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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Trying to conceive with PCOS can be frustrating to say the least. That's why it's so inspirational to hear the success stories of women who have successfully achieved pregnancy with PCOS. You'll find those stories here in abundance… enjoy!

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Thank you! And when you get your BFP with PCOS, be sure to send it our way!

BFP after PCOS and Fibroids and 2+ Years of Trying

My brand new baby is actually sleeping, I was too superstitious to post my story during pregnancy. I took comfort in reading other people's success stories and vowed I would post mine one day, so here it is! It was a long 2+ years of trying for my LO and I am so blessed that I can now call myself a Mama!

Here is the condensed version of my journey:

After coming off BCPs my periods were non-existent/ 50+ days. After 6 frustrating months I was dx'd with PCOS. My MD put me on 2000mg of Metformin and my cycles regulated to 31-32 days ( and I lost the extra 30 pounds I had been carrying). Still no BFP. At the one year mark I went in for an HSG and was diagnosed with fibroids. I had laparoscopic surgery to remove them, but my case was way too complicated. Talk about a crappy thing to wake up to after surgery. A month later I underwent an abdominal myomectomy (my MD threw in some bonus ovarian drilling while she was in there!). That was a big, tough surgery, but they removed over a 1/2 pound of fibroids that were preventing implantation and blocking my tubes. After I had three periods, I was able to start Clomid. 4 rounds of 50 mg and one IUI and I was still getting BFNs. I ovulated without a trigger, but apparently it was weak. On the 5th round I was bumped to 100mg and did an IUI and boom BFP! I couldn't believe my eyes!

Pregnancy symptoms before BFP:
Moody and really irritable (unusual for me)
Cramps ( thought AF was coming early, never got cramps until after she arrived)
Very tired
Slightly Nauseous (my hubby had a stomach bug and I was sure I had it too but nope it was my baby!)

It was a journey filled with lots of tears and lots of heartache. Physical and emotionally, I went through a lot but it was all worth it! The sound of my baby's first cry made all that I went through seem like a distant dream.

BFP with endometriosis tried for 18 months

Hi all,
I wanted to share my story as I have read the tww stories over and over wishing it was me. We have been trying for 18 months. I have children and my youngest is 7 with the kids I fell straight away with my other children, this time was different we have been trying for 18 months so i gathered something was wrong so I went to a specialist only two weeks ago on the 19th august and I was booked in for a laproscopy, the dye test and the camera that goes through your cervix to look at the uterus and tubes on the 17th September. The doctor had found via ultrasound that my uterus wasn't quite right and I had cysts on my ovaries and the weird thing was he was joking around and said you'll proberly be pregnant next week and today the 29th august I did a pregnancy test as the last 3-4 days I've felt exhausted like I haven't slept at night my boobs were a little sore and I've been getting slight hot flushes I actually thought I may be coming down with the flu but something inside me thought I should buy a test as I haven't brought one in months because it was so disappointing getting the BFN and I would think I'd have pregnancy symptoms and then I would get my period it's a roller coaster of emotions. So this month I was focused on preparing myself for surgery and just gathered I would not get pregnant till I had the surgery. It is so bizarre how it works sometimes I really can't believe it. So I wanted to share my Story to give hope to those that have tried month after month it will happen eventually I think when you least expect it. All the best to you all

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Severe Endometriosis and PCOS - 5 weeks pregnant

Hi all! I am writing this because I want to give a positive news for all the women that like me felt desperation and were convinced that they will never get pregnant! I am 34, and I have diagnosed with PCOS when I was 19. I was on the pill for 7 years but then I stopped as it was giving me migraine.I have been in pain for 3 years, during sex, ovulation and my period. But my gp wouldn't listen to me. In October I got a private appointment and they discovered 4 cysts of 5 cm each on my ovaries. I got laparoscopy in Feb to get rid of them. They were indeed chocolate cysts due to my endo. I have been referred for IVF...and I was waiting for my period, that never came! I got a BFP! I am 5 weeks pregnant, naturally!! I am very scared it could be ectopic...very difficult with endo understanding if the pain and cramps are normal! But hey ladies if they tell you you can't get pregnant don't believe them!!our body is not as perfect as others women but we still work!! I am crossing my fingers for myself now... and baby dust to all of you!

Scared but happy

I'll try to keep this somewhat short.

PCOS diagnosis at 19. Took 10 months to get pregnant with my daughter -- nothing needed, but I was 23. She's 3 1/2 now.

Been trying for a second baby for 2 years. 40+ day cycle until I was given metformin 1000 MG. That made it drop to 32ish days. Folic acid of course and then Vit. D. I got pregnant August 2013 for a little over a week. Miscarriage out of no where and I was a wreck.

OBGYN gave me Clomid. Lowest dose. CD 3-7, I believe. Unmonitored. Cut my cycle length, but no pregnancy. Horrible mood swings though.

Go to a fertility specialist. I hated him so much. He made me feel like a horrible person and I was so stressed at the office I got a nose bleed.

To the better part --

I went to a second fertility specialist. Much better! Did an HSG -- nothing blocked, or oddly shaped. I was on CD 9, but she gave me femara anyway. 2.5 for 5 days. She checked my eggs via ultrasound -- 13.5 egg on the left, 19 egg on the right. Gave me a trigger shot I took the next day. We had sex that day and two days afterward. Used preseed.... and it worked. One time!

I thought I was out a 100 times. I told my husband and those that have been supporting me I wasn't pregnant. So here's the details...

DPO 1-7: Nothing
DPO 8 and 10: Harder time breathing at kickboxing
DPO 8 on: STARVING. Can't stop eating. Eating things I don't usually -- like plain bread with butter and salty chips.
DPO 10 on: Heartburn!
DPO 10&12: BFNs, but I notice I have to pee in the morning way more than usual
DPO 13, 14, and 15: AF type cramps, or worse.
DPO 15: BFP! Faint line on a cheap Dollar General test. After that BFP, hundreds of symptoms kicked-in. Breasts hurt. Smells. Lots of trips to the bathroom. Stuff nose. Can't brush my teeth in the morning without gagging (something I had with my daughter, but not the miscarriage)

I'm terrified that I might miscarry again, especially with all the cramping I've had, but things are good so far. If I don't have cramps, I have back pain.

I had a draw on DPO 16 and the HCG was 236. Progesterone was over 20. I find out in about 15 minutes how the second draw went, but I wanted to post this in good faith that there's good news.

Keep trying, ladies.

Second Round of Clomid- BFP 10 DPO

Hi all, I have read this site many times over the last 10 months of TTC. This month I really did have a 'good feeling'. I made sure we had sex every day of my fertile window.

Ovulation day: Cycle day 19- Cramps, EWCM, Left pelvic pain
1 DPO - CM went to clear and liquidy, sore nipples- which I always get the day after O , (TMI) Diarrhea
2 DPO - CM still clear and liquidy, sore nipples
3 DPO - CM starting to chance to yellow and creamy, still have sore nipples
4 DPO - Nothing!
5 DPO - Cramps, Very tired, Get another cold (only had one 2 weeks ago!) terrible taste in my mouth, almost metallic but put it down to the cold
6 DPO - Cramps, left pelvic pain, VERY grumpy. Actually think I have PMS. Still a slight metallic taste, still have this cold/ store throat. shooting pains in lower stomach and what i can only describe as a 'niggly' pain.
7 DPO - Slight tender breasts on and off, this never happens so I start to get suspicious, left pelvic pain again, still feeling very sick with a cold
8 DPO - Symptoms kick in! Breasts still tender on and off but only slightly, VERY tired (fall asleep on the couch that night twice during my favourite programme- never happens!), headache, gas, nausea- I actually vomited after dinner, however thought that may be as I had been coughing a bit from my cold. CM Very creamy.
9 DPO - CM Still creamy and getting globs of it now. Tender breasts, very tired and left pelvic pain again.
10 DPO - Cramps, very tired. Decided on whim to test, 3rd morning urine, a clear positive on a FRER!! Absolutely shocked!!

Dont give up ladies! This month I really did relax, my first clomid cycle was the most stressful situation and I promised I wouldnt put myself through that, so my only option this cycle was to RELAX and HAVE SEX- LOTS!!

PCOS, random bleeding, and then my BFP!

I posted on here last week under the, "Am I Pregnant" tab and got some mixed reviews. I'll just copy and paste what I submitted and then add on what else has been going on since then. Since we weren't trying, I don't have exact DPO symptoms other than the dates that I bled, so I apologize for that!
"Hello ladies!
I'm a little confused as to what's going on because I've never experienced things like this before. I'll try to keep it short and sweet but I can't make any promises :p and I apologize in advance for any tmi!
My fiance and I aren't "actively" ttc, but we aren't using any protection either. If it happens, it happens. We both want a baby badly, but I was told that I'd have to give Clomid a try since my cycles are usually irregular. I have PCOS and I lost about 20lbs and for the past three or four months, it's been pretty regular. Well this month I spotted once or twice on 8/6 just on the tp. On 8/7 I bled a fair amount, enough to need a tampon or two. On 8/8, no more bleeding, just occasional spotting. The spotting continued through yesterday, 8/12. This is far from normal for me. My AF is usually long (7-10 days) and extremely heavy (going through super plus pon's every two hours). Now that the spotting has stopped, my breasts are still sore/larger and the veins are big, blue, and up to my neck. I'm getting occasional shooting pains and my breast/nipples are so itchy. I have acid reflux but now EVERYTHING gives me heartburn. I ate a ham sandwich for dinner and it's already burning. My lower back and hips are achy. The day I was actually bleeding, my hips burned so badly and that's never happened before. I have a headache nearly everyday and I've noticed smells are stronger (I threw out a bag of slightly burnt popcorn two hours ago and I still smell it). I've also noticed that I'm more stopped up than usual. I have that sick feeling in the back of my throat. I think the biggest difference is the exhaustion. By 3 in the afternoon, I'm ready for bed. And it's not just sleepy, it's physical exhaustion as well. I just want to lay in bed and not move. I have been peeing more often and experience occasional waves of nausea. Oh! And my lower abdomen is sore as well as slightly crampy. I get little twinges here and there but nothing like AF cramps.
I haven't taken a test yet because I figured I should wait a few days after the spotting has stopped to try to get an accurate result.
I know most of what I've mentioned leads to me being pregnant, but the bleeding threw me off. I know implantation bleeding can be anywhere from a few hours to a few days, but I thought it was supposed to be just spotting.
Normally with my AF, I spot a little before, really long, heavy flow and then once it's over, everything else stops with it. I've never spotted afterwards or had anything continue on after the bleeding has stopped.
Any votes, either way, as well as any stories from anyone would be helpful!
The only person I've talked about this with is my fiance so I'm dying to hear other peoples opinions!
Thank you in advance :)"
I took a test yesterday, 8/17, and got my BFP! (Dollar Tree brand)
So far the shooting pains in my breasts have increased, as well as the itchiness. My hips, entire back, and neck ache. I've still been getting headaches every afternoon. The sickly feeling in the back of my throat has gone away for the most part. Still occasional waves of nausea but have not vomited at all. Sex drive has definitely increased. BMs are irregular and inconsistent. I've gotten used to the heartburn since I've dealt with acid reflux for the past few years. My lower abdomen and uterine area are occasionally sore and still have random pinching cramps. Vaginal and anal muscle spasms (I know, a whole lot of tmi!) all day yesterday. Very gassy. Increase in CM. The exhaustion has still continued, but I've gotten better about staying awake (as I'm typing this from bed) :p Nose is still sensitive. I STILL smell that damn burnt popcorn! As far as taste goes, all I want are cold cut sandwiches with lots of banana peppers, vinegar, and mustard! Also, I've noticed that almost everything tastes EXTREMELY salty. To the point where I can barely season anything without it being overbearing.
I got a comment on my original post saying that IB is very rare and it's not supposed to last that long or include bleeding at all. Everyone's bodies are different and just because it doesn't fit the textbook answer, doesn't mean it's out of the question. You know your body the best and while it's always great to hear others opinions, go with your gut.
To others with PCOS, stay positive and know that there's hope to do it naturally!
To those TTC, I wish you all lots and lots of sticky baby dust!
Lastly, to all of us soon to be mommies who are sharing our BFP stories, have a H&H 9 months!

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BFP on CD69 (O was either CD58or59)

I have a history with infertility. Before this last cycle, I went 6 months in between periods.

I just started temping again a few days before I noticed a temp shift. I happened to miss a day of temping, so I am not sure if it was CD58 or 59 that I ovulated.

My husband and I stopped preventing pregnancy in Sept. of 2000. I had a surprise pregnancy with my son in March 2010 (that was the first pregnancy that I ever had - it took 9 1/2 year, we also adopted twins during that time.) The pregnancy with my son, I didn't ovulate until CD30.

I had another surprise pregnancy in Jan. 2013 (2nd pregnancy ever) that resulted in a miscarriage.

This is my 3rd pregnancy, I had just started getting back into actively trying to conceive. Temping and taking prenatal and Metformin (in prep to try Femara again) are the only things I was doing. We only happened to DTD once during my 'window' and it had nothing to do with TTC. :) Apparently that once worked!! Super excited!!

Before my BFP, I had noticed that I felt like I needed to pee a lot (even when I didn't really have to), I was really hot all the time, a little gaggy and sensitive to smells, and had bouts of extreme thirst (just for a day here and there)

Praying for a sticky bean and a healthy 9 months for all of us!

It really can happen

We'll I'm 22, have pcos, was diagnosed at 15. I decided to ttc about a year ago for my first, after having the coil removed in October 2013. It was all systems go! After 9 months nothing I was devastated! I could put it in to words.. I went to the docs to get sorted, I had been told that they would touch me until 18 months of trying because I was so young, but me being me just couldn't wait that long.. I got my docs appointment I had a wonder locum doctor form out of town, he was great and after discussing with him about metformin he agreed to put me on it, I was thrilled very excited.. Anyways fast forward 3 days ( after I thought I o'd, and taking met for 2 days) I had my delivery of internet cheapie preg tests come through and I thought what the hell and took one.. There was a super faint line! I was shocked but in denial big time! So everyday for the next week with flu I took one and the line got darker but I was still like.. Noooo it's impossible! So I brought a clue blue digital test.. Next morning fmu I took it.. It immediately came up with pregnant... I literally stared at it in disbelief utill it finally flashed up with 2-3 weeks!

Omg omg omg

Which means I got preg on my own! It bloody does happen,
I just want to share my story because this site kept me going on my journey and I am so thankful for everyone's posts they have meant the world to me

Thank you

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pregnant after 16yrs of trying

Ahhhhhh cant believe i get to post and share with you guys. Never thought id see the day :) x

My BFP Miracle - Thank God

I am 34 years old with 2 children 15 & 12. I had been trying for 12 years to get pregnant and nothing. In Oct of 2012 I found out I was pregnant after 2 test and they both were negative. My period was irregular so I seriously doubted I was pregnant. Jan 5, 2013 I had a miscarriage. I went into a deep depression because I wanted a baby. After a year of trying to find a doctor I found one April 2014. When I first went to her I explained to her everything and she wanted to run test. My doctor ran blood test and did a test on my tubes to make they were open. My tubes came back open but my blood test showed I had PCOS. All these years I didn't even know I PCOS and no other doctor took time to investigate. She put me on clomid and I started my round of 50mg July 5-9. I experienced bad hot flashes and lost of appetite on clomid. I had sex 12-22 as my doctor instructed. On the 22nd I started having sharp pains in my left side. I went to the ER and the wait was 2 hours so I left. I just wanted to lay down. I came home and took a pain pill. I laid in bed for a few days and still didn't feel good. On Jan 28 I went back to the ER and they told me I had a UTI. Now my breast was starting to hurt, my stomach and back was hurting and I just felt pregnant. I took a test and it came back negative. My period was due July 31st but it didn't show up. I started feeling sicker by the day and doctor was on vacation until August 5. I had no choice but to lay in bed until my appt. I researched stories after stories and they gave me hope. Today August 6 I went to doctor and explained my issues and the nurse did a test. She came back in and I got my BFP! My doctor did an ultrasound and everything looked great. I am sharing this story because I know as a woman we all want a BFP. Don't give up and know your body. I knew in my head I was pregnant for 2 weeks but I didn't want to sound crazy. Good luck ladies!