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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Trying to conceive with PCOS can be frustrating to say the least. That's why it's so inspirational to hear the success stories of women who have successfully achieved pregnancy with PCOS. You'll find those stories here in abundance… enjoy!

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Thank you! And when you get your BFP with PCOS, be sure to send it our way!

BFP after ovarian drilling with PCOS

I went off birth control in October of 2014 hoping to start trying after the new year. Unfortunately, I never got my period! By March, my doctor had me try Provera. That induced a period, but I went another 90 days without a period- so I obviously wasn't ovulating. We tried another round of Provera and added Clomid 50 mg. the Clomid didn't make me ovulate either! ugh... But it did make me crazy hormonal. During ultrasound scans, my doctor found a dermoid cyst and scheduled a surgery for July 30th. The day before surgery I got my period! During surgery, she removed the cyst, did ovarian drilling, and also found endometriosis. One of my Fallopian tubes is also blocked! My doctor told us that it might be time to see a specialist. Well... Surprise!!! Exactly 4 weeks after surgery I was feeling exhausted and had uncharacteristic diarrhea and decided to test. BFP!!!!! The odds were against us but it happened!!! It took a lot longer than my plan (10 months!) but I'm so grateful!!!

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BFP 9dpo following 2 miscarriages and with pcos

I know this is a cliche but I cannot believe it is our turn again. I promised myself I would post here if I ever was blessed with another bfp to inspire others as this site has been such a comfort during our ttc journey. I have 'skinny' pcos with long, irregular cycles. I have a four year old daughter who was conceived in the run up to our wedding. We have been trying for baby number 2 since April 2013. I had what they described as a 'chemical' pregnancy in July 2013. To say we were devastated was an understatement. I then went to fertility consultant and was started on clomid 50mg in March 2014. I was lucky to conceive 2nd cycle of clomid in April 2014. Roll on 8 weeks and we were devastated to learn of a missed miscarriage at approx 5-6 weeks. We were completely unprepared for this and I chose the medical management. Roll on 13 months later and I have done 3 rounds of tamoxifen with ovulation but no pregnancy, then finished the final 4 rounds of clomid. On to 6th and final cycle of clomid and went to our first ivf appointment on cycle day 49. Consultant tested amh level which to our relief was high at 54, however due to this and my pcos he was reluctant to start ivf due to high risk of hyper stimulation. He suggested ovarian diathermy which I was not keen on followed by iui. He also scanned me and noticed follicle on right ovary about to rupture and uterine lining thin. We used this last chance saloon and bd as often as we could. Cannot believe I'm posting my bfp story 9dpo. Praying for a sticky bean this time.
What I did: ovulation tracking, acupuncture, bd o-5, o-3, o-2, o-1, pineapple core post ovulation, wore socks post ovulation and used hot water bottle around uterus to keep womb 'warm'

1-2dpo, nothing, took daughter to theme park and went on all the rides
3dpo tender beasts (normal for me)
4dpo- backache, bloated, tender breasts, lots of walking
5dpo- backache, bloated, tender breasts, lots of walking
6dpo - bloated, tender breasts
7dpo - bloated, increased appetite, tender breasts
8dpo - gassy, fatigue, diarrhoea, tender breasts. Bloated
9dpo - tender breasts not so tender, fatigue, tested pm urine and got BFP on clear blue digital 1-2 weeks.

Pray for us that this little bean will stick and our journey through infertility and loss will have a happy ending.x


My husband and I have been trying to conceive baby #2 for 10 months. This month we tried soft cups for the first time and we got our BFP the day of my missed period. We are so thrilled. My symptoms were nasea, tired, diahrea, food adversions, cramps. I had sharp pain that lasted only a few mins the day I believe the baby implanted. I have sore breasts as well. I have pcos and we conceived naturally with the help of softcuossoftcups and pre-seed. I would recommend using both if you are having trouble conceiving. Worked for us on the first try.

10 years of Infertility

I'll try to keep this short. Hubby and I have been ttc for 10 years. I been staking this form for the past 7 years or so! :) I been diagnosis with PCOS, lack of ovulation, lack of period. My period was very irregular. It slowed to every three months to nothing without meds after we got married. After 3 years, we seek out an infertility specialist. We did 3 rounds of Clomid and 3 Rounds of Injectables. Ovidril was added during the injectables. We had two BFP (2nd round of Clomid, 2nd round of Injectables), that both ended in miscarriages. We couldn't do any more due to hubby getting laided off. I haven't seen my period since.
I started exercising and eating healthy this last year. My first period ever to show was Feb 10th with no meds!! A miracle on it's own. Mar 14th it came again! Yay! Then I haven't had one since. I started bbt charting and doing ovulation testing sticks since May. I woke on July 23rd to thick eggwhite cm. So, I took and ovulation testing stick and went for it. I was surprise to see 2 lines! Two weeks later, I found my first BFP on an cheapie test. The next day I took another one with FRER. Was very shocked to see dark lines! The last two times, I didn't get a BFP until I was 9 weeks along with both of my miscarriges. Here are all my symptoms:

two days before O-Sore Nipples

one day before O-Sore Nipples in front

Day of Ovulation-Cramps after workout. Right ovary cramping. + opk am, - in pm. Lots of cramping today, but in the evening no cramping at all.

DPO 1: Didn't sleep well
DPO2: Sore Nipples. CM smells like blood??
DPO3: Sore Nipples, Bloated, Gassy at night
DPO4: Sore nipples , bloated, gassy, cramps
DPO5:Sore Nipples
DPO6: Severe sore boobs, cramping on and off, emotional. I was so emotional that I started to cry watching an animal documentary. I didn't want to see poachers killing the whale. I almost started bawling right there. Hubby mention I felt very warm laying next to him in bed.
DPO7: Slight sore boobs,almost none existence. Hubby commented on me being warm.
DPO8: So exhausted. I got done working out and had no energy. Went food shopping and felt totally spent. Boobs were sore only when I bump them into something. Third day in a row hubby mention that I felt very warm. Very unusual.
DPO9: Insomnia. I woke up at 2:30, 3:30, then again at 4:30. I tested and got a BFN on cheapies
DPO10: BFN on cheapies
DPO 11: BFN on ERFR. Sore boobs, cramps at work in afternoon, had pink watery tinge cm, I'm wondering now when my period will start.
DPO12: Heartburn, insomnia, sore boobs
DPO 13: Sore boobs, small sharp pains in lower abs
DPO 14: Sore boobs
DPO 15: same
DPO 16: Went for a long hike today. Had major heart burn, sore boobs, and terrible insomnia
DPO 17: BFP on cheapies!!! Sore boobs, heart burn, insomnia
DPO 18: BFP on ERFR! Sore boobs, heart burn, insomnia. One wave of nausea at 7:00p.m.

All I can say is, this is totally a God Thing!! Praise him for opening in womb! We had alot of people that have been praying for us these last 10 years. Can't wait to tell them! My doc't appointment is set for Aug 31st. Hope this brings hope for some of you ladies!! I felt really encourage after reading all your stories on here, just hoping I can do the same!

39, Mild PCOS, 1st IUI


We had our first IUI, Sunday July 19. I am 39, diagnosed with "skinny" PCOS. My fiancé has no issues. We started trying to conceive in November 2014. In April 2014, I had my gyno give me the Clomid Challenge; my LH can back abnormal so she referred me to an RE.

At the first appointment with my RE she diagnosed me with PCOS after performing an ultrasound. My cycles has never been irregular. I had the HSG, no blocked tubes so I was then put on Letrozole 5mg 3-7, on the last day of the Letrozole, we did a shot of Bravelle. At my mid-cycle ultra, the RE was very pleased with how I had responded to the meds. I had several mature follicles(not sure how many, I think 4) with the largest being 21mm. We triggered that night with 10,000iu of Noveral and BD'd using pre-seed. We were told to abstain the next day and to come in Sunday morning, July 19 for the IUI. My fiancé had a total of 95 million sperm and 26 million post-wash with 30% motility. On Wednesday after the IUI I was told to start taking 200mg of prometrium vaginally once a night. At 14dpiui I had a dark positive on a CB test. My first beta was Monday and the results were good, 253.2. I will have another one tomorrow morning to make sure the numbers are doubling.

I haven't had many symptoms and still can't believe I am pregnant. I have been experiencing my cramps/twinges since the IUI. Minor back aches and side boob aches. Currently, my nips are sore and I still have mild cramps. I really thought I was out this month and had made my peace with it. God had other plans. :-)

I know it's hard to stay encouraged so I wanted to tell my story in hopes that it will encourage someone. Sending lots of baby dust to everyone and remaining cautiously optimistic!

39, Mild PCOS, 1st IUI


Like many of you, I have stalked this site while TTC and reading everyone's stories has really been a blessing. Now that I have my bfp, I want to pay it forward...

I am 39 and was recently diagnosed with "skinny" PCOS. My periods were never irregular; however, I may have had some cycles where I didn't ovulate. Because of my age(just turned 39 in May) my fiancé and I decided to start trying to conceived right away which was November 2014. In April 2014, I had my gyno give me the Clomid challenge and my LH can back abnormal so she referred me to an RE. At my appointment with the RE, she performed an ultrasound(I just so happen to be 3 days into my menstrual cycle) and showed me the cysts in my ovaries. At that visit I also had blood drawn for genetic screening and was scheduled for an HSG. The HSG, although a little painful, came back great and showed no blockage. Subsequently, my fiancé had an SA, which can back normal. We discussed a treatment plan with our RE which included a medicated/monitored cycle and because of my age we decided we wanted to be aggressive and do an IUI.

I was prescribed Letrozole 5mg days 3-7, on the last day of the Letrozole we had to administer a shot of Bravelle. At my mid-cycle ultrasound the RE was pleased with how I responded to the medications and advised that I had several mature follicles(can't remember how many maybe 4), the largest was 21mm. She told us to trigger that night with Novarel 10,000 iu. We were also advised to BD the night of the trigger, skip the next day, and come in Sunday morning, July 19 for the IUI.

The IUI went smooth. We had 95 million total sperm and 26 million post-wash with 30% motility. During the TWW I didn't have many symptoms, primarily some minor cramps/twinges, gas, bloating/full feeling in my uterus which all could be attributed to the progesterone, which I have been taking 200 mg once a night vaginally since Wednesday after the IUI. In addition to what's been mentioned already, I have been taking baby aspirin everyday, ate pineapples for about 5 days post-IUI and have been taking prenatal vitamins since we first started trying to conceived. I had a dark positive with CB on 14dpiui and I had my first beta yesterday and the results were good, 253.2. I go back for another one in the morning to make sure the numbers are doubling. I still can't believe I am pregnant.... LOL! It's early still but we are remaining cautiously optimistic.

I give ALL the praise to God! Please don't give up! Praying for you all!

God's timing is perfect.

I don't even know where to start. My Dh & I have been ttc for 2 years now. 2 months ago I was told I have pcos and was given clomid. First months taking it, I got very discouraged when AF showed up. Second month, I was still discouraged thinking that I would start any day, now 6 pregnancy tests later I can finally say I'm pregnant! I prayed everyday that God would bless us with a baby when the time was right. Two days before my positive, I prayed and cried harder than ever and here I am now. I continue to pray that this baby sticks! I had very few symptoms, I normally have more on my other cycles.
What I did experience at about 8 dpo was a yeast infection, which I've never had before. I was told it could be from the clomid or pregnancy. I also had sore breasts from about 8 dpo to now, they are normally sore every cycle at that same time, so I never considered this a symptom for me. Something else unusual was extreme hunger pains in the middle of the night. Those are the only 3 symptoms I had, so don't count yourself out if you don't have many symptoms! The one thing I did different this month was I actually used preseed with the applicator, every other month we just used it externally. I know how frustrating it is to hear, it will happen when it suppose to happen, but that can't be more true. I'm so thankful for the struggle of infertility cause the timing of this pregnancy couldn't be better. I wish everyone the best of luck, don't give up and put God first, the rest will fall into place.

6 years of BFN and PCOS

Where do I even begin? I am 29 yrs old and TTC for SIX long years. I was diagnosed with Lean PCOS at 22. I weigh 120 and am not insulin resistant. I have low progesterone and have had every test done possible. No blocked tubes, insulin levels normal, but poly cystic ovaries. Doctor said to take birth control if not trying to conceive or take clomid if trying. I've been to several different doctors regarding PCOS including and osteopathic doctor who has helped me the most by taking a natural approach.

I eat clean and organic, and exercise to help maintain my PCOS. Eating clean is hard but then add gluten free and it's a doozy. I also have eczema and struggled with acne in my teen years and early 20s. I also cut the sugar but do still eat ice cream in moderation. I also take prenatal vitamins, vitamin d 5,000, probiotic, cinnamon, dandelion root, and black cohos vitamins. Vitamin D is crucial for PCOS as most women do have low vitamin d. Gut health is also critical so I take a probiotic and eat yogurt twice daily.

I tried three rounds of clomid with no success. Personally, I hate clomid. I was taking 100mg days 5-9. I tried Letrozole 2.5mg days 5-9 and bam BFP. I was so tired of getting negative tests on the clomid that I didn't think the Letrozole would be different. So, I didn't track when I would ovulate or monitor anything. Of course, lol I get pregnant. I do remember having two days of cramping which could have been implantation because I did have brown discharge. I thought I was going to start my period.

I am an early tester but this time I didn't and just waited for aunt flow. I was a week late and decided to take a test. That test lit up like a firecracker!! I've never even had a faint positive in six years so you can imagine my reaction. I thought the test was broken!

Well, it wasn't and I am six weeks pregnant. Since I do have PCOS I called my doctor and requested blood work asap to check my progesterone and hcg levels. I had two labs drawn 48 hours apart and all were normal!

At the end of the day, I can't say it was the Letrozole that worked. I would rather give my positive result as a work of God. I hope this post helps someone else like me that literally had over 200 negatives over six years. Hold fast in your faith and give it to God. 1 Samuel 1:27. God bless.

12 dpo, beta 24

So last year (exactly to this date!) I had my first positive pregnancy test and my beta was 20, then second was 41, and then I miscarried. I was bleeding the entire time, very lightly, so I knew there wasn't much hope.

Fast forward to one year later, I found out I was pregnant on 11 dpo and on 12 dpo I had my levels drawn and they called to say it was 24 hcg, 38 progesterone. I asked her if they were good levels and she said yes but I am so nervous. I have to get my second levels drawn tomorrow and I have almost zero pregnancy symptoms. Slightly tender boobs, loose stool, and light headed. No spotting at all and zero cm!

I keep taking wondfo's to see progession but those stupid things never look much different... The tests are not getting lighter but hardly darker. Ugh.. Any positive stories to get me through the next 48 hours??

Here we go again!!

Ok so this is my second time posting here. Yay! And again, I obsessed over this site during my TWW! Amazing.

I'm 32, DH is 30, DD is 17 months. We started trying for #2 about 2 weeks ago. Yes lucky I know. But believe me, even in the short period, I become a crazy person! The only recommendation I would make is to trust your body. Pregnancy symptoms are so similar to PMS, so it's nearly impossible to compare yourself to anyone else. I had such a different experience with my last pregnancy: metal taste in mouth, implantation bleeding, huge boobs at 13 DPO! None of these this time.

I was told I had PCOS about 3 weeks ago, although the only symptom I have is polycystic ovaries. Regardless, we wanted to get started right away, just in case. The only thing we used was Preseed. I love that stuff. I have no idea when exactly I ovulated, as I got cramping for 3 days, but no change in CM (never EWCM). I have a 27ish day cycle, and we BDd CD 6, 9-13. Assuming I ovulated on CD 13 based on when I got my cramping.

Here are my symptoms!

1-2 DPO: Nothing
3 DPO: craving salad (I hate salad), limbs feel heavy when I try and workout
4-5: Nothing
6-current: I noticed I was having regular #2s (I'm ALWAYS constipated), hungry!!, lightning boobs, thirsty, indigestion started at 8 DPO, breathless, got a huge pimple on my cheek in a spot that I only got acne during my last pregnancy!
10 DPO: got a shadow/evap/faint BFP on cheapie. Didn't tell hubby as he would think I'm nuts for analyzing the test. Took pictures to obsess over later.
11 DPO: Faint positive on cheapie & FRER with FMU. Hubby and I just looked at each other in shock - can we be this lucky??? Then shook hands. Weird. Darker positive right before bed!! The pic is bad, but it's quite clear in person :)

To be honest, not many of these symptoms struck me as odd except always being breathless going upstairs to my spin class (ironically), and the extreme hunger. Like HUNGER. I went to bed with hunger pains, and I woke up with hunger pains. Even now my chest has not changed whatsoever.

I hope you all get your BFP soon :)