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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Male Factor

Male factor infertility can certainly insert a few turns and detours on your path to your BFP. If you've managed to get double lines on your pregnancy test despite contending with male factor infertility, we want to know about it! Send us your story through this contact form.

Embryo Donation/Adoption Works!

We were denied IVF due to low amh, high fsh, low responder, male factor. We decided to go with an Embryo Donation program in the Czech Republic. They transferred 2 perfect day 6 embies. 1dp6dt: Slight cramping, pretty mild but still can feel it. 2dp6dt: Slight cramping, pinching feeling in lower right side of tummy. 3dp6dt: Nausea, can’t eat dinner. The smell of cigarettes outside makes my stomach lurch. Boobies are KILLING me. Flew back to the US and so at 3.5dp6dt I caved in and took the HPT that reprofit gave me. I see a slight shadow. Hubby says he thinks it is an indent on the test. 4dp6dt: Got a definite positive on a First Response Early Response. I am blown away. Nausea is worse, still have the cramping and super tired. Bloody mucus when I blow my nose and bleeding gums when brushing teeth. 5dp6dt: Took another hpt. BFP! Even darker. Nausea, really sore boobies and tired. Feeling gassy and bloated. Backache. 6dp6dt: Another hpt. Even darker than yesterday, almost as dark as the control line! Nausea, sore bbs, tired, bloated, backache, some dark brown spotting. 7dp6dt: Beta 166! I am amazed at how fast that came back and at how high the number is! Hoping its twins?!?! Sore bb, nausea, tired backache and metal taste in mouth. Tastes like I am sucking on a penny. Ew! A little bit of pink spotting on my toilet paper twice, but none on pantyliner. It scared me half to death. Came home from work, ate dinner and fell asleep in my chair. 8dp6dt: No more spotting! Boobies are sore but not quite as bad as the past few days. Tired, metal taste in mouth, still light cramping. 9dp6dt: Second Beta drawn today. Won’t get results for two days. Super tired and nausea. Came home from work early to rest. Headache, sore boobies.

Finally BFP After 12 Months w/ Male Factor!!!

I wanted to first thank everyone for sharing their stories on this website, I've read them day in and day out and they have truly kept me going for the past 12 months. Me, 30, and DH, 31, have been TTC since November 2011. Only a few of our closest family/friends knew that we were even trying and everyone said it would happen quick for us. Well, 6 months later, I just had this intuition that something wasn't right. My DH and I were college sweethearts and have been together since we were 19 and with no previous pregnancy scares EVER I thought I would make an appointment to get checked out. My obgyn did all of the normal blood work, everything came back fine. I went for an HSG and that too came back fine. My husband offered to see a urologist in April 2012 and that's when we got the worst news, his total count and morphology were extremely low. Next stop for us was to visit with an infertility specialist and discuss our options. The infertility specialist did several more SA tests, blood work (for both of us) and after several sit down visits we FINALLY met for our "options" meeting in late September where we were told that we had <1% chance of conceiving naturally. We were also told that our best chance of conceiving was through IVF w/ ICSI and even that's not guaranteed. We expected to hear bad news, but this was devastating news. It seemed like our dream of becoming parents and raising a family together would not happen without this alternative procedure, so we signed all the forms (there are quite a few!) and were told a nurse would call us in a few days to provide us with our IVF calendar and to get the process going. On the way home my husband and I spoke about it and he told me he wanted to try FertilAid/Mega Man vitamins for a month or so and asked if we could postpone the process until January. I was fine with that because I was nervous (as was he) about the whole procedure and I didn't want to start it over the holidays anyway. It's a good thing we decided to postpone because we FINALLY received our miracle from God. I was three days late for my period during the last week of October and I'm ALWAYS 28 days (almost to the hour). For the past 12 months I would POAS a week leading up to my period and then be crushed each time AF showed her ugly face. This month I just didn't have any reason to believe it could really happen given with the doctor said and also because we only BD twice around my +OPK. Well, I got up the courage to test on my last (yes, last!) cheapie and a very faint line showed up. I never saw such a beautiful sight before, I never even had a spot, speck, hint of a line before this. I remember holding the stick and praying that a line would come, it took a while, but it did. I quickly ran to the store to buy a more reliable brand and within a minute the word, "pregnant" popped up. My husband's birthday was three days away so I wrapped up the test in a present that I had already bought him and surprised him when he came home. He thought I was playing a joke and when he saw me crying he realized it was true. We feel so, so blessed to have this miracle happen to us. God is good. As far as my symptoms, I didn't have much of anything. I do remember an achy back about a week before AF was due. That was it!!! And like many of you, I had more symptoms the months that I was NOT pregnant. We are praying that our lil sticky bean sticks and hope each and every one of you get your BFP soon!! Baby dust to all!!

Natural BFP

I am thrilled to post here again! I posted here in middle of July or so when I got my natural surprise bfp! We struggled for four years before we did 5 ivf and conceived our son in Jan 2011. In about October 2011 we decided to try for baby no 2 naturally until our little frozen embryo was used in March, we got a bfn on that try. Suddenly in June I conceived naturally – I was shocked!!! We where so very happy. My little baby had no heart beat after 3 months and we were shattered. We have found out that our little angel was very sick, Trisomy18. I thought I would never be so lucky again to fall naturally but we decided to try for a few months and here I am…..8 weeks after my D&C I got BFP again!!! Totally amazed and thrilled and scared and hopeful……so many feelings are there… It just feels like a dream; now when I am 40 I suddenly am fertile!!!! ov day – BD plus 3 days earlier. 1 dpo - Nothing 2 dpo – Tired 3 dpo – Nothing 4 dpo – Nausea and backache 5 dpo – Nausea and dizzy ( to early!!!! LOL) 6 dpo – Headache 7 dpo – Really really depressed. 8 dpo – Nothing. Bfn (what was I thinking) 9 dpo – Huge temp dip. Lots of pinching. Bfn in the morning. Bfp at 4pm 10 dpo – BFP, cramping and pinching feeling. 11 dpo – Line getting darker!!! Tiny bit queasy 12 dpo – Line getting darker! Little bit of cramp 13dpo – Tired 14 dpo – Line darker than control line whooooo!!! What I did this cycle; dhea for the last 8 weeks; coq10; folic acid and pregnancy vitamins and 2 fish oil tablets. I hope this little bean is healthy and very sticky…..
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BFP After 16 Months of MFI

I am so excited to say that I got my first BFP last night after struggling for 16 months. DH had low count (10 mil) and horrid morphology (0-1%). We had an appointment scheduled for the 12th of November to revisit, have another SA done, and discuss our options. He has been on zinc, vit. C, fish oil, folic acid, vit. E, a men's multi, CoQ10 (the list goes on!). We had started talking about the direction we would go if things hadn't improved at our next appointment with the RE. Anyway, this cycle just felt different. I had a hunch, but didn't want to get my hopes up too high. I tested 6 days before my period and got a negative, which I expected. But, I still had this feeling like something was different. I am 4 days out from missing my period, but when I came home from work, I decided to test again. BFP!!! Since we have been trying, my husband and I talk about what I will be like as a preggo. I crave food normally, so he keeps telling me that he is scared of what my pregnancy cravings will be. I am going to buy him a card today that simply says: 'Let the cravings begin' and attach my pregnancy test- I can't wait! Since DH has low count, we BD every other day around ovulation which occurred on the 18th. Timed it so we BD on the day of ovulation. Symptoms: 1-5 DPO: No symptoms, still BD every other day just to ensure timing was on. 6 DPO: Minor cramping and sort of a heavy feeling low in abdomen. Sore BB (normal for me sometimes even this far out from AF) 7 DPO: Exhausted. Still minor cramping. 8-10 DPO: BB still sore- nipples especially, which is new. Ravenous! Usually I want chocolate, but nothing but salt will satisfy. Starting to get curious. BFN day 10 11 DPO: NO symptoms. Convinced myself I was crazy and that AF was going to rear her ugly head again. 12 DPO: Not hungry all day. Felt queasy starting in the afternoon and continuing through the night (I am writing this at 6 a.m. on 13DPO and have been up for 3 hours). Came home from work and tested (First Response Early Result). BFP!! Could NOT believe my eyes since we have tried for so long with nothing. Took another test and another BFP. We had a friend over, so I did not spill to DH yet, and I wanted to make it creative. I will test again today to make sure, sure, sure!! For all of you struggling, it can happen! Things looked really hopeless for us, but it just takes one. Lots and lots of baby dust to you all!!

BFP After 2 IVF

We have been trying to conceive for over 2 yrs and finally we got our BFP!!!! Our journey began 2 yrs ago when we started trying naturally. We went through 5 failed IUI and then we finally switched to IVF. First failed IVF: 10 eggs retrieved, 6 mature, 3 fertilize, 1 embryo transferred and other 2 embies didn't make it for freezing :( My 2ww symptoms- I had 5 day transfer. Only 1 day bed rest. Took vaginal endometrium suppositories 3 times day. 1-2 dt- Slight uterus cramps. Felt like tugging and pulling in the uterus. 3-5 dt- Sharp uterus tugging and pulling. 6-8 dt- No symptoms. No cramps. Symptoms just disappeared. 9 dt- Started to spot. 10-11 dt- Full period like flow. 14 dt- BFN beta. Waited 1 cycle to start 2nd IVF. Second IVF- 20 eggs retrieved, 14 mature, 6 fertilize and 2 embryos transferred, and other 4 didn't make it to freezing again :( My 2WW symptoms- 5 day transfer. Day before transfer, I did pre-embryo acupuncture and did acupuncture after embryo transfer. RE told me to be on bed rest for 24 hrs but I took whole week to rest. Drank grapefruit juice for entire week. 2dt- Left ovary slightly twitching. On bed rest. 3 st- Stretching in uterus. On bed rest 4 dt- Heard from nurse, rest of embies died. I was very upset. Felt strong cramps in the uterus. Just to relax, I went for another acupuncture to relax myself. I usually breakout before my AF. I had a few breakouts on my face. On bed rest. 5 dt- Poking pain in left ovary, cramping in lower stomach. Had lower back pain at nighttime. Did some light chores around the house but tried to stay relaxed. 6 dt- No cramps but felt nauseous all day. Stayed home. Few new breakouts 7 dt- Nauseous all day, uterus stretching. Lower backache. 8 dt- Tightness in uterus. No nausea. 9 dt- Yellow CM. Little bit of tightness in uterus. 10 dt- White CM. Nauseous all day. More breakouts. First day back to work 11 dt- Nauseous all day. Had very light red CM (possible implantation). 12 dt- Nauseous all day. More clear CM. First day had bad headache. 13 dt- Nauseous all day. Very intense headache. Small amount of CM. 14 dt- First Beta test. Nervous, didn't sleep to well. Results came in and its positive!!!!! Beta-596. Nauseous all day. Tiny amount of CM. 15dt-16 dt- Just Nauseous. 17 dt- 2nd beta test. Beta- 1495 (it doubled). I can finally breathe. I think our 2nd IVF worked because I stayed well rested during 1-7 dt (implantation period) and did acupuncture to keep the blood flowing towards the uterus. During my 2ww, I was pretty positive that I was pregnant because my symptoms either were getting worse or I was getting new symptoms. I know 2WW is insane time but don't loose the hope.

I Knew I Was Pregnant Very Early On..

Doctors say you don't exp. pregnancy symptoms until implantation occurs but I have to disagree. I began having symptoms at around 5dpo. People can call me dramatic but I know my body. Something felt different. 1 to 4 dpo- Nothing 5dpo- Tender Breast, slight movement in my abdomen. 6dpo- Tenderness in my breast still and lots of pull and twitches in my lower abdomen. 7dpo- Slight cramping in my lower abdomen and gassy, sharp pains in my breast on occasion. 8dpo- Slight pulls in my lower abdomen and very gassy (TMI). 9dpo- BFP!!!! Very faint line on First Response Early Results test. 10dpo- Didn't test.. All the same symptoms. 11dpo- "Positive" on First Response Gold Digital Test.

BFP w/ Male Factor- Low Sperm Count

I thought I would give some hope to all you ladies out there. DH and I had been ttc for 18 months when we finally gave in and got a sperm count done. DH's sperm came back @ 1000 sperm/mL and grade C (do no move in a forward motion) - NOT GOOD! The urologist actually told us our only chance to conceive a child of our own would be through IVF... other than that- Adoption. We were devastated! He did, however, prescribe DH 500mg of Clomid, once a day for 3 months and asked us to come back for another analysis once gone. Needless to say, within those 3 months, we decided that if it isn't meant to be, it isn't meant to be. We couldn't afford IVF- I was depressed, angry, and wanted nothing to do with reality during those months. Why us?! We decided to not have children as hard as it was. In a way we were relieved since we didn't have to deal with the stress of baby-making. We planned to travel, retire early, buy our dream home in the next 10 years, etc. Then 6 months later, I kid you not, I was 8 days late for my period and my MIL told me to take a test so I could rule it out and low and behold, we got our BFP!!! We were in absolute shock. After all, we had mourned the fact we couldn't have kids and moved on. We threw ourselves into all sorts of activities: Running, Golfing, etc. You always here about these stories and think they will NEVER happen to you. It happened to us :) I am currently 19 weeks and we find out if it is a girl or boy next week. I had no pregnancy symptoms whatsoever, it just felt like my period should come any day. So please have hope and try and relax- I honestly think it was a combination of so many things, including the Clomid. Ladies, I highly recommend Clomid if your DH has a low sperm count with a poor grade or motility. Best of luck to all! Baby dust for all trying and hoping for the miracle :)

Don't Give Up - It WILL Happen to You! 10dpo BFP!

Will keep this short and sweet. Trying for 8 months, thought I was PG every month of course. Took clomid and this was my third cycle (it was upped to 150mg). DH was 8 months post vasectomy reversal (original vasectomy was done before I met him a longgggg time ago!) His sperm did return but his count was not great - but you do only need just one of those little blighters! What I did - PRAYED to God (practically begged him - felt like a whiny child), temped and used opk's (ic's). Drank decaffeinated green tea, took prenatal, baby aspirin and EPO (1000mg) up to O. Stopped temping after FF confirmed O. Used softcups, Pre-Seed and made sure I had orgasm after DH (apparently this helps the cervix suck up sperm - not sure if it is true, but did it anyway). Then GOT ON WITH MY LIFE! I just decided that I had done all I could do for the month. Symptoms - none. Nothing! Only thing I had was itchiness down there, like it was the beginnings of a yeast infection, but it never turned into a full blown one. I did have to use my willpower and not scratch though! It's true - the 2WW pg symptoms are just like 2WW pre AF symptoms - I did not feel any different. Good luck to everyone out there still trying. I know it is hard and hope and pray that you become parents. God Bless.

Finally BFP

Hi I can finally write on here...
After months and months of trying going to see doctors and being referred to our local hospital and then starting the fertility process I can now announce that I am 3-4 weeks PREGNANT. My story so far is.... we were trying for a year and I started temping and realized that I wasn't shifting for ovulation. I did a little research and started taking agnus castus, which kick-started ovulation for me. I started getting all the signs, but after another 5-6 months still not pregnant. After a year, we went to the doctors where I did 2 blood tests and dh did sperm analysis. The first blood test came back inconclusive the other was fine. We then got referred to the fertility clinic where they read us dh's sperm analysis, he had just below average count, but with low motility and mobility, but we were told that we still could get pregnant. I got booked in for ultrasounds and oh for another sa in 3 months time. I stopped charting for the next month as we moved house, and low an behold this month I got my first ever BFP!
We are so happy and I truly believe that if you want something that bad you will get there.
Thank you for letting me sharing my story.
Good luck to everyone who are trying for there little miracle

BFP (Beautiful Fabulous and oh-so-Prego)

I have lurked this site for months. I am so happy that it's my time to shine now!

My partner and I are both 30. We decided to have a baby last year of August. We are NTNP at the time. Come November we broke-off. But in February, we got back together. I was 29 at the time and I was scared of not having a baby because I had an abortion when I was 17. I never saw a doctor and only took a medicine for it to happen. In April, we had another serious talk and we again decided to TTC and this time, we are going to take it seriously. We went to a gyne bec I had to have myself checked due to a bacterial infection. I also asked if we can get an advice about TTC. We were told to try naturally first and if after a year nothing still happens, then we should go back. I was turning 30 in May. I took a 2week vacation from work as we really want to have a baby and stress is not helping us at all. I had all the symptoms in May, I tell u. But I ended up with a Big Fat Negative! I didn't lose hope. Come June, I started drinking green tea, taking robitussin, taking aspirin, etc. We timed our BD too! But still, a Big Fat Negative! July, we decided to take a time off because it stresses us out more. We decided to have a "sexfest". He took a 2week leave too. We were thinking that he's the one who is stressed. We can't take a vacation at the same time as we hold the same position in the office. Only 1 person is allowed to take a time off for a long time as we manage people. He booked us a nice hotel room 1 day, had a fancy dinner, had a bubble bath and BDed like it's the first and the last. It's my O day by the way so it's to our advantage too. But it ended up with another Big Fat Negative! Come August, I told my partner that I am so stressed in TTC. If the baby's gonna come, then it's gonna come. I did not really think about it anymore. I did not count the days. I did not take the meds I've been taking. I am a social smoker and drinker. I smoked and drank when I want to. I forgot about TTC at all. When we BD, we BD bec we want to. I didn't even raise my legs for 15mins. I wash after 5mins. I practically told myself that it's gonna happen. I don't know how, I don't know when, but it will happen. I did set my BBM status to --- I will be. I just lived a life of expectancy. I prepared 2 void drawers in my cabinet for my upcoming baby. Then I let go. All I knew is that I have a 30-day cycle and I'm supposed to get my period on August 31. I was never late! But this month, I missed my period! So I was like, "Hmmm...this is weird. Maybe tomorrow it's gonna come." But then, the red witch did not come! I went to church and prayed for His will to be done. I would accept it without a baby or not. I bought HPTs because I used up all my stock last month. I did not re-stock because I didn't want to obsess again POAS-ing. I got home and I'm supposed to POAS tomorrow. But I couldn't resist! The time I felt that I needed to pee, I took 1 HPT and in less than a minute, Big Fat Positive! I was shaking and the first words that came out of my mouth were, "Oh My God! I am happy and scared!" I knelt down and prayed for my baby and offered it to God right away. I asked for His help in raising this baby with fear in the Lord. Now I am planning to surprise DP. It's gonna be life-changing for us. But we are ready to do anything for our little angel.

Thank u to all who shared their stories. You have all inspired me. To those who are TTC-ing and who lurks this site during TWW, Positive Thoughts to all of you! May u all be showered with tons of baby dust!

I did not track my symptoms because it's stressing me. But below are my take-aways for all of u.

*My PMS started earlier than usual (LBM, breasts and nips hurt, cramps, eating a lot), about 5 days earlier. I didn't mind this as it felt like my usual PMS.
*A week before my AF is supposed to show up, I could not catch my breath when I climb up the stairs or if I walk for only a block. I thought it's due to my social smoking.
*Few days before my AF is supposed to show up, I noticed that my saliva is more than the usual. It's as if there's a fountain in my mouth and it just overflows on occasions that I had to swallow more often. I did not mind this as I don't want to be disappointed again.
*My breasts ache at the side near my underarms. It's something new for me. I thought my PMS is changing again as I get older.
*I did not spot when I usually spot.

I don't have much symptoms aside from the above. I really thought the red witch is coming. But this time, I've won over the red witch! My advice is for you girls is to stop obsessing. I know it's hard! But you shouldn't stop living just because you are TTC-ing! All will fall into its place at the right time. If the red witch attacks u, fight back by partying :) And most of all, don't just BD. Make love. Because you are loved! Positive Thoughts always! God has plans for each and everyone.