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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Male Factor

Male factor infertility can certainly insert a few turns and detours on your path to your BFP. If you've managed to get double lines on your pregnancy test despite contending with male factor infertility, we want to know about it! Send us your story through this contact form.

BFP on 6th IUI after failed IVF

4 years TTC
low sperm count DH
me Endometriosis corective surgery 2010
IVF 2010 20 eggs  11 fertilized none lived to 3 days
5 cycles IUI w Clomid no fewer than 5 eggs each time Donor insemination BFN
6th IUI cycle this time using injectibles Follistim
6 eggs
BFP  I waited til I was officially 6 days late
1st beta 1235
2nd beta 2347

bad cramping swore AF was coming even wore a tampon
really over the top emotional
crying and bitchy
nothing with my boobs but kinda looked bigger
weird white CM

Just don't give up....really !!!

BFP after 1 yr TTC with varicocele

I have been trying to conceive for one year exactly. We started trying july 2007, and here i am FINALLY pregnant in July 2008!!!!!! My husband has a variocele on his testicle, and the doctors have all said it would be VERY difficult to get PG. Thank goodness it happened. Today I am on dpo 19, I only tested today b/c of the cramps.

1-8 dpo: all other months my breasts hurt, but no breast pain this cycle
8-19 dpo: Breast pain, veins (always get this in tww), and increase in size--didn't have cleavage, now I do.
13-19 dpo: Cramps. intermittent. lighter than AF, but the same feeling...but will come for one hour then go away without meds...that is very unusual for me..usually need lots and lots of motrin for them to go away.

I didn't have any nipple tingles which i have had in the passed with other PG's, nor did i have any nausea, heartburn, lethargy, or increased need to pp!!!!!

baby dust to all, and praying this is sticky...

BFP with first Clomid/IUI cycle

This month was our first IUI/Clomid cycle for male factor (6-7% morphology). We have been ttc our first baby for 12 months. I am 30, dh is 31.

My Clomid experience was very unusual as I felt terrific while taking it on cd 5-9 but horrible for a few days afterwards. I lost several clumps of hair and had very depressing thoughts. I had cramps, especially from my left ovary, from the first day I started Clomid, through the IUI, finally stopping on 4 dpiui.

This cycle was clearly different, as I hardly had any symptoms compared to what I normally get...

cd 5-O = cramps started
cd 13-13 = detect LH surge through OPK
cd 15 = IUI
1-4 dpiui = cramping, esp from the left ovary
5-7 dpiui = very odd and real dreams, very fatigued, somewhat irritable, lots of CM, constipated, dizzy when I turn my head quickly
8dpiui = tons of energy, happy, CM continues
9dpiui = very faint BFP on Equate brand HPT (only reason I tested this early was because I was getting on a plane and needed to know if I could take motion sickness meds)
no energy, irritable, pulling cramps, one very strong vaginal cramp that went down leg, bb's starting to ache - not as much as a usual cycle, dizzy at times
10dpiui = another faint BFP on Equate, went to buy Clearblue Easy brand and still a BFP, lots of CM
11dpiui = darker BFP on Clearblue

We have been using preseed, dh sat on cold packs and took multivitamin, bd every two days throughout cycle

What we did differently this cycle: went completely vegan (found out animal products contain so many hormones that it is bad for us and baby, we have just decided to raise the baby vegan), added IUI and Clomid.

BFP with PCOS and Male Infertility Factor.

I would like to tell you about my story. I was married to someone else, before I married the love of my life. We tried to have a baby and it didn't work. I've known since I was 17 that I have PCOS. I was told at that time I would probably NEVER be able to have children. I did have a m/c in January of 1992. I had concieved my first angel without meds. After being single for 6 years I met my hubby. We were both in our late 20's, and I gave him EVERY oportunity to walk away and to find someone who could eventually give him the children that he wanted. But he assured me that he loved me, not for my ability to be able to have children. Two years after we met, I got pregnant with our now 4 year old son. How this happened......

On 9/11/01 we were down at Labcorp, for my dh to do an SA. It seems funny when we were trying to create life, our country was being torn apart. We found out he had a problem, but we couldn't fix the problem before he left for deployment in 2002.My dh found out he had a varicocele in august of 2002, and had surgery in october of 2002. I had lost all most 100 lbs in about 13 months (Ive gained it back plus some due to an injury to my lower back, but Im on my way back down. :) ) I took traditional chinese herbs, and followed a very strict diet and exercise routine. The infertility doctor at Portsmouth Naval Hospital gave me a new drug to try called Letrozole aka Femara. I was a little concerned about trying a med that was used for treating women with breast cancer. My dh had the varicocelectomy surgery on October 4, 2002. I had started my period on time that month (two days after he had surgery). Dh said why don't we try BD with the femara and see what happens. I was really
leary of us BDing with him,just having that surgery (he had a hernia repair several years prior), and I didn't want him to tear anything. He ASSURED me if anything hurt he would stop. The doctor said NO sex for up to 6 weeks after surgery. Well Dh was VERY INSISTENT that we BD, and so I took the femara days 5-9 and we BD for several days during my ovulation cycle. I waited for my period to come it never came.I figured it was my PCOS acting up again. I was irritable, miserable, moody, and I took an HPT and it was POSITIVE. My dh was skeptical of hpt's, so I went to the clinic on November 11, 2002, and got a qualitive beta, and it was POSITIVE. I was so very very thankful to be able to get pregnant with a new drug (which now has a black warning on the label to NOT be used for reproductive purposes according to the Dr. at Portsmouth Naval Hospital). I delivered our son at 33 weeks 5 days (June 4, 2003). He weighed 5 lbs and 4 oz, and he was 17 3/4 inches long. Our son is
now 4 years and is ALL boy. It is such a privlege to be the mom to this very special little boy. When I didn't think it would ever happen for me. .

I'm 35 now, and I just had ovarian drilling in January of 2006. I am losing weight, trying a different route this time around. Im again taking traditional chinese herbs, but ive added an even stricter diet since I found out that I have celiac diease ( and I am working out alot more diligently. I am also seeing an acupuncturist, who is also a traditional chinese medicine doctor. She has helped many couples get pregnant and have healthy children. Im also doing reflexology, massage to help me relax more. Hopefully,
I will get another BFP soon,

I hope my story inspires those to never give up their dreams.

BFP after Grade 3 Vericocele

My DH has known that he has had a grade 3 vericocele since he wa a teenager and his doctor back then told him he may have trouble conceiving one day.  Vericoceles are often found in premature male babies, and it just happens my hubby was a premie. So when we got married in Feb 2005, we put away the contraception... but weren't all out "trying" yet. We thought we'd just see what happened. By about 6 months I knew that we'd better have his semen count checked, so he went in. Overall, his #'s weren't bad, they were borderline normal, but his morphology was quite low at 5%. The doc told us he didn't HAVE to get the vericocele repair surgery as we could still get pregnant with these numbers. We were told that with IUI we'd have a much better shot. So we tried IUI a total of 4 times over the next 10 months and tried naturally in between. We then moved to a new state and put everything on hold for a while.

We then went to see a FANTASTIC urologist here in Milwaukee, WI. After doing more testing, it was determined that the next best thing to do was for my DH to have the surgery. He had the surgery in March and at his 3 month check his counts had quadrupled already! They say it takes 6 months to see maximum results too! So at this point I was emotionally beyond the end of my rope and wanted to just jump to IVF instead of "starting over" again (in my mind).  But my DH convinced me to try 1 more IUI with the new and improved "boys".  Well, that was last month and I am proud to say I just got my first BFP last night, confirmed with a blood test today! It's been 2.5 of the longest years of my life, but now I can officially say I'm pregnant! I just pray for a healthy pregnancy from here on out!

For anyone with vericocele issues, if you have borderline results like us and aren't getting pregnant, I highly HIGHLY recommend considering surgery.  It's not pleasant, but DH was back to himself in a few days. Our only regret is that we didn't just do the surgery 2 years ago. But I firmly believe everything happens for a reason, and part of our great success, without a doubt, is the surgeon we used. Had we done the surgery where we used to live, we wouldn't have found him.

Our BFP Story

We tried to get pregnant for 6 months, and didn’t so I went on Clomid for 6 months with no BFP. After spending literally thousands of dollars testing my fertility, the doctor finally asked us to get a sperm test (and that was only $95, which we should have done in the beginning!). Turns out, my husband had 75 million sperm count, 37% mobility, and 6% normal forms (very poor morphology). He got his sperm tested in early November of 2006. The doctor said we could try IUI but the success rates are not very high so we waited and contemplated IVF with ICSI because of his sperm counts. I did not expect to get pregnant because his morphology was so bad, but he stopped wearing tightie whities underwear and started wearing boxers, he started taking multi-vitamins every day, and he - ok, this is important – he was told that he needed to ejaculate MORE often than he was, that he needs to ejaculate 3-4 times a week for healthy regeneration of sperm. We were going to go in May to get his sperm re-tested but lo and behold, I had a BFP 5 ½ months later! I am right now at 7 weeks. Male factor CAN change, so don’t rely on just one test and tell him to do the things he can do to possibly change his sperm numbers.

My "classic" BFP symptoms!

My history is that I had a child with my husband (unplanned), then got divorced, then spent 6 years with a guy trying to have another baby, but it turned out he had a very low sperm count. I started to doubt myself, too, though, and by the end of it was convinced I'd never get PG again. Never say never ... now in a new relationship, and we weren't exactly planning it - were avoided making love when I was fertile - but this month my ovaries made the decision themselves and I must have ovulated about 4 days earlier than normal. Result: BFP!!

Having obssessed over whether I was pg or not for years now, I can say that it felt entirely different this month, and I knew from about 7 dpo or so that I was probably pg (actually, I felt it right away - am sure I now know exactly when conception was happening - but maybe I'm just sentimental!). Symptoms were classic:

0-7 dpo: nothing much apart from feeling like something had happened, feeling v happy, and feeling a bit hot sometimes.
8-13 dpo: boobs suddenly went sore - v tender. For about 5 days they were definitely sore all the time, and expanded up at least one cup size! Nipples went darker, too. Also got VERY hot a night, and kept having what felt like hot flushes.
12/13 dpo: started to feel as if I had a mild tummy bug ... a classic sign for me. Being anywhere hot made me feel sicker. Also started to feel like sobbing all the time ...
13-16 dpo: sudden bouts of exhaustion. Slept 2.5 hours one afternoon!
16-20dpo: boobs less sore; sickness establishing itself. Don't feel like eating anything.
And from about 12 dpo again I've had on and off twinges, a bit like period pain, but not really.
Oh, and I have that creamy CM that everyone always talks about.

Was too scared to do hpt first, so did ovulation test at 16 dpo, as I knew that picks up an alpha chain that is identical in LH and Hcg. Got a whopping positive on that, and on day 17, and then day 18 partner forced me to do hpt, which was strong +++++++.

Surprise BFP after 18 months TTC

Myself & DH started ttc June 2005, we decided to throw caution to the wind and if nature chose to bless us with a baby then wonderful ....but we didn't want to live and breathe it so we weren't to obsessed at first. After 18 months with no success we started to worry ..surely I would have been caught by now.

So we decided to start taking it more seriously timing sex around ovulation...poor DH wasn't over the moon about this but we had to know for sure if there was a problem and so the passion went out the window Hee! Hee!

In the mean time I went to the doctors and was then referred to a fertility specialist, I will add at this point I am only 27 and I could tell the Doctors and the Specialist were very concerned as were we that I hadn't fallen yet. 4 months on and there was still nothing and then to top it all off DH sperm test came back low count and low motility ..cue my world falling apart!

And then comes the big shock .....after looking into the cost of IVF and thinking about adoption I was a day late for AF and thought I won't be preg I'm just late again.. but I like to know I'm not cause I can't bear the torture of it as I have been there many times when AF is late so I tested and..........................

SHOCK 3 BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I screamed so loud the neighbours must have thought I was being murdered

So to all of you that have lost hope and think it will never happen will did for us after 2 years and with DH haveing low sperm count.

Baby dust to you all

BFP with Preseed (and PCOS)

There's hope for those with infertility issues! I have PCOS and am taking Metformin. I was trying for two unsuccessful months on Clomid. Then, after a short anovulatory cycle (15 days!) with Clomid days 3-10 I think the Met started AF naturally. I Oed on CD17 and got lucky with a BFP! DH has low motility (male factor infertility) and we were told BDing wouldn't even work. Our IUI cycle was cancelled due to the Clomid not working and we already made a specialist appointment for considering IUI and then IVF. This cycle I had no EWCM and only one day of wet CM, so we used PreSeed. We kept thinking positive and tried our best. We are hoping for a sticky bean!

1 DPO: sore nipples, backache, creamy CM, low firm cervix

2 DPO: sore nips, fatigue, creamy CM

3 DPO: sore nips, headache, and cramps with creamy CM

4 DPO: sore nips, creamy CM, fatigue, and pimple in pantyline area (not usual)

5 DPO: sore nips, lots of creamy CM, backache, dehydrated feeling

6 DPO: sore nips, lotiony white creamy CM

7 DPO: no more sore nips, creamy CM and a tiny bit of super stretchy CM (never get this), dull ache in lower uterus/ovary area

8 DPO: headache, creamy CM, dull ache still

9 DPO: sore tongue (never happens!), strange dreams, creamy CM, slight temp dip on chart

10 DPO: sore tongue, strange dreams, backache, cramps, super light BFaintP on FRER

11 DPO: cramps, slightly darker BFaintP on internet cheapie and also was faint positive at doctor’s office, headache, nausea after dinner, fatigue hit me strong at night, creamy CM

12 DPO: headache, cramps, BFP on internet cheapie and FRER was a medium line, creamy CM, cramps, could hardly sleep last night, huge BBT temperature dip?!, lost appetite, fatigue

13 DPO: creamy CM, fatigue, cramps stronger at night, odd dreams, can’t sleep, temp went back up

14 DPO: dark HPT today PM. Backache, cramps, strange dreams and couldn’t sleep again, temps stayed put, no sore nips or boobs yet...

I decided I may not temp anymore since the dips worry me. The doctor wants me to take another beta at 15 DPO to check that my hormone’s doubled. Baby dust to you!

Preseed BFP with Male Factor

I just wanted to share my story briefly. My husband has been told for most of his life that he cannot have children. So we were in complete shock when we became pregnant in 2005. We assumed that they were incorrect about him and when our son turned a year old we began trying for number 2. After about 13 months of BFNs we decided to get help. My husband had an SA done that showed him to only have 2 million swimmers. We were devastated. So we went to the RE and had beginning blood work done. We have had a lot of things going on in our life (promotion and a move), so we never made it back for him to get the followup SA. So, hearing such wonderful things about Preseed I ordered the inserts. In July it was the only thing that we did differently out of all the other months. (I didn't even use OPKs!!) We got our BFP yesterday. We are so thrilled. We can't believe it. We love Preseed and would definitely recommend it to anyone TTC.