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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Male Factor

Male factor infertility can certainly insert a few turns and detours on your path to your BFP. If you've managed to get double lines on your pregnancy test despite contending with male factor infertility, we want to know about it! Send us your story through this contact form.

Almost too good to be true

Same as everyone else I stalked here and read almost every page looking for hope and over analyzing everything. I owe it to the women in my same shoes to add my story. First thing I have to say is that I had so many more symptoms during my BFN cycles than I had with the BFP: sore boobs, swollen gums, early AF cramping, heartburn, you name it. This time around I wouldn't have caught anything if I wasn't looking for it. This was my first IUI cycle after 14 months of TTC on our own. Numbers were: Clomid days 5-9 Scan on CD 11 - 2 follies at 19 and 20mm. Ovidrel trigger on CD 12 IUI on CD 14 1 DPO: ovulation cramps 2 DPO: still some ovulation pain 3 DPO: nothing 4 DPO: nothing 5 DPO: could it be maybe some nipple soreness? I never get sore nipples, only sore boobs right after O 6 DPO: definitely some soreness, left nipple only 7 DPO: still kind of sore, pretty strange for me 8 DPO: still a little sore. Since I know it's too early for BFP, let me see if I still have the trigger in my body - Very very faint line 9 DPO: is the line darker? It's still so faint I can't even tell. Still think it's the trigger 10 DPO: don't even have to squint - BFP! BFP! Confirmed later on at my doctors office with a beta of 42. Ladies this journey is cruel and heartbreaking, I know, but worth it!

BFP on second IUI!!!!

I can barely believe it's true! I am 38 years old and we have been TTC for about two years. I had my 2nd IUI on Dec 20th and wasn't at all optimistic about it working. When we first started working with an RE, we were told to go straight to IVF based off of my age and my husband’s sperm quality. We thought we'd get a second opinion and I am so glad we did. Our new amazing RE agreed to let my husband go on clomid to improve his sperm. It appeared that the clomid worked because his sperm improved significantly and they approved us for IUI. He was also taking Fertil-Aid but I'm giving most of the credit to clomid. He is at a healthy weight but he also tried to exercise more as well. My tests came out fine (sono and the HSG as well as my FSH and AMH levels) but I also implemented several healthy lifestyle changes. I continued to exercise moderately, mostly boxing classes, jogging and weights. I also started acupuncture and eating full fat dairy. The only other thing I did differently this cycle was get a massage the day before the IUI, but I don't think that had any real effect over my success, it was just a nice thing to splurge on. I didn't have any symptoms prior to getting my BFP except for a bit of nausea. I was taking progesterone supplements which can mimic signs of pregnancy so I didn't really stress out too much about it. I was supposed to wait and take a pregnancy test 15DPIUI, but does anyone really wait that long? Not me! I tested on NYE, thinking I might have a couple of drinks if it was completely stark white but lo and behold, I saw a faint positive! I was dubious because it could still have been my HCG trigger shot (I did injectables for both my IUI's). But every day, those lines got darker and darker! My first beta was 880! Two days later it jumped up to 2240! I am now five weeks pregnant and waiting for my week seven and my first ultrasound! I feel like this is a miracle!

Tomorrow WAS our IVF consultation...but today we got our first ever BFP!

I'm still so in shock. I always thought it would be different and I would never be one of those stories. But ladies...I'm here tonight to share my story and hope that it keeps someone's hope alive. DH and I have been TTC since I took my nuvaring out in June of 2012. We were married in October of 2012 and really started TTC then. I was on a diet for my wedding but still GAINED 40 lbs... that's when I knew something was wrong. By December that year, I started to get hair on my chin and the weight just kept piling on. For the first time in my life, I had a 54 day cycle. January 2013 I was diagnosed with PCOS. Fast forward to January 2014. By that time we had done 11 medicated cycles. Clomid started at 50mg and worked our way to 200mg. We then added dexamethazone (which helped make mature follicles! ) then switched to femara...add dexamethazone to that...add Femara with iui's. Normal sperm counts too. Then, the beginning of 2014, we went to Menopur injections for two cycles. Everything was perfect for the iui, but then....dh's number dropped drastically low. So low they couldn't count them. That was horrible. We put him on Clomid 25 MG for a few months, went to a urologist. ..nothing. no explanation. We tried a few more times with IUI's and nothing took. Then we took a break, trying on our own. Letting our bodies rest, because we knew we were going to do IVF in January. I tried my hardest to really relax, but I'll admit. I totally pos about 5-10 per cycle. Nothing ever happened. Ever. Like I've never ever seen a second line, much less a "pregnant". Until today. I am on CD 37, and AF was supposed to be here on Sunday. I tested on Sunday, bfn. Totally white. Story of my life. I've been cramping so bad this week. Like Monday I did nothing but take bath's and Alieve. So our appointment (that we have been waiting on for 2 months) for IVF is scheduled for tomorrow. I asked dh to bring home a test, just so tomorrow I can just tell the doctor it's bfn. I mean, my cycle ranges from 30-38 days. We were making dinner and I was finishing up the paperwork for our appointment tomorrow. I had to pee, so I brought the test in, took it, the brought it out to sit on the counter.....I forgot about it. DH went over to get a cutting board, and glanced at the test. I didn't notice. Then he picked up the box, looked at it. Looked at it again and said "is this supposed to have two lines on it, because it does". OMG! We finally got our bfp guys! I'm pretty scared but after even a digital confirming it, I'm going to let myself be happy. I'm cramping SO bad, like AF is in full force, but no spotting so I'm trying to stay positive. As far as symptoms go... major AF cramps, major!...left nipple feels like there is a needle in it, but only sometimes.... and I'm constipated. ...I don't really know what to say. Don't count yourself out. For real. I still feel horrible right now. Hopefully everything will be okay. I hope this helps. I wasn't tracking, so I don't know dpo. (I really didn't even think I ovulated). It's a freaking miracle ya'll! Baby dust to everyone! XOXO
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BFP first round of Clomid at 12dpo

Hi Ladies, I have been lurking on this site for a few months now and I cant believe im posting my BFP. We have been ttc for 5months and on the fifth month we decided to consult the doctor since i am 34 already. DH has 1% Morph, good count and good motility. I was prescribed clomid for one cycle days 2-6 since doc found out my progesterone level was 5.16 which means eggs are not of good quality. Clomid can help make a better quality egg. My cycles are quite regular at 28days. CD2-6 - took clomid CD17 - +OPK BD at CD11,12,13,14,16,18 1dpo -5 dpo nothing much to report 6dpo - bright red pencil size blood when i wiped (IB) 7dpo-11dpo very cranky, poor DH 12dpo - BFP. I used those IC in the morning around 7am and the line came up within 5mins but it wqs faint. No squinting needed. - Tested again tonight with clearblue digital, ic and one more brand as shown in attached photo. Thank God for finally hearing our prayers! Baby dust to all!
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It Can Happen To You

Hello everyone! I just wanted to start off with a little background. My partner and I had been trying to conceive for two years. For a year we have been using OPK's. We pretty much always baby danced every day or every other day the week leading up to ovulation. This never worked for us, though. After a while of not conceiving, we went to get a semen analysis and I got an HCG test done (this is where they insert dye into your Fallopian tubes to make sure that they're open and also look at your uterus). The results came back as me having 1 blocked Fallopian tube and a healthy uterus. My partner had normal semen analysis results except for his morphology (shape of the sperm) which came back at 3%. The cycle after I had my HSG test done, I got the positive ovulation test and we tried something different. Since we knew that he had pretty normal sperm when withholding from ejaculation for 4 days, he abstained from masturbation and intercourse right when I started getting the cervical mucous. I am irregular, so this is the only way I knew to start testing for ovulation. 4 days later, I got the positive OPK test. I started testing like a maniac and never got a positive pregnancy test this cycle. I actually started my period 16 days after ovulation which never happens to me. It's always 15 days for me. It started as spotting and then got heavier. It lasted two days (also so weird for me, as my period is 5-6 days). I had horrible cramping...cramps that are hard to explain. I had a feeling I had a chemical that month. Anyways, I figured we needed to try something different because I can't expect different results by doing the same thing every month. I started taking FertilAid as well as FertillCM. My partner started taking multivitamins. I stopped my medication for migraines since those are potentially dangerous to a little bean. I started taking prenatal vitamins every day just in case. I also bought softcups. I thought that my cervical mucous would be more abundant after taking the FertilCM, but it was hardly anything. I also started taking Robitussin daily for a week before ovulation. I stated getting a little bit of cervical mucous, which is how my partner and I knew to abstain. 4 days later I got a questionable positive OPK. I had no idea if I should count it as a positive or not since it was so borderline. We counted it as a positive just in case and baby danced the night after the positive OPK (I always ovulate 2 days after my positive OPK). So, the night before ovulation we knew that he probably had a healthy amount of sperm. I put pre seed into the soft cup and inserted it right after intercourse. It may also help if you climax yourself with the softcup in. I laid down for about 20 minutes and then got up. I think I kept the cup in for a few hours. We also had intercourse the day of ovulation. We didn't do any special this night. I kept track of my temperatures afterwards to confirm ovulation. My temperature didn't increase as soon as it normally does, so I really thought I had not ovulated. I had a big temp drop at 3dpo, then the temp went back to normal pre ovulation temps. My temps finally went up at 5dpo, but they just went up to my normal temps after I ovulate-98.6. I was totally confused. I was feeling symptoms of PMS, but I didn't even sure that I ovulated. At 8dpo I took a internet cheapie 25miu test and it came up negative. At 9dpo I took a dollar store test-negative. Then, later on 9dpo, I received some tests I had ordered a few days earlier. They are super sensitive 10miu tests. I took one and saw the faintest of lines. I didn't think anything of it. I know women already have HCG in their system, so maybe it was just picking that up. However, on 10 dpo I got a first response test. Obvious pink line. I continued taking tests for a few weeks and they gradually got darker. I was so so so very surprised!!!! I'm sorry this was so long. I just hope that by being so detailed with what I did, maybe I can help someone else. Below are my symptoms by DPO. I kept track of them via countdowntopregnancy during my wait. 1DPO- The underarms next to my breasts hurt. Like right on my arm pits. Mild Cramp with some shooting/stabbing pains. 2DPO- Heartburn, tender breasts (underarm), headcahe 3DPO- Pulling/pinching feeling, UTI feeling, tender breasts (underarms), BBT drop, diarrhea (FUN), so so hungry. 4DPO- Mild cramps, tender breasts (underarms), headache, stuffy nose, diarrhea 5DPO- Mild cramps, ovulation type pain, pulling pinching, tender breasts (underarms), diarrhea and increased CM. This was weird to me as I always dry up after ovulation. 6DPO- Bloating, cramps, pulling/pinching, breasts (stabbing pain), increased cervical fluid, abnormally hungry! 7DPO- Mild cramps, Tender breasts (underarms), runny nose, increased cervical fluid, so so so hungry!

Best Gift Ever!

Today I am officially pregnant with Baby #2! Both my babies will be IUI babies now. Thank you science! It took 3 IUI's this time since we just kept trying what worked the first time around. Took much longer back then - 3IUI's, failed IVF, and 3 more IUI's to get baby #1. Here is the breakdown from this time around: [Non medicated cycle, except for neupogen for my lining issues) Day 14 - Ultrasound (5mm lining) & Neupogen (this drug has helped thicken my lining, which stops around 5mm without it.) Day 17 - Morning - Ultrasound (6mm lining) & Neupogen - 1 Follicle around 22MM, HCG Trigger shot given that morning. Day 18 - Morning IUI#1 - DH count - 6.46M 85% Mot (1/2 fresh/ 1/2 frozen) Day 19 - Morning IUI#2 - DH count - 4.5M 85% Mot (1/2 fresh/ 1/2 frozen) 1DPIUI - 6DPIUI - No Symptoms 7DPIUI - Vivid Dreams, Emotional, & Twinges. 12DPIUI - OPT = YES!!!! We were so happy to finally have our first baby after 3 years of trying, but after finding the right doctor (Thanks Dr. El-Roiy!) and trying different things we feel so incredibly lucky. I know how hard and heartbreaking it can be especially dealing with a low count or lining issues. My husband had to freeze 4 samples in order to reach those small numbers above, but it just proves that you should not give up hope and that a small count can work eventually! Wish everyone luck and happiness in the new year.


Hello :) After being diagnosed with moderate endometriosis, and my husband being diagnosed with male factor infertility in 2006, we have finally conceived naturally! Doctors in the past told us there was a slim to none chance that we could do this! We have been trying for 9 years! I'm only 5 weeks along and am praying everything goes okay. My husband did start the Fertilaid supplements back in October but slacked up a little in November because we were busy preparing to move overseas. I honestly think those supplements did what an IVF cycle and multiple IUI cycles didn't!

Prayers works!

Been reading so many stories in this website that gave me hope and I promises that when my turn will come I' ll post my story to inspired other. After 3 and 1/2 year of trying I got a BFP on Dec 2nd at CD 31 and 4 days late. This was on my so natural cycle, meaning no fertile aide of any kind and I mean NONE. BD a week before ovulation, the day of O, and 4 days later. So I believe that conception occurs on day of O. I was in no trying and not preventing mode, since I was scheduled to start IVF treatment on January 2015. Went for IVF in Belgium in January this year but didn't went trough the process cause hubby couldn't get to Belgium in time. But had a polyps removed while in Belgium to prepare me for IVF. Was put back in Clomid for 6 months in the mind time from April to September and nothing. Decide to take it easy while waiting on IVF for January so didn't take any medication to clean out my system to be ready for IVF. But there is two thing I will give credit for this miracle, 1st prayers and never stop believing God faithfulness. Did surrender my self with all bible verses on fertility in my closet, declaring it every day every time my eye payed on it!!! 2nd For some reason hubby and I were so busy that I realize now that we didn't have Intercourse all month of Oct. So abstinence may have strengthen is sperms. Didn't test earlier cause I felt my usual AF cramps and started spotting and was convince she will show. Was 2 days late when spotting started and 2 days later still didn't start so I bought a dollars test and the test line showed up before the control line and was just stunned. Sorry for the long story but I had to give you some details to this... I have to say it still surreal but I guess it will sinck in a couple of days, your are among the first among the first person to know. Hubby will be next . Thanking God for all of you ladies cause each and everyone of your prayers made a difference. Thank a lot a God bless

BFP after 16 months, 1st IUI

We tried naturally for 15 months with not a single BFP or late AF. We found at the beginning of the 12th cycle that DH had low count, low motility, and low morphology. I later got tested as well, I have normal, pretty predictable cycles, clear tubes, and normal hormone levels. DH began taking a few other vitamins along with his multivitamin, stopped taking baths, and for all of the 15th cycle started taking Naturally Smart vitamins recommended by our RE. The 1st week of our 16th cycle of trying, DH got retested, his count improved to 4 times what it was, morphology went up 2% into the normal range, but his motility decreased by 6%. The improvements meant that we qualified for IUI that cycle! I took Clomid 100mg CD3-7 to produce more follicles for better chances at conception, then the morning of CD 13 was given a Pregnyl trigger shot to induce ovulation. I had two good follicles, 21mm & 26mm, ready to go! We had back to back IUIs, on the mornings of CD 14 & 15 (November 18 & 19). They were fairly easy, with only a little minor cramping after. I was supposed to wait until December 3rd to test, but DH convinced me to test early at 11pm on November 30 (which was 11 & 12 DPIUIs). To my shock, there was a second line on the FRER. Right away I was so happy but fearful that it was still the trigger shot. Over the next few days, I continued to test and see a somewhat faint second line on 3 brands. The lines were not getting much darker, so of course we were paranoid it would be a chemical pregnancy! Come "test day" December 3, I took a Dollar Tree cheapie, saw a faint line, and a FRER digital and got a "No-" I thought our fears were confirmed! I called the RE office, told them the situation, and scheduled my first beta for the next morning. The morning of the blood draw, I tested on a cheapie again and the line was darker! After the blood draw, I anxiously anticipated the phone call while at work, I even got butterflies on and off! Finally at 3:25pm I got the call! Beta was 134!! I am pregnant! It feels so surreal after trying for so long. We cannot help but be afraid of losing our little nugget, but are remaining hopeful and positive. I have the second beta test tomorrow along with a progesterone test, I hope see great numbers! My symptoms: Before testing the first time (which was 11 & 12 DPIUIs), I had nothing to even hint at pregnancy. Because the Clomid had changed my normal mucus and other ovulation signs, I decided not to chart this cycle, and stopped temping after the IUIs. After seeing a positive test Sunday, Nov 30, the next night I did notice pretty sore nipples. That only happens at/after O for me, so I was hopeful it was the pregnancy progesterone. Then, starting Wednesday (14 & 15 DPIUIs), I got really gassy and bloated for 3 days, I even woke up that way, so I knew it had to be a sign (my bloat and gas usually go away over night). I also had some lower abdominal tenderness (not sure if it's my growing uterus or bloated intestines). Now, 18 & 19 DPIUIs, I am barely bloated, but my breasts are starting to get tender, and I occasionally have some aches in my uterus area. Good luck to all of you trying! I know how hard this whole process can be!
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Our BFP after 18 long months!

I am still in shock after finally getting my BFP this morning! I had finally mentally accepted our RE's recommendation of IVF so seeing that positive test was surreal after 18 months of negatives. So here's my story: I'm 33 & OH is 36 with no prior children. We're both healthy, average weight, no major issues. After TTC for 15 months, we went to a RE who diagnosed us with male factor infertility. My fiance's SA was bad; very low count (less than 1 million), poor morphology (less than 1%), but motility was good. Our RE told us to go straight to IVF due to our age & the SA results. We were devastated that day leaving his office, I saw my fiancé cry for the very 1st time. It was absolutely heartbreaking news. We do not have the financial means to jump right to IVF so we decided to keep trying while saving our money. We also took a much needed vacation for a week to regroup & just focus on having fun. The only things we did differently was I took a prescribed pre-natal, vitamin D, and omega 3 daily. My fiancé started taking Fertilaid the same month of his SA results. We had done some research online & decided what could the Fertilaid hurt? We were willing to try anything! So fast forward 3 months after our RE appointment & here we are, pregnant! I am writing this to give other women hope who have been trying for so long & keep getting BFN's month after month. I know the emotional roller coaster of thinking you're pregnant every month but then seeing that stark white HPT with no hint of a line. Please know that God has a plan & will answer your prayers, it's just on His time & not ours. I know it's hard to wait when you want something so badly everyday, please know that it is possible despite what doctors may tell you. Do not give up hope. Here is a list of my symptoms by DPO: I had EWCM leading up to O day & confirmed with OPK & BBT. 1DPO-9DPO: I honestly had no symptoms that were unusual. No cramps, bloating, twinges, pains. Nothing. 10DPO: I took a clearblue HPT thinking if I was pregnant I would maybe have a faint positive but it was clearly negative. I starting thinking I was out this month. 11DPO: Started feeling very small pains in my breasts. I usually don't have breast pain before AF so I thought that was kinda odd. The pains were more like tingly sensations that lasted seconds but occurred throughout the day. Also during the day I had gas which was unusual for me. I hadn't eaten anything to cause it but I had gas pains throughout the day. 12DPO: I tested using a FRER with FMU and thought for sure I would see a BFN. I was still having tingly breasts but the gas was gone. I woke up with a massive headache but that's common for me. I went back to the test after a minute or so & saw that second line coming up! I just stood there & stared at it for what seemed forever. I just couldn't believe we actual did it with no medical interventions. My fiancé was beyond happy, I saw him cry for the 2nd time! Later on 12DPO I confirmed the earlier BFP with a digi test & it came back "pregnant 1-2 weeks". I have my 1st OB appointment in a few weeks for blood tests & an ultrasound. We are cautiously optimistic and still in a bit of shock. Now we are praying for a happy & healthy 9 months until we get to meet our little bean :)