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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Trying to conceive with PCOS can be frustrating to say the least. That's why it's so inspirational to hear the success stories of women who have successfully achieved pregnancy with PCOS. You'll find those stories here in abundance… enjoy!

We also recommend that you check out the success stories of women with PCOS taking FertilAid. We recommend FertilAid for all trying-to-conceive women, but especially women with PCOS.

Thank you! And when you get your BFP with PCOS, be sure to send it our way!

TTC between deployments

I'm in shock so just bare with me. I can't even :)

Hubby and I are both in the military. I am 30, DH is 28. After yet another year of dueling deployments, we both had a narrow window to start family planning. It's been a trial because of work, and having to turn down multiple opportunities in my field so I could stay put long enough in the same geographic location as DH to actually conceive.

We are in our third month of actively trying and I was convinced we were going to need help because of pre-existing conditions on my end: PCOS (skinny), hypothyroid, and recently began treatment ADD for the first time in my life (just began low doses of Wellbutrin). Anyhow, I have a history of large ovarian cysts, and didn't even know if I was ovulating until I began charting. I've been keeping my hypothyroidism in check with weight lifting and diet, and have been off synthroid since 2012.

I wanted to be upfront with the health challenges as I know many of you ladies face similar struggles and want you to know there is hope :) So, here's the scoop:

First month home from deployment, we were getting BD'ing every day the first two weeks (pretty normal). However, I wasn't charting yet, and just starting to track my cycles. AF is heavy, and cramping is horrible. Every single month. I believe we missed the entire week of ovulation due to DH being out to sea.

Second month, I start taking OPKs but haven't yet started charting my btt. I was traveling the week of my O based on OPK positives in the middle of the travel week. Don't really know what I'm doing yet though, so I assume I'm good. When AF is 4 days late, I'm positive I'm pregnant. Now I believe it's because we were visiting family over Christmas in two states, both locations filled with women. I think they threw my cycle off. AF came and broke my heart.

This past cycle. I begin charting the right way, taking my temp in bed before I get up, around 5:00 each day. My temps are low, in the 96's.

CD 16: +OPK, BD PM, Cervix is HSO

CD 17: +OPK, BD PM, temp 96.9. HSO.

1 DPO: Temp shoots to 98.2. BD AM. Definitely O'd yesterday. HSO.

2 DPO: Gassy (which could be somewhat normal for me considering my high protein, high veg diet), sides of breasts are tender

3 DPO: Cervix is perfectly centered?! I have a retroverted uterus, so my cervix usually angles left and up. HMS. Sides of breasts are tender (again, pretty normal for me in LF).

4 DPO: Burning in the bladder/uterus area when going to the bathroom in the morning. Woke up to pee in the middle of the night. Burning up and very vivid dreams. Twinge pain to the lower left of belly button late in day. Still gassy, sides of breasts are tender. Cervix is HCF.

5 DPO: Nose is stuffy. Been gassy since I woke up (not normal). Nipples are slightly tender…but when do I even pay attention to them? Feeling twinges on my right side off and on all day.

6 DPO: Gassy. Breasts still tender on sides. Left side twinges throughout the day.

7 DPO: Woke up to throbbing breasts. Right breast burning by bedtime. Burning in lower abdomen in the evening. Appetite is up, and I am exercising a lot of willpower to not stuff my face. Noodles and carbs I crave (but again, who doesn't on a lowerish carb diet?). Begin taking Wellbutrin in the morning.

8 DPO: Dry throat when I wake up. Nothing out of the normal. Sides of breasts still tender.

9 DPO: Wake up at 3 am. Very vivid dreams. I dream I am in labor in fact. My brain is obviously not resting while I'm sleeping! Blame it on the Wellbutrin. Take an FRER, with FMU. BFN.

10 DPO: Woke up in the middle of night from a nightmare. DH leaves for another underway for the week. Had AF type cramps all morning. Not due for 5 more days. Hope it's a good sign. Major wave of nausea beginning at 7:00 am while driving to work. Ravenous for food all morning. Light cramping in the evening. Noticed entirety of breasts are sore now, top/bottom/sides. Checked myself in the mirror…definitely look a little swollen on the tops. WEIRD. Possible positive on Veriquick ($ Tree test) this evening. Really light and almost gray. Certain it's an evap. Will check with FMU again FRER.

11 DPO: Wake up at 3 am again. Force myself back to sleep. Wake up again at 4 am burning up. Temp is up .3 degrees from yesterday. Pee in a cup, pull out the freshly purchased FRER. Do the 5 second swirl. Lay in bed for 5 minutes so I don't drive myself crazy. Go and check it….and scream. There was a definite light pink line. Take a photo. No mistaking it. I've taken about 12 of these suckers thus far and it's always stark white. I'm euphoric right now.

Will get a urine/blood test done at work this week. Had a fertility consult with the OB on Thursday but looks like we'll have other things to discuss now. Have no idea how to surprise hubby. Praying this one "sticks"!

BFP - 2nd time with IVF!!!

Ok, I will make this as short and sweet as possible, just to give others a bit of info on what led up to my BFP and the symptoms I experienced. B/c I know, the hardest part is the 2ww and judging every single symptom!
After a year of trying with no BFP, we found out my hubs has an unknown condition that leads to low sperm count. Basically 1 million when it should be 20 million. And, out of that 1 million, many are not good quality. We were informed right away we would have to jump straight to IVF. The first time I started the meds, my body over stimulated and I got ohss and we had to 'pull the plug early' as my doc said and do the retrieval sooner than planned. I had 29 eggs, several fertilized, we used two, froze the rest. The first 2 did not implant. It was devastating to have gone through all of it with out getting pregnant. We had all our hopes into it working. But, in the 2ww with that cycle, I had some dark brown spotting, so I guess that was my indicator it didn't work. We waited about 7 months and used a frozen cycle, and used the only 2 embryos that were good to go at that point. Within a few days, I just knew I was pregnant. I had a metallic taste in my mouth while at work, as if I just sucked on a penny! Gross! So, of course, I googled 'taste like metal in my mouth' and it popped up as an early sign of pregnancy! What!!! A few other symptoms were in the list, one being an elevated body temp, so I pretended to be ill, and rushed home to check my temp. Sure enough it was almost 100 and I felt just fine. It was at that moment I just knew it had worked. After my beta, the nurse called to confirm what my body already knew.
Fast forward to today, about 4 years since last IVF fresh cycle. Today is my 9 days past 5 day fresh embryo transfer. My beta is tomorrow. But, my nerves got the best of me and I felt like I needed to be eased into the news for tomorrow. So, I took a test this morning, and it said Pregnant! Overjoyed, tears, and thankful to God! In the past few days, I have not had any very prominent signs of pregnancy, but a few things do stand out. I charted my temp twice a day since transfer, and 4 days ago it was 99.2, and I felt just great. So, I had a feeling it could have been implantation and it was working out for us! I also have just been tired, eyes droopy at strange times of the day, and still bloated. Since I had OHSS again this time, I knew that if the bloating didn't go down, it was a good sign that it worked b/c the levels of hcg are going up and not down. Also, I've had just a fullness feeling in my uterus area, along with similar feeling cramps to my first BFP. I just had high hopes and felt that these things added up to another successful attempt. I go tomorrow to have beta, and I can't wait to hear the nurse confirm what my gut and EPT already said is true. In all things, be thankful. And, for everyone in these shoes of infertility treatments, my prayers are with you. It has not been an easy road, but it has been worth it.


Seven years TTC on our own, nothing. Had a failed 1st attempt IUI with letrozole cd 5-9, trigger w/ ovidrel. had two 15mm on right side, 1- 17mm on left. IUI turned to ICI as Dr couldn't penetrate my cervix.

Second attempt IUI on the day after Christmas, followed same protocol as mentioned above. This time I paired the treatment with an FR OPK. CD 12 went in for U/S, had one follicle at 18mm. OPK said I would ovulate on CD-13/14 so I had the IUI, 30 hours after U/S. TWW ensued. Didn't have to take the trigger as my doctor told me that my body would ovulate on it's own (since the FR OPK said I would in 24-36 hours). At 10dpo I took FRER got a faint pink line. Hubby insisted I wait and not be hopeful. Waited the entire two week for the official bloodwork. HCG is 41, Dr. said I'm definitely pregnant. and Progesterone was 19.5.

FYI- I really had no pregnancy like symptoms, other than just being really tired. Untill about 11 or 12 dpo I started having my boobs feel like they are on fire, so sensitive to any touch, it hurts!!!

Lots and lots of sticky baby dust to you all!!!!!!!!

God is good!!

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Finally!! BFP with clomid.

I can't believe I'm getting to post! Your stories gave me so much hope these past months. Thank you all. My DH and I have been trying for 18 months. I have PCOS and this was my 4th round of clomid. I started on 50 mgs of clomid in September of 2014. I did not ovulate, so the next month I started 100 mg and they saw on an ultrasound I was going to ovulate. I have been on 100 mg since October. Had HSG in December and also ultrasound that confirmed I ovulated. DH and I BD every other day before so I felt ok that I already ovulated. I have no idea of when I for sure I ovulated and I didn't have much for symptoms except a little breast soreness and moodiness. Typical for my period too! This entire week I have been a ball of mood sings lots of crying and being frustrated. I have been having 29 day cycles every month, so when day 29 passed and no period I was skeptical. Tested on day 29 with wondflo test from Amazon and BFN! I was upset. Then the next morning still BfN. But I did look back later and saw what could have been the faintest 2nd line ever! I talked myself out of it being there though. Finally today day 32 I used FRER test and there it was! I am so happy. I'm cautiously optimistic though. Hope it sticks! I know how the people that have been trying forever feel. It's the most terrible feeling. Keep trying and it will happen! Baby dust!!

BFP with PCOS - totally out of the blue (but very loved!) after ds took 3 years to conceive!

I have PCOS. We have a gorgeous 14 month old but found it hard to conceive him. It took 3 years including a year of clomid and 1 x iui (unsuccessful) to get pregnant with him so we were predicting a hard time when ttc baby number 2 too. Not so!

This time around we weren't even ttc (unbelievably) as I needed to have a course of treatment first. My cycles are irregular and we only had unprotected sex twice and at a point in the cycle we thought was way too early to conceive, however I ovulated early and here we are!


Not 100% certain when I ovulated but about 7dpo I had af pains and upper thigh pains. Just like pre af.
8 dpo more af pains.
9 dpo more af pains, hot flushes, upper thigh pains.
10 dpo didn't have my normal low mood I usually get with pms, but in all other respects I felt exactly like af was coming, felt 100% certain she was around the corner. Light lotion like cm.
12 dpo af didn't arrive. Cm dry, certain af is coming!
13 dpo no af, dry cm, tiny amount of white lotion like cm, hot flushes.
14 dpo felt certain still af was coming but spontaneously did a test in the pm and got a faint bfp. Shock!
15 dpo darker bfp. Finally believe it!
16 dpo more af pains, sharp poking pains in uterus and over pubic bone. Headache.
17 dpo dark bfp still and tingling boobs, nipples larger and darker in colour.

Good luck girls, and even if it's hard first time around you never know how things will pan out second time around. I wouldn't have believed it if it hadn't happened to me but if it can happen to me it can happen to you.

BFP with Gonal F and TI- PCOS

Cannot believe it but I finally have my BFP! DH and I had been trying over 12 months, had diagnosis of PCOS, did multiple cycles of Clomid (sometimes ovulated, never conceived) and 2 rounds of Gonal F plus Pregnyl trigger and boosters. The second one worked! Very happy and excited, though cautiously, think I may be one of the most paranoid pregnant women ever.. I guess it comes with getting pregnant after IF.

10dpo- pains on one side
11dpo ongoing- AF type cramps. I have heard people say they had this before their BFP, but I was still utterly convinced that this was my period coming on, it felt EXACTLY the same.. Did HPT and got a strong positive, but thought was probably due to pregnyl booster in system still
12 dpo- Did second HPT, line lighter, so figured with this result and cramping I was out for this round (but admittedly didn't test with first urine, so in hindsight it could have been due to that?)
14 dpo- Slightly sore boobs
15dpo- Slightly sore boobs, had blood test in morning, did HPT while waiting for results, strong positive (even though had been to bathroom only 30 min before test, cautiously optimistic). Confirmed with blood test, was told numbers were good (don't know them exactly)

What was different this cycle:
- Was second round on Gonal F, so my RE knew from my last which dose to use (50iu)
- I usually jog a few times a week, this time I stopped a few days before trigger and did not run at all during TWW (probably not a factor but I thought I'd do it for peace of mind)

Looking forward to more tests and scans to put my mind at ease about a healthy pregnancy. Also had 2 mature follicles this cycle at time of trigger, so will find out if is 1 or 2 hopefully, at 7 week scan :)

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My long journey ttc

Hi everyone. I was addicted to this site whilst tcc. I always thought that once it happened to me I would come back and write for the first time how it happened for me as I know how much it helps others just as it had helped me.

I have endometriosis, PCOS and a hormonal deficiency. I have had several surgeries and had the mire a put in for 7 years in total on medical grounds. I only ever had two periods in my life.
I was told my fertility was massively reduced.

After different treatments and fertility help nothing happened, I never accepted this.

I began doing temping, clear blue digi ovulation tests, preseed and constant eBay pregnancy tests.


Finally after help my periods began another surgery later and I downloaded an app called 'my days' I religiously used it and decided to 'baby dance' every other day - yes this did feel like a chore!! But I tracked EVERYTHING from cervical mucus, my emotions so forth on this app.
I stopped ovulation tests and temping. I felt that is I BD every other day I would catch it therefore didn't stress about the other bits.

This was the first time I didn't have 'pregnancy signs' did I look for them, yes? As every month I'd read every sign for dear hope it was this month.

I didn't do any pg tests. I knew there was no point and if it were meant to be then I would know.

I missed my period. On the day I felt like I had a cold. THIS WAS MY ONLY SIGN. I did a test. Negative. Second day another negative. Three days of missed pregnancy. Positive.

I couldn't believe it. This has been he scariest most worrying and exciting time of my life and I just want to say to everyone it will happen. I promise one way or another. X

Peace and love xx

Finally! Bfp!

I have PCOS and i just got my bfp!
My symtoms stinging nipples
Sharp stabbing pains in uterus on left side
Burping and hiccups a few days after sharp stabbing pain
Fatigue for a few days after stabbing pain in uterus.

All my girlies with PCOS you can do it! Lots and Lots of baby dust to all my PCOS ladies! I may be on the other side now, but i never forget where i was. It was natural!

I slowed down on eating carbs
Did more walking
Started cooking more at home
Stopped binge drinking alcohol
Started drinking lots of water

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Tomorrow WAS our IVF consultation...but today we got our first ever BFP!

I'm still so in shock. I always thought it would be different and I would never be one of those stories. But ladies...I'm here tonight to share my story and hope that it keeps someone's hope alive.

DH and I have been TTC since I took my nuvaring out in June of 2012. We were married in October of 2012 and really started TTC then. I was on a diet for my wedding but still GAINED 40 lbs... that's when I knew something was wrong. By December that year, I started to get hair on my chin and the weight just kept piling on. For the first time in my life, I had a 54 day cycle. January 2013 I was diagnosed with PCOS. Fast forward to January 2014. By that time we had done 11 medicated cycles. Clomid started at 50mg and worked our way to 200mg. We then added dexamethazone (which helped make mature follicles! ) then switched to femara...add dexamethazone to that...add Femara with iui's. Normal sperm counts too. Then, the beginning of 2014, we went to Menopur injections for two cycles. Everything was perfect for the iui, but then....dh's number dropped drastically low. So low they couldn't count them. That was horrible. We put him on Clomid 25 MG for a few months, went to a urologist. ..nothing. no explanation. We tried a few more times with IUI's and nothing took. Then we took a break, trying on our own. Letting our bodies rest, because we knew we were going to do IVF in January. I tried my hardest to really relax, but I'll admit. I totally pos about 5-10 per cycle. Nothing ever happened. Ever. Like I've never ever seen a second line, much less a "pregnant". Until today. I am on CD 37, and AF was supposed to be here on Sunday. I tested on Sunday, bfn. Totally white. Story of my life. I've been cramping so bad this week. Like Monday I did nothing but take bath's and Alieve. So our appointment (that we have been waiting on for 2 months) for IVF is scheduled for tomorrow. I asked dh to bring home a test, just so tomorrow I can just tell the doctor it's bfn. I mean, my cycle ranges from 30-38 days. We were making dinner and I was finishing up the paperwork for our appointment tomorrow. I had to pee, so I brought the test in, took it, the brought it out to sit on the counter.....I forgot about it. DH went over to get a cutting board, and glanced at the test. I didn't notice. Then he picked up the box, looked at it. Looked at it again and said "is this supposed to have two lines on it, because it does". OMG! We finally got our bfp guys! I'm pretty scared but after even a digital confirming it, I'm going to let myself be happy. I'm cramping SO bad, like AF is in full force, but no spotting so I'm trying to stay positive. As far as symptoms go... major AF cramps, major!...left nipple feels like there is a needle in it, but only sometimes.... and I'm constipated. ...I don't really know what to say. Don't count yourself out. For real. I still feel horrible right now. Hopefully everything will be okay.

I hope this helps. I wasn't tracking, so I don't know dpo. (I really didn't even think I ovulated). It's a freaking miracle ya'll! Baby dust to everyone! XOXO

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Trying to conceive

Hello everyone

I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2010 and my hubby and I are trying to conceive but without succes. My OBgyn said we need to try naturally which I did then I decided to see another OBgyn who referred me to a fertility doc who started me on Clomid 50 bid from day 5-9 which didn't work at all because the 1st doc tried on the low dose but saw follicles from day 3-7. So she wants me to try 3-7 but with an increase of clomid 150mg and an ovidrel shot waiting. Also I have an ultrasound scheduled on 1/17/15. I really hope this work.

I pray that our dreams come true on this year.

Best of luck.


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