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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Trying to conceive with PCOS can be frustrating to say the least. That's why it's so inspirational to hear the success stories of women who have successfully achieved pregnancy with PCOS. You'll find those stories here in abundance… enjoy!

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Thank you! And when you get your BFP with PCOS, be sure to send it our way!

39, Mild PCOS, 1st IUI


Like many of you, I have stalked this site while TTC and reading everyone's stories has really been a blessing. Now that I have my bfp, I want to pay it forward...

I am 39 and was recently diagnosed with "skinny" PCOS. My periods were never irregular; however, I may have had some cycles where I didn't ovulate. Because of my age(just turned 39 in May) my fiancé and I decided to start trying to conceived right away which was November 2014. In April 2014, I had my gyno give me the Clomid challenge and my LH can back abnormal so she referred me to an RE. At my appointment with the RE, she performed an ultrasound(I just so happen to be 3 days into my menstrual cycle) and showed me the cysts in my ovaries. At that visit I also had blood drawn for genetic screening and was scheduled for an HSG. The HSG, although a little painful, came back great and showed no blockage. Subsequently, my fiancé had an SA, which can back normal. We discussed a treatment plan with our RE which included a medicated/monitored cycle and because of my age we decided we wanted to be aggressive and do an IUI.

I was prescribed Letrozole 5mg days 3-7, on the last day of the Letrozole we had to administer a shot of Bravelle. At my mid-cycle ultrasound the RE was pleased with how I responded to the medications and advised that I had several mature follicles(can't remember how many maybe 4), the largest was 21mm. She told us to trigger that night with Novarel 10,000 iu. We were also advised to BD the night of the trigger, skip the next day, and come in Sunday morning, July 19 for the IUI.

The IUI went smooth. We had 95 million total sperm and 26 million post-wash with 30% motility. During the TWW I didn't have many symptoms, primarily some minor cramps/twinges, gas, bloating/full feeling in my uterus which all could be attributed to the progesterone, which I have been taking 200 mg once a night vaginally since Wednesday after the IUI. In addition to what's been mentioned already, I have been taking baby aspirin everyday, ate pineapples for about 5 days post-IUI and have been taking prenatal vitamins since we first started trying to conceived. I had a dark positive with CB on 14dpiui and I had my first beta yesterday and the results were good, 253.2. I go back for another one in the morning to make sure the numbers are doubling. I still can't believe I am pregnant.... LOL! It's early still but we are remaining cautiously optimistic.

I give ALL the praise to God! Please don't give up! Praying for you all!

God's timing is perfect.

I don't even know where to start. My Dh & I have been ttc for 2 years now. 2 months ago I was told I have pcos and was given clomid. First months taking it, I got very discouraged when AF showed up. Second month, I was still discouraged thinking that I would start any day, now 6 pregnancy tests later I can finally say I'm pregnant! I prayed everyday that God would bless us with a baby when the time was right. Two days before my positive, I prayed and cried harder than ever and here I am now. I continue to pray that this baby sticks! I had very few symptoms, I normally have more on my other cycles.
What I did experience at about 8 dpo was a yeast infection, which I've never had before. I was told it could be from the clomid or pregnancy. I also had sore breasts from about 8 dpo to now, they are normally sore every cycle at that same time, so I never considered this a symptom for me. Something else unusual was extreme hunger pains in the middle of the night. Those are the only 3 symptoms I had, so don't count yourself out if you don't have many symptoms! The one thing I did different this month was I actually used preseed with the applicator, every other month we just used it externally. I know how frustrating it is to hear, it will happen when it suppose to happen, but that can't be more true. I'm so thankful for the struggle of infertility cause the timing of this pregnancy couldn't be better. I wish everyone the best of luck, don't give up and put God first, the rest will fall into place.

6 years of BFN and PCOS

Where do I even begin? I am 29 yrs old and TTC for SIX long years. I was diagnosed with Lean PCOS at 22. I weigh 120 and am not insulin resistant. I have low progesterone and have had every test done possible. No blocked tubes, insulin levels normal, but poly cystic ovaries. Doctor said to take birth control if not trying to conceive or take clomid if trying. I've been to several different doctors regarding PCOS including and osteopathic doctor who has helped me the most by taking a natural approach.

I eat clean and organic, and exercise to help maintain my PCOS. Eating clean is hard but then add gluten free and it's a doozy. I also have eczema and struggled with acne in my teen years and early 20s. I also cut the sugar but do still eat ice cream in moderation. I also take prenatal vitamins, vitamin d 5,000, probiotic, cinnamon, dandelion root, and black cohos vitamins. Vitamin D is crucial for PCOS as most women do have low vitamin d. Gut health is also critical so I take a probiotic and eat yogurt twice daily.

I tried three rounds of clomid with no success. Personally, I hate clomid. I was taking 100mg days 5-9. I tried Letrozole 2.5mg days 5-9 and bam BFP. I was so tired of getting negative tests on the clomid that I didn't think the Letrozole would be different. So, I didn't track when I would ovulate or monitor anything. Of course, lol I get pregnant. I do remember having two days of cramping which could have been implantation because I did have brown discharge. I thought I was going to start my period.

I am an early tester but this time I didn't and just waited for aunt flow. I was a week late and decided to take a test. That test lit up like a firecracker!! I've never even had a faint positive in six years so you can imagine my reaction. I thought the test was broken!

Well, it wasn't and I am six weeks pregnant. Since I do have PCOS I called my doctor and requested blood work asap to check my progesterone and hcg levels. I had two labs drawn 48 hours apart and all were normal!

At the end of the day, I can't say it was the Letrozole that worked. I would rather give my positive result as a work of God. I hope this post helps someone else like me that literally had over 200 negatives over six years. Hold fast in your faith and give it to God. 1 Samuel 1:27. God bless.

12 dpo, beta 24

So last year (exactly to this date!) I had my first positive pregnancy test and my beta was 20, then second was 41, and then I miscarried. I was bleeding the entire time, very lightly, so I knew there wasn't much hope.

Fast forward to one year later, I found out I was pregnant on 11 dpo and on 12 dpo I had my levels drawn and they called to say it was 24 hcg, 38 progesterone. I asked her if they were good levels and she said yes but I am so nervous. I have to get my second levels drawn tomorrow and I have almost zero pregnancy symptoms. Slightly tender boobs, loose stool, and light headed. No spotting at all and zero cm!

I keep taking wondfo's to see progession but those stupid things never look much different... The tests are not getting lighter but hardly darker. Ugh.. Any positive stories to get me through the next 48 hours??

Here we go again!!

Ok so this is my second time posting here. Yay! And again, I obsessed over this site during my TWW! Amazing.

I'm 32, DH is 30, DD is 17 months. We started trying for #2 about 2 weeks ago. Yes lucky I know. But believe me, even in the short period, I become a crazy person! The only recommendation I would make is to trust your body. Pregnancy symptoms are so similar to PMS, so it's nearly impossible to compare yourself to anyone else. I had such a different experience with my last pregnancy: metal taste in mouth, implantation bleeding, huge boobs at 13 DPO! None of these this time.

I was told I had PCOS about 3 weeks ago, although the only symptom I have is polycystic ovaries. Regardless, we wanted to get started right away, just in case. The only thing we used was Preseed. I love that stuff. I have no idea when exactly I ovulated, as I got cramping for 3 days, but no change in CM (never EWCM). I have a 27ish day cycle, and we BDd CD 6, 9-13. Assuming I ovulated on CD 13 based on when I got my cramping.

Here are my symptoms!

1-2 DPO: Nothing
3 DPO: craving salad (I hate salad), limbs feel heavy when I try and workout
4-5: Nothing
6-current: I noticed I was having regular #2s (I'm ALWAYS constipated), hungry!!, lightning boobs, thirsty, indigestion started at 8 DPO, breathless, got a huge pimple on my cheek in a spot that I only got acne during my last pregnancy!
10 DPO: got a shadow/evap/faint BFP on cheapie. Didn't tell hubby as he would think I'm nuts for analyzing the test. Took pictures to obsess over later.
11 DPO: Faint positive on cheapie & FRER with FMU. Hubby and I just looked at each other in shock - can we be this lucky??? Then shook hands. Weird. Darker positive right before bed!! The pic is bad, but it's quite clear in person :)

To be honest, not many of these symptoms struck me as odd except always being breathless going upstairs to my spin class (ironically), and the extreme hunger. Like HUNGER. I went to bed with hunger pains, and I woke up with hunger pains. Even now my chest has not changed whatsoever.

I hope you all get your BFP soon :)


PCOS BFP after 3 years TTC!

I had almost given up hope. 3 years TTC, multiple doctors and no luck. Finally went to a Repoductive Endocrinologist and 2 cycles later... BFP!!!!

About us: I have PCOS and am 30 years old. He is 33 with no known issues.
My OB/GYNs had used clomid over and over, with progesterone to start cycle when needed. I was up to 200 MG and was ovulating, but nothing. Then I go see the RO and he gives me femara 5mg for one cycle (to clear any abnormal tissue from uterus) , and then took provera at end of cycle to start period. Then I was given 50 MG clomid for following cycle.... and here we are!

We used preseed and softcups, as well as Evening primrose oil and mucinex... and the new thing for this cycle was Summer's Eve cleaner daily to maintain pH. Also used BBT for the past 3 years religiously, but switched to vaginal temping this cycle for accuracy.

1-3 dpo: nothing really, a little constipated.
4 -6 dpo: constipation, gassy, headache.
7-10 dpo: light cramping off and on, thought it was from recent constipation... like maybe I bruised something. BFN on 10dpo.
11-12 dpo: temp super high. breasts sore like AF coming. Still cramps and sore, thought maybe I should see a doctor, but I let it go. The evening of 12 DPO decided to test... light but very clear BFP (the one in the pic) So shocked I took 8 more tests over the next two days.

Now I am 5 weeks and 2 days... due March 5th. Beta HCG 236! Cramps feeling continues but not like AF, more like a sore, heavy pulling feeling. Took another test last night for funsies... very dark line! So super excited!

Finally - after 3 years!!

After 3+ long years, I couldn't believe it when I saw "pregnant" on my Clearblue stick yesterday. I got my blood work done in the morning, but it was taking the doctor too long to call me. At lunch I bought my own test :-)!!!

First, let me say I had my doubts because not only have we failed at IVF twice (four times if you include two cancellations), but I only had a Day-5 morula, rather than a blastocyst on the day of transfer. Three doctors gave me little hope. Now, I'm so happy to report my BFP was received yesterday - both from my HPT and Beta (182).

During the TWW, here's what I felt:
- 3dp5dt - period-like cramping (lower abdomen and lower back) for 3-5 days
- extreme thirst
- 30 seconds of nausea, only once
- extreme tiredness (like in my bones)

Two days before before my pregnancy test, the symptoms just went away.

Wishing you all the best!!

IUI#2 All things are possible with God

Hello All,
Iam so thrilled and excited to announce I'm Pregnant.... (First time ever I'm got positive pregnancy test in 4years). I would like to Thank God for this special blessing in my life after 4years and I have been visiting this site almost 1 year now and it's gives so much hope to read the BFP stories.
I hope my story helps someone who is going through the same thing.
I and my Husband are married and TTC for 4years now and I was diagnosed with severe Pcos and Hypothyriod. I never had a period on my own I always have to take medication to jump start my periods. We are basically from India moved to USA a year and half ago for my hubby's work and back in India tired few things like clomid and femara and injectables nothing worked and Hubby's sperm analysis looked great and for me we got the follicular study done which showed my follicles are not growing to definite size and HSG done both tubes were clear. After moving to United States,I started workout and I lost around 15lbs and then we planned to start over the treatment and visited OBGYN and she did all the blood work which look good, however without wasting much time she referred us to fertility specialist and there doc gave us option of IUI and lucky charm second IUI worked for us and I also believe that losing weight had contributed much to my health issues to come under control.

Here are my symptoms

AF- 24th April

CD 3-7 Clomid - 26th April to 30th April

CD 15 First Ultrasound May 8th (2 follicles Right side 17mm and left side 14mm)

CD 17 HCG Shot - 10th May 9:30pm

CD 19 IUI - 12th May 9:30am (Husband's SC: 18millions)

CD 20-22 -1DPIUI - 3DPIUI - No Symptoms

CD 23-25 -4DPIUI - 6DPIUI - Sharp pains in left and right ovaries

CD 26-30 - 7DPIUI -11DPIUI - Light Cramping

CD 31 - 12DPIUI - spotting(Probably Implantation)

CD 32 - 13DPIUI - slight Breast tenderness,tested with Internet cheapie (not with morning urine) faint positive

CD 33 - 14DPIUI - slight Breast tenderness, tested with digital early morning and it said PREGNANT :)
( it was completely unbelievable and I was into happy tears)

CD 33 - 14DPIUI-Beta#1 - 94

CD 36 - 17DPIUI-Beta#2 - 267

Things I did different this time around
- after IUI I continued to laid on my back for 15 mins
- Hubby gave sample at the clinic (not like last time from home )
- hubby took fertilaid for men for just 10days ( just to boost up the count)
- excerised daily even after IUI (yoga and aerobics) Last time I just was relaxing the whole 2weeks

My first IUI failed but bingo Iam pregnant with second IUI and so grateful to God as I lost all hopes and devastated when my first IUI failed I thought this is never going to happen. But I believed and had faith on God,I just told God May your will be done in my life and left everything to God and boom!!the second IUI worked for us.. I just pray that this little baby bean sticks and to have healthy pregnancy. Please don't lose hope( I know it is very difficult if someone say this) but miracles do happen. I pray for those all who are struggling to get pregnant Baby dust to all. God bless you all

PCOS & Clomid Round 5...hoping this BFP sticks!

I have PCOS and started working with my doctor about 8 months ago with the goal of getting pregnant. I rarely have a period (usually once every few months), so I knew ovulating was going to be an issue. My doctor prescribed Provera and Clomid. I didn't ovulate on 50 mg or 100 mg of Clomid (progesterone 0.2), then at 150 mg my progesterone was 34 so I was stoked that I ovulated. Honestly, during that cycle, I was feeling pretty discouraged and probably didn't BD as much as I should have during my window, so no pregnancy. I went into the next 150 mg round hopeful and had no success.

Needless to say, with this round, I was feeling pretty down on myself that I would never get pregnant or ovulate. Regardless, DH and I had sex like bunnies all week to cover our bases. I had a few close to positive OPK's around CD 14-17, but nothing positive. I FINALLY got a positive OPK on CD 20. I went in as scheduled to get my progesterone bloodwork done on CD 21, and it came back 0.2 again. Feeling pretty bummed, I temped for a day or two after that and didn't have an increase, so I pretty much stopped paying attention and looking for possible symptoms.

When my doctor called this week with the progesterone results, she suggested that if I do another cycle, instead of upping the dose to 200 mg Clomid, we do the Provera and 150 mg Clomid, then ultrasound during probable ovulation time and medication to trigger ovulation. She told me to wait a few more days and take a pregnancy test just to be absolutely sure I wasn't preggo before starting Provera.

I temped a few times this week and noticed my temperature times were slightly up, and that I had some breast and underarm tenderness. I took a Wondfo dip strip test yesterday (CD 34), and imagine my shock when I saw a very faint pink line! I spent all day second-guessing myself but promising that I wouldn't take another test until this morning. I took another Wondfo as well as an Answer lab strip test (which are known for not showing positive until WAY down the line), and both tests were super dark positive lines! I'm going in for my blood test this afternoon! I know how common it is to miscarry early, so I'm half-excited and half-freaking out, telling myself not to get my hopes up for another seven weeks or so. My guess is that I ovulated right after my progesterone test on CD 21 and that's why it came up negative. My other guess is that I need to calm the heck down and stop stalking internet pregnancy forums, but I JUST CAN'T STOP. IT'S BABY CRACK.

I should note that over the last month I've really gone above and beyond as far as diet and exercise go. I've always been very active and healthy, but this month I noticed a few extra pounds accumulating and followed this diet:
Monday-Friday I went mostly vegetarian or pescatarian, got my sugars from fruits or raw honey pretty much exclusively (and didn't have those in high quantities, either), didn't eat dairy and kept it gluten-free. I ate lots of raw veggies, lentils, beans, nuts and chickpeas, and made a conscious effort to find appealing salad recipes to keep things interesting. I also didn't drink on the weekdays (whereas typically I'd have a drink every night, weekends several). I will say that I cheated like crazy on the weekends, because let's be honest, who the hell can eat that clean every day??? I don't know if the diet was what did it, but I lost 9 pounds, so who cares! I'll keep it up, especially now that I may have a little bun in the oven to nourish!

In the photo, the top test is the one I took yesterday (urine was a little diluted as I was EXTREMELY THIRSTY and chugged water all night...maybe a symptom or maybe just losing my mind). Bottom two are the ones I took this morning, same urine sample.

Sorry so long, just wanted to be as detailed as possible for all of you who are obsessively reading this over like I have! Best of luck and baby dust to all!

After tubal reversal and recent pcos diagnosis

Hello ladies! Of course I have been on this site day on and day out for months. These stories truly gave me hope. Thank you! Now for my story I'm 31 dh 32 I have 4 kids from a previous marriage and got my tubes tied after my youngest daughter 7 years ago. I had them reversed 6 months ago. I was trying to figure out why I wasn't having any luck after the surgery because I obviously had no issues before. I was diagnosed with pcos 2 months ago and told it would be difficult to conceive this time around. I took provera to induce a cycle because I hadn't had a period in 2 months. I faithfully drank red raspberry tea, watched my sugar levels and hoped for the best. This was the first month I ovulated since February so I was happy about that. I didn't notice anything major accept a few days ago o felt dizziness for a second. I kept taking dollar tree test for the past week knowing they would be negative but hoping I'd see a hint of something. This morning I took a dollar tree test and saw a faint line which confused me because it was stark white yesterday as I was hoping for a Father's Day positive. I took another one and same thing. I went to work and thought about the fact that I have never gotten 2 evaporation lines like the ones I got. When I Got home I tested with a digital and low and behold BFP! I am so happy. I believe I'm around 13 dpo. I can't be sure because all my apps say something different. I do temp and believe I ovulated 2 weeks ago. By dpo

1dpo- 10 dpo nothing really white cm that's all

10 dpo dizzy spell white cm some breast tenderness but only sporadic, BFN

11-12 dpo nothing much easy to fall asleep still white cm BFN

13 dpo feeling cramping like af, white cm, faint on dollar tree( I did take a frer after the faint positive this morning but didn't see anything) BFP on digital after work 4 hour hold.

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