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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Trying to conceive with PCOS can be frustrating to say the least. That's why it's so inspirational to hear the success stories of women who have successfully achieved pregnancy with PCOS. You'll find those stories here in abundance… enjoy!

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Thank you! And when you get your BFP with PCOS, be sure to send it our way!

Pregnant with pcos (first try) symptoms

During the tww I stalked this and other sites just like most of the ppl reading this right now.  I almost feel guilty saying this, but for both my pregnancies (this one included), I got pregnant on the first try.  Even though I ended up pregnant the first tries, I did have a miscarrige in the past before trying to get pregnant, right when I was coming off bc. I had been on for about 11 years and I didn't even think id be ovulating. Because of that, Im a nervous wreck during the tww now and shortly after. What makes my story read worthy though, is that I was diagnosed with severe pcos when I was 12 and was in and out of hospitals forever with rupturing cysts, and told it would be difficult for me to conceive. I carried that stress with me my whole life. After my miscarriage I did some research and started my own fertility routine. I drank 2-3 cups of Raspberry leaf tea a day and added the recommended dose of maca powder to my smoothie. Within the first month my cycle went from 40 days to 30, and then to 28 the next, with normal flow and very little cramping or pain. Anyhoo, I can't say it'll work for everyone, and maybe I would have gotten pregnant first tries regardless, but it for sure regulated me. Ppl with pcos.. It is not impossible. But onto my symptoms..

1-9 dpo: Nothing much. Started to feel slight cramps which is normal. BBS felt SLIGHTLY tender, but only if pushed on closer to 9dpo. Congested like crazy. Thought I was getting a bad cold but it never came.

10-12 dpo: fairly dark bfp in the afternoon on 10 dpo using dollarstore test, came up within a minute. BBS a bit more tender, but still only when pushed. Little bit of cramping and some waves of nausea/food aversion, but nothing crazy. Super hot at night and congested.  Sleeping is not happening right now.

13-14 dpo: very slight cramping and not much appetite. BBS still slightly sore. Took another test to verify I wasn't crazy when af didn't show on her expected day.

If you got this far, I'm sorry its so long, but I really wanted to share the whole story :) good luck!

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BFP with PCOS and clomid

Hi ladies!

I have been stalking this site for a year while TTC. I learned a lot and found hope when I needed it so I wanted to post my BFP story in case it's useful to someone out there :-)

After "not not trying" for about six months AF failed to show. After several painful BFN, the diagnosis came: PCOS (which also explained all my textbook pregnancy symptoms every single cycle). After that, we decided to take a break from all the possible tests that would follow and after five months, AF came back naturally. I was over the moon. I took the chance to start my first circle of clomid, coinciding with a holiday we had planned a long time ago. The OPK was positive on CD 14 and DTD on day 13, 14, 15 and 16. During the TWW I had no symptoms at all and tried not to obsess (hard!). I took a test on CD 28 and showed a very faint line, almost not visible. Took another one on CD 29 and noticed that the second line, while still faint, was getting stronger. Could it be? Was my mind playing tricks on me? Finally, on CD 30 I did a CB plus and CB digi. BFP, 1-2 weeks!!!! I wanted it so badly that when it actually happened I could not believe it. I'm now 5 weeks, still no symptoms and very much hoping for a sticky baby!

Good luck to all ladies in this journey!!



Are my eyes playing tricks on me!!!

I would like to give a brief background on myself. I have been trying to conceive my second child for a year and a half. I have PCOS..Which means I do not ovulate every month. I do not have regular cycles. My cycles vary from 21 days to 37 days. Here are my symptoms

Cycle day 20 (ovulation day) : no symptoms just ecwm
1 DPO: BD.. no symptoms
6 DPO- 10 DPO: no symptoms just urinating a lot more
11 DPO: breast are sore
12 DPO: no symptoms
13 DPO- breast look different
14 DPO- no period
15 DPO- Positive pregnancy test
16 DPO- Clear blue test positive 2-3 weeks which could mean 4-5 with doctors.
The moment i stopped trying and just prayed..God blessed us with our little bean..dont give up..Let your body do it naturally..No pills, no diet change. We just prayed.

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BFP afer 6 months trying for #2

I hope this is not too long but I know when I read these I like to hear as many details as possible.
My wife and I have a beautiful 2-year-old son. We have been trying for #2 for 6 cycles.
TTC is stressful for most women but add in donor sperm and PCOS and it is quite a process. After having my son my cycles seemed to regulate. I spent 3 months charting my temps and taking opks. Before we started ttc everything looked great so we decided to try unmedicated. Unfortunately as soon as we started ttc my cycles got wonky again. We decided to try Clomid again on the 3rd cycle. This was our 4th Clomid cycle using at home insemination. I saw a fertility specialist and we were planning to move on to iui and trigger shot in May.

What I did different this month
I had an HSG cd 9
My donor got a Sperm analysis and I saw an RE. I think having a plan and knowing that everything was ok helped me relax.
Acupuncture during my fertile week and during the tww.
100mg Clomid days 3-8 Dr added a day for an extra boost
i had been on 2000mg Myo-Insitol for 3 months for my PCOS but this cycle I added Ovaboost which contains another 2000mg of Myo
Selenium twice daily after O
Sesame oil pills (from accupuncturist)
Bacteria Chord (from accupuncturist)
Rasberry leaf tea before O
Bromelain pills (pineapple core) 1-6 dpo
In my last cycle I noticed that I had no ewcm thanks to the Clomid. So I started taking evening primrose. I think this made a huge difference.

CD 16- backache, ov pain ans sore boobs negative opk but peak on CBFM ewcm, evening insemination
CD 17 - backache, ov pain and sore boobs watery cm, morning and evening insemination
1-6 DPO - Temp rise usual Clomid/Post O symptoms - backache, indigestion, cramps, vivid dreams
7 DPO- sore bbs, backache
8 DPO - really mild cramping sore bbs , nasal congestion,
9 DPO - Day 21 bloodwork comes back at 28 (yay) bad lower back pain, constant cramping, sore bbs
10 DPO - small temp dip, cramps in the evening, constipation, gassy, sore bbs, left side pain, vivid dreams, congestion
11 DPO - temp spike I start to suspect this could be the month but I promised i wouldn't test until at least 12DPO. It is Easter so we go to a lovely brunch with some friends I start to feel a little dizzy and nauseous, bloody nose when I blow and my eczema flares up.
12 DPO I wake up at 2am to pee and decide to test. I don't see anything on FRER after a minute or so I toss it down and go back to bed feeling deflated. When I wake up again I look at the test and notice a very faint line. I take another one and the line is definitely there. More cramps, dizziness and sore bbs

This pregnancy is very different than my first.I am exhausted and have been cramping and dizzy on and off. I am 5 weeks 1 day and feeling cautiously optimistic my first beta at 13dpo was pretty low, but it has doubled consistently. I can't wait to see the heartbeat then I will be able to relax and celebrate.

BFP at 13 DPO with mild PCOS

Well first starters, I give all the thanks to God for my BFP. I have always loved reading these stories and comparing my symptoms throughout the months of TTC. I knew if I ever got my BFP I would come back and share. The TTC experience was not a friendly one. All of my best friends got pregnant by accident. The rest conceived on first try. Facebook pregnancy announcements were hard to read even though I was happy for them. I only knew a couple of ladies that shared my same experience. It was gut wrenching not being able to achieve the one thing I wanted so bad. I never lost faith in God's plan for my husband and I and God is what kept me strong through it all. I understand the pain and heartache of a BFN month after month. I understand what it's like not being able to figure out why it was just not happening. Although this is repetitive from previous posts, please don't lose your hope. There is a plan for you in God's timing. My husband and I TTC baby #1 for a total of 6 months but I was diagnosed with mild PCOS in March. I had irregular periods that made my cycles very short 19-20 days long. As a result, we TTC a total of 10 cycles. Every one of them as exhausting as the last. My doctor put me on 50 mg Clomid because she discovered I was not ovulating on my own. AF come on March 13, and lasted for 5 days. I started Clomid cycle days 3-7. I went in to the doctor on cycle day 21 and got my progesterone checked. It was 37.2! That's right, I made it to cycle day 21 and today I am cycle day 28 :) my ovulation happened between March 24-April 2nd. Based on the darkness of my line I am going to say it was Saturday the 28th of March. We baby danced every 2-3 days after my period to cover our basis. March 13, 17th, 20th, 22nd, 24th, 27th, 29th, and 31st. We used Preseed and I layed in the bed after BD for a couple of minutes.

Now to get to the fun part: the symptoms.

1-6 dpo- nothing
7-8 dpo- began to notice sore nipples, creamy CM, took a test both days BFN
9 dpo- cramps occasionally, sore nipples, gassy, very faint line on FRER (I mean it was a squinter!) creamy CM
10 dpo- all of 9 DPO except now there were breast tenderness and frequent urination, I starting getting emotional because my hubby didn't want to use the plate I put his corn on for dinner, lol, negative on clear blue digital, gassy, creamy CM
11 dpo- crampy like menstruation but constant soreness occasional twinges "tugging", sore nipples/breasts, frequent urination, gassy, creamy CM, angry at hubby for talking too loud, thirsty, slightly queazy at times not a lot to think about though, darker line on FRER but still negative on clear blue digital, slight food aversion to the thought of a peanut butter sandwich (and I love them usually). I now FEEL "different."
12 dpo- nipples and breasts still store, soreness and cramping in my stomach sometimes pulling, feel like im getting stomach virus, very slight nausea, creamy CM frequent urination, I cried when I found out 7 of UK's basketball players were putting their names in the NBA draft (but I mean who didn't? Haha) around 4pm I was all of a sudden STARVING and needed to eat immediately, line getting darker on FRER, but didn't take a digital out of fear of a BFN
13 DPO- same exact symptoms of 12 DPO. Took FRER with first morning urine at 7 AM and undeniable BFP! Waiting to look at the results of the digital with hubby at lunch time today.

I am still in shock and can't believe it. First round of Clomid was a success and I couldn't be more thankful. My EDD is December 18th! I am praying for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. Baby dust to everyone. I hope these symptoms help you ladies especially if you are a POAS addict like myself lol.


I hope my story helps someone who is going through the same thing. It was really helpful for me to read these BFP stories during my two week wait. My husband and I have been TTC since we were married in November of 2010. I tried naturally for a little less than a year with no results. I went to my gynecologist and spoke to her about my symptoms. She told me that she thought I had PCOS but she was going to run some tests to see if that was the problem. Obviously the tests came back positive, I was absolutely devastated but she gave me hope that even though I was going through this that it didn't mean I couldn't have children. Fast forward 3 years, we have been through so many rounds of clomid I lost count. Had I know the risks I may not have allowed that to go on for so long. I decided it was time to get into this more seriously, I have "FAT PCOS" so my first obstacle was to get my health in order. It took me over a year and I had lost 60 pounds by eating healthy, portioning, exercising my ass off, and finding the love Crossfit. I decided January 2015 that I was ready to see the reproductive endocrinologist. He is the most amazing doctor I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. He explained my diagnosis to me thoroughly so that I understand how to control it. He said I was his favorite patient of the day because I worked so hard to get the weight off before coming in to see him. Anyways, he said I was in good condition to begin treatment but he started me Glumetza again because I had taken myself off of the metformin my gynecologist had put me. He prescribed me Femara and I had to take all 2.5 mg pills in one day. I thought that was weird but I didn't want to ask questions. I know he was helped so many women have babies and I was lucky to have a RE that was close to home that was one of the best in the country. I took the Femara and went in for my follicle scan a few days later. They were all super small. I was so upset. He said not to worry now we just know the next step. I began with Bravelle shots which were not fun at all but if that's what will get me a baby I was inclined to try anything. I did shots for 3 days went back and they were getting better. I have on follicle at 16 mm so I did one more day of Bravelle injections then I was told to take my trigger shot that Friday and went in for my IUI on the Saturday morning at 9:30 am. I was so nervous, my husband not so much. He has an amazing sperm count and thinks he could be a stud service, over 140 post wash. After the IUI I laid down for the rest of the day. I didn't have very many symptoms, the only thing I remember is that I was incredibly dizzy pretty often. I did have some cramping but my suspicion was that it was a cyst. I was supposed to wait until 15 DPO to test but as we all know that doesn't happen. I woke up to pee at 3 AM on 10 DPO and decided I had to try a test. I went back to sleep before reading the results knowing it would be negative. I woke back up again at 4:30 am to get ready for crossfit. While brushing my teeth I looked down at the pregnancy test, there was a faint pink line. I completely lost it running around the house. Am I losing it? Is this what I really see? I waited until 7 to bring the test to my sisters house so that she could look at it too. She also saw a faint line. I called my RE and said I'm coming in for the Beta HCG like it or not. I went straight there and got my labs that afternoon. I had indeed had a BFP. My beta came back at 30 which made me incredibly nervous. The nurse reassured me that it was because it was so early. I went back on the following Monday and it jumped to 190. I am 5 weeks pregnant and I am praying everyday that this little baby sticks in there like glue. I want you to know that if you are feeling like this will never happen for you please have hope. If it is what you want make it happen. If you need to lose some weight start there. Keep trying everything you can and never stop until you get that BFP!

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Natural BFP after infertility

I just want to give hope to those of you that struggle with fertility issues. My husband successfully conceived our first child in April 2013 through hormone injections and constant monitoring. This was after 2+ years of trying, surgery, tons of bloodwork, clomid, and a diagnosis of stage 4 Endometriosis and skinny PCOS. I gave birth to a beautiful daughter in January 2014. 2 days ago, I unexpectedly received a BFP. We are both stunned. We weren't trying. We weren't keeping track. I've only had 3 post-partum periods. We struggled and needed so much help the first time, how could I possibly even be pregnant again without any medical intervention? God does miracles. I believe that with my whole heart, and I hope you find encouragement in my story.

Since we weren't trying and I wasn't keeping track, I don't have much to go on as far as symptoms. I think at this point I'm about 5 weeks and 4 days:

Suspected 15 dpo: Dizzy and carsick, sensitivity to smell
Suspected 16 dpo: Gums sore and raw
Suspected 17 dpo: Left hand numb, hot....BFP....VERY DARK

After a year of trying.

My husband and I have been trying for about a year. I didn't develop endo or PCOS until after my second child. I've had two csections. I'm about 100 lbs overweight as well. Anyway, I started to realize I was probably insulin resistant. I wasn't ovulating and my cycles were pretty erratic, from 23 days to 30. What worked was changing my diet. 8 weeks ago I started eating a low carb high fat diet. I only eat 100g of carbs a day. This is the second cycle eating this way and I tested positive 2 days ago on the day of my missed period. I was really surprised! The line came up fast and dark. It only took a couple months to conceive my first two daughters so this was a challenge for us. If you look up low carb high fat PCOS insulin resistance, a lot of info comes up. I didn't use any medications or ovulation strips. Good luck to everyone.

5DPO and still hoping for a big +!

Me and DH have been trying to conceive since last year April 2014. It's going to be almost a year but no news just yet :( Before March this year, I had very irregular period. I had my last period on the 14 March to 18 March 2015. But before that, I didn't have any period at all for about 3 to 4 months. But when I started taking Vitex and Progesterone Cream to balance up my hormones and to make things worst, I was diagnosed with PCOS. After using Vitex and Prog. cream for one cycle, my period came on 14 March 2015. I was ecstatic! Coz usually I will take BC pills (Yasmin) but this time I'm off BC coz' the truth is, this BC pills just make me sick and only helped me for one cycle and then my period goes irregular again even I took those BC pills. I heard it's not good to take BC pills too. So I decided to go natural, by taking Vitex Chaste berry and also progesterone cream. You ladies can google about it, alot of good reviews on these 2 products.

I had my period on the 14 March to 18 March 2015.

My whole life I just cannot predict when is my ovulation, but 2 or 3 days after my period ended, I realised my CM was dry and had that chunky texture. But after a day or 2, my CM was more creamier but it wasn't still EWCM.

My fertile window started from 23 March to 27 March and 28 March is my O' date. Still I cannot predict or even feel if I have O'ed or not.

As of now, 2 April 2015 is my 5DPO. The past few days I had very vivid dreams and hot flushes. I was hot during the night and had trouble sleeping. I have headaches prolly due to the lack of sleep. There were twice I woke up in the middle of the night and smell a strong sense of smell like burning smell. I tot my kitchen was got caught on fire or something LOLZ!
My appetite increases. Well, I love eating so I don't think that is a pregnancy symptom! LOLZ! I had aching back, my pelvic something gives this sharp pain. No sign of tender breasts.

I know its too early to do HPT. I don't want to get my hopes up high and neither I want to get disappointed.

I will give it a check on my 11th DPO. 6 more days. I will try to wait out. Sprinkle some baby dust to me!

Two Mom's BFP story (long)

Getting pregnant is hard for most of us on this site, but we do our best to cope and get through it with a little help from the people we meet here. My wife and I have it just a little tougher than most since, well, neither one of us can make sperm. So in addition to my irregular/wonky cycle we have to pray our donor is available when my body needs him to be. I know I've met a few of you in the same family structure as me and I hope my story gives you hope when it can feel utterly hopeless.

My wife and I have a 3 year old daughter who took 3 years and two donors to conceive. We had hoped that Baby#2 would be a bit easier since it only took one cycle with DD's donor. Unfortunately it didn't quite work out the way we expected. Even though my cycles are less irregular now than they were when our daughter was conceived Try after try we just couldn't seem to get pregnant. I suspect a couple chemicals after some faint faint hpt's but you know the drill. Anything to give you hope that it's possible. After all only 50% (some resources say only 30%!) of all fertilized eggs result in a full term pregnancy/take home baby.

We started TTC in Feb 2014. Skipped a few cycles to avoid some problematic due dates... but no luck. Finally a coworker of my wife's (who was also struggling with ttc) recommended her fertility clinic after they helped her get pregnant. I was eager to go. I wanted chlomid (DD was conceived on the unmedicated cycle after clomid) and the doc prescribed it to me right away. I was shocked but ecstatic. We did *not* conceive that cycle though. The chlomid pretty much obliterated my ewcm and I think that ruined our chanced despite the copious amounts of preseed.

The next cycle would likely be a December baby which we were a bit wary of (and avoided last year) but after a year of trying we didn't want to waste the opportunity since this same scenario gave us our beautiful daughter. We went for it. But not without challenges let me assure you! I still can't pinpoint what day ovulation was even now. We only were able to inseminate two times right at the beginning of my fertile week. After that our donor was completely unavailable. I continued to have TONS of ewcm for several more days and even a tiny dot of spotting the last day of ewcm (4 days after the last insemination). I assumed it was O spotting and no way were the sperm going to stick around that long. I thought FOR SURE I was out this cycle. Again. As usual.

For most of that two week wait I was sure I wasn't pregnant. SURE OF IT. And so I was moody, and lethargic and just blah. Around 8-10ish dpo a few ladies on here were getting strong positives and I figured I'd take a test. It was so negative that the test line pushed all possible color away from it. It was like a double negative and rather disheartening. Two days later I got the urge to test again even though I had already wasted my fmu. I used my smu and lo and behold, a faint, but undeniably pink line was there! No way. I tested again with afternoon pee and it was there again!! I stared at those tests for hours. Carrying them around the house with me, just staring.

Then I had to wait to test again until I could sneak one in a couple days later and the line was darker. The next day I took a digi and it came back 'PREGNANT'. I couldn't believe it. And now I had to keep it to myself because I wasn't supposed to test yet! But that gave me the opportunity to surprise my wife with the good news! I'm so stoked!!