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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Trying to conceive with PCOS can be frustrating to say the least. That's why it's so inspirational to hear the success stories of women who have successfully achieved pregnancy with PCOS. You'll find those stories here in abundance… enjoy!

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Thank you! And when you get your BFP with PCOS, be sure to send it our way!

BFP while Obese with PCOS and Metformin

I am morbidly obese at 5'10" and over 325lbs. I was 280 when I concieved my first child over 8yrs ago. I never tried having more because I wasn't with the right man, But when I met fiance, we started talking about children and then wondering why I hadn't become pregnant in those 8 years(wasn't necessarily trying to prevent). That pregnancy went well and I gained about 30lbs but it was gone within a month of me delivering a baby via csection.

I have always had regular periods but may or may not have been ovulating. I had a regular boyfriend and we didn't use protection for a while, but I seemed to think I was avoiding pregnancy by avoiding sex during what i thought was my fertile window.

Fast forward to January of this year, me and fiance were snowed in during a terrible blizzard. The city was shut down for over two weeks. We joked around that I would get pregnant, and decided that was okay. When my period didn't come for over 60 days, we thought it happend and spent oodles of $ only to see one BFN after another. Aunt flow eventually arrived and the irregular cycles began. After a few months of this, we decided to see a doctor, because...we're not getting any younger at 31 and Dad 33. Long story short I was diagnosed with PCOS. A single larger cyst was found on one ovary but other than that, I am pretty atypical PCOS. I don't get the hair growth or excessive acne. For most of my life my cycles have been regualar.

So Im thinking, I conceived naturally at 23 and had a beautiful pregnancy besides the GD which was regulated by diet successful, how can anything be wrong with me now?? So now after being diagnosed with PCOS I tell the GYN that I am ready to start trying for more children after googling PCOS for days and worrying that it may be a long and painful process me and fiance decided to get the process rolling before the wedding. GYN is thrilled and dosen't even mention my weight, so I through it out on the table myself. He didn't seem to be concerned and said that overall health was a more important factor.

GYN tests blood sugar and A1c and finds that Im prediabetic and have prehypertension. I am prescribed metformin and hydrochlorothiazide for the hypertension. They decided to monitor the cyst to make sure it wasn't getting bigger.

The met brought my cycle to first 45 days, then two cycles of 40 days. To be honest, I didn't take the medication regularly but after doing a lot of google research:)" src="" border="0" alt=":)" /> decided to up my dosage on my own due to my weight. I was prescibe 1000mg and I stopped taking it for about 1month so that I could save it up and get the refill to take 2000mg per day(I had read that obese women need a much higher dosage).

I took the 2000mg starting the first day of AF in July, 2014. I still would forget doses and have a very hectic schedule so would often take it irregularly. But still, here I am having gotten BFP on 9/8, 2 on 9/9 and three on 9/12. The higher dosage must have gotten me regular enough to ovulate. Me an Fiance are thrilled and of course thought it would be a much more difficult journey than this.

My Ob/GYN doesn't even see patients before they can claim to be 6 weeks by LMP and so I had to trick them into an appointment by asking for a followup about the cyst they found. Ha Ha. First day of LMP was Aug 6 so that makes me about 4-5 weeks today. Thats what Clearblue advanced said too! This gives me a little more confidence that my HCG may be rising normally but I am still terrified of miscarriage. The net is filled with horrible stories and how taboo TTC while obese is .

I am going to request BP and A1C check, Progesterone and Thyroid, and HCG scans immediately. I am going to request progesteronse supplements and I have decided to continue the metformin for my first trimester whether doc say to continue or not. I will find a way. I am determined for them not to let me miscarry before they decide to check things out on their own.

I tried to mention everything I would have wanted to know, still let me know if you have question.

Oh yeah, I suspected pregnancy after getting abnormally emotional with fiance and asking him to go away. Then three days later extremely sore nipples. Three days later and still very sore nipple but now a dream that I was 9 months pregnant and then another that I had a baby girl. I was going to wait the forty days as my last cycle was but decided to test at 32(Fiance says, just for giggles)- although we TTC women know there is very little if any giggling about a BFN.

Questions, please ask! Baby dust to all!


My fiance' and I have been trying to concieve since we started dating five years ago! I don't remember total how many pregnacy tests I have taken in those 5 years. However, everytime we got a BFN, we brush it off as if I wasn't out time to concieve. Not once have I wondered why we continued to get BFN's without the use of birth control and condoms. In 2012, I was diagonosed with PCOS after 5 years of gaining over 50+ lbs. My ob/gyn then put me on birth control to regulate my cycles which was a big deal since I was used to having 2 cycles a year. I was later put on metformin for my PCOS and the weight begin to drop and my cycles came like clock-work. In August 2014, My fiance lost an ENTIRE package of birth control pills. I though nothing of it in the end since I never became pregnant before. In mid August, I begin having mild cramps as though AF was coming. Days past, no AF. It wasnt't until I was down on the floor dizzy and sweating that I asked my fiance' to bring 2 dollar store tests on his way home. After taking one, BFP!! I was in disbelief that I stared at it allllll night. The next morning, I took the last test...BFP!!!!! I'm so grateful. Although this was not planned, Im extremely happy because you hear so many stories about PCOS and pregnancy and how hard it is to concieve. I'm nervous because of the cramping but I have my first ultrasound in two weeks!!!

Finally ! A BFP with PCOS!!! YAY

First I want to say that I personally can not believe I am writing up here. I remember long night staying up reading all the BFP and TTC stories and the just thinking it will never happen. I had gotten so discouraged and all I could do was cry to my husband and pray to God that one day I would be able to say I am going to be a mother.

Ok some background, I was diagnosed with PCOS at 19 years old. I actually diagnosed myself, I told the doctors I was not seeing AF and that she had only came twice that pass year. Before then I had just came off of birth control at the age of 18 which I had been on for 3 years and some change. So when my AF didn't come I thought it was just my body getting rid of the birth control since I had been on it for so long. But then my chin started getting very hairy and then I knew something was up. So like I said went to the doctor and was told "you were right, you sure do have PCOS", I was so mixed up with emotions I couldn't even think straight. I mean its not like I didn't know I mean come one I am the one that mentioned it to them first. It was as iff reality had literally appeared and smacked me right across my face. I'm sorry a little to off track ok I will get back to where I left off up top.

OK so I guess my DH and I conceived in the end of July and we didn't even know. I had been feeling funny for the end of July and I took some hpt and they all came back BFN. It was as if my body was making up symptoms just to make me feel as if I was going crazy. So after the negative results I tried to forget about the funny feeling I was getting or the nauseous spells I would get periodically. Hey I was just feeling things. I had been over family and friends houses and they kept asking me are you pregnant yet? The answer was always no not yet. But one day I had went over my aunts house and she asked me do you have a bun in the oven? Because your hair is growing too fast. I laughed and brushed it off like everything was normal. Then I started to think and tried to put things together as if I was convincing myself I was. Some days went by and I started having to pee every time I would go to a store, no matter how much I drank it was as if my bladder was the size of a penny and it could not hold much. After that I started to experiencing some burning and itching down there and so I thought I had a yeast infection. I was experiencing brown and light pink discharge and so I called my sister who is in school to be a NP and she said you need to go to the doctor because it could either be a miscarriage or you could be pregnant. I laughed that off and continued to work but at work I was feeling nauseous and dizzy and so I had to leave early. On the way home I called my BFF and she convinced me to go to the doctor. Sorry I forgot to mention two days prior I had just went to Kings Dominion the Amusement Park and I had chronic diarrhea the whole time. On and off rides I had to literally run to to a restroom. Ok I just wanted to put that in there. Ok so i finally went to the doctors and was waiting for the results and then it finally came back. The doctor came in and said everything was good no yeast nothing was wrong then he said but you are a little dehydrated ( from all that diarrhea lol im sorry tmi) and that I don't want to be dehydrated while carrying a little one. It was like the world had stopped for five seconds. I was in utter shock. All I could do was keep repeating to him what he already told me, "Im pregnant....Im pregnant wow". First thing I did was drive straight to my husbands job and surprise him with this blessing. He was so happy and he did the same exact thing I did to the doctor. I still feel as if all of this is a dream but it becomes so much more real when I feel my belly and I see that its growing.

I just want to say to all the TTC women that it is never impossible and that it can be done. Keep believing and praying because just because the doctors say it may not happen God always has the final say so. Sorry for the long story but I am really excited and I want to give hope to someone that is reading this.

P.S. I was taking Metformin and I also had a HSG test done in June. Got pregnant on my second moth after the Hsg test. I really think the HSG test did it!

First BFP with First Cycle of IUI - PCOS 38 years old

It still feels very surreal, but after more than 15 months of TTC naturally with PCOS, we did our first medicated cycle with Gonal F and Ovidrel and it worked! I had one 17 mm follicle and a 12 mm follicle the days we did the trigger and 18 days later my beta results showed high numbers and I had two bright red lines on the HPT. My husbands sperm count was awesome at 35 million post wash, my gorgeous superman! I was so convinced that I was out this cycle that I didn't even want to POAS for fear of disappointment. I have to say that while I was trying to hone in on symptoms, I didn't (and still don't) feel much except for sore boobs. I think that too many women on these forms OBSESSS about every symptoms and drive themselves crazy! That being said, you know when something is up/off with your body.

** DPIUI=DPO (I had the IUI on ovulation day, 36 hours after the trigger shot. My uterus felt crampy and stretched during the insemination, which the doctor believed meant that I was ovulating at that exact moment! I came in with a full bladder, which makes the procedure go much smoother because it helps guide the catheter to the right place).

Things I did differently this cycle: I had several glasses of wine and a few cafe lattes. Throughout most of this cycle I did daily meditation and fertility yoga to calm me down, bring rich and nourishing blood to my uterus, and take the seat of a momma in my heart.

1-6 DPIUI: Nothing

7 DPIUI: Period-type cramps and pinching ovaries. I am convinced that my body is preparing for an eventual period.

8 DPIUI: Went to bathroom four times. Intense cramping after orgasm. Period like cramps.

9 DPIUI: Pinching ovaries in the morning, period-like cramps.

10 DPO: I am SURE that my period in the next 2-3 days so I bump up my Beta test at the hospital by three days to make sure that I can start another round of fertility meds next month :(

11 DPIUI: Insane uterine cramping after sex. I have never had this before and worried that something is wrong.

12 DPIUI: Went hiking and during this time had about 30 minutes of the most insane cramps that suddenly went away. I think this may have been implantation day. I felt like I was going to pass out but just breathed and walked through it and felt nothing for the rest of the day and evening.

13 DPIUI: Boobs KILL and I have lower pelvic cramping. Period is coming any day now…

14DPIUI: Some lower pelvis cramping, but more mild.

15DPIUI: Period like cramps and intense heart palpitations that prevent me from sleeping soundly.

16 DPIUI: Heart palpitations again, annoying! Mild period type cramps. Since I am convinced that I am not pregnant, I worry about why my period hasn't started. In the evening I get weird pokey pains near my belly button on/off.

17 DPIUI: Pain in uterus after orgasm and pressure in anus (sorry, TMI). CM is very wet.

18 DPIUI - BFP!!!!!!: Very mild period-type cramps and while my boobs are sore, they are less so. Go for Beta in the morning and don't check my messages until I am with my husband at 5pm. I can't believe it, so so SURREAL. The nurse didn't leave the numbers, but said that they are very high and look amazing. Going in for a viability scan in 11 days.

** This was our first medicated cycle and it worked! While potentially pregnancy was on my radar, I slept with a pad from 11-15 DPIUI because I was SURE that AF was on the way.

Never stop giving up hope and don't read the dire information regarding TTC after 35. Think positively and believe that it is possible. Miracles happen EVERY day to those that least expect them. I know many women who have 2 or three kids and didn't start TTC until way after 35.

Two Years & On A Break

Hello! I'm still in complete shock about this entire thing. I've taken so many HPTs that I never expected to see a BFP!
Short Story: DH and I have been trying for almost 2 years. Recently, I had been put on Clomid for a few months with no luck. In August, I had just had enough. I stopped taking it. I continued to take my thyroid medication and 1500mg of Metformin. My usual 34 day cycle returned to a normal 28 day cycle. I truly believe the Metformin helped make this happen. I started to 'O' on CD14 like clockwork. This stuff has been amazing. Nauseating, but amazing.

I continued to use my PTracker App only to mark when we BD. So, this is how I finally got my BFP:

CD12: BD (standing up & showered immediately. Went on with my day).
CD14: BD in PM. Elevated hips (b/c...why not?) Went to sleep shortly after. At this point, I figured nothing would happen. After all, it hasn't worked before.

1DPO: Small amount white, thick CM.
4-6DPO: Had family in town for the county fair. The entire weekend I felt bloated and ate almost everything that the fair had to offer. I associated the bloating to all of the horrible food that we had been eating. The only reason we go is to eat, so.... I was also very Constipated. Again, I attributed that to how terribly I had been eating. I took a nap in mid-afternoon every single day that my family was here. That was usual. I never nap.
6DPO: Had an absolutely HORRIBLE taste in my mouth before I went to bed. I don't even want to relive it....
7DPO: Major cramps in AM, boobs were tender (but nothing to write home about). Took 3 hour nap.
8DPO: Creamy/Yellow CM, Hips hurt, Sides of Breasts are Sore, Stuffy nose at night. I ate my leftover dinner at 10:30. I mean...I devoured it!! Major constipation.
9DPO: BFN. Pulling & Stretching behind my belly button. Boobs still sore. Dream about shopping for a baby. Very weird BM. Weird feeling on my right side....almost like a flutter.
10DPO: Really gassy when I woke up. Felt like I had to burp. BFN....but wait,....BFP??? I used a Dollar Store test (b/c we all know how much $$ we spend on those darn things) took about 2 or 3 minutes, but the second pink line was faint, faint, faint!!! I'll definately re-test on my lunch break. Twitchy eyes. Soooooo hungry!!! I could not wait for my clients to leave so that I could go to lunch.
Digital test at lunch said "Not Pregnant"...but Blue Dye CVS brand was very, very faint positive. These have been known to get EVAP lines, so...didn't get my hopes up.
Took another Cheapy after work: Very faint second line. Asked DH...he didn't see anything (of course).
11DPO: I woke up SUPER EARLY to take a test before DH left for work (Thanks Goodness I do not work on Fridays). Dollar Store Test: BFP (faint, but there), CVS Blue Dye: BFP (faint, but there), Clear Blue Digital: PREGNANT!!!!!!!!

That was all the proof that DH needed. He went to work panicking about being a parent & how we're going to pay for all of this. :) Typical for DH.

This is our first pregnancy and I'm soooooo excited!!! My first appointment is not until November 5th. I know it's early to post on here,but I had to tell SOMEONE!! We're telling my parents tonight, his soon, and I'll be informing my closest girlfriends. All others will wait until after my first ultrasound.

What I did differently?: Stopped trying, relaxed...and prayed. I did not pray for a BFP....I asked for peace and understanding. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Good luck to all of you TTC'ers. I understand...I've been there.

Trust me. It will happen!!! Almost 3 years of trying

I don't when ovulation was.. But let me just say.. I'm on cycle day 103 today. I tested as late as cycle day 83 & still got a bfn. My cycles are around 35-50 days. So when I hit cycle day 100 I knew something was up. My main symptom really... Was that I run... A lot. Almost every day. So when one day I felt really slow and out of breath, I thought maybe I just ran bad for the day... But when I started feeling like that every day after, I knew something was up. So finally... I tested again this morning around 5am. I really couldn't believe it.

Other symptoms, hungry.. Eating a lot & white yellowish cm.

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Finally a BFP - 30 yrs old, PCOS

I finally am able to put my BFP story here. It still seems unreal. These stories have helped me tremendously in the past few months so THANK YOU!!

My DH and I are both 30 years old with no previous kids, married May 2013. I was DX'ed with PCOS in August 2013 by my RE and took the next 6-7 months to get my body in somewhat working order, with the help of my doc. Back then, we weren't quite ready for a baby yet but I hated the effect PCOS had on me. I had terrible cystic acne on my neck, cheeks and jaw line, fat stomach and of course, no period to be seen. I went on 750mg Metformin, diet (low carb, low sugar) and exercise. Anyways, it somewhat worked and in a few months I was having regular cycles but weak ovulation (short LPs of 9-10 days).

In March 2014, we started to get really aggressive with TTC. I went on Clomid, was temping, OPK-ing, the whole bit. My fourth and final Clomid cycle in July 2014 was done with an IUI and ended BFN. I should have followed the advice of most PCOSers out there and realized earlier that Clomid was not going to work for me. It thinned my lining (could never get above 5.5 mm), never made great follicles and made me a crazy person. (And when I say crazy, I mean CRAZY.)

In August 2014, I had started late on medication due to traveling for work. We had missed the window for Femara so we started injectables (Gonal-F) at CD12... it was basically a last ditch effort so we wouldn't waste the cycle. The injectables worked (2 mature follicles at 20mm) and we did an IUI and timed intercourse from CD22 - CD25. Total list of meds/supplements: 750 mg Metformin, Baby Aspirin, Gonal-F, Ovidrel, Pre-Seed, IUI and Prenatals.

I don't like to POAS but I was two days late at 15dpo (my LP is 12 days) and caved. Sure enough.... super dark BFP on a Dollar Tree test. I had a beta done same day (yesterday) and I was at 462 with a progesterone level higher than 80. They felt confident enough in those numbers that they don't want me back to see doubling (although I really want to go... might still) so next step is an ultrasound in 2 weeks.

I'm super nervous about PCOS working against me in this pregnancy and I know the next two weeks is going to be a long wait. This BFP has been nearly a year and a half in the making as I got my body right and it feels so good to finally be able to have a story to tell.

Oh yea, and I had somewhat strange symptoms leading up to my BFP:

1dpo-5dpo: Not much, just light cramping
6dpo-8dpo: Super itchy scalp and achy clavicles (??)
9dpo: Extremely vivid dream (I dreamt a strange man was standing over my bed and it was beyond real... ACK!)
10dpo: More vivid dreams, face is smooth and acne-free (say what!? it's normally a mess this close to AF)
11dpo: Positive pregnancy test dream, extreme aversion to eggs and smell of my shampoo
12dpo: Heavy chest (I thought I was getting sick. It felt like someone was sitting on me)
13dpo-14dpo: Itchy scalp and feet, sore bbs, temp skyrockets
15dpo: BFP

WOW that was long but glad to share it here! xoxoxo

BFP after PCOS and Fibroids and 2+ Years of Trying

My brand new baby is actually sleeping, I was too superstitious to post my story during pregnancy. I took comfort in reading other people's success stories and vowed I would post mine one day, so here it is! It was a long 2+ years of trying for my LO and I am so blessed that I can now call myself a Mama!

Here is the condensed version of my journey:

After coming off BCPs my periods were non-existent/ 50+ days. After 6 frustrating months I was dx'd with PCOS. My MD put me on 2000mg of Metformin and my cycles regulated to 31-32 days ( and I lost the extra 30 pounds I had been carrying). Still no BFP. At the one year mark I went in for an HSG and was diagnosed with fibroids. I had laparoscopic surgery to remove them, but my case was way too complicated. Talk about a crappy thing to wake up to after surgery. A month later I underwent an abdominal myomectomy (my MD threw in some bonus ovarian drilling while she was in there!). That was a big, tough surgery, but they removed over a 1/2 pound of fibroids that were preventing implantation and blocking my tubes. After I had three periods, I was able to start Clomid. 4 rounds of 50 mg and one IUI and I was still getting BFNs. I ovulated without a trigger, but apparently it was weak. On the 5th round I was bumped to 100mg and did an IUI and boom BFP! I couldn't believe my eyes!

Pregnancy symptoms before BFP:
Moody and really irritable (unusual for me)
Cramps ( thought AF was coming early, never got cramps until after she arrived)
Very tired
Slightly Nauseous (my hubby had a stomach bug and I was sure I had it too but nope it was my baby!)

It was a journey filled with lots of tears and lots of heartache. Physical and emotionally, I went through a lot but it was all worth it! The sound of my baby's first cry made all that I went through seem like a distant dream.

BFP with endometriosis tried for 18 months

Hi all,
I wanted to share my story as I have read the tww stories over and over wishing it was me. We have been trying for 18 months. I have children and my youngest is 7 with the kids I fell straight away with my other children, this time was different we have been trying for 18 months so i gathered something was wrong so I went to a specialist only two weeks ago on the 19th august and I was booked in for a laproscopy, the dye test and the camera that goes through your cervix to look at the uterus and tubes on the 17th September. The doctor had found via ultrasound that my uterus wasn't quite right and I had cysts on my ovaries and the weird thing was he was joking around and said you'll proberly be pregnant next week and today the 29th august I did a pregnancy test as the last 3-4 days I've felt exhausted like I haven't slept at night my boobs were a little sore and I've been getting slight hot flushes I actually thought I may be coming down with the flu but something inside me thought I should buy a test as I haven't brought one in months because it was so disappointing getting the BFN and I would think I'd have pregnancy symptoms and then I would get my period it's a roller coaster of emotions. So this month I was focused on preparing myself for surgery and just gathered I would not get pregnant till I had the surgery. It is so bizarre how it works sometimes I really can't believe it. So I wanted to share my Story to give hope to those that have tried month after month it will happen eventually I think when you least expect it. All the best to you all

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Severe Endometriosis and PCOS - 5 weeks pregnant

Hi all! I am writing this because I want to give a positive news for all the women that like me felt desperation and were convinced that they will never get pregnant! I am 34, and I have diagnosed with PCOS when I was 19. I was on the pill for 7 years but then I stopped as it was giving me migraine.I have been in pain for 3 years, during sex, ovulation and my period. But my gp wouldn't listen to me. In October I got a private appointment and they discovered 4 cysts of 5 cm each on my ovaries. I got laparoscopy in Feb to get rid of them. They were indeed chocolate cysts due to my endo. I have been referred for IVF...and I was waiting for my period, that never came! I got a BFP! I am 5 weeks pregnant, naturally!! I am very scared it could be ectopic...very difficult with endo understanding if the pain and cramps are normal! But hey ladies if they tell you you can't get pregnant don't believe them!!our body is not as perfect as others women but we still work!! I am crossing my fingers for myself now... and baby dust to all of you!