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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Trying to conceive with PCOS can be frustrating to say the least. That's why it's so inspirational to hear the success stories of women who have successfully achieved pregnancy with PCOS. You'll find those stories here in abundance… enjoy!

We also recommend that you check out the success stories of women with PCOS taking FertilAid. We recommend FertilAid for all trying-to-conceive women, but especially women with PCOS.

Thank you! And when you get your BFP with PCOS, be sure to send it our way!

Finally BFP!! First month trying vitex :)

So first off ..... OMG I'm pregnant!! Been reading sites like this for 6 years with no luck . For years I used everything from the cbfm to the Internet , nothing, finally after months if heartbreak I decided to try vitex before using medical assistance , and I'm freaking pregnant!!

Here's how I took it, went to gnc and bought a bottle of the pills , took two pills twice a day from cycle day one to cycle day 15 (have a 30 day cycle so half of my cycle) I od on the 18, lots of ewcm

My first symptom, boobs sore from day of o till now

Also I had very dramatic PMS for this whole time, ccrampy , moody , headaches, , sore full boobs, exhausted, completely totally exhausted. These were between 10 dpo till now

A week around when af was due I was all of the above plus starving and a little nasaous if I didn't eat, definitely always hungry and the weird one a lot of my hair is coming out, I knew I was preg as I had this when I was preg with dd 12 yrs ago

So if you've thought about trying vitex I say do it!! Def worked for me!! Still can't believe I'm pregnant!! Took 4 boxes of tests to be sure LoL. Good luck an hope I helped someone I know this site has helped me.

We are so excited were having a baby !!

Finally after two years of trying

I always had irregular period since I started my period (only get 6 month out of year). We tried every tips in the book to get pregnant for 1 1/2 year. Finally, went to an infertility doctor and I was diagnosed PCOS (had a demoid cyst). I took clomid and metformin and got pregnant right away, but had a miscarriage at 10 weeks. When I went to get a D&C, I asked to remove my demoid cyst as well (it grew during the pregnancy and I think that it took all the hormones from my fetus). Then two month later I got pregnant again with clomid, metformin, and progesterone homones. I did the bbt calendar to keep track of my cycle. I had loads of pregnancy symptoms eg. tender breast, nausea, moody. I would a take bunch of pregnancy test but later learn that I can save money by just buying them at the dollar store. It's very accurate, you just have to wait until the 37th day of your cycle. Since my pregnancy symptoms are the same as my pms symptoms. So my advice is to see a infertility doctor if you can't pregnant after a year. I had an Obgyn and she didn't tell me I have PCOS. Use the bbt to track and get to know your cycle. Use preseed and have sex every other day after the 10th day of your cycle. Take the pregnancy test on the 37th day of your cycle, don't take it earlier bc your just wasting money. Now I have a wonder 6 month old baby.

OMG! There's a line! OMG!

Like many others on here, I have stalked the various blogs and forums on here for the past year, dreaming of the day I could actually post my own bfp story. Well, today is the day! I started Clomid in March after trying for a year to no avail. (My husband and I are both 25). Sure enough, I actually ovulated this cycle, which felt like a strange phenomenon for me, because with PCOS, I had extremely irregular, anovulatory cycles. We dtd several times right around O, I elevated my butt and legs immediately after, and prayed for something to happen. Well, fast forward a few days, and I'm feeling extremely weepy while watching movies, Facbook videos, and even discussing the movie Up with a friend brought tears to my eyes. That, paired with high temps, some imsomnia, frequent diarrhea, and my dogs' sudden awareness of my belly, all told me that something was up.

At 7dpo, the doctor wanted to do a blood progesterone test to see if I had ovulated. After the test, I went shopping with my mom, then, after being dropped off, had the sudden urge to test. Sure enough, a line showed up, be it very faint, so I tested again a while later, and there was another one. I was freaking out, shouting expletives mixed with "thank you God!" I then created name tags for my dogs that said "big brother" and "big sister", and tied up the tests with twine and a tag that said "new Daddy." When he came home and saw them, he was sooo excited and I was crying, of course!

My doctor's office called the next day to tell me that my progesterone was still kind of low, around 11, and gave instructions for my next round of Clomid. I told them that I had bfp's, and they were shocked, and said that they would run the hcg numbers with the 7dpo blood draw. The next day I was feeling terrible and getting tired of diarrhea when my doctor's office called with the news that my hcg was only at 3, which they considered "not pregnant." I was confused and told them I had taken test after test, they were all positive and getting darker. Then, I got the "I don't want to insult your intelligence, but are you sure you're taking them right?" speech. I went to the office that day to do another blood draw and poas. I brought my bfps with me to prove to them I wasn't crazy! I was sobbing as the sweet nurse poked my arm. I just didn't understand. She assured me that it would happen someday, and that I would be a great mom, and I told her that I thought that "someday" was now. Then, I poas for the nurse, she processed it, and sure enough, it was positive! Cue the sobbing from me even more. The next day, 10dpo, the nurse called and told me my hcg was at 54!! So it has gone from 3 to 54 in a matter of a couple of days! This totally confirmed everything for me!

I am extremely excited, but worried at the same time. My progesterone was still only a little over 11 the last time it was checked. I have been taking a prog suppository, so hopefully that will take care of everything. However, I'm trying not to worry too much and just be thankful for this little bean inside! I can't wait to meet the person he/she will become!

BFP after three trying years

After three long years of trying for our first one me and my DH had almost lost hope...I had severe PCOD and had very irregular periods. Even now I had the last one in Dec 2013 and conceived in Mar 2014 hence unable to track the exact time I ovulated and my due date.
Below were my most persistent symptoms which made me believe I should be pregnant inspite of not having periods

Heavy breasts and sore nipples
Feeling hungry most of time
Had brown spotting too in between which I thought would be periods
Heightened sense of smell
Feeling tired but still unable to sleep peacefully at night

After couple of very faint lines I managed to get a better BFP. I guess its too early..however would like to give this wonderful gift to my DH on our wedding anniversary tomorrow :-)

BFP by DPO10


CD 24 WHICH WAS 8 DPO SENSE OF SMELL WAS 10X INCREASED I COULD SMELL EVERYTHING, had some minor cramping on right side which is also side I ovulated on TOOK TEST GOT BFN
CD 25 9 DPO breast tenderness
CD 26 10 DPO got a faint bfp at midnight
CD 27 retested got BFP on digital
I have retested from 3/27 on up until 4/1 and received BFP I think I just love seeing that BFP.

I just pray that this is a healthy pregnancy and I send a lot of baby dust to everyone

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BFP after I lost a lot of hope.....

Hi ladies, First and foremost I just want to say that I have been on this site since week one of TTC, which was.....20 months ago in July of 2012! Second, I feel for each and every one of you whether its taken you 4 months to 5 years. TTC is a roller coaster for anyone who has to try more than a couple months! But please keep trying it will happen one way or another. You are all determined, strong women and you WILL have a child one day! I promise.

SORRY THIS IS LONG, BUT I FEEL LIKE THE LONG ONES REALLY HELPED ME..... to Skip, symptoms are at the bottom....

A little background on me. Im 27 (28 next monday) my husband is 33. I have a normal BMI, 5'5" 125lbs. Diagnosed with "PCOS". I got off birth control in June of 2012 with the expectation of my husbands return from Afghanistan in July. Wouldn't you know I got a positive OPK on the day he returned! WOW i thought, im so lucky! HA. I started spotting several days later then had a period. Thats ok I thought two more weeks and Ill get another one! I thought this is fun! Wellll, no period for 3 months. I took a million pregnancy tests and even a blood, NOT PREGGO! Go to primary care doctor she says wait 3 more months. What? Three more months I want a baby! NO do something about this now. She does blood work, but it takes months and when I do call they say "oh yeah everything is fine" (come to find out a few months later my FSH:LH ratio was like 4:1 or something crazy. Well I waited....NO PERIOD! Go back to talk with Primary care and she is "out". Seriously. Well this ended up being the best blessing ever. I went to some nurse. Well i go and explain my symptoms, she looks at my blood work and tells me its not normal and says, "you might have PCOS." What the heck is PCOS? One google later I was convinced I would NEVER get pregnant. I cried and cried and was angry at this women (not to her face) and told my husband how she didnt know what she was talking about! She ended up giving me a referral to an OB/GYN off base, which is usually at 1 year but she did it anyway at 6/7months. They immediately do an ultrasound and yup I have 20 cysts on each ovary. I am devastated. And of course my husband just deployed and felt like I was going through this alone. Luckily I have have two of the most fabulous friends (af spouses) that really got me through this whole experience. Well they put me on metaformin even though I was not insulin resistance. The first month of metaformin was AWFUL, every bad side effect imaginable. But I was determined and I uped my dosage in 3 weeks to 1500mg. I was going to have a baby!!! My husband returned in August of 2013 (3month deployment). By June I finally got a period and another 45 days later. And another 42 days later. Its working, but my "cycle" is SOOO long! After 5 months of tears and only two positive OPKs my OB suggested we move forward with and HSG and then clomid. I knew clomid would be my saving grace. I had a gut feeling, AND I was right! Well my HSG was "inconclusive." Yeah great just the word I wanted to hear. My left tube flushed clear but the right didnt get much dye. Moving forward.... we know we have at least 1 good tube. First month of clomid 50mg days 3-7. Right ovary has several good follicles largest is 28mm, left is dormant. NO BFP, cry cry cry, loose hope, say I am not trying anymore, then PMS goes away and I am good to go again. Second month, husband has to TDY right around ovulation time. Great have to take a month off!! UGH On cycle day 5 he comes home with good news, HE DOESNT HAVE TO TDY. Take 100mg clomid days 5-9. One follicle 28mm on CD16 on LEFT SIDE!!! Completely unexpected BFP in the evening of 12DPO!!!
OK OK, Ill shut for what you ALLL been waiting for, SYMPTOMS

CD19 - 97.07 OV date, cramping and pain in anus (weird I know) This night my husband was late from from and I went to a friends house who was crying because she was pregnant with her second and wasnt ready. I cried all the way home. But managed to BD because I got a positive OPK that day. No real ECWM, use preseed

WOAH BABY!!! To God be the glory :)

I constantly visit this site to hear all the wonderful stories. Well now it's my time to share to give hope to someone else! I have been trying to get pregnant for 5 years! FIVE! And nothing. DH has son 4 year old from previous relationship. So I thought I was the problem, my cycles are normally 24-26 days. In November, we finally sought out fertility help. Doc didn't tell me much just gave us options to get pregnant fast. He wanted us to go straight to IUI but DH though we should try naturally. Here goes my story:

Nov- femara 3-7, oviderel, BD -BFN
Dec- femara 3-7, ovdrel, BD- BFN
Jan- DH out of town- skipped this month- I was so disappointed
Feb- IUI #1, femara 3-7, ovidrel, IUI #1, 3 follies, post wash count 4 mil 30% motilitiy-BFN....BUMMER! Starting to think it would never happen :(
March- IUI #2, femara 3-7, follitism injectables, metformin AND ovidrel, oh and DH put on some pill forgot the wash count bumped up to 4.5 mil 30% only, 4 follies :( totally thought this would be a bust until.....

IUI on 3/13/14
for 3 days after IUI cramping didn't have this with first IUI
4-6 dpo start thinking im out this month because I had tingling prickling senstations in breasts, my PMS symptoms
7 dpo mild mild cramping
8 dpo- a stabbing throbbing noticeble discomfort on right side, this was different, not like the stabbing pain you hear about on blogs, painful and discomforting but not bend over painful (I believe this was my implantation)--lasted for minutes, fatigue, everytime I woke up I felt drowsy, took naps which I never do
9dpo- went to wedding had to weak alcoholic beverages and hungover the next day...weird for me, fatigue, more napping
10po- forehead broke out like crazy, don't get me wrong I ususally have acne breakouts but on my cheeks NOT my forehead, didn't think anything of it, fatigue, more napping
11dpo-throbbing pain again, queasy but think nothing of it, fatigue
12dpo- bloated
13dpo-BFP!!!!! through blood test, don't know numbers but told they were good. I almost fainted! But I was sitting down ;) It was funny blood drawn is trauma for me because I always end up being poked a thousand times, this time was no different but nurse joked "after all these pokes it better be positive, it will be positive"
14dpo- still tingling breast, a little queasy, headache that would not go away

another symptom throughout my wait was belching and frequent bowel movements, I am usually constipated but anything I ate made its way out (TMI), remember everyone is different I was expecting big boobs, sore boobs, everything read on these sites lol still telling nurse how my boobs feel normal lol

Don't lose hope ladies, keep faith, and try not to stress. This cycle I noticed many things different with my body but I didn't look into everything because I wanted to be calm and know how our bodies can play tricks, now that I am pregnant I look back at the symptoms and a lot makes since. Oh and sometimes less is more, one thing I like about my doc is he tells me what I should do without all the numbers and downplays a lot. I think that kept me from stressing about how big my follies should be and so on. Don't pay attention to statistics or anything (4 mil post wash was not good :( but I still got BFP) , keep faith and let God have the final say, he has a plan for you.

Good luck everyone! Hope it helps! Your BFP is right around the corner! God bless! :) :) :)

Finally BFP after 15months W/pcos

Just like all you ladies I've been stalking this site for the past 15months this site has truly helped me! I have pcos and it was very hard to get here! But it finally happened!!!!
Soo I am not 100percent sure when I ovulated due to my pcos but I had taken provera last cycle after 6months of no period I had the induced one and I can only assume that this is what jump started my ovulation so I think I ovulated on 3/15 my birthday! Yay! So Ill go from there here are my symptoms
3/15 ovulation
1dpo really bad right ovary pain hrts when I step
2dpo nothing
3dpo dizzy spells, nausea, nipples ache
4dpo hot flashes all through the night, bad cramping felt like AF, nipples really ache
5dpo nothing
6dpo spotting implantation bleeding?
7dpo a bit more spotting nipples really bad!
8dpo nausea, dizzy spells, BOOOOOBS!
9dpo same
10dpo BfaintP fmu, blood test done BFP! Yaaayy!!
I'm beyond ecstatic baby dust to all of you girls especially my pcos ladies as I know how hard it can be!

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BFP first IVF

DH and I had been trying to conceive for 3+ years. I have endo, slight pcos, and a blocked tube. We tried three rounds of clomid, didn't work. I've had two lapraoscopies, and did 6 months of lupron depot shot. Hated the shot but it worked wonders on pain from endo. Anyways, fertility doc desided to go straight to IVF since I've never been pg or known if I was pg. DH is completely normal, even above average. So we did ivf at fertility doctor suggestion. We did a 5 day transfer. I had absolutely no symptoms! !!! Just tired, but i think that was more from healing from 30 egg retrival.

1-3dp5dt - nothing just tired. Tested 3dpt BFN
4dp5dt - starting to get super exhausted going to bed at 9pm. Waking up at 730.
5dp5dt - I got a strong BFP!!! Just tired exhausted.
Kept testing because I love seeing my BFP
Found out 28dpt that I'm pg with twins! Super excited! !!

PCOS: After 1.5 years, I got my BFP! :)

I've been watching this board like crazy since we decided to try for baby #2. Fretting over symptoms, freaking out about every little twinge-- so convinced I was pregnant WAY too many times. So I thought I should share my story for others like me. :) We've been doing various meds throughout our 1.5 year journey to try and have our second child. With our first, Letrazole (step) worked for us the first time we tried it. So with #2 I thought I knew exactly what we needed to do and that it would be breeze. I was wrong. So we've done the Letrazole - regular, step, we've done Clomid, started at 50, went to 100. Then we introduced injectables. Then I switched jobs six months ago and fertility treatments are no longer covered. We took a break for 3 months while I started my new job, then used up the injectables I had remaining in the fridge. Then we switched back to Letrazole, which didn't do anything. Back to Clomid 100 (all while doing IUIs every month).

This last month, we had started the Clomid 100, but I was so frazzled about the time/stress/money (fertility not covered by new insurance AT ALL)-- that we decided to just take the month off from the HCG injection, IUI, etc. I was using my Clearblue monitor just so I would make sure that I did ovulate, so I would know when to expect AF (I don't like surprises and I can sometimes be VERY irregular).

So in other cycles; I was "symptomatic" from like 1 DPO because of the HCG injections. I would feel pregnant (and miserable). This month:

1-6 DPO: Nothing
7 DPO: Noticed my nipples were sore, thought little of it since I get that with AF coming too.
8 DPO: Mild cramping, but I thought very little of it either. Got a large Coke from McDonalds-- couldn't drink it. Tasted off, hubby said it was fine. Shrugged it off, thought my tastebuds might be off from Metformin (Med for PCOS).
9 DPO: Nipples very tender, ate EVERYTHING in sight. I was so hungry and I was embarrassed because I've been trying to lose a bit of weight. But it felt like I couldn't help myself-- I just ate and ate.
10 DPO: Nipples very tender, again with the food. But then after a large lunch, I felt super nauseous and the smell of my co-worker's tea (which I'd never really noticed before) was really bothering me. At dinner that night, however, I ate like a champ again. Also, began to have the sniffles. Started to "have a feeling". I'm exhausted with myself for always "having a feeling" but this time it seemed different. Soo...
11 DPO: I tested. Faint BFP. Now- I've had an evap line crush all my hopes and dreams before, so I wasn't immediately giddy about this. I stared at it, analyzed it-- showed it to my husband. It was definitely light pink. I retested a little later with a different brand-- a second light pink line appeared and I began to feel the excitement. Called my doctor and they wanted me in for blood tests at noon that day-- BFP. Early, but definitely pregnant. SO excited! :) We're retesting next week to make sure everything is progressing fine. I'm nervously optimistic.

My doctor's office was floored that I managed to get pregnant on the month I took off after everything I've done in previous months. I know for sure that I was a LOT more relaxed. So maybe I was just stressing myself out too much. Maybe this month I just got lucky. Who knows. But I hope anybody reading this, hoping that they've got their BFP, gets it soon! :)