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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Male Factor

Male factor infertility can certainly insert a few turns and detours on your path to your BFP. If you've managed to get double lines on your pregnancy test despite contending with male factor infertility, we want to know about it! Send us your story through this contact form.

Our BFP Story

We tried to get pregnant for 6 months, and didn’t so I went on Clomid for 6 months with no BFP. After spending literally thousands of dollars testing my fertility, the doctor finally asked us to get a sperm test (and that was only $95, which we should have done in the beginning!). Turns out, my husband had 75 million sperm count, 37% mobility, and 6% normal forms (very poor morphology). He got his sperm tested in early November of 2006. The doctor said we could try IUI but the success rates are not very high so we waited and contemplated IVF with ICSI because of his sperm counts. I did not expect to get pregnant because his morphology was so bad, but he stopped wearing tightie whities underwear and started wearing boxers, he started taking multi-vitamins every day, and he - ok, this is important – he was told that he needed to ejaculate MORE often than he was, that he needs to ejaculate 3-4 times a week for healthy regeneration of sperm. We were going to go in May to get his sperm re-tested but lo and behold, I had a BFP 5 ½ months later! I am right now at 7 weeks. Male factor CAN change, so don’t rely on just one test and tell him to do the things he can do to possibly change his sperm numbers.

My "classic" BFP symptoms!

My history is that I had a child with my husband (unplanned), then got divorced, then spent 6 years with a guy trying to have another baby, but it turned out he had a very low sperm count. I started to doubt myself, too, though, and by the end of it was convinced I'd never get PG again. Never say never ... now in a new relationship, and we weren't exactly planning it - were avoided making love when I was fertile - but this month my ovaries made the decision themselves and I must have ovulated about 4 days earlier than normal. Result: BFP!!

Having obssessed over whether I was pg or not for years now, I can say that it felt entirely different this month, and I knew from about 7 dpo or so that I was probably pg (actually, I felt it right away - am sure I now know exactly when conception was happening - but maybe I'm just sentimental!). Symptoms were classic:

0-7 dpo: nothing much apart from feeling like something had happened, feeling v happy, and feeling a bit hot sometimes.
8-13 dpo: boobs suddenly went sore - v tender. For about 5 days they were definitely sore all the time, and expanded up at least one cup size! Nipples went darker, too. Also got VERY hot a night, and kept having what felt like hot flushes.
12/13 dpo: started to feel as if I had a mild tummy bug ... a classic sign for me. Being anywhere hot made me feel sicker. Also started to feel like sobbing all the time ...
13-16 dpo: sudden bouts of exhaustion. Slept 2.5 hours one afternoon!
16-20dpo: boobs less sore; sickness establishing itself. Don't feel like eating anything.
And from about 12 dpo again I've had on and off twinges, a bit like period pain, but not really.
Oh, and I have that creamy CM that everyone always talks about.

Was too scared to do hpt first, so did ovulation test at 16 dpo, as I knew that picks up an alpha chain that is identical in LH and Hcg. Got a whopping positive on that, and on day 17, and then day 18 partner forced me to do hpt, which was strong +++++++.

Surprise BFP after 18 months TTC

Myself & DH started ttc June 2005, we decided to throw caution to the wind and if nature chose to bless us with a baby then wonderful ....but we didn't want to live and breathe it so we weren't to obsessed at first. After 18 months with no success we started to worry ..surely I would have been caught by now.

So we decided to start taking it more seriously timing sex around ovulation...poor DH wasn't over the moon about this but we had to know for sure if there was a problem and so the passion went out the window Hee! Hee!

In the mean time I went to the doctors and was then referred to a fertility specialist, I will add at this point I am only 27 and I could tell the Doctors and the Specialist were very concerned as were we that I hadn't fallen yet. 4 months on and there was still nothing and then to top it all off DH sperm test came back low count and low motility ..cue my world falling apart!

And then comes the big shock .....after looking into the cost of IVF and thinking about adoption I was a day late for AF and thought I won't be preg I'm just late again.. but I like to know I'm not cause I can't bear the torture of it as I have been there many times when AF is late so I tested and..........................

SHOCK 3 BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I screamed so loud the neighbours must have thought I was being murdered

So to all of you that have lost hope and think it will never happen will did for us after 2 years and with DH haveing low sperm count.

Baby dust to you all

BFP with Preseed (and PCOS)

There's hope for those with infertility issues! I have PCOS and am taking Metformin. I was trying for two unsuccessful months on Clomid. Then, after a short anovulatory cycle (15 days!) with Clomid days 3-10 I think the Met started AF naturally. I Oed on CD17 and got lucky with a BFP! DH has low motility (male factor infertility) and we were told BDing wouldn't even work. Our IUI cycle was cancelled due to the Clomid not working and we already made a specialist appointment for considering IUI and then IVF. This cycle I had no EWCM and only one day of wet CM, so we used PreSeed. We kept thinking positive and tried our best. We are hoping for a sticky bean!

1 DPO: sore nipples, backache, creamy CM, low firm cervix

2 DPO: sore nips, fatigue, creamy CM

3 DPO: sore nips, headache, and cramps with creamy CM

4 DPO: sore nips, creamy CM, fatigue, and pimple in pantyline area (not usual)

5 DPO: sore nips, lots of creamy CM, backache, dehydrated feeling

6 DPO: sore nips, lotiony white creamy CM

7 DPO: no more sore nips, creamy CM and a tiny bit of super stretchy CM (never get this), dull ache in lower uterus/ovary area

8 DPO: headache, creamy CM, dull ache still

9 DPO: sore tongue (never happens!), strange dreams, creamy CM, slight temp dip on chart

10 DPO: sore tongue, strange dreams, backache, cramps, super light BFaintP on FRER

11 DPO: cramps, slightly darker BFaintP on internet cheapie and also was faint positive at doctor’s office, headache, nausea after dinner, fatigue hit me strong at night, creamy CM

12 DPO: headache, cramps, BFP on internet cheapie and FRER was a medium line, creamy CM, cramps, could hardly sleep last night, huge BBT temperature dip?!, lost appetite, fatigue

13 DPO: creamy CM, fatigue, cramps stronger at night, odd dreams, can’t sleep, temp went back up

14 DPO: dark HPT today PM. Backache, cramps, strange dreams and couldn’t sleep again, temps stayed put, no sore nips or boobs yet...

I decided I may not temp anymore since the dips worry me. The doctor wants me to take another beta at 15 DPO to check that my hormone’s doubled. Baby dust to you!

Preseed BFP with Male Factor

I just wanted to share my story briefly. My husband has been told for most of his life that he cannot have children. So we were in complete shock when we became pregnant in 2005. We assumed that they were incorrect about him and when our son turned a year old we began trying for number 2. After about 13 months of BFNs we decided to get help. My husband had an SA done that showed him to only have 2 million swimmers. We were devastated. So we went to the RE and had beginning blood work done. We have had a lot of things going on in our life (promotion and a move), so we never made it back for him to get the followup SA. So, hearing such wonderful things about Preseed I ordered the inserts. In July it was the only thing that we did differently out of all the other months. (I didn't even use OPKs!!) We got our BFP yesterday. We are so thrilled. We can't believe it. We love Preseed and would definitely recommend it to anyone TTC.

Miracle BFP with Male Factor Infertility

My DH and I have been together for almost 9 years..... 7 years ago we ended up pregnant after 13 months of trying..... almost 2 years ago we decided to try for a 2nd child....After a year of being unsuccessful we had a semen analysis done... it came back with a good count, but 1% normal morphology, a volume of .5ml and lowered mobility.... we went straight to a REs office and after a few weeks had a repeat SA.... the numbers came back with 0% normal morphology and again a volume of .5ml.... the RE said that it was possible for DH to get me pregnant but improbable.

We didn't want to rush into IVF/ICSI which was our recommendation so the RE agreed to put DH on menopur to see if we could raise some of the numbers.... we are now at over a year and a half of trying for number 2 at this point.... On Friday June 22nd, 2007 DH went and had his 3rd SA done to see if the numbers were improving.... On Monday June 25th, 2007 I woke up with a feeling that I was pregnant... this was aprox. 12DPO
..... I tested and got a BFP!!! A couple of days later I called to get DHs SA results.... .3ml for volume and 2% normal morphology.... so hardly any improvement there... but a MIRACLE BFP against the odds!

BFP with IVF/ICSI (Male Factor)

We did it on our first IVF/ICSI We have MFI (dh had not very sucessfull VR, developed antibodies so couldn't fertilise my eggs) I was very bed responder, got only 3 eggs, from those only 2 were mature for fertilisation. The same day when they retrieved only 2 good eggs we realised that DH has developed full blockage . On the second attempt he managed to extract 10 swimmers. In the 2ww before we got the BFP we tried to freeze a sample in case, but there were no more swimmers. It appears we used the last 10

We got positive beta on 13 days post day 3 transfer. Oh, I forgot, we transfered both, both of them were with not the best quality, for example on day 3 they should have about 8 cells, our babies had only 4 also both had fragmentation. Right now we trully believe that MIRACLES do exist. Do not give up no matter how difficult the road looks like.

BFP with ICSI (Male Factor)

Thought I'd add my short and simple story:

DH has a son from ICSI with his previous partner, so we knew we were dealing with MF issues before even starting TTC. We TTC naturally for 10 cycles anyway (going to naturopath to see if that would help at all, and it didn't). When we saw the fertility specialist we were fastracked to ICSI.

Type of cycle - ICSI#1 short/flare cycle (no down regulation time, no pill)
Drugs - Synarel 10 days, 150 gonal-f 9 days, ovidrel trigger, 2x1500 Pregnyl injections for LP support
Response - 7 eggs, 4 high quality embryos fertilised
Embryo transfer - 2 (and 2 to freeze)
Stage of embryo/s - 2 day
Result - HCG 537 on 16 days past EPU - singleton confirmed at 7 week ultrasound. I'm currently just past 9 weeks.
age - DH 37, me 34 (turned 35 two days after BFP)
Reasons for doing AC - MF (count less than 2 mil, motility, morphology issues as well).

BFP with FET (Male Factor/after Miscarriage)

Here's mine too -

Started IVF 2002 due to MF (at the time) very low sperm count. Had been trying other ways for 2 years.

Started IVF Sept 02
down reg included 225mls of purgon
At EPU collected 23 eggs - 10 fertilised via ICSI and we lost 1 during defrosting. I also had mild hypo-stim.

1st transfer PFP but lost preg at 8 weeks
2nd Transfer FET PFP but again No's didnt rise wait
to mc at 6 weeks.

DH & I are sent away to have blood test for M/C genetic problems etc - Nothing found. However as there seemed to be a problem with implantation it was recommended that I try baby asprin and my naturapath recommended vitex.

3rd Trans FET Start taking Vitex and Cardaprin (Baby
asprin). BFP and DS born 2/1/04

4th Tran FET BFN new nurse who doesnt believe me
that I only "o" within a period of 3
hours and Seraket doesnt work. No
asprin or Vitex.

5th Tran FET BFP again I took baby asprin but I
stopped taking it around 8 weeks as I
kept forgetting and at my 2nd U/S the
baby's H/B had stopped two days
before the U/S at 10 1/2 weeks. I dont
know if its related.

Currently stimming again with the same protocol but we are doing PGD for the m/c.

I feel in my heart that the Vitex and baby asprin helped me to achieve a PFP with DS transfer.

Never rule out FETs as you can see they do work.

BFP with Double IUI/Male Factor/PCOS

I have been hesitant about announcing this, b/c I am afraid of jinxing myself!!

After a year of infertility (PCOS and MFI after VR) we are pregnant! Tuesday my beta was 22 and the p4 was 14.7, then Thursday it went to 50 with a p4 of 21.3. We are in shock!!! We went through 4 cycles of IUI to get here!! This cycle we did a double insemination. The first IUI this cycle dhs total motile count was 1.2 million, and day 2 it was 6.8 million with a motility grade of 2!!! I had 1 or 2 follies. Although I have 2 pos betas, and increasing p4 and I have m/s I still think it must be a joke!!! I just had beta #3 drawn and I should get those results in a few hours.

Have hope ladies, I wasn't all to sure this day would ever come and now we have been blessed!!!!