.

BABIES FOR CHRISTMAS!! Does it get any better than that?? :)

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

I have been visiting this site for around a year and love to read everyone's tww symptoms and finally I get to post my own!!!

I O'd late (as usual) on either CD 24 or CD 25 - really thinking now it might have even been CD 26.

1-6 DPO - Not much of anything different than normal
7 DPO - Very gassy
8-9 DPO - Gas continues but nothing new to report
10 DPO - Nauseous on and off all day; Gassy; Very tired
11 DPO - Nose is running and continues up til now
12 DPO - Dizziness kicks in - wake up in the morning and feel like the room is spinning; thought maybe pg or perhaps my vertigo is just acting up - feel dizzy on and off all day
13 DPO - Gassy and Cramps; just know AF is on her way
14 DPO - Gassy and Cramps; keep running to bathroom to check
15 DPO - Test - perhaps a shadow of a line - but decide it's just an evap and toss it
16 DPO - BFN; So so thirsty and dizzy; decide something must be wrong with me and decide to go to doctor if I don't feel better tomorrow
17 DPO - BFP!!!!!! Came up fast and strong!!!!!!!!!

Ladies this is our 10th cycle trying! It's taken over a year because of my long cycles! Do not give up hope! We have overcome my very irregular cycles, low libido (due to my husband's depression meds) and low semen volume. We have prayed and God has answered ! Praying now for a H&H 9 months!!! God be with all of you!!!


I can't believe we finally got our BFP! Fingers crossed it sticks!! It has been a very long 18months for us ttc and we finally got our positive blood test today!

My husband has very poor morphology/ motility and there was basically no chance we would conceive naturally. This was our 2nd IVF cycle, our 1st IMSI ( last cycle was ICSI). We had a 1 blastocyst, day 5 transfer, so I'll start the symptoms there:

5dpo- 36.4, nothing out of the ordinary, still a bit sore from egg retrieval So drinking LOTS of water so basically going to the bathroom constantly the entire 2ww.
6dpo- 36.7, woke at 2am with sharp stabbing pains in my uterus area that lasted about 20sec, nothing like af pains, they completely took my breath away. Happened again about 1 pm and then again at about 10pm. Bbs getting big and sore. Diarrhea.
7dpo-37.0, hot flashes and bbs continue to grow, only sore on edges and sensitive nipples. Diarrhea again.
8dpo- 36.8, continue to feel hot with headaches on and off. More Diarrhea.
9dpo- 36.9, sharp shooting pains in my vagina! It happened twice during the day and they have continued much lighter on and off. Light dizziness when walking. Headaches. Now I'm constipated!!
10dpo- 36.9, hot flashes and dizziness when walking, headaches. Bbs still sensitive and sore. Still constipated!
11dpo- 36.9, headaches and dizziness when walking, starting to feel tired! Several bm's which is unusual.
12dpo- 36.8, headaches and dizziness when walking, really getting tired now. My heart races and I get out of breath climbing up 10 stairs! Not like me at all! Several bm's.
13dpo- 36.8, dizziness when walking, bbs no longer sore or sensitive unless I really push them..... Thought that symptoms going away must be a bad sign! Still getting exhausted with minimal activities. Tired early at night. Several bm's.
14dpo- 36.9, really lethargic all day, don't do very much but still slightly dizzy and light headed with movement. Several bm's.
15dpo- 36.8, tired early, starving when I went to bed after big dinner a couple of hours before. Light headedness. Several bm's. A little hint of nausea when hungry.
16dpo- 36.8, blood test hcg 248!! Can't believe it! I was actually shaking when the nurse told me!! Quite crampy and hungry today. Just a little bit of nausea when hungry.

Due 11th November! I hope its sticks for a happy and healthy baby! It just goes to prove you don't need a bbt that constantly rises, or symptoms that increase during the 2ww.....that surprised me because I thought I was out for those two reasons alone!

The best of luck to everybody trying!! I wish every one of you the happiness I'm feeling right now! I never thought we'd see this day!

BFP After TTC 2 Years With Male Factor

I have been TTC with my hubby for two years now. We have a 6 year old that we had no issues conceiving at all. After 18 months we went to the fertility doc and found out my hubs had low sperm EVERYTHING. The doc gave us a 5% chance of getting knocked up on our own.

Together we decided that fertility treatment was to much money and to stressful so we were going to be happy with our one child. This was 2 months ago.

Just three days ago I was telling my hubby that we barely had sex this month and being my whiny PMS self. :) I was also complaining how I was going to start right in the middle of working blah blah.

Fast forward to Monday when I knew I was 3 days late for my period but not allowing myself to get excited. (But secretly falling apart inside. :) My cousin convinced me to pee on a test to quit obsessing and within seconds it came out positive!

We really had decided to quit trying. I didn't BD on certain days, didn't lay in bed for 30 min after, didn't pee on ovulation sticks.

It really can happen. Good luck to you all!

BFP After Two Years With PCOS, Low Motility/Morphology, on Metformin and Clomid, plus Ovidrel Trigger Shot and IUI

My Husband and I have been trying for two years. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and he was told his Motility/Morphology weren't great. We did acupuncture together for four months, and took MOUNTAINS of vitamins and herbs. I've been on Metformin for PCOS for the entire two years, but we still hadn't had any success. When we were finally ready to take the next step, we did three cycles of Metformin plus Clomid and timed Intercourse. Still no luck. We finally moved onto IUI. The first cycle, I had every pregnancy symptom in the book, but did not end up being pregnant. The second cycle, I had almost no symptoms whatsoever, but my day 11 Blood Test level was 46! I went back on day 13 for another, and the Beta level was 118! I'm Pregnant! This morning, I finally got a BFP on a digital test, so I'm starting to believe it. : )

Timed Intercourse and Ovidrel Trigger Shot on Cycle Day 14
IUI on Cycle Day 16
4DPO - Odd, period like cramps, with slightly different feel today
5DPO - More cramps, gas
9DPO - Mild nausea from about 4:00pm until bedtime. Noticed I had been out of breath after climbing the stairs today and maybe three days prior. Not normal.
11DPO - Very odd, but I noticed that my nether region had been "beating" for days. This happens to me once in awhile, but never multiple times a day. It feels like I can feel a heartbeat in my vaginal area. Has anyone else experienced this?? Doctor called with a Positive Blood Test Result! Beta Level 46!
12 DPO - Minor stomach upset
13 DPO - Another Positive Blood Test! Beta Level 118! Medium stomach upset, and it gurgled all day. Some odd cramping too.
14 DPO - Positive Digital Test! Woot! (A girl waits her whole life for one of those!) ; )

No sore breasts, very little nausea, no exhaustion. I was sure I wasn't pregnant before my first Blood Test, and I am! : D 4 weeks, 1 day today.

My Best Friend knows, because she knew most details of our IUI process. We're going to see my Mom and Stepdad this weekend, and may tell ONLY them. Otherwise, we'll try to keep our mouths shut until Week 12!

I have my first Ultrasound on March 2nd, at Six Weeks, and should be due around October 24th! : ) Crossing everything I can cross and praying for a safe arrival!

Wishing you all much luck and much love!

GLORIOUS 2 Lines!!!

Like the majority of post, I too have been obsessed with this web site! My DH and I started ttc in 2010. Soon found out that low - to no sperm was the issue. Later 2011 he started with a urologist who had him up to snuff in under 3 mths! I am text book 28 day cycle & I can tell you the moment I ovulate, so not getting that BFP was sooo frustrating! After all was said and done and DH was cured, it took us only 3 tries! Here are my ttw symptoms!!!!

CD8 bbd with Preseed
CD 10 & 11 bbd
CD 13 bbd pre seed, ewcm, slight cramp left, +OPK - ITS ON!!
CD 14 BBD mid afternoon, still cramping - O day
1 dpo shooting gas pains, no bm that day and I'm like clock work - TMI
2 dpo diarrhea, great
5 dpo crampy, sore boobs kick in - which is normal for me before AF, blood in my nose
6 dpo constipated, blood in nose again - stuffy nose but wet, hungry and queasy at the same time
7 dpo woke up congested, lower back killing me, blood in nose again!!
8-11 dpo lower back still achy, boobs are still sore, still skipping days with bm's - not normal for me
10 dpo dreamed of blazing BFP... and friend called to tell me she dreamed I was preg...hmmmm
11 dpo terrible sleep! back is killing me, cant get comfy! af cramps in full swing, sore bbs especially the left, and notice a more rounded fullness! hmmm
12 dpo, back still at it, again terrible sleep, but remember vivid dreams when I did get some sleep, slight nausea in am. Decided I was going to bite the bullet and test in the afternoon, was sure I was doomed and af was coming, but couldn't resist! 3pm snuck away to test, IMMEDIATE BFP!!!! 2 days away from Valentines Day!!!
13 dpo testing again with first morning and another GLORIOUS BF POSTIVE!!! ran to baby store and bought the hubbs a Daddy loves me onesie for Vday!
14 DPO blood test! all is amazing!!!!
Hope this help!! And keep your heads up, your BPF is around the corner!!!

BFP with Male Factor

I can not believe it is finally my turn to post my symptoms!!! I thought this would NEVER happen.

I am 33 and my husband is 36 and we have been TTC for well over a year, since June of 2010. We got married in October of 2010 and didn't wait very long to start trying to start a family. I didn't think it would necessarily happen right away, but as more and more months passed without falling pregnant, I began to suspect something might be wrong. We finally began the process of infertility testing in December. My husband did a semen analysis. The doctor called with the bad news that he had low volume, low motility and very low morphology. We also strongly suspected that I had endometriosis due to family history and a lot of pain with my cycles. She felt we may need IVF to conceive at all. I have been devastated for the past month and wondering how we would come up with the money for IVF. I even broke down crying in my boss' office when I tried to tell her that I might be taking time off for surgery. I had an appointment for this Thursday to discuss doing a lap surgery to diagnose the endo.

I expected my period this past Sunday and it never showed. My period is usually regular but stress has caused it to be late from time to time, so I figured that's all it was. Today I was 4 days late, so I was a little suspicious but still expecting AF to show anytime. It came up a really dark positive in about 5 seconds! I am in total shock! Its really true that it will happen when you least expect it. This was such a dark month for me after being told conception on our own was highly unlikely. When you get past that year mark, trying to conceive gets so much scarier. I wanted to post to give others hope, especially those who have been trying for a while. Reading other symptoms has been a help and comfort to me all this time. I feel like this is a total miracle and I am praying for a healthy pregnancy!

I have tracked symptoms faithfully this month, because I thought there was no way it could even happen. My only symptoms have been sore breasts and AF like cramping for the past week. They feel identical to what I always feel before I start my period. I've had no nausea, head aches or increased CM. In retrospect, I have been extra weepy the past couple of weeks, but I attributed that to being told we were infertile. Literally, I have been extremely depressed and in so much pain all these past few weeks and the whole time I've been pregnant!!!

Just because you get a bad semen analysis DOES NOT mean there's no hope. I think it just made it take a bit longer. I am over the moon right now! Baby dust to all!

BFP with PCOS, Male Factor and after an IVF & FET!!!

I cannot even believe I'm typing this all out right now because I am still in such SHOCK!!!! :O  I'll start with a little of my history first!
I'm 34 and hubby is 38. We started trying to get pregnant in 2005 and tried unsuccesfully for two years before we went to a fertility specialist who informed us that I have PCOS (which i figured, my periods were always irregular and heavy) and hubby has low sperm counts (low count, motility, and  morph). The doc said our chances of concieving naturally were like 5% a month MAYBE. We did two rounds of IUI one with Clomid, one with Gonal F inections and NOTHING. Finally we went all out and in 2007 had an IVF cycle. I ended up with 6 beautiful grade A blasts...two of which we put in and on the first cycle I got pregnant with my son! In 2009 we tried for our second and did a frozen transfer from the same blasts we had leftover and I got pregnant with my second son.

Hubby and I decided to hang on to the other blasts leftover in case we wanted a third because I REALLY want my little gir. Well, the problem is its super expensive and no guarantee i'd have a girl etc. Also we are getting older and hubby is afraid it would be just too expensive to raise three kids etc.

Fast forward to this month. Hubby and I havent been *trying* but havent been *preventing* either...especially with both our issues. My doctor a few months ago at a routine GYN appt put me on Metaformin for my PCOS. She wanted to try it out and see if it helped my particular PCOS becuase I had been complaining about  my cycle being completely nuts. She told me it took a few months for it to start fully working and to "be careful" if we baby-dance because I *may* become pregnant. I of course, laughed at her considering all we had been thru to try to conceive naturally and failed. Oh baby was I in for a surprise! :D

This past month on the 29th of October (Saturday morning at 6am) hubby decides to get fresh and we baby dance. I think nothing of this as I had EWCM a day or two before and figure if I WAS fertile it was over. I was on day 14 of a 30-31 day cycle. On Monday the 31st of October very early that morning I feel crampy. Twingy, crampies like period cramps (this was at like 1am that moring when i went to bed) and i took advil to help me sleep. That day on the 31st I was at my doc and asked what ovulation felt like LOL! She told me i may have. So now I'm nervous of course, but not expecting anything. The week goes by fine and then I start to notice strange things: (assuming I ovulated on the 31st that Monday)

DPO 1- 5 I feel nothing. Nada. I'm  not looking for anything anyway so I wasnt really noticing.
7 DPO Its football Sunday and I have friends over. I'm REALLY feeling hot spicy foods. I eat jalapeno poppers and I NEVER eat them. I also had hot wing sauce and spicy ribs that I made for dinner and it's all tasty tasty. At one poin I'm wearing my regular bra and note that the girls are falling out a bit. They seem extra big and I even say to my husband that my boobs arent cooperating and keep falling out of my bra that day.
8DPO Still feeling fuller breasts, I note to my friend that I'm starting to feel pinchy, scratchy, scrapey feelings in my uterus like someone is scraping a knife from the inside. I go to my zumba class that night and feel crampy
9DPO I wake up that morning and just for kicks decide to take a Dollar Tree test. I totally forget to use FMU and use the bathroom first thing, but then catch myself and manage a few FMU drops of pee. LOL I do notice too that my pee smells funny, almost pungent like sausages LMFAO! Sooo I put the test aside and go about my business for 5 minutes or so. I casually pick up the test expecting NOTHING (as usual) and instead I see a FAINT line! And not the kind of line I have to like tilt into the sunlight or hold up to a bulb...I can see it from arms length. Im in SHOCK and in DENIAL becuase this has NEVER happened to me...i mean, a positive without already having prior knowledge there may be one. I take a second test a few hours later and BOOM another faint positive. I go in to my doctor and get bloodwork. She tells me the pee test i took at her office came out  negative but I show her my tests and she believes me.
10DPO I get my HCG blood test results back from the doctor and its a 5. Its  low, but she wants me back on that Friday (would be 12DPO) for another HCG.
I'm feeling crampy at this point and full boobs. I'm also starting to smell
things really intensely!!!