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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Trying to conceive with PCOS can be frustrating to say the least. That's why it's so inspirational to hear the success stories of women who have successfully achieved pregnancy with PCOS. You'll find those stories here in abundance… enjoy!

We also recommend that you check out the success stories of women with PCOS taking FertilAid. We recommend FertilAid for all trying-to-conceive women, but especially women with PCOS.

Thank you! And when you get your BFP with PCOS, be sure to send it our way!

Two weeks late, finally BFP

I just wanted to briefly share my story as I have gotten so much reassurance and hope from the stories in this website... It think I would have gone nuts otherwise!
So this morning I finally headed to the doctors. My period at this stage was two weeks late. I had felt what I thought was ovulation pain on schedule and after that have constantly experienced symptoms I recognised from my first pregnancy.... The usual: cramping, lower back pain, suddenly able to smell my newish curtains (weird!) and crazy vivid dreams to name a few. The last few days I've been even more tired and starting to get nauseous but still BFN after BFN, including yesterday's first pee of the day!
So.... I went to the doctor this morning having decided that I either had ovaries full of cysts or a uterus full of fibroids. After convincing the doctor I was completely mental and probably having a hysterical pregnancy, she did a urine test and after five minutes a very faint line came up. They rang me this afternoon to say the my bloods came back positive. YAY!
So, in short, thank you to everyone who shared your late BFP stories. You helped me keep that little bit of hope alive until I got mine!

Dark bfp 9 dpo!! Ttc 2 years!

So quick background 2+yrs ttc w 2mc, 1cp, pcos and irregular cycles.
So On to the symptoms:
1-3 dpo, nothing really

4-5 dpo, bloody nose, feels like cold/sore throat, achy low and boobs a lil tender

6-7dpo, really bloated, more bloody noses, cold feeling, achy low and tender boobs. Tons of cm!!

8dpo, same as before but no more bloody noses. Still full/low pressure in abdomen and really bloated, pants don't fit as well! Dizziness, hungry more (like inhaled my whAtaburger!)

9dpo, Fmu REALLY dark bfp!!! Never had one this early or this dark!! more cm, still super bloated and achy low, b's somewhat tender, random nip pain, hungrier,smelling everything

Now on 12dpo w really strong bfps still!! Not sure what to think since they are so dark so early. Maybe twins!? Someone said quads after seeing my pic lol.

Ps used vitex the last 2 months and PRAyed for my lil blessings! Praise God for his miracles and the perfect health of this child (or children?) :)

This photo shows 9dpo-11dpo progression

BFP After Two Years With PCOS, Low Motility/Morphology, on Clomid (both partners), plus HCG Trigger Shot and IUI

The Doctor just called with amazing news! My HCG level at 14dpo was 95 so I'm pregnant! I go in again on Wednesday to ensure that my numbers have doubled. I took three pregnancy tests from different manufacturers after I got the call though... All Positive! I am SO happy I will finally be able to give my Little Boy a little brother or sister. : )

Timed Intercourse and HCG Trigger Shot on Cycle Day 16
IUI on Cycle Day 18 - Husband's Motility and Morphology were even worse than usual which scared me, but his concentration was finally up from the Clomid. More timed intercourse.
5DPO - Tightness in pelvis before bed. Nipples tingly/sensitive.
6DPO - More pelvic tightness at bedtime.
8DPO - It may have been today that I dreamed about a nurse name Christy calling me and telling me that I was pregnant!
9DPO - It may have been today that I felt a sharp twinge in the front left side of my uterus. Implantation?
11 DPO - Weepy!
12 DPO - I found that I was irritable, weepy, and intensely hungry when I shouldn't have been. This made me start wondering, but at the same time I was wondering whether I was only weepy and irritable because I was so freaked out to hear another no in a couple of days.
14 DPO - The nurse (NOT Christy from my dream) called! My HCG level was 95! PREGNANT! I didn't know what to do with myself so I took three pregnancy tests from different manufacturers. All Positive, including the digital!

This was our third IUI cycle trying to conceive this child and they had already started throwing the work IVF around. I was SURE it was going to be another negative. : )

Online calculators say I will be due July 17th, and this baby will be about 2 years and 9 months younger than my Son. : ) We hadn't used protection since my son was born, and started actively trying a year ago, when he turned one.

Crossing everything I can cross and praying for a safe arrival!

Wishing you all much luck and much love!

Never thought I could have kids!

Hello everyone! I am a first time Mother. I am 25. I have endometriosis and PCOS. I was told that I would have to be on fertility drugs to become pregnant. Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 3 years. We never used any sort of protection and I was convinced I could just never have kids. I have missed periods before. My last period was September 10th. I never got my period in October and I thought it was just another month I was going to skip. 2 days ago I took a pregnancy test and it came up a big fat positive. The sometimes that I have felt are sore boobs after missed period, fatigue, gums bleeding, mild cramping, strong sense smell, and nausea. I thought I was getting the flu.I just wanted to give hope for all the women out there who would love to have children and think they can't. God bless and baby dust to all!

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Hi, me and dh was trying for 3 years. We then found out i had pcos. I started clomid the 1st October , days 2-6 its now cycle day 28 and i just got my BFP with a clear blue test on my very first round of clomid i still cant believe it! My symptoms were intense heart burn, frequent urination, sore boobs, cramping, and no energy whatsoever, my period isn't due for another 4 days so clear blue picked it up very easily and early.
I did the test just because i was curious! I actually didn't think i was pregnant i just though it was clomid side effects!
Good luck to you all!

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Here's a bit of backstory. I'm 24 with PCOS. He is 27 with what he calls "super sperm" (lol). We've been "not preventing" for 3 years, but actively trying for 6 months. I've been on Metformin for 4 months and this was my third cycle on Clomid. I took ovulation tests every day after Clomid until my ovulation was confirmed. We BD'd pretty much every other day throughout my cycle, and both days that I got positive OT. I should have taken note of when my O days were, but I wasn't charting or anything, which is why I'm using CD instead of DPO. Because of my PCOS, I'm not sure exactly how long my cycles are, and I waited until CD35 (today) to POAS.
Anyway, these are my symptoms. Not in any type of organized format or anything.
-On CD26, I had some light pink spotting, which usually signals the very first day of my AF and then turns immediately into my regular flow by the next day. Only spotted for the one day.
-Abdominal cramping/pulling/twitching started the next day and hasn't stopped.
-Sore & full BBs from CD27 on.
-Peeing a million times a day.
-Mostly constipated
-Really bad diarrhea on CD33, followed by more constipation.
-Fatigue, fatigue, fatigue with random bursts of energy.
-Frequent headaches.
-Shortness of breath all the time. Stairs are my worst enemy right now.
-Lower back pain.
-Mild heartburn.
-Metallic taste in mouth on CD31.
-Sex dreams!
-Most of my symptoms went away (except for sore BBs and some slight cramping) at CD34
I woke up early today on CD35 and bought a 2-pack of regular ClearBlue tests ($2 off!!!) because I was dying to know. POAS and got an immediate BFP. The test line came up before the control line lol. Hoping for a super sticky bean!!

BFP after 8 months TTC with endometriosis and PCOS

So after 8 months of trying I finally got my bfp.

The main thing I noticed was there were not many symptoms. In fact I had less symptoms than the 'symptoms ' I had when I wasn't pregnant in the past and that drew my attention.

- Normally have tender breasts week leading up to period and didn't have this
- Felt cramping on day of implantation arpund 7dpo. Felt like af was coming for sure. That night was sooo tired I kept falling asleep on the couch. Next day cramps gone.
- major aversion to meat. Couldn't touch it

Nothing else really except nausea. This wasn't until after implantation and once I already knew. God told me to take a test so I did!

This month what I did differently was taking evening primrose up to ovulation and stopped taking after ovulation as it can cause uterus cramping.

Bfp at 10 dpo.

Surprise BFP with PCOS

So I always said that I would post my story on here if and when we ever got a BFP. So here I am shocked that I am getting to post it.

I have PCOS and Endo. My husband and I have been trying for just over 2 years to conceive. We did an IUI back in early August and got negative test after negative test after our dreaded 2WW. I was so upset and it really had taken a toll on my body (IUI caused pretty bad pain for me and I was on bed rest for a few days) so we decided to take a few months off from TTCing. After all my husband was switching jobs and we are currently house hunting so it seemed like a good time to relax and just enjoy each other for a while. During this break we really did just that, enjoy each other. We went on a weekend getaway to the mountains, went to a concert, had many date nights and enjoyed a few beers!! For the first time in a long time I was not completely focused on getting pregant.

Well a couple weeks back I started cramping pretty bad and it was on and off for about two weeks. My boobs also felt like they were going to fall off my body they hurt so bad. So on Monday June 13, I realized that I hadn't had a period since before my IUI (pretty normal for me when I am not on fertility drugs) so I called my docotor and asked them to call me in a prescription to jump start my period. I wanted to make sure I was getting my body healthy so we could start trying again in January or February. My doctor told me to make sure I take a pregnancy test before I started the medicine and other then that I was good to go. So on Tuesday, June 14, right before I went to go pick up my medicine I took a cheap test just so I could rule it out. And wouldn't you know, a VERY positive pregnancy test before the control line even had time to show up. It was our very first BFP.

We had our first ultrasound yesterday and we are currently 5w6d pregnant with our first and feeling so blessed that we actually got to experience that shock of a lifetime. Please say prayers for a healthy 9 months as I am still high risk!! Part of me still can't believe that when everyone would say "just relax it will happen" that they were right...

Finally Pregnant after 3 years of TTC with PCOS

I am so excited to announce our pregnancy! My husband and I are so thrilled to finally be pregnant! We have been trying to conceive for 3 years now and after everything that we have been through it happened naturally!!! We had decided to take a much needed break from TTC and enjoy the summer. I threw away everything TTC related and stopped tracking completely! I mean everything! (Basal thermometer, ovulation tests, pregnancy tests, charts, preeseed, books, and deleted all the apps from my phone!) No more worrying tracking and checking symptoms for me, I was done with the whole thing and I had had enough!!!!

We found out that I had PCOS after trying on our own for a year with no success. I was then put on Metformin and told I needed to lose 15 pounds to get pregnant. Well I lost 30 pounds after 6 months and still nothing. I had extremely irregular periods which can be heart breaking constantly thinking you are pregnant only to be let down by a million negative pregnancy tests!! We decided to try fertility drugs and went to a specialist and I got put on Clomid for 4-6 months. After 4 months the pills stopped making me ovulate and they switched me to Femera for the last 2 months. These pills were no piece of cake either!!! I have never been so emotionally overwhelmed in my whole life and my poor husband is such a trooper for hanging in there and getting me through all of this! After 6 months of torturous pills and horrible symptoms.....NOTHING!

After that my doctor suggested that I get my tubes checked to see if there was blockage, but after that test there was nothing else he could do for me except recommend me to a fertility clinic for IVF. Well the test was going to be really expensive and just to make the consultation with the fertility clinic was going to be $500 so that is when we decided to take the money we were going to spend on the test and the consult and go and have a fun summer!!!

After a fun filled summer I am pleased to report that I am 6 weeks and 5 days pregnant!!! As for symptoms I have them all!! lol Since I wasn't tracking anything though my early symptoms aren't as detailed because I just figured that my period was about to come. Actually since taking the fertility drugs my periods had become extremely regular! The only reason why I even took a pregnancy test was because I really wanted to have a margarita and I noticed that my period was a few days late and I just wanted to clear my conscience. :) So I took the text very casually thinking that my irregular periods had returned and after I took the test I could have my margarita. Well as soon as I peed on that stick it instantly turned blue and I couldn't believe it! I started yelling "OH MY GOD!" and jumping up and down! I could not wait for my husband to get home so I could share the joyous news with him!

Now that I am thinking back I remember being really tired and having sore breasts even before I found out I was pregnant.
I found out at week 4 and since then I have had these symptoms:

-Extremely sore breasts to the point that I have to walk slower in the halls at work because it hurts if they bounce at all!! And I now have to wear sports bras because I have already out grown my current ones and normal bras just plain hurt!!
-Loss of appetite big time! I have to force myself to eat because nothing sounds good ever!
-So so very tired! I have been taking naps in the middle of the day, yawning all day long and falling asleep at like 9:30 at night which is really rare for me!
-Emotions are running high these days I will cry at the drop of a pin!
-Mild cramping, feels like pulling and stretching with dull pain.
-Slight nausea nothing major so far thank god!
-Lower back pain, my ligaments are moving and it hurts if I am on my feet for too long which is really unfortunate because I am a CNA and I am on my feet and hustling all day long for 12 hour shifts!

So far that is it! I am so very happy and luck to be pregnant and it is such a blessing that we didn't have to pursue further treatments that would have put us into debt! When I was actively trying to get pregnant every month I would patrol this site reading and searching for hope and people like me! This website was a blessing for my sanity and I am so happy to be able to share my story with all of you! Baby dust to everyone and please pray that I have a sticky baby! God Bless!

Mrs. Sarah Little
Expected Due Date June 4th 2015 :)

BFP at 15DPO!

Hello everyone!

I am so excited that I finally get to post in this forum!! DH and I have been ttc since March 2013. I got a BFP with FRER over the weekend at 15DPO. I'm still a bit in shock! This was my 2nd cycle on FertiliTea and 3rd on FertilAid (both of us). The FertilAid helped, but I think the biggest difference came when I started the FertiliTea. Both cycles that I took it, I O'd about 10 days earlier than I usually do and my temps weren't as crazy and all over the place like they used to be. I am 38 and have PCOS and was starting to think this was never going to happen for us.

So here are my symptoms since O day...
1-2DPO: Headache, sore bbs (typical for me during TWW)
3-7DPO: headaches, sore bbs, some bloating & gas, occasional backaches & cramps (also typical for my TWW)
8-11DPO: sinus issues, queasy stomach, discharge, sore bbs, irritable, gassy, fatigue, eczema, chapped lips, constipation
12DPO: emotional, sinus issues, fatigue, chapped lips, sore bbs, BFN with FMU (walmart cheapie)
13DPO: hot flashes, sinus issues, queasy, fatigue, heart palpitations, sore bbs
14DPO: skin breakout, queasy, hot flashes, chapped lips, sore bbs
15DPO: brown areolas, sore bbs, super sensitive scalp, sensitivity to smell, hot flashes, chapped lips, queasy, fatigue, BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!