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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Trying to conceive with PCOS can be frustrating to say the least. That's why it's so inspirational to hear the success stories of women who have successfully achieved pregnancy with PCOS. You'll find those stories here in abundance… enjoy!

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Thank you! And when you get your BFP with PCOS, be sure to send it our way!

BFP after three years ttc!

Hubby and I (both 27) have been ttc for just over 3 years. I have pcos and there's also slight male factor. After trying on our own for a year, acupuncture and herbs for 5 months, we decided to move forward with IVF last year. Our fresh cycle resulted in 7 embryos. Fresh cycle and subsequent frozen transfer didn't work.

Going into FET #2 I was trying to remain calm and positive. I made a vision board, did a lot of meditating and yoga, ate well, prayed, and it really helped me to be calm.

The TWW started off normal. On 2 days past transfer I puked after dinner, though I think maybe it was just bad food? I hadn't really had any symptoms. No cramps no implantation spotting, boobs felt fine. Convinced it didn't work I even waited to change my estrogen patches on test day.

9dp5dt my beta was 147! I was shocked to say the least.

I go back Tuesday for beta 2 and am praying it's a good number. I have faith this is our take home baby.

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BFP with IUI #5-Femara/Ovidrel

This was my last cycle on oral meds before moving onto all injectables, and we had met with the doctor about IVF and were considering it for August or September. So this is such a blessing!

This cycle was Femara 5mg CD 3-7 and Ovidrel 250 trigger shot, with IUI 24 hours later because I had a positive OPK at home (its normally 36 hours after) They originally thought the Femara didn't work this cycle because nothing was really growing as fast as it normally does, but I really think my body was acting more naturally based on my diet and exercise. Each previous cycle I had 1-2 follicles and my DH had great SA counts, but this just took this time! I had an HSG 2 months ago.

What I did different this cycle: I have PCOS, so after doing some research on diets, I discovered a LCHF (low carb, high fat diet) and have been following it for about 6 weeks now. So that means no sugar, no processed carbs, very limited fruit. Basically proteins, veggies (except potatoes and carrots) and full fat dairy (with no added sugar) I also did pilates on the reformer machine for 2 hours each week. I lost about 9 pounds in those 6 weeks, and I didn't count calories at all! In fact I feel like I ate a ton. If you have PCOS-try the diet!! It helps to regulate your insulin levels, etc.

1DPO/IUI cramping, EWCM

2DPO/IUI cramping, EWCM

3DPO/IUI mild cramping, no CM

4DPO/IUI nothing

5DPO/IUI nothing

6DPO/IUI watery cm-almost like I pee'd my pants

7DPO/IUI water cm

8DPO/IUI cramping

9DPO/IUI mild twinges/cramps

10DPO/IUI faint BFP on FRER & Wondfo (I had already tested out the trigger)

11DPO/IUI BFP on FRER, CB digi, and Wondfo, Beta 50.4

12DPO mild cramps, hungry

13DPO a little nausea in the am at work before eating, hungry, mild cramps, Beta is 172.2!

14DPO tired, hungry, mild cramps, nausea at bedtime

15DPO tired, hungry Beta is 406.4!

Good luck to all you other ladies out there!! God is good!


Like so many of you, I have been patiently waiting and scrolling these stories for hope and inspiration and positive thoughts that one day I would be able to share my own story. I even had to stop reading your beautiful stories because I gave up hope at one point.

My story began at age 15 when I started feeling very intense abdominal pain. I was rushed to the ER in the middle of the night, and after some testing and a laparascopy, I was told I had developed a cyst on my right ovary that was crushing and twisting my Fallopian tube and cutting off circulation to the ovary. The ovary and fallopian tube were removed and I went on about life with terrible, heavy periods that lasted almost a week each month. I got married at 22 not caring much about whether or not I could have kids, but knowing that since we weren't using protection, it would likely just happen on its own sooner or later. I always assumed it would take longer, but at age 25, still nothing. By the time my 27th birthday rolled around I was having a period every other week and could barely function because I had gained so much weight. A friend talked me into seeing her OB, he ended up referring me to a reproductive endocrinologist. That RE changed my life! He did all the necessary blood and ultrasound testing to diagnose me with PCOS. I was put on a strict diet (but a fun one I could stick to) 1500 MGs a day of Metformin and 100 MGs a day of spironolactone, as well as birth control. In one year I had dropped 70 pounds, my periods were normal, and I felt like a human again.

My husband and I decided it was time to go off birth control and start trying. Two years later, with not even a pregnancy scare, we were still without child. I went back to the RE in tears. Being ignorant of how much others go through to get pregnant (IUI, IVF) I thought it was the end of the road. He reassured me all would be well and prescribed 100 MGs of Clomid to be taken days 3 - 9 of my cycle. I took it religiously for three months. We missed the mark all three months, only BDing sporadically. I decided at the end of January 2015 that it just wasn't in the cards for us to get pregnant, and after the hot flashes and mood swings on the Clomid, I wasn't sure I could handle any more invasive treatments. My husband and I decided to give it a break for a few months. We bought concert tickets and booked road trips for the spring and summer. In February we decided to make it all about fun, so we went out and drank a lot, hung out with friends, and just generally lived it up. We had sex once around 2/6 and I recall it was very intense and satisfying for me. Valentine's rolled around. We had an amazing day exploring our city. We ate oysters and drank bloody Marys and cuddled. We didn't BD until the next day, so 2/15. I wasn't even tracking ovulation so I have no idea when I ovulated.

Around the 27th I felt some cramping and, with that old sinking feeling, figured Aunt Flo was coming. Cramping continued for two more days. I wiped once that third day and there was some brown discharge so I was sure I was starting. My husband ended up hurting his knee and slicing his hand open in the same week, so that next week was full of a lot of stress, a trip to the ER, and doctor's appointments. Still no period. I remember thinking I just felt off. All the other symptoms I experienced were exactly like PMS, so I won't mention them. The only thing that was different was that I felt calm, but sort of disconnected from everything. I was also extremely tired, like, go home and fall asleep on the couch at 4 PM, wake up at 7:30, eat dinner, and go right back to bed for another 8 hours. Friday morning rolled around, so almost three weeks since the last day we BD'd and I just felt like I needed to take a pregnancy test. My husband was outside drinking coffee and enjoying the morning, so I peed on that stick. The positive line showed up faintly right away, but the control line took FOREVER to show up. I thought it was defective so I sent a picture to my sister who is a labor/delivery nurse and has 3 kids to ask her if I should get another test. She instantly texted back a huge congratulations and then called me crying! Six tests of different brands were all positive. The RE got me in for a blood test that day and called me back to confirm it. HCG levels holding steady. We got to see our tiny precious baby and yolk sac and hear the heartbeat a week later.

I'm now 16 weeks pregnant and beyond excited. I really feel the Clomid stimulated my remaining ovary enough that I just needed to take a month off from planning and controlling everything and let nature work its magic.

Ladies - don't give up! Your struggles will make you a better mom, a more compassionate friend, and a stronger person.


I am a long time stalker first time poster. I was diagnosed with PCOS 4 years ago and have never been regular.

My boyfriend and I decided to start trying in January. I have had cycles between 18-30 days, but none had ovulation according to opk's. This time I got a blazing positive opk morning of May 9th so we bd'd that night. Opk back to negative morning of the 10th.

2dpo-sore nips, typical 1-2 weeks before period
3dpo-some yellow tinted ewcm with specs of blood (possible post o bleeding?)
4-8dpo-some mild cramps and low back ache. Boobs hurt.
9dpo-stitches in my side when I was walking around after eating. Abnormal for me as I am pretty fit/hike all the time. Cervix slightly sensitive when checking position.
10dpo-cervix closed tight. Low
11 dpo-extremely tired and headache. Mild sore throat. Took opk in evening for fun, came out faint.
12 dpo-took opk with fmu. Darker than previous so I did cheap Internet hpt with same urine. FAINT positive. Took cb digital with smu. Positive 1-2 weeks!!

Finally a BFP!

I think I have gone through so many blogs during last couple of months.. I believe it's time I make a little contribution.

I am 28 with PCOS..attempted IVF last Nov. Doctor retrieved 16 eggs. 10 fertilised. Ended up with 2 average blasts and 2 nine-cell embies. My first transfer of 2 blasts in Dec 2014 resulted in BFN.

Tried again in Feb 2015 with 2 Frozen embies..ended with a BFP. Yet, the doctor told me that only one stuck and it was ectopic..needed to have my right Fallopian tube removed. I was simply in a state of shock at that time. Hubby asked me to seek a second medical opinion.

To my surprise, the 2nd doctor said that I actually have hyterotopic pregnancy (2 babies: 1 embie implanted in the Fallopian tube, while the other 1 in the uterine lining). I then realised the importance of finding a good doctor. Do not be afraid to seek a second opinion from another doctor as you might end up with a different result. Anyways, I ended up suffering a miscarriage at 8 weeks, but I am still grateful to the new doctor. She helped me find the other missing baby which the 1st doctor can't find. Also, she carefully monitored me and my Fallopian tube don't even need to be removed.

Attempted IVF again with the 2nd doctor this April. Suffered from mild OHSS. Retrieved 17 eggs. Ended up with 4 Blasts and 2 embies. Did a fresh transfer with grade 1 AB blast in May.

1dpt: mild brown spotting at noon. Stopped in 3 hours
2dpt - 6dpt: no symptoms except sore and fuller BBs
7dpt: fatigue & sore BBs; less bloated from OHSS
8dpt: fatigue & sore BBs; POAS and saw faint line
9-10 dpt: POAS and line gets darker; sore BBs and gassy
11dpt: Beta results confirm POSITIVE

To all you ladies out there, don't give up. Remember to find a good doctor and you will get your BFP!! sprinkling lots of baby bust!! Good luck!!

3.5 years TTC and BFP with 100mg Clomid and IUI

After over 3 years scanning these lists, it feels surreal to finally be adding my BFP to the story. More than anything, I have learned that every path to pregnancy is different and you truly never know what will work for your body.

To be honest, there were very few symptoms that I noticed early on. I took 100 mg of clomid and had 3 follicles on the right, 2 on the left. I had thought I had problems with the left because I only ever (through devoted ultrasounds/tracking over 3.5 years) ovulate on the left. I had a potential blocked left fallopian tube that I had cleared 6 months before this BFP by surgery.

The 3 follicles on the right didn't mature and by day 14 were not large enough to be viable. On the left side, I had a 29mm and 21mm. My doctor asked if we wanted to go ahead with the IUI even though it was the left again and we said yes. My husband's sperm sample was generally strong/normal with 97% forward motile forms but only 5% normal morphology. Count was average. We did the IUI on day 14 at around 10am without a trigger shot (my doctor thinks trigger shots are detrimental - long story) and then BD'ed that afternoon. That night, I had severe ovulation pain while at a concert. I knew I was ovulating due to the pain but wasn't hopeful as my left side never seems to work. We were planning to move to IVF in coming months if this didn't work as my doctor wasn't sure I could get pregnant due to the left side always dominating and the right being PCOS.

About 10-11 days later (dpo), after I'd also flown from Asia to the US (so all that stuff about not being stressed/traveling is BS!) I started experiencing mild cramping off and on. It wasn't quite as severe or back-oriented as normal menstrual cramps so I wondered if it was implantation but I didn't have any implantation bleeding or other signs. I was quite emotional (crying easily) but also have those same symptoms during PMS, so really wasn't thinking this was anything unusual.

14 dpo, I actually started, for the first time in 3 years, feeling a little bit hopeful. I decided to take a pregnancy test (I didn't even have one on hand because I'd given up on getting pregnant). Lo and behold, there was the first positive we'd ever experienced. I was absolutely shocked.

Here's what I did different this month, although I honestly think this had nothing to do with it and we just got very lucky with the 2 eggs via clomid and the well-timed IUI:

- I did a strange Chinese massage around day 8-10 of my cycle during which they literally lit my stomach on fire (above a wet towel) and massaged my abdomen. I thought it was worth trying.
- I did fertility hypnotherapy once in the middle of my cycle. I've never done this before.
- As always, I was taking a strong women's daily vitamin and vitex (I've been taking vitex for 3 years). I also regularly took probiotics.

While I think the alternative therapies are great, I do not attribute my pregnancy to them. I attribute my pregnancy to a great fertility doctor who took everything month by month (i.e., the surgery to clear a blocked tube, ultrasounds, clomid, IUI, etc.). I truly didn't think pregnancy was possible for me. We were even in the process (2 years in) of adopting and may now have to put that on hold. I hope my story brings hope to readers here and also shows that a path to parenthood is possible. I was in a place where I was comfortable to live a life with only adopted children and I think that was a helpful mindset to have when approaching the stressors of fertility treatments but I know everyone's paths are different. I wish you all the best of luck on what is such a challenging, emotional journey. I am now 10 weeks pregnant and grateful for each day.

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11 months TTC, BFP with PCOS AND ENDO

Hello !! i would like to share my husband and I have been trying to conceive since may of 2014, and since then i have been reeding this site ...just to get my hopes up!! but finally after 11 months and a bio chemical i got my BFP :) hopefully will stick!!!

My husband and i got pregnant our fist month of TTC but ended in a Bio chemical pregnancy. It was a very sad time, it took me several months to accepted what have happened, so we did continue trying but not has hard has we should ... on january 2015 i told my husband we should see a fertility doctor, he denied the fact that something was going on, so we continue trying without help for around 3 months, at the end of march we decided to see the fertility doctor, in this past month i have found out i have PCOS and endometriosis, he put me on 1500mg of metformin with exercise and diet, a he suggested femara for cycle days 3 to 8, he said it was a very low dose... then he told me we should bed 3 times during our fertile window (that we did) ... then a week later we had and appointment to see if we had ovulated, and i had ovulated on both of my ovaries, which was good, so around that time, he just said we needed to wait 2 weeks, so i should be relax and not think about it and hope for a miracle... well yesterday night at 14 DPO, i took a pregnancy test and it was positive!, i took another this morning just to make sure ...and it was positive... so we are very early on, we dont know if this baby, will stick hopefully will, but doesnt matter what happends am very blessed and happy to see 2 lines again! it brought my faith back, that everything is posible! and it can happened naturally if you have PCOS and ENDO, My Doctor which i highly trust, told us we were very far from and IVF, but if it didnt happend naturally we would try IUI first, then do laparoscopy and then IVF if it was needed... i was so afraid.. but..really he was very positive it could happened naturally... we just had to wait and be patient, (I KNOW ITS HARD) ...

for now my symptoms have been:

14 DPO LITTLE BIT OF SORE BOOBS. CRAMPING, NOT HAS MUCH WATERY CM, NOW MORE STICKY BROWN CM (i thought AF was showing up/ so i got very sad... but decided to test at night, and came back BFP)
15 DPO BROWN SPOTTING, SORE BOOBS, CRAMPING, AND HIGH TEMP (took another test it came back BFP faster than yesterday)

i am still cramping and spotting... i am going to call my doctor this afternoon to make and appointment ...
ill let you know what the outcome of this journey will be. for now and very happy and blessed ...

PCOS - BFP on 2nd IUI!

Hi everyone, I read this forum several times during my tww on both of my IUI and I am very happy to have the opportunity to share my story at statistics. To begin my husband and I are both 25, hubby's sperm is great (the counts of the day that our IUI worked were 30 million and 85% motility). I am 110-115 lbs, BMI 18.5 and diagnosed with PCOS. I have very polycystic ovaries and irregular cycles. It was pretty easy to tell I wasn't ovulating and since my sister has PCOS and has had to do IUI, IVF, and a FET to obtain three pregnancies I didn't wait around long to begin seeing an RE.

My journey started this February 2015, we did one round of oral clomid and I did not ovulate. In March we did our first round of injections (Follistim 37.5 units, 250 mcg Ovidril) with timed IUI. Also, I should note all of my menstrual cycles listed below required progesterone. Below is my timeline:

3/5 - CD 1
3/6 - CD 2, Estradiol 48.
3/7 - CD 3, Ultrasound and start injections
3/12 - CD 8, Estradiol 110. Ultrasound- Follicle on left ovary measured 12.8 mm, uterine lining ~6 mm.
3/16 - CD 12, Estradiol 325. Ultrasound- Follicle 18 mm, uterine lining 8.9. Trigger shot tonight @ 8pm.
3/18 - CD 14, IUI @ 9am, 2 week wait. -- BFN. Really disappointing because as you can see everything was perfect.

ROUND 2 (BFP!!) Follistim 37.5 u, 250 mcg Ovidril
4/8 - CD 8, Estradiol 69. Ultrasound- 3 follicles (2 on left, 1 on right) each measuring ~10 mm, uterine lining ~4 mm
4/11 - CD 11, Estradiol 105. Unsure of measurements, RN on weekend said I did not have any dominant measurements.
4/13 - CD 13, Estradiol 105. 1 follicle on right ovary measuring 12.5 mm, Uterine lining ~7 mm
4/16 - CD 16, Estradiol 311. Follicle 17.6, Uterine lining 9.5
4/17 - CD 17, Trigger injection @ 8pm
4/19 - CD 19, IUI @ 9am, tww begins!
4/27 - 10dpt, 8dpiui - Faint BFP
4/28 - 11 dpt, 9dpiui - Faint BFP
4/29 - 12 dpt, 10dpiui - Blood work: Hcg 36, Progesterone 55 (on vaginal suppositories twice daily)
5/1 - 14 dpt, 12 dpiui - Hcg 92, Progesterone 44
5/4 - 17 dpt, 15dpiui - Hcg 474!!! Progesterone 59
5/10 - 5 weeks Pregnant!! Temps still high (98.7 F), on twice daily progesterone vaginal suppositories as precaution, and awaiting our 6 week ultrasound on 5/21!

I'll be honest, we did everything exactly the same in both cycles. Intercourse on day before trigger, night of iui and every night the next 3 nights. I drank raspberry leaf tea in the weeks leading up to my IUI, I really believe this helps thicken your uterine lining. I did an ovulation test the night before our IUI and had a faint LH surge. I did not test out my trigger shot with pregnancy tests.

I don't believe I've had many signs and symptoms other than fatigue, tender breasts, and mild lower abdominal cramping (has made me think AF is coming a couple times). The day I thought I was possibly pregnant, I slept good all night, woke up tired, wanted to take a nap in the morning, and slept in the car during a 2 hour car ride (I never sleep during car rides because I can't fall asleep in cars!). My husband and I are both very cautiously optimistic since we are only 5 weeks but we are ecstatic to have our very first BFP!! After our first IUI I was really discouraged but it can work ladies!!

Huge surprise.

I have pcos which is supposed to make it hard to get pregnant (I was told I couldn't get pregnant without medication)...I am also newly re-married and have a three year husband and I had sex on the day I ovulated (no we weren't ttc, I didn't notice the clear cervical mucus until after we had sex)...

1-3 dpo: no symptoms
4-9: stuffy nose, cough, congestion
9-11: hot flashes, cramping, dizziness, nausea, sore boobs

I got 3 bfp's today on 11dpo!

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BFP following multiple early MC

I did promise myself that if I ever had a successful story to tell, here is where I would post it. To give other women, like myself, hope and comfort..and that 'you are not alone' feeling! which I often took after trolling all your own stories and experiences.

I have had 4 early miscarriages all within a 2 year period. All have been before 7 weeks. Did every test (on both husband and myself) that was reasonable to do and....... 'NORMAL'. So, I am in the unexplained 'RPL' group. My Dr telling me that more than likely it was just bad luck (well, obviously...pretty crappy luck for sure).

So, with this last pregnancy I did not want to get too far ahead of myself. I even withheld it from my husband (who works away) as I feel that I was dealing better with the losses than he. If it happened again, I wanted him to be home when I told him. I did finally tell him of course - only after 8 weeks. Pregnancy started off the same as my others - sore nipples! Definite give away for me.

I should mention, the only thing done differently with this pregnancy = ASPIRIN. I was taking it at least a month before i fell pregnant as well. Who knows if that has made the difference, it certainly hasn't hurt.

Long story short, I am now almost 12 weeks and all is looking great. I still had HCG that was on the lower side from the beginning of this pregnancy (I think my 4w2d hcg was only 167ish), but it did double normally throughout.

I never got far enough in my other pregnancies to suffer morning sickness but as soon as I hit 8 weeks... blahhhhh. Constant car sickness. Have also had the other common symptoms - sore boobs, twinges, increased CM, tired etc

Moral of the story - Keep at it (quite literally)! Don't give up. I know it is easier to say when you're finally on the other side but you will get there. Women are so amazingly strong. Just keep positive!!