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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Trying to conceive with PCOS can be frustrating to say the least. That's why it's so inspirational to hear the success stories of women who have successfully achieved pregnancy with PCOS. You'll find those stories here in abundance… enjoy!

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Thank you! And when you get your BFP with PCOS, be sure to send it our way!

BFP on 2nd IVF after 2 years of trying with PCOS and male factor

Hi Ladies. I'm actually writing this 35 weeks pregnant and belatedly keeping a long-ago made promise to myself to share my story and encouragement with others, as during my fertility struggles hearing from other people who had been through it too was something of a lifeline for me. Like many of you, it has been a long, difficult journey for me. Shortly after I got married (husband and I both aged 33 then) I came off the pill, in preparation for trying for a baby in a year or so. But my periods were irregular and I felt like something was up so went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a dermoid cyst and polycystic ovaries. Given this, we decided to start trying sooner rather than later. Also my husband's motility and count were quite poor. Here's what we tried:

- 3 rounds of clomid: had to stop because it thinned my lining and also the last round gave me really bad blurred vision
- 3 rounds of letrozole
- husband had an operation to fix a varicosele
- husband went on Fertil Aid pills and reduced alcohol and caffine intake
- I switched to a low GI diet
- I did acupuncture, yoga, biotherapy, reduced alcohol intake, took wheatgrass, started juicing, took a range of vitamin supplements
- I did 2 rounds of IUI with letrozole, both times lining was thick, had a couple of good sized follicles, husband's sperm was fine but BFN
- I had an operation to have the dermoid cyst removed (doc thought there was a chance it was causing hormone imbalances)
- 3rd round of IUI with injectibles. I totally overstimulated - the doc said we couldn't carry on with IUI as it would be too dangerous with so many large follicles, the risk of multiples was too high. So we pushed through and turned it into an IVF - increased the stims and did the whole thing. I had 2 good embryos 5 days after egg collection, implated one and froze the other. BFN.
- Waited 2-3 months and tried to live healthy and relax, and get over the hearbreak. Husband got me a kitten to try and cheer me up and weirdly it really worked!
- 2nd round IVF (Now aged 35. Also fresh cycle - I am from the UK but live oversees right now, so instead of implant the frozen embryo I had, I used my trip back to the UK to do a whole new fresh cycle). They put me on a really high dose of stims, I produced 24 eggs; of which 6 made it to good quality 5 day blastocysts. I implanted 1, froze the rest. I also went to a acupuncture clinic who do specialist fertlity treatment and had acupuncture 3 times during stims and twice on transfer day (immediately before and after transfer). I ate a high protein diet during my treatment and took some time off work. The treatment made me very sick - two days after egg collection I was rushed to A&E with ovarian hyperstimulation. I wasn't sure if they could compelete the treatment, but they did; I was just in a lot of pain for a week or so.

A week after transfer I had left the UK again and was testing (too early, I know!) and all BFNs. I had spotting 7dpt and was convinced it was game over. I went to see my doctor to discuss a FET and to my amazement the blood test he asked me to do showed that I was pregnant.

I tried so many things and made a lot of changes to my lifestyle. I'm not sure whether it helped get that positive result with the final IVF but I think it can't hurt. IVF and pregnancy are both really hard on the body so getting yourself healthy and in shape can only be a good thing. I feel for anyone going through this, it's brutal. All I can say is try to have faith that this is temporary and eventually it will work. And try to be kind to yourself, be proud of your ability to cope with something so hard. Good luck to all of you.

if you are searching for late bfp stories read here!

After years of trying my husband and I have done two rounds of Ivf no luck, four months clomid, no luck, two surgeries, no luck. We did one month of injects and femara with iui and just now got our bfp!

This is where the 'hope' comes in. I tested out my trigger that went away at five days past iui. I tested daily with wondfo and first response early result. I tested twice a day, once in the morning once in the evening. I am rediculous about wanting to know as early as possible. Even if it is to be chemical and go away before being very late then I would still know that I can get pregnant. I am also a line sleuth. I can see lines that no one else can see without a scanner and a program to invert the colors. And daily I got nothing. I tested every day knowing day ten is the golden window for early results. And not even a hint, no shadow, no nothing! But I ran out of tests on day fourteen (the day my Dr said to call and if not pregnant I would stop taking the progesterone and start over) all I had were some saved clear blue digitals that I was keeping until I got a positive on an early result. One to use for pictures you know. I opened the pack and took the test, using midday urine, hadn't held it. When I say I was sure I wasn't pregnant I mean it. I was literally just taking it to say that I tested before calling my Dr. Imagine my surprise and the sound of the shriek when I saw it said "pregnant 1-2 weeks" I worried it was a false positive soi I took the forty minute drive to Walmart to buy more tests. I bought frer And another clearblue digital and a few of those dollar tests. I ran home and tested again. Again "pregnant 1-2 weeks" the I others didn't even have shadows except the frer which only had a shadow. If they were from the same pack I would say a false positive was possible. But I think its safe to say this BFP is for real. So if you are past those golden days I say don't give up. I always loved frer for earliest results but truly, the clear blue digital with weeks estimator really is amazing!

I always thought peoples late positives were late ovulation, or tests that weren't sensitive enough. But we were monitoring, we know exactly when I ovulated and I can say sometimes it just comes late.

BFP after 18 months

After being off birth control for a year and a half and actively TTC for more than a year, we finally got our BFP. :D (Lean) PCOS has made this an emotionally stressful year, as I went through several anovulatory months. I really credit inositol (taken for 6 months) & NAC supplements (taken for 2 months) with finally getting my cycle down to 27-28 days (from 90 days/anovulatory). A few months ago, I totally gave up charting and trying to eat perfectly and all that, as it was making TTC way too all-consuming. We got a dog about a month ago and tried to start focusing more on things that make us happy--music, the outdoors. We weren't "taking a break" per se, but had definitely found some ways to get distance from the pressure of TTC.

Anyway, after hearing the news of friend after friend getting pregnant and generally kind of coming to terms with the idea that it might be a long journey for us or not happen at all, we were so shocked to find out that we're having a baby in October!

Because I had become so superstitious about symptom spotting, I didn't pay super close attention to my body during the TWW, but there are a few things I did notice.

Generally I was more constipated than normal and had a pretty high libido during the whole TWW.

About 10-11 DPO I went for a 4 mile jog and my knees were SO stiff and achey afterward, which never happens. I had to stretch them for about 20 minutes to make the pain stop. It was really bizarre, and it happened again the day before I tested (15-16 DPO).

Around 12 DPO I had a dream that I got a BFP. I had never had one of these before.

Starting around 13 DPO I had light cramps that made me think I was about to get my period, but they would go away for a half a day and then come back, but no period. This is when I started to get suspicious. Typically my luteal phase is a little short, so I knew something was up.

Best of luck to you all! After trolling this page for a year or more, it finally happened!


I'm thrilled to share my BFP, which came just a few days before my 30th birthday! It's been a long and unclear road to get here, but I've found these stories inspiring and comforting and wanted to add my own for everyone still in the middle of the two week wait. DH and I have been trying to conceive our first baby since July 2014, and we assumed it'd be more straightforward, though after seeing the doctor a few weeks ago he gave me a prescription for Clomid (which it looks like I won't have to fill!) and warned it could be quite a road ahead. I have PCOS, for which I take metformin, and stubbornly irregular cycles (usually 5-12 weeks, though in January it was only 3 weeks). I exercise frequently and eat well and my weight is the very low end of the normal range, so frustratingly there wasn't much lifestyle-wise to do. I found out just before this cycle that my TSH was a bit high--still in the normal range, but that it should be less than 2 to be optimal for conception, so my endocrinologist started me on the lowest level of hormone, which I've tolerated with no problems or side effects and who knows? Maybe it was just what I needed.

One last caveat: OPKs don't work with me (it's like they're positive every other day, and the damn things cost a fortune and are positive whether or not I end up ovulating), so I relied on cm and temperature to confirm ovulation, so I could be off by a day but this should be pretty close.

O day: bloated and feeling a bit heavy; wet and clear ewcm

1-4 DPO: white and creamy cm

5 DPO: Suddenly starving

6 DPO: Stiff when working out, but it could be the fact I did a lot of travel and was still from all the flying

7 DPO: Breasts feel fuller (not huge but noticeable); a little bloated. These are very standard pre-af symptoms for me, though, so I thought nothing of it.

8-10 DPO: More creamy cm; breaking out; irritable; bloated; weird taste in mouth. With the exception of the weird taste in mouth, again, all standard

11 DPO: Creamy cm; bloated. Bfn on FRER. People post about how they saw a squinter, or a faint line after a while, but I looked at the test to check 20 minutes later, and I can guarantee it was a stone cold negative.

12-13 DPO: I was starting to dare to dream by the fact my boobs didn't just feel full like usual for the two week wait, but actually started to be out and out sore, which felt different. I was hungry again and a bit sniffly (though it's also been cold out, so who knows about that last one).

14 DPO (today): I figured that I was out, and was trying to wait it out, but I realized that according to my app my period is due today (of course, my cycles are so irregular it's all confusing). So midmorning, after several glasses of water and a cup of tea and having gone to the bathroom several times, I took a FRER, hopped in the shower, and when I came out ten minutes later so a super faint second line (!!!). I plan to retake a FRER in the morning to get a darker line, but I took a clear blue digital in the evening on a two hour hold just to see "pregnant" pop up.

Good luck!! And I hope this gives PCOS people with irregular cycles some hope!

BFP on second round of clomid!

Yay! Finally a BFP after a year of trying for baby #2 with secondary infertility due to PCOS. This was our second round of clomid (100mg) with a trigger shot (10000iu). I haven't had many symptoms, but here are the few I've noticed:

1-6dpo: nothing
7dpo-present: crazy tired! napping like there's no tomorrow!
11dpo: stabbing pain in left breast
11dpo-13dpo: cramps and twinges around ovary area
13dpo: BFP on digital (says 1-2 weeks) and on FRER!
14dpo: Darker BFP on FRER and beta came back at 74!

Also, a few things we did differently this cycle:

1) We BD'd 5 days in a row! 2 days before trigger, day before trigger, day of trigger, and the 2 days after trigger.
2) We used Preseed 3 of those 5 times.

I can't believe we'll be having a baby this October!! :)

BFP after 9 years 3 month of trying through embryo adoption

We adopted our son 3 years ago and he needed a sibling so we went with embryo adoption for multiple reasons. It is cost effective, I will get to experience pregnancy, and we believe in life at conception.

I have PCOS, uterine fibroids, and MTHFR mutation C&A.

All of my symptoms can be attributed to the estrogen patches and progesterone shots but I’ve been tired and my boobs have grown and HURT.
I started eating a ton of pineapple the day before transfer and continued until 2 days after. Directly after we got Mexican food and walked for hours at the flea market(me carrying out giant 3 year old a lot of the time.)
We transferred 2 blasts. 1 AB5 2 BB4

Got a SUPER faint BFP 4dp5dt
Faint BFP 5dp5dt
BFP 6dp5dt am bought a FRER for Vday and used it at the store… BFP
BFP on FRER and week estimator 7dp5dt

I don’t know what to do with myself I’m so excited! We’ve had BFP before but never 2 days in a row. I think the baby aspirin made a big difference.

Praising Jesus!

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BFP first time on Femara

After 13 months trying I finally got my BFP on my first go on Femara (only 2.5mg). Little background, I am 29 and my husband is 30, I have PCOS and long cycles however, no other known fertility issues. My husband has perfect, better than average sperm. Last cycle, my gyno recommended Femara due to the amount of cysts on my left side making my left ovary in his words 'completely stuffed' and my previous cycle was 46 days. Other things I did different this month were exercising 3 times a week, eating healthier, menstrual cup with 'conceive well' lubricant inside the cup, making sure I orgasmed, we BD'd in the morning after ovulation as well as the night before O, vitamin B complex and a glass of grapefruit juice a day in the 5 days before O.
DPO 1-3 no symptoms. Breasts usually sore but nothing this cycle.
DPO 4 sore throat.
DPO 5 nothing.
DPO 6-8 twingey feeling in my uterus. Shooting pains. BFN. Strong vibration in uterus, nothing like I have felt before.
DPO 8 starving 2 hours after breakfast. Pain in my stomach to the right, just above my hip. Felt like muscle strain, hard to explain. Something I have never felt before, first thing that made me question whether I was pregnant.
DPO 9 BFN on 10mui cheapy. BFP blood test (found out the following day). Starving again 2 hours after breakfast. Strong shooting pain where my ovary is. Fell asleep on my husband at 6.30pm.
DPO 10 slightest of slight BFP, debatable line, unable to see without squinting. Sore throat again. Starving in the morning and mid-morning. Tired.
DPO 11-12 flighty feelings in uterus, breast still not sore. BFP still very light. Hungry throughout the mornings. Tired, tired, tired.
DPO 13 breasts beginning to be sore. Slight nausea. BFP line getting darker. So tired.

I thought I was out this month, mainly because my cervical mucus was no different to any other month and I had no symptoms that I have read about every month.

The biggest thing that made me think something was different this month was the vibrations and shooting pains in my uterus.

Now just hoping for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

After 15 years of trying and ovarian cancer..I got my BFP

I am 33, at age 24 was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Prior to that I had a ruptured ovarian cyst and had surgery. I lost my tube and ovary. Prior to cancer I was seeing an infertility specialist. I never once got PREGNANT or a positive test...I also have PCOS,and hypothyroidism. OK so on to the good stuff. I had my period Jan.13, I bd on Jan 25,26,27. I used preseed. My lh surge was positive on 27 and 28. Crazy thing is I had symptoms early on.

1-3dpo lower backache,gassy
3-5 felt like I caught a cold had runny nose,stuffy nose,scratchy throat,slight fever
6-7 metallic taste in mouth(could be prenatals),frequent peeing(maybe getting a uti)
8-10 constipated,lots of milky discharge
11-13 no symptoms at all. I thought I was out for the month.

I did feel sleepy the whole 2ww and somewhere around 4dpo I had a little yellow snot discharge. I did have a few moments of burning in my left nipple but that was it. I never in a million years expected to get pregnant. Especially after I felt I had all those symptoms early on and nothing when I should have. I craved orange juice too ..Good luck to everyone and never give up hope

BFP before Clomid! Maca miracle?

I've read so many other stories on here that gave me hope! I decided to share mine!
We have been TTC #2 for a year. I have been tracking BBT and using OPKs. My cycles have never been completely regular, but became increasingly irregular after my first child. In the past year, my cycles have ranged from 27-113 days. After my 113 day cycle that FINALLY ended in December, I made an appt with an OB-GYN and started to take Maca root and told my husband to too. I had read that Maca can make people ovulate earlier, and because i had ovulated on CD 30, 41, 54, and 100, I was all for that. Surprisingly, I had a normal cycle and ovulated on CD 15 after taking Maca for two weeks... That cycle resulted in a BFN.
Next cycle started on Jan 10th, I was still taking Maca and a prenatal. I had my appt with my OBGYN on CD 10. She did an US, and diagnosed me with PCOS. She saw 2 follicles developing, but based on their size did not think that I would ovulate anytime soon. We discussed options and planned to start Clomid the next cycle. I got crosshairs on FF on CD 13 and BD that afternoon!!
3 DPO: fatigue
6DPO: nasal congestion, hungry
7DPO: nasal congestion
9DPO: temperature dip (though it was due to mouth breathing because of my nasal congestion)
10DPO: fatigue, Couldn't help myself, POAS: BFN
13 DPO: BBT dropped to 97.3 ( I was sure AF was coming, that is my typical temp for AF), That evening, took my temp and it was 98.5 and it usually stays fairly low throughout the day. POAS and BFP!!!! Took 2 more just to be sure.
Other than occasional fatigue and never really feeling full, I haven't had any other symptoms. Bbs are not sore or tender (and I remember that being my first sign last time!)
I am still in shock and it doesn't feel real! Keep hoping, ladies!

Ovulation Induction #2 BFP!

Husband: 35 - perfect swimmers
Me: 25- PCOS - 1 blocked tube

TTC 13 months

This has been a long emotional journey but we have finally a BFP. I decided to share my story here as when I was in my 2ww I was searching for similar stories and could not find many.

We suffered a miscariage in Sept 14 at 4 weeks - my levels last time were very low. After that we went to see a fertility specialist who put me on ovulation induction treatment with Gonal F and Pregnyl.

The first cycle did not work as I only had a follicle on my right ovary which is the side my blocked tube is.

This month I was a lot more relaxed during the treatment and I got 1 follicle on the right and 1 on the left.

I triggered using Pregnyl 5000 and had 4 Pregnyl booster shots on (3 days post trigger) 1 dpo, 3dpo, 6 dpo and 9 dpo.

I felt a lot of pregnancy symptoms when last time I had felt none even with 3 Pregnyl booster shots.

What I did differently was to eat very healthy, not have coffees and do yoga, acupuncture and meditations.

1DPO- 3dpo- twinges in uterus due to ovulation.
4DPO 5 DPO- feeling good and positive
6DPO - tired- woke up at 4 am and moody
7DPO woke up at 5am- backache- tired- twinges
8DPO 11DPO- sore boobs, tired, burping a lot ( I never ever burp!) lots of twinges & cramps- progesterone is good.
12DPO- cramps- nausea- gagged after breakfast- bloating- sore boobs- sore AF like cramps thinking AF is coming
13DPO- sour tummy- nausea- burping- sore hips/back- cramps like af- very sore boobs in the afternoon.
14DPO got a faint BFP- thinking it is still the pregnyl 4 days ago. woke up 3h30 am
15DPO- very sore boobs - cramps- nervous for blood test
16 dpo Dream of BFP and twins. Blood test at the clinic. It is a BFP!! Beta: 565! progesterone 160! (my last pregnancy was HCG:55 and 13 for the progesterone.)

Trying to stay positive and celebrating every day being pregnant. I am very nervous for my follow up blood test next monday. Hoping for a healthy and long 9 months pregnancy!

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